Big Brother 12 Spoilers: **UPDATED** Britney talks to Kathy in the storage room, right before the POV competition..

9am – 9:10am Kathy and Britney are in the storage room talking. Britney tells Kathy that she doesn’t want her to think that it was Rachel who had said that Kathy was saying things about Britney and Monet. Britney says it wasn’t Rachel I just want you to know that. Kathy says okay, I know, ….I don’t even want to know who it was that was saying things about me… I just know that someone is some really evil things about them to go do that. Kathy says that she isn’t used to people being like that and that people have different morals. Kathy says it was a group decision about the have not competition. Britney says that she wasn’t upset with Kathy about the competition. Britney says Rachel was as nice as she could be to us and kept her word. Britney says that someone else told her that Kathy was saying stuff about her. Kathy says she didn’t say anything and that she knew nothing about what was said. Kathy tells Britney that someone is trying to throw her under the bus. Britney says that last night she was just really upset about everything and that she is PMS’ing and that she is sorry. Britney starts to cry and Kathy hugs her. Big Brother cuts the feeds back to the we will be right back screen…
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11am The feeds are still showing the TRIVIA screen…. The houseguests are playing the Power of Veto Competition…
12:20pm Still Trivia….

12:50pm TRIVIA.. Enzo, Lane, Brendon, Britney, Rachel and Monet are all playing for the Power of Veto! Ragan is Hosting the Competition. Sitting out are Andrew, Kristen, Hayden, Matt and Kathy.
1:30pm More TRIVIA…
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work em brit make them take you off the bock so you can stay for another week


im starting to think britney and kathy are mother and daughter it says she(kathy) has a kid who’s 22 years old…idk maybe im wrong


I’ve thought the same thing too.


They can’t be mother and daughter, you met brits mom on her video


True! I’ve been saying this along…look at the resemblance!


I KNOW>>>I have thought that the whole time…THAY ARE RELATED SOMEHOW!!


Ok, I am finally enjoying something with this new season, and that’s watching the two mean girls up on the block and squirming. The only thing that sucks is that only one of them is going home. I also have to give kudos to Brendan for knocking sense back into Rachel last night when both Brit and Monet’s tears were apparently getting the better of her. If they could only see what we see. When BBAD first came on last night, the first thing I saw was Monet and Brit talking about what a skank Rachel is, then literally less than five minutes later, the crying game begins.

I still can’t stand the overly mushy crap between Brendan and Rachel, having been married for sixteen years, I think something about the two of them looks super fishy, fake, and straight up weird, but I’m willing to put that aside for now because really wanting to see either mean girl go home this week is what’s driving me to keep watching this somewhat dissapointing season so far!;)


I agree with you!!!


I agree 100%. Brendon acts like he’s never had a girlfriend in his life. The way he kisses her just cracks me up. And the guy is clueless when it comes to how he talks to her. He’s like a 12 year old with his first girlfriend. This cast is the worst that I can remember. They need to amp things up somehow.


I agree. They need to do something to change things up. There was a comment from another post asking if they’re keeping Annie in seclusion to bring her back? Is that true? Something needs to be done or I have a feeling people are going to stop watching


but what? what can they do to shake things up? the saboteur is gone annie’s personality messed up the bulk of our entertainment, branchel as mushy,fake, cocky, and dumb as ever thinking america loves them.. if anybody likes them it’s only because of the bore the rest of the house is….. enzo was funny but that “wiseguy” thing is old… bring on the DRAM and possible FIGHTS


I read a comment on here yesterday that in an exit interview Annie confirmed the life-long friend thing was a sab lie. Can anyone confirm plz?p.s. This season sucks; I even miss Russell from bb11 right now!! At least those people were more diverse!!! Best seasons ever: bb7, 8, & 11!!!


They need a show about all of us blogging about all of them. Everything and everyone on here is far more interesting and a hell of a lot more fun then the actual show. Someone needs to get Annie on this site.. I would love to see what her take on all this is. She may not have been the favorite because she talked waaay too much, but at least she was willing to dirty it up some.


This season has been soooo boring. I got showtime so I could watch BBAD and due to the lack of excitement I am thinking about getting rid of Showtime. I think some people are laying low for afew weeks before they start playing their game. It might get better in a few weeks, but right now I just can’t watch this season.


Definitely the WORST season ever! They need to pay US to watch!


Same thing here, Joe. I’m actually home this summer, so I figured here is my one time that I could actually watch 3 hours a day… what a load of s@#t! It is so boring that I stopped watching after the second night.


I just said the same thing! Its so boring!And we just met kristen a couple of days ago.Kathy talks to much! Enzotalks a bunch of nothing!rachel and brendon makes my stomach hurt! Ragan has no good convos. They all suck!The only excitment was annie now what else is it to watch? Nothing!

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

This season sucks. BB11 was so much better.


I still think Brendan & Rachel are together, like ” Maybe Married “. Again they are way to close & cozy & act like it’s old hat. Way-way to fishy.


i can’t see why he wo0uld help her in the game ans she not giving up none, so it’s HIM thats the problem better break the ho off some make your efforts to save her worth it…. i know jordan made she she thank jeff for doing everything for her to win that 500k


When and where did Annie say that none of the houseguests new eachother?


Anyone know who won POV??

Jake K.



Every season people say its the worst, right away! Give it some time. I dare say I like Britney, and her bitchy little ‘tude! She’s causing all this drama, and all of us to talk about her, kudos. Monet on the other hand is just annoying, she’s a wanna be mean girl. I even further dare say that I like Rachel! Not so much Brendan though, ugh…he’s a whiny lil bitch, be a man! And them together, I’m with the mojority, its pretty kinda gross. I’m not into this brigade thing yet, I think it mainly has to do with how un-interesting the members are! I hope they all back stab eachother, and go different ways, Enzo looks like a fighter…I can’t wait to see him get back stabbed!!

Rachel made a great decision! I love how they two girls are cornered and bawling, even though I think they’re funny, they certainly need to be taken down a peg. I’m really not surprised she didn’t target the guys, I read someone else say “Queen Bee” syndrome…totally agree. But I hope POV makes something happen, stir it up once again.

I’ve been coming to this site since BB9, and this is my first comment, Thanks simon & Dawg for keeping every season so interesting, without this site I would have lost interest in the show awhile ago!


Welcome iLvOBB. I have to agree. BB is so much better with this site.


Thanks Rockstar. 🙂 I’m excited to be apart of commenting this year, even though it seems to be a lame season so far.


It will pick up, it always does. Soon there will be so many comments here as well that it will be insane. I love it when it gets insane here and on BB. If we happen to be on different teams, don’t be offended if I yell at you. I’m harmless. hahaha


The other bb had more entertaining people! Last season ronnie went nuts the first week for god sake!This season really sucks though 4 real. They all seem like knock offs of other season with bad scripts. I mean when I watch an episode I forgot what happend,lol. Snooze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake me up when The next season comes! I


Agree that this BB is so much more boring that past ones. I can’t see to get interested. Glad it’s not just me.


Well I had to put my feeds on hold – not only was it not working right but a total snore this season… However, this site rocks and keeps me coming back I love knowing I am not the only one totally disappointed this year. I think they are all too worried about how famous they think they are getting than playing the game.


FLOATERS People it only been a week there are no floaters only five people have won anything so that would make everyone else a floater


They are floaters JAY! Meaning the people like Kathy . The only one who makes since is Andrew. He wants to back door some1,lol . and Brenndon is to stupid to listen. Brenndon is HOH.


I think those of us who are diehard fans have come to expect the houseguests to be so crazy and show us just how crazy the minute they enter the front door, that this group can’t help but seem boring. I don’t remember a time when there were so many “smart” people in the house, all at once. I don’t even think there were ever that many college degrees in the house at one time. People like Lane and Enzo stand out because they seem to be the least well educated. Andrew is an odd duck, but not because he is an observant Jew. It’s just that the other houseguests are unfamiliar with what that means. Thus, they are insulted when he says he can’t eat their food or use their utensils, etc. They are ignorant and think he is acting as though he is superior to them.

The complainers are even griping because Brendan is a “good chef… polite…acts like a gentleman.” If he were a woman, his cooking and good manners would be praised. If someone is willing to cook for you and even clean up afterwards, I think you should be grateful.
As for Rachel, she is poorly groomed and has unfortunate taste in wardrobe, but she is likeable and seems to be a good person. You just have to get past the visual.
I loved seeing the mean girls crying to Rachel about how hard it is to be on the block. At least Britney looked her in the eye. Monet’s eyes were averted almost the whole time. Both of them told the same lies about not having an alliance and not ever having a plan to go after Brenchal.