Big Brother Spoilage – Brendon Suspended From Teaching For Immoral or Unprofessional Conduct?

Big thanks to Uncle Cool for supplying us with this information about Brendon. You can check out the source yourself located here.
Please note we do not know why Brendon was suspended we can only assume it has something to do the California Public School board making him teach in a environment that favors small people with little feet.
VILLEGAS, Brendon J. Riverside, CA
All certification documents under the jurisdiction of the California Commission on Teacher
Credentialing are suspended for a period of seven (7) days for misconduct pursuant to
Education Code section 44421.


California Education Code Section 44421?
The Commission on Teacher Credentialing shall privately
admonish, publicly reprove, revoke or suspend for immoral or
unprofessional conduct, or for persistent defiance of, and refusal to
obey, the laws regulating the duties of persons serving in the
public school system, or for any cause that would have warranted the
denial of an application for a credential or the renewal thereof, or
for evident unfitness for service.

(for anyone participating in the Onlinebigbrother drinking game heres a preemptive DRINK!)


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Question: What is this drinking game and how do I join it? Do we take a drink every time someone storms in here to troll? Or wha?


The spelling errors and imperfect grammar are funny, but I don’t hold it against you guys. You are doing a tremendous job and have to do everything on time, so I understand you don’t have time to worry about that. You guys are awesome.

Kathie from Canada

And last rule – one-line zingers are a must directed at any blogger breaking any of the above rules!!


Thanks so much for posting “it has something to do the California Public School board making him teach in a environment that favors small people with little feet.” before the preemptive drink comment. Because I spit coffee all over the screen laughing and if it was alcohol it would have been such a waste. Funniest post ever, Simon, IMHO.




Simon! OMG that was peepants funny and totally unexpected! I was all serious and reading the post, and I started reading that line, thinking it was going to end like “we assume it was misconduct with minors” or something and then when I finished the sentence, I fell out of my chair lmao. Thanks! Needed that; it’s been a long day.


Ragan should be suspended too from teaching. I would withdrawal from his class if he was the professor. That is a college professor please what an embarrassment.


BAHAHAHAHA best game ever, sorry i missed it. Simon, I love your site, and I love what you write! Spelling mistakes or not. I don’t always agree, but I still appreciate your opinion, and even laugh with you, not at you. 😉 I love your updates, and i love knowing whats *really* going on.


Drinking Game?!

What are the rules?


Eh. I’m not going to feel one way or another unless we know exactly what happened. Maybe it was some silly BS. There are too many rules around anyway.


It is and it wouldn’t actually surprise me if there was an inappropriate comment toward a student or something similar, seeing how clingy he is with Rachel, but that would just be speculation and so I can’t crucify him without details. Maybe someone can find out exactly what happened.


It happen it 2008 so why does it matter

Uncle Cool

It goes to show he’s not as goody-two-shoes as some people think.

His hatred for short people and gays is apparent.

Perhaps this event involved a person from one, or both, of those groups and he has a grudge against them.

I don’t think he should be allowed back to being a swim coach, or teaching, after this show is finished.

His character is proven to be flawed.


We’re all flawed. Come on, we’ve all got a little crazy in us.


oh please. he doesnt hate short ppl and gays. if brit was fat and ragen was chinese you would say he hated fattys and orientals. give it up.


I concure… Those two are just bad people

Get Your facts first

Brendon has been accepted into the PHD program at UCLA and will not be going back to teaching. I worked in a profession full of homosexuals and Ragan would be disliked whether he was gay or straight. Not good to have a gossiper who spews out hatred in a professional setting.


I concur!
Sorry Guys but Ragan is the least Likeable Gay I have come across… Bring in Kevin from BB11 and then we have a winner! he alwways wants his 2 cents heard…
Britney on the other hand small but really annoying just for the fact that she has been 2-faced all through! and her type of 2-face does not bring in the drama. it only brings in the gossip and name calling which everyone seems to love!
bring out the hardcore claws not the hidden ones!

Me in brendons case! I would dislike them too!
Such an instigator… Put her in the Bad Girls Club House… Let all those blonde tresses be ripped off!


Oh My God! I find it very disturbing that Ragan is an educator!


This is ridiculous. I am a college professor and one can be suspended for just about any reason i.e. not obeying rules that maybe you think are unfair to either yourself or your students. You could be suspended for not attending a department meeting. You could be suspended for taking a field trip without authorization. Notice the suspension was only seven days. This blog is so…………obviously against Brendon/Rachel and should be unbiased instead.


Its upsetting that this blog is so bias…
Ive definitely stopped reading so much because I could expect what is too come!


Interesting but not surprising thanks Uncle Cool and Simon for the post


Little feet people unite.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Wow.Not cool to post this. It’s not even germane to the BB12 game. Yet another example as to why I would never want to be famous.

sickoftheir shit

It is relevant to his character! Overruled! NEXT!


I WAS SO NOT EXPECTING THIS : “making him teach in a environment that favors small people with little feet.” Love it actually made me LOL at work! Keep up the comments


yea i will be surprised if he has a job as a swim coach after this is all over
his homophobia alone is enough to get parents riled up and demand that the school board do something abt his behavior


I actually read somewhere that he dosen’t have a job to go back to. Don’t know the situation….

Oldie but Goodie

That is the case with several of the house guests, isn’t it? Many times a job can’t be held open for 3 months on the chance that someone might return. Also, many times people quit a job to do this, or have made other plans for their future and this happens to come along at a time that fits. Like in Brendon’s case, who is set to continue his education. So either way, its irrelevant.


just goes to show you how stuff put on the internet can RUIN someones life!

HOpe this info isn’t warrant for slander. I hope this blog was careful to find out if this was true and about ‘our’ Brendon.

Be careful of throwing those stones folks.


BigBrothers Big Brother

Debi, I agree. Even if it’s true, I don’t like character assassinations. This guy is a horrible BB12 player but he has no way of defending himself against this info being spread without his side of the story.

Oldie but Goodie

Agreed. Malicious and unwarranted, totally irrelevant. Shame to see this posted here.




Nah, he just peed in the pool, ya know all that blue dye everywhere, swimmers were running into each other!

Ms Kewl


Brendon's gotta go!

The infraction is public record. So that the public is informed when he is in a position to be around the public. I do think the matter should be explained better in the document so that the public knows if the infraction was serious. A 7-day suspension could be for an administrative punishment. Maybe someone will enlighten us.


I’m with you it could be for allmost anything, uncle cool said ” he did the deed, WHAT ever it was. So he doesn’t know shit and know it’s not made public records to protect the students, it’s made public because it’s the LAW


If the blog had made up a malicious reason that Brendon was suspended it might be a problem. However, it looks like they found and published a public document. That’s legal.

sickoftheir shit

It is the State of California that saw fit to make this information public knowledge for the safety and protection of students. So Step Off BITCH!

Uncle Cool

If he did nothing wrong, there would be nothing detrimental towards him on the internet.

He did the deed, whatever it was. If he wants to try and sue me for slander, I will gladly give him my personal information.


this has nothing to do With Big brother…!!! the game and someone’s personal life…

and brendon is not homophobic..
RAGAN is just not likeable!
I LOVEEEEE LOVEEEEE LOVEEEE GAYS and even they’ve mentioned ragan is notttt LIKEABLE!


Brenden did all this for Rachel….hmmm….he will soon see she isn’t worth any of this. So sad. I feel sorry for him.


Who cares about his side of the story. Does any one remember their High Schoo teacher getting suspended for 7 days. How would this make you feel if you found out this happened to your kids teacher. By the way last nights after dark show was by far the best in terms of drama yet.


where have you been living under a rock, teachers get suspended all the time, I worked for 2 year an IPS and saw teacher get suspended nothing at all by go against the school board


What a bunch of hypocrites you have here! Imagine last season, if something like this was found about Natalie…all of you commenters would be eating it up, and pointing to it as proof that you were right about her being a horrible person. What is it about Brendon that makes you want to take up for him? He’s clearly an asshole with daddy issues. I don’t care what he did before or after being in the house, and no it doesn’t have anything to do with the game, but it’s typical of the kind of info that comes out every year about all the houseguests. You all seem to hate Britney. Imagine this was a document showing Britney’s suspension from her job. You’d all be laughing your asses off. Stop being such hypocrites. No one’s saying Brendon’s a child molester or anything like that. Just that he once got suspended. Rachel was also ranked as a bad teacher. Big shocker.


BS the headline states that brendon was suspended from teaching for IMMORAL and UNPROFESSIONAL Conduct and that is not true!!! Yes he was suspended for 7 days for MISCONDUCT!!!!!! a far cry form IMMORAL and UNPROFESSIONAL Conduct!!


nah…not cool….I am all about the banter back and forth…but this was a bit over the line…if it was necessary to post the info about the suspension..then it should have been posted what the reason for the suspension was…put it ALL out there…or nothing…I’m just sayin’…

Uncle Cool

I just posted what I found while seeking info about Matt’s stint on another show.

Brendon is what he is. A discriminatory person.

It is not ‘vindictiveness’ on my part. I am not short or gay.

He is, or was, in a position of power, trust and authority over others. People who hold discriminatory views (Brendon CLEARLY does) in any such position deserve to be publicy identified.

It is a matter of public record so no slander has occurred by simon, or I, posting the information.

I thought it would be interesting and I thought it was already known by some posters on this forum.

If you’re interested, the link also has a story on Lane and his brother being accused of, but not charged with, committing a crime.


What other show was Matt on? I was trying to find it yesterday, and I had no luck. 🙁

Side note- Who effing cares if it was posted? It certainly makes for funny conversation! He chose to be on a popular reality show, and in my opinion it comes with the territory. Sooner than later I’m sure a Roachel sex tape will be everywhere, are ya’ll going to cry and whine about her being slandered, and she doesn’t deserve a character bash? Get over it. 🙂


Average Joe, one of the later seasons maybe season 4?

innocent bystander

WOW!!!! I used to love to watch BB and read the updates, but this is high-school mean-girl crap and many of you are just as bad. Don’t you have lives or maybe you should try to walk in the BB players shoes and live under the conditions they do. What happened to compassion and live and let live? You should be ashamed of condoning the type of behavior that is going on in the house and shame on BB for allowing it as well. This is human indecency at it’s lowest. I no longer find this fun and interesting and will not be watching the show any longer or reading your updates. I will not give you a forum to spew filth and degradation at another human being’s expense.


Que the violins…..


I love the show and you people who don’t like the lying, back-stabbing shit should go somewhere else.
We watch it for those very things. Otherwise it would be boring.
I would be more coniving than all of them and I adore Brit’s wit. She is so funny.
I guess not all women are jealous of another female who seems to be the whole package, brains, beauty and a good sense of humor.


I googled the education code and found this definition.

The Commission for Teacher Preparation and Licensing shall privately admonish, publicly reprove, revoke or suspend for immoral or unprofessional conduct, or for persistent defiance of, and refusal to obey, the laws regulating the duties of persons serving in the public school system, or for any cause which would have warranted the denial of an application for a credential or the renewal thereof, or for evident unfitness for service.


OMG read people the charge is for misconduct, Not for IMMORAL and UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT, and it was for onel 7 days, who ever wrote this a about brendon is full of you know what!!!


Ragean and Brit shoudl be taken out and beaten! I woudl highly question any college that has him working very unprof. Brittany, somone will get her and put her in her place she is just a mean little ugly brat!