Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt, Ragan, Britney & Enzo say that Rachel will be on the Early Show with her **** hanging out, and lots of hot shots..

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12:50am Brendon gets his HOH room and asks who wants to see my HOH room. Ragan and Britney come up see Brendon’s HOH room even though they had said they wouldn’t. Enzo says that even the have nots are coming. Brendon got a photo of Rachel in his room. He also got a photo of his nieces, one of him swimming. Brendon’s music cd is Weezer. Brendon reads his HOH room letter, it is from his sister and talks about how much his family and niece and misses him and supports him. Brendon gets choked up reading it. Kathy says AWWww.. when Brendon is finished reading the letter. He offers the stuff in his basket to anyone who wants it. Brendon says that he understand if people don’t want to hang out because its late. Ragan, Britney and Lane leave the HOH room. Ragan heads down to the have not room. Britney goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Lane follows Britney to ask if her if she’s okay and she says yes. The other house guests stay to hanging out. Hayden is listening to the CD. Kathy is asking about Brendon’s nieces, one is 15 years old and the other is 3 years old. Brendon explains that his brother isn’t in the picture so he tries to be there for his nieces. Brendon says Rachel would kill Big Brother if she saw the photo Big Brother gave Brendon of them where they are in the bedroom together. Brendon says that Rachel would be pissed because she would complain that her hair wasn’t done. Kathy says yeah … and laughs.

1am Lane is taking a shower. Britney is still there in the bathroom and tells Lane that she is worried that if she is against Matt she won’t have the votes to stay. Lane tells Britney that it might make her feel better if she gets to wash his back. Britney asks Lane to just be honest with her if he knows she is going. Lane tells Britney to go to bed, get a good night sleep and that he will yell at her some more tomorrow. Britney says that she isn’t in a bad mode, just concerned about things about whats happening behind the scenes. Lane asks with Nick? Britney says no. The feeds cut out.

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1:10am Up in the HOH room Brendon and Kathy talk about the picture he got of Rachel. Kathy tells him not to cry like Ronnie did last season. Brendon says that he is a man, then says that he will do it in the bathroom. Kathy gives Brendon a hug then goes to bed. Enzo and Hayden stay up in the HOH room and start talking game. They’re talking about having to study for the possible HOH competition where they are quizzed on events in the house. Brendon offers Hayden and Enzo some of his beer. Brendon leaves to get a bottle opener. After he leaves Enzo laughs and says he’s starting to like Brendon. Hayden says he’s a good guy. They talk about how they don’t think he’s the saboteur. Hayden says that Matt is dead set on getting Brendon out next week. Enzo says that Brendon will protect them so he’s leaning against going after Brendon. Brendon comes in and they stop talking. Enzo says he’s never had this kind of beer. They congratulate Brendon on the win and Brendon says that he just didn’t want Lane to win because he thinks Lane’s the saboteur. Brendon explains why he thinks Lane is the saboteur. Brendon says that it is because Lane tells Britney things that Brendon has said and makes things up and tells Britney that Brendon had said it. Brendon says that Lane has floated through this game. Enzo nods his head. Enzo and Hayden ask Brendon if they think Lane should stay in the game. Brendon says that yes 100% he should stay. Brendon says that he thinks if Lane is the saboteur then he is BLANK up other peoples games too which helps them. Brendon says that he thinks that if Lane is the saboteur he wouldn’t do anything to drastic to compromise his own game. They talk about how Lane is in a good spot to win. Hayden says Lane is on the other side and their side (Brendon, Enzo and Hayden) don’t want to put him up. They say that they think getting rid of Kathy is a waste of an HoH and that they should keep her to last.

Brendon says that they (Hayden, Enzo and Brendon) are better then the other four mother BLANK because Lane, Brit, Ragan and Matt don’t trust each other and are only working with each other because they have too. Brendon says that he is going to call them up one by one to watch them throw each other under the bus. Hayden says that he thinks its a good idea to keep the saboteur in the game. Brendon says that Matt would throw Ragan under the bus in a heart beat. Brendon says that Britney wouldn’t throw Lane under the bus at first but with some prodding she would. Enzo asks who out of the other four scares Brendon the most. They talk about a final three situation, and say that it doesn’t really matter they need to think two weeks at a time. Brendon considers bargaining with Britney. Hayden says he doesn’t think Brendon can trust what she says. Brendon says no one knows about them. They may assume. Brendon says that if Hayden or Enzo wins POV use it as bargaining power. Brendon says they cant trust anyone who isn’t in the HoH at the moment. Brendon starts talking about who would be best to nominate. Brendon says Matt vs Ragan and if one wins the POV, then they would backdoor Britney? He says that putting up Ragan and Britney scares him because Matt could win POV and pull Ragan down then Ragan and Matt are safe. The feeds cut out

1:45am When the feeds come back Enzo, Hayden and Lane are playing pool. Enzo and Hayden tell Lane what they talked about upstairs in the HOH room. They tell Lane that Brendon is convinced that Lane is the saboteur. Lane says that he doesn’t understand why he would be considered the saboteur. Enzo tells Lane to not tell anyone we told you because it can’t get back to Brendon. Brendon joins them in the backyard. Kathy is out in the backyard as well. Hayden asks Kathy if she has ever tried nicotine patches. Kathy says no! Kathy asks the guys if she gives up cigarettes, what are they going to give up. Hayden tells her sex. Kathy says that they have all given up sex. Hayden, Enzo and Lane are surprised to hear Kathy talking about sex. They start complaining about their aching bodies after the HOH competition.
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In the cabana room Lane and Matt are talking. Lane tells Matt what Enzo and Hayden told him about their conversation with Brendon. Lane says that Hayden and Enzo told him that Brendon’s plan is to put up Matt and Ragan and maybe backdoor Britney. Lane also tells Matt that Brendon is convinced Lane is the saboteur. Lane tells Matt he would let Britney go at this point of the game. Matt says that he would let go of Ragan. Matt says it is hard because Britney and Ragan are good people and he wants to be able to keep them around as long as possible. Matt asks Lane what would be best for Lane in order of who he would want as the final six with the four brigade member. Matt asks Britney and Kathy, Ragan and Kathy or Britney and Ragan. Lane says that Britney and Kathy would be best, then Britney and Ragan would be his second best. Matt asks what if they could get Kathy up and out this week would Lane do it? Lane says yes. Matt says he knows Enzo doesn’t trust Britney or Ragan but Ragan and Britney would help them the most. Matt says that Lane is really the only one he can talk to about this because he feels they are both in the same kind of position. Lane says that if he wins POV he would take Britney off, just like Matt would take Ragan off if he won. Matt asks Lane if he is the target this week. Lane tells Matt no, Ragan is the target. Matt is worried that the saboteur could be in the Brigade. Lane says that Britney is worried that she is going up this week. Lane says she isn’t going up at nominations but there is a good possibility she could be back doored. Lane says that he doesn’t think there is a saboteur. Lane says that if Britney is up and he wins POV he would take her off the block. They both says that they are ready for bed.

2:10am Brendon, Hayden, Enzo and Lane are all out in the backyard around the pool table. Kathy gets up from the couch and heads inside telling them good night. After she leaves Enzo says keep on floating Kathy. Brendon talks about how crazy it is that there were so many people in here in the beginning. Lane says that there were a BLANK load of people, and says that it felt like there were 25 people in here. Enzo says yeah, there are a lot less people, and then says that there are still 8 people left. Lane says it’ll go by fast. Brendon brings up the fact that they are voting out all the hot chicks. Hayden says that it’s going to be a sausage fest in here soon.

Meanwhile, in the have not room Ragan, Matt, Britney and Kathy are talking. Ragan says that he hopes Brendon gives a classy speech tomorrow. Britney tells him not to hold his breath. Matt tells Britney and Ragan that they are not going up and that he thinks he will be going up for sure. Matt wonders why Brendon isn’t suspicious of Hayden and Enzo. Britney and Ragan think he isn’t just because they are all Brendon has in this game. Britney tells Lane to tell her a bed time story. Lane asks Britney if she wants a sexual story and then says that it will give her really good dreams.

2:30am Out in the backyard, Enzo tells Lane that because Julie didn’t ask him a question during the live show, it BLANK up his whole game up. Enzo says that he is cracking now, who am I to be here, how did I beat out 20,000 people to be here? Lane and Hayden tell Enzo that his wife would tell him to keep going. Enzo says that his wife hates negativity. Enzo says that he thinks his wife may not watch this week but if he wins POV she’ll be back. Enzo says I’ll be back, I always find a way. Enzo starts yelling in the backyard. Enzo and Brendon are now playing a game of pool. Brendon says that he can’t wait for Rachel to see him win the HOH. They talk about how Rachel will get a video from the next person voted out. Brendon says it isn’t going to be him. They talk about how it could be Ragan bringing the video to Rachel. Brendon says it would be nice to have a whole week to yourself in the jury house to decompress. Enzo says the whole Big Brother game looks so much easier on TV than it actually is in real life. Hayden says that he is heading to bed. Brendon asks Enzo why there was a vote change today. Brendon asks when the votes started to switch today, who was the driving force? Enzo says that it was the whole house, but he says he should watch out for Britney and Ragan. Enzo says that he thinks it may have been their plan all along to send Rachel home. Brendon asks again who was pushing to change the votes. Enzo tells Brendon that Britney and Ragan were the driving forces behind Rachel being sent home. Right then the feeds cut to the we will be right back screen. Enzo and Brendon finish up their game and head inside.

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2:50am Enzo heads into the have-not room where Matt, Ragan and Britney are talking. Enzo asks them if they feel a little bad about Brendon after hearing him read his letter. Enzo and Matt agree that Brendon has a BLANK up home life and they feel bad for him. Britney says that it very obvious that he cares for his niece a lot. Enzo wonders what Rachel is doing right now. Matt says that she is probably drinking and crying right now. They talk about how she is going to show up at the CBS Early Show, with her extensions all over the place, her boobs hanging out, and lots of crotch shots. Enzo says she’ll be wearing a shirt skirt. Enzo asks if their goodbye messages were nice or mean, they all say theirs weren’t so bad. Enzo says its a jury vote they have to think of now. Enzo talks about how things could have been different if they would have kept Rachel. They say that Lane would have won if Brendon wasn’t here, they should have known it wouldn’t be a quiz this week. Britney says that it is going to be a very hard week. Enzo talks about how weird now that they are down to tow bedrooms. Matt says that he thinks they will have a double eviction next week and they’ll be left with the Final six. Matt says that was the week they did it in Season 10. Enzo wonders if Brendon has fans. They all agree they don’t think he does.

3:15am Enzo says that he has to piss but that he doesn’t want to go alone because of the saboteur. Hayden says that he will go with him. Hayden and Enzo are whispering in the bathroom. They talk about how they hope either Britney or Ragan goes home this week. Enzo says that Matt said that if he won POV he would take Ragan or Britney off the block. Hayden and Enzo worry that if he does that then they may have to part ways with Matt. They are worried about Matt’s loyalties. Enzo and Hayden are concerned that if Matt took Britney or Ragan off the block, then Lane would go up and they says that they can’t have that. Hayden and Enzo say that they might trust Brendon more than they trust Matt. They say that they haven’t had a real Brigade meeting in awhile. They agree that they are all Brendon has, so he will be totally loyal to them. Hayden says that Matt is scared of Brendon. Enzo and Hayden both agree if one of them wins HOH, they won’t put up Brendon. Enzo says that he doesn’t understand Matt, …is he the saboteur? Enzo says that Matt is always in the have-not room with Britney and Ragan. They say that if they get rid of Britney, Lane is back with them one hundred percent. They talk about how if Lane or Matt win HoH, they will let them put up Brendon.

3:40am Brendon is now down in the backyard with Kathy. Brendon says that he asked everyone to vote him out and no one has ever done that. Kathy says that shows what kind of man he is. Kathy says that she thinks everyone thought it was going to be a quiz and that’s why they wanted Rachel out. Kathy tells Brendon that she overheard the have-not room making fun of her. Kathy says that she is over the little man syndrome in there. Kathy says that she listened until she could listen any longer and then she went into the have-not and let them know she heard everything. Kathy says that they then started apologizing but that she wasn’t buying it.

Enzo and Hayden continue to talk. Enzo says that when they get rid of Britney then Lane will come back to the Brigade. Hayden says that he thinks that Matt and Lane are going to be looking out for their own best interest and not the brigade. Enzo says that if Matt wins the POV and takes Ragan off the block then it’s over with Matt. Enzo says that if will just be the Bra …not the Brigade anymore. Hayden says they will see where Matt’s loyalties lie if he takes Ragan off the block. Hayden says that if that happens, Britney will go out this week and Hayden says the next week if he is HOH then he’d put up Matt vs. Ragan. Hayden says that Ragan would go home and Matt would know what’s up, he’d get his head straight. Enzo says that he still wants the Brigade to be final 5 though with Kathy. Enzo says that the whole Brigade needs to sit down and work this out. Enzo says that Brendon is a big target and thinks by keeping him in the game it keeps the Brigade safe. Enzo says that even if we take out a Brigade member, we still love them. Enzo says that Matt and Lane are falling; they are in deep with Britney and Ragan. Enzo says yo they don’t even look at us anymore, we got shunned! They both agree that Matt has got a sneaky side, and that Lane is an upfront guy. Hayden and Enzo head back to bed.

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4am All the house guests are now asleep…

8:20am The house guests are still sleeping…

9:15am They’re all still fast asleep …

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Rachel is not even in the house now, and they still can’t stop talking about her. Sheesh


Give it a day or two…..they always talk about the HG that has just been evicted. Last week, Rachel was still talking about Kristin on Sunday.


yeah but Rachel wasn’t STILL trashtalking her getting sick pleasure out of it…ragan and britney=small pathetic insecure people with nothing to do


The brigade is going to implode. Yo! Enzo in final 2. Whoo hooooooooo


I’m loving Lane and Brit right now They would make a cute couple. You can tell he cares for her because he said he would remove her from the block if she was nominated and he won POV. Aww very cute!


He also said that he would vote to keep Kristin and that she could tell everyone that she has his vote.


i believe that lane is lying to brit.

I am the saboteur

He will likely throw the POV if picked to play


I agree with ya 100% I really don’t think Britt is his type….just a little horny!! They have been there what 42 days…..I’m sure Kathy would look good to him if she was left. YIKS!

I am the saboteur

I hug my female friends all the time, even in front of my wife.


I am really beginning to think that the two long time friends in the house are Lane and Brittany….Lane is Nick ???? anybody else thinking that ?


it’s early, but the rules say DRINK!!!!


Cheers!!! again:)




if the person I lala loved was hugging on someone else knowing full well that they wanted to have a relationship with them, there would be war. I do not go quietly into the dark night


lane said he was ready/prepared to get rid of brit.


When Lane votes to evict her, we’ll see. I doubt it though. He had a hard on for her so I doubt he will vote her out


you would think he wanted to keep her but he just told brenden he wouldnt hold it against him if she goes this week, and actually lane was the one bringing brit into this. he pretty much used and dumped brit and wants brenden to do his dirty work.


No it doesn’t but you have to admit that she is evil spoiled liar. That does nothing but talk about people from day 1 and all she says is that she doesn’t talk about people. Hate her. Can’t wait till she leaves and ragan too.


Wow…ur as dumb as Brit. Lane isn’t using the POV on her. Hell no! He’s got to be one of the most overrated boring HGs ever. Besides floating thru with The Brigade…he hasn’t done squat. Dumb country hick indeed.

Cheryl McQuade

Oh, Enzo and Hayden, finally you guys are waking up. Outside the house we see everything. You guys better watch your backs. I told you before, Matt is a big sneak. Put your trust in Brendan for now because Matt, Brit and Ragan are out to really play the game. GOOD LUCK. LOL


Bleh, from the last two posts it looks to me like the season has officially tanked. The brigade on the verge of collapse (depending what happens with noms/veto.) and peeps doing complete 180’s on their opinions of everyone Individually i can’t find a single player i want to win. The fact that E/L/H dont know about the diamond veto makes things chaotic for the brigade, who I wanted to make it to final 4. Ah well football starts officially in a couple weeks.


Why didn’t Julie talk to Matt in the HOH room last night?


i’m thinking that maybe cbs ran short of time


It was short because Brendon’s Ex and family were taking too long telling America he was a controlling ass!! That was horrible!!! Bad CBS!!!


Ding dong the witch is gone, which ole witch, the ugly bitchy witch. Yahoooo. I think I know why she was so mean and bitchy, she was having injections of poison (botox) before she got to house, or maybe the injections actually improved her personality. LOL She also looked like she washed her face in the olive oil, that her and bitch boy loved to cook with, before she left house. Anyway, thanks to any higher power that had a hand in getting her gone. Now, let’s hope Julie was only shittin’ us, and the bitch wont make a reappearance.


I think that if Matt uses the diamond veto that Pandora’s box might open and send back an evicted house guest. They said they were short a player b/c they dropped out that way they would stay on schedule. What do you think?


I think there will be a double eviction this coming week then America will vote to bring one of the 3 back into the house. My guess is that Rachel will be voted back in, since she adds so much drama to the house. If that’s the case, Rachel’s got a good shot at winning it all, because she has a good handle on quiz competitions (which are overdue). At least I think that’s the way CBS would want to play out.


that kathy is so fake. if i were brenden, i would put her up for eviction


As I predicted, the Brogade’s foundation is now eroding and may begin to crumble soon. I still give them big kudos for making it last this long but a back stab is coming. Matt and Lane are worried about how chummy Hayden and ‘Zo are with Brendon while Hayden and ‘Zo are wary of Matt and Lane’s side allowances and Matt’s shiftiness. The ‘Gade needs to hang together this week, taking out Britney, and then take out Matt next week.
I think ‘Zo continues to prove he is the best social player this season and Hayden is not far behind, now that Kold Kristen is gone. Matt’s been overplaying his hand most of the season. Lane is the sleeper. Kathy appears asleep most of the time and has been too isolated socially. Britney is a gossip queen, amongst many weaknesses as a human, and gossiping is not good game play, but she can not help herself. Brendon is poor in his romantic relationships and that has killed his game to date, but now that his current love of his life is gone, he may get back in the game. Ragan is all over the place and too emotionally attached to think well.
the next three weeks should be very entertaining.


Enzo and Hayden are sounding like they are the ones getting ready to betray the brigade and not Lane and Matt.


imo, matt betrayed the brigade a long time ago when he didn’t put up b/r on his first hoh


he made up for that by putting them up his 2nd HOH , but if he would’ve done it then it wouldn’t have been as bad, and rachel and brendon wouldn’t have been so emotional about it…. week 3 was the perfect time to get rid of one of them


he just should have put them up from jump street


ok fella. but to be honest matt made a smart move because look at who was hoh next week. MATTY FTW


actually is matt and lane. Matt want ragean to stay in the game and lane want britney to stay in the game. But Heydan and enzo know that is bad to keep those two in the game becasue first regan and britney are taking control of lane and matt. Second britney is a good competior and having her is bad for the bridage. Enzo and Heydan are just looking up for the bridage and they need a strong compeitor gone and that is britney.


Lane and Hayden already have a final two deal. And Enzo, Lane and Hayden wld vote Matt out in a flash. Matt is a dumb player who thinks he’s smarter than he really is.


its so nice to see people talking game…

its even better to see people realize brenden isnt that bad…hes a nice guy who seems to have had a tough past and is emotional…a lot of his “actions” were just to help rachel…

without rachel its interesting how quickly other HGs have switched to liking him

too bad cbs had a smear campaign with that girlfriend and her fam….so shameless


If they had the family and the girl on every week that would be a smear campaign. They (CBS) were probably wondering if that was normal for Brendon to act the way is had been acting. The ex-girlfriend probably just told her side of the story. It’s like when they asked Hayden’s mother what she thought of Kristen. Besides, I don’t think those people said anything that we haven’t already seen from Brendon behavior up until that point or at least some of us.And it probably didn’t end well, so they may not of cared if anyone thought it was a “smear campaign”.


its like now brenden asks the questsions that he would never ask….

enzo hates all of em to hear him say he likes brenden now is quite the switch

sickoftheir shit

It is going to be Matt, Ragan, Brit, Lane and kathy against Brendon, Hayden and Enzo.

Matt knows that something is up so when he gets put on the block and uses his veto he hopefully will put up Enzo. Then it will be 5 votes to 1 to get rid of him.

This is a perfect opportunity for them right now. They actually control the house. hahah


Kathy heard them making fun of her. I think she will stay with Hayden. That would be Enzo, Brendan, hayden and Kathy.

sickoftheir shit

Ok – 4 to 1. They still lose.


good for kathy to call em out for that high school BS….its not right…they should know better


kat is very 2 faced. just the other nite, she was complaining to the brigade about rachel and brenden in the have not’s room being loud.


yup. kathy may be feeling her oats too much yo, she’s gonna win watch, she does absolutely nothing and is starting to talk TOO much


i would not be surprised if she does win. they might be underestimating her too much


I doubt Kathy will win anything and she always floats to the power…the have nots have no power this week, so she thinks its okay to confront them, much like her confrontation w. Rachel…Kathy is very two faced


i hope brenden doesn’t buy her act and see right through her


Kathy has no alliance to anyone so I don’t think she’s two faced. She needs to protect herself because everyone is using her and wanting to get her out to save themselves. What else can she do to try and save her own ass?


Rockstar, I agree. How can someone be two faced when she confronted them. She told Rachel she would not apologize to her face and she told the guys in the have not room she heard them. She is not doing anything different than the guys. Enzo and Hayden are playing up to Brendon. The others are together and playing up to each other. Kathy has to play up to them all and that is good game play according to several of you. She may be a floater but that is her only game to play. Enzo could be called the same. I think it is all she has to work with and I have to give her that. She did get drawn into the gossip play last week but she had to to stay in the game longer. If I was in there and old like I am, I would depend on the kindness of strangers just like Blanche in Streetcar Named Desire.


Brenden is dumb if he thinks Enzo can be trusted, like Brit and Ragan are the only people who wanted Rachel gone. Ragan and Brit were only two votes.Hayden, Enzo,Kathy, and Lane were four votes.


Are those cracks and kinks I see the Charades armour…. oops my
bad I mean Brigades armour. Is there a lil’ dissention in the ranks?
Ragan & Brit ( the new R/B) are doing a awesome Yoko Ono on Brigade.


Too bad Hayden and Enzo win nothing, and they just run there mouths. The only thing they have to offer is a vote, since there such bad competitors. The Brigade thinks there going so long without being noticed, but its because they dont win except for Matt, to ever make consecutive power moves. I rather see an alliance that everyone knows about, but that alliance dominates. Anyways, Im pulling for Britney!


They don’t need to win, they throw all the HOH competitions becuase they know that they’re pretty much in control no matter what. They’ve played an amazing social game and that’s much more important than winning competions and putting targets on your backs, which is exactly why they’re still around. They will make it final 3 at least becuase of all this. Especially since Hayden/Enzo are on good terms with the entire house. With they’re sub-allaince with brendon, they’re pretty much set to cruise to the final 3 and 2. Prefect game play. why get your hands dirty when you dont have to? Team brigadeeeeee.


what are they in control of, their main goal from day one was to get rid of brenden and rachel, they just got rid of rachel, brenden is still there


So it begins. The Brigade is starting to feast on each other. I knew that Enzo and Hayden would start to distrust Matt, because Matt honestly is the only Brigade member who has been pulling his weight ‘can’t have that’. I know Matt is a sneak but honestly without him the Brigade would be nothing, Hayden was only HOH because he worked it out with whom??? Matt. Matt has had some hand in the brigades progress from the get go. This season is turning into Floater City, where the weakest players have all the say. I hate that.


i have to agree. without matt enzo hayden would be lost.
they need to understand good old matty is running the operation not meow meow.

damn i still want the brigade at final four with matty and lane as final two hahaha


i feel like matt is just trying to be the hero of the brigade. he wants to have all of the bragging rights when the season is over. he should have stressed to them that they need to win hoh and pov and allow them to win instead of himself . i, personally, think that it was a mistake for him to win hoh at this time. he should have let ragan win because jury votes are at stake now and he will need rachel and brenden’s vote to win which he will not get now. matt is doing all of the work and i doubt very seriously if he makes it to the final 2


I don’t think it was intentional. Some key moves needed to be won by a Brigade member and Matt was the only one who could deliver. You make it sound like he had a choice. No one wants to become a target, which is pretty much the position the Brigade put him in by not bringing a win to the table. He had to take the wrath from someone by rocking the boat and making enemies, its inevitable consequence of HoH…if you ask me they have already thrown him under the bus and are now going in for the kill…I think Matt needs to abandon them for stronger players. They keep saying that the Brigade needs to win all the comps here on in, but are we to interpret that as Matt winning all the comps because its not like the rest have a steady track record. A bit confused by that over confidence.


I’m pissed with the Brigade myself. They knew last night that Matt could not win and they knew they needed to step up and do something but neither three of them even tried. If X put up Hayden and Enzo and Enzo won POV, maybe another brigade member would be nominated, thus one of them going home. None of the brigade won the HOH. If they win in the end, it was because they floated not because they did anything.


i see your point, but him and ragan decided in both of the hoh competitions to let matt win. ragan could have easily won both of the comps even though he is not a brigade member. if matt felt that the brigade is not going to win any comps, then, maybe she should have aligned himself with b/r since they were strong competitors. i just don’t think he will get to the final 2. but, if he does, he will not win the $500k’s


he did save Rachel and Brendon but they still didn’t trust him, he had no other choice but to put his faith in the brigade


i don’t see how he could have really trusted the brigade either

I am the saboteur

If Brendon does nominate Matt and Ragan and the POV does not get used, then Matt can save face with Brendon and Ragan by using the DPOV and put up Brit. He can say that he wants to give his friend Ragan a chance by putting up a replacement nominee that the HOH would approve of.
In fact, if Matt plays POV, he should throw it regardless of whether he is up or not. By using the DPOV, he can explain the $1 lie (you talk, you lose it).


I think things will get right for the brigade once they have their meeting and clear the air of any concerns they might have. They all have to look like they are friends with other people. If they didn’t the brigade would be too ovious. Hayden had Kristen, Lane has Britney, and Matt has Raygan. The brigade has been voting to keep their own in the house and using their numbers to evict other players. In that sense they are playing a smart game. They just have to not let paranoya get the best of them.


It’s true. They are falling victim to their own game! Hopefully they can get it all straightened out.


it’s not a smart game when half the house is in the brigade


Thats true rockstar. I have a feeling the brigade will pull together and be known to everyone if they avoid eviction this week and win HOH next week. I also have a bad feeling that america is going to get to vote someone back in from the jury house.


I want to see the Midget in a physical comp
not some shit that spins around, something made a for
an average size male. If u noticed that bar was bend of his elbow while standin staight up,made just right for
him Rag and Brit. It was on Bren H/L/E wrist standing straight. Do u think matt would
have won last nights comp? No way in hell!!


last nights HOH was made for a strong man. Those ropes are heavy. Ever play tug of war? Just gripping those ropes tear up your hands. Lane should have won that game in the blink of an eye. He’s always hog tieing something or another


Lane is officially useless. Cowboy from Texas gets beat by pussyboi from California in a rope competition. He just never looks like he is in the competition to win it. Lots of times he just stood there. I thought he was good with ropes. Hayden was doing as well as Lane, and he is smaller. I guess they should have kept Rachel after all. It would have been something to see getting her boobs tangled up in the ropes.


LOL! He is just too big of a lug to think about the best way to use his brawn. Did you see the way Brendon played it? He was using his body smart … he’d fall back over the ropes and didn’t stand up each time. Saved him lots of time and energy.


Where was Rachel’s family and friends last night……and same for Brendon – the only thing they could find was an ex-fiance? Family’s are probably embarrassed.


isn’t it funny that hayden and enzo started the fake alliance to have a better shot of getting brendon out and now it is bringing them closer to him in the game —just like britney, the more time she spends with lane the more I think she actually likes him, i can’t imagine her going home and just forgetting about him while she is supposed to marry someone else

and if the brigaded is already starting to distrust matt IMAGINE how betrayed they will feel if he uses the diamond veto – whether he uses it to save himself or not, i don’t think hayden and enzo will ever trust him again for the very fact that he did not tell them


he can’t tell them about the DPOV or he will lose the right to use it.


if he were to tell them that he had the dpov, then he will not be able to use it. just like jeff last year when he won the coup de etat, he couldn’t even tell jordan. the dpov and the coup operate the same.

I am the saboteur

He couldn’t tell anyone or he would lose the power. If he said that he was saving it as an insurance policy in case 2 brigade members went up, but couldn’t tell anyone about it, they would understand…as long as he used it wisely.


I used not to like Rachael but I think her game was interesting and best.
I love big brother and here in NJ we love Enzo. Definitely HATE Matt, Bri, and Ragan. They were absolute way too mean. Before they came trash i used to like them both; Bri and Ragan but after they treat Racheal is unacceptable. Even if you do no like somebody in the game you cannot so much garbage, I didn’t like Rachael but I am sure i hate this two, bri and ragan. Ragan thinks that he is a good professor however, as a professor you cannot reject anyone, like he did when Racheal approached him. He acted like a bitch, hate him, America made an huge error by choosing him as a Sabatour. Hope Racheal coomes back just to make their life miserable. Happy Brandon won, he deserve eventhough he does have too much power, just to save himself, hope he wins POVs from now on and HOH.


I liked ragan at first, but where did the hatred for rachel come from now he is a jerk


The only hope for my girl Brit is if she wins the POV again. Matt goes up in her place. He takes himself down and puts up Kathy. Not looking good for Ragan. Maybe they can get the votes for Kathy to stay. Poor Brit or Ragan. One of them is going to be locked in the jury house with Rachel.


hahaha….just what they deserve


very soon, cbs will be asking everyone to vote for america’s player to win the $25K. ragan was always my choice all along, but after this past week listening to him and brit, i have truly changed my mind. he will not get my vote. now it is a toss up between enzo and rachel.


Brendan isnt a bad guy. and yeah, Racheal was a little annoying and not a gracious winner, but she did not belittle and demean people the way Britney and Ragan do. I think she is a nice person as well. Kathy is just a floater who just goes with whatever the majority says. She didnt know that Hayden and Kristin and Britney tried to throw her under the bus when Racheal was HOH to save themselves, but whose ass is she kissing? Also, Matt is not allowed to tell anyone about the diamond veto, or else he forfiets the power! As long as he only uses it if the brigade is in trouble then Enzo and Hayden will know where his loyalties are. I do think Hayden and Enzo and Lane need to start pulling their own weight when it comes to the competitions. However, if Matt does make it to the end I do think he will deserve the money, cause he is playing a good game so far. The only thing I dont like is how he used that illness with his wife, which was a needless lie. He does plan on donating money to help find a cure for the disease if he wins, so thats good. Lastly I have a question, if Matt uses his diamond veto, does Brendan get to play in the next HOH? if not that would be completely unfair on the part of CBS. Also, I know I said lastly but I thought of something else, Ragan is a sucky sabateur! seriously. he didnt even complete his task so he shouldnt receive any money!


i also hope Brendan wins veto from here on out. I dont want him to leave, he’s too cute! I also dont mind Hayden and Enzo, Enzo is funny. And they are compassionate human beings who dont rag on people to make themselves feel better, like Brit and Ragan! Lane is just boring and so is Kathy


My opinion – I was thinking about the whole mockery of Allison Grodner earlier and maybe it’s just me but if someone was mocking me on a website, I would not allow any shoutouts about the website on the show or during the feeds.
Lets just say if Grandma is a houseguest next season. She wants to say hi simon, hi Dawg, rulez. If allison knows this site is a big mockfest, each time Grandma tried to say hi to us, the feeds would shut down and we would never know because Allison was pissed off.

If the website got a shoutout, there would be more visitors, more chances of revenue etc..

just something to think about…


Yeah rockstar is probably right, lets keep the conversations on Bigrbrother and leave AG out of it.


even though it’s not my website, it would be awesome to get a shout out that they know we exist and that we ‘might’ matter in what we have to say


i agree


Paranoia sets in. No offense but I really don’t think this is the only site that has posters who mock AG. And I don’t think AG cares anyway. She gets lots of hate and love. I haven’t bashed AG here, but it’s funny and more importantly, it’s free speech. Anyone in AG’s position has very thick skin. If she can rise to the position she is in, it isn’t because she is worried about what a poster on a site says about her. Finally, of all of your assumptions, the one that is most unlikely is if one of this site’s fans gets on BB. There are just too many people trying out for the show, the odds are against it. Please reconsider banning AG jokes.


you have a problem with her…not us


Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure about none of us making it. My daughter has come close twice and I have been asked to tryout twice. It is possible. I may tryout next year if my health will let me. If I should be lucky to make it, I will give a shoutout to the site. And, AG, if you are listening, I think you look great!


I’m not sure a fan of this site wouldn’t get on BB, I just think the odds are low. I don’t have a problem with AG and have never posted a joke about her. I am just saying that I don’t think it matters to her, and I think it is paranoid to think that would prevent an onlinebigbrother shout out. allows AG bashers to post. I am all for more traffic coming to this site.


Message sent and hear! – Thanks!

fake shomance



I like Brit but her days were numbered awhile ago with that Brigade stuff. And she just couldn’t get past her dislike for Rachel enough to possibly for an alliance. But on the other hand, that would have been risky because Rachel had a really big mouth in the game.

As for Rachel’s appearance on the Early Show, Rachel thus far has left the worse goodbye message by calling Kristen a b*tch and a trifling ho. Not sure if she forgot that. But Brit should have probably left a more diplomatic message just in case she needed her vote.But her disdain for the girl overrides everything. I think Britney probably already didn’t like her from the jump. After after she put her and Monet up that probably sealed it. I mean trust me I can 100% see why she didn’t like her. But too bad Britney didn’t spread herself a little thinner like Hayden and Enzo do. Now she has to wait for Lane and Matt to probably back stab her.


I am happy Brendon won because I never thought he & Rachel deserved the backlash that they received. Granted Rachel got bitchy but at least she kind of did it in your face. She didn’t befriend someone and shit talked behind their back all day (Britney). I always love the underdogs and R/B were two of my faves in that category. I wish they would vote Rachel back in the house just to make these mindless sheep shit their pants. Good luck Brendon!




I hope Enzo and Hayden do decide to team up with Brendon. Matt has been close to Ragan for the longest time and so has Lane with Britney. And each have said they would use the POV on Ragan/Britney.

That would risk another brigade member going up. And if it was Ragan and Britney why use the POV to save one of them if your alliance is safe? and then they would have the 4 votes to vote whoever they want out.
Enzo and Hayden and Brendon should team up. And bring Kathy with them. And then they need to start winning more. Brendon may not have won everytime to keep Rachel and him safe but he has won way more than H,E or K.

Matt,Ragan and Britney have won competitions but two of the HOH’s Ragan handed to Matt after awhile. Cause he doesn’t want any blood on his hands. These three are strong competitors so far…But they are just horrible people.


I can’t stand Britney!!!! She annoys me SO much with her 2 faced comments. She is a ignorant awful person. Who talks so much smack for being so damn ugly!! She claims Rachel is ugly but check out her damn eyes. TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR!! She is so rude ALL the time that I can’t stand to watch her!!!! This season is going down hill because of Britney. Shes needs to get kicked out and get a reality check. shes to rightous!!

fake shomance



her eyes are not that bad, my eyes do that when i til my head, she still gorgeous and so is rachel…id like to see some lezbo action between the two 😉


Wow it really is like season 5 all over again! They are gonna backdoor the brain of the alliance just like they did to Jase. Nothing in bb is original, its all a re do of past seasons. If it plays out like that season, lane will go down soon after, and it will be the goofy one with the accent (enzo/cowboy) going against the cool kid with the showmance (hayden/drew)

BigBrothers Big Brother

Here’s my take on this. Social Butterfly Enzo and Sleeper Cell Kathy should be the ones on the block. Neither have done anything this season. Both go around clinging to the power holders and they stir up shit. Enzo totally lies to Brendon/strokes his ego for no apparent reason at times and Kathy does nothing but chimes in with niceties to keep herself from being seen as a potential nominee. Put those two up and you’ll guarantee one goes home because neither could win a comp to save their lives.


Brendon already said he wouldn’t put Kathy on the block. I wonder if he will save Brit because Rachel liked her so much. I’m hoping it will be Matt and Ragan with maybe Enzo backdoored. If it is Ragan going home I think the vote would be 3-2 with him out the door. If Enzo was backdoored against Matt, I think Matt would stay because of the lie about his wife.


he wont get rid of enzo…he has been his friend the most out of the rest


u rly dont have a clue. the brigade wont break up until they get to final four. this week it will prly be matt and ragan going up, matt will use his diamond pov to save himself and maybe ragan and put kathy and brit up and the brigade will back door kathy. Then next week bye bye brendon.


I agree – bigbrothers big brother – Enzo has done nothing to help the Brigade accept let Matt get blood on his hands. Now he is talking about kicking Matt out of their alliance? Enzo needs to man up and step up to the plate YO…….


I just heard Brendon say he hates floaters. He must be smarter than I thought he was, especially if he has Enzo all figured out. I think Enzo is really funny, and the brigade has gotten unnoticed-so he has done some good, BUT he hasn’t won anything…..and if you didn’t know about the brigade, it would totally look like he was a floater. Plus, I want Brit to stay because she is hysterical and Enzo is pushing for her to go… he needs to go!