Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney asks if they can imagine what Brendon’s sex face is like and says that she sees it all the time…

10:45pm – 12:30am The house guests are in the living room talking and joking around. Ragan says that it would be funny if a midget comes in with a sign that says I am yours to kill. Enzo says that he would want to BBQ little people. The conversations changes to talking about and making fun of Brendon. Enzo jokes about how Brendon got through the Big Brother Application process. Britney asks if they can imagine what Brendon’s sex face is like and says that she sees it all the time. They all talk about how horrible of a player Brendon was. Enzo tells he Britney that he wishes she had two socks because that would look sexy. Lane says yeah, like a cast. Lane gets called into the diary room. Ragan heads outside. Hayden tells them that he’s going to go work out. Britney heads up to the HOH room to listen to the Eminem CD again. When Lane comes back up to the HOH room Britney tells him he should feel how smooth her legs they are. Lane asks her how far up she shaved? They start talking about Rachel and how she showed everyone her boobs. Britney tells Lane that Rachel told her that her that her boob job scars were bad. Lane starts joking around with Britney and asks her if she is sad. Britney says no, and that she just isn’t feeling well. Lane asks if going on the block will help. Britney says no! Britney tells Lane that she wonders if Nick broke up with her. Britney says that she asks the diary room all the time if her and Nick are stilltogether. Lane says he probably did break up with her. Britney says it would be the worst time to break up with her because she has the chance to win half a million dollars. Lane asks her if he is only with her for money and fame? Enzo joins them back up in the HOH room. Enzo asks Britney if Nick would even want to hang with them because of how much they bash him. Britney asks Enzo what he has said about Nick? Enzo tells her. Britney asks Enzo if he thinks Nick broke up with her. Enoz says yes. Britney says that some of Nicks friends are douchers. Enzo says oh so then he will like me? Britney says that Nick will be nice to them no matter what they say about him but then he will bad talk them behind their backs. Enzo asks Britney if Nick broke up with her would she date Lane. Enzo says that he just dropped a bomb.. Britney wont answer the question. They start talking about golf. Enzo says that he can’t believe that you would need nine clubs to play golf. Enzo says that he would use two clubs the driver and the back up driver. Britney and Lane try to teach Enzo about golf. They tell him about the different clubs and why you need them. Enzo just gets frustrated and says that he doesn’t understand golf. Enzo says that he would use just one club because he does good with one club when he plays miniature golf.

12:40am – 2:30am Ragan is by himself studying and going over the timeline of events that happened in the house. Lane, Hayden, Enzo and Britney are up in the HOH room talking about random stuff. They start talking about movies and what ones are good. Enzo says that he is going to see so many movies after the show is over. The conversation changes to talking about how they wish they could just go ahead and evict Ragan now and not drag it out until Thursday. They start talking about what the viewers see during each show throughout the week. They wonder how they are going to fill up the show this Sunday. Britney thinks they’ll show Enzo’s penguin shunning on Sunday. Enzo starts listening to Eminem CD. Lane says that he can’t wait to carry his wallet in his back pocket. Britney says that she thinks she won’t remember how to wear a purse. They talk about all the things they are looking forward to when they get out of the house. Britney and Hayden talk to each other using their sock pockets, they tell each other they have great hair! Britneywonders what is on his face. Britney says that it looks like he ate poop! Hayden tells her it’s chocolate. Lane says that all of us are going to win HOH next week so we’ll all be up here. Hayden says that he thinks he is going to win. Lane says that he wants to see Hayden’s pictures. Hayden tells him that he will see them next week. Britney comes out of the bathroom and Lane asks her if she smashed? Britney says yeah that fast… Lane says that he smelled her smash. Britney says he smells Brendon’s smash not hers. Hayden says that Lane opened up the bathroom door on him today while he was smashing. They all laugh. The start talking about skiing and how bad Nick and Britney will be because they have never done it before.
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2:35am – 3am Up in the HOH room Lane, Britney, Hayden and Enzo are still hanging out and joking around. Britney asks Lane who would win in a fight, him or Gunter. Lane says that he isn’t sure; he says it would be a good fight. Lane tells her about how he and his brother wrestle. Britney decides to go to bed and leaves the HOH room. Hayden and Enzo tell her that they will be right down. Lane tells Enzo and Hayden that they are so close to the end. Hayden says yeah and then says that the closer the finale gets the slower the time passes. Lane says that they have got less than two weeks, if we end on a Tuesday. Hayden says that they have 16 days left… Lane talks about what he wants to do when he gets out of the house. Hayden says that he’ll come to Texas on New Years. Lane talks about how he wants to open up a bar someday. They start talking about Vegas. Hayden says that not all of Vegas is like what Rachel said it was like ….then he says that Rachel is stupid. Hayden and Lane talk about next weeks HOH. Lane says Hayden needs to win because if he doesn’t and someone wins the POV then Lane and Hayden will be sitting up on the block together. Enzo says that he could yell at Britney during the HOH competition to make her lose. Hayden says yeah, do that.. Enzo says that he is going to scare the shit out of Britney before the HOH competition to throw her off her game. Enzo says that they also have to win the Veto, and says that he is worried it will be tailored for Britney. Enzo says that he thinks it could be the mixed faces competition. Enzo says that he thinks they all have a good chance of winning if it’s that one. Hayden says Britney and Ragan keep talking about a long skill challenge that could be happening soon. Enzo says they need to do some study more. Hayden says that they can’t study when Britney is around because they don’t want to give her any information. Hayden says that she doesn’t need to know any of that shit. Hayden says that she doesn’t know all of the saboteur messages and that’s one thing they have over her. Enzo says that he thinks a quiz about the jury members is also going to be soon. Enzo tells them that he saw Ragan came out of the diary room crying today. They all agree that Ragan knows he is going home this week. They talk about how they would love to like to see Matt’s face when Ragan walks into the jury house.
3am Lane, Hayden and Enzo are still talking in the HOH room. Enzo says that he thinks they are the best threesome the game has ever seen. Enzo says that he thinks they will be asked back for all stars season. Enzo says they just have to make final three and that Britney is the last person left to get rid of after this week. They think its crazy they only have two weeks left in the game. Lane says that he can’t believe they are almost into single digits for the amount of days left. Enzo says that he thinks that finale night will be crazy and that the press is going to want to talk to them. Lane isn’t looking forward to that part and says that he just wants to get to a bar.
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3:15am – 4am In the bathroom Hayden and Enzo are talking. Enzo asks Hayden if he has talked to Lane about who he is putting up as Enzo’s replacement. Hayden says that he hasn’t yet. Enzo says he should just put up Britney, who cares?! Enzo says that he thinks that Lane should have put up Britney from the beginning. Hayden says that Matt should have put up Britney. They talk about how different the game would be if Matt had gotten rid of Britney. They say that they would have been in the final HOHs against Kathy. They head into the bedroom. Hayden says that the competition today was badass. Enzo says yeah. Enzo says that the BT is about to get some BG! Enzo says that it is going to get crazy on Thursday! Hayden agrees with him. They talk about how they think they need to study the faces more, because they know they are going to be important. Enzo says that we have got to win everything from now on. Enzo says that he is so happy after winning POV today. Enzo says that he knows he’s made the final 4. They start studying the timeline of the house. Enzo says that he wonders what questions they will get asked on Thursday. Hayden says he thinks they’ll get questions about their punishments. They both wonder what the third punishment will be. Enzo says that he thinks him and Ragan will definitely get a question about the POV competition. Enzo says that he also thinks he’ll be asked about his penguin suit. Both Enzo and Hayden take off their sock puppets and go to sleep…

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:14am Everyone sleeping

9:22am Everyone sleeping


Big BRother 12 Poll Whose the hottest BB chick

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I think the best part of the season will be when Britney leaves the house, sees how Lane played her, and Nick dumps her. I’d still titty bang her though.

Ragan is definitely going home. I don’t see how he could stay. I guess he could approach Enzo+Hayden (assuming Brit goes up) and tell them that it’s dangerous to let Brit stay that she always has that little bit of control over Lane. That if she goes, they can go after him as a unit, fair and square. It’s at least give him a chance.

Just a Thought

I find it interesting that Britney is worried Nick has broken up with her and how the guys are like Yes he did. LOL! Why would you ? that unless you know he is going to see the real you or you want an excuse to hook up with Lane? Funny how Britney also said Mick will be nice to his friends faces, but talk shit about them behind their backs. Sounds like they are made for each other. They can sit home and night and snuggle while the talk crap about everyone else so they can feel superior.


These last remaining people are the worst ! Brittany is the meanest, vile sort of person. What’s up with her chewing her nails nonstop? She has chipmunk teeth and always has her fingers in her mouth. So gross. Her finace must be a jerk to end up with her. She is obsessed with Rachel and Brendon. I’ve never heard such hateful remarks aimed towards others. Everyone has their faults, sure, but Brittany thinks she is perfect. She is disgusting. Regan is a mean queen! What a hypocrtical. nasty jerk. I would think his employer (college) would be embarrassed by his crass cruel comments. Hie has the worst eating habits. Brittany and Regan should be ashamed about their cruel behavior. Play the game people! worst season ever. They all think that they are going to be famous! What a joke. Very disappointed to see Brendon go…at least he some honesty and heart. These other posers are all low class back stabbers.


Just the TIP:

Finish the season as a puppet show. Only show the socks on camera.
Suggestions for choosing this season’s winner:
Award the money to a sock. That’s better than giving it to one of these idiots. OR, give it to the Zingbot.
Final standings:
1. Zingbot
2. Sock Puppet (maybe mni-meow)
3. The fish

OR: Since Jeff/Jordan visited the house, give them the 500K.

Yae Dum Dum

My vote for the winner is the cute little rubber duckie!! At least he is way smarter and more deserving than any of these clowns!!! And cuter too!!!


Why are these assclowns still talking smack about Brendon and why is Britney concerned about what his sex face looks like


My thoughts exactly, why the hell are they still talking about Brendon/Rachael they wanted them out now they’re gone…..get over it! Ragan please stop with the crying you won $20,000! I can’t wait til Brit’s ass is sent packing she really thinks she has this game wrapped up i can’t wait to see the look on her face once she realizes Lane played her dumb ass, I can’t believe LARRY, CURLY or MOE will win the $500,000/$50,000 that they don’t deserve, of course they will win everything now that all the best competitors are gone!


I don’t think Ragan would be crying so much if it weren’t for Matt. He was probably hoping to win the 500k so he could give some to him for his wife, and he knows no one else in the house would do that. Although, 300k in student debt and losing you’re last chance at half a mil is enough to justify tears in my book. He’ll prob be upset with himself for crying so much though because he and Brit both said they hate it when BB HGs cried.


Talking smack about Brendon and Rachel is about all these people have left in common. They’re not really friends with one another, so they have only a thin thread to hold them together. Enzo thinks he is headed for a big Hollywood career and listens ever so intently when the others talk about celebrity paychecks. It is interesting how a group of untalented, untrained, unprepared schlubs can so readily compare themselves to artists who have been training and grooming themselves for success since early childhood. Enzo thinks he is funny. He should talk to some pros about how hard it is to do stand-up comedy and how easy it is to bomb.

Does Hayden really think he can hide behind his hair? Does Brit have any real friends whom she doesn’t trash when they’re not around to defend themselves? And given that when he was in the house, all she could talk about was how awful his body was and how much she couldn’t stand even the thought of him, why is she so fixated on Brendon? In the last days of his time there, she even started critiquing the way perspiration formed on his back! What is that???

Ragan envisions making up with Matt and the two of them being running buddies. Hello!!
Matt is a newly married man whose only use for Ragan was in the context of the game. Ragan was his “sure thing,” when all else failed. The others probably won’t care as much when they learn that the sick wife story was a lie. But Ragan has been using it as a selling point, throughout the game, for why everyone should respect and admire Matt’s heroism and courage in the face of adversity. Puhleease!!

Finally, here’s hoping the reign of the hard-luck story has played itself out on both Survivor
( Johnny Fairplay’s dead grandmother) and Big Brother (Matt’s critically ill wife). I say that knowing that on the upcoming season of Survivor they have cast a woman who has a prosthetic leg. It is out in the open, no secrets or lies. She had to pass the physical, etc. Wonder what story Matt would have told in her company. Also, the first winner of Big Brother was a guy named Eddie, an amputee, who had only one leg. Granted it was a different game back then, but he never played for sympathy…


She wants Him bad…


Those punishments are not that bad? Who in the world is the writer for BB. They need to be fired because they have nothing better than sock puppets? If anything it is a prize because it gives them something to entertain themselves. I wish the last punishment would be Matt and/or Brendon back in the house, just to shake the houseguest up! They deserve to be up against “Real” competeters. (Not these brigades that think they are awesome.) The only one that has really did anything for them is Matt and they stabbed him in the back as soon as he turned it an wasn’t looking. I hate to see Ragan go because he is the only one, besides Britt that would be alright to win, and I am not sure if Britt deserves to win lately because she is blinder than a drunk mantrying to walk a streight line. Come on BB make your fans go nuts and pull something better then puppets out of your brain. We need some twist or drama!


They should have gave a puppet of Elmo to Hayden because they both have the same lips. That would be funny. Then Hayden would realize what we really think of him. He claims fans were cheering him on when he won HOH. Come on Hayden you have done nothing in this game but ride through. The only reason why you are winning now is because you stabbed your allience in the back and just slid on throw. You got rid of the only people that has helped you out after you game them you word. You suck! Go home no lip America hates you and Enzo the clown!!


I don’t think Hayden should win, but I also don’t think there is enough hate left over in American to hate Hayden with Enzo still in the house.


so friggin sick of Britney talking about Brendon & Rachel. she must be one of the most insecurest people on this planet…

Just a Thought

Someone on the previous update or two was wondering why they keep bringing up Rachel/Brendon and bashing them. Think about it. None of these people really have much in common, but the house and their experience in it. Their hate talk bonded them and so they keep it up because that is all they seem to have. It’s old and lame, but there you have it.


they are very insecure about themselves


Man, this stuff is getting so boring that I had to stop reading after the first paragraph.
I rather watch the rerun of the My Three Sons.
And I don’t even think that show is on.


I hear ya, I”d rather watch the senior’s golf tour!! Hmmm, which is more boring……


I’d rather watch a reality show w/Tiger Woods’ boring ass ex wife painting peoples houses. This shit is snoozefest 2010.


Nothing is as boring as watching Tiger’s ex wife do anything.

Go Hayden!

Does anybody have the link to watch what’s going on in the jury house? I’ve heard it’s been shown before…don’t know if it was here or not.


go Brendon!

This game is freaking sad.

Go Hayden!

The last HOH blog was Britney. I guess we don’t get to see Hayden’s since his was a short lived tenure. And I want to see Lane’s too!

And Simon, THANK YOU for putting the HOH blog link on your site. It means I can see it ALL here without having to go elsewhere.

big leonard

gotta say, losin interest day by day………………….


This is the cream of a bad crop. Lot of passive aggressive the house. Kristen and Andrew fought when it was too late. Matt punked out with a flimsy strategy of throwing Ragan under the bus. He should have broke up that Brigade and sat Enzo or Hayden up there with Lane. So I don’t agree with Enzo saying that Matt should have put up Britney. Britney can be manipulated by the guys in the “in crowd so he could have dealt with her later.


That “in crowd” comment about Brit is so dead on. I used to like her after Monet left, but now that she feels secure with Brendon out of the house she has reverted back to doing absolutely nothing but trash talking, and she turned on Ragan the second Lane won HOH and is telling the guys everything he says to her like she can’t wait for him to leave. It’s really irritating. Whether you like Ragan or not you can’t deny that he was the most genuine. HE never pretended to feel one way about a person and then acted completely diff when they were out of the room. (AND HE WAS THE EFFING SAB!)


I agree


How do you take a great idea like an Orwellian summer and turn it into a pansy fest? Just ask Grodiner. Production needs to go back and read 1984. There was nothing nice about the original BB. Big Brother didn’t give you nice things, you didn’t live in a nice house with nice food and pretty people. Big Brother should be harsh and unforgiving. There should be consequences for not doing as you are told, for breaking rules and for throwing competitions. Everyone should have tasks and chores on a daily basis, and they should be punished with have nots and solitary confinement if they don’t. There needs to be incentives for winning competitions. And the twists need to be interesting instead of lame copies of past twists. Pandora’s box is stupid and it is so obvious that it is geared toward certain houseguests. As far as I remember, nothing good ever came out of Pandora’s box. The competitions need to be new and unpredictable. For two seasons now we have had to watch countless hours of houseguests anticipating and practicing for competitions based on past seasons. Expect the unexpected? I guess at this point seeing someone play the game would be unexpected.


^5 x476!


On time money was released in the back yard when Pandora’s box was opened and the HOH was stuck in the room until most of the money was picked up. It was pretty funny because the HOH had the tv in front of him he could see everyone picking up $, then in the middle of the event, the HOH’s HG friend came up to see why he wasn’t down stairs with the rest of them picking up the $, HOH told him he was stuck and the friend said he would be right back with something to help get him loose, but the friend went back down in the yard and continied to pick up the $ as the HOH watched.


Pandoras box shouldn’t directly effect the game. The D.P.O.V was a stupid and unfair idea.


I hope Enzo gets evicted final 4 or 3 just to see his reaction. See the great omnipotent best player EVER Meow Meow gets kicked out by his Brigade. Which oh, let us not forget he created. And is the leader of. And who brought the Brigade this far.

My words!

I would cheer so loud that all states could hear me if they evicted big mouth Enzo. He is so stinkin’ full of himself.


He is so full of himself isn’t he. Its almost worse having to listen to him be so full of himself for winning one thing (which many people including Brit and Hayden say he cheated) than to know Ragan is prob going home. Almost.

He thinks he’s going to get all these great oppertunities when he gets out. Seriously, any TV agent or commercial companies who might be considering that, you’re products and shows will be boycoted. DONT DO IT!


The two life long buddies Hairden and Lame have a plan to get “i’m the great enzo” out.




I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lane try to keep Brit around, and give Enzo the boot…that is the only interesting thing that we may have to look forward to. I’d rather see what’s going on in the jury house. Since everyone is so disgusted, maybe BB should offer the fans of the show an option to watch Jury House instead!


Enzo asks Britney if Nick broke up with her would she date Lane. Britney wont answer the question. Its not looking good for Nick.


Kristen’s hippietard and wig is up to $1,325.00 on ebay and has around 4 hours left. Just to keep everyone updated!


Thanks rossie, that is a crazy amount


Why in the heck would anyone pay anything close to that amount for Kristen’s hippietard? I’m guessing it’s some kind of pervert…we’ll leave it at that.


Summer’s eve…good one. LOL


That is funniest thing that I have ever heard. LOL…SUMMERS EVE…Haaa.ha…..

My words!

I laughed at this one. Great pun. They are “Summer’s Eve” for sure.


I never thought I would say this but I do believe we have found bigger douches than Jessie, is that even possible?


Uhhhhh…no! There will be no one that’s a bigger douche than Jessie. Why do you think they brought him back a second season to be a HG then had him be the “prize” for Britney in Pandora’s Box? Jessie is definitely the ultimate douche!


All of you talk about how annoying it is listening to the hg bash brendon and rachel. well guess what is even more annoying, reading your pathetic comments about how this season sucks, how all these people are floaters, how you cant stand to watch. Well guess what no one is making you watch. I would rather listen to these people talk about brendon and rachel all day before i read your comments about what a pathetic season this is. All of you are mad that hayden made it this far. Hayden has played the best game of all. He stayed on everyones good side, alligned with an alliance with people that are well liked in the house, won the most important HOH. Now you are mad that he backstabed Matt ,well guess what this game is about lying and backstabbing. So please all of you shutup about how pathetic the season is because your comments are more annoying than anything that has happened in the bb house this year.


we have the right to our own oppinions…….and YOU do not have to read them…..

Yes this is a game…..your right Hayden is probably most deserving…..he will have to make it to the final 2……


dumbass, we watch because we like the show, we do not have to like the houseguests, we can complain all we want to, if you don’t like it stop reading or better yet get off this site


Double Ditto Dude!!

Poppa John

Wow u sound angry u must be a relative of Hayden’ts since you’re the only 1 that’s a fan of his & stop telling people so shutup what are u 3 yrd’s old!

Poppa John

edit “to shutup”.


I agree with you completely. Everyone on this site is just whining because the houseguests that they liked got evicted. Hayden, Enzo, and Lane controlled this whole season. Basically whatever they wanted to happen, the made happen. It`s not all about winning comps, these guys manipulated people, got rid of everyone they wanted to get rid of, and didn`t even get their hands dirty in he process. These guys played the game differently, and it`s not the most exciting way to play, but I think this 3 person alliance is probably the most effective and most successful alliance I have ever seen play the game.


Matt of the brigade played the house. His problem was he took his eye off the ball and put it on Ragan’s balls. Which in turn sunk his balls.


I have to disagree on their game-play. You make it sound like it was a strategic, thought out game plan. It wasn`t. They got to where they got to because of Matt. The next contributor was Lane (through Brittany). Hayden and Enzo started panicking midway through because they were jealous of the side alliances their team-mates had. Enter Brendan. They could control Brendan, so say hello to the plan to get rid of Matt. That was the ONLY thing that they actually did – they `Mattstabbed“ their own alliance for reasons of greed, jealousy and paranoia. If they insist on prancing around the house singing their own praises, then they deserve the level of derision everyone here is dishing out.


I think they played the game so they would never be in danger. They had side alliances to ensure that 2 brigade members are never against each other. They were smart to get rid of Matt, becuase he would have turned on them. That was a very smart move by them. But I think they were strategic. People are making it sound like they just accidentally made it to the final 5. They played a great game. Tell me someone who played a more successful game this season.


their game plan from the beginning was to get brendan and rachel out, brendan just left he made it to the top 6, so guess what that is not great game play, If the entire house wants one person out they should be able to get them out, especially when that person is on the block.


DUMB LUCK and I do mean dumb. sometimes people drive around looking for a parking spot for 10 minutes and somebody else drives up & a car pulls out right in front of theirs. That doesn’t mean they were strategic and successful, it means things just rolled right. The brigade did this — by default.


The Apple Dumpling Gang has stumbled and bumbled their way to the final 5, if it wasn’t for one member doing all the work these three would have been long gone by now. They won nothing, they have been worthless in the brigade and in the house.
These three morons are the worst BB competitors ever, the funny part is listening to them pat them selves on the back for being so smart LMAO

My words!

It’s an easy-peasy cure for you. Don’t read OUR comments. That’ll take care of any aggravations you have on the issue. Donchathink?


Or maybe you are just a little bit like Ragan, oh boo hoo people are complaining they hate the brigade. They are slim balls you fool. Now go cry!


Britney obsesses way too much over Brendon and all his faults. I think she is secretly attracted to him. Otherwise, why would she talk about him so much?


I thought the same thing why the hell does she keep talking about Brendon i think she’s secretly in love with


Yeah, I was thinking that Brit probably has a crush on him…I mean you heard her talking about him the other night right…when she said that hammered in the bar at 2:30 he would seem like the perfect guy…she said he was sweet , handsome, about to become a doctor…she def has it for him…Rachel would whoop her ass up and down…I think it would have been funny if Brit was single while her and brendon were chained together…I bet shed have tried to hit on him..and Id have loved to seen rachels response! 😀


Well, I did it. I cancelled the feeds. Last year I made it to final 4 before I did that. Seasons 9 and 10 I didn’t even bother getting them, I only did the trail and didn’t renew. Unfortunately for us feed watchers, we are the least important part of the show as far as CBS is concerned. They make most of their money on the episodes. The sock puppets were the clincher. I don’t really care who wins from her on. I can come here to sate my curiosity, but BB isn’t getting another cent out of me until they start giving us what we pay for.


But yet you care enough to comment about it?


why do you care?


There’s this thing I do when I spend money and am not satisfied, when I feel I am not getting my money’s worth. I complain. Maybe it won’t do any good, but it’s better than saying nothing at all. The only way things change for the better is when enough people speak out. Sorry you have a problem with that. I have been coming to this site for a few years and it’s the best part of BB seasons and I try to donate what I can to help Simon and Dawg out. I have friends here and I think I have as much right as you to say what’s on my mind, whether you like it or not, figurehead.


not one of these idiots is even attractive, so fame is out of the question

My words!

I can’t stand any of them and it would be hard to say which one I want to win. Dawg, actually.
Brit is in for a big shock to find she has been feed-fodder for the floater-guys. As for them, they are a joke. Enzo couldn’t shut up last night on BBAD, and he acts like he’s won all of the POV comps….and since there were some hesitating moments to announce who won, it sounds like all the chatter on Enzo grabbing the CD from Ragan probably did happen…and if so, CBS sucks. Enzo should have been penalized for eating when he was on slop. Enzo is a jerk in the biggest order. Hayden is a no-nuttin’ hairbanger. Sheesh. ….

carol hadley

Are you from NJ? I’m Lynnes sister in law Just wondered if you are the Michelle engaged to my nephew James


no, from missouri


Where from MO? I was just in Eureka, Fenton, and STL, MO today.


Well, it’s official. Enzo really can’t do two things at the same time – talk and move his hand. His puppet is so out of synch with his speaking that it looks like some lame dubbing of a Japanese Samurai movie. As for his big win? Pretty sad to be proud enough to crow about finally winning a competition when he was really only competing against two other people. But I am most tired of his constant complaining about who Lane should put up (Brittany), who Matt should have put up (Regan) and on and on and on. He talks tough when it isn’t him getting blood on his hands. There are 5 people in the house. Three of them are in an alliance. And they still don’t have the balls to reveal themselves! They have to “wait and see” who wins the next HOH. Man up! Stop being such cowards! If you are really that tough surely the three of you can take on a girl and a gay guy! Cowards.


cowards says it all!!!!!!!!!!!



My words!

You are so on the nose with Enzo’s mouth and Enzo’s hands. Seems the only thing he can do in synch is when the hands are down the pants. I laughed last night on AD how he would talk, and after his mouth stopped, he would get that puppet moving. What a dork.


Cowards? I don’t know how you think Big Brother works, but I don’t think they are physically afraid of Regan and Britney. Since it sounds like you aren’t too familiar with this show, let me explain something to you. The jury votes the winner. So they aren’t outing themselves becaue they don’t want to piss anyone off. The are being smart and trying to figure out when, if ever, they should tell people about their alliance. Like them or not, they played the perfect game so far, and there’s no argument to say that anyone else played beter this season. The made it this far and one of the will definitely win. I’m sure whatever decision they make it will be a smart and strategic decision, just like every other decision they made this season. I know you don’t like them so you call them cowards or whatever, but we both know your wrong. So run and tell that , Homeboy!


I am calling them cowards because when it is just the three of them they rehearse the “big reveal“ of the alliance. What they will say, how they will say it. But they never do. If they were so confident in their alliance – and their loyalty to one another – then they would do it. If not, then STOP talking about doing it!! They should change their name to “Brigadoon”, because they need a fantasy world to match the fantasy “alliance” they have created in their minds.


“Brigadoon” haha, I like that. But their alliance is real, and the half mil one of them will win is also gonna be real. They played the game right. They made everyone like them, and trust them. Hayden came through with a big HoH win when they needed it the most. They got rid of people that were going to cause them trouble. They never really pissed anyone off. I can’t think of any way they could have played the game any better.


once again fhead – you’re in love with yourself and I think the most overrated alliance in history…
To your poiint on the the brigade being smart and strategic – those two words should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as the brigade! I might give you strategic – but smart – H/E/L is not and never will be!!


vmc, “F-head” good one!


You”re annoying!


you are!


Oh. you were calling the other guy annoying. in that case I agree with you, and you are not in the least bit annoying.. cheers


what are you five?


Did you think Jordan deserved to win last season?


Its freakin’ hilarious how they talk about brendon and rachel being bad players, when them 2 have won more compitions than all of them put together!!! and then britney talking about how nasty rachel is for going to bars and shit when she does the same thing, i hope nick dumps her ass. GO LANE!!!

angela melini

uuhmmm..didn’t she say she met Nick in a bar?


yes she did


Enzo’s a Jersey reject!!




Is it me, or is anyone else bored with this now that Brendan and Matt are gone?


When Ragan goes, yes. I will not watch until finale night unless they show the jury house.


ragin is gone for sure thurs, no way would they vote otherwise. and thank god. I think this year was so annoying largely because of him. bb casting should really do background checks as far as sanity goes on these HG’s.


ragan is gone on thursday unless hayden and enzo realize that need to get brit away from lane because lane still has his side alliance, of course hayden and enzo are not that smart


Please Big Brother, make sure Britney goes home next!


Does anyone know what the competition was that Enzo won?(POV)


I think it might have involved beating up the smallest guy in the house. The next HOH is probably stealing candy from children. I’m sure he will win that one as well.


at least they finally found something enzo is good at, there had to be something


Poor Annir from BB…. She is putting her sombrero hat on ebay for sell. Her bid for the hat is only $50.00 and has over 3 days left. She was not popular unlike Kristen!


well annie was only around for a week and she was psycho for the majority of it.
don’t feel bad for her. she got plenty of exposure. plus who cares abt some stupid hat that u can get at chevys for free. It isn’t unique like the hippietard.

tj cummings

i will pass on lame brother tonight and be watching the emmys hopefully because of the poor ratings of this years show it will be cancelled for good.


This used to be my fav show , but I have to agree w/ most of you, the people left are awful. I quit watching bbad and the show 2weeks ago ,I love this site, it and all of the comments are way better than any of these hg.for now I’m done w/ the show so all of you posters keep up w/ all of your insightful and witty comments its the saving grace for the rest of this season,BBGRANDMA ,ROCKSTAR,UNCLE COOL,SIMON,DAWG And all of the regulars on here you know who you are…keep the funny and entertaining post coming you guys are the best


Thanks 🙂


I still like the show just not the houseguests, I will keep watching just not as much I will get my info from here and I guess I’ll try again next season


thanks T.ross…. glad to have you with us here as well..


will be watching the emmys (no more waste of time watching the BB show) but will come on this site to see results of HOH, evictions etc…


lmao@ Pandoras snatch


These people are such clowns….none of the remaining deserve to win…so disappointed in this season…The only people that actually played the game were Brendon and Rachel…Rachel was fun and was just playing the game…she hit it right on when she told Ragan…this is just a game none of these people are your friends!…Brendon is the only one that actually played to try to win all the games…Britney is so spoiled and probably even wears her makeup to bed…all she does is trash talk!!! Ragan is such a cry baby and he had the nerve to tell Rachel that she cried when she didn’t win….he cried when he did win…Ugh! I can’t stand any of them…I hope next season they pick people that actually want to play the game!




I’d like to see Lane put Hayden on the block with Ragen. If he puts Brit, then Enzo and Hayden may use that as an opportunity to get rid of Brit and then target Ragen next week. Lane needs Brit. She’s the only one loyal to him. Besides, I think Brit and Lane are a couple outside the house. That is the only reason I keep watching. I hope I’m not wrong because I will have wasted a lot of time of this season’s show.


Nick was interviewed on a radio show….

So, i don’t think Brit and Lane are a couple.


Thanks for sharing. I guess all hope is gone. I should have known BB couldn’t come up with a decent twist.

say what

Like any of them or not lying,backstabbing,throwing each other under the bus and trashing the players voted out of the house is the same each year.All of the people left in the house keep forgetting they need the jury house people to vote them the winner and each of them are sure they will win but i’m sure there is some heavy trashing going on in the jury house so nobody should be counting the money especially britney.If i were ragan i wouldn’t be worried so much about getting voted out as having to live in the jury house with rachel.I’m sure matt told the others some info about the players still in the house as will ragan and britney when they get there.If nick needs a reason to dump brit her asking lane to feel her legs should be enough,if they aren’t the friends they act like it.The other’s in the brigade should know by now not to trust lane because of britney,hayden and enzo need to wake up.


Remember when Annie called Lame a hillbilly?
He was pissed lol. I thought his brothers name was Gunther….never heard of the name Gunter before, I guess that some old country boy redneck name.

brigadelover- TEAM LANE!

Gunter is his mother’s maiden name. That’s where it came from.


I was watching BBAD last night and heard Lane asking Britney to go on vacation (dont remember where) after the show. He was trying to talk her into going and I think he slipped and said: Hayden and I go every year. It’s the best place to party. You gotta go.
Did anyone else hear that?


I heard it. I am waiting to watch tonite to see the fallout if any.


Your post confirms what someone else posted – I wasn’t sure if that was correct – now with you saying it – I guess we now know that Hayden and Lane could be the live long friends – seems like Enzo might be sitting the finals out if it comes down to the 3 of them.


he might just mean that they both have gone there every year on their own, separately. They aren’t BFF. I thought that was cleared up that it was a lie. Why do the HGs think there are still life long friends in the house?

BB6 Fan

Are you kidding me? This is Britney’s ONLY source of topic? Does Britney have an obsession with Brendon and/or Rachel? It’s NONE of her business how Brendon’s “sex faces” look. She’s gross and despicable. Nobody talks more crap than Britney. It’s sickening. Brendon is gone…LET IT GO!!! I watch BBAD every night, and Britney continuously brings up both Rachel and Brendon. She never fails.


These stupid hand puppets aren’t a punishment. They are an amusement though that production desperately came up with so these lame houseguests would actually do something instead
of just playing pool and sleeping.


Do you really think with Matt now in the jury house that the Brigade is still a secret to
anyone in that house? If it is it won’t be after Ragan gets there , he is the only one
who caught on to them and tried to warn Brittney but she wouldn’t believe him.


Just read at another blog that Enzo said he was going to yell at Britney to throw her off
during the next HOH competiton. He was going to pull all of his tricks out of his hat.
Well right from the quido’s own mouth , at least he realizes he can’t win anything
unless he continues to cheat.


So true.Enzo cant win anything.If he wins HOH next week he’s gone.Honestly,i think Brit is hilarious.Its also an honor to be with all these saints who think shes awful.Then theybash Brit cause she bashes the other HG’s.


how are they as bad as brit, most of them are about her comments not about her
just admit it brit is in love with either brenden or rachel, thats why she is so focused on them




most hillbillies do have commen sense, just not lane, brit or kathy or any of the other houseguests


I don’t have anything against hillbillies. I just thought it was funny that he was pissed when Annie called him one.
I’ve never even met a hillbilly before( don’t c 2 many in Queens, NY) by accident as a kid at MSG I touchedHillbilly Jim’s arm pitand boy was it sweaty!!! Blah has LOVE for everyone no hate in me. Now say sorry … just messing with ya


Bitchney is totally obsessed with Brendon and Rachel. At first I thought she was making fun of Rachel by using her hair extension but now I know that she secretly wants to be Rachel, maybe it’s because Rachel got the hottest guy in the house. Rachel said that imitating someone was the ultimate form of flattery and I agree completely.
Enzo is looking more like a piece of shit every minute. I can’t believe I was rooting for him earlier. The kind of shit that spews from his mouth, ugh! I feel sorry for his wife and daughter because they have to put up with them. And he said Brendon and Rachel are going to make ugly babies….er…..have he taken a good look at himself in the mirror? He’s the ugliest one there! I can’t even stand to look at him, makes me want to throw the f**k up, seriously. I hope he does scare the shit out of Bitchney because she deserves it.
I think I will root for Lane now because why he might be blind for hitting on Bitchney, he still a bit better then the rest of them.