Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan tells Brendon there was only 1 person last week saying why not get rid of Brendon. Ragan says let’s see how good your read of people is and see if you can guess who it is…


10:15am Ragan comes up to the HOH room to talk to Brendon.  Brendon says that first things first …he wants to apologize for making personal attacks.  Ragan say that he first wants to talk about how the wheels of their friendship fell off.  Ragan says that he was on the Brendon and Rachel band wagon for the beginning even when no one else was.  Ragan says that part of the deal that he made when he jumped off that one competition was that you and Rachel would not go up.  Ragan explains the other instances where Ragan had Rachel and Brendon’s back.  Ragan says that they seed was planted when Andrew gave his speech attacking Brendon and Rachel and then right after you (Brendon) were campaigning for Andrew to stay.  Ragan says that he then knew that Andrew and Brendon had a deal and were working together.  Ragan says that Brendon should have talked to him to let him know, at least that way Ragan says he could have helped save Andrew if that was what Brendon wanted.  Ragan then talks about how Rachel went crazy after winning the HOH.  Ragan then brings up when he gave Rachel the $5000 and she started crying … Ragan says that was just straight up weird.  Brendon says no she wasn’t crying because of that she was upset that Kristen might still get the POV.  Ragan says that he is pissed because it implicated him.  Brendon says that he shouldn’t worry about that because he doesn’t think anyone even thought about that…. Ragan says oh yes they did …because people came up to him talking to him after.  Ragan then goes into how this season is way different than any other season; it is all about relationships of two’s and threes.  Ragan explains that his only friend in the house is Matt but that Matt is really close to Lane, Hayden and Enzo so that he knows that he is alone.  Ragan says that Lane and Britney are together.  And Brendon and Rachel have each other and because Ragan is so close to them that there was no reason for him to want them out.    Ragan defends Matt and tells Brendon that Matt is a straight up person and that when he saved Brendon and Rachel week three.

Ragan goes on again about the whole Andrew situation and how he was speculating that Brendon had a secret alliance with him and that they were just trying to hide it.  Ragan says that he doesn’t have a problem with Brendon and Rachel hiding an alliance from the rest of the house but that Ragan felt like it was behind his back when he was on their side.  Ragan says that immediately when he was being bullied …he shut down.  Brendon says that he went off on them only as an attempt to save Rachel.  Ragan goes into how Brendon went off on him and Matt for thinking that they were ganging up on Rachel two on one.  Ragan says that was not the case at all and that Matt wasn’t even saying anything.  Brendon says that he is sorry and that he was only trying to protect Rachel and says that he thought she was being attacked.  Ragan talks about how Rachel was maniacally laughing at him and that then later Ragan says that he talked to her and she denied it ever happened.  Brendon starts apologizing about his actions and what he has said.  Brendon says that he is in love with Rachel and that he was only doing it to save Rachel.  Brendon says that he is even going to bring up Britney and apologize to her for the stuff that happened after the POV particularly.  Brendon says that he is really sorry for the bullying because he knows how that feels and didn’t want to bring up Ragan’s old emotions about bullying.


11am Ragan says okay now that we have talked past …lets talk future.  Ragan says that Brendon needs to think for each person if they win next week who would they put up.  Not what they say they will do but what you feel they will actually do.  Ragan says that Matt and him are separate people but that if they make a deal they are they ones that will keep it.  Brendon tells Ragan that Ragan’s biggest hang up is getting too emotional but that helps Brendon feel more comfortable with him because then he knows when he is talking about his real emotions.  Ragan says that Brendon needs to start making real deals because next week he cant win HOH and will need to win POV.  Ragan tells Brendon that he wanted to talk to Brendon early and that he needs to listen to what other people say and think about what other will actually do.  Ragan says that he has never lied to Brendon especially this last week.  Ragan uses the HOH competition from last night as an analogy to how the game is and how you can either move forward or get tangles in the knots of the past.  Ragan says that he is completely open to making deals.  Ragan says that the last thing he wants is to have Britney or Matt to go home but I do have one other person in this game, but nobody else has my back in this game and puts us in a similar boat. Ragan says that if he goes and along with thinking about the future you have to remember who you leave in the game. Ragan says if he goes up against Britney and Matt …he (Ragan) will go home.  Ragan says that there was only one person last week saying why not get rid of Brendon.  Then Ragan says let’s see how good of your read of people is and see if you can guess who it is.  Ragan says that just so you know this is not in my best interest to tell you this either. Brendon guesses Hayden or Kathy. Ragan says no it was Enzo.  Ragan and Brendon hug and Brendon tells him that he was glad they could talk things through.  Ragan and Brendon leave the HOH room…

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It’s getting juicy…no, not Rachel’s poon-tang, but the game talk and slow burning strategy. Reads like Ragan did a very good job….or is that Brendon was just playing him along?


Who knows … Brendon swore vengeance on those who “hurt” Rachel, but maybe he will start playing with his brain rather than his pants! (still might be a good idea to send Ragan home regardless) It will be interesting to see if he actually HAS any brains, so far its been all talk about physics and Ph.Ds blah blah, but no true signs of intelligence 😉


Brendon now will just see how well he can read Enzo; maybe he will see the Brigade. Then he will put Matt up with Kathy, and bank on winning the POV, when Matt takes himself off and puts up Brit, and Brendon’s POV puts up Lane.


yes but remember, who ever is put up, Matt has the Dpov and can put up anyone he wants!


I don’t honestly know about that, and I love it. The house isn’t predictable anymore! I THINK, based on Brendon’s actions, he believes him but has him on the far reaches of trust. He probably wants Ragan out, but was glad to have a honest talk without yelling or fighting.

Things are gonna get good now that Brendon might not be a pussy anymore.


It’s Brendon playing them….Brendon told Enzo, and I think Hayden that he was going to talk to the three to see who would throw who under the bus…

BigBrothers Big Brother

Correct. That whole speech by Ragan only reinforces Brendon’s trust of Enzo as Brendon had been telling Enzo all along to vote him out over Rachel. So now maybe this makes Brendon believe Enzo was on his side in trying to convince the house to sacrifice him (Brendon) for the benefit of Rachel.


I really hope Brendan realizes that Ragan is telling the truth and hinting him at alliances. Enzo is not TRUE in the game to anyone. He just wants to win the money… but then again, all of them are playing for the money.

ura fool

I have a feeling brendon will bring this up with Enzo. The great thing about the brigade is they know how to keep their mouths shut!!


He will bring it up to Enzo, and pin it on Matty. Matt and Brit go up. With that said, If Brit wins POV. Things will get fun. I suspect that Britney uses her POV and in spite of her, he puts Lane up. Then Lane vs Matt, Matt uses his diamond to save himself and put up Kathy, making himself look like a coward.


That should work out well for Enzo since he can say he was trying to do what Brendon wanted and save Rachel. Matt and Ragan on the block I think


So … by saying Enzo is the only one who suggested they send Brendon home, that means he is the only one who respected what Brendon wanted? It sounds like Ragan was trying to throw him under the bus, but I’m not getting how that was a “bad” thing on Enzo’s part.


If Enzo brought it up, then why didn’t it work? If he was the only one why didn’t he persuade them? Enzo could’ve been Brendon’s hero, why wasn’t he? Enzo can paint himself as a person who saw the mob and decided to stand in the back rather than try to reason that would be the smart move on Enzo’s part. Brendon has to read him and see Enzo is a boss.

I am the saboteur

Enzo would just say that if he pushed too hard, he would look like the saboteur. He had to go along.


true, hmmm now i am confused….unless ragan was trying to say we all wanted toscrew you over and not do what you asked….but for some reason i get the feeling ragan was trying to throw enzo uner the bus


Well, first I don’t like Ragan note my handle and the shirts that he wears. He is planting the seed in Brendon’s head Enzo had the ability to change people’s mind, he bought your plan. Yet, rather than sell your plan Enzo joined with the house, if Enzo and Hayden are stand up guys why didn’t Enzo stand for you.

watchya doing?

basically enzo as been buddy buddy to brenden and he never really showed what he thinks about the game, only behind closed doors where brenden and racheal weren’t their. Everyone voiced their opions towards brenden and racheal…but enzo…he never really did. Only when they (brenden and racheal) weren’t their. Cuz ragans not stupid he knows who’s up front and honest and who’s sucking ass. I just wish ragan realizes that matt is playing him 2. I just hope brenden realizes hes telling the truth. Brenden is gonna feel stupid if he doesn’t believe ragan, cuz that will be twice he did this, when Kristen confronted him about the allaince with, matt, hayden, lane and enzo and all brenden did to her(kristens) goodbye message was basically saying she was a lair. Thats why I hope he makes a big move and goes after enzo.

watchya doing?

oooo, man I actually hope brenden gets his head out of his ass, and relize…if he puts up either, Britney or ragan…’s not that smart of a decision…he has to relize who is left in the game. If he leaves, enzo, matt, hayden or lane in the game….hes screwed…I really do hope that brenden relizes the big picture and look at whos hanging out with who…like im surprised no one really notices the brigade alliance yet. Than again it’s different being in the house, u don’t know who to believe, so. I actually feel sorry for Britney and ragan cuz matt will screw over ragan and lane will screw over britney…they need to start thinking and playing the game.


I agree. I think that Ragan is aware that there is a strong alliance in the house but he doesn’t know who they are. He’s unsure about it. He’s already said that he feels lonely or sad when he sees matt with e/h/l but then I don’t know why he doesn’t know it’s THEM! He could use that as his advantage but the guy is not sure at the moment!

I am the saboteur

Brendon is still playing for Rachel. He will probably put up Matt/Brit after Ragan came to him. That way, he hits both “pairs”, and if POV is used, he puts up whoever the other 1/2 of the remaining pair is… If Matt comes off, Lane goes up against Brit. If Brit comes off, Ragan goes up against Matt. That way, he breaks up a pair either way.


i’m glad brendon and ragan talked. seems sincere. no matter what happens, neither of them really wanted to be uncomfortable. and hopefully ragan’s notion about enzo will sink in on brendon. not that enzo is evil.. but he’s playing a risky game.


It doesn’t matter what Brendon does. As long as none of the brigade jumps ship they are guaranteed the top four. Even if Brendon puts two of them up, Matt used the DPOV and puts up a floater. Vote will be 3-2 no matter what happens. Brendon is a puppet HoH this week, he really doesn’t have any power at all. (Except for picking the have-nots.)

The Excitement

Brendon’s a much more tolerable person without Rachel with him. he seems like a decent person.


HELLOOOO PEOPLE….it doesn’t matter b/c matt is going to use his power to take whoever is on the block in the brigade off and put up whoever he wants and the brigade will then control the votes. Who cares what Brenden does…..doesn’t matter….matt controlls the fate again this week. HA HA Suckers!!


Matt has a POV, but there will also be another POV. Both of the seats could change.


If Matt is back-doored by someone using the veto to pull someone off the block, can he still use the diamond veto?


I believe so. It is my understanding is that Matt can use the DPOV any time before the eviction starts althought that was not spelled out clearly to the best of my recollection. Since POV ceremonies are usually on Monday or Tuesday, Matt will have plenty of time to deploy the DPOV.


Geez – Ragen just said the words and neither of them can see it.. “Matt is really close to Lane, Hayden and Enzo”.. If he sees that and is such a good game palyer then he should catch on to the alliance.. Maybe no one expects a group of four.


Agreed! Ragan keeps saying there are people in groups of 2 or 3! I think that’s why even though he says e/h/l/m are close… his mind doesn’t think they are together! I just want Ragan to come to his senses! He’s almost there.


I don’t think he can bring himself to believe that Matt would really be in an alliance without him.


If Brendon is as smart as he says he is, I know he is a complete WIMP, I am glad Rachel is gone so I don’t have to listen to his constant whining like a little 5 year old, he will put up both Matt and Hayden. Then when Matt pulls the Diamond Veto out of his butt to pull himself off the block he can put up Lane and get rid of one of the Brigade.

But he’s not smart, he’s a pussy so he will put up either Brittany or Cathy against one of the guys and they will get voted out because Brendon is a moron!


Brendon doesn’t get to choose the replacement – Matt does.


Matt gets to replace someone when he uses the DPOV before that is the regular POV is used then brendon still puts up the replacement. MAtt can use the DPOV on Thursday night just before the eviction takes place .

I am the saboteur

He is still in the game to get revenge for the people that hurt Rachel, not win $500k. In that sense, he is a friend to the brigade…minus Matt, who has DPOV and the votes to stay anyway.

BAB - formally BB

My only problem with Enzo is … he hypes all this game talk but NEVER wins anything! Matt has done most of the work (Could be Enzo’s strategy) but when will the others see this? I would drop Enzo now and start working with the others. Brendon needs to realize that if he got with Regan, Brit and Kathy, he could also bring in Lane and maybe Hayden. Didn’t Hayden and Lane have a side deal? Every man for himself.


Brendon has to put up Matt and Ragan.
I think the Brigade are going to split this week.
There is going to become 2 groups of 4.
Enzo, Brendon, Hayden and Kathy. against Matt, Brit, Ragan and Lane.
I think Matt would pick Ragan over the Brigade and that Lane would pick Brit.
Hopefully this happens and we get to see some good fights.
Enzo will tell Brendon that he said he wanted to get rid of him last week because that is what Brendon asked him to do. So Ragan I don’t think you trying to throw Enzo under the bus will work.

rachel's Nipple

Everything Ragan does ends in failure. Sabotage…FAIL. Throw Enzo under the bus…FAIL. And this guy thinks he is sooo smart. Calling ppl ignorant and such. Shouldnt his saboteur assignment be over since he didn’t execute turning Brenchel against each other?


Matt using that DPOV would most definitely allow Brendon to play for the next HOH, possibly even win it… if Matt is smart he won’t use it on Ragan… on a Brigade member? Sure. They have controlling vote, but if he does.. Matt better win the next HOH (‘cuz no one else will)..

I am the saboteur

Brendon is HOH this week, and cannot play next week. The DPOV doesn’t change that.


The house is going to split this week. Maybe we will get to see some action now.
This is the end of the brigade they are going to split Hayden and Enzo together, and then Matt and Lane.
They will each get their side alliances to join them. So now we will have 4 on 4.
This should make for some good Big Brother.
This is likely going to be double eviction week and then the following week is when they will bring back Rachel.


I hope Brandon take out the people: Bri, Rag, and Math, Bri and Rag the worst people ever in BB history, they talk much trash about Brandon and Brit. I think Rag was hoping Brandon was gay and as a result he went against him, and they did not like Rachael because she stole the show always, Love her eccentric attitude, hates Rag and Bri, I rather see Racheal than those two annoying contestant.


That was a nice attempt at english but no, I don’t think Ragan hates Brendan because he was hoping he’d turn out to be gay. I think he hates him because he and Rachel are whiney, annoying, needy, emotional, self absorbed, unattractive in every way imaginable people and some guys just aren’t into that. As far as Britney and Ragan making fun of other contestants…thank the Lord for that since it’s the most entertaining thing that’s happened all season.


so all though im sad rachel had to leave when clearly she was the best player in the game this season, i hope brendon uses his HOH power wisely. also alliances are bound to come out this week, now that their rid of the best player, now they have to go against each other. the brigade hasnt done anything. matt has. im tired of hayden lane and enzo acting like they control the game, all their doing is floating on by =-/
and if anyone wants to argue about them, the 1st hoh was given to hayden, the rest were won by rachel and matt and now brendon, and the only pov winners are brendon and brittany. ive hated brittany from day 1 i cant stand her negativity and ragan is sooo GAY, i mean im ok with a gay guy on bb but kevin wasnt annoying last season, why did america make him the sab?


Do you really think that playing well in two games is some indication of a great BB player? She made herself a huge target and got kicked out. Don’t you think maybe that indicates that she’s not exactly the most skilled player? She had to fight every week, as she said, because of her horrible impulse control, her compulsive need for attention and her overall unlikable qualities. If you liked that beast then you are a disturbed individual.

First time poster

I think that Enzo has played this well with Brendon – at least he appears to have complied with Brendon’s wishes – that they vote him out. Brendon may feel that Enzo is loyal – I believe after all the appolgies that Brendon will still feel that his only friends in the house are Hayden and Enzo. Brendon has never trusted Ragan and Matt I think he will see through Brit. He may perceive Lane and Brit to be a couple and try to split them up just like what hapened to him and Rachel. If he does not get that there is a Brigade and fully understand that Lane has a bigger alliance than Brit – he may be looking to get out the pair that satisies the most vegenance. Bust up the pairs and every man for himself!

That being said – Brendan has already grilled Enzo about who started the push to evict him rather than Rachel…there was never any realchance that they would vote out Brendan – but he may not be fellling that Enzo was 100% straight up with him when he asked the question. It would not surprise me if Brendon fishes for that answer again with Enzo.

Because Matt has ihs special veto – in the end all the strategizing does not make much difference – Matt will do what is best for Matt. I do not see him being loyal to the brigade for much longer. Ideally, for Matt – Brendon will nominate in such a way that he does not have to use his veto. Using the veto makes him even more of a target – because no matter what he does – he will be showing a lack of lyalty to someone or some alliance —- I f there is any chance he can stay and not use the veto, that is the best move for him!


The only reason the Brogade should split is if Matt figures out that he needs to make a move since he has no chance of winning against any of the other Brigade members. Lane, Enzo and Hayden all have a chance of winning against one another and would all beat Matt. Thus, Matt needs to backstab this week or next. I bet he figures it out, but a Matt/Ragan/Brittany alliance may not be good enough. Could they get Kathy, who has been the only true floater in this game, with them? This is going to be a great few weeks of strategy and it has already started. Just wait until Noms are made as the action will really get good then.


Can Matt wait till Thurday and use the DPOV on Brendon ?


Don’t think so Brendon is HOH.


Unless there is a strong shift thanks to the Sabo or whatever, maybe Brendon will put up Ra/Matt.
He thinks if Matt wins POV, this way he can only save himself (as opposed to putting up Ra/Brit to backdoor Matt). This way, his idea of “worst case” is he replaces Matt with Brit and sends home Ra.
But just before votes, Matt will have a chance to pull out the DPOV to replace Ra, as well, and name the new nom, which he will undoubtedly name Kathy. Kathy gets voted out (Matt/Ra/Lane).
Even if the Regular POV is NOT used, Matt will put up Kathy WHEN he uses the DPOV and Kathy will go home. Brendon & his new alliance are not going to get to send home Ra or Brit this week, as they plan. What do you think?


Brendon needs to put up Ragan/Matt. Matt then uses the DPOV to pull himself off. It will reveal that Matt had the DPOV and increase the HG’s suspicions that Matt is a weasel and can’t be trusted and might have other powers/sab power, too………
Matt puts up the other HG on the block. House votes out whoever Matt puts up. Matt again has “blood” on his hands……doubt he wins the $$$ that would be three votes against matt in the jury house…..


Has Ragan done anything as the Saboteur? If so, what??


Also, on BBADl ast night, they were all sitting in the Living Room towards the end of the broadcast> Why???