Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan says that Rachel reminds him of a girl that wears a tampon for a week.

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11:10am Enzo is restless he tries to take a nap on his bed but cant fall asleep so he goes up to the HOH room to listen to Matt’s music. When Enzo goes into the HOH Matt tells him that the batteries are dead so he cant listen to music. Matt says they’re going to be locked down all day all night. They talk about whether it will be a double eviction.

They say that if not, then maybe the HOH competition will be a skill thing. Matt says he is going to be blindsided because he thinks he is going to Jury, Kathy says she told Brendon last night that last night in the backyard was the icing on the cake. Enzo says he can’t wait to see the look on his face. Kathy comes up to the HOH too and tells them that all Rachel wants to do is talk about Vagas. They all talk about how sick they are of Rachel’s Vegas stories. Enzo says that Rachel makes him not want to go to Vegas. Enzo says he is going to sleep all day today. They talk about how they hope it will be a double eviction. Enzo says one, two, we are done with this BLANK. Matt says that he doesn’t think it will be double eviction, based on the diary room sessions. Kathy says she told Brendon last night that his behavior cemented him leaving this week. They all laugh at how shocked Brendon will be Thursday night. Enzo says that if he doesn’t win the POV, I will be like shut the BLANK UP, you are done… hit the ejection button. Enzo heads downstairs to sleep.

11:20am – 11:40am Enzo goes down to the bedroom and talks to Lane, and Ragan. Enzo grabs one of Kathy’s coat hangers and reads the label to find out its from a cleaners in California. Enzo laughs and says that maybe Kathy is a mole and knows more than she admits about the series and studio City. Enzo laughs and says that maybe Kathy knows the secrets of studio city and uses hidden passages from the house to get there. Enzo wonders why Kathy is up in the HOH since she is not even on the block. Enzo says that he just want to go to bed, he doesn’t what to do any game talk today. Enzo says Brendon, you are going home next week. They talk about what kind of challenge the HOH competition will be tomorrow. Lane and Enzo then start talking about dogs and what kind of dog Enzo should get.

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11:45am – 12:25pmBrendon and Rachel are in the bedroom alone studying for the HOH competition. They talk about what happened when and who was did what. Meanwhile, Matt, Ragan, and Britney are up in the HOH talking about how Matt doesn’t want to do HOH pictures. Matt says that he doesn’t want to take the regular picture of the cabana room. Matt says that they should just take a picture of everyone except Brendon and Rachel …it will be a picture of what the future will look like without them in two weeks. Ragan says that he just wants peace to come over their land. They start talking about whether or not it will be a double eviction.

Britney doesn’t think that it will be. They talk about previous competitions from past seasons and try and speculate if the ones this season might be similar. Ragan is telling her she would be good at a comp like the one that was climbing through ropes. Ragan wonders if it is going to be a skill competition. Ragan says that the minute Big Brother said that they were told they wouldn’t be let out to the backyard until the live show he figured it would be a double eviction. Ragan says that he thinks Big Brother switches competitions around so that it affects the story line. They all agree that it would be better for the show to keep Brendon around. Ragan says that Rachel reminds him of a girl that wears a tampon for a week. Britney says yeah. Matt says thats gross who would do that!? Ragan says someone that is cheep. Ragan says she would take it out and says oh there’s more absorbency in that and stick it back in. Ragan says if he is in the jury house with Rachel, he will not speak to her and will and probably be mean to her. Britney says she that she will ignore her too. They think that Rachel will probably say it was just a game and want to hang out.

12:40pm Ragan starts making fun of Rachel. Ragan says that he doesn’t believe anything about what Rachel says about her job. Ragan says that none of her clothes reflect her making a lot of money. Britney brings up the fact that Rachel said that she loves it when people buy $20,000 bottles and that they tip her $200. Britney says great so they tip you 1% thats great… Matt says oh yeah I didn’t even think about that. Ragan talks about how Rachel was trying to get him and Britney to take a bath with her. Ragan says that he feels like making fun of Rachel has become his job. Britney says well we are getting paid. Ragan says that her bath water is so disgustingly gross. Ragan says that he just wants to point out that Britney is the only one that was waist deep in Rachels filthy bath water. Britney says that for the record she doubled up on bikini’s and wore three maxi pads. Ragan and Britney say that if Brendon wins HOH they aren’t coming up to see his HOH room. Then Britney says that if she wins she isn’t letting Brendon come up to see hers. Britney asks Matt what he is going to type in his blog. Matt says that he doesn’t know because he typed so much the last HOH. Then he says that he will probably just rag on people. Ragan asks if he saw the Rachel roach hair in the shower. Matt says oh is that what that was. Britney says cock-a-rochel! Britney says that Rachel gets worse and worse each day and that she doesn’t understand how Rachel can look in the mirror every five minutes and give herself the stamp of approval. Ragan comments on how Brendon called him a cock roach and that he actually thought it was bad. Ragan says that he has been called why worse like DIE FAG! They laugh. They start making fun of Brendon. Ragan says that Brendon will get the opposite of laid after the show.

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give me a break

you guys are pathetic that keep ragging on Brenden when Britt,Ragan and Matt are no different. They all say to much about the other and people say this is the same every year no it is not. Yes people said things about each other but not even a quarter as much as Britt and Ragan do. They really have no respect for any one they are not worth even talking about so I guess I wont mention them again.


Yes, they all talk shit about each other. No one’s innocent. The DIFFERENCE is, that after Rachel and Brendon get finished being assholes to everyone, they retreat to their little corner and start congratulating themselves and assuring anyone who’s unfortunate enough to be in the room that they aren’t like that. They say Matt’s so two-faced for nominating them, and they’d never do that. That Britney’s so mean for turning on Rachel, and she would never do that. On and on and on about what wonderful people they are, who would never say one bad word about anyone. Rachel says she made up with Kristen before she left, and she genuinely liked her. Yet she conveniently leaves out the part about calling Kristen a “Trifling Ho” in her goodbye message. At least Britney admits she’s a mean girl. At least Ragan is aware that all he does is make fun of them. Rachel and Brendon are completely oblivious to their own hypocrisy.


Stop it your making too much sense for this blog.


So well said. You get gold stars.


tee hee, good one


you are so right on! lol


B/R are way better than Matt, ragan, and brit, and so is the reast of the house better than those three. Who sits around and spend their whole day talking about people they claim to not like? Even Enzo, Lane, Kathy, and Hayden don’t hang around them because that’s all they talk about. They are three loosers in the worst way. They are attention seekers and the only people they get it from is each other. And brit is a bold face liar who wears three maxi pads in a bath tub of water. Those pads would have broken down in all that water. That’s what you call envious and jealousy. people that sit around and talk about things or people they claim to not like. They are the worse kinds of people, the kind that will laugh in your face and talk about you behind your back, at least they know where b/r stands. I can’t wait to see those three turn on each other, because the house will turn on them for sure.


Well said Emme!

give me a break

they also do the same just like saying that B\R are playing personal so arent they They never admitted to that they also did not admit to being as two faced as they say B\R are so your point does not make since.


At least Rachel said some of those things to people’s faces. Brit and Ragan say everything behind their back. The remark made by Ragan was beyond cruel. He talks about integrity but doesn’t even see how many terrible things he says behind their back and wouldn’t dare say to their faces. They are both huge hypocrites


the words and comments that have come out of ragan and britney’s mouths are INDEFENSIBLE…i am not even talking quantity here (though they incessantly trashtalk and abuse) but the quality of their statements which is of the lowest kind

Uncle Cool

But B and R brought it all upon themselves.

They are horrible people and very bad sports.

They are happy and dictatorial when they win and sad and accusatory when they lose.

They deserve to be ousted.

Rachel has made it personal aince day 1. She wanted all of the other women out because she wants to be the center of attention for the men – not just Brendon – hence her constant flashes of her ugly body parts and sluyttish actions when she’s wasted.


exactly these brenchel fans have no common sense what brenchel brought upon themselves, they could’ve been IN with the rest of the hosue after week one but they choose to be the outcasts and play personal when they had power

give me a break

fans of the others have no common sense. look back brenden did not make it personal since week one he was always telling rachel not to say things about others even when they were alone. Britt is the one from day one that was saying everything so she is the one that deserves it. So use your common sense.


every person has dignity and worth and maybe Brit, Ragan and Matt, Rachel and Brendan should be reminded of that.


These houseguests baffle me on how dumb they are. I’m sure Brendon will be surprised when he isn’t evicted and Rachel is. However, I think Brendon will be smart enough to realize that his “alliance” with Enzo and Hayden is crap once he sees that they evicted Rachel and will realize that they aren’t allies and at this point might finally see the stupid brigade alliance. If they were smart, Enzo and Hayden would vote to keep Rachel, since she would go either way, and that will get Brendon to think that they’re still with him/Rachel. That way, he’ll think that they were only doing what he wanted, which was to get himself evicted as opposed to Rachel. God these houseguests are so dumb


No. Enzo & Hayden have told Brendon that they will have to vote with the house. He’s ready for that and dim enough to fall for it.

Uncle Cool

I think it’s going to be hilarious to see his reaction when he hears all of the votes to evict are for Rachel.

I would seriously vote him out first and watch Rachel become more and more of a basket case until her eviction next week.

Comedy Gold.


Simon, here is a link to a site that has a GREAT picture of Animal from the Muppets to put next to Lane’s picture since he’s The Animal in the Brigade.


Thanks for all the images guys, I was going to update them last night but we had that wicked blow up.. I’ll try to change it up a bit tonight it things are quiet on the feeds.


Yeah i’ll be changing Kathy to the bride of chucky, Thanks for links



I can’t wait! I’m more interesting in seeing that, than the next episode of Big Brother LOL!

TY simon and YW!!


I thought Lane was ‘The Beast” and Hayden was “The Animal”. The episode when Hayden had 24hr(more like 18) solitary confinement Enzo and Lane were joking about getting “The Animal” back.

Oldie but Goodie

I thought this also. So put that animal up for H and put that pic of the beast that’s next to H up for Lane.


I’ll try and change them up tonight thanks for the suggestions


I agree, seems like an easy fix to me.


I thought Hayden was the Animal?


Poor sad Regan. He is the very worst stereotype of a gay man. Talking crap about others, gossip and judgmental, and now he has a “fag hag” in Brittany. They will burst into tears when the alpha boys boot them out. I likely won’t be watching since the drama will be gone. Started watching for the surprises & game play. Russell on survivor much more strategic.


I agree Stuart!!!! Russell was the best. I would turn in every week just to watch him and see what kind of drama would come next. Do you know if he will be in the next season?


stuart – I’m not sure how many gay guys you know but Ragan isn’t acting any more gay then the rest of the guys there whining about everything. Everyone of them talks smack, everyone of them plays personal and is nitpicking the other one.


I disagree! Ragan is “fashionably-challanged”, therefore he is not a stereotype. Unless you have a degree in sociology or at least, keep up to date with current events, we did away with stereotypes along with sitcom “laugh tracks.” The only stereotypes I know are in the movies. I am proud of Ragan and who he is representing the gay community. He didn’t hide in the background and just sit with the girls. He has been a majority of his time strategizing with the other guys in the house. It was Brendon who choose to play house not BB.

Oldie but Goodie

Just watched last night’s BBAD. When I read the blog about Brit and Brendan, it made Brendan look like it was all his fault. But WOW .. that isn’t how it went down at all. Brit really started that with him and then got in his face. Brit made fun of the way B walked, yelled and laughed at him, got in his face, egged him on (it looked like she was even trying to get him to hit her?) and when he closed the slider door on her, she opened it and yelled in his face some more. She yelled that she wasn’t scared of him. The whole scenario reminded me of last year when Jordan chest butted Russ, and yelled at him and said she wasn’t afraid, and then cried afterward. I don’t know why girls do this and then cry like they are the victim. If you get all involved in it, then don’t act like you were innocent and victimized. I was a Brit/Lane fan up until I saw that whole mess.


It’s just an emotional release Oldie, not uncommon.


They are bored and getting on each others nerves, no one is better than the other


Um, no, that’s not how it went down. It all started in the hammock with Brit and Ragan. Rachel is whining to them about why nobody likes her. Brit and Ragan were as diplomatic as they could have been. Ragan told Rachel that unfortunately she doesn’t stop to think how her actions and words can be taken by others, he told her she is a poor sport, a bad winner and a bad loser. He told her he doesn’t understand why she does the things she does. Brit was holding back too. They didn’t disrespect her, they told her truth and it’s something she needs to hear. Then when her denials didn’t work, she went crying to Brendon and off to the DR. Then Brendon, who didn’t even see or hear what happened went outside and started going off on Ragan and Brit, defending Rachel when nobody attacked her in the first place. So before you talk, you should rewind to 10 pm last night and watch it for yourself. Honestly, Ragan and Brit were very careful about what they said. If Rachel got upset, its her problem, and Bitchboy should have investigated before starting drama. It’s not the first time he has done that.

Oldie but Goodie

You are right Chloe, it did start that way. Brendan went out and started mouthing off at Ragan. I did see all of the talk between Rachel/Brit/Ragan. I’ve got a post a little lower down talking about how great Ragan did. But I’m just talking about how, after Brendan went out, then they called him a neanderthal, Brit got up and started that mess. She did. She yelled at him, laughed at him, and acted worse (in my opinion) than anything Brendan did. Then she cried about it and acted like a victim. I just don’t like that. If she wanted to go on the offensive, and if she can dish it out, then she should understand there will be something coming back. She wasn’t a victim.


EXACTLY thats what actually happened


I am so tired of everyone beating up on Rachel and Brendon. Just because they are different doesn’t make them immune from hurt feelings. Rachel is an excellent player so quit hating on her and maybe you will realize that. Regan has no room to talk and I can’t wait for him to get busted. Brittany is a two faced hypocrite. Hopefully Rachel survives this week and kicks everyones butt.


Rachel is a terrible player. She’s like Russel on Survivor who thinks the game is about how much back stabbing hate you can dish out. That’s a different game.


they are fun to hate though


Kitojj I totally agree with you. I can’t stand Brittney, Ragan and Matt. I do like Enzo and Hayden most of the time. I sometimes wonder though if Rachel & Brendon knew each other before the show started because he really seems to care for her and I don’t think see how someone can get that close with a person in such a short time.


its obvious, Brendon is really 35 so him being with Rachel is the next best thin to getting with one of his high school students. why is eveyone so concerned about B/R getting their feelings hurt. they both had shitty attitudes toward other people when their butts were on the line and they are simply starting where they left off being on the block again. they support each others lies and brendon does discriminate. rachel was all about and agreed that brittney and monet were “mean girls” but as soon as monet left rachel became the new monet. this is their karma.

Like reagan said win gracefully, lose gracefully, rachel can do neither as he told her to her face.

filthy mutt

wish in one hand and shit in the other. then tell us which one you filled up first.



brit is hot but a bitch

gag on a dick ragen Oh wait now i sound like britney and ragen.


Does anyone know if Ragan has pulled any of the three pranks due this week?


He was successful if his pranks were to:

1) rag on B&R 24/7
2) rag on B&R 24/7
3) rag on B&R 24/7

yep, that’s about it.


I’m really looking forward to tonight’s and tomorrow’s episodes – especially the live eviction moment……..

Uncle Cool

I’m wondering if they will have extra security available for when Brendon goes berzerk…


I thought last weeks HOH/eviction show was going to be the biggest now i’m thinking this weeks will be. Brendon, brit and ragan one of these 3 will win HOH and it will be Epic


I know, I’m kind of scared!….

Oldie but Goodie

I thought Ragan handled that whole encounter with Rachel last night really well. I loved that he had the courage to say those things to Rachel’s face rather than just repeat them ad infinitum behind her back. He really gave it to her straight (teehee) but she still couldn’t see that any of his rational points were valid. Well done Ragan.


I agree! I saw nothing wrong with what he said and he certainly did not attack her like she claims. I think Rachel is an insecure, defensive little girl.


I find it interesting watching the dynamics of human interaction. Despite being ‘committed’ to someone else, Brit and Kristen have entangled themselves into romantic relationships — YES, Brit is emotionally attached to Lane, whether she’s kissed him or not, there’s *something* there.

Brendon has managed to fall head over heels in love with an all-but-confessed party/callgirl (hooker) Rachel.

Matt could be a DEXTER (serial killer) – he is very calculating.

I bet the 35+ days in the house is the equivalent of 3 years in the ‘real world’. They’ve all managed to gather a lot of information on each other and their families, understand each others habits, establish a community within the’s actually quite fascinating and boring all the same.


i wonder if it’s going to be a physical challenge for hoh since they are locked down all day or a double eviction. It was a quiz challenge they would not be on lock down all day like that.


“You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have The Facts of Life, the Facts of Life.” Brendon and Rachel just make me sick. They are sore winners and terrible loosers. Brendon tried warning Rachel if she didn’t keep her mouth shut, the house would turn against them. Well guess what, THEY DID. It was all peaches and cream when Rachel and “her man” were ruling the house. Now that they are up on the block, its woooooo is me. Cry cry, cry. Whine, whine, whine. They started it, they deserve to get whats coming to them.

sickoftheir shit

Can I make a request? I am sick and tired of the picture on the top right with the Roach holding up her weapons in the white bra. Can you change it to her bare ass shot ?


yeah i guess i should refresh those pics, thanks for the suggestions

Oldie but Goodie

You can see in that pic that R has no waistline. I think that is one reason getting big boobs was so important. It gives the illusion of a curvy figure when there isn’t one.


Allison Grodner pro tip: you can reuse tampons before throwing them out. You just have to fill an ice cube tray with whatever tasty liquid you want, cover it in tin foil, and then poke holes through it with tampons. And BAM! Tampon Placenta Popsicles!


Ragan and Britney are the two most disgusting people to ever play this game. Shame on them. Someone needs to teach them how to behave like civilized human beings. I hope they are ashamed.


I’ve been watching bb for years. This season is by far the worst i’ve seen since the Janelle and other houseguest incident where the infamous quote of “bye bye BLANK!” came about. That said I think that b/r are not innocent by no means. But the quality and quantity of the mess that comes out of Britney & Ragan’s mouths is disgusting. If you dislike someone dislike them don’t continually spout your garbage on tape for god’s sake all day and night. We get it you don’t like b/r but guess what because of your constant degrading and bashing a lot of ppl really don’t like you either. Thats my five cents.

so true!

you said it great, I feel the same way! I am soooo sick of Britney. I didnt really care for r/b at first but enough is enough. I would never want a friend or an aquaintance like Britney and Regan. I think Kathy is just a follower, but she has a very mean side too! I wish there was a way they could stay and see what they have to say then!

common sense

is this what the world has come to where everyone thinks its ok for regan and brittney to completely tear down r and b on all personal levels..i mean come on there is NOTHING right about the vulgar hate they are throwing out and NO there is nothing rachel or brendan have done besides play the game to deserve what they say about them..from the first day noone liked rachel just because of who she is..then as soon as her and brenden showed interest in eachother they have been the main targets for everyone so of course after awhile knowing your being ganged up on rachel and brenden started fighting back and now america hates them??? it makes no sense!!! and in case everyone forgot..BLANK has been talkin trash about EVERYONE since the very beginning before she knew a damn thing about anyone!!! she is OBVIOUSLEY insecure and a person who has to tear others down to make herself feel better and the ones shes ripping apart clearley has something she wishes she had..people hate on others they are envious of


I was starting to get tired of BR mainly R bc all of her eviction speeches were about coming between her and her man.. But I never really liked Brit, Regan or Matt.. But now I am hoping there is a secret power that either B or R was given, something needs to happen to shut up Regan, Brit, Kathy and Matt. Matt I have never liked bc what kind of person makes up an illness for their spouse? It’s one thing to make it up for yourself but your spouse, He is a dirt bag and I will be laughing when Hayden, Enzo or Lane turns on him!!!! Who wants to watch a show where there is no competition, I think it will be pretty boring when B&R leave…

Regan and Brit are disgusting, its one thing to say floaters grap your life vest, what they are doing is completely disgusting. I would love love to see them have kiss B&R’s a** for a couple of days!! I would love for BB to turn the tables and lets see how fast they are scurrying to make sure B or R did not put them up:)))))

common sense