**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo: “We’re trading the brains for the blonde

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:45pm Cabana Room Hayden and Enzo
Enzo asks Hayden if he’s worried, Hayden yeah i’m worried. Enzo: “I’m sure lane is working her hard .. because if you or I go Lane has no one” Hayden agrees, Enzo: “Matty is dead to me yo.. lets get to final 4 and bang out yo” Enzo says that brit is screwed if she doesn’t take matt out this week. Enzo says they have to make her feel like she has 3 people on her side. Hayden mentions that Brit is worried that Ragan will be gunning for her. Enzo thinks everyone should be worried there down to the last few players if you don’t win HOH or POV your going up. Enzo says ragan is talking to Lane taj beucase Ragan is soo upset but won’t tell people. Enzo: “you know whats going to happen your boyfriend didn’t win tough luck”. Enzo hopes she does whats she’s suppose to do he thinks if Ragan wins HOH he’s putting Brendon and himslef up, Hayden thinks it will be him and Brendon. Lane joins them and Hayden says he won the trip and the 5 grand… Hayden says he really was trying to get the POV but he had 50 points on the 7th question so he would of been stupid to get. Lane tells them brit is putting Matt so don’t worry about it. Hayden asks Lane if BRit knew about him winning the prizes would she put him up. Lane says no but she doesn’t need to know that. Enzo agrees tells them to just keep it a secret. Lane tells them that Brit loves there final 4 and she’ll do whatever it takes to get to keep the final 4. Enzo: “we’re trading the brains with the blonde”. Lane: “And we can beat her”. Enzo agrees says he can beat her in quizzes he knows that now. Lane adds that nobody likes Brit in the jury so even if she makes it through they’re golden. They all think they are solid to final 3. Enzo starts to get emotional tells them that there his boys yo he wants to hang with them after the show yo. Hayden is worried that the prizes he won on the POV comp will jeopardize his chances int the final 2. Hayden claims he’s been honest the entire game and now him winning those Prizes might screw him.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:17pm Taj Matt and Ragan Ragan going over his conversation with Lane. Matt tells him earlier today him and Brit were fine together, they were talking and it was all good. Then Enzo and Lane went up to HOH and talked to Brit now she won’t talk to Matt and everyone is acting funny. Ragan is shocked about Lane he’s worried that maybe Lane is telling enzo and Hayden their conversations. Matt thinks he could talking he’s not sure.. he knows Lane is a good guy but he also knows that Lane is tight with Hayden and enzo.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:30pm hayden is slowly turning into Matt Him and Enzo are in the Cabana room talking about the POV and how Brit and Matt won nothing. Enzo asks Hayden if he thinks some of the comps are rigged, hayden says they are. Hayden still goes on about having won the prizes and how bad he feels he was trying for the punishments but they all seem to go to Brendon.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:56pm Backyard Brit, Ragan and Brendon Brit saying how wonderful enzo is because he sacrificed so much to try and get the POV even though he is safe in the house. Brit is completely convinced that Matt took all the prizes. Brit goes on and on about how great Enzo is and how pissed off she is at Matt for not trying for the POVs and getting all the prizes. (Brendon is right there) Brit says that Enzo gave up hearing his wife and family. Brendon jumps in says that last night Enzo talked about his family for 20 minutes he really misses them.

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75 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo: “We’re trading the brains for the blonde

  1. I got to be honest , while watching BB after dark I feel really bad for Brendon having to listen to Brittney talking away. He’s trying really bad to zone out as much as he can without loosing what she is saying.

    1. I think Brendon is just being polite. I really believe that he’s a genuinely nice person in real life. Different but fake.

    1. with every blog post i’m seeing more and more how big of a homophobe enzo is. although he’d never admit it i’d bet the main reason he’s been instigating the kick matt out conversations over and over is because matt is friends with a gay guy over them (even though it was supposed to be to control the house) enzo took it personal and decided that matt was a bad person for befriending ragan

  2. looks like if the game is rigged as some has suggested brendan will be there for at least three more weeks since he chose to be on slop for that long.

  3. Omg I cannot watch Ragan talk anymore. It takes him five frigging minutes to think of a 5 word statement. He always does this and it is driving me crazy!!!

      1. Agreed. And, he is constantly sucking Ratt’s dick. “If it came down to me and Matt as final 2, I would have to say ‘give him the money’.” Then, just go to the jury house and be a vote for him. Idiot!

  4. if brenda wins this whole thing he’ll immediately sign over the check to rachel as a show of his (pathetic) love. i’d almost guarantee it. this guy is so stupid and far gone, i bet he signs it over to her and she immediately uses the cash to fly all of her ex boyfriends and her to thailand. she makes brenda stay home to watch her cats. he does so happily, blissfully reading the texts that she fires off to him in between her sessions of group sex and binge drinking. he strokes his testicle-free scrote and repeats “love you babe” over and over with his beady eyes transfixed on her picture. he thinks fondly of the men in thailand who will do what he can’t do: impregnate his scag of a girlfriend, completing his family. and maybe rachel will then raise his allowance for the week. maybe she’ll share a little of the money he won for her, but he knows that’s highly unlikely. but he doesn’t care. she’s amazing, and he found her, and he’ll be damned if he screws THIS one up like the others. he smiles and falls asleep in a pool of his own estrogen.

    this is what WILL happen if brendon wins this game. enzo’s mom told me with her crystal ball, yo. she also told me enzo left his rogaine on top of his propecia hidden inside his deoderant which he bought in 1989 but has yet to open.

    1. I had to stop reading your comment after the 4th sentence. It’s ridiculous how a TV show can bring out the everyone’s wild imagination. If Brendon wins, let Brendon decides where his money goes and who he’ll spend it on. Let’s not count his money for him, shall we?
      And about Rachel’s cat, LOL, what was that about? I think you need to focus on what’s important in your life. Leave other folks’ pets alone.

  5. and brit thinks matt took the prizes…gahh. I want her to realize how well the guys are using her. they threw the pov because they knew she’d get out matt if brendon or enzo wins. so annoying. She needs to get some guts and make a power move. Take out hayden or something.

    1. No if she s smart she’ll take Matt out at the end if is final 2 he’ll get the votes because they think he needs it for his sick wife We know it’s a lie the HG don’t
      So they ‘ll vote for him

    2. The best part of this all (IF MATT IS PUT UP AFTER POV IS USED)! is that he threw the HOH competition. Watch him as he gets out! He does his little thing for the camera, smiles and walks off!

  6. If Brittney was smart she would tell Brendan how bad Enzo and Hayden pushed her to put him up and that they wanted him gone.

    1. yeah she should use this 24 hours with brendon to make a new plan. air out how the guys are using and abusing her and brendon and that they can turn it around.

      1. cmon “you big dummy” britt wants brenda out too wait till dr time n u will c. if matt ousts the brigade he loses 3 jury votes and he 4 sure does not have rachel or kathy use ur head people.

        1. i think he should oust the brigade as a last ditch effort. wouldn’t brit love to take someone to final 2 that no one is going to vote for? Just seems like a plan to me. and if he goes up on the block (he will go home) so in that case he should do brit and ragan a favor of ousting the brigade cause what does it matter to him any more when hes on his way to jury anyway. just saying…no need to refer to me as being as big of an idiot as brendon.

  7. nobody is willing to make a bold move in this house. i’ve never seen an HOH so lacking in control of her own game. britney is only as strong as the person she’s leaning against at any given time. don’t mistake her quick wit and lack of conscience for brains and guts.

  8. matt needs to tell britney about the stupid brigad so she can see lane and all the rest have been lying to her and put hayden up

  9. Matt says he’s a genius then why doesn’t he pull Britney and Brendon in the HOH and tell them about the Brigade? I’m sorry but he has to see that his ass is on the line. Matt, Brendon, & Britney are the strongest players there, if they team up they could take out the rest of the house & become final 3. Those other bozos wouldn’t know what hit them. He really needs to talk to them while they are handcuffed together & let them know about the secret alliance…I don’t know maybe it’s me but I think those three would be a STRONG & POWERFUL alliance.

    1. i think mat should talk to them handcuffed to and tell them that enzo lane and hayden are playing everyone with this brigad alliance and try and team up with them because hes getting no where with backstabbing lane brit and brendon both believe that matt won the pov prizes the need to no it was hayden and put him up ah that would be a real twist

    2. hello? u don’t see that ag/bb is practically mapping this out for them? come on! i still love bb cuz u never really know how people will respond..but the producers are doing too much of the work in this one

    3. Kristy it is an idea. But do you think the way this show has been played that Brit has a chance to beat Matt in the end? He has won more than she has. And it could turn out that if he goes against Brendon in the end, some people may vote for him because he has had to fight all show long, sometimes the underdog pulls it out. As Matt going and telling her about the brigade, go ahead, he was part of it. Plus the fact is he had an alliance with Rach/Brend, The Brigade, Regan and Regan and Britt. Yes he’s played, he’s played and punked everyone. I think he is gone, and then Regan and then Brendon, and brit is smarter than the rest and could win HOH or POV.

      1. Matt has been playing the whole house from day one! Both sides of the fence! He has lied to who ever he has needed to and said what he has had to say at what time to get the most sympathy!(Have you listened to how Ragan talks about Matt’s honesty and DIGNITY,,,LOL). I wish I was a fly on the wall when Ragan especially find out Matt’s wifes sickness is all B.S.
        In reality Matt has played the best game running BOTH sides off the house. I just HOPE that this is his last week in the BBHOUSE. If it wasn’t for the LIE he may have been my favorite this year. BUT now I can’t stand. THAT LIE WAS NOT GAME PLAY! ( IMO!!!)

  10. Is it just me or is Britney acting like she kinda likes being tied to Brendon,shes hated his guts thus far and it kinda seems like shes in love with him now,so weird right?

  11. leroyjenkem says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    August 22, 2010 at 12:15 am
    cmon “you big dummy” britt wants brenda out too wait till dr time n u will c. if matt ousts the brigade he loses 3 jury votes and he 4 sure does not have rachel or kathy use ur head people.


    1. I know but the biitch can’t get him out no matter what for the first eviction,so im assuming thats why shes being so sweet!

  12. I’d rank this season 11th or 12th outta 12 in terms of entertainment. The only one that competes with this season is the one where Jun(e) won,,I forget the season number.

  13. I am still a Brendon fan and am glad he is here another week, but I now hope Lane wins. I just realized I went to school with him and his sister for a few years so I feel I have to root for the hometown guy. He hasn’t always lived in Texas.

  14. I cannot believe I am writing this down, but today Brit is quite nice, and her and Brendon are really getting along. She issss being a great sport doing this with Brendon. And he is truly concern for her; he asked her if she need to use the restroom. They are working well as a team. But as I have already said, she needs to take down a super strong player/players in Matt, then Regan and Bremdon.

    1. It appears to me that Britney is no better than Kathy. She goes where the power is. Right now, she’s confused because she’s been pull from both sides, so she needs a piece of mind. Brendon provides that for her by listening to her talking about herself. Little does she knows, Brendon comittment is with Rachel and not the little girl. Seems that Brendon likes women and not little girls.

  15. i can just imagine rachel’s wrath for britney to be handcuffed to rachel’s man. it almost seems like production came up with this idea so britney spends more time with brendon which naturally means more influence from lane, enzo and hayden since matt and ragan won’t even stay in the same room as brendon.

  16. There can only be one winner…….They will all have to turn on each other at some point…this is the beginning to the end is all…….it is just part of the game……
    Final 4?????? not 4 deep yo………

  17. Just the TIP:

    Just like Bendon, you people don’t have a clue. Seriously, are you all that retarded?
    Ratt is a low-life, telling people his wife has a rare and fatal disease. Would any of you put that on a loved one? If so, you’re as heartless as Ratt. I don’t care if he’s won competitions or not, that one factor has made me detest him.
    Gaygan spends all his time crying for Ratt and trying to talk people into keeping Ratt, saving Ratt, Ratt, Ratt, Ratt. He needs to TRY and man up, play for himself, and not WITH himself like his Ratty.
    BrITCHney is so multi-faced it’s not funny. Look how fast she changed the way she treats Brendon.
    BROgade – sorry example of how to play the game, and they really haven’t done a damn thing to get this far. It’s just that there are no real leaders in the game, just a bunch of followers.
    Please, BB/CBS, let the zingbot win. That’s the only fair choice this year. I don’t want anybody to walk away with the 500K. None of them deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. OMG..I cant take this conspiracy theory anymore! Im so tempted to check out just because of the conspiracy whiners….but I wont…..it will be much more fun to simply add this to the drinking game cause as long as Im seeing double I cant really read the posts anyways!
    PS…..I love skinheads…..go Brendon…….(yes, I started the drinking game and added my new rule about 6 hours ago)
    BB ANNOUNCER: “Britney, Get into the Bathtub with Brendon”
    BB ANNOUNCER: “Brendon, Shave Britney”
    BB ANNOUNCER: “Britney, Shave Brendon”
    BB ANNOUNCER: “Lane, Shave Your Sheep”
    BB ANNOUNCER: “Enzo, Shave Your Meathead”
    BB ANNOUNCER: “Hayden, Shave Your Balloon for BB-MA Without Popping It!”

  19. Matt still has a play left if he exposes the Brigade, but from the get go this season has felt extremely predictable. Big Brother is slipping.

  20. Enzo, you cocky back-stabbing SOB. I can not wait till he finds out this is double eviction. In the jury house with Matt. Enzo deserves it!

  21. I couldn’t agree more. He is disgusting. He actually said he has it made cause he married someone with money! He doesn’t work, stays home and “sometimes” makes dinner by the time his wife gets home from her high paying job. He simply wanted to make an alliance so they could do all the work for him.

  22. Gaygan is such a little bitch. He spends ALL of his time pleading Ratt’s case. Play your own game, dumbass! Wait til he finds out Ratt has lied about the wifey. LMAO

    1. Gaygan told Lane that putting up Kathy was such a GREAT move on Ratt’s part. Come on, BrITCHney should have gone out before Kathy. Such a reTARD. LOL

      1. Gaygan also said it would be ‘immoral’ to put up Matt..hhahaahahaha. what a fool he is, and him talking morals?!?!

  23. With Brit handcuffed to Brendon this really squeezes the time frame for Matt and Ragan to talk to her alone before the POV ceremony. . Matt can be very persuasive with Brit, and Ragan? … well Ragan can cry. Seriously Brendon has plenty of time to make his case, but Matt will have to blitz.

  24. I love it that people say its “fixed” when their favorite player is facing nomination or eviction, but when they win…they have nothing to say. I agree that production wants drama, so they gear the competitions to whom they want to stay in the house. Just like the whole pretzel message…..if she put anyone else’s name in pretzels…they would have stopped it. but b/c she put Matt..they knew the drama of the DPOV was coming. (production most likely figured Brendon was going to listen to her) I personally think he was leaning towards putting up Britney that week, until the pretzels

  25. matt is an idot hes the one that has never really been with the brigade he was just using them he has ragan do all the work of keeping off block and to throw every under the bus then he throws ragan under the bus to brit what an idot

  26. Ok what’s More important right now? Staying in the house anouther week or worrying about the votes that you won’t get by outing the brigade? It’s a no brainer. Out the stupid brigade. Remember last year. Everyone said the only person they would not vote for was Jordan. And then who won? You say everything you need to to make it to the final 2 and then you just have to wait and see what the jury does.

    1. Absolutely. The brigade was more a figment of the lame 3’s imagination than a real alliance. For weeks now, they are talking about burning Matt. But they suck up to him to his face. He brought them this far. All they have done for him or each other for that matter is provide the safety of votes, but its too late for that. Matt has one chance to stay, and that is by outing the brigade and turning on them. Brit needs to see that Lane is playing her. She needs to see that Enzo and Hayden are going to skate to the finals unless they are stopped now. It wouldn’t hurt to let Brendon in on the secret too, and let him know that Enzo and Hayden have been playing him too, calling him needle dick behind their back. A good way to confirm it all if Brit and Brendon don’t believe it is to tell them the alliance is called the brigade and have them ask Enzo and Lane what “brigade is golden means”, they overheard Enzo saying that and wonder what it means. That will cause major paranoia. Brit, Matt Ragan and Brendon for final 4. The alliance could be called Gremlin’s 3 bitches.

  27. Enzo breaks up the Brigade and throws Matty to the wolves. Back-stabbing, low-life, dishonest, liar. You do your family proud!

  28. Talk about bad breath..There is so much ass kissing going on and Ragen has his head so far up Matt’s ass.

    What they need to do is change the name of teh show to “Big Brother Jerk Off”. With the girls out of the picture, all they have left are the dummy Jerk Offs sitting around paying what if.

  29. The best move Britt couuld make right now is to get rid of Matt then let the chips fall where they may. very much looking forward to the DE, many this will shake something up but then again maybe not. This by far has been the most predictible season ever..

  30. cmon “you big dummy” britt wants brenda out too wait till dr time n u will c. if matt ousts the brigade he loses 3 jury votes and he 4 sure does not have rachel or kathy use ur head people.

    This is how you write: “C’mon, you ‘big dummy’, Britt wants Brendon out as well. Wait until the DR sessions, then you will see. If Matt ousts the Brigade he loses three jury votes and he definately doesn’t have Rachel or Kathy either. People, use your head.

    You’re welcome.

  31. SIMON!!!
    This post just does not belong here. Please delete it as it is disgusting in so many ways.
    Love your site, but this garbage is wrong.

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