Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon is the HOH – Lane “I’m Sparta he’s the Persians”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:34Have nots Matt, Brit and Ragan Ragan saying that theres nothing they can do, it is what it is and now they have to plan beyond the nominations. Matt tells them if they get nominated they need to get Brendon to say something about Stacey and Matt will win the POV. Brit: “we’ll take a casualty and he’ll be a target next week”
Matt: “well that doesn’t help us this week”. Brit: “one of us will be a casualty and the other two have to fight there asses off” Lane walks in brit tells him they aren’t sure if they should go up to see his HOH. Ragan: “We should go, Brendon won the HOH he played hard and its his turn to make a big move” lane mentions that Brendon requested a letter from rachel.
Matt: “Really because i was joking about that right after he won”. Brit: “that just goes to shows you about his relationships outside the house if he’s willing to take a letter from a person he just saw 4 hours ago over family” Ragan doesn’t think they will do it becuase rachel learning about events outside the house… feeeds cut. Lane says if one of them win POV then he’s going to get backdoored. matt: “don’t you think hayden and enzo can talk him into putting up kathy” Lane: “not a chance he wants to take kathy to the end”. Ragan leaves to the bathroom to talk to Hayden.
Brit: “this week we’re the Persians and he’s sparta” Lane: “no i’m spartan “Lane (joking): “I’m going to raise my kids like Spartans if you can’t fight when your 5 i’m throwing you off a cliff.. wait no i won’t do that” Lane: “all the Persian have is rugs and cats Spartans have honor and they win in the end” Brit: “No the Persians win in the end”..”fine we’re the Spartans” Lane says that the have nots voting is bullshit they should really step it up tell the have nots they can’t use the toilet either use a bucket or diapers. Matt: “can you do that if your not have nots will they let me?” Brit starts talking about everyone that makes it tot he jury house is pretty much remembered in the game it’s the first 4 players that are forgotten. Lane and MAtt both don’t care about being remembered.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:10pm Hayden and Ragan saying that they had said things about Rachel and Brendon that they are ashamed of. Ragan regrets some of his actions, He doesn’t think he’s said anything to B/R that he consider mean except for maybe calling Brendon a early man. Hayden understands why they acted the way they did, he points out that ragan and brit were bullied and the previous week B/R sent Kristen home. Ragan says he really cares for Matt and BRit and he won’t throw them under the bus. He’s sure B/R care about each other right now as much as he cares for B/M but he really doubts B/R will be talking after 3 years whereas he’ll be friends with B/M forever. Hayden tells him he knows how tough it is being on the block with someone you care about. Ragan: “I hate being all emotional about it I always hated seeing people on other seasons cry”. Hayden: “It’s different watching it and living it.. you get emotionally connected.. I’ve felt like crying before”. ragan says he usually cries once a week but he’s not a public person about it he does it in his home on his bed…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:30pm the lights start to flicker on and off everyone is thinking it’s the saboteur, production tells them to go to the living there is power problems. Hayden gets called into the DR everyone joking that he’s the saboteur that the video will go on in the living room and it’ll say live under it. Hayden isn’t gone long, he comes back and they tell him they think he’s the saboteur.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:10pm Brendon is telling them he wants to open a science themed bar called “the lab”. Matt explained this bar with touch screen tables were you can order and send message from them. Brendon: “Yeah those live feeds are burning it up tonight” Matt: “yeah showtime.. everyones cancelling their subscription”. Enzo’s joking around about how shitty he did in the HOH com, Enzo says that production was laughing about him.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:33pm Enzo and Lane Enzo is worried that production is going to give Brendon a letter from Rachel and the letter will tell him about the Brigade. Lane tells him they won’t do it. Enzo says hayden thinks Brendon is going to put up Ragan and BRit but he thinks he might put up Matt because Matt took out Rachel…

Everyone trying to stay up so they can see Brendon’s HOH room.

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142 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon is the HOH – Lane “I’m Sparta he’s the Persians”

  1. aww hayden is being so cute with ragan right now, he’s really cool. doesnt get too emotional (*cough* brendon), thinks logically, and a tough competitor, i think hes a frontrunner to win.

      1. Not much of significance. He was ‘dating’ her before the show. He was relating a story of her Achilles injury last night.

  2. I really don’t have a problem with Brendon being HOH even though I can’t stand him. I believe that no matter who goes up that if Matt uses the Diamond Power of Veto he can always replace one nomination with Kathy as that replacement nom and vote her out. Which will still leave the BRIGADE YO! And Ragan and Britney which would be awesome because Brendon cannot compete next week. So as much as he thinks he’s gonna get revenge I highly doubt that Ragan, Matt nor Britney will be going anywhere.

    1. if kathy wins pov, matt wouldnt be able to use the diamond pov because the only ppl left are the brigade. assuming brit and regan are up.

      1. If Brit & Regan are on the block and if Kathy wins POV (& thats a big if)….If she removes one of them (say Brit) and Brenden replaces her with one of the brigade, then Mat could use the D-POV and remove the brigade member and put Brit back up. That doesn’t get Kathy out, but does protect the Brigade.

    2. I don’t think Matt will use the POV this week, even if he is up. The brigade wants to take out either Brit or Ragan, and Matt will stand on the block against either of them without worry.

    3. I can’t remember the rules for the Diamond Veto……is he the one that gets to put a new nominee on the block? AND – – – if that nominee can be anyone, couldn’t he put up Brendon? PLEEEEASE!

    4. I don’t mind Brendan at all now. I couldn’t stand all of the puppy love, pussy-whipped shit and Rachel’s annoying cackle. I mean, he is still a tool, but the feeds last night weren’t that bad. I didn’t want to shove icepicks into my ears like normal.

      Now I just have to suffer through next week’s shows where they recap Rachel’s eviction…ugh.

      1. I agree….he wasn’t shoving his win in anyone’s face. So, maybe he is a “nice” guy, just a freak when it comes to relationships. I do wonder how he will play now that Rachel is gone, with his heart or with his head…..because he is right when he says they have to think of jury votes now.
        I really wonder how Rachel and Brendon would have played had they not been in a relationship, would she have been as annoying and he as such a tool?

        1. I’ve always thought he could be a better player without her. I’m hoping he sees the value of selling himself as runner up to the other guys. Nobody will vote for him to win it all, so he could say he’s best pick to take to the end. It’s the perfect angle, and he’d at least get 50k out of it.

      1. Kathy looks like my sweeties brothers ex but with smaller boobs and much older. we all laugh about it when we see her and shout Mary Lou.

          1. Don’t listen to them! Hell, I’m 51 with a 39 year old husband. We’ve been together 12 years! I keep in shape, and I keep him in shape too (that’s the fun part!). And let me tell you something, he’s lucky if he can keep up with me in anything we do. But, woohoo! we have a fun time doing it all. Something so right about the combination. I’m sure there are many men in my position who can say the same thing!

          1. Hell I don’ t consider it a waste of time I won $15,000 last night, It’s not the bingo the pro go for its the instant tickets!

          2. there are gamblers of all ages, of course you have to be 17, but 17 on bingo is good money if your luck and the chances of winning at bigger are a tad better than a casino just a TAD… me personally i hate it i went with my mom when i was 17 i almost won 3,000 by 2 numbers and i was PISSED after that i understood why mom came home mad sometimes, i could not take another close call like that again

    1. I am only shitty you! Kathy does look pretty good considering her age and the chemo! I want her to do that hair flippin’ hootin’ thing she did when she beat Rachel? That was definitely a Moonshine moment!

    2. OUCH!

      There’s just nothing about Kathy that would remind me of anything that looks good. I dig older chicks, but she just reminds me too much of something I don’t want to be in.

      With that said…if there were no cameras and nobody watching, I just might tap it too!

  3. Everyone seems sane and calm in the house right now with Rachel gone. Ragan has even stopped crying, I think, because he’s sleeping ;).

    1. Brendon was on overdrive because of Rachel all the time. By himself he will be calm and enjoyable. He’s not a big douche. He’s pissed at Matt, Ragan and Britney but the other guys he’s okay with. He was even upset Kathy was cleaning up after everyone. I can see him being smothering of women. He wants to please them. It wouldn’t surprise me if his sister or mother were in an abusive relationship of some sort because he does want to protect them.

      1. No, Rockstar, remember his ex said that he likes to change his women and make them like he wants them to be. He is always telling them how to act. According to her, anyway.

        1. Didn’t you get the feeling that CBS was hunting for anything bad that she could say about him? And even then, it was pretty weak.

          I imagine he is attracted to the type of girl that he wants to save…and then finds out that the girls that need saving, don’t necessarily want to be saved. Like Rachel and Vegas. We all know that Vegas isn’t a good, wholesome place for her, but she doesn’t want to leave it because she likes the attention.

          1. YES! The good ole “SAVE A HO” community outreach program. Brendon, You cant make a Ho a Housewife, It just dont work Maaaannnnn!

            1. Brendon is attracted to needy women. He wants to help them and turn their life around. We all know someone like that. My nephew is like that. Brendon’s family was not there, CBS brought in someone who would be critical of Brendon. Interesting there was no one for Rachel. Brendon is a good guy. I think Rokstar got it right. Wise Star!!!

          2. Yeah, I thought that was a pretty weak and pathetic attempt to make him look bad. I don’t like him (want Enzo, Lane, Brit final 3) but I think that was about the most useless backstory I’ve ever seen on Big Brother. It would have been more interesting watching snaggletooth talk about her fake leg disease again.

          3. i like how she said that he has said all the same things to her – and i was thinking well if he was serious about you and loved you and proposed to you, I hope he said the same things!!! how is that bad? she wasn’t a one night stand. but the girl (candice I think) she was pretty and seemed nice and mature (esp to say nice things about rachel)…i dont know why i am surprise i was expecting her to be ugly or something

          1. spoken like a true brenchel fan, and like a brenchel fan you make no sense, have you not been watching??? brendon on many occasion tried to make rachal change the way she acted , and he couldn’t do it, he’s a control freak

            1. your watching but not paying attention. hes trying to save their game. making her be nice, apoligize…game play. not changing her as a person.

            2. He tried to make her change the way she was acting, because he wanted her to stop her antics, which were damaging their game. That’s not controlling. It’s strategy.

              It’s all about context. In the context of this game, what he was doing was most certainly not classic controlling. IT was, rather, DAMAGE CONTROL.

          2. Actually, the way I look at it is there’s three sides to every story. His side, her side, and somewhere in between, the truth or what really happened.

          3. TOTALLY agree with you and i am no fan of Rachel…nice to turn on the tv and judge people …if you dont like someone you dont…but leave it there name calling are so inappropriate..unless you are going to say to someone’s face and not hide behind a computer….Its a game people…

          4. Brendon comes across as pretty socially awkward. Who knows what kinds of relationships he has bee involved in. He does seem very sensitive too. Maybe he has been hurt quite a few times. This can change him as a person causing him to throw up all the bravado and crap as a form of self-protection. Same thing with Rachel. Although we can’t figure out the relationship, this could be the perfect match because each fills a void in the other. Not really a healthy foundation for a lasting relationship. And no, I am not a B/R fan at all.

        2. How can you say that???? It was a one-sided bashing of Brendon by a woman who claims he’s a douche. What if she was an incredible bitch and all he did was tell her she needed to be nicer? I think this was a horrible thing for BB to do to him. He couldn’t even defend himself. And if she hates him soooo much, why is she watching him on TV? Sounds to me like she could be jealous.

      2. I agree. I think he and Ragan could even become bb friends if Ragan made the first move. I don’t think either of them is comfortable with conflict.

        Britney, on the other hand, I can’t imagine apologizing … or if she did, she’d be smack talking behind their backs.

      3. Why no friends or family taped on Rachel’s side for comments? And, where was Brendon’s family or friends (not that I think he has any friends)……the only thing they could come up with is an ex-fiance?
        My guess is that if Brendon has a decent family they must all be appalled at his behavior and if Rachel had any friends…..well – enough said I guess.

    2. rachel kept the house on edge, now that she’s gone people can start acting normal. whenever im around a skank i always feel like i could stab someone

      1. Don’t get to relaxed . . . . I think she may have a chance to come back. Maybe they are going to give the house a choice . . . Rachel back or keep the Sabator.

  4. Thank God Ragan and Matt are have nots with cots, because i got tired of seeing ragan hop in the bed with matt. they went from HOLLYWOOD TO HOLLYHOOD. LOL,

    1. two smurfs on cots?? how long til they get on the same lawn chair?? It’s funny to see smurf and smurfette with their regrets about the things they said and for voting out rachel.

      1. Smurfs? LMAO. They don’t regret any of the things they said, they don’t regret evicting Rachel. They now fear the possibility that it’s time for them to go. Matt has nothing to worry about in that regard given his diamond POV. But revealing he had it will break the brigade alliance. He’s not going to use it unless he is on the block and seriously worried about eviction. Ragan should worry. He can’t really take back the things he said to and about Rachel, or the things he said to and about Brendon. He has no protection. If he goes home next week, he loses the only perk he got in the game ($20,000 sab prize) because he will not have lasted the time necessary. Further, he and Brittany deserve to go home w/o a dime. Thie eviction votes were unnecessarily mean. Even the guys gave Rachel credit for being a strong competitor. Brittany mocked her and Ragan referred to her as a witch. Bad karma.

        1. if mattt were to reveal to the brigade that he had the dpov, then he will not be able to use it. i don’t see how they could get mad about that. he has to keep it a secret and they would understand that.

  5. Well if I were in Ragan’s situation, I sneak up to the HOH Room and give Brendon one of Lydia’s famous handshakes! Just don’t forget to smile and wink at the camera Ragan! Man, that would definitely make Rachel’s vjay burst into flames!!!!


    FYI for anyone who didn’t catch it on BBAD, production eventually came on and told the HG that there was weird power issue that made the lights flicker a little before midnight and that there wasn’t anything actually going on…too bad, so far Ragan’s ‘sabotage’ has been really crappy and just stuff that benefits his game without putting himself at risk anyway…

  7. OHHHH poor Brit and Regan, all game they have had their noses in everybody business and are the biggest complainers, criers, back stabbing snakes in the game. Oh poor me, “I’m a little princes and a spoiled little b*&%$” These two take the cake. They have no game so they play the sympathy card. What comes around baby! Cry and cry and try to justified everything mean they’ve said, and Brit’s caveman walk in front of Brendan, smart and mature move, you crazy B*&$#. She must be used to getting everything she wants. Brendan I hope he cools down and stand above this all, I doubt it!! But what a great twist, and payback, with winning the HOH. I too like most are hoping Rachel comes back, and then watching this game be turned upside down. Then Rach/Bren will really go after all those who have done nothing but sit on their butts and maybe the bridage will be split. Most of us where sick of the Rachel and Brendan make out and crying poor me also, though it’s true since week one they have been after them, but they a least went after it every game. They made deals and stuck to them. The rest are just good spin doctors and their good at it. So if Brendan gets out Brit!!!! Or Regan, then bringing back Rachel, annoying, as it would be could strike fear into the house and possible have others be real and make new alliances.

  8. So really what have Lane ,Enzo , Hyden , Kathy done? Don.t get me wrong the BG is sly and all but really what have they done? I know about going under the rader but man they are all in steath mode.. As of now I’m sad to say i”m pullig for matt or brit and as an out side bet Lane just because he will be able to afford a.better spot light to go hunting with.

  9. I hope Matt uses the DPOV and can put brendon up and he goes home, that would be sooo funny. I really can’t stand how Enzo is throwing poeple under the bus, but he will get his because no one will take him to the final two because he would win and they all know it and have talked about it. I just don’t want Brit to go this week because she makes me laugh. how boring is it going to be when it’s just the four bozos left. I highly doubt there will too many people wathing the feeds.

    1. I think its totally messed up if they allow Rachel back to play…I mean if she comes back for a someother reason…fine, but to play, thats just wrong…what is the purpose then of getting her out, why then have anyone vote? if bb is going to boot people out then bring them back, thats just wrong. I know they want drama but …i think people will just be so disgusted with it if they bring her back…….this is what i thought might happen, Matt gets to use pov then they ask okay, who do you want to use as replacement and then offer rachel again…i dont know, i just dont even want to watch anymore after hearing julie say what she did….am i the only one that feels this way?

    2. i hope that she does come back to cause more drama. but, i interpited julie’s message a little different. Julie said that this is not the last that you have seen of the BB House. When a person gets evicted after the first jury house member gets there, they always bring along a edited verson video tape of what’s going on in the house. could that be what she means?

  10. Hahahaha it is so hilarious how many hypocrites are on this site .. I have an idea what don’t you all get a life and stop talking shit on ppl you don’t know .. You people are as dumb as lane .. It’s really obnoxious to have to read what you morons post just so I can get more detail about what’s going on..

    1. Really? You’re calling them hypocrites? Read your text your insulting people you dont know, for insulting people they dont know. Really? REALLY?

    2. You don’t have to read the posts to know what is going on in the BB house, just the blog….people post to state their opinions and if you don’t like them then don’t read them.

  11. Boats and Hoes. Boats and Hoes

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  12. Just seen last night’s episode. Britney had NO PART in the argument with Reagan and Bren. She butted her head in like she is some tough cookie. Bren wasnt event talking to Brit. Good bye Brit.

    1. Actually, if you watched the live feed from tuesday night, you would see that Brit tried to get out of the conversation with R/R… but then when Brendon came over and attacked Ragan, she stood up for him. Then Brendon PERSONALLY attacked her… so don’t base all your opinions on the editing of CBS! Brit FTW!!!

  13. Ok, ok, ok, so this is my only outlet to complain about the live feeds on a technical level, sorry for what I’m about to write, but I think many of you will be with me.

    Dear Whoever is on the Button: F**************ck off. Cutting to bubbles every time the houseguests do something mildly entertaining is just annoying. We paid to see them, at their worst and at their best; this is like watching that crazy Japanese porn with the good bits blurred out. You’re totally interrupting me listening to the game play. Where’s the uncensored part of the live feeds – I want that part. Oh, and you can ease up on hiding production talk, this ain’t a David Copperfield trick. We know it’s a television show, the cats out of the bag. The cloak and dagger editing shit on live feeds is unnecessary. I’d personally like to see the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. I might pay a little bit extra for a camera in the diary room, or a little more for a cam in the control room. In conclusion, use the bubbles sparingly, and change up that damn BB music loop.

  14. they won because others wanted to stay under the radar. which is pretty much the whole house besides matt and brit, since these are the only two who consistently try to win HOH’s and POV.

  15. they won because others wanted to stay under the radar. which is pretty much the whole house besides matt and brit, since these are the only two who consistently try to win HOH’s and POV.

  16. What you forget about is that winning that much that early is an easy way to get a Giant Target on your back. See it how you see it but winning too much too early is normally a bad play. There is a reason people were not wanting to win because you make enemys. Not the best thing for a game revolving around a social network.

  17. Yes, Brenchal are good competition players, BUT winning competitions is less than half the game of BB. The biggest part of the game is social skills. This is why Hayden, Lane and Enzo are surviving and Rachel, Annie and Captain Cosher are long gone! Social, interpersonal skills is the true game within the game!
    Now that Vegas is gone and taken her abrasive, bi-polar personality to the jury house, Brendon may have a chance to salvage his game as he is not naturally an abrasive person except when “defending” a controlling snatch. This season is taking an interesting twist as the Brogade’s foundation is beginning to erode as they know they have to deal with each sooner or later. Later may be final four, BUT someone or a pair may splinter off early and backstab a Brogade member..maybe. Going to be interesting.

  18. ok ok buddy i give you that they have won the most, but only cause of POVs they are tied in HOH and Matts Diamond Pov could clean the clock of any POV so i’d say the brigade isnt doing too bad either

    1. Brigade is gonna KICK ASS soon!! You all wait!! Everyone sez they aren’t doin anything……they are still undetected!! They have the power in votes!! What the hell is that…..nothing? Team Brenchel SUCKS! And then there was ONE!!!!! LOSER THAT HE IS!!!!! He just did the work for the brigade…..and they still look like the better alliance!!!

  19. I agree!!! That is why thew guest are afraid of them. Glad to see Britt and Ragan crying!!!
    The mean girls are sad. Karma is a bitch.

  20. I cant stand Brit, Ragan, Matt. As far as I am concerned they are more annoying then Rachel. I know I didn’t think that was possible.

  21. Just saw Rachel on the Early Show with Julie Chen and I am totally convinced that CBS reads this site. Their title for Rachel was “Big Red” Leaves the Big Brother House and the “Queen of Mean” is evicted from Big Brother. Julie asked Rachel about being evicted and Rachel said that she was shocked to be sitting there. Rachel said that she and Brenden tried everything to keep her in the house. Julie chuckled as she asked Rachel about her famous saying” NO ONE’S GETTING BETWEEN ME AND MY MAN!” Julie laughed and said that they(people in BB house) were just haters. Rachel said that people wanted them out because they were happy, they were strong competitors and they were bringing it that they were winning competitions. Julie also asked Rachel did Brenden let her down my not winning any HOH’s and she said no. Julie asked her to be honest and she said that she wished he would have won some HOH’s because the outcome would be different.

  22. Well yeah. People don’t hate them cause they’re good at comps. They hate them cause of thier characters. I would hardly call this the best twosome in BB history. Umm hello, Chilltown? No one will even be as epic.

  23. Wow, Karma seems to be having a fun time messing with these HG’s. Rachel got smacked last week and now it seems Britney and Ragan are getting it this week. Where is Kathy in all this going on? Something else I’m noticing is that there doesn’t really seem to be any friendship or comraderie with these people. Previou seasons I see when they seem to take a break from game and just talk and be normal people. These guests just seem to be all in the game, holding grudges, talking smack, being jerks and overall angry people. BB needs to give them cards or crafts or something to do so they can all relax and calm down a bit.

  24. There have only been 6 HOH’s and 5 POV’s so far. So having almost half of them is pretty impressive, but I wouldn’t call them the strongest players in BB history. Winning comps is part of it, but the social and strategic parts of the game are MORE important. Socially, B/R are completely inept. Strategically, the “don’t ever come between me and my man” plan will not work forever. But being too strong of a competitor in the comps usually makes you a target.

  25. Say what you want about Rachel, she exited with class. THe other HG’s were nasty and rude to her and she left without causing a scene. Good for her. I was particularly angry to see the post veto ceremony clip where Brittany told Rachel that Brendon hates women. I believe it is Brittany who hates women. She is one of those catty gals who figure it’s better to stay close to the boys in case there is any fall out. She can expect protection from them. She is a man’s woman, totally uncomfortable around women who speak their minds, like Rachel. Even if her opinions are self-centered, she is entitled to them. Not to mention that her tirades made for good TV. I tried to watch BBAD last night and could not bear it. There was no drama and no entertainment. This is a TV show. If I am going to be a voyeur, I want somethin’ to look at.

    1. I don’t think Rachel is really one for confrontation. Which is why she exited without saying a word. She may stir up the drama and be a huge cry baby and ask for apologies, and she knows how to bully people when she’s in power, but she has absolutely no idea how to take it when it’s thrown back at her. Ragan is 100% right when he says she has poor sportsman ship. Which is also why she didn’t say goodbye to anyone else but Brendon. She’s the most delusional player (Other than lydia) to have ever played the bigbrother game. And her fans are just as delusional. I’m glad she’s gone, we’ll see more drama unfold that doesn;t have to be about “HEY HEY OMG euuurrryone hates LOVE and they’re trying to break up up cause WERE happy and THEY’re PATHEITC” Once the brigade has to start scrambling, shit will go down. Good ridance hypocrite. Grendades yo.

    2. Rachel did not leave with class. She completely ignored all the houseguests on the way out, and only said bye to Brendon. And when she was interviewed by Julie last night, Julie asked Rachel if she was surprised by the vote. Rachel said no, she wasn’t surprised at least 2 times. Then she said she was surprised. Talking out of both sides of her mouth, and couldn’t even honestly answer Julie. And Ragan was right, when he said that Rachel was the common factor in all the arguments that were in the house. Rachel did not leave with class.

      1. i would not have said goodbye to any of them either. monet had already said her goodbyes to kathy and britney privately, when she left. why hug people that you hate and that you know for a fact hates you. i know that they call it good sportsmanship, but everybody in the house has been too fake with each other.

  26. I’d say that is one of the least likely scenarios. You need to look up the word predictable, or start watching the show more closely.

  27. There are a few Brigade members that I like, however, Matt, you are very sneaky and I hope you go next. Does the Brigade really know who you are? I doubt it. You are so smug and it is a big turnoff. Most people outside of the house can not stand you. I really hope that y Brendan is smart enough to get you out, after all you just called Rachel a bitch.
    I do have to say, it is a close race between you and Brit. What a two face she is. Hopefully, Matt and Brit will be on the block and one of you losers will go home.

    Team Brendan

  28. I have only seen one of these so called shows that Hayden and Brittney and Kathy and Ragan put on in the HOH room but they are sooooo STUPID!!! (Matt was also there but in bed). What is there purpose. Who are they suppose to be entertaining. Its the most action/excitement I have seen out of Hayden but for WHAT!!! Brittney and Ragan on their own are funny but this show the put on is hidious!!!

  29. Technically there are multiple ways all three could stay. If Brenden puts up Matt and Ragan (which is who I think he’ll put up) and Britney wins POV and takes Ragan down, Brenden will put someone like Lane up. Then at the eviction ceremony, Matt uses his DPV and puts up Kathy. Then Kathy goes home.

    Also, a more simpler plan. Someone wins POV (like Brenden or Kathy) and doesn’t use it. Matt uses the DPV at the eviction ceremony and puts up Kathy. Kathy goes home.

  30. It does not surprise me tht Brendon won HOH – he probably has the most endurance of all the competitors – he is a swimmer and a runner and by far the most agile of the big guys. There was bound to be a physical challenge at some point that would benefit them! He had all the skills to maintain momemtum throughout a long physically challenging (speed. strength and endurance) event. The others guys are strong – they work out every day….but they are not athleic in the same ense as Brendon.

    I have to say that I like almost all the competitors -the exception would be Brit who is about the meanest thing I have ever seen. Some of things she says are totally outrageous and undeserved. The fact that it is all covert and rarely to anyones face makes it even worse. I think she deserves to be voted out.

    I think that the Brigade is playing a very good social game – but it will catch up to them if someone other than Matt does not begin to win soon. Matt is being used by them and the minute that one of the other guys wins something – he will be gone.
    I have mixed feelings about Brendon and Rachel and if we were all honest I would guess that most of feel the same way. Yes they can be annoying – but through circumstances – they were the only people forced to play the game hard. I do not always understand them and think that neither are my kind of person but I do not hate them. The way I see see it they were an alliance of two and the rest of the house is basically in one big alliance all hanging off each others coattails..well mostly making Matt take all the heat for them. B/R had to play agressively in order to survive. The whole rest of the house is still floating. The fur (meow meow) will really begin to fly once Ragan, Brit and kathy realize that they are expendable to the Brigade and eventually they will turn on Enzo because they all know he has no enemies and could win jury votes. We may begin to see some infighting this week as some realize that they do not have support from the big boys. The Brigade could be exposed this week! I really hope that Brendon is sucessful in shaking things up a bit. He will not last long but he can make things exciting while he is still there. I think that Brendon and Rachel are not truly meant to be and their lifestyles and life philosophies will eventually become too much of a difference for either to accept.I do not think they should even try. I doubt they will. I am hoping it is over before it begins in the outside world. Not much good can come from it. Not because I think either are really bad people – just very different and really under different circumstances not very compatible.

    I find all the bad mothing in the house to be out of control. I was pleased to see that Hayden and Ragan think that they have crossed the line. Maybe through some leadership they can get the house to tone it done a bit. If Hayden could do that – he would desreve to win because it would really demonstrate to me the strength of his influence. It he was able to influence in a positive way – slam dunk for me – he would have my vote!

  31. has enzo made a true side alliance with brenden yet? it may be a good idea for him to do it. i noticed that he has a little softness for brenden. it could be out of fear or just strategy, i don’t know.

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