Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney WON the Power Of Veto!!


This Big Brother Spoiler starts off with Britney winning the POV. Rachel and Brendon as the HOH power block are trying to decide what they will do if Britney uses the POV. Briteny is going to use it and she wants to try and get Brenchel to put up Kathy in hopes that she can safe Monet.

1:45pm The live feeds come back on…. Ezno saying he wanted to drop out second, “this was a brutal competition”. Matt mentions that Big Brother 12 is a action packed season. Britney, Enzo and Monet are talking in the Have Not room, Monet is crying because she didn’t win the Power of Veto and is most likely going to be evicted. Britney on the other hand is happy that she just won the POV, she knows she was the target this week. Britney says that she wants to work with Brendon and Rachel and then backdoor them next week. Britney says that Kathy is just floating and that she really wants to get rid of her but they need to split Brendon and Rachel up soon. Britney and Enzo start talking about how useless Kathy is and they want to get rid of her and save Monet. Enzo thinks if they might be able to get Kathy out this week. Britney talks about whether they would have the votes to keep Monet if they get Rachel to put up Kathy. Monet doesn’t think they will have the votes. Britney says hopefully you stay and then next week we get revenge. She’s optimistic about their future.


2pm – 2:20pm In the HOH, Brendon and Rachel. They are talking about who they will put up in Britney’s place if/when… she uses the Power Of Veto. Rachel wonders if they should put up Matt and tell him hes safe, Brendon thinks that is a good idea. Rachel adds that even if he got mad there isn’t much of a chance that Matt will win the Head of Household. They say that they couldn’t put up Kathy because she would take it to personally and they will lose a vote later in the game. Brendon and Rachel wonder if they can make a deal with Britney to not use the POV if they say that they wont go after her. They say that they wouldn’t go after her until it was absolutely necessary. Brendon asks Rachel if they could actually trust Britney though … They both don’t think they could trust her. Brendon thinks britney is stupid enough to not use the power of Veto on herself. Rachel shakes her head doubts there is any chance. Enzo joins them up in the HOH. Enzo says this sucks dude. They all agree that Monet will go home this week. They talk about the competition. Enzo keeps saying 14 seconds… 14 seconds man… There was a difference of 14 seconds between the first and second place for the POV. Ragan joins them up in the HOH. Matt says that he knew she was close and was saying drop, drop, drop. Brendon says this is a shitty situation… but that they need to make sure that everyone is for getting Monet out this week for sure. Ragan says that you have to be careful with pawns this early in the game… because there are too many factors and variables that can change things you can’t control. Ragan says you have to be careful putting up someone that is close to you because the pawn isn’t looking at get Monet out …they are thinking of ways to weaken you (Brendon/ Rachel alliance). Ragan says you need to think about how if endurance Britney will do really well because she is so small. Matt says yeah …he said to Chelsia in the interview that he thought he wouldn’t do well in endurance and she told him that the smaller people always do better. Ragan says that the pawn that you put up has to be someone that you are close with but not too close … and that you talk to them and tell them that you want to make a deal with them … Ragan says that you need to anticipate their move…. and their only move is to flip things…  You have to put up someone who you think they will go to …to try and campaign for votes.  You have to start thinking ahead.  And out of those people that you think they will go to who of them will keep their word…  Matt and Brendon agree.  Ragan says maybe sweeten the pot so that not only are they safe this week but they are safe next week too. Brendon says good for her for winning … but I still want her gone.

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Jake K.

Rachel’s Delusions Part III: “I think she believes me enough to convince her to not use the veto!” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA




Wooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Go Brit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ugh, this is nauseating! Britney, please be gone on the next nomination! :)

Oh Yeah

Noooooo!! She’s a biatch!


now the smart move would be to back door enzo or one of the brigade………. i say enzo or lane……. those are the only two i see really gunning for brenden still


I completely agree. Even though they don’t know about the brigade it would make sense to take out a physical competitor like Hayden or Lane. That’s what I would be thinking…Also Monet has the opportunity of a lifetime to park her ass in front of Rachel and convince her to make a deal to backdoor one of the strong guys. Wonder if she’ll think that way…???


GOOD, the one whos most entertaining won


Man I thought that Monet would win POV, this comes as a bit of a surprise…. but NOW Rachel can put up someone that could poise a real threat! Hopefully Brendan smacks some sense into her, but she’s definitely more likely to put up Kathy… hopefully someone smacks Rachel.. hard.


Hahaha. Rachel thinks she can talk Brit into not using it by telling her she is a pawn and is safe. That girl is hopelessly stupid and drunk on her own power. Once she replaces Brit, she has no power. I want her and Brendon on the block ASAP. Get rid of Kathy who is a waste of space and BOOOORING to watch, and let Matt, Enzo or Monet win next week. Or even better, Brit, because she is PISSSED. That would shake things up for sure.


dumbdumbs think she won’t use POV lmFAO


Bahahahaha OMGosh! I so hoped that would happen, now who’s going to go up??

Uncle Cool

Ragan is getting too cozy with the aliens and maybe he should volunteer to go on the block.

He shouldn’t be doing their thinking for them.


Yea u can definately convince brit not to use the pov, and your boobs are real, and america loves you. lmfao


couldn’t have said it better myself….

i don;t believe she’s a chemist, shes too dumb she would blow the place up




lmao well said. I can’t believe she thinks its possible to talk brit out of using it, that stuff only works on ice cream scoopers from survivor.


i think the red hair dye has done serious damage, omg






enzo got to win HOH because right now he looks like the only one who will put up brendon and rachel the rest are scurred

Colette Lala

I’ve been taking a shot everytime Enzo says “14 seconds”. I might need medical attention. Send help… and another bottle. I’m empty.


We also do it everytime Gordon Ramsey says YES or when Lightman says Oi on Lie to Me or Bill says Sookahh on True Blood.

I love Lane

Thank God that Arbor Mist is only $2.99 a bottle. LOL That would make this season a whole lot more interesting. Plus I love True Blood, so bonus!


Enzo and Brit are the only 2 interesting players right now, BB probably made the competition perfect for her.


Rachel should put up either Matt, Enzo, or Lane. Break the brigade up so that Hayden can focus more on Kristen…Britney is such a childish bitch and Monet is too. Enzo, or should I say ketchup boy, is nasty…I think Rachel should put him up. But something tells me that if she puts up Lane he will blow his top.(Lane)


Well, I have to agree with some of you that this has started out pretty boring. But, I think it will start getting more interesting. Well, I am hoping. They need to backdoor someone.
Brandon doesn’t come across as being an experience “lover” but he has connected with a teacher of sexual chemistry. She certainly is trying to get to his test tube.
I am with you on hoping things start getting interesting. But, I am sure it will. I am still watching anyway. And, I am glad to see some of the same fun people on this site again.
Hope all is good for you, Simon!


Hey Lady, lots of people have been looking for you and wondering where you went last year. I hope all is well.


Thanks, Rockstar. I had a true for the worst at the end of last season. Missed being with all of you at the end. All is better now and ready to have fun with everyone again.


Dah, that s/b a “turn” for the worst. I haven’t gotten any better at typing or spelling. Where’s all those crazy Canadians?


oh no. I’m glad everything is okay now. canadianfan was asking about you a few days back. I’ve been off and on. I’m currently on holidays for a few weeks but as usual I don’t go far because I’m too much of a homebody and can’t do anything unless I have my computer and a tv. I also just got a new puppy so I want to take the time to train her before I try and get to flipping my house.


dah,,,,,I mean Brendon. I guess that shows how interested I am in him.

I love Lane

If Brendon has any chance of winning, he needs to ditch the showmance and start focusing on his game.


He needs to keep the showmance around for a while because they won’t gauge Rachel as a threat next week.

The Playa

i think rachel per brendon will nominate enzo as da pawn


Enzo is Pawn