* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says that Jessie kept talking about things he won in weightlifting, so she asked him how many Big Brother competitions he won… she says Jessie ignored her..

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12am Enzo tells Hayden that they have to start winning HOHs. Enzo says that they need to fight for their BLANK lives.. Enzo says he is ready to win and that they have to start winning this Thursday. Enzo says if him, Lane or Hayden win then they are safe to the final four. Enzo says that he just wants to go to sleep, he says he is depressed. Lane comes out of the diary room and joins them. Enzo says that he can’t believe Jessie was here today. That guy always finds a way back into the house! Hayden says that there will be the meow, meow next season. Lane says he felt sorrier for Jessie than Britney, because Britney has no interest in working out! Enzo and Lane talking about Ragan acting all depressed. Enzo says that he’s such a BLANK. They talk about how Ragan didn’t even have fun during the party and that they felt bad for the girls with Ragan just staring at them. Enzo says Ragan was ruining his good time. Enzo says that he doesn’t care about the penguin suit, he’s just upset he didn’t win the POV. Enzo starts to jog in the kitchen in the penguin suit and then asks Lane if he looks weird. Lane laughs. Enzo tells Matt that the only two people that got bad things today were him and Brendon, the two people on the block, and now Brendon will take himself off. Enzo says that he wants to go into the hot tub, to relax. They head into the backyard. Matt and Lane decide to play a game of pool.

Britney, Brendon and Ragan are in the large lounger talking in the backyard about how hard this game is mentally. Britney says on that on day 13 she was thinking there was no way she would make it 80 days in the house, and then says that now look it’s already day 51. Ragan says that he doesn’t feel like a player in a game, I feel like a cog in a machine. Brendon says that he and Enzo joked that we are all pawns. Ragan says yup. Brendon says that he felt like that several times during the game. Enzo gets into the hot tub. Ragan tries on Enzo’s penguin suit and starts dancing around in it. Brendon asks Britney about her siblings. Britney tells him about her sister who is 19, she’s going to school to be a special education teacher. Brendon is impressed that her sister would go into that field.

Matt and Lane are talking quietly by the pool table. Matt worries that between him and Ragan, Britney would put him up. Lane says no. .. Britney likes you. Lane tells Matt that it has to be Ragan. Matt says that there’s no one else to choose. Matt says that he needs to come back and win HOH this week. Hayden joins them at the pool table after taking a whiff of Brendon. Matt asks did you just smell Brendon?” Hayden says yeah. Hayden and Matt now get ready to play a game of pool.

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12:45am The bell rings for Brendon to jump back into his chum bath. Brendon does it really quickly, and then gets under the shower. Britney laughs that it doesn’t get old. Britney reminds him to get his ears while he’s under the shower. They hurry across the backyard to the hot tub. Ragan says he can’t believe Brendon has 20 more to go. Brendon says he thinks it’s not fair Britney has to go through it with him. Britney starts talking about Jessie saying that he was so mean to her. Britney says that she was giving it back to Jessie though! Britney says that she mentioned Jeff to Jessie. Britney told Jessie that Jeff was here and he was so nice, such a class act! Britney says that Jesse just ignored her. Britney is making everyone laugh by telling them about her time with Jessie. Ragan says that he is surprised that slop has gone on so long this season. Britney and Ragan talk about have-nots from previous seasons. Britney says that the worst anyone got it last year was Jordan getting it twice. Ragan says she had a week off in between though. Ragan says that he asked Jordan about that when she was there for the Veto. Ragan says that one of the girls today looked like a tranny. Enzo says that he thinks one of them was missing a tooth. Enzo says that he was not impressed with the girls today at the luau! Enzo says that they weren’t even looking at them they were busy looking for a key.

1:15am Britney says that she called Jessie a douche at least seven times… Britney says that she wonders if she can say douche on TV. Britney talks about how she could see them on screen heading out into the backyard for the luau and that she was stuck with Jesse. Britney says that she was happy when she first saw Jessie pop out of Pandora’s Box but that was before he was mean to her. Britney says that he was a straight up doucher the entire time. Britney says it wasn’t about working out he was just trying to give her a hard time. Britney complains that all he did was talk about himself. Britney then impersonates Jessie by talking about his bodybuilding career. Britney says that he kept saying he could teach her to work out and she finally said fine, lets do you do yoga? Britney says she said lets do the position where you just sit there and don’t talk. Britney shows them how it is and everyone laughs. Britney says that Jessie kept talking about things he won in weightlifting and so she asked him how many Big Brother competitions he won and she says that he just ignored her. Hayden says that he wonders if Jessie is really like that. Britney says that surely he cannot be that obnoxious. Hayden asks her if he seemed dumb. Britney says that Jessie said that he has a body of a world class body builder and a mind of a word class scholar and then Britney says that he was meaning to say a vast array but he said a vas array and she was like what’s a vas array?? Brendon asks Britney if she wants to go pee now, before the next chum dunk. They head inside and Britney announces that they are going to take their first pee. Matt says he wants to see how this works and asks who is the pee-er? Britney says it’s her. Brendon says he pees when he is in the outside shower! Britney goes into the bathroom and closes the door as Brendon stands right outside. Britney comes back out and says that was easy. Britney washes her hands and says to Brendon you are bald! They head back outside.

1:40am Enzo says what would make him happy would be to see some bum on like Sunset blvd. wearing his meow meow shirt that Big Brother took away! Big Brother rings the bell, it is time for Brendon’s fifth dunk in the chum bath. Britney notices how much less chum there is in the tub than when he started. They head back to the hot tub. Brendon and Britney decide that are going to sleep in the backyard so that they are close to the chum tub. Hayden says that he is going inside to go to bed. Enzo tells him he’ll be in there in a bit; he wants to take a shower first. Brendon and Britney are lying on the lounger in the backyard. Brendon offers her his eye mask but she declines. Brendon thanks her for doing this with him. Enzo and Matt are whispering around the hot tub. Matt says man this sucks dude, I don’t want either of them out of here. Enzo tells him that the paranoia in this house BLANK with your head. Matt agrees and says especially with this few of people left. Matt says that thinks this is going to be the worst week. He says that the POV should have been Enzo’s, there was nothing he could have done better. Matt says it is really hardcore punishment that Big Brother took Enzo’s clothes and gave it to charity. Enzo yeah and I had some nice clothes in there! Matt says at least he did something nice for people. Matt tells Enzo that he thinks that Enzo will win the $25,000 America’s vote. Matt mentions that Rachel said people like Enzo. Matt tells Enzo that this place will be so boring if he leaves this week. Enzo says this sucks. Matt says this sucks big time, it wasn’t supposed to be like this. Matt is running down all the house guests that have been evicted in costumes. Matt says that the costume is a curse, lets see if you can break it. Matt hopes that their is something coming down the pike that could save him and Enzo. Matt says maybe America voted or something. Enzo says he isn’t hoping for a miracle. Enzo asks Matt if he thinks Brendon has fans. Matt says he can’t imagine he does but now he is almost like the underdog, so maybe he does now. Matt says it is like a Twilight Zone in here… Enzo says he doesn’t care about being a have-not or being on the block, but does care about having to wear the penguin suit. Matt laughs that the penguin suit is what bothers him. Enzo says that he is going to take a quick as shower, get some underwear on and go to bed. Matt follows him inside. They both yell good night to Brendon and Britney and wake them up.

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2:10am Brendon and Britney talk about Matt and how cocky he acts. Britney says that Matt came up to her immediately after the competition, before the results of the competition were even announced, and told her that they need to talk. Britney says that today when they were told to pack their bags, she thought that after the POV she was going to have to immediately announce the replacement nominee and that they would have a live eviction. Britney says Matt came up to her before the competition and begged her not to put him. Britney says that she asked Matt what he was talking about?! Britney says that she thought it was weird. Brendon says whenever Matt would get like that I felt like some things going on in his head. Britney says that she doesn’t know what’s going on him with him, I won’t say you weren’t getting to me before nominations because you were getting in to my head. Britney says that she went to the diary room and I said, I literally don’t know what to do.

2:30amBritney and Brendon are talking about nominating Matt and the invisible hand. Britney says that if she sends Matt home is it a good move for her? Britney says that Matt has a big target and might not put her up. Brendon asks does she want Matt or Ragan home. Matt numer one or Ragan number two. Brendon says he doesn’t want Britney to go home. Brendon says if you put up Matt this week, I guarantee you won’t go home next week. Britney says that she likes that option. The thing is if I send Matt home next week and you put up Lane and Ragan, it all comes down to veto. Britney says that if Ragan wins the veto that’s just bad, bad, bad news. Brendon says that’s bad for all of us, for us to both stay in this game, it’s beneficial to both of us. Britney says that we’re expendable. Brendon says that we are the targets, my problem is keeping Matt and Ragan in this game together. Brendon says that he feels Ragan is more of a straight shooter, but he’s tied with Matt. Brendon says that he never knows what to think about Matt. Britney says that she thinks that at the end of the day, let’s say the house wanted Matt out, this is the easiest shot, he has no power, he has no votes.

No chance to play for veto. If we didn’t get him out now, would we ever? That’s a legitimate question. Brendon says and there’s the invisible hand. Britney says with the invisible hand, I definitely feel…pressure…not pressure, but to not focus on any one option in particular. Bren says that toward that direction, or away? Britney says away to consider everyone and every option. Brendon says interesting. Brendon says if you don’t put up Hayden, he’ll get rid of Ragan. Britney says that it all lies in the HOH I can’t play. Britney and Brendon are talking about how Matt is always trying to stay in the middle, even getting Kathy out was part of that. Britney says that her and Brendon are in the same boat, they both feel expendable. There are groups in the house and her and Brendon are on the outs. Brendon says they can be with one group and help them get the other group out, that will benefit us. Brendon tells her that if she sends Matt home, she will have the support of the other guys in the house and they will get Ragan out.

2:45am Big Brother rings the bell again for Brendon’s sixth bath in the chum. Brendon is in the hot tub now warming up. Britney complains that Matt was begging her to choose him for houseguest choice. Briteny says that she did and then he ended up with no punishments, she thinks that if she had chosen Ragan that he would have at least ended up with one of the punishments. They both think Matt must have taken one of the prizes. They say that Matt thinks that Hayden and Lane took all the prizes. Britney says that Hayden and Lane have no reason to lie to her about winning prizes, Lane told her he won the phone call. Brendon says Matt is cocky and arrogant. Britney says that it scares her that if Brendon does put up Ragan and a pawn, Ragan will bust his ass to win POV. Brendon says that Ragan is playing for Matt and Matt is playing for himself, so he really has 2 people playing for him. Brendon thinks Ragan will totally change once Matt goes. Britney says that she worries that if Matt did leave that Ragan would turn around and try to make deals with people and she would end up going. Brendon tells that isn’t going to happen, the guys would go after Ragan not her. Britney says that Ragan knows everything! Brendon says that Ragan depends on Matt for everything and that he will be an emotional mess if Matt leaves. They talk about Rachel seeing Matt walk into the Jury House. Britney says she knows that Matt was the one who started the whole thing that got her and Monet put up on the block. They discuss other drama that Matt has stirred up in the house. Britney says that Matt has gotten her to do his dirty work. She says Matt has gotten away with murder in the house. Britney says that if anyone brings up week three Matt always says he was such an idiot that week. Britney says he would never just admit that he had made a deal with Brendon and Rachel and that’s why he put up Andrew and Kathy. Brendon says that Matt must have been the saboteur and that is how he got the diamond veto.

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3:30am Matt and Ragan go into the cabana room to talk. Matt says that Britney told him after winning HOH that there was a 0% chance of him or Ragan going up in any capacity. They talk about the prizes. Ragan says that he thinks that Hayden won both of the big prizes. They both swear that neither of them won anything. Ragan and Matt talk about trying to convince Britney that Hayden and Enzo are a much bigger than the two of them are. Matt says that they both have to have one on one conversations with Britney as soon as she get unhooked from Brendon. Ragan says that if Brendon stays in the house then he will put him and Matt up against each other, but if Matt were to go then it would have to be Britney up against Ragan. Matt says that they just need to get to Britney. Ragan says Britney has to be smart about this, if she puts up Hayden then Enzo will be gone. Ragan says that he would like to see Hayden go but Enzo will be the one that goes. They talk about ways to convince Britney that it is in her best interest to nominate Hayden to go against Enzo.

3:45am Britney and Brendon decide to try to go to sleep …and just as they lay back the chum bell rings and Brendon has to take another chum bath. Britney tells Brendon that this was the punishment she thought wouldn’t be that bad, she buzzed right away. Britney sees a dead bug in the hot tub. Brendon gets it out and says that it must have smelled the chum and died.

4:45am The bell rings again …and Britney and Brendon get up and he dunks in the chum bath again for the 8th time. Brendon tells Britney that he is sorry. Britney says that its okay. Britney tells him not to freeze to death. Brendon dries off she tells him that she was asleep on that one, she thought she was up in her HOH bed. They head back to the lounger and try to go back to sleep.

5:45am Big Brother rings the bell again right on time. This is Brendons 9th chum bath …

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6:45am, 7:45am, 8:45am Britney and Brendon get up for chum bath …10, 11, and 12!! Brendon says to Britney that he is sure people want to come and talk to her today, like in the morning or whatever. Britney says yeah, because they will have the POV ceremony tomorrow. Britney then says she needs to pee… then head inside. They grab more towels then head back out side. They then get called into the diary room…

9:35am All four cameras are on the house guests sleeping..

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Just the TIP:
Gaygan talked to Lane about how honorable Ratt is, and how BrITCHney should make the moral decision to keep Ratt. That keeping Ratt would be a testament of character. HOG WASH! Wait til Gaygan finds out just how honorable Ratt was in using his wife’s fake disease to get sympathy. And, besides, Ratt threw HoH the other night and went for the prizes in the POV yesterday. LOSER. And, Gaygan is an even bigger loser saying that if it came down to him and Ratt for final 2, he would tell everyone to vote for Ratt! Then, go to the jury house and give him your vote, bitch.
BrITCHney is a hypocrite, talking about how two-faced Kathy was about Rachel. Like she hasn’t been doing the same thing? BrITCH has more faces than Cerberus (google it).
The rest of the house isn’t much better. Bring back Jeff and Jordan, or Evil Dick. Hell, give it to the zingbot! Wish there was a text-in vote for America to decide. And, you people crying “this is rigged” need to wake up and smell the stank. If it IS rigged, it’s just CBS trying to salvage the worse season in BB history. I say “rig on, my big brotha, rig ON”.


Just another inch:
I don’t really care for Brendon’s wimpy ass, but I have to give him props for taking on some of the worse shit to win that POV. And, he’s being very polite to BrITCHney. She’s being nice cause she knows he might win HoH next week.


I so agree. I am not a Brendon fan, but I am seeing a pretty good sport finally with Brendon and those nasty smelly chum baths. I still think that on some of these challenges the producers ought to test them out first. Donchathink?


I’m more of a fan of brendan because he made the biggest power move in the game so far, he put up matt and lane two ot the brigade, it just didn’t work because of the dpov, but at least he tried, everyone else put up brendan


Yep, Ratt, karma’s a BrITCH. LMAO


Last night’s BBAD was the best in a LONG while! I am SO TIRED of hearing Ragan cry Matt’s praise. If he says one more time what an HONEST person that Matt is I am going to throw up! If Matt goes home this week its NO ONEs fault but his own. He threw that HOH thinking that he was safe because he had BOTH side of the house thinking he was their number one(BARF). He thought that all wanted Brendon to go home which they did but he didn’t figure in the POV! PLEASE LET THAT LYING SOB GO HOME just because of the LIE about his wife! Not his game play! In reality MATT has played the best game thus far!…LOL!!!


I hope we, America, get to see the look on Ragan’s face when it is finally out in the open that Honest Matt lied and kept the lie alive about his wife’s fake illness. Poor Ragan…will he ever get over it?


Sooo true!…I cannot wait to see his face either. All Ragan has done was talk about how much “integrity” Matt has played this game with. Who looks like the biggest A$$ on television being played like a fiddle???….


matt did not win any prizes. hayden won both the vacation and 5g’s and lane won a phone call. the whole matt winning prizes was enzo idea to make matt look bad so britney will put matt up over hayden. if she knew that hayden won the prizes she would put him up instead.


You SERIOUSLY missed the point. Tsk Tsk


You are so right.. this is the worse season yet.. The Fag 3 of Hayden, Lane and Enzo think they are running the house it is more like ruining the house.. They have done nothing the whole season except ride coat tails.. They need to go before the people that are trying .. Heck bring back Rachel and get rid of the other jokes.. Brit, Brendon, Matt and Ragan all deserve to be to ths point. The others do not need anything..

Uncle Cool

I hope Britney is smart and puts Hayden up.

Matt should tell her about the Brigade.


Brit needs to be smart and put Hayden up against the real rat Enzo.. These people do not see that Enzo is playing all sides and has done nothing to really help out his “alliance” This season is such a joke.. If Mattgoes up.. I quit watching .. It is ridicolous.


There is no way someone should be aloud to be handcuffed to the hoh. Now no one can talk to her about game.

Kathie from Canada

Maybe that’s he whole point.


yup……i agree..i think it is a smart move on Brendon’s part and i hope they bond and form an alliance he has been very sweet


matt is cooked like a chicken parmesan …..yo !!


Matt has too much blood on his hands and eventually it has caught up to him. He had a role in the evictions of Monet, Andrew, Kristen, Rachel, and Kathy. Thats pretty impressive for a man whose feet cant even reach the gas pedal. He had a great run but its all over now.


man this is dirty they’re trying to get matt out when matt does ALL the dirty work. yo if matt and ragan leave im not watching anymore because that is some bogus shit


Get a clue, fella. Geez.


You totally get on my nerves. Why not try looking at the game objectionally instead of through your silly and warped emotions?


It’s just a game. Don’t understand why some viewers act like 5 year olds. Want to take their toys and go home if things don’t go their way. LOL

ragens weiner

Oh Matt I LUV you.

Ragens weiner


LOL.. The chump bath keeps Britney from a full night rest. Good! Now rather than thinking about nasty things to say about others, she’s going to think about sleep.


I have to admit that although I haven’t thought too highly of Brendan the pussyboy so far, but all the obvious punishments he took in the POV show a determination to win this game that I have to respect. That and the comps wins he has so far, along with the absence of Racho is making my look at him differently.


brittany is so fake can;t stand her she is nice to brendon because he won pov and is figting for next hoh and she can’t so she wants to suck his balls now so he don;t put her up in cause he wins hoh yah britt why don;t u make a deal with brendon ehehhee


“Oh no, Matt made a power move by getting rid of Kathy” “You see, Kathy would be the only one that might keep Brendon around”

Yeah right!

Why would you be worried about someone who couldn’t win if the producers told her how to win it? I would be worried about someone who wins most of the time, especially if they are not on my team.

200IQ Matt go home!

Take care of your wife, and make sure you don’t put her in harms way every again!


Matt did that for one reason and one reason only…..TOO GET THE LEAST AMOUNT OF BLOOD ON HIS HANDS! the same exact reason that he didn’t put Rachel and Brendan up when he got the first HOH. He pretended his plan was to backdoor one of them. NOT! He is a WIMP! The entire house said too put them up but he was too afraid!


well Matt is who ppl term best player of all time..look where his dpov got him……..look where throwing hoh this week got him………look where lyin all day wit ragan got him.,………..serves him rite


So brit had to put up with jessie, while everyone partied
she haz to be handcuffed to brendon for 24 hrs
and she spent a night with no sleep, smelling chum
No prizes

Brendon had to shave his head
be handcuffed to Britney
and he has to take a chum bath all night with no sleep
No prizes

Enzo lost his clothes
and has to wear a pingeon costume

Thats 3 punishments for Brit and Brendon, seems unfair?????


I think that Big Brother should give Brittney a special prize at the finale . I can’t believe how easy it is for her to turn on her friends. Her boufriend Nick will be very upset with her, when he shows her how Lane played her big time. He will get pissed off that she was more interested in Lane than $500,000. Stupid Biatch!


The Biggest Douche Award goes to ………………..Brittney


She would gladly accept that knowing her. 😐


I believe that she has a thing for Lane and Hayden, but Hayden wanted Kristen instead.


The way ppl talk about britney on here, you would think that all of you have never said anything mean about someone you didn’t like or make jokes about ppl. Everyone says she’s mean and then they call her britchney and talk about her eyes and do the exact same thing that they accuse her of doing. It is possible to say “I don’t like britney” without being extra and sayin she’s a hoe, and bitch.


She said much worse about Rachel.

Audrey II

also her dressing half naked around the house of strangers for weeks was a dead ringer ………

Audrey II

you can’t portray yourself the way she did and not expect people to talk…. she asked for everything said about her no matter how bad it was.


LMFAO…..Enzo thinks they are going to make a movie with him, Hayden, and Lane. This guy is completely dilusional. They all think they have made the best BB in history. I don’t think it’s been the worst show, but it damn sure isn’t the best by far. I’m just glad they took the damn pool bowl away from them. Maybe After Dark will become interesting again. And I can’t believe Enzo hesitated on the shave the head question. He’s damn near bald now and would look so much better if he just shaved it. He looks like a cancer patient.


Brit would be better off putting up Hayden, rather than Matt. If she doesn’t finish the job of breaking up the Brigade (the breakup which Enzo started), then Lane will bail on her out of loyalty to the Enzo and Hayden. If she puts up Hayden, then Enzo will probably go home, and the playing field will be more balanced among the remaining contestants. However, it sounds like BB is controlling everyone’s moves and the outcomes of the competitions, so whatever makes the best TV will probably be what actually happens.


The Brigade is holding Britney hostage. If she doesnt do what they want they will continue to throw comps, Brendon will win HOH, and she will go home. So she has to do their dirty work and get Matt out. Even if you dont like the Brigade minus Matt, you have to admit their manipulating skills are impressive. Especially Lane, that guy has Britney sprung and she’ll do whatever he wants.

Joe Mama

Can someone list all of the prizes and who won them and all the punishments and who is getting punished?
I can not believe that we have to see that roid freak Jessie again this year. I thought we were done with him!


I hope they put up Matt and he gets voted out. Not for any of the reasons that are normally mentioned. But just because I wanna see the Ragan breakdown and him crying and screaming and wimpering and crawling into a fetal position. It will be like Nancy Kerrigan’s reaction when she got her knee whacked. “Whyyyy? Why?????”. Will they removed all sharp objects from Ragan’s reach when Matt is voted out?


me too


Lane is a hypocrite bastard…and is working all so well fro the brigade…

Brittany will put up one of those brigade bastards up on the block and be
the heroine of the day or hour.


The problem is that Lane is third in the pecking order. That’s a bad place to be in final 6. Enzo and Hayden are using him as much as Lane is using Brittany. I think Matt’s only chance is to get Brit alone and out the brigade. He should have done that as soon as the POV was over. Now he can’t because she is chained to Brendon. Unless he tells Brendon too and they form an alliance Matt, Brendon and Brit. I really hope she puts up Hayden or Lane. Enzo goes home. I don’t want the floaters of the Brigade to make it to the end. I prefer seeing Brendon there, who I dislike because at least he tries to win and fights his own battles. The lame 3 have done nothing but use Matt to keep safe and clean. Brigade my ass. Lane is quickly becoming unlikeable and he is stupid if he thinks he is good with the brigade. The brigade doesn’t exist. It really never did. And Hayden and Enzo don’t want to be up against him at the end because he would beat them. Wake up Lane or you will be following Matt to the jury house.

Ms Kewl

Chloe, I totally agree with you on this one!


I agree, Hayden and Enzo have done nothing but fly under the radar. Some same Brendon will not have the votes to win, but look at evil Dick, he was the most vile ugly human being in the world and he won. He should have been evicted from the house and never had a chance at that money.

It’s not over till it’s over. Brendon has had the entire house out to get him and how many times has he been on the block? A bunch and he keeps on playing. Any one who thinks that the Brigade are throwing the compititions needs to rethink that. The only safety they have in that house is winning pov. The Brigade are definitely slow, but they aren’t complete morons.


Just another inch:
I don’t really care for Brendon’s wimpy ass, but I have to give him props for taking on some of the worse shit to win that POV. And, he’s being very polite to BrITCHney. She’s being nice cause she knows he might win HoH next week.

Audrey II

no she being nice to him because she’s chained to him, you wound;t piss someone who’s bigger than you off while your chained to them, he’ll drag her around that house


Yep, Ratt, karma’s a BrITCH. LMAO


How do you keep a Brittney busy for hours?

Scroll Down. —>

<—– Scroll Up.


I really can’t believe that Brittney is taking advice from Brendon. Next week when she sees Matt in the Jury House it will all make sense to her.


Britney may be in a rock and a hard place. I wish she would have just put up Hayden and Enzo in the first place.But I guess that’s easier said than done especially since she’s allowing herself to listen to Lane who is manipulating her like it’s his 2nd nature.


Marisa, you sound like you’re a little beauty queen like BrITCHney. Get a clue.

Anonymous Bill

I wonder if Brit won anything of use other than the time she spent with spitwad Jessie? hmmmm


Remember how happy Ragan was on thursday
different story on saturday. Its funny how things work
in BB crib

ragens weiner

Don’t leave matt I luv you


It drives me nuts when Ragan is having a convo
the he goes into this dramati. pause then 20 to 45 seconds
later he finally spits it out. Last night B/B while in the hot tub asked
him what does he think? He says ” What I think is. ………. ” thirty seconds later
he makes his point.


That’s the first thing I noticed about Ragan…those drama pauses in his speeches.


And he yells at Rachel (or in his words, Ra-tress) for taking pauses. He pauses longer than she does!


Britney and Matt should talk, and Britney should tell him that everyone’s trying to backdoor him, & then he can tell her about the brigade, and then maybe she’ll put Hayden up, and then she and Brendon would both have a better chance at winning.

Naples FL

Hey Carol, who’s your pick to go home this week? I’m thinking Matt then Either Britney or Brendon in the second elimination.


Can’t wait for Ragan to find out how much “integrity” his 2 bf’s have when this is over.


Ragan has been busy riding his “integrity” game, (which is subject to translation at the viewers’ discretion)…to even notice anything else. I could be wrong, but I believe that Ragan love for any of the guys on the show is artificial.

ragens weiner

I do luv matt’s booty






Matt’s only option is to rat out the brigade – he may be waiting until the last moment to do so? But even if he stays, he won’t have the jury votes to win anyways…


Which is why Brit and Brendon should keep him. At this point, I think both could beat him in final 2. The only one Matt can beat now is Ragan. Ragan can’t win no matter who he goes up against. Hayden is the one that could beat all of them. Enzo would beat anyone but Hayden and maybe Brendon. I dislike Brendon, but if he makes it to the end, sorry to say he deserves the money.


He should out the Rat Brigade, but he won’t because he thinks that he is still part of it. Even if he suspects Hayden and Enzo, he foolishly believes that Lane is a good guy and on his side. And al long as he thinks like that, he would not out them.


I can’t believe Bratney has completely turned on Ragan and Matt so fast!!! They’ve been besties for 2 weeks, and now she won’t even look at them! I really do hope Matt tells her about the Brigade… Then she’ll confront them and the whole house will know… Someone ( Lane ) is bound to try and save their own ass from being a brigade target. So let’s say Enzo and Matt are on the block, Brenda and Hayden vote for Enzo to stay, Ragan and Lane vote for Matt to stay; Brat ey tie breaks by saving Matt, Enzo gone… Hayden and Brenda floundering and can be next targets. Bratney already whined for hours yesterday that she knows they were using her, and that she has no jury votes… If she keeps Ragan, Matt, and Lane, wouldn’t those be votes for her?? Wait… I don’t want Bratney to win the $500k, but she has earned 2nd place by playing the game and not floating…


So true.


Theres a way out of this. Matt could clean off all accusations against him. He could spill the beans on the brigade to Britney and show her the bigger plan to get her out too, and when accused of being the saboteur, Ragan would admit to Britney he(Ragan) was with details to prove he really was. By saying the truth, they come out clean(and probably safe since Britney would try to fight the brigade). But there is 0% of Matt admitting the truth a game like BB, because thats not his character.


I agree – but it won’t happen as Matt still thinks he is on the ins with the boys.. He should say I know I am going home but before I do I think you need to hear who the targets are and who still has the final three (maybe four with Brendon)alliance. Then he should tell her that honestly he will be the most hated in the jury house for outing the brigade, as well as Rachel and Kathy hating him as he put them there. He needs to sell it to her that he can’t win – and that he would be happy with 2nd or 3rd out of her Ragen and himself.


Actually I think if rachal was never in the house Brendan would have been one of Americas favorite players. Rachel brings out a really bad side of him. In the begining Brendon would try and get rachel to be nice and he would say your better then that but the truth is. She is not better then that. She is A disgusting bitch. I hope she dumps him hard or he watches this and sees how bad she and he dumps her. Because she will just bring him down. Or maybe brendons mom will tell him that he’s not aloud to date her and shell grab him by his ear and pull him and send him to his room with no dinner.


I was thinking the same thing. If he would just delete Rachel’s name from every sentence and the “f” work, which began when he hooked up with Rachel he would be a great player. I swear he didn’t speak that way before. When he’s handcuffed to Britney he speaks NORMALLY…LOL. He really tries so hard as a player and does do well when he does not have the threat of Rachel giving him dirty looks if he loses hanging over him.


Wow, who wrote this spoiler? It reads as if an Elementary age child did. Well, I couldn’t read past the first paragraph. It was like listening to a blonde bimbo talk or even Rachel. Maybe she wrote it. This is by far the worst BB Season ever. They are all worthless people and not one of them deserves to be on the show.


Hi Kat, the spoilers are written by 2 guys who simultaneously watch the feeds, receive and post comments while screening them, watch cbs and other related sites, manage the computers & servers necessary to run the website, oh yeah … and type fast and furiously to let all the rest of us know what is going on & what everybody else has to say about it.

We are pretty protective of their bad spelling for that reason and there are a list of things, that included, when we all just respond …. “DRINK.” smile & enjoy the site!


Apologize to Simon and Dawg


and let me add Kat, they have to approve every comment I make and I never shut up.. so that is a full time job in itself


Enzo is the new Jordon

Kathie from Canada

Hey Rockstar. Enzo isn’t as cute thoug:).


I’m not a Jordon fan Kathie… don’t hate me.. haha


i have always said that brit should have aligned herself with brenden and rachel even though she didn’t like them..they liked her, especially rachel. she would not be in this predicament now. but, she wanted to be with the popular crowd, bashing b/r . all of the houseguests underestimated them( b/r) and thought that they were a sinking ship just like most people. i hope that brenden wins hoh and put her up out.


meant to say put her up and out


The whole point?? The most intersting thing between saturday night until Monday is watching people run around trying to make deals and throwing people under the bus so they don’t put them on the block. So now you take the hoh out of it and watch them do the same thing over and over again and it makes the show even more boring. Now Brit is so tired she will sleep after they get uncuffed and then we have another boring night with no game talk to the hoh. Once Matt goes up we all know what’s going to happen just like every other week this season. If the pov ceremony took place on Wednesday then It would be better.

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

They are all cogs in a set wheel. Some of luckier than others because BB has decided that they are good for ratings (Lane, Enzo, Rachel, Brendon, and Britney) while others BB has decided to edit in a bad light (Ragan and the Rachel-Ragan fight for example). BB wants Matt and Ragan gone — and hopes for some drama when they go. It’s part of their planned story arc — Brendon-Love conquers Evil-Matt.

I’ve cancelled my Live Feeds and am getting refund because I purchased under false pretenses that this was a real, non-fixed game show.


ummmm sweet cheeks.. no where does it say that BB is a “Game show”. Next time why don’t you read the terms and conditions before you sign up for something. People like you really make me sick. And I highly doubt the FCC has the time to deal with someone like you. Now why don’t you get off this board if all your going to do is complain about how you were “frauded”


I sure hope they get that doucher Matt out!! (yo) I used to hate the Brigade but then saw what arseholes the rest of the players are this season so I am now team Brigade (yo). Matt the lying pantywaste (yo), Ragan, the oh so easily dupped crybaby (yo). OH the joy when he finds out what his lover Matt is really like. Finally, Brittney the two faced snob.(yo) Brendan is highly annoying ( nothing was as bad as rachel’s laugh though) but I must admit he’s got some staying power. (yo) I think either him or ragan goes in the double emlimination.(yo) GO ENZO!!!

Mimi is Not watching live feeds or show anymore

BB is the biggest hypocrite. It’s a contrived, rigged game show. Since it doesn’t say that it’s fixed (other shows say outcomes are determined by producers), it’s fraud. I’ve complained to the FCC and I’m getting a refund of my Live Feeds money.

Just like with the game show Twenty-One in the 50s, it is illegal for CBS to portray BB as fair contests when they are rigged.


Every year people bring that up. It isn’t a game show, and it isn’t subject to the same rules. You should probably read the disclaimer that BB airs.


These people make no sense. Enzo just gave a huge reason why he should go home this week more then Matt or anyone else. He’s friends with everyone but he has something they don’t have. A new born baby. He told lane and Hayden that last night. If Enzo creeps in to the final 2 he will win no doubt. As soon as I heard that I would have taken lane aside and said we can’t risk keeping Enzo here. Matt has enemies. Rachel hates him. Enzo hates him. Brendon hates him. And he screwed Kathy out big time so she hates him. I would want Matt to make it to the end with me instead of Enzo. I know Enzo hasn’t win anything but no one in the jh thinks he’s a floater for some reason. I would send him home this week.


Matt’s lie about his wife’s illness trumps a newborn baby. That’s why they need to get Matt out now! Go ENZO!! (yo)


Enzos newborn trumps matts sick wife because Enzo is loved by everyone in the house and Matt is hated so it would be smarter to get Enzo out. Enzo sucks


I am not sure everybody “hates” Matt.I think the only one that really hates him is Brendan. (yo) Hayden, Lane and Enzo have all said that if Matt gets to the end they could never beat him on jury votes. So they need to get him out and take someone more hated like Brendan.(yo) My guess is Hayden will try to get Lane to turn on Enzo at the end because he thinks America loves Enzo. Which they do!!! Grenade! GO ENZO!!! (yo)

ragens weiner

Please what will I do without matt’s booty in the house. BYE BYE MATT. GAYGEN YOU ARE NEXT>


Enzo is worse then Jordan. He’s a floater and a d*ck. Atleast Jordan was nice


This is the worst big brother ever!!! too many floaters.
Big brother needs to come up with something to force these morons
to really play the game like; brancal and matt.


How can these clowns after the season is almost over still
didn’t figure out whoes their enemies are? give me one day with
these clowns, I will expose all of them.


Simon, what’s your take in all of this???Is there any hope for Matt? I want him to stay. If he goes I think it’s fair to say that BB is over for me and a lot of people this season. But, I do respect that those rooting for others have the right to do so and they should enjoy the rest of the show. It’s a game, When our favorite player looses, we loose and it’s time to go to,
If you see any hope for Matt to convince Brit not to put him up, please verbalize it. All good thoughts help.

One more thing if Brendon wins the half mil or the 50 thou-he won’t see a penny of it. It will be all given to Rachel-she will demand it and say if it weren’t for her he would not have won. Sick!!!!


MATT!!! throw the BG under the bus NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!