*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden suggests they Blindside Brit this week and Lane warns Brit she’s acting like a Princess

10am – 10:30am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the “We’ll be right back” screen. When the feeds come back up at 10:12am all four cameras are on the taj bedroom where Britney and Ragan are still sleeping.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:51pm Kitchen Lane and Enzo They are talking about being motivated and getting things done today. Enzo jokes that he’s making something of himself he’s doing the dishes. Lane says he’s going to make this coffee so strong it’ll keep him until the finale. He can’t believe it’s been 5 months since he went through the Big Brother Casting process. Lane and Enzo start joking around how popular they will be at the end. Enzo Jokes that they’re going to be on opera. Enzo jokes that “peoples bosses” saying i want to hire you for more pay and less hours.. I just want you to show up show your face then you can leave.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:00pm Backyard Lane and BRit Last night Hayden and Enzo started talking loud in the taj and woke up brit. He asks her if she’s pissed off because she didn’t get any sleep. Brit explains that last night she was dead asleep and Hayden and enzo come in talking about fantasy football. She grabbed her blanket let out a giant sigh and left the room to sleep in jumanjii. Lane says that Enzo told him you got out of bed and hovered over him giving him a BLANK up face like paranormal activity. Lane asks whats the difference between what enzo and Hayden did and what brit and Ragan did to him all season. Brit says there was a huge difference because when you have a group of people already in a room talking that is a jumanji jam but if you have a person already sleeping and then start enter the room talking that is a douchey move. Lane tells her she’s being princessy she thinks its common human decency. Lane and her agree to push it aside, Lane: “So now you going to fix this.. go work out” Brit: “Yeah i’m going to go put on my makeup and change”. Lane: “you in a better mood now”. Brit: “I’ve not in a bad mood”. He tells her to start being nice to other people. BRit: “WHAT… what do you mean”. Lane: “Chill out i’m joking its a nice day not too terribly hot out”

Lane calls her Debra Downer.. wants to know why everyone in the house is stressed and why is it up to him to lift them all up. He tells her theres only 2 weeks left because this week is over they know what there doing theres nothing else to do. Brit says he’s the only one happy because he’s in the best position right now he’s HOH. Brit says that Lane and HAyden are guaranteed to get to final 3 brit isn’t and that is why she’s been down. Brit tells him she is a bit worried if she goes up as a pawn she will go home, She thinks it’s stupid for them to get rid of her over Ragan.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


11:23pm Backyard Enzo, Lane and Hayden Enzo is calling brit a little BLANK, him and Hayden go over last nights events. Hayden calls her a spoiler princess and thinks maybe they should “blind side” her this week. Enzo agrees he thinks Ragan is a “BLANK” and they can terrorize him next week. Lane tells them he’s been talking to her about looking like a princess but she’s stressed right now. Lane tells them next week he wants to go up against brit. Enzo says actually it doesn’t matter who you out up can be lane and Enzo becuase they need to win POV regardless. Lane agrees, they need to win HOH/pov and its 3 versus 1. enzo is worried that the power is going to shift to brit next week.. hayden doesn’t think so the power is stuck with them for the rest of the game.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Noon kitchen HAyden and Lane Hayden still going on about taking brit out this week. Lane telsl him its a bad idea because he knows Brit will take us to the final 3 we’re not sure what Ragan will do he might take Enzo and Brit. HAyden mentions that Enzo is getting very keen on putting up Brit this week.

12:17pm Brit joins them and Lane starts talking about his dog having there own room with their own bed. He explains that the beds are like small replicates of larger fancier beds.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:30pm Lane working out

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:00pm All the houseguests Outside Ragan is laughing with them all acting normal again.. Enzo is saying he wants the last punishment already to get it over and done with.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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138 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Hayden suggests they Blindside Brit this week and Lane warns Brit she’s acting like a Princess

  1. Blindside Brit is the angle Ragan needs to work. Only way to save himself. TO Hayden and Enzo, Brit is a liability. It’s Lane’s backup side alliance.

    1. AGREE. Hayden is so stupid, he can’t see why lane doesn’t want brit up. Enzo keeps trying to tell him get brit out now. It amazes me how no one talks to Ragan about game. And to believe these two Lane and Hayden wants Enzo to not use the POV, Did Enzo not see the season when Marcelous tried that. If not someone better tell him.

      1. lol right that was the dumbest move in big bro history when he didnt use the pov on himself and even when he got evicted they told him u shoulve used it n julie hit him in the head n said what were u thinking. Enzo needs to use it and put up brit n get her ass out!

    1. I don’t know why did she tell Ragan about Rachel THIS IS A GAME. She doesn’t need to worry, hayden and enzo needs to worry, because I agree with enzo why didn’t he put brit up from the beginning. He wasn’t worried about brit winning pov he didn’t want brit upset with him. MOTHER KNOWS BEST, and even she said her son likes brit more than just a friend. He is blinded by love.

      1. Because lane won hoh he has the power..he is not as dumb as ya’ll think..he knows hayden and brit will take him to the final 2…He knows enzo and ragan wouldn’t…the only reason why hayden wants enzo over brit..is he knows enzo would take him…Lane would be stupid not to pick his side aliance…really lol

  2. i really dont want the bergade to go to final 3. they dont deserve it haden already got his prize and all of them just talk about how they won the game already and theres no comp left

    1. I agree I don’t want to see any of them there win it either, but if I had the choice I would choose enzo and ragan in final 2

    2. They stopped being the brigade when they kicked out matt weeks ago..before his eviction..They are now the Britgade lol.. Thats like kicking out the snap and keeping the crackle and pop and still calling it rice krispies lol…

      1. I want him to put up Hayden. He needs Brit to stay in the game. Those guys will get rid of him because he is a threat.

  3. These are the dumbest two guys left in the house. They need to get Brit out NOW. I agree with enzo if they don’t get her out she will win hoh or pov next week. They are so stupid, they can’t even see that they are being played by Lane. I hope if he puts up Hayden Ragan will start to fight for himself and get Enzo and Brit to vote him out. All season they were talking about getting out the pairs, why would they leave Brit in the game with Lane? I don’t even understand why Enzo or Hayden hadn’t even approached Ragan yet with any ideas of what he may be thinking. They can say all they want about Ragan, but he thinks things through, and they really need to be talking to him if they want to assure a final three, because Lane will take Brit to final three, because he knows only Matt and Ragan will vote for her, Kathy, Rachel, and Brendan won’t, but Hayden and Enzo are TOO DUMB to even figure that out.

    1. I don’t think Hayden is that dumb. He’s been aiming to get Britney out for a while now.
      The reason he didn’t put Britney up when he was HOH was because he wants her jury vote.
      Hayden wants someone else to do his dirty work for him.
      I bet Hayden and Enzo will vote to get Britney out.
      Britney will be the one who will go home next, not Ragan.

        1. It was on Hayden’s watch (HOH) that Brendon was sent home.
          So Hayden can forget about Brendon’s and Rachel’s votes.
          Maybe even Matt’s too if Britney is one of the final two.

      1. Hayden , and is dumb, and get brits vote, unless there are two brigades in the final 2 none of them will get her vote except maybe enzo who she doesn’t trust anyway, because once she gets to the jury house if she gets voted out and speaks with matt, and watch the videos to prove it she will be to mad to give any of them her vote. He should have voted her out instead of brendan, they could have played brendan like a fiddle, but the only one that can control brit is lane, hayden and enzo stand to gain nothing by keeping brit. Only lane stands to gain anything from keeping brit and hayden is to dumb and naive to see that. Enzo keeps telling him and lane to put up brit, but lane won’t do it, and hayden is agreeing with lane, ragan is not as much of a threat to the brigade as brittany.

        1. Oh, you’ve better believe that Hayden and Enzo knows that Britney is Lane’s jury vote.
          Why do you think they’re pressing him?
          The only reason that I like Hayden is because he wants Britney out.
          The boy is not that dumb.
          Still, I don’t like him.

  4. oh i hope they talk lane into blind-siding brit this week. come on ragan, cross your fingers!! I can’t stand the way she was all buddy buddy with ragan and matt and now she acts like she’s too good to even talk to ragan.

    1. I am trying soooo hard not to get my hopes up that they will blindside Brit cause in the end Lane chooses the replacement nom, but it is the lifeline I am clinging to. If Ragan goes I left to hope for a final two of Hayden and Lane. WTF. I agree that Brit is totally pissing me off with the way she is treating and talking about Ragan. GO RAGAN, PLEEEEZ!!!!!

    2. I really believe that Britney will be the one who’s going home next, and not Ragan.
      Hayden and Enzo can’t stand her.
      And I’m crossing my fingers too.

    3. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I am so hoping that happens. If they were smart they would just tell him to put her up and not say blind side they would just do it. Get a side deal with ragan. and keep it to moving.

    4. t- I think Gaygan is the one shunning her and everyone else. Everytime they come into a room, usually the Cabana room Gaygan says “I need to be alone” or “I don’t want to talk right now.” It is him not them doing the “SHUN.”

  5. I would love to see them backdoor Britney this week. That would be better than GREAT. It’ll add a little life to the season.

    1. I agree 100%. Brit has a real mean streak in her and she treats others horribly behind their backs. It’s about time someone cut her off at the knees. She could actually learn an important life lesson. Especially when you consider how blindly she has bought into Lane. Not nice being on the short end is it, Brit.

      1. I believe she’s as nasty in real life as she is on this show.
        I can’t imagine her closest friends and co workers have high opinions of her after watching her on Big Brother.

        1. I think she said somewhere Nick is the same too. Nice to your face, but watch your back. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

          1. ESPECIALLY because she was too arrogant to believe ragan when he full out told her they were plotting against her…and then she goes and runs her mouth off to the guys…she needs to go just for that.

      1. she is is hysterically funny and dead on when mocking them. I think until everyone is locked up with a lot of random ppl and there is no tv, or books to read and all you have is them to look at and talk to you may mock and make fun of them too. Boredom does strange things to ppl. I bet she is really sweet and nice outside the house.

    1. Lane has basically offered himself to her with telling her the door is open when showering if she wants to come in and such. I am sure he would lose interest once he actually nailed her.

  6. There is still time to blindside her if she doesn’t watch it. I wouldn’t trust those men including Lane. She has a short Big Brother memory i.e. Keesha. The Brigade alliance was only as strong as the moves other people have made in the game due to gullibility. I always wonder what would have happened if she would have taken Kristen off of there when she was against Hayden. Or on the flip side teamed up with Brendon and Rachel or at least pretended. For example, she probably should not of put Brendon up is she was thinking about jury votes.

    Britney has made if far but her social game has a lot cracks in it like burning bridges and running her mouth too much at the wrong time. I like women with quick wit and sharp tongues but she never knows when the shut the eff up at the right times. Like sharing her knowledge of the game. Which would make it hard for her to win 500,000 even if she made it to the end.

    1. I;m really interested in knowing why you think the boys were any better than Brit and what has she done that they didn’t do? Except win competetions and play the game. I think all those boys are lame and lazy and so Iguess if I read everyone on here right , it is more than okay that they use Brit to do all their dirty work for them and it’s ok for them to lie and manipulate but not Brit and I guess it’s ok that they throw one of their own under the bus (using Brit of course to do it) and it was okay for them to talk trash and go along with her when she was making fun of pple but it’s NOT ok for her.I just don’t get it.

      ppl say they don’t want floaters to win the game but if she goes who wins??? why, the floaters of course.

      1. CORRECTION: it’s not that she doesn’t now when too shutup…she NEVER shuts up! she tells everybody everything!! keep some secrets to yourself woman.

  7. And they just continue to talk about how great they are and how popular they are going to be when they get out of the house. Thinking they will get a job and not even have to show up. These guys are the most delusional people I have ever seen or heard. It’s kind of sad. I’d love to see their reactions when they get out and read some of the things being said about them. And it’s not just this site…..it’s every site out there. Every season they all think to some degree that they are going to be superstars when they get out, but this group has taken it to a whole new level.

    1. I doubt they’re really that stupid. They’re just passing time and popping off because there’s nothing better for them to do.

    2. I think it’s funny that they think America is crazy about them.
      Reality is going to settle by Jan 1st.
      Hayden who?
      Britney who?
      Are you talking about Britney Spears?

  8. Enzo and Hayden were loud as hell when Brit was sleep, we all know it was Enzo sleeping and got woke up by Brit and Ragan hw would be mad.

  9. “hayden doesn’t think so the power is stuck with them for the rest of the game. ”

    keep thinking that idiot, regan and brittney knows the game better than you, so unless it;s and endurance brigade will lose.

  10. Jeff is the only person from big brother I know whose face is really out there still after BB, and Enzo thinks he’s gonna be getting like all these offers and contacts, and be famous. GAG ME!

    1. Even Evil Dick had his 15 minutes of fame and that has subsided. These HGs will not be known and popular like they think. Like I’ve stated before, I hope their huge heads will fit through the door when the time comes for them to leave the house. LOL!!!!

  11. Watch, if Britney get put on the block, she’ll cry harder than Monet did.
    And we know Monet was in tears during her last week.

  12. Lane is an idiot if he gets rid of Brit this week. 1. It would be one less vote for him in the jury house and 2. Enzo and Hayden are clearly planning on being in the final 2 together so Lane needs Brit to align with when it comes down to the final four.

    1. He is stupid to put up Brit if he wants to be sure to win. If she goes up, what prevents Hayden & Enzo from voting her out? Ragan should speak. Ragan should leverage his future vote in the JH with Hayden & Enzo. He should downplay that he hopes to last more than one more week.

    2. yep lane needs to take britt to the final two. that is the only guaranteed way he will win.
      he really can’t trust hayden and enzo and lane can manipulate britt. Lane will win b/c hayden and enzo both said they will vote for a brigade member, kathy probably will, and more than likely rachel and brendan will b/c they hate britt. come on lane pull your head out and start playing the game. I will love to see the faces of these three when none of them are picked for america’s favorite.

    3. I actually think that Lane might do well with Jury votes when stacked against the other four. He has played Brit like a fiddle and Enzo and Hayden are almost as bad. He kinda played the good ole boy with others that have left and steered pretty clear of all the drama. Ragan may have sealed his own fate even if he makes it through to F2 because of all of his hysterics. Having said all that I guess Lane is ok considering the five remaining HGs leave a lot to be desired.

    4. Lane needs to put up Regan and Enzo and take out Regan. Then if Hayden wins HOH Lane can talk Hayden to put up Brit/Enzo or Lane/Enzo, and tell Enzo either Brits going and Backdoor Enzo. Or On the second choice he tells Enzo that he taking out Lane, and again backdoor Enzo. They think they can win if Enzo is in the final 2, so he’s got to go. I really think Hayden, Lane, Brit go to the final 3. I also think Lane is blowing smoke up the boys butt, that when it comes down to it he has something with Brit. I think that’s why he is always calming her down. She said that Nick keep her in check and was funny, well that’s the same thing Lane does with her.

    1. I agree, this has been the worst season yet. These guys are empty headed, they haven’t really done anything but coast. Brittney has the biggest mouth and is the biggest back stabber I have ever seen. I hope her finance sees her for what she is…evil!

      1. OMG evil is a very strong word. Nothing evil about her. She has a smart mouth and she can be a smartaleck but that does not make her “evil” Sheesh

        1. She is evil have you heard what she says about people and how disgusting her comments are. I am hoping she goes soon !!!!!!!

  13. Lane my not be the brightest bulb in the world, but he’s not that stupid. Britney will take him to the final 2 and so will Hayden. His biggest threat is walking out the door and I don’t even think Ragan is really mad at him. The only one who would not take him is Enzo and he will take Hayden.

    He may be put in a position where is has no choice but to choose between the Brig and Brit, but he won’t do it until he has to.

    The rest of this show depends entirely on the little blond and what kind of competitions she has to face.

    If the show is really rigged, I wonder how many differant competitions there are that they don’t use.

    1. i agree!! lane has to keep brit. She has the best chance out of the remaining four (assuming ragan is out) to win HOH and she will DEF keep lane safe. Brit or lane will have to win following POV though. as long as hayden and enzo aren’t final two.

  14. Hey, what happened to the sock puppets?????????????
    Was that only for a short time – I don’t see any of them wearing the socks.
    If the puppets were only for one night – that was not a punishment at all! Again, another lame event, for lame HG’s, in a lame season! What a joke!

  15. my big problem is that nobody seems to realize that they are playing a game. Take some chances. roll the dice.make a move.this is lame

    1. I am very anxious to see this as well. There seems to be a lot of controversy over the comp, so it will be interesting to see if CBS edits away any doubts that Enzo didn’t win the comp “fair and square”.

    2. I think they will show what they want us to see, like when Haydon won I watch that live and I did not see him hit the button but on the replay last night they show he did and on after dark he said he did hit the button I think they told him to say that.

  16. Hey Simon have you considered making up some shit and posting as an update? Giving us something to read lol seriously though thanks for what you and Dawg do. Its appreciated.

    1. yea tell us a story that in the Jury house is huge orgy and everybody of having fun and not boring as hell like the people in the BB house…c’mon tell us a story

  17. Brigade deserve credit. They made alliances with everyone. Laid low. Played the social game. We forget it was Hayden who suggested Monet n Brit go up when Rachel suggested Matt. A lot of the haters and long time BB fans call them floaters. Isn’t building alliances like the biggest skill in this game since most of the comps are rigged or purely luck??

  18. Actually. Enzo sees that Brittney is closer to lane and Hayden so he realizes that if Brit does win he could be gone. If I was Regan I would go to Enzo and tell him if you keep me and I get lucky and win I will take you to the final 3. If Brittney gets lucky and wins then she will take the other 2. Regan and Brit are equally as strong. Plus with Brittney around the boys can’t study alone. With Regan they can because he will go be alone.

  19. If Regan is not evicted this week …he will be the winner of BB12 and go home with the $500,000…

    And it will suit
    me real fine as I and America knows dam well he is the best of the bunch of those nut heads.

  20. I saw at another blog said he would cheat again , that he would yell at Britney to throw
    her off at the HOH competiton, so it’s not like he is above doing it. They edited out
    him cheating while he was a have not and all the eating he did.

  21. I would love to see Brendon win the America’s vote (25k) just to watch the remaining HG’s reaction, since they think he is so disliked and they are all A list celebs

  22. Lane can’t get any action with Britney because he doesn’t have his light to shine in her
    eyes so she freezes, like when he hunts his other prey .

  23. Best thing about bb this year is this message board. Of course Lane wants Brit in final 2 with him. He’ll win. As for slimy Haden he’s trying to play both Enzo and Lane. But we know Lane’s the “player”.

  24. This is one of the lamest seasons ever. I don’t think anyone left really deserves to win. IF Britney didn’t talk such crap about everyone behind their backs then I would have said at least she has been trying to win comps but she’s so nasty I don’t want her to win. I like Hayden & Enzo but like my dumb little lazy younger brothers who haven’t done much so don’t think they really deserve to win. As much as everyone hated Rachel at least she wasn’t sneaky and just said & did things to their face & tried to win from the beginning. I think Britney has put down every single one of them & I wish the jury house could see all their interviews before voting cuz none would vote Brit.

    1. I think Brit had a thing for Brendon.,but because he choose Rachel not her she become a bitter jealous person.and to cover it all she does talking trash about them all the time….don’t you think is soo fishy …

  25. Britney is evil. She bashes peoples characters and just can’t stop herself. She needs to belittle to feel good about herself. I hope she gets the boot this week! She has not spoken one nice word about any of the evicted house guests and she just CANT stop talking about Rachel & Brendon. It’s getting sickening. Thats all we hear on BBAD.

    I will be voting for Brendon for America’s Choice. He fought hard and did not go for any prizes like lazy Hayden did. I still think they will be giving a car away too within the next week.
    Hayden will probably grab that too!

  26. ok i think lane should win he is the only strong one in this compition he fights for where he is and hayden is so layedback and knows he is safe so he just takes the easy way out i want britt and lane to be the final two,i want enzo and hayden out…end of story…:}

  27. Please get rid of Regan………………..I’m sick of him talking in the private room…..going on and on and on and on…………….please vote him off.

  28. There has been abundant proof including photos and a blog radio interview with Nick this past Wednesday night. He advised ” I guess you could see that I am not a fan of Lane’s!” He said that Lane flirting with Britney was making him mad! Also, Lane and his oil field owning family are filthy rich! Wonder what his motivation to be on the show is? Obv he does NOT need the money!!

  29. Funny thing matt said out of the four guys he would take enzo cuz he doesn’t have a chance to win the money..Enzo was so afraid of matt…yet in the britgade matt is the only one who would of tooken him to the final 2 lol..

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