*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney jokes and says when ever someone asks her to do something after the show she is gonna say “No, I’m a reality TV Star!


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12am Up in the HOH room Lane is listening to his Eminem CD. Britney, Enzo, and Hayden are hanging out in and around the hot tub talking about random things. Britney talks about the how she meet her boyfriend Nick for the first time. Britney says that she was impress because she was at the bar and wasn’t looking very hot …she says she was wearing a turtle neck sweater and that Nick could have hit on any number of hot girls at the bar but that he hit on her.

Enzo then tells the story of how he met his wife. Enzo says that she was really feeling him and he asked her for her number and that he would have called her that night but just waited till the next day …and it was done after that… After Lane is finished listening to his CD he comes down and out to the backyard to join the others at the hot tub. Britney asks Hayden if he has ever dated any crazy girls. Hayden says yeah and that he dated a crazy girl right before he came into the house that wouldn’t leave him alone. Hayden says that in high school he dated another one that wouldn’t leave him alone and says that his mom had to talk to her mom to get him to leave him alone. Britney says that some girl in her high school was dating someone and they broke up and the girl ripped her own bangs out. Hayden asks so she ripped her own bangs out or someone else did? Britney says yeah she ripped her own bangs out …( Big Brother cuts the feeds.) Meanwhile Ragan is already in bed trying to go to sleep. The house guests all head inside. Lane heads back up to the HOH room.

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Hayden heads inside to take a shower. Enzo sits in the bathroom and watches Hayden shower. They talk about other Eminem songs. Enzo sings one and big brother cuts the feeds. Hayden and Enzo talk about how their dads were both pretty young when they had them.

12:45am Britney, Lane, Hayden, and Enzo all gather in the bathroom and talk about how paranoid Matt was. Britney tells Enzo that there was even a time that Matt questioned how long Enzo was in the washroom. Enzo says oh what?! Britney brings up how Matt was trying to get her to be with him and Ragan to knock out the other guys. The conversation changes to talking about Ragan and how he is using chocolates and studying. Britney wonders why he is even studying any more the before and after competition is over. Lane says goodnight and says that he is going to take a shower up in the HOH room and then go to sleep. Enzo, Britney and Hayden talk about the noises they are hearing in the house. They all head to the jumanji room and get into their beds. They are laughing and talking about previous competitions they have had. Lane is back up in his HOH room reading his letter. After awhile he turns off the lights and continues to listen to his CD.


1:30am In the jumanji room Britney Hayden and Enzo are all up still talking and joking around. They all talk about how after the show is over they don’t want to go back to work right away. Enzo says that he cant wait to spend time with his daughter. Britney says that for the rest of her life until she is like 70 when ever some asks her to do something she is going to use the line “No, I am a reality tv star you do it.” Britney says that when she is over at her parents and when they tell her to take the dog for a walk she is gonna say no I am a reality tv star, you take the dog for a walk. Britney tells Hayden that he should do the same think with his name Hollywood Hayden by telling people to go get him a beer he’s Hollywood Hayden. They start talking and laughing about past competitions.

Enoz says that his wife probably has to apologize every day she goes into work and say that she is sorry and says that he is not a real rapper. Enzo says that he thinks people parents and grandparents are going to ask about him saying whos Meow Meow? Britney asks Hayden and Enzo what would have happened if Matt had pulled out another Diamond Power of Veto. Hayden says that Brendon would have gone home. Hayden pauses and then says that Brendon had the power of veto, so he says that him or Ragan probably would have gone home. The house guests keep hearing a creaking noise coming for inside the walls of the house. Enzo says that he wonders if the people who were evicted first are still watching the show. Britney says that she thinks they are for sure. Britney says that because Hayden back doored Annie, she probably hates him. The house guests reminisce about the first week in the house. Hayden says that he told Annie there was a chance she was going up. Enzo says that Kathy beat out the saboteur. They’re impressed that Kathy made it to the jury house. They talk about how they think she would have made it farther if Matt hadn’t used the Diamond Power of Veto. Britney says that she thinks Kathy was the worst crap talker in the house. Britney talks about how Kathy used to tell all these stories that involved her underage son coming home wasted and how funny it was. Britney says that she doesn’t get that and says that Kathy is a cop and she thinks its funny that her son was coming home wasted at nineteen years old. Enzo says that he dropped so many grenades on Kathy. Enzo says that he wants to re-watch an old Big Brother season. Britney tells him that he should watch season 7, and then he should watch their season. Enzo says that he wants to put their diary room sessions up against another season’s diary room sessions. Enoz says that he thinks their diary room sessions are the best! Britney agrees. Hayden says that he is way too loud in his diary room sessions.
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2am All the house guests decide to go to sleep early…


6:20am All the house guests are sleeping..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:14am All the house guests are sleeping..

9:27am Wake up call

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52 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney jokes and says when ever someone asks her to do something after the show she is gonna say “No, I’m a reality TV Star!

  1. Wonder if Britts boyfriend (nICK) will stay with her after this show because if he does he is nuts! He can see the real “her” on this show. Wonder what Nicks family thinks of her? She talks to much crap about anything and anything and is gets so annoying for the dedicaded fans. I used to like Britt but she is turning into one crazzy witch that I don’t think any of us cares for. Grow up Britt maybe your fans would come back to you if you would open your eyes and smell the coffee. Take Ragan to the final 2 and smash hairdos, lames and Bozo’s ego! Their going to flatten you like a pancake!
    I have to give her this much, she has stayed loyal to Nick (so far) but I can tell she has an attraction for Lane. If she gives into her temptation then she will loose more fans and her Boyfriend for sure.
    G team Ragan!!

    1. Does anybody think that Brit and Lane could be the life-long friends? They could be engaged to each other and the guy in Brit’s picture could have been a “stand in”. Remember Lane comparing himself to the picture of “Nick”. He said his beard was better than Nick’s and he looked a whole lot better than Nick. Lane was pretty verbal about that picture.

      1. or… he could be comparing himself to Britney’s boyfriend Nick because he likes Britney and doesn’t understand what she see’s in Nick? I believe Lane even said something to the tune of; ”This was the guy she was talking about?” during one of his DR sessions after britneys HOH win.

        There are no life long friends. If there was, CBS would be playing it up for ratings.

      2. THERE ARE NO LIFELONG FRIENDS!!! Why do people keep bringing this up? Think about this logically. IF there were lifelong friends, don’t you think BB on tv would hype it just like they hype everything they can possibly think of?? Don’t you think week after week we would hear something like: The lifelong friends are still managing to keep their friendship a secret. Who do you think it is? Vote this week at CBS.com.

        There is NO WAY Chenbot wouldn’t be talking about this. So, please stop extrapolating. Each time you do, you wonder further afield.

  2. The Brains of the Charade
    Interview——-(from Kathy B.)  Do you regret nominating Kathy instead of Britney when you used the Diamond Power of Veto?  How do you think the game would have been different for you if you had used a different strategy in that situation?
    Absolutely, I regret it now that I know what I know now. I would have done it again if I was in the moment. The only reason it didn’t work out was because of bad luck. Well, I would have used it on Britney so she wouldn’t have won HOH. Maybe I would still be in the house.
    (from Court)  What is the tattoo on your arm?
    Which one? I have a set of zombies. I have a zombie squirrel eating brains out of an acorn. There are some music related tattoos as well.
    (from luvs2garden)  If you could have known how well Rachel and Brendon were going to do in winning HOH and POV comps would you have aligned with them? Who did you trust the most in the house?
    I would never have aligned with Brendon and Rachel. It is a horrible strategic move to align with a showmance. You will always be the third wheel so you will always be the first to go. I trusted Ragan the most.
    (from noonee)  What was your reason for not putting up Enzo when you used the  DPOV, especially after learning he and Hayden were going to vote to evict you?
    I knew that I was the low man on the totem pole in the Brigade and if the situation ever came up where there was two Brigade members against each other, I thought the Brigade would be loyal. So, I had full intention of a Brigade final four. I would have won that HOH and then I would choose which brigade members to take to the final three. The Brigade is pretty easy to beat in competitions.
    (from ordinarygirl)  Out of the remaining houseguests who do you think has the best chance of winning and why?
    I think Hayden has the best chance of winning because I think based on numbers alone it will be someone in the Brigade. Out of the remaining members I think Hayden is the most competitive and the most in need of the money.
    (from Dalyn)  Why did you throw the last HOH?
    I was 100% confident that I was not in any danger of leaving the house that week. I couldn’t predict what the house was going to be like the following week so I wanted to make sure I could play in that HOH.
    (from countryboy21)  Do you think Lane’s true loyalty was to the Brigade or to Britney? If he had to choose between evicting a Brigade member or Britney in the final three, which do you think he would choose?
    I think Lane would choose to evict Britney over a Brigade member. If he voted a Brigade member over Britney, I think he would know that all the other Brigade members would not vote for him in the Jury.
    (from cmurphey)  The relationship between you and Ragan seemed very genuine.  I often heard Ragan comment on the feeds about the lifelong friendship the two of you will have. How do you think Ragan will react to the truth about Stacy’s “illness”?  Do you think Ragan can forgive you again?  This is right up there with “throwing him under the bus” this past week!
    One of my biggest concerns is how he will react to all of these things. I think he will be very upset. Knowing Ragan, he will need to decompress and not talk for a while. I think ultimately he will come around, but it will take time.
    (from racenbug)  Considering how vulnerable Regan is & how devoted to you he has been, why did you keep throwing him under the bus and continue telling lies about him?  How did you feel that was helping you?
    I don’t feel I continuingly through him under the bus. I did once and in desperation. I don’t feel that I did it all the time; it was only for my own survival. This is Big Brother. I was not playing for Ragan, I was playing for me. I waited till I needed to make that move.
    (from plumtree12)  After seeing Brendon last this long after Rachel was evicted, do you regret not pushing the house into voting him out, instead of Rachel?
    This is similar to the regret of using the DPOV on Kathy. In the moment it seemed like the best thing to do. Do I regret it? Only in hindsight.
    (from runswithscissors)  Who would you have been more loyal to in the end – Ragan or the Brigade?
    If it was final 4, I would have taken The Brigade to the final 3, but if I got to choose who I brought with me in the finale to the final 2, I would have chosen Ragan.
    (from scooper)  When did you first realize the Brigade had turned on you?
    Why did you feel it was so important to start out the season with such a disturbing lie about your wife?
    I first realized the Brigade had turned on me immediately upon being put up as a replacement nominee against Lane. The lie about my wife was something me and her mentioned in passing as a joke prior to me being on the show. I don’t know what came over me when I got in the house, but I mentioned it right away so once it was out, it was out. I had to run with it. But, I’m glad I did it. I think it would have won me the money had I been in the final two.
    (from Al-sysop)  Matt why did you play such an obvious strategy which allowed your alliance to hide behind you?
    It’s in my nature to compete. I can’t slack off; it is hard for me to do. I didn’t want to throw anything. I regret the one comp I did throw. I’m just a competitor.
    (from Muffins)  Although the Brigade members were able to keep the existence of the Brigade secret, it doesn’t seem as though it achieved its purpose. The members certainly were not all contributing to the well-being of the group. Why wasn’t that addressed?
    I think it was addressed. I used to rip on them all the time. I used to say you are not pulling your weight. This was one of the best alliances in the history. It was an alliance that had the whole house controlled with side alliances. It just wasn’t the right group to do it with. But, I absolutely did rag on them throughout the season.
    (from LindaM)  Your game play has consisted of one big lie about your wife.  How do you rationalize your actions when faced with the people suffering from this illness?
    Well, I don’t know what got shown on TV. I had full intentions from the very start to donate 50,000 dollars of my winnings to research on this disease. That would be to clear my conscience and help them. Since I didn’t win, maybe I at least helped raise awareness. I realize that I am kind of a sleaze bag for doing this and I will not be surprised if there is an out lash from the community.

  3. What was the matter with Britney’s mouth last night. It’s like she can’t get used to her top teeth or veneers or whatever she had put in. She seems so uncomfortable with them. She constantly is touching them with her tongue and twisting her mouth.

        1. Look fool. Keep my pennis out of your mouth. Don’t say anything about my pennnis..Don’t think about my pennis, how big it is, what color it is, or how hard it is….Just don’t even think about it.

      1. i thought that about rachel after i found out what she was doing with brendon…that mouth ill bet she can suck the chrome off a door knob. i doubt brittney would do that but she loko the type to demand it done to her.

  4. I have to say that this season has at times been the hardest to watch I have to say what little personaity these pople have shown has just been painful at times and now that most of the bigger personalites are out I have fallen asleep watching the lve feeds ( part of this might be working 16 hour days but if there was soemthing interesting on it wouldnt be an Issue.
    Now It has been hard to pick a favourite this year but as someone who has worked in the Oil and gas fields of Canadas north ( I work with a company that does “hydro fracking” Iam going to have to go with LANE not sure if he belongs to a local or not but in a way he is a “brother” with his working in the Patches in Texas and arkanasas.

  5. Brit is so two faced she really thinks she is sooooooooooo safe i’ll be glad when her ass goes up on the block @ least Ragan can see through the Bitchgade, Hayden & Lane are becoming so freaking cocky, Enzo is losing the rest of his mind, I hope Ragan pulls through since he’s now the underdog! GO RAGAN!!!

  6. Hey, Ragan fans with the short memories. Just the other day…..
    Ragan: I wanna be inappropriate zing bot… Hey, Hayden. How many 12 year old girls do you make blow you? Hey Matt, how many comatose patients in hospice have you fingered? Zing.
    Ragan is a piece of shit, and he got his wish, he is totally inappropriate. The comments aren’t funny, and it gives you a peak into what kind of person he really is.
    Brit and Enzo are hanger onners.
    Lane and Hayden haven’t DONE anything. It has just worked out for them, that’s all you can say.
    I don’t think anyone on the show deserves the money, and I sure as hell hope none of them make the next BB All Stars show.

    1. Yeah, Ragan is one pathetic human being. Embarrassment to the human race, gay people and a complete waste of skin. Guess you could use the complete waste of skin on all of them left.

    2. I agree some of his live comments made me wonder when he was going to show up..but to bring some excitement and some actual hard playing…I am rooting for the pov..It will make lane have to chose britney or enzo…and then there will be a real hoh comp:)

  7. What is new about Brit having everyone else do things for her? She never lifts a finger in that house. She was spoiled before she ever signed up for BB. Little bitch. She’ll never be any type of star, except in her own mind.

    1. Of all the things to make out of tin foil, she makes herself a tiara. She already is a star in her own mind. Has been since long before she walked into that house.

  8. It just goes to show you what happens to a human when you lock them up for 3 months with no tv….no outside info…and a game to play….they are humans by nature….you have to have a very strong will not to do the things that you would not do in the real world…never have I been in the situation soo I will not judge their actions…I am sure some of them will have regrets when it is all said and done…..

  9. It is so funny the way they sit in the bathroom (ewwwww) and watch someone take a shower. First of all people just don’ sit in the bathroom like that since there are no couches or chairs in a bathroom. Having couches in a bathroom is weird enough but to sit there, that’s even more weird but then these are strange weird people anyway. LOL!!!!

    1. I know eeww…that pic above shows what enzo?? hands down his pants while watching hayden shower lol..oh my gosh too funny

  10. not trying to be funny or anything here…but is it just me or does britney look “heavy” all of a sudden..i mean her face looks really fat ..and her boobs for that matter…

  11. I hate how these people think they are gonna be so famous.
    Nobody would remmeber who you are after 2 month of the show endnig.
    Your not gonna get movie role, no acting job cause all of yah suckkk.
    Lame and No lips need to shut up and stop acting like they rule the house.
    the only reason they won HOH was because all the tough competior were
    gone. They are floater and this season is worst then season 10.

    1. Worst then season 8,lol. I have stopped watchin <Lol. I'll watch on finale. I cant bare to watching paint drying and floaters winning, sorry!


  13. I really like the premise of BB. However, if production can’t find better players then the current crop, i’m afraid its doomed.
    These people aren’t even good- looking, if thats what production is looking for. Sooner or later even the most ardent fans will quit watching. Kinda sad, really.

  14. Haha they did play in the competitions..I think people need to go rewatch some of the episodes..isn’t it lane I think he hasn’t been a have not the entire time..If i member correctly…hayden once and enzo twice..they also won a movie haha..so they are winning things lol…and they still have several comps..they are playing a good game..Let the strong fight each other..but as far as sitting back and not playing..Its a social game also..and getting others to turn on each other and take each other out is part of that..and thats what they have done! I think there all playing a good game:) They have had a hand in who has gone out sense the beginning..that is part of the game..they may be doing it secretly in the house but in the episodes you can see there playing that house

  15. They turned on matt when they needed to get him out..yes they got someone to do it for them(priceless)..but they did it…they could of sat back and watched them get put out but they didn’t they played britney against matt..knowing they could get her to do it…They have got others to take each out of the house..yet no one knows or is mad at them for it..priceless if u ask me..It will be funny to see others reactions when they find out those dodos are the reason they were against each other and were tooken out…Hopefully ragan wins pov and they actually have to chose and get dirty a little..but it will be funny either way to watch… As far as britney saying matt got to confident he was safe(which he did) but I havent seen that girl study at all..why cause she thinks she is safe..so she is kicking back doing nada…:) priceless to watch her get backdoored also..then to see enzo get backdoored by his buddies..I think it be great ….so ragan win that dam pov lol

  16. Ragan is really studying the faces..In evel dicks interview with jordan last year..he said that in the wake up calls you get a little hint if you pay close attention..I wonder ragan being a fan and all if he knows this??


  18. At this point in the game, I would give ALL the money to the fish ,hands down. They are more interesting to watch and have more personality than any of the H.G.’s. My final vote- The Fish!

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