Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Lane to Hayden: “What we did has never been done before on BB…. Was like we were runnin a business”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:48pm Backyard Lane and hair Hayden is saying that if Enzo wins then they will put up Brit and get her out. Lane agree. Hayden says ideally they will take Ragan out then Brit and finish enzo off in the final 3 comp. Hayden thinks worse case scenario is Brit wins HOH next week but if Enzo wins HOH and Brit wins POV then they are trouble.

Lane: “Thats our only killing next week only one of us can play in the HOH”

Hayden sasy they are like Dan and Memphis. Lane agrees but thinks they did it a little different, they had a 4 person alliance then side alliance. They go over how awesome they’re game was this season and how they had the whole house covered. Lane says the stress is really getting to him, he’s not a person that jest stressed out and he’s stress big time right now. Lane keeps saying theres only 2 more week they can finish this show easy. Hayden: “For us to make it to final 2 we only need to win 2 more competitions” Lane: “WOW we have this”

Lane says he thinks they all have a lot of fans because they’ve made it so far. Hayden thinks that if enzo makes it to the end no one can beat him, Hayden: “If Enzo could win a competition he would be unbelievable at this game”. Lane says they’re game play this year was perfect for their season.

Lane brings up that Brit was telling him that he’s been friends with him longer then Hayden so he better not put her up. Lane: “She said I just started to be friends with you after Kristen left”. Hayden laughs: “She has no idea”. Lane says what they have done this year no one has ever done they had a 4 man alliance with side alliances and they would go out with their side alliances then meet at night. Lane: “We were running a business” Hayden: “And it’s still running”. hayden asks if Brit suspecting anything between hayden and Lane. Hayden: “If she was smart and she figured it all out then if she won POV pulled Ragan off the next HOH would be Me against her and ragan”
Lane: “No she’s not thinking that way”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:00pm Ragan studying

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:49pm Hot Tub Everyone but Ragan
Brit is telling them a story about this guy she knew had “ATM” on his pants. She thought he was a bank teller or something but found out it means Texas A&M

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:18PM Hot tub Brit, Enzo and Hair Brit says that Ragan is really depressed, Hayden says it’s time for Ragan to head to the jury house, Brit and enzo agree.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:37pm Lane getting into the Muscle milk

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The feeds have gotten so boring. At least Rachel was exciting. Seriously, all these Pandoras Boxes are just a lame way to get things worth watching again.


I’d like to take a two minute break from bashing on Allison Grodner to point out something most BB fans don’t know, or have forgotten. In the very first season of Big Brother, when it came down to the final three, two of the remaining houseguests literally agreed that the third person deserved to win, and came to a consensus that they were going to give him the win. Part of it was because he had his leg amputated in the past, but mainly it was just because of how much their friendship had grown.

I love Dr. Will as much as the next BB veteran, but I think BB1 deserves so so sooo much more credit. You never even hear about it, yet it’s still possibly the most impressive twist out of any BB season ever. I’m a firm believer that a mean competitor is 100 times more deserving of a win than a nice floater, and it bothers me to see so many commenters each year praise mediocre “nice” floaters. All of the recent seasons’ examples of this have NOTHING on the BB1 final three.


You are a true fan of this show… they sure don’t reward good game play anymore. They always vote for who was nicest… come on, this is a game to learn secrets, keep secrets, make alliances, and get mean when you have to… now they all vote in tandem afraid to stand out! Long live Dr. Will! And Evil Dick… and Janelle!


K as I recall people, its mostly always picked who plays best game. They put feelings aside most of the time, not saying 100% of the people do.. But most do! Last season is an exception with Jordan winning because Kevin and Jordan were both very much floaters. But you know that IS some people’s game play! In my opinion, Jordan played an excellent game. She attached herself to Jeff, a very strong competitor in the house… and won pretty much nothing until the last HOH competition she picked it up, won the competition, and won the whole damn game! People have to understand that the only game play in this house is not just playing for your life and fighting hard at competitions from day one. Floating along and being social and aligning with a few people is perfectly valid. Season 10, Dan played a very great game. Winning stuff, being social, persuading people, and aligning. Well deserved. Season 9, Adam, I mean, Baller didn’t do too much but hey, neither did Ryan whom he was sitting beside. But they had to have some sort of game to get to the final 2. That’s it yo. And season 8, Evel Dick, DEFINITELY well deserved. And I don’t have to argue that one because I know ANYONE, even haters, would agree with me. And so on, people that have won the Big Brother game are very well deserved of winning, there is many more I could name, but you guys get my drift I’m sure. I’m just trying to prove my point. Peace!


You give some good examples of decent floaters. Jordan is not one of them. Her social game wasn’t good, she was just incredibly lucky. As for Evel Dick, he did play great, but the win wasn’t deserved. If you read this blog that year, you would know that there was blatant production cheating that year. Stuff that puts this year’s tiny manipulations to shame. The show basically forced Eric to ruin his game 4 weeks in a row, gave a secret power to Evel Dick, then they guided his DRs enough to convince him Eric was lying, and then because they finally had enough to get Eric out, they never even told Evel Dick what his hidden power item was for, because it was unneeded at that point. Evel Dick could have won on his own, because he truly was a good player, but we’ll never know.


looking at BB11 if we wanna talk about someone who “deserved” to win, i’d say russell or jeff. they both won shit, made alliances, snuck around, etc. but it was super obvious CBS was trying to rig it so either jeff or jordan won. they saw $$$$. they went on the amazing race and now jeff has his own show.


Evel Dick won like nobody in BB history. He was in the face of just about every person in the house. He didn’t pull punches, and he was a sure OUT when Dustin backdoored himself. The house kept Dick and booted Dustin. I would say a TON of things are orchestrated by production every year, but we’re so caught up in BB, we don’t catch it all. And, we really don’t want to know that things are actually rigged. That would spoil it for us. We just like speculating and pointing fingers, especially if our favorite player isn’t winning.


BB1 in general was not really that great of a show. There was no gameplay strategy really, because the houseguests all completed tasks together, and there was no HOH comps, no veto comps, and America decided who won BB1, not the houseguests. BB1 was a COMPLETELY different animal than the following seasons. The show has transformed drastically since 10 years ago, and for the better really. This season just had crappy players, and not enough surprises.


its only going to get worse if you can imagine….


that was funny!


I watched After Dark for the first time yesterday (PVR’d Sunday episode). How BORING and disgusting. Can’t any of them eat with their mouth closed? All that smacking. Between Enzo, Ragan and Hayden I was so disgusted I had to fast forward. And then Hayden sticking his finger up his nose to the second knuckle, fishing around up there, taking it out, looking at it, and then wiping it on the palm of his other hand. Doesn’t he know there are cameras? That was something a 3 year old would do. Bunch of gross pigs.

And RAGAN…I can’t stand him (and I’m gay so it has nothing to do with that). He said they were the best final 5 in the history of BB. Oh brother…give me a break. He talks WAY too much and it’s the same crap over and over.

Marco Torres

Has anyone noticed that Ragan is pretty gay?


Gay how? Like happy? I thought he was crying a lot…


Pretty or Gay or pretty gay? He is mucho macho Senor !

Marco Torres

By pretty I mean ‘100% absolutely’ and by gay I mean ‘over the top flamboyant flaming homosexual’. So what I should have put is ‘Has anyone noticed that Ragan is a 100% absolutely over the top flamboyant flaming homosexual’. Sorry for the confusion.


I think he is pretty butch…No, seriously, are you just now noticing his behavior is a little feminine? Yes he is very fem, but sweet and emotional and in the wrong environment for his sensitive nature. Matt was very mean not to appreciate Ragan’s loyalty to him… way more than the Brigade was to him.

Youth In Asia

You seem to be overly fascinated with Ragan. Are you struggling with your own sexuality? There are help-lines that can help you cope with your struggle with your sexual orientation. Soon your hostility toward homosexuality can evolve into acceptance of what you truly are….a gay man. And we are here to support your coming out!


So Ragan is pretty gay. Ya so what. What is the point of your inane post?


Yes, he is gay and we noticed. He is not shy about saying he is gay.
So what is the problem with that?
Gay is gay.
Don’t you know anyone that is gay?


I love gay people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are fun ok rega does cry alot but he is funny


and they are fun to be around!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love gay people


Simon: sent you a revised email. Poll should be good to go now!


Hairden and Lane have absurdly high opinions of their game play. Pride goeth before a fall PLEASE fall.


Talk about being full of oneself…Enzo thinking that there are going to all these offers for all of them from Hollywood directors. Who, besides Jeff, ever got anywhere from being on BB? His round-the-world-adventure is the only further work I’ve ever heard about and it’s not even on tv. Do any of you know anyone else who turned their time on BB into a successful, celebrity career?




Lane must be delusional, thinking they are like dan & memphis
dan and memphis actually did something in their season, and dan & memphis could make a decision without changing their minds several times


correction dan did something in his alliance memphis leeched off of him


I agree it was more dan but at least memphis helped make decisions


agreed! dan and memphis’s strategy was better and when they made it to the end they had something to show for themselves. lane and hayden won’t have much to say except…”brigade!”


Please BB, bring back the Sab!!! I want to see Ragan sending stupid messages that mean nothing over the big screen and watch Enzo act like he just received the word of God.

I think Ragan should start a rumor that Enzo is the sab. Then he can make people believe that Enzo already has money.

Please someone, pith Enzo. The nick I have for him, “Big Pu$$y” isn’t getting past moderation… Why? It’s a perfectly good play on “Meow meow”.


Lane, listen to me… Hayden hasn’t earned 5,000 dollars in the last two years! What makes you think he knows how to run a business or even that he WAS running a business?


i know! people say things about brit being spoiled. hayden goes to college and doesn’t work, who pays 100% of that? plus his stupid hair comment during the POV


Production needs to do something to make the rest of this season exciting. If they don’t do something soon then this might be the last season.


Actually, I was reading today that this season has some super high ratings…go figure (yo)


Instead of going to Europe this year the average American ( and Canadian) families stayed closer to home due to the uncertain economic climate… bad economic times means more family togetherness around the television. Most of my family follows BB… all college educated, all struggling through tough times. Thank You BB for the television togetherness… and thanks to Simon and Dawg for this site. Mom and I both visit here daily… and I did vote for Dawg in the Poll!


The reason why the ratings are high in the summer is because there is nothing else on TV. All the rest of the shows are reruns


not really bb has amazing ratings this summer


whats that things that enzo always says about “no gb’s for the bg” ?? or something like that haha. britney heard him saying that and asked what it meant and he said BIG BROTHER GAME YO. lmao


I wonder… is it possible to study too much….Regan? Please keep the meow meow and Brit…otherwise I have NOTHING to laugh at..
At this point watching Hayden and Lane talk about how awesome they are is like watching a couple of 8th grade girls talk about getting their periods.

Other K

Britney winning POV and taking Ragan off is the best case scenario for this week (for me atleast). I would LOVE to see Enzo get the boot. The Brigade is way too cocky right now.


and the boredom sets in….

live feeds are lame.

final 5 house guests are lame.

And the ones who deserve to win have the odds stack amazingly against them. *sigh*

The Excitement

I hate how Lane and Hayden are shunning Enzo out of the Final 3. they need to shun Britney, not Enzo!
come on! they’re gonna lose the Brigade fans.
infact, Lane and Hayden should be kicked out of the Brigade if they do not include Enzo. Enzo is the originator of that alliance. Mr. Grenade. The Meow Meow!


Wooo! Ftw YO


Tired of the early celebration. For B or R to Win: B wins POV, removes R puts H, H voted out. R wins HOH against B & E, puts up E and L, R wins POV, L voted out because he could beat R at endurance. F3, R,B & E for the toughest HOH of BB12. Ragan wins 2 out of 3 and sends E to JH.
F2 is R and B. JH votes 4 to 3 and it could be either HG.

Karen S

I think that’s a real possible scenario Jake!
What are the drinking rules again? lol
Probably never gonna watch BB again.
Life long friends are… (insert names)
The game is rigged?
Now do we do shots or chug drinks?


Drinking rules? Don’t no them, just drink til u pass out !!
Never watching again? Im a BB virgin this year and it is so f****** addictive. Now Bored though
Life longs? Lane and Hayden thru sports somehow.
Rigged? Obviously watch how Ragan does great if he gets saved. CBS has to save BB from cancel.
Shots or chug? I prefer shots.
CBS needs to pull a rabbit out of their a$$, so I look for some crazy crap to start happening.
Thx for the reply

Karen S

LOL Jake! this site has 3 common statements if made then you’re supposed to drink to it.
Who knows if there were ever life long friends, with the exception that Julie talked about it on one of the first episodes. We’ve not heard anything since. : )

mrs. villegas

oh wow..britany said something about how relieved she is that she no longer has to listen to brendon’s “stupid stories”…then she tells a wayy worse story…what the hell is that “ATM” pants guy story all about?! its as stupid as stupid gets. OH THE HYPOCRISY! lol


hypocrisy indeed, she’s always talking about the annoying things other people do that drive her crazy…..omg,someone needs to videotape her doing her annoying habits……..picking her skin, digging, itching her scalp, skin and looks like a monkey grooming itself, looking for bugs in her hair, when she pulls on it……this is classic big time OCD

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

I HOPE Britney doesn’t win the POV. If she does, Ragan will be evicted. She’s never going to wake up about Lane and she’s never going to grow up — her talking about Ragan (her friend!) is really immature. Hopefully, BB will realize that Ragan is the only semi-interesting character left and fix the POV so that he wins.


Britney talking about her friend is not immature. It’s called two faced, no good, back stabbing little girl. I didn’t care for how Ragan fought with Rachel and Brendon, but this little girl is over the top. I hate to call her a little “B”, but she acts like one.
I hope Ragan wins. If not, let Enzo takes it all. Lane is too dumb to know what to do with the money. Hayden, why is he on the show? And Britney, she should be on foodstamp. She acts really ghetto.


what about someone said above,he went to college and didnt even make 5,000 dollars in two years.hes as spoiled as Britney is.


Has anyone put out there that the lifelong friends could very likely be the fish? I think they did a similar twist one year when they had a couple guinea pigs or hamsters in the house. Of course it could just be a saboteur story, but the best lies always have a grain of truth in them…


Anonymous, there are not and never were secret friends. It was just a lie. A stupid lie that for some reason, some people still desperately cling on to. I guess because this season has been so boring they need to cling onto something. Even the houseguests have dropped it. Let it go. Just let it go.


The houseguests are still talking about it. Enzo was just saying two nights ago it’s Brendan and Andrew. The HGs just keep talking about the same old thing over and over and over. Two nights ago, Brit told the story (eight times) about how she was right off her stool when Hayden won HOH.


The lifelong friends thing was something the sabateuer said to stir drama in the house. It is false.

Karen S

Ohh I forgot about that! You’re right! But two of the fish died. Were they one of the life long pairs?
Drink Up!


What BB12 has taught me about life is that being lame and kissing ass can get you far in life.


I wish they bring back Brendon or Rachel. Can you imagine the look on the HGs faces then? It would be spectacular! And then Brendon or Rachel would win it all like they deserved too.


Hayden and Lane….lifelong assclowns! (yo) At this point my vote for final two is …Enzo and the duck in the pool.


THERE ARE NO LIFE LONG FRIENDS! annie made it up to cause drama.



Lane was jerking off in the hoh shower at like 1:20 am. Just letting all the ladies know.


Thank all of yall for the wonderful postings that keep me up to date; however, I’m done with BB for the season. I’m sorry, this season of BB totally sucked.. I know it’s no Season 11 or 8 but, they are just no Jeff not Janelle here. The showmance were so lame and pathetic, I truly think something is mentally wrong with the Brendon and Rachel. This season will be remembered as the season that losers prevailed!! I’m just can’t wait until survivor!!


Sure I reckon…. I’m just laying around my backyard doing nothing but making fun of people while the real joke is firmly snuggled in my hand down my pants. “$5,000 that’s more than I have made in 2 years!” This explains why Shaggy can’t afford to cut his hair and donate it to Scooby Doo for hair plugs.
Brit and Ragan speculate about the size of Lane’s PENIS.
Ragan hopes Lane’s penis is one of the HG’s punishments.
Brit admits she has held it in her mouth and that RAGAN’s little ass couldn’t handle it.
Brit invites Ragan to shave with her in the bathtub.
Ragan ask Brit if he can borrow a tampon.
Brit says, “borrow, does that mean ya’ll gunna give it back?”


There needs to be another hair cutting competition.
When do we get Jury House updates?


How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a Horse Tooth woodchuck like Kathy could chuck wood? Think she is watching Brendon beg for forgiveness to Rachel for getting the ax?


This just in, Breaking News:
Matt’s wife is carrying RAGAN’s baby.
That means Matt wasn’t making shit up.
She is going to die of a disease, there is a huge recall on bad eggs.
Brit = Dorothy.
Lane = Scarecrow
Enzo = The snake oil salesman
Hayden = The Cowardly Lion
Ragan = a Flaming Flying Monkey

Just a Thought

Ok, so Lame and Hairdo (love the nicknames Simon) think they run the house like a business. Hhhhhmmmmm, not a business I’d like to go to. Imagine if they start a restaurant together? You’d have no service, bland food and be bored. I cannot believe how cocky they have got when they really haven’t done all that much. Yes, Hayden one 2 HOHs, the 2nd one was important I will give you that. I think production does mess with the comps because I am sure you all heard the feed leak about Enzo not being able to find any names and Hayden’s were together. Lane finally won something. They do tack good smack and manipulate some of the other houseguests, I will give you that, but they shouldn’t be celebrating yet. Go Brigade, NOT! I’d kind of like to see Brit and Ragan make it to the end now because that would just mess up the whole Brigade plan, LOL! Also, why are these houseguests so concerned with how much we “the viewers” like them. How popular they are. It’s weird and creepy. Some of them will definitely be shocked when they read what “we” really think of them.

Also, when did Brit Clue in that Production has it’s hand deep up the players butts? Really?


The last 5 hg are a sad bunch, but I would love to see Enzo or Hair win the hoh
put up brit she losses in the pov and watch her cry for votes to stay. Its bad when
thats the only thing to hope.
If I had to pick someone to win its gotta be Enxo/Ragan.

ps I heard season 1 had a pug( dog) that wouldbe awesome
to bring back. BB Africa had 2or 3 Parrots( miss ya Rach, no pun…..LOL…….still luv ya girl)

Sleepless in Augusta

WOW, Lane and Hayden FINALLY win something and suddenly think the are the greatest and now say that Enzo needs to go cuz he hasn’t won anything.. so funny.. I am not a big fan of any of those guys, but it would be funny for Enzo to come back and win the next HOH and see what their reaction is then..especailly if he puts them up…LOL
Also, I am having a brain fart. Hypothetically speaking, say Enzo and Ragan are on the block and Brit wins POV. If she decided to use it on Ragan, there for making him safe, would she be safe also because she won the POV.. or is she free game.. I just can’t remember how that goes..

The Mystery Relationship is...

I got it !!!
Look at he remaining house guests photo cubes on this page….
Lane & Hayden have got to be brothers or cousins…their eyes look so similiar…
just a thought


The Brains of the Charade
Interview——-(from Kathy B.)  Do you regret nominating Kathy instead of Britney when you used the Diamond Power of Veto?  How do you think the game would have been different for you if you had used a different strategy in that situation?
Absolutely, I regret it now that I know what I know now. I would have done it again if I was in the moment. The only reason it didn’t work out was because of bad luck. Well, I would have used it on Britney so she wouldn’t have won HOH. Maybe I would still be in the house.
(from Court)  What is the tattoo on your arm?
Which one? I have a set of zombies. I have a zombie squirrel eating brains out of an acorn. There are some music related tattoos as well.
(from luvs2garden)  If you could have known how well Rachel and Brendon were going to do in winning HOH and POV comps would you have aligned with them? Who did you trust the most in the house?
I would never have aligned with Brendon and Rachel. It is a horrible strategic move to align with a showmance. You will always be the third wheel so you will always be the first to go. I trusted Ragan the most.
(from noonee)  What was your reason for not putting up Enzo when you used the  DPOV, especially after learning he and Hayden were going to vote to evict you?
I knew that I was the low man on the totem pole in the Brigade and if the situation ever came up where there was two Brigade members against each other, I thought the Brigade would be loyal. So, I had full intention of a Brigade final four. I would have won that HOH and then I would choose which brigade members to take to the final three. The Brigade is pretty easy to beat in competitions.
(from ordinarygirl)  Out of the remaining houseguests who do you think has the best chance of winning and why?
I think Hayden has the best chance of winning because I think based on numbers alone it will be someone in the Brigade. Out of the remaining members I think Hayden is the most competitive and the most in need of the money.
(from Dalyn)  Why did you throw the last HOH?
I was 100% confident that I was not in any danger of leaving the house that week. I couldn’t predict what the house was going to be like the following week so I wanted to make sure I could play in that HOH.
(from countryboy21)  Do you think Lane’s true loyalty was to the Brigade or to Britney? If he had to choose between evicting a Brigade member or Britney in the final three, which do you think he would choose?
I think Lane would choose to evict Britney over a Brigade member. If he voted a Brigade member over Britney, I think he would know that all the other Brigade members would not vote for him in the Jury.
(from cmurphey)  The relationship between you and Ragan seemed very genuine.  I often heard Ragan comment on the feeds about the lifelong friendship the two of you will have. How do you think Ragan will react to the truth about Stacy’s “illness”?  Do you think Ragan can forgive you again?  This is right up there with “throwing him under the bus” this past week!
One of my biggest concerns is how he will react to all of these things. I think he will be very upset. Knowing Ragan, he will need to decompress and not talk for a while. I think ultimately he will come around, but it will take time.
(from racenbug)  Considering how vulnerable Regan is & how devoted to you he has been, why did you keep throwing him under the bus and continue telling lies about him?  How did you feel that was helping you?
I don’t feel I continuingly through him under the bus. I did once and in desperation. I don’t feel that I did it all the time; it was only for my own survival. This is Big Brother. I was not playing for Ragan, I was playing for me. I waited till I needed to make that move.
(from plumtree12)  After seeing Brendon last this long after Rachel was evicted, do you regret not pushing the house into voting him out, instead of Rachel?
This is similar to the regret of using the DPOV on Kathy. In the moment it seemed like the best thing to do. Do I regret it? Only in hindsight.
(from runswithscissors)  Who would you have been more loyal to in the end – Ragan or the Brigade?
If it was final 4, I would have taken The Brigade to the final 3, but if I got to choose who I brought with me in the finale to the final 2, I would have chosen Ragan.
(from scooper)  When did you first realize the Brigade had turned on you?
Why did you feel it was so important to start out the season with such a disturbing lie about your wife?
I first realized the Brigade had turned on me immediately upon being put up as a replacement nominee against Lane. The lie about my wife was something me and her mentioned in passing as a joke prior to me being on the show. I don’t know what came over me when I got in the house, but I mentioned it right away so once it was out, it was out. I had to run with it. But, I’m glad I did it. I think it would have won me the money had I been in the final two.
(from Al-sysop)  Matt why did you play such an obvious strategy which allowed your alliance to hide behind you?
It’s in my nature to compete. I can’t slack off; it is hard for me to do. I didn’t want to throw anything. I regret the one comp I did throw. I’m just a competitor.
(from Muffins)  Although the Brigade members were able to keep the existence of the Brigade secret, it doesn’t seem as though it achieved its purpose. The members certainly were not all contributing to the well-being of the group. Why wasn’t that addressed?
I think it was addressed. I used to rip on them all the time. I used to say you are not pulling your weight. This was one of the best alliances in the history. It was an alliance that had the whole house controlled with side alliances. It just wasn’t the right group to do it with. But, I absolutely did rag on them throughout the season.
(from LindaM)  Your game play has consisted of one big lie about your wife.  How do you rationalize your actions when faced with the people suffering from this illness?
Well, I don’t know what got shown on TV. I had full intentions from the very start to donate 50,000 dollars of my winnings to research on this disease. That would be to clear my conscience and help them. Since I didn’t win, maybe I at least helped raise awareness. I realize that I am kind of a sleaze bag for doing this and I will not be surprised if there is an out lash from the community.


The only one smart in the house right now is Ragan because he knows not to trust the other players. To bad that Matt could not see through that bunch of garbage as players. What is hairdo thinking? Does he not realize Lane wants to take Britt all the way to the Final 3 because he knows she will keep him and not Hairdo? Ragan desevers to win right know hands down. Go Ragan go! He is studying harder than any other player and has somehow still stayed loyal and has not thrown anyone under the bus. He is a good person!


the problem with this season is the game has gone on too long in this format, the houseguests know the game inside and out, and they play accordingly. instead of just living their lives in the house, they constantly try to guess what’s next based on past seasons. ragan will probably end up teaching a class on big brother after this is done. it’s time to blow the whole thing up and start from scratch. expect the unexpected? please. more like expect what you’ve seen from past seasons, but also expect the game to be rigged.


Here is some help for Enzo’s rap career:
The Brigade Stomp:
“Oh we’re called the Brigade
but our game is super shade
Our strategy’s throwin wet farts
which we call a GRENADE! (Yo)
One’s a felon bruiser
One a balding loser
Long hair’s personality
is totally a snoozer!
Our boys have been made
but baldy is afraid
if he goes up, he’s on a tirade!
Yo, the comps are unfair
cuz they wanna shave my hair!
That would ruin my fame
Cuz I’M the best at BB game
I’ll getca movie, they’ll have a parade!
Cuz we are so great
We’re the self named BRIGADE!

(Sung in the key of “E” Yo!)


Lane has got to be kidding with is remark about something never done before on BB. It is laughable. They haven’t done anything, they have been lame throughout the entire season so far. This is the most boring year of BB since BB started. It is very amusing also how they have talked about being on all stars, they don’t realize that the all stars were voted for by America and I seriously doubt any of these idiots would get the votes. I hope their heads fit through the door when it’s time for them to leave the house. LOL!!!!!

Yae Dum Dum

Could someone please tell me what it was that Gaygan and Bitchney were saying on BBAD Thursday night that has everybody so pissed off???