Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says that Rachel gained weight, she doesn’t get enough cardio because there aren’t enough men to sleep with..

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Enzo and Hayden are playing a game of pool. Britney is trying to sleep on the backyard couch. Rachel is on the elliptical and Brendon is running around the yard. Lane comes out and sits near the pool table to watch Enzo and Hayden. Lane plays the winner who is Enzo. Matt and Ragan are both trying to sleep in the HOH bed. Matt says that he wouldn’t discount a double eviction, and says that he thinks they are setting up something. Matt says that he doesn’t think Brendon has a chance to win HOH if it is any kind of trivia or fact based challenge. He adds if it’s physical the only person that can beat him in a HOH competition Hayden maybe Lane if it’s strength based. Ragan doesn’t think it will be strength based.. is Matt says that Brendon can barely walk without tripping over his own feet. They laugh. Ragan is sure that Brendon will nominate Britney and Matt if he wins the HOH. Matt’s sure of it, he’s worried one of them is going home this week. Both go back to trying to sleep.


9:45am Matt and Ragan start to talk about Ragan says that he thinks Hayden likes him and is still mad about Kristen being voted out. Meanwhile out in the backyard Lane and Enzo are talking the pool games last night. Enzo says he won last night’s game while drunk.  Ragan says that if the HOH competition is skill based Hayden will rock. Ragan says that he can see this power of veto being the how bad do you want the veto veto. Ragan asks Matt if he has inquired as to whether this week will be a double eviction. Matt says that he hasn’t asked that. Ragan says that he will when he goes into the diary room.

Ragan tells Matt that he really want to spit some venom on Brendon and Rachel today.  Matt says that it is all about veto and HOH the week.  Ragan says that he just wants their reign of terror to come to an end.  Ragan says that once they cut the head off it is going to be a totally different story.  Ragan asks Matt if he thinks he will change his tune when Rachel leaves.  Matt says yeah but that he doesn’t know if Brendon will start kissing ass or anything.   Ragan says that he thinks Brendon will just apologize and says that he was just trying to keep her in the house. Matt agrees.  Ragan says that the bad news is that if he does that… that is when I get my meanest because they went so out of their way yesterday and made things personal.  The whole bathroom thing was a set-up. Matt says that he doesn’t give a crap if Rachel goes through the HOH room or his things… she won’t find anything. They make fun of what Rachel is wearing today. Ragan says that he cannot wait until Matt sees the hammock fight from last night. Ragan says that he thinks they handled it right. Matt says from the pool table, he could tell what was happening.

10am Big Brother calls an indoor lock down. Matt and Ragan watch Brendon on the spy cam Ragan says that he even walks funny. Matt says that Brendon is totally uncoordinated. Ragan says that he is going to share this with you, the first couple of week, I couldn’t stand Britney. I wanted her out of this house. Now, I adore her. Matt says that she is great. Matt asks if he has told her that? Ragan says no, I don’t want to hurt her feelings.  Matt says that she would probably laugh at that. Ragan says that his mind changed about her during the house meeting and how she responded to Rachel.  Ragan says that he knew there was more to her than meets the eye, she is a great ally. Matt says that she is so cool. Ragan says that he has respect for how she defends herself. Matt says that he doesn’t want to get on her bad side though. Matt sees Britney making her way to the HOH. Matt laughs and says speak of the she devil. Britney enters the HOH room. She informs Ragan, Matt that they will be locked down all day and night.  Britney joins Ragan and Matt up in the HOH.  Ragan asks Britney if Brendon and Rachel are ignoring her? Britney says yeah. Ragan says that the big guy in the house attacks the smallest girl and the gay guy.

10:45am Matt tells Britney how he thinks someone has gone through his stuff. Matt says he came in and everything was all messed up. Matt says that Rachel came into his room and thinks she may have planted something in there. Britney says Rachel asked in the diary room if Big Brother was allowed to go through peoples things. So that is her whole point with the dollar that Big Brother can’t go through personal things. Britney says she thinks Matt is probably right she probably came up here. Matt says that someone 100% went through his suitcase. Matt says nothing is sacred, he says he didn’t tell anybody cause he didn’t want to start anything. Britney wonders what she was looking for, Matt says anything, something I may have gotten. Matt says he is glad she did it on some levels, but his fear is she was planting something, so he was feverishly digging through his suitcase. Britney says its a good thing you told at least me and Ragan, in case a roll off duck tape shows up. Britney says she bets it was her though, she doesn’t see Brendon coming up here and doing that. Britney says she wishes she would see him cooking bacon and that it would pop into his eyes and permanently disfigure him. Britney says it is so gross how Rachel is acting today. Britney talks about how Rachel said that he loved how Brendon was defending her honor. Britney says Rachel the most Brendon even said for you or about you was….asking us what did you say to her? Ragan says I wasn’t unkind to her I even offered her my hand. Britney says you were way way more nice that you wanted to be. Britney says that Big Brother told Rachel to clean something. Britney says yeah maybe while your at it clean you face too. Britney says that Rachel gained weight, she doesn’t get enough cardio because there aren’t enough men to sleep with, just Brendon. They all laugh. Matt says that he wishes they had cast more desperate men. Matt says that Rachel is retarded, that chick has problems. They talk about how they know now that Annie was telling the truth about the fight she had with Rachel back in week one. Ragan says that if he were Rachel he would not want to stay in this house. Britney says I know who would she have. Britney says Brendon and Rachel totally think Rachel is staying. Ragan says that he would be embarrassed if anytime he enter a room everyone left. Britney says I know we created a game to avoid Brendon.

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Rachel’s letter regarding better than hunting(Lane) shark (Enzo) in oil infested (MATT) water (Hayden)
Sorry it took me so long.

I want Ragan to sab the brigade so they won’t get rid of him. Go Ragan


A_Stounding, I’m still not understanding the meaning of the letter.

Somebody criticized Matt’s “onesies” but it’s all strategy on Matt’s part. The skull PJ’s are memorable. He acts the “wannabe” around different people, lifting weights with the big boys, being bitchy with Ragan & Britney, all of these things make people relax around him so they are not as guarded and don’t see him as that big of a threat. Changing his 30th BD party, his wife’s illness, all pre-planned ideas. He wants to be the nerdy little go-along rather than the power player … all strategy, and rockstar called it, he’s doing a great job and just may keep his cover long enough that he could win it.

Boring season to many, but I like it and these guys all know not to be out front yet. They all have a strategy, some are working better than others… Too bad Lane blew it for me with the spotlighting. I still want to protect Ragan for some reason. He could be passing on the $20,000 intentionally if being a bad Saboteur means losing the game.


why would spotlighting ruin lane for you?


Erika, spotlighting is illegal in most places because the animals freeze in the headlights and don’t have a chance. He kills turtles and deer for sport, not because he needs the meat to survive, and that’s just wrong. That being said, I don’t know where to draw the line for karma in killing things, but in my book it’s somewhere around houseflies, mosquitoes and ants.


I don’t agree with anyone spotlighting, but hunting for sport is actually sometimes a good thing. In my area we have a deer overpopulation and if they aren’t hunted for sport the deer end up eating and destroying peoples crops and working there way into popluated areas and cause car accidents (jumping out into traffic), which don’t end up well for either party.
And no I’m not a hunter myself, just offering another side to consider.


OK, newby, I understand about deer overpopulation, but what did the turtles do?


there is hunting for food and then there is hunting for sport. If there is a deer overpopulation, these animals should be removed humanely from the population.

What makes me mad and why I hate these killers is that they hunt down these animals, bash their heads in or chase them, scare them and use excessive force that honestly I believe is messed up.


thank you rockstar, i have to wonder about what allows such cruelty in men. Remember the short (1 minute) of bambi and godzilla? Bambi dancing merrily through the forest and all of a sudden a giant boot comes from above and splat. the end.


Thats fine if you dont agree with turtle hunting (or hunting in general), to be honest with you I dont know where I stand bc this is the first time Ive ever actually been asked, lol. prob would be against unless there is a good reason for it which is all i was trying to point out with some sport hunting. Doesnt really matter anyway dont want to start a debate on hunting, I’ll get back to BB and leave this topic alone.


It’s not sportsmanlike AT ALL !!!!!
It startles the animal and they just stand there, staring into the light, very sad.
I don’t think anybody should hunt anything unless it’s the only way to feed yourself or family.
Most guys just like to kill something.


My hubby thinks Matt’s “onesie” is something his wife gave him to keep him from playing with his balls. He can’t get to them without obviously pulling the zipper down…


Yes, such a boring season and the worst three hypocrites EVER!! That bitchy Brit, those two lovers, Gaygan and Gaymatt, so obvious and all the bad mouthing they do while they are worst than all season past!! Hopefully that gaygan saboteur will be disclose this week so she can be booted out!!! Come on Simon, stop posting such filth. You are as guilty as they are. Of course, you won’t post this one huh?


Dawg is the author of the post you commented on


Hot & Humble Librarian

I am SO sick of people complaining about gossip, trash-talking, & backstabbing!

People: They don’t have TV! They don’t have the interwebs! They don’t have BOOKS! (OMG!) or a Kindle. The only thing to do is to talk – and when you have two annoying (and delusional) people with you in your small sphere of living what ELSE can you expect? MATT is LYING about his wife (go Johnny Fairplay!) Ragan and Brit are playing a social game….not as well as Matt because he is indeed trying to fit in with all the different groups of people. That’s very Zelig of him (IMDB) it’s also a type of borderline personality – Google: cocktail party bipolar personality

Anyway….what was one of the most boring BB’s i’ve ever seen has now just perked up a bit. Last night’s BBAD 3 hours were BRILLIANT! The Brigade only talks about sports, pool, and nut musk. BORING. Without Ragan & Brit that’s where we would be? because we all know that dear sweet Kathy is not the most sparkling of conversationalists?

Thank you everyone who spends the time to give us these live – feed fill-ins! I wish I had known to sign up for tthe live feeds hem when the BBAD heating up and after the Ragan / Rachel intervention about her delusional denial of her bad behavior and poor sportsmanship AND Brendon’s anger intervention…Did Rachel or Brandon (after drinking that whole bottle of white wine) ever blow up and cause any more drama?

Hot & Humble Librarian

A_Stounding – best clear summation of what Matt is doing I’ve read so far! Brilliant & spot on!

Hot & Humble Librarian

i’m sorry i meant to give the compliments to electra’s summation of Matt’s game playing & strategy. If i thought I could get away with a Pity like i would do it, too! Heck, I’d say I had an autistic child, brain tumor, or something like that!

Of course I was hoping MATT would just be honest and say he was there to get his wife orthodonture or high quality porcelain dental veneers!!!


HHL, are you lost? We get a hot literate librarian on the site who can put whole sentences together and use original thought? I’m so glad you could join us!!! Thanks for the shout out btw. Are you just now starting to comment? I will add you to my list of people to watch for. Yes, I see the similarities between Rachel & Kelly. BBAD last night was too fun, wasn’t it!!!


I don’t get it. What are you talking about?


I thought about the quote some more and I think the quote could also refer to Britney and Lane:
“I love you more than hunting for sharks in oil free water” could translate to “… hunting for sharks (sounds like Huntington, Arkansas–Britney’s hometown–if you say it quickly) in oil-free water (something that has to do with Lane’s occupation as an oil rig salesman?). I don’t know if someone has posted about this, but this is how I interpret the sentence.


How would she know that? I get the Lane=Hunting. What am I missing for the other 3?


okay hunting for Lane obvious
Enzo is like a gambling shark dude (the hat helps)
oil infested—don’t they make fun of matt being the unclean one? dirty avoids showers? not like pigpen though
and water for surfer looking dude Hayden (i know, Arizona not California)

maybe reverse Matt and Enzo, Enzo is the ‘greaser’ look jersey boy, but then how is matt a shark?

just a thought

Thanks I got a few of the references, but not all. It if was code, then Rachel sure didn’t understand it. Is if was code and she did figure it out and mentioned the 4 having and alliance, no one would believe her any way.


Ever see Matt’s wife? Just sayin’


I wonder if Rachel or anyone else through Matt stuff, were does he keep the diamond veto.

TN Hewlett

Maybe Ragan (as the sabateur) made a mess of Matt’s suitcase to make it look like Rachael did it..


I believe this.


Ragan was my first thought. Who better to sab than your best friend in the house, where you are above suspect!


You nailed it right on! Of course he did.


Ragan acts like a hateful teenage girl.

just a thought

They are all talking like hateful teenage girls, some more than others, but still. I don’t remember guys being so catty, maybe it’s all the estrogen in the drinking water and hormones in the food?

My oh my

I think the whole house are a bunch of douchebags. They all talk bullshit. I can’t stand queerboy or the princess….they are the two worst in the game.


and the worst part of it is that they fight (if you want to call the disgusting things they say fighting) with the wrong people. Why are you battling Brendon and Rachel while the ENTIRE brigade is sitting pretty just plotting your imminent eviction. If they weren’t such hateful, insecure, idiotic people they would know that their game with B/R is OVER bc they are both out – and if they want to win, they need to focus on getting the other 4 out. What are they doing?? Why are they there? So Ragan can relieve pent up aggression from his childhood by ganging up on a guy who may remind him of bullies past? So Britney can relive high school when she peaked (trust me, you don’t get married at 23 if your life is going anywhere but down the toilet). I don’t know but if it were me and I was going through the hell of being confined to a house with noone I know and nothing I want to do, I would be focusing on winning money and not showing the world a truly base, classless, primitive side of me by attacking two random people (who have never even bothered them).

The jealous, insecure gay guy and the small town small minded dimwit – such cliches.


Let the truth Come to Light TinyDancer 😉
its sad no one else sees it like this…




thank you:)


Britnet is very, very witty! Too bad they don’t televise some of her humorous comments, but yet there are many posters here that don’t like her – the Rachel flockers!!

Uncle Cool

I’ve said it before.

I’ll say it again.

She has great one-liners and so does Ragan.

They would be great sitcom writers or even performers.

They are great at ad-lib improv as well.

I love Britney’s Diary Room segments.


me too. I look forward to seeing what Brit says in her D\R sessions. She is naturally funny and so is Ragan.


Are you kidding? Those two are disgusting and as someone else said the biggest hypocrites. Don’t want anyone saying nasty things about them or to their faces but its okay if they do. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Hot & Humble Librarian

I agree, both Brit and Regan are terribly amusing and snarky. When it’s time to do confronting – both she and Ragan don’t back down. Ragan tried to explain to Rachel in a very kind and clam kind of way that it is HER BAD BEHAVIOR – her inability to own her bad behavior and poor sportsmanship rather than vague blanket apologies….and look what she did? Start to cry and then run away and make it “Awww poor Rachel” martyr time. Waaa Waaa

And if NeanderToeBrendon weren’t so pussy whipped he would admit that yes, she is childish AND behind most of all the drama and confrontations in the house…but he likes her tits.

I just wish Brit, Ragan & Kathy wake up and see the Brigade for what it is….do you think Ragan, as oddly close to Matt as he seems to be, knows about the Brigade?


Yeah, they cracked me up last night on “Just the Tip.” They are hilarious together.


I don’t like Rachel, but I also don’t like Britney. Britney is the catty teen who tortures the other girls with her backstabbing in middle school. Rachel is the very insecure girl who was tortured in middle school, has never gotten over it, and does crazy things to try and build up her low self-worth.

I guess although Rachel annoys the heck out of me, I also feel sorry for her — wouldn’t want to be around her though. Like Ragan, I would be tempted to try and shake some good sense into her.

Britney will never grow up and never really be a kind person because she has no reason to. She’ll be the Southern stereotype woman backstabbing (but oh so nice to your face) when she’s 50!


I do not like Rachel at all, but that does not change the fact that Britney is a horrible, hateful person.


well said!


Yes she is…I didn’t think so in the beginning but I sure think it now. Britney/Ragan are like gossiping high school girls. They’re always being mean-spirited. They both need to act their age and just for the record I don’t think her mother is too proud of her after the last couple of weeks. Mean mean girl!


Don’t be too sure about her mom – I’m sure the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Perfect. Just the fact that I don’t like Rachel… I DONT HATE HER AT ALL.. and the jabs Britney and the other house Guests have been taking at them actually makes them likeable!
How can 7 other people be soo absorbed in 2 people?


Theres NOTHING else to talk about, they probably covered family, hobbies, friends and their work the first couple of weeks, and the other hg’s don’t want to hear it anymore. I would imagine the dr people stoke them up to keep talking game and about each other for the 24/7 feeds, of course Rachel has given them a lot to talk about.


See, that is exactly why I now feel Britney is the biggest asshole on the show. She is the most bitter and most hateful of all those people. How are they going to meet face to face after the show hearing how she talks about Rachel over and over again? Seriously, enough is enough. If I were Rachel and found out what is being said, I would punch Britney right in the face. Or that time when she was talking about Rachel’s vagina. She has a horrible personality. It would be different if Rachel was Rachel and Britney was an angel, but Britney is a white Chima who has targeted Rachel and will not let go. You guys realize Britney talks about Rachel 5 times more than Rachel talks about Britney or anyone else for that matter. She is a small town girl with a small town mentality. Rachel can be an annoying party girl, but I think she would be a lot cooler to hang out with than bitter little Britney who talks shit to people but herself cries at every corner.


If We ever went to a club with Britney, she would not even sit at the bar but at some random area just glaring…
I would assume she would talk about everyone there and feel sorry for herself!

ura fool

i see rachels vegas friends are posting today!!


anyone else tired of hearing matt talk? i’m especially tired of his little laugh while he talks thing he does. if you don’t know what i’m talking about, he did it during the first rachel and ragan fight when brendon came in and yelled at ragan and matt for ganging up on rachel.


That is Matt’s “tell.” He always laughs when he says something that makes him anxious/nervous. Every time he tells a lie he laughs. I picked it up when he was talking about the wifes illness. Now I watch every time he laughs at an inappropriate time. I chalk it up to nervousness and subconsiously trying to put up an easygoing front. Check out when hes talking about Pandoras Box. He smiles and laughs uncontrollably b/c hes lying and it causes him nervous anxiety.

I like to think that if I were in the house I would pick up on it but it’s hard to say since I am able to watch everything as an observer and already have knowledge some some of his lies.


Yeah, The Soup (on E! network) even made fun of him for laughing while trying to convince everyone about his wife’s fake illness. It seems pretty obvious especially since he always does it during a tense/important conversation but like you said we are privy to way more info then them and I’m guessing he just did a great job of making a 1st impression and eveyone wants to believe him.


Matt is super annoying, but hell several Houseguests are. BUt I agree, he is annoying as hell to listen to. He is soooo cocky and thinks he is some super genius, but he will be the first one to betray the Brigade, and the first Brigade member to get thrown under the bus.


New Brendon nickname: Encino Man. Simon, whatcha think?


how about just “Knee Angry Tall” for Bendon?
C’mon he IS always angry, Tall, except its more about his big feet than knees.

Butt Sox Wiper

I vote for ENCINO MAN – perfect!!!!!!!!! What a douche.

Mr. Eckles

ENCINO MAN. Holy shit, that’s perfect after last night. Best BBAD of the season.


Great nickname. Best of the season besides Boy George.

Hot & Humble Librarian

Does anyone, anywhere, have a pic (or screenshot) of the afore mentioned janked up toe? I’d love to see what they’re all talking about!


how can u think that brittney is the worst player when she has one 2 or 3 POVs
she is still in the house for at least another week and ragan has been in second place for HOH in an endurance challenge two times. Whereas Brendon has yet to win HOH and is now begging the house to vote him out so that his girlfriend can stay. he doesn’t even notice that when he tells her that he loves her she doesn’t say it back. you can bash brittney all you want but we are all guilty of bashing at least one of the hgs at one point or another on here and we aren’t cut off from the outside world, stuck in a house with people we probably would not choose to be friends with outside of the house.
i am not trying to be self-righteous b/c i have done it too but try and put yourself in their shoes and think what that situation could change your everday behaviour.

just a thought

That is the point of thegame, isn’t it? To change people’spersonalities annd create drama, oh yeah, and lie, cheat, do whatever to win. I truly believewhat we are seeing now are their rela personalities on hyper-drive. They are probably close to the way they are at this moment in the game in real life. The house, being confined and having nothing better to do that pick eahc other apart makes their flaws worse and it seems they all feed off of each others negative energy. I wouldn’t be able to be in a house with any one for that long regardless of who they are.

just a thought

oops, meant probably not close to they way they are right now in the house. Sorry for not checking and the typos 😉


Urm… brendon 2 POVs…
1 short of Britney.
I think you should be ganging up on people who havent won squat in the house please!
doesnt matter if you were 2nd for hoh twice.. point is YOU WERE NOt HOH..
and you threw it away too 😐
Dios Mios


mia and just a thought
apparently you did not get what i was trying to pointing out
brittney does not suck at this game
she has won 3 pov’s
ragan has been 2nd in two endurance hoh’s
ragan did give up the hoh b/ c he wanted to be able to play in the next hoh
i believe that is what they call strategy
he is also the sab and no one in the house has even thought that it could possibly be him
brendan has yet to even come close to winning an hoh
and all he does is whine like a baby when he loses and makes excuses as to why he didn’t win
brendon is obviously insecure since he is a bully and only picks on people that are smaller than he is
i don’t think brittney or ragan will make it to final 2 and they do talk crap but so does everyone else in that house
it is part of the game and is set up that way for a reason
brendon and rachel both live on a different planet called it isn’t my fault, poor me, why does everyone hate me


i meant point out


I can’t stand brenchel they are horrendous he’s pussy whipped, and she’s a user. Rachel is single handedly aside from BB things the dumbest player ever. She lives on her own planet and dreams of countless cocks in Vegas while laying next to Brendon. As for Britney she’s a asshole funny but an asshole. Watching her the other night when the Sab reappeared it looked like she was thinking so hard her head was going to explode. Brigade all the way but I think if Matt makes final 3 he will take it he’s gotta go first. GRENADES


What I have to say is less damaging than what you just said, yet my post actually doesn’t post. I guess it depends on who the criticism is aimed at. 🙁


Posts that contain the word “SUCKS” repeated over and over get put into the spam filter. I’ve had to increase the rules for comments this year. I go through the spam folder every couple hours and the regular comments every 5-10 minutes. I’ve recovered you comment and published it. Criticize whoever you want

Hot & Humble Librarian

I don’t know if BB fans also watch The Real Housewives of New York but Rachel reminds me of another ditzy and delusional reality show character… Kelly Kiloren Benisomone who answers things by saying “satchels of gold” and “i live in a place of gumm berries and unicorns” and also has a Rachel-esque martyr complex when she brings ALL the crazy upon herself.
I wonder if they’re ever gonna show us the dancing on the table she did? Now when I see crazy like that… i would subtly fuel it. AND how smart was Matt for unwittingly getting Brit to help him with his saboteur work?


I think Rachel is just an idiot and “hunting for sharks in oil free water” means nothing to the game. It’s probably just prostitute slang. Even so, who cares? It didn’t help her any.

just a thought

It could be an inside joke. I think Ragan just threw it out there to stir the pot.

BigBrothers Big Brother

hahaha…’prostitute slang’…you guys are horrible!!


I cannot wait for the eviction this week. Brendon is such a moran. The entire argument between Regan Brittany and Brendon last night on BB afterdark was priceless. He was pissed because he didn’t get a rise out of Regan and he ran off like a scared rabbit when Brittany stood up to him.. She has bigger balls than he does. Loved it. I cannot wait until crazy Rachel is gone! gone! gone!


TRUE TRUE, some women in his past took his balls and never gave them back, every one of his outburst in the house was like that of a female or a gay guy…

Hot & Humble Librarian

AND how funny was it that he was sitting outside the diary room talking to himself (OK, us the viewing audience) pleading his case and putting his own PR spin on the situation….a little disturbing but VERY hilarious! Saving those BBAD 3 hours…usually I blog, clean or do other things as i watch it because of All that pool playing but last night’s BBAD was like a 3 hour BB show!


If I was on Big Brother, I would talk to myself but really be talking to all you guys on the blog. I would be asking all of you to hire a plane and send me a message. Simon told me he would do that for me. But, don’t have the message say, “Stop Floating, Grandma!”


What kind of person says things like this and she has the nerve to say they are bad ” Britney says she wishes she would see him cooking bacon and that it would pop into his eyes and permanently disfigure him” She is a bad person and needs to go spend some time in the Jury house with B/R because that is what she deserves.


Good one beerad
Who is more annoying Gnat bb11 or Bratney?
Also whichone do u think has better game play?


obviously youre the nemesis to the truth….or britney and ragan have distorted your reality too…obviously ragan was trying to rile rachel up when he wanted to lend “his hand” …PLEASE…he kept get louder as she remained calm…not giving into his pathetic ploy……

Brendon doesn’t need to take a time out….he’s LIVING with them…HE SEES what theyre doing….He HEARS what theyre saying……theyre talking trash and leaving the room as soon as they come in…theyre being cruel …i repeat CRUEL (not humor and harmless)…i wanna see how you take it if it happened to you mr. all righteous….


It’s okay, I understand.


That’s pretty much how I saw the incident last night, too. Thanks for your thoughtful post.


Thank you! As I said before, no one in the game is innocent, but attacks on people posting on the site is silly!

sigh 23

I dont get why people dont like Britney and Ragan.Is it because you like Rachel?Or is it because they make fun of Rachel?Also i’ve seen some pretty homophobic comments. Is that why you dont like Ragan?I think Britney and Ragan are funny. They only target Rachel because nobody likes her.Rachel makes fun of everybody just in small amounts.Ragan and Britney just dont like her so the make fun of her in a large amount.Rachel and Britney do the same thing you just only notice Britney because she does it to one person.

brit is hot but a bitch

no brit is more harsh with what she says. Wait till the brigays put her on the block.


@sig n23…I am truly astounded….are you serious in your statement…really? Brittney and Ragan are two of the most hateful individuals that I’ve seen…honestly…it’s one thing to talk crud…but OMG…are you kidding me????? These two take it to a completely different level…I have to say..that were Ragan to be either my or one of my childrens professor..I would have to question ANY guidance that he would provide. As far as Brittney..well, what can one say…she’s just a troubled little girl that takes pleasure in being hateful and ugly..BEHIND ones back and when called out will just cry to the closest guy around and become this little helpless being that needs to be saved….talk about disgusting….I throw up in my mouth nearly every time she opens her mouth….pppttthhh


yea b/c rachel never causes drama and then goes and cries to brendon abt how no one likes her and she has never done anything for people to treat her that way


So early in the day for Brittany and Reagan to start in don’t they have anything else to do already with the nasty remarks why don’t they grow up neither one deserves the money I will be voting for neither one of them to win anthing. I hope Nick sees all this and know what he is getting himself into., And for Reagan anyone that gets involved with him will see what a real person he is .


Nothing gets between Rachel and her man . . . except food. maybe Allison Grodner and Rachel are a lifelong relationship?!?!?!?!




lol didn’t he say the other night he wanted a night off from drinking? you won’t get that around here! 😉


😀 You might puke after the comment I just left on another article though heheh.

Hot & Humble Librarian

Not to be rude mydear….but are you a male or a female? [looks at picture and getting a It’s PAT! vibe]


That picture is a picture of the wonderful Allison Grodner.


Britney you are a bitch and you will get want you deserve.


Britney deserves to win..She deserves it. Smart, pretty, witty. Only jealous, fat ugly chicks don’t like her.


Does anybody feel sorry for those crocodile tears Rachael is shedding??? I don’t think so …..


Was Brendon trying to lose ??????? and then that wild pitch , sore loser just like his Biatchhhhhhh


Rachael bitching ababout Cathy ‘disrespecting’ her? what about Rachael’s ‘Bring it on to all of them the other night??? turn about’s fair play !!!!!! sometimes things come back to bite you in the arse !!!!!