Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lane says that Ragan said for 5 points you show your peach for a minute and for 6 points to glue your nut sack to a door hinge.

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10:10am – 10:35am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the “We will be right back” screen to wake up the house guests. The feeds come back at 10:20am. Brendon and Britney are awake and in the kitchen making breakfast. Brendon helps grab stuff for Britney, then says see its like having three arms. Lane comes into the kitchen and asks it they went to the bathroom last night. Britney says that she did. Brendon says that he just peed when he would take his out door shower. Lane laughs …and then says he’s sorry that he doesn’t mean to laugh. Lane says that sucks. They talk about how much time they have left. Lane wonders if they will let them end it early. Lane starts talking about how Ragan was so funny last night that he was making the people behind the walls laugh. Lane says that Ragan said for 5 points you show your peach for a minute and for 6 points to glue your nut sack to a door hinge. They all laugh. They talk about how Enzo was complaining about how a penguin can’t fly or run fast. Brendon says that he is really glad that he didn’t get the penguin suit instead of Enzo and have to change in and out of it to take his chum baths. Lane leaves to go get back in bed.



10:40am – 11:15am Brendon and Britney goes over to the kitchen to make slop. Britney says that she is really glad she is not a have not. Brendon talks about how he wouldn’t be here unless he won the POV. He says that he could have taken the trip or something else but that he would be walking out the door with just a trip. Brendon asks her if she ran through every one asking them if they took the prizes. Britney says yeah …and they all said the same thing. Brendon says yeah. Brendon and Britney talk about how bad the house needs to be cleaned. Brendon asks Britney if she can imagine having to be cuffed to Nick all this time and going about all the things you have to do all day. Britney says Nick is funny and we don’t do anything without having fun. Brendon says that he had a teacher that said that’s the most important part of a relationship. Britney says she is too serious and that Nick isn’t which is good.

Brendon and Britney head outside to sit on the couches. Britney does her nails while Brendon eats. They talk about getting to go behind the walls and stuff. Britney says that maybe they can at the wrap party. At 10:45am Big Brother rings the bell for Brendon to take another chum bath. Britney and Brendon sit down on the backyard couch. They start talking about who they think took the prizes. Britney says that Lane admitted that he took the phone call and she says that he didn’t have to say anything. Britney and Brendon then head up to the HOH room. Britney grabs her makeup and sits in the bed while Brendon eats his slop on the floor. Britney and Brendon talk about sports and then start talking about universities…
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Enzo said those things!

ragens weiner

Don’t glue me ragen. What would Matt do for fun.


start picking glue just as bad as brendan picks his nose.

Anonymous Bill

Like I said before, I think Brit & Brendon with align with each other and go to the end.


i hope so brendan is not a bad dude, and brittany would be smart to allign with him, but brittany is too much of a people pleaser, and i am afraid that once she gets unhooked from brendan and talk to matt and ragan she will go back to bashing brendan, but i think this was good for her because she got to see brendan in another light.


Brit and Shrek are doing great I am really proud of them. I hope Brit doesn’t slam him as soon as the cuffs are off.


i agree i hope she doesn’t because her and brendan can go far together in the game. that would be nice to see two people that couldn’t stand each other work together to make it to the end.

The Excitement

I agree it is nice to see that they’re getting along civilly. Plus, Britney needs to realize that they only person she’ll be able to beat in the Final 2 is Brendon. If she’s paired against anyone else, she’ll never get enough votes.


I just want to make a point quickly. I have been a BB fan for years myself and I have been reading these blogs all season as well as everyones responses.

It’s just a bit frustrating people complaining that Big Brother is rigged and controlled and so on and so forth. DUH!!! Of course it is!!! the show is called BIG BROTHER!!! Does ANYONE know the meaning and premise behind Big Brother, has ANYONE read 1984 (George Orwell).Big Brother controls absolutely EVERYTHING!!! and if that means they control who wins comps and who makes it to the final two, so be it!! This is a social experiment, the whole point is to take away ALL POWER from these people and treat them as puppets!!! Any power that they get is more or less fake.There is nothing wrong with them giving whomeever special powers or taking away powers, this is the point!!! and i just dont understand why NO ONE gets this?!
ALso, for the REAL big brother fans, watch BIg Brother UK edition, that’s how Big Brother should be done, NOT the way the States does it



Alot of the time when an exec decides to take a show from England and Americanize it something gets lost in translation and ends up not being that good


The show actually originated in the Netherlands

Save Matt!

I couldn’t agree more!


You are correct in most of what you said – I wannt to add one thing. Why do people always say – BUT THAT PERSON LIED! THEY ALL LIE! IT IS PART OF THE GAME!


My 2 cents now. Dr. Will is flogging skincare products on the shopping channel today.


i have been watching BB s11 UK and it is def more of a controlled (out in the open) environment plus it’s like watching the show and BB AD. I love it. plus they have celebrity BB and I watched the last 2 seasons of that as well. SO I DO GET IT. I have been saying all along the show was “scripted” that’s why I am never surprised who gets more camera time


“This is a social experiment”
This is the only false statement. It’s manipulation, not experimentation.


How would you go about getting those feeds? I would LOVE to see them!


Okay, does anyone know what the prizes were for the POV?
Brendon: Got the chum bath and locked up with Britney for 24 hours.
Britney: Got locked up with Brendon and a visit from Jessie.
Hayden: Got a trip and 5 grand.
Enzo: Got no clothes and penguin suit.
Lane: Got a phone call.
What did Matt get or did he not play for anything. If Matt throw the POV, then he deserves to be evicted.

BAB - formally BB

I asked the same thing yesterday. Apparently, Matt didn’t get anything – though everyone is thinking/saying that he got the money and the trip when it was Hayden that got both.


Wasn’t Jessie visiting Pandora’s box and not the pov?




matt played, ragan was the only one who didn’t get picked for pov.


I just want to make a point quickly. I have been a BB fan for years myself and I have been reading these blogs all season as well as everyones responses.

It’s just a bit frustrating people complaining that Big Brother is rigged and controlled and so on and so forth. DUH!!! Of course it is!!! the show is called BIG BROTHER!!! Does ANYONE know the meaning and premise behind Big Brother, has ANYONE read 1984 (George Orwell).Big Brother controls absolutely EVERYTHING!!! and if that means they control who wins comps and who makes it to the final two, so be it!! This is a social experiment, the whole point is to take away ALL POWER from these people and treat them as puppets!!! Any power that they get is more or less fake.There is nothing wrong with them giving whomeever special powers or taking away powers, this is the point!!! and i just dont understand why NO ONE gets this?!
ALso, for the REAL big brother fans, watch BIg Brother UK edition, that’s how Big Brother should be done, NOT the way the States does it



Lisa, you are fried. What kind of rambling nonsense are you spewing out? Stick to BB UK, if that’s how you think it should be done. We’ll sure miss you around here. LOL


Woaaah!!! I said I love big brother!!! And that’s why I live the UK one because it reminds me more of what it’s all about. I don’t mind destructive cristicism at all or oter peoples opinions, that is how we learn. We don’t need to be mean though! I live big bro. I think we all do here, that’s why we are all so passionate with our responses!! No need to gate! We are all here for the same reason! Much love for everyone here and big brother!!!


I don’t think it’s completely rigged, but it is manipulated to a certain degree.


Watch how this turns around. Britney will come out of this less devoted to the notion of getting Brendon out — he’s really a sweet man in a gorgeous package. He’s way too good for Rachel. I digress. they will come out of this with a new respect and maybe even a little affection for one another. It is really touching watching them work together. What I am waiting for is to see Ragan’s reaction when it is revealed to him what Matt is really like and “The Lie”… I hope we get to see that on camera. Matt should be beginning to feel like a jerk about now as he listened to Ragan tell how he defended Matt’s integrity to Lane yesterday. But maybe Matt has no conscience as well as no moral GPS and it all just rolls off his back. He’s been so smug and arrogant and full of himself. Want to see him gone and then see the playing field leveled a little and see what develops. Ragan is doing so much suffering over Matt’s possible fate and how it is not deserved I cannot think of anyone who is more deserving unless it is Rachel. She is a mess. Ragan needs to be put out of his misery — he needs to learn very soon that Matt is not the honorable man he thinks he is.


I do think Brendon is too nice of a guy for Rachel. She’s a rambunctious party girl. He needs a sweet girl who would be completely devoted to him. Like his ex-g/f said, he can be emotionally draining. He needs to find a girl who would be willing to accept such a relationship. I don’t think Rachel is that kind of girl and I think that if she continues her lifestyle while with Brendon, they will fight, they will both feel hurt, and eventually break up.


You don’t know what the hell kind of guy Brendon is. Heck, his ex and her mother said there’s things you just don’t know about Brendon, and they actually feel sorry for Rachel. So, there!!


why would I listen to his ex and her mother, if they don’t like him why are they there, for their 15 minutes thats why, for all we know she could be a pyscho bitch, maybe she isn’t but we don’t know


This isn’t the real world, its a GAME. and Brendon is sweet and good looking BUT he has some kind of mental issues because he is a 30 year old MAN acting like a boy when it comes to love. Serious flaw in my book!!!!!


they all have serious flaws, not just brendan, its called being human we all have flaws


GUESS you have NEVER been in LOVE!!!


People…it is a GAME, not real life. I do not tune in to see people playing cards and swapping memories. I tune in to see how far someone can get no matter what they say or do…. people should never get offended over a game. 🙂

mrb fan

how does the uk do it?


Do a search online and watch an episode. It’s done much better. First of all they air it seven days a week. Also they have big brother in the episodes.. as in they show how big brother i talking to them ALL the time. also controlling every move they make. If you think the Americans get punished by Big Brother, just wait till you see the UK one. They actually do punish them ALL THE TIME for not listening to big brother, or talking back to big brother. Plus, the head of household only picks who goes up on the block. the viewers decide who is going home and who wins. You need to watch it though, its worth it. much better


you not gonna post that gay web site jesse posed for simon?


Comments with links go right to spam, I clear spam 3 or 4 times a day


no worries was not important anyways.

angela melini

so i guess i should not put my link up on here then? lol


Ok…so we have Lame, Haystack, and Enmo telling you who to put up… Come on girl do the math! They have a final three!! Your odds there suck!!! Just because you are blonde does not mean you have to play a stereotype!!!


Rachael wasn’t blonde and she was a freaking moron…. so what was her problem? Don’t be jealous!


rachel wasn’t stupid, how far would you make it the house with the whole against you, probably not far


@ Shannon: Did you not get the “stereotype” part? And I agree with you about the red witch drag queen (RWDQ) being a moron. I personally attribute her behavior to silicone leakage but it’s just speculation.
@ Michelle: Lay off the tequila and your kinship with RWDQ will subside. Or, go the Brenda route and get Valtrex… either or.

Dollar Question

Does anyone know how much 2nd place, 3rd place, etc. wins?
I think I hear someone say $5,000 for second? True?
What about how much do the folks who stay in for the entire show get?


50,000 for 2nd no 3rd but 25,000 for fan choise


They are all paid $750/week for each week they are in the house. If they make it to jury, they make even more. (I think I read once where they earn $1000 per week.

And, of course, there are the prizes: $500,000 for the winner, and $50,000 for the runner-up,


they make an weekly income for being on the show. once you make it to jury house level you are paid the same as if you won 3rd place, because they hold you the same amount of time at the jury house. 2nd gets 50,000 and 3rd gets 500,000.

in the past most people complain that it isn’t a lot, that you are better off with winning a luxury price.


BOOYAH!! Brendon`s won 1 HOH & 3 POVs!! Who`s the bunny now??


And they thought Brendon was going to just throw in the towel
after Rachel left…..HA!
Be careful what u wish for lol


I think you meant don’t count your chickens before they hatch….


Send Ratzo home!


Brendon has earned points back with me. He and Britney have been very sweet towards one another. They should align, but they won’t. Enzo has everyone in the house brainwashed.


Matt did not throw the pov ! everybody in the house is lying and saying that he did ! hayden took two prizes and they’re accusing matt that he took them and the poor dude didnt get anything


Awww poor Matty didn’t win anything??? Maybe he will get what he deserves for being a lying chucklehead. He even lied about his birthday!!! Who the hell lies about a birthday? Then he tried to get sympathy by talking about how he didnt get a cake. DOUCHEBAG!! (yo)

On a side note….has anyone else noted that Hayden has tried to get rid of his Beiber hair and is no longer combing it all forward?? Welldone Zingbot!! (yo)

Kathie from Canada

Someone posted earlier today that POV ceremony is later today. Yesterday Simon said it would happen Monday. Am I missing something? I thought it would happen live on Thursday’s show and move right into the double eviction. It sucks to get old.


In real time the hoh happens live on Thursday , if it is a physical comp it will be Sunday before they air who won.
In real time Nominations happen on Friday and are shown on Sundays show.
In real time the pov comp happens on Saturday and are shown on Wednesday.
In real time the pov ceremony happens on Monday and are shown on Wednesday.
Evictions are live on Thursday.

Kathie from Canada

Thanx for the info. It’s just for some reason I thought things were compressed because of the doule eviction. I’m an idiot.


11:45 EARTHQUAKE Memphis, Jesse and Michelle on the couch talking about putting Jerry up and suddenly Michelle gasps ans says “did you just feel that?” and feeds cut out FOTH when they come back on you see Jesse and Michelle crouching on the ground in BackYard and he’s saying “get outside, earthquake.” then feeds cut out again. once the feeds are back Michelle saying, “Now I know why I don’t want to live in California. At least I get a warning when there’s a hurricane or a blizzard coming”……. They go back to talking game….Jerry has speculated that someone ran into the house with a car or truck or possibly that Big Brother shook the house and they are laughing about it saying to each other, “Come on Jerry, really.”. ……. I was reading some of your old work Simon and Dawg
had topost it, Jerry was funny, he never washed his hands and hit on the chicks!


Jesse…I think I threw up a little in my mouth… all brawn and no brain. I think on a few of the live feeds we could see Jesse getting his diaper changed!


Does anyone who watches BBAD remember the first night when they were all in the kitchen and Lane looks across the counter at Britney and says something like “I’m going to be all over you…” and she holds up her engagement ring? You knew then that Lane had his eye on her.

She’s extremely pretty and has a quick mind and mouth — hope Nick can handle her. She might be small but she is a mighty mite!


I think you are wrong. She loves Nick. She hasn’t done anything to show she doesn’t. Lane is lying to her so when she gets back to the real world she will find out just how much lane cared about her.


Dr. Will is a legend. There is not ONE SINGLE CAST MEMBER that comes close to being as memorable or as great as he!! Chilltown was a force to be reckon w/. Will one his season 2001 and then in 2006 he helped his partner win the allstars, Mike Boogie! These two ran the show. Will Kirby actually coined the word “showmance” He went on to copyright it!!

Will Kirby is an investor, a Dermatologist in Beverly Hills, and SO WHAT if he sells his products on infomercials, etc…. He isn’t hurting for anything and he certainly isn’t asking you to pay his bills so that comment was just plain IGNORANT. I would love to have something to sell on tv.. ha ha

Anyway, my point is… google Will Kirby for all you BB newbies. Lying is part of the game, cheating is part of the game, manipulating is part of the game… and for those of you who think that it isn’t part of the game…. well go watch Barney b/c most people do not tune into these SOCIAL GAMES/Experiments or reality tv in general to play nicey nice!


Audrey II

i Googled showmance and it said it originated in stage shows, long b4 big brother.. but nobody copyrighted it


will would never lie about a loved one being sick because its just stupid if you are going to lie be smart about it


Where in the HELL did that come from?


Evil Doctor Will…. He just rocks!


I never thought anyone could be more of a whiner than HARDY, but then BB 12 introduced America to Brendon… LMAO!

Though he is slightly better now that Rachael is gone.


first of all hardy and brendan are not the biggest whiners, that honor goes to Ragan


The biggest mistake would be to keep Enzo this week. 1st of all everyone in the house love Enzo. But on top of that Enzo has a new born baby. So he will win if he makes the final 2. I know people keep bringing up matts fake sick wife. But everyone hates Matt so the sick wife thing won’t matter. They think it’s bullshit any way


during double eviction they will do the eviction at the beginning of the show, they wont show any back stories, they will go right into voting. julie will do a very short interview with the evicted person.

they will follow with an hoh comp (britney will not participate), it will be a luck of the draw type comp.

that person will need to pick two people to put up.

they will go right into a pov comp, the pov comp will be hard with questions likely about what happened on what day (britney will be able to participate). This is the most important pov!

If a nom whens pov, then the hoh will pick someone else and they will go right into voting. the 2nd person normally doesn’t get much of an interview.

there will be a lot in a little amount of time.


i forgot to ask what I was going to ask….

Does anyone remember if there is a 2nd hoh comp on Thursday? Or does that happen on Friday? it seems like the person who wins hoh on the 2nd eviction isn’t hoh for very long. it seems like last year jordan shared her hoh room with someone because thier hoh was so short lived. does anyone remember?


There will be two HOH comps on Thurs. though the second one might run beyond the show. I remember BB10 when Keisha was HOH for less than one hour and only got the HOH prize basket.


Britney needs to put up Hayden, she acts like she is a tough sassy cookie, but really she is a wimpy pushover. It is clear as day now that Enzo, Hayden and Lane are an alliance. They are telling her final four, but she is emotionally closer to Ragan and to a lesser degree Matt than she is to Enzo and Hayden.

She has far less power over Lane than Enzo does. She never put anything out sexually to Lane and he is well aware of that. I think, honestly, that Lane is actually going to be looking forward to getting rid of her.

Matt and Ragan need to propose a final four to Britney and Brendan. Now is the perfect time. Britney and Brendan just chummed up for 24 hours.

Matt should come clean about the brigade to Ragan, Britney and Brendan. They get rid of Enzo this week. That leaves Lane and Hayden who are both wimps when it comes to competitions compared to the more Alpha males in terms of competitions Ragan and Matt and Britney and Brendan.

Its a CINCH for final four!!!


As for BB UK, I thought I read that BB UK has been canceled.

How long have the feeds been off? I just got online and the “we be right back” has been going on for a while.


3:55pm, so I see Brendon in the shower alone, so the cuffs are off ow. NOt shure if this is known or not, I just got online.


I don;t know why, but i am sort of liking Brit know after seeing her cuffed up with Brendon. I just hope she dosn’t talk bad about him again. It was refreshing to see a nice Brit. Hope it wasn’t all an act.


Enzo in the penguin suit. So how long does he have to wear it again? Till Thursday?? If all is clothers have gone to charity what does he have? Or are they just gone and come back on Thursday?

Or will it a grab as much as you can and you keep all the clothes event coming on the weekend?


I remember Will from 2001. BB went down hill after that year. BB just cannot find a player as good as Will Kirby.

Dick from a few seasons ago was cool, but definitely no Will.

ragens weiner

Matt sucks me like a lolipop


sorry buddy, but you are over the line, pointless and crude.


Does anyone else think Brendon looks like a cone head with his shaved head?


First and foremost, I am not a Brendon fan……but after watching him, shaved head and all, take chum baths every hour, handcuffed to Britney, having to eat slop for 3 weeks, and do it without whining has made me wonder who the hell Enzo thinks he is???? Complaining and whining about making a speech in a penguin outfit. Who cares!? And to listen to him eating sounds like a dog lapping up canned wet dog food. I am not sure I can take another minute listening to Enzo talking about how F*ed up this game is and how hard it is. Watching Brendon and Britney made me think that they should now be an alliance and go to the end. (Can’t believe I just said that!!)


I’m inclined to agree with you “meintexas”…..”did I just say that”???? LOL

I really liked Hayden and Lane at first, now I think they’re both “dirt bags”! I never liked Enzo!