** updated** BB12 Brendon crybaby edition – BB is unfair, I control the jury votes, matt’s f*cking cocky, Brit is going back on her word something I would not do

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


3:00pm HOH Lane and Brit.
Brit is talking about her conversation with Brendon and how she tried to throw Lane under the bus but Brendon never added anything to it. Lane asks if Brendon said anything about people, Brit says that Brendon was throwing Matt and Ragan under the bus but no one else. Lane presses wants to know if he said anything about Enzo or Hayden.. Brit says Brendon told her he can control Hayden and enzo. Lane: “Ohh you should tell them that they’ll like it”. Lane tells her that her best case is to be up against Ragan next week not lane that way She has Lanes vote. Brit agrees asks him who he’s close with in the house. Lane is close to a lot of people in the house. Brit asks him if she has Lanes vote, lanes doesn’t answer… she keeps pressing the questions. LAne tells her that he’s closer to brit then Hayden. Lane warns her that Enzo has a idea that he’s going up and he’s not going to take it well. Lane: “if enzo wins HOH next week he’s putting you and ragan up” Brit is saying that Enzo is being weird, Enzo had came up 5 minutes ago and asked them why they always leva enzo alone with Brendon. Brit said Brendon loves enzo, Enzo says that he can’t get away from him he’ll bring Brendon up next time. Matt comes up asks them if they are game talking Brit says yes but come in. Play dough art commences. Lane leaves to get Ragan. Matt: “I’m going to go with the assumption that you didn’t believe a word Brendon said” Brit: “I don’t believe a word he says basically he threw you and ragan under the bus”. Ragan comes in Brit says that Brendon told her that MAtt and Ragan were trying to get rid of me last week, Ragan: “oh my god and that why i never took his deal.. he’s such a piece of BLANK” Brit adds that he was telling her that matt and ragan are going after her next week and there just using her. Matt asks who she dealt with Brendon BLANK, Brit explains that she just told him she’s considering all her options right now. Matt points out that Brendon is going around saying I was campaigning against Brit but why would he when he had the power, Now if Matt was really after Brit he would of put her up last night why wait until next week like Brendon is suggesting. Brit warns him that Brendon is going to confront him and ask for an apology. Matt: “Why the BLANK would I do that, if he comes up to me i’m going to call him a dummy for asking me why he’s a dummy”. Brit gets called into the DR.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:40pm Hot tub Brendon, Hayden and Enzo Brendon is going on a rant about how unfair the game is because Matt was given the DPOV and he was given only a 24 hour vacation. Lane leaves to.. Hayden leaves enzo left alone with the Ogre. Enzo suggests that maybe Matt was given the power because he does the most game play. Brendon thinks it’s BLANK and it makes the game unfair. Brendon is going to call out brit for going back on her deal.. He’s going to go up to her and tell her taht if he goes home this week

I’ve been playing the game fairly we haven’t been throwing anyone under the bus like they are. Brendon hates that they are being so cocking. Brendon declares that he’s winning POV tomorrow. Enzo says that next week is a physical HOH and he’s going to win it and put up Brit and Ragan and tell her that she’s the target.

Brendon goes on and on about how he keeps his word and if brit does keep her word then she’s lost 2 jury votes (this guy is too much does he not forget shaking Matt’s hand and telling him matt has his word that Brendon would not backdoor him or put him up) Brendon now saying he dares Matt to call him a big dummy outside tis house… just dares him. Brendon boasts that he controls the Jury votes so taking him out is a big mistake. (during the majority of this conversation Brendon is picking his nose and flicking it in the hot tub). Enzo tells him that they are both going up so just deal with it. Brendon: “what did I do to deserve this I said I was sorry”. Enzo tells him to stop apologizing just tell people they are rats and be done with it and go after them.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:08pm HOH Brit, Ragan and Matt They are talking about Brendon’s plans to confront Matt tonight. Matt doesn’t understand why Brendon is going to do it he’s just going to look like a idiot on national television again. Brit tells them she’s too tired to give a big nomination speech, matt and Ragan tell her she needs to rest they want to hear something good. Matt thinks Brendon’s POV speech will be epic. BRit doesn’t want Brendon to come yell at her again and say things about Nick sleeping with other people. Matt doesn’t think he will, Ragan thinks Brendon will say something under his breath. Ragan mentions that Brendon is spreading around that him and Matt are only hanging out with Brit because she’s HOH. they all starts listing off the last 2 weeks how they’ve hung out together because they’ve either been on the block or have nots. They start pumping brit up to say something cool during the nomination speech.. Matt: “you’ve waited weeks for this brit” they suggest she keeps it classy but keeps it cool.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:17pm Brendon telling Lane and hayden the same thing he just told enzo.. matt comes out side and saves them.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:30pm Pool All the guys talking about the UFC.. apparently Dana white bought the UFC for 5 million and now it’s worth billions.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:43pm Brendon and Brit HOH Brendon telling her that the only reason why Matt kept her in the game was so she gets all the blood on her hands. Brit: “where i’m standing i have to operate at the point with things I know and things I think i know”. Brendon says that matt is the cause of all the drama in the house he’s the reason kristen and Hayden went up and the only reason he won the DPOV is becuase they want him in the house becuase he causes drama.. brendon tells her that Matt is useing her. brendon: “If you put me up on the block and I win POV i’m coming after you” Brit: “here is something that bothers me I know the deal you made with me is the same deal you made with matt.. I was hopeing that whoever survived the eviction would honor their deal (WOW!!!) Brit asks why did you make the deal with me and matt. Brendon says he never told matt that he would not backdoor him. Brendon tells her if he goes up on the block he will not vote for her in the jury house and neither will Rachel. Brendon: “If you play this game to win then if you put me up you’ll lose this game”. Brendon douches out for a bit saying he plays this game straight he never backstabs anyone, he continues to use the argument that the next HOH will be physical and Matt and Ragan will not win it it will be one of the guys downstairs (hayden, enzo and lane). HE continues that if she doesn’t put him up then he’ll win HOH and not put her up. (Take the deal Brit sounds good)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:02pm HOH Hayden, Enzo, Brit and LAne She asks them who does the house want out, i was going to put up Brendon and a pawn.. Now she is hearing that maybe the house doesn’t want Brendon out. Brit says that Brendon is telling her that you all want Matt out. Lane says that they aren’t saying they want Matt out.. they are just concerned about who the pawn is. Lane and Enzo say that Matt is being fishy. Brit says you guys have to understand there is a 100% certain that the pawn that goes up this week will not go home. Enzo: “Even if the POV is played” Brit: “YES the pawn I put up will not go home”. Lane is really gunning for brit to put up Matt as the pawn, the rest of the guys agree.

Brit decides she will see if she can get Matt to volunteer to be the pawn but if he doesn’t she’ll have to put up one of Hayden, Enzo and Lane. They all understand.. Enzo warns them that once the nominations are called Brendon is going to be talking mad BLANK about everyone. Brit just wanted to bring them all up here and see if they still wanted Brendon gone because Brendon is saying that they all want Matt gone. They tell her no they want Brendon out first, Matt out second.

Brit races downstairs to talk to matt but is called into the DR she gets a few words in but then the feeds cut….
6:20pm TRIVIA

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223 thoughts on “** updated** BB12 Brendon crybaby edition – BB is unfair, I control the jury votes, matt’s f*cking cocky, Brit is going back on her word something I would not do

        1. I was so happy when Ragan let her have it! He defended himself well. The look on her face when he wailed on her was comical and priceless!

          1. defended himself???..she has never attacked him..she said floaters get a lifejacket..he went personal on her..talking about her body her hair her zits. He says that he stands up against people that attack him?? well hes the attacker not her…I cant stand him hes miserable.

              1. He was on slop & she was taunting him because he couldn’t eat the cookies…OF COURSE she was attacking him. She was deliberately trying to get him mad & she got EXACTLY what she was looking for…way to go Ragan!!!!!!!

            1. Bull! She is the one that tried her hardest to bully him! Her last week she was crybaby! Then she gets a 24 hr pass and she comes in screaming! Please she attacked Ragan and taunted him and then couldn’t retaliate when he gave as good as he got! Go Ragan!

            2. Holly, Rachel was just told Ragan was on slop and specifically went out to by to taunt him – do you want and soft sweet cookie

          2. Everything she said was harmless and not personal. She was playing at attacking people because it’s her personality. Reagan is just vile and two-faced.

            1. Not true. She brought up his dead father and taunted him that his family doesn’t support him or like him. That’s getting pretty personal, heartless and downright mean. She came in taunting and he stood up to her. I guess she isn’t used to that. She thinks she can walk all over people. Well Ragan left her speechless a couple of times. She deserved everything he said and more, and he kept a lot calmer than I could have.

      1. one of my favorite bb moments is when ragan called her a wicked witch and cackled! Would love to see another fight where Rachel gets flustered and has dumb comebacks. Its hard to believe she is college educated.

        1. Anyone can sit in classes for hours, read some books, pass some test to get a college degree……… But Common sense you just cant buy. With Rachel, Common Sense is not so common. Hahahaa

          1. have you read (or tried to read) her HOH blogs? I know elementary school kids that write and follow a thought better than her.

            1. Which is why I think her “degree” is either a lie or something she picked up online. I can’t imagine her writing a thesis that would merit a passing grade. Her grammar and spelling is horrible. To write a good academic paper, you need to present your ideas coherently and tie them together to make a point. Her blogs were unreadable. I have seen better efforts from junior high school students.

      1. Normally i would agree but so far there is very little action in the house. I swear if i have to watch another pool tournament i’m going to go insane.

  1. I pray for Brit to pull the “This is the Nomination Ceremony. I have decided to nominate you pawn…and you Neanderthal…” Even if she doesn’t say this in full…I really want her to say the part when she says “Neanderthal…I wish I could cut off your big toe and force feed it to you in a torturous act…”

    1. Yeah I liked Rachel and Brenden, people attacked them both for no reason..jealousy maybe and when they retaliated..then suddenly they are scum..only moron I see on there is Gaydan..that guy is supposed to be a college professor…well somethings wrong with his brain because he cant even spot a decent person..imagine him telling Birttney thats shes a kind and loving person..I almost spat my teeth out when I heard that moron say that..poor judge of charachter…him and his best friend Matt who is so wonderful to be playing for his “dying” wife…Ragan better hide when he comes outta that house…hes the rudest most sarcastic self serving piece of crud I ever saw on that show.

      1. And he has admitted he is evil. Wait til he finds out his loving gentle friends (Brine) were trying to oust him instead of Lane and condescended in a DR session (Matt) saying there was the little guy standing up for his man. I find Regan to be a disgracto all men regardless is sexual orientation.

      2. You see everyone’s true personality when they are at their lowest or when they are on top. SO how can you admire Brandon’s and Rachel’s behavior?!?!? I really liked the both of them and wanted them to win until they both got cocky, they were bully’s, they cried and didn’t understand why everyone hated them… Ragan is the only one that stood up to them no matter what the consequences. And so did Kristin and that is the reason why she went out early. Of all the years I think the only couple/team that really showed being a stand up player was Jeff and Jordon. And if Kristin stayed in the game I think Haydon and she would have show the good sportsmanship that J & J did. Look at Haydon and how he is playing the game. I’m voting for Haydon!!!

        1. you must didn’t have the live feeds last year. Jeff and Jordan were horrible to Michelle for no reason. They were totally ruthless in their treatment and behavior . They were vile and mean. CBS portrayed them to be this sweet loving couple because America like showmances and it was good for the ratings.

              1. michelle looks totally different now. she has gotten her divorce and changed her image completely!! she looks great

    2. No look at it this way. She is already on Matts radar. He is only using her for his benefit. Whoever wins next week want’s to put her up, and it’s double eviction. She is better to take the chance and put Matt up to weaken him and Ragan it’s the only chance she has because either way whoever wins HOH next week will put her up. Brendan is no threat to her. If she puts Enzo up and if Hayden or lane plays POV they already said they would take him down anyway forceing her to put up Matt or Ragan. Regardless of what she does she is screwed, because she can’t play next week, and whoever wins will put her up, because Matt is not going to put up Ragan or Lane, and Hayden he feels is no threat to him so that leaves Enzo and Brit, and who do you think will leave BRIT. Brendan is right he has two votes in the jury house, and Kathy won’t vote for her either she said that this week, so that’s three, If she puts up Enzo she can hang it up, because he don’t like her anyways.

      1. Brit will be safe if Ragan wins HOH, and nobody is even considering that possibility. He has come close before. I even think Matt would keep her. He proved last week that he really is smart by making the smartest move possible. With ND gone this week, he will need to start taking out the dead weight, and he needs Brit to help with that to keep his hands clean. I am pretty sure Ragan would put up Hayden and Enzo, Enzo being the target. This would be the best move for Matt too. Since it’s double eviction next week, anything can happen. This time next week things are going to be very different. As long as the POV doesn’t get used this week, we can finally get rid of pussyboi and then we’ll see if Hayden, Lane and Enzo have game. So far they have been riding Matt and they want to ride on Brendon now. It’s time to play for themselves or be trampled underfoot.

  2. Brendon is a wuss! Hell, I’ll just go ahead and say that Hayden and Enzo are as well. Talk all this smack and never back it up! If I was in this house and Brendon threatened me, I’d rip him a new one – all 5’0 of me!

  3. I wish Brendon and Enzo would just stop pretending already and show the house there love for each other and just make out already. Enzo knows he wants Brendan bad. Enzo needs to come out of the closet already. There is nothing wrong with being gay Enzo. And we know Brendan is gay because he fell in love with the red headed guy in the house that they call rachel.

  4. I know THEY’re not supposed to talk about production … but I am curious and maybe somebody really KNOWS rather than has an unsubstantiated opinion??? Are these contests and rewards set up in advance so it’s the luck of the draw … or does CBS or the production team actually make changes at the last minute to favor one over the other for better TV? Lots of theories out there, but does anybody REALLY know?

    I used to think seeing my 3 fav’s, rockstar, BBGrandma & jimik on BB13 in person would be such fun, but now that I see how harshly they are judged I want to pass on that. ( Huge hug to rockstar with a fresh batch of fudge brownies & homemade vanilla ice cream, melting in the sun! )

    Everybody who posts on this or any other site has something going on in their life that is keeping them from living life on the outside — seeing museums, having lunch in Paris, fishing or skiing or sailboarding or whatever. We ALL have issues. We ALL need to express ourselves. We ALL have a bit of lonliness, illness, job problems, family complications, and/or all of the above.

    I say we ALL have a toast & a DRINK and then a big huge group hug and then get back to the really really really important stuff, like what Brendon can concoct out of bean dip & broccoli and who is going to hate him for it! Luvies!

    1. Electra, hugging you back and I drink to you. Don’t worry, if I get on there I will be a floater with as much style as I can mustard and I will shout OnLineBigBrother everyday. Along with a lot of your screen names, those I can remember. Thank you for thinking of my as a fav. It is appreciated.

  5. Enzo is still the number one target to me. I don’t get the anger directed at Brit from him. At least Brendon has a reason to be angry since he has been the target every week but Enzo should be mad at himself and his inability to deliver. Matt is right to campagin to get Enzo nominated, make him fight for once and let the Brigade (hahaha thats funny) see that he’s a weak player and they should be aligning with people who can actually back up the big talk. I’m hoping Lane isn’t BSing Brit when he says he wants her in the final three with him and Hayden.

    1. if enzo was smart he would not make a big deal if he is nominated. he knows several people like him and no one likes brendon. his big mouth may just get him evicted next week.

  6. “during the majority of this conversation Brendon is picking his nose and flicking it in the hot tub” — I told you guys he is partially retarded. I also think so is Ragan (all that crying and whining can’t be normal), but that’s for another day.

    1. ragan seems totally normal except for his crying. i think he is just an emotional guy and his crying does not bother me and it is probably just a healthy stress relief for him.

  7. How does he think he can control kathy’s vote. kathy was a sloth in the game but she DID have the balls to vote against the house on more than one occasion. I doubt very seriously kathy will let anyone control her jury vote either!

  8. Brendon control 2 votes? more likely is Rachel that controls 2 votes.
    If final 2 is Brit and Matt or Brit and Ragan , who would they vote for?

  9. I don’t understand all the hating on Brendon… He never sits around and calls the other houseguests disgusting names like brit, ragan, and matt do… Wish production would tell brit that Brendon was telling her the truth that matt and ragan were trying to get Brit nominated instead of matt last week. I hope Brit nominates enzo/Brendon and hayden wins pov and saves enzo forcing matt to be nominated and then lane/hayden and enzo evict matt… would be awesome… or enzo/hayden and brendon win and take off one of them and matt evicted…

    1. I like Brendon a whole lot more than I like Ragan, Britney, or Matt. Just think he’s kind of weird. I think Hayden and Lane are the coolest of the bunch though – I also think they’re the two lifelong friends (if the rumor is true). Edzo is sometimes funny, sometimes completely full of shit. Honestly, I think Lane’s the funniest of the bunch with his one-liners. I don’t think Hayden gets enough credit on how nice of a guy he is.

      1. Hayden might be a nice guy, but Kristen’s “bf” said it well: “he’s a 24 year old boy”.
        doesn’t have any life experience and has air in his head as a result. enzo has more debth, but has a very dumb way of talking. lane was my favourite from the start for some reason.

        1. Hayden is an air head but I am pulling for that balloon this week. I might let go of the string next week but not yet.

          1. balloon… good one! He is a good kid, but then I still like nearly all of them. I started out liking Brendon for his nerdy ways, and rachel because she was a misunderstood chemist who just happened to look like a tramp, but boy did I change my mind about those two! There are still things I love and things I despise about each of them, and I am really liking this season a lot for some reason. I don’t know anybody who watches reality tv so it’s kind of a secret pleasure!

  10. “Brendon thinks it’s bullshit and it makes the game unfair. “”

    LIKE rachel coming back in the house for 24 hours and leaving you a letter????????????? that was fair?? more concrete proof who is the biggest hypocrite of the house

  11. Exactly. And he’s so spineless around her, it’s more like Rachel will control his jury vote, not the other way around.

  12. I am anxiouly awaiting the backstabbing between everyone once Brendon +1 is evicted next week. The game players are dumb. It would be best to take Brendon to final 2 cuz they would surely win half a million then gauranteed.but no, they want him gone…well he will be with Rachael and i really hope he just settles down and not pick fights in the house. He should not let them see him sweat. Matt and Brendon should have had a side alliance that way they both would have been final 2 and Matt would win hands down. now its not a given if matt is final 2 with anyone else left in the house…dumb dumb and dumb.Matt is the dummy actually. these houseguests are playing personally and it will bite them.

  13. What is Brendan talking about “not fair”. If you remember b4 the hoh comp that Matt won and got the DPOV Julie said that this hoh will be the most powerful hoh Ever in BB which meant that whoever won hoh was getting the DPOV. So they all had a chance to win it. BB just didn’t say oh Matt won let’s give him the DPOV.

  14. Well the preppies are in control, now the house will be all nicely nice, Matt Regan and Britt never lied, cried, backstabbed, and they always did it with honor and fair game play. They will never say they didn’t throw each other under the bus (witch they have countless times by the way), but no they are to good for that and have played the game with class and they are above doing that. It is so funny how short people memories are, just look how the acted over the last month, if it fit their needs they did nothing wrong they have been prefect. What a boring show this will become. And some of the biggest lairs (etc, above statement) will win a game based on mass TV basing. The game will be calm and cheery, until their friendship has to end in flames.

    1. “just look how the acted over the last month, if it fit their needs they did nothing wrong they have been prefect”

      funny thats exactly how rachel and brendon saw their actions, they too thought they did nothing wrong…

      1. I don’t know I think Brendon did see some of Rachel’s actions as wrong.. I mean honestly he did tell her to play nice and to calm down because they would just come after them the next week. I don’t think that Brendon condones everything they decided to do. In the live feeds you see Rachel go to Ragan and apologize for her entrance and the things she said, she is actually quite well spoken to be honest when she is calm and level headed. (which you just don’t see very often) But I mean Brittany knows what she says in her DR sessions, and she knows the lies she tells yet she spews off that she has played with honour and integrity?!?!?! I am not surprised that Rachel and Brittany were frenemies, I mean come on they are EXACTLY alike in their backstabbing. Look at how Brittany was making fun of Rachel with the hair extensions, I personally think Rachel showed a very mature attitude towards it and didn’t care that they were making fun of her. She may have been naive, but at least she doesn’t sink to their level in that sense. I doubt that Brittany will apologize for anything that she has said behind people’s back because she probably does it all the time.

        1. Brendon absolutely felt Rachel went over the line at times and that it was not a good thing. He told her that. Not only from the personal standpoint, but also for their game. It is unfair to see Brendon in the same light as Rachel.

          1. Brendon started off seeming like he was sensible. But the more he went on with Rachel the less he did that. He lumped himself in with Rachel. Saying stuff like he’s avenging her and playing for her. It’s too bad he might have been all right if he didn’t jump into a romance with her and just played the game for a while.

        2. Well put and my opinion as well. I never heard Rachel spew the amount of awfulness Brintey has. She may have pillow talked with Bredon but don’t we all. She may be hot headed but she did also go and apologize right away, someting the others would never do. Maybe they will put her back in the game like that gross guy I think his name was James.

          1. Rachel didn’t bad mouth Britney on any of the same level that Britney bad mouth her. I think that’s because Britney was genuinely disgusted by Rachel for her own reasons.She may have smiled in her face and sat in the tub with her. But she couldn’t stand the girl.

            As for Rachel, apologizing right after you do something doesn’t show any kind of character. As a matter of fact it makes you seem like you can’t control your emotions. How about now going that far in the first place.

  15. Yes Brendon does call Regan and Brit names. The only person Brit and Regan talk about is Brendan and Brendan talks about them. Now Enzo on the other hand calls Regan, Brit, Matt, Kathy, Rachel, Brendan every name there is. He has a problem with women. The way he throws the word b**ch around towards woman is disgusting. Especially when Kathy and Brit never have said anything bad about him. The worst Brit said about Enzo was that she doesn’t think she trusts him. And actually she right

  16. I am not sure how Brendon was throwing anyone (Matt or Ragan) under the bus… I read early that he was saying she has to play the game for herself and he pointed out for her how close some of the HG were. Maybe that is thought to be throwing under the bus, I don’t know, I think he was pleading his case that’s all. He’s the only one not aligned with everyone else and because so many HG “hate” him why not keep him around. Strategicly that is a good move for anyone.
    He may have made deals with everyone last week, but he does not expect them to hold up their end of the deal if he didn’t hold up his. He said he was playing this game for himself (and Rachel *eye roll*) and wasn’t concerned with what other people wanted.
    I just wish people would be fair, call a spade a spade and acknowledge that all these players are sucking our oxygen right now.

    1. Bottom Line he (Brendan) did keep his agreement with brit, he could have put her up, he did keep she word to her. I guess she is just pissed because of Nick commit. I am not sure, but didn’t she go ape shit on Rachel, and at an all time BB Rants. He had just as much right to go after her for that, but he didn’t. Her on the other hand is going to break her word againnnnn and put him up, now that an example of her character.

  17. Being a mother of two amazing young adults, one being a son, it makes me so thankful that I raised a man. If he ever acted like Brendon, I might have to slap the snot out of him. Whiney, bitchy, crybaby, *nothing is my fault*, *nothing is fair*, Rachel whipped, nose picking, bugger flipping, I can do anything better than you kind of toddler in a man’s body makes me wonder who cut off his cojones and if they are bronzed on some plaque hanging on a wall somewhere. UGGGGG……sniveling baby!

        1. Amen is right. DId ayone else find it odd that he didn’t get a letter from his mother? And that he asked for one from Rachael the idiot he Loves ( gag me) after only a month.

  18. Nobody this season deserves the money. There are more followers than leaders. The one guy who has done well in games/challenges, Matt, has told people his wife has a rare and fatal disease. He even threw the HoH comp last night. Ragan kisses ass day and night. Brit has more faces than Mt Rushmore. The brigade is made of cowards. Brendon and Rachel tried to play as a couple from the start, and they were idiots. Kathy was a true floater. The others weren’t around long enough to do anything. Except we did hear constant criticizing from Brit/Monet about EVERYBODY. Geez.
    Jordan/Jeff – They were true to themselves and still came out on top.
    Evil Dick – Not only won, but somehow got his daughter to the final two with him.
    Those players were fun to watch. Love them or hate them, they provided entertainment and played a great game.
    This bunch is the worse group I’ve seen on BB in a long time. I hope the house falls down on top of them, and nobody wins. Ah, but that’s just wishful thinking….

    1. all the brigade did was get rid of women they made no power moves, they did nothing. brat, gremlin, and the cry baby are the “mean girls” and rip everyone apart. crybaby says to rachel “when you get out and see yourself YOU will be so disapointed in yourself”. what about him. he ragged on natalie from last season because of how she was. i think he has been much worse and is a p.o.s. i hope no one talks to him when they get out and he cries himself to sleep thinking about what a two faced scum bag he is. matt tells a lie about his wife with cancer why not tell the truth you need the money to get her teeth fixed???? show them the picture, they would understand why your a douche bag. brendon atleast has had to fight from day one to be there. i wont mind if hayden wins it because he seen through matt and suspected ragan as the sab, but he has to convince lane and enzo to throw in 100% with brendon or else.

    2. Yep. I said a few days ago that “Evil Dick” Donato, “Dr. Will” Kirby, Mike “Boogie” Malin, and even Dan Gheesling are BY FAR the best players to ever play the BB game. No one this season is in their league. Janelle Pierzina was also a great competitor in her season and all-stars.

  19. Fastokie, Yes he does. He has called people pussies, midgets, and a lot of other things when anyone will listen to his b.s.

    Ragen was right, he does stare and it is creepy. He is a doofus and I cannot imagine anyone actually liking him. If he actually goes off on Matt to his face, I certainly hope Matt has him crying for his Mama.

    Of course he won’t say anything to Matt’s face, as he seems to be all hat and no cattle.
    Cry-baby indeed!

    1. So ya right matt is the pawn NOT.. Lets see enzo, lane hayden 3 votes raygen 1 vote.. Matt goes home..,These clowns are such cowards, Why don;t they just say that the only way they think they can win is if they are up against Brenden in the Final 2 ..Enzo Lane Hayden Floaters till the end how pathetic…

    2. Those three really need to stop calling themselves brigade; The Gremlin is the only true brigade member. I really hope Enzo goes on the block and gets voted out if Brenden wins POV.

    3. Yeah I read that. What a bunch of f@&#ers. Here they go again throwing Matt under the bus again. I hope Brittney mentions this conversation to Matt and Ragan, so that Matt will finally figure out that the Brigade doesn’t include him.

  20. So, DR is trying to call Brit right when she is about to talk to Matt. Do you guys think production is trying to stir stuff up and make Matt looked pissed off since I’m pretty sure it’s about time for nominations. Since it looks like Matt would go be going up as a pawn since he wants to take out Brendon so bad.

      1. I remember Matt did say that he wants to take out Brendon so badly last week if he stays but I’m guessing that was because he was assuming it was double eviction. If Matt isn’t up as a pawn, it could possibly be Lane or Enzo up.

  21. “Brendon declares that he’s winning POV tomorrow.”

    i remember him doing the same last week, then he choked in the bowling comp and threw a tantrum like a child. he will do the same if he loses.

  22. I dont understand why is always Rachel and brendo..here you got a scum bag..Matt who lies about an illness…that his wife doesnt even had then the dumb wife goes along with it…you got Regan who cries about everthing..he thinks he knows how to tell people off what he did was a joke…grant it she is no prize herslef…however he is a whimp and he hasnt put anyone in their place..then you have Shitney who…talks about everyone behind their backs. she had the chance to RAchel off but she runs to the diary room to talk …. she is a little girl and a brat…a want to be…the others…are not doing much but as least..they are not lying about an illness running to the diary room to talk about people..or cry every second..people need to grow up….and real fast….

  23. WTF? Does Enzo think he is to good to go on the block? Everyone else has been there, why shouldn’t he do it? I hope Brit goes along with her plan to put Enzo up with brendon. He is making me sick. He hasn’t won a damn thing, but acts as if he deserves to stay. He doesn’t. The stupid brigade needs to go and let Ragen , Brit, and Matt fight it out. The brigade consists of a bunch of idiots.

    1. enzo really needs to go on the block. besides being sorry at comps, he is the only player in the house that has not been on the block. he really needs the experience of the block so he can feel the pressure instead of spending his time floating.

  24. Ok I liked jeff and Jordan but let’s not forget how the hoh went to there heads and they backstabbed Russell whiched cost jeff the game. Remember he decided to side with natali. So as much as I liked jeff and Jordan they did the same thing.

  25. Forgot to say…The only way for the brigade to be broken up is if Ragen wins next week and puts two of the dummies up together. They won’t win POV, so one of them would go home.

  26. Matt missed his chance last night. should halve nominated Brit or Sleezo.
    Should of felt all the love from the Brigayde.Yo !
    He’s a fighter tho and super Genius. Yo !

  27. @team Matt yo. Your 100% right. If Brit was smart she would tell Matt everything the BG said about him and Matt would jump ship and team up with Regan and Britt and get these fools out of here.

  28. Simon…@ the 3pm slot..britney is talking to lane about her conversation with brendon…what time did that conversation happen, i cant find it…or is it the conversation that took place before the pov last week…thanks

  29. damn it brendon! can you shut the hell up and stop bitching. it is what it is…you should of know britney couldnt be trusted. stop talking so much shit! ok win the pov and shut up. man this guy needs help…but i dont blame him.. he is all alone in the house. but what he needs to do is shut up build all that anger up inside and then unleash that anger in the veto and than pov.

  30. If she puts up matt and bren, matt will go home unless ragan or brit wins the pov.
    The 3 man charade can smell matts blood. I think matt said
    he wanted to go on the block against him too.

  31. I wish Brit was smart enough to ask each one of them to volunteer to go up at a pawn, separately without anyone else in the room and see them squirm. She should smell a rat when they are all suddenly united to get Matt put up. I mean if the house was so united about getting Brendon out, why are the singling out Matt as the pawn? If they weren’t bsing her,technically it shouldn’t matter who goes up. That’s the suspicious behavior I would be questioning. I want Enzo on the block. He’s like a Cult Leader with the weak minded following his every instruction.

    1. agreed!

      i want brit to wake up and realize that enzo/hayden/lane could care less about her. with them she’ll make it to final 4 maybe. with matt/ragan she could make it to final 3 and then bring it home…and she thinks the best she can do is second place…well shes jeopardizing her second place if she listens to the lame brigade who would never do anything to help her.

  32. if brendon goes home the rest of the season is a bore. do any of you not see this??? ragan or britt go thursday as well in double eviction and whoever is left will be in the house with the BIG BAD BRIGADE who will finally come out of the closet to the last person standing how entertaining do you think that will be???

  33. Okay, I am going to pick a favorite for this week. It may only last a week, so, that is all I am contributing to him. Hayden. Yes, the poor boy’s hair is to heavy for his brain and his teeth would make a beaver blush but I like the guy a little. I know, he needs to wear his shirt into the diary room and not shout at the camera. Stop his listening to Enzo, if that is possible because Enzo never shuts up. Yes, Hayden lies and backstabs like all the others. I just don’t see many on here that like him. So, Grandma is going to give the guy a week of her love. Now, attack me! But, only for a week.

    1. LOL. u make me laugh grandma. but i do agree with you. hayden’s being my favorite since big brother started. but i think it’s time he starts being independent.

    2. Ok GGB you can have the week only because Hayden has at least won HOH. Now if you had said Enzo I think I would have just curled up into a ball and sobbed “Why GGB Why?”

      At this point I have nobody as a fav just people I hate the least Matt Lane Hayden Britt Raygen Brendon Enzo..Sounds about the right order for me..Ok you can rip on me now :)

      1. Nope, Havic, you are okay with me. Matt has lots of fans and so does Brendon. And, well they should. Both are playing good strong games along with Britney. I am hoping that maybe if I sit here and say “hair cut” often enough he will get one. There are lots that dispute whether he really won that first HOH and it is true he hasn’t done anything since. But, I think he might just be holding back a little. Once he gets that hair out of his eyes he may see the forest through the hairs.

    1. I think Matt is in an alliance with Matt. He will go through the motions with the others for now. He knows he can use Britany and Ragan for now, but I don’t think he would have any trouble cutting ties with them to advance himself. He certainly does not feel any threats from Enzo,Hayden,Lane or Brendon. He know he can outsmart them in a heartbeat. Having said that, I am not a fan of any of the houseguests, but if I had to choose, I’d say the game goes to Matt. He has done the best job of positioning himself and has considerably more control over his own destiny than the others.

  34. That’s what I’m sayin…and enzo is the worst of the three. If that traitor is in the top 4 I’m just going to stop watching. I can’t stand to see him run around the house playing with himself, farting, burping, acting like he is the one who pulled them all thru anymore, he is just nasty.

    1. I agree! None of The Brigade have done anything except Matt! Matt & Ragan have been the last 2 standing in a couple competitions! Go Matt! :-)

  35. You know the game is never fair when it pertains to Brendon or Rachel! Everyone is against them because they “love” each other and all comps are designed for everyone else to win but THEM! Doesn’t it get old listening to him moan and groan?!

  36. Guess I should have clarified… Brendon does not call them disgusting names and make fun of them.. ragan and brit are down right nasty about it.. Although I like Brit and want her to win, she is as fake to the other houseguests as she claimed rachel to be.. Come on Brit put matts overconfident ass on the block and make him regret throwing the comp last night.. he even said thats perfect, someone in the backyard had to have heard it..

  37. Is the nomination really this long? I thought the feeds would be back on by now. I wonder if some hell is going on and they don’t want us to watch.

  38. This is off topic but How about Gilligan For Ragan?? (My daughter says he looks like Drama from Fantasy Factory) But I say Gilligan!!

  39. you think the brigade would give 500000 to Britney? That’s 3 votes against her. add Rachel and Brendon to that. 5 votes against her in total. out of 7. He controls 2/7 votes. that’s swing vote power at least.

  40. I think she may put up Matt with Brendan. Everytime HOH or POV holder gets ready to tell the house member BB always calls them to the DR. Or either Brit just have bad luck, because when she was POV winner and was going to tell them Rachel didn’t want her to use the POV at the last minute when she was going to tell Hayden the DR stopped her. I think BB is really playing with the game and choosing the outcome. I bet Brendan will win POV tomorrow.

    1. I think your right I thing BB is manipulating the game. If the idiot brenden wins pov I will stop watching and boycott just like I did Idol.

  41. Well Chima got to play in the HOH comp it’s kind unfair that they didn’t let him play in the HOH comp.. i mean i’m not saying he would win but they should have let him compete in it… and yeah if Brendon goes home this season will be a bore.. oh wait.. it already is.

    1. more whining? chima lost both her nomination making her whole HOH useless THATS why she got to play, brendon only lost one of his noms

  42. This has been the most booooring BB.. I agree if Brendon leaves the show is over… no more pool pleaseeeeeeee, that is all they do.. no drama, no ratings.. get with it people

  43. She needs to put up Enzo because…
    1. He’s the only one in the house that hasn’t gone up.
    2. Matt is the reason she’s still in the game so she should spare him this week.
    3. I don’t really like Enzo he’s all talk and the biggest floater in the game. In the words of ZingBot “…you always talk about dropping grenades but all you seem to do is BOMB!”

    1. how is matt the reason she is in the game?? Because Brendon put him up instead of her?? I don’t think matt had any control over that.
      Just a note, if production knew of the message Rachel left, (which they did) they could have taken it down as it was supposed to be “against the rules” but because they didn’t maybe it wasn’t.
      I think Britt should save Brendon because it’s thanks to RACHEL that she is still here

  44. For what we know watching the show, the best bet for Brit would be to put up Brendon and Lane as a pawn.
    If Brendon wins POV then replace him with Enzo

      1. personally, i think she should think about the future and not put brenden up for safety for the double eviction. put up hayden and enzo

      2. or Brendan puts up Matt or regan, and the others take this shot. Then you could have Hay/Bred/enzo and poss. lane against regan vote. or Hay/Bred/enzo and lane/regan. Matt knows this and he is not going to want to be a pawn. The what if Brendan does win the POV pulls himself off he puts matt or regan. Brit needs to take this deal with brendan, he had one before with her last week and the keep his promise and did.t put her up. He would not again and he want Matt out because of his game and what hapen last night.

  45. If she does put Matt up I really hope he outs the brigade and tells Brendon how Enzo and Hayden used him for info and pushed him to put up Rachel and him and he tells Britney how Lane “controls” her. And then sits back watches the chaos and wins POV. That would make for great T.V

  46. Just the Tip:
    Ragan – Dry your eyes and wash your mangina. The kiddies in school are looking up to you. NOT.
    Matt – Never lie about someone you love having a fatal disease. Let’s hope your wife never gets ill.
    But let’s DO hope you get spanked by karma SOON.
    Britney – Don’t bring your Ms Teen Arkansas act to BB. It didn’t win you a crown, it won’t win BB.
    BROgade – There’s no “I” in BROgade. But there are 3 cowards and a low-life.
    Brendon – Just hurry to the jury house and get busy, BITCHES.

    Thanks for tuning in…

  47. Enzo and Hayden definitely need to go. They just don’t try that hard, and have hid behind Matt for several weeks now. Lane is okay.

  48. LOL- i think feeds arent up yet becasue there’s a huge fight/ brawl going in the BB house.

    Enzo’s going ape-$hit,
    Brenda’s crying about how the game’s not fair,
    Ragan in corner fetal position,
    etc., etc., LOL

  49. Hey, where are all those Brigade fans? I mean the Grenade launchers? The BOOMS? I’m pulling for one this week. I want to answer everything with “4 Deep Yo”. Did you guys leave the battlefield? Are you on furlough? Is the war over? No one dropping grenades. Gee, I am late to the party again? yo yo

  50. i can just here Brits NOM speech , “i nominated you Brenden because it’s tit for tat, and we both know you only came after my boysragin and matt for revenge so i put you up for that reason too. yes it’s personal” I can hear Brit saying that as she puts brenda up :)

  51. almost 10:00pm est. feeds finally back up. Brandon smiling talking to enzo in the have nots room, regan with brit in the HoH, Lane and Matt in the pantry or what ever you call it where the food is.

  52. Don’t cry now Brendon, should have got rid of the BIG MOUTH Britney when you had your chance. And yes, Matt is a very cocky little lying joker

  53. Brit nominate who you want, who cares about the house. This is the problem with this whole yawn of a season. Everyone wants to make the house happy. Reagan SUCKS….BRIT SUCKS…..

  54. I have to have my volume down so wife dosnt hear. so I could be wrong. Brit saying she promises he will not leave no matter what. swearing on her family

  55. outside door opens , ragen, enzo playing pool, with Lane. brit. They talking, but sorry can’t make it out what they say. :(

  56. Unless Hayden wins veto the rest of the season will be a joke. I am with grandma on the Hayden bandwagon this week.

      1. Hayden is a scared little pussy boy, afraid to win anything because someone may not like him. What a douche!

    1. Well, Davor, I can only speak for myself. I am pulling for Hayden this week. Not to many are. I am on TEAM BALLOON!

      1. I always stick with the underdog most times, so because it was Rachel and Brendon vs the house, I cheer for them. I do not care for Rachel or her antics, but they are the underdogs. Other wise I have no one else to cheer for.

        1. Davor, that’s okay. They need you to cheer. My dog can’t hunt but I have to pull for Hayden anyway. I wish you luck, too.

        2. so thats brenchel fan’s excuse for likging brendon and rschel so much they are the underdogs, well they made themselves that way nobody eolse did , they didn’t even attempt to get back with the house, and they went on their BB tyranny kristen,regan and kathy stepped back and eventually went to the other side…..

  57. Enzo is a spoiled, butt wipe, wannabe gangster! If Britney does not put up Enzo, I am not watching the rest of the season! I am so sick of his do nothing crap.

  58. do you people fail to understand this?

    who cares if you hate brenden or rachel..im not fond of either…

    but I would be at least cordial to them in order to get the JURY VOTES…

    hayden and enzo so far are the only ones that have done this with every jury member so far

  59. You all are forgetting that the jurors get to watch video of what is going down in the house each week. The truth comes out to those in the jury house. They will see who is saying what to whom and so on.

  60. damn brendon is gross flicking his bogeys in the hot tub. i’m taking bets on how many times this ‘swim coach’ has pissed in the pool in his life. the over/under is at 14,987. what do you think, more or less?

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