**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit Talks to Nick “I sat in a bath tub with her I’m a bio hazard now”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:58am Brit in Hammock talking to her mom
She starts out talking about how embarssed she is about her perfomance in the first 2 competitions she hopes that it’ll be like bb11 bradon, “no one remembers it”. She hopes that her friends still watch the show and aren’t use to the fact she’s on big brother.
Brit: “Mom these people fart all the time it’s so sick it’s disgusting like no regard just farting all the time its gross”
Brit: “What else is gross the house is gross it’s dirty so dirty and it’s not all our fault, we have no mop they give us a handy broom”
Brit: “The counters, floors window seals are all nasty it’s like a frat house”
Brit: “I hope america hates rachel because that means more people like me.. i ripped on rachel big time… rachel is so freaking nasty”
Brit: “I sat in a bath tub with her i’m a bio hazard”
Brit: “I’m going to get a new iphone4 when i get out or maybe get crazy with it and get a ipad”
Brit misses monet she really liked her and they had a lot of fun in the house. Brit wonders if MOnet contacted Nick.
Brit: “If rachel come back again i’m hitting the red button.. she is so horrible”

Brit starts to talk to her friend Monica.. “Ohh i’m so out of the loop”
Brit talking about how gross the other houseguests are, Brit: “Why do i look like crap all the time.. because I have no motivation.. I’m always like ohh this won’t make it one the air and I bet it does and I look nasty”.
Brendon in the backyard telling brit that he hopes she wins and get the letter from her family, Brendon hopes brit will keep her word and not put him up if she wins (yeah brendon she’ll keep her word like you kept your word to matt) Brendon starts trying to guess what the HOH comp will be, he thinks Ragan is going to try hard but he won’t win it becuase Ragan gets to Rattled. Brit tells him she’s not going to bother trying to predict what the HOH comp is she’s just going to study and get a good rest before. Brendon leaves
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Brit: “all these sleezy co workers have made me good and being nice and disgusted all the same time.. Hey brendon we’re good.. Yeah brendon you nominates and I hate you love nick… Yeah i’m going to keep my word kinda like you kept your word with matt (haha)”
Brit: “if I win HOH and I nominate Brendon Nick gets a shoutout in my speech”
She now talks to Nicholas
Brit: “what do I say to you beside I miss yo and love yo so freaking much.. you make this the hardest it sucks”
Brit: “I hope your not having too much fun and you forget about me.. i’m sure you want to kill Brendon what he said that day was horrible.. it hurts when people use you to exploit feelings out of me”
Brit: “I talk about you non stop yo uare THE NICK.. I thought your handicap was plus one and everyone in the house things it’s crazy.. whatever your the best golfer to me..Aren’t you pumped about the bowling all those nights of bowling paid off”
Brit: “I gotta this nasty ogre out of here and i hate him eve more for what he said about you”
Brit tells nick to not allow porter their dog on the furniture because they are getting new furniture in September and she doesn’t want it wrecked. She goes on to give him all his orders for the next months, Check the fence for holes, paint the bathroom, get the renters insurance, tell your family hi…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:40am Jumanji Room Brit is wondering why everyone is still sleeping, Lane says they were up until 6am last night. Brit tells him about her interactions with the ogre when she was on the hammock. Breit says that brendin asked her if he’s safe next week, Breit:”Yeah brendon your safe”. She adds that Brendon was asking her if she’s been studying a lot with Lanbe, Brit told Brendon no she’s not and she hasn’t seen anyone else study. Lane says that Kathy’s been saying she’s giving Brit false informations. Brit: “really!.. I’ve been talking to her these last few days because she looks depressed”. Lane says he’s going into the pool, brit leaves to make some slop.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:53am Ogre on a elliptical

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:26pm Brit alone in the cabana, the ogre talking to Kahty outside saying that he’s soo over the drama he just wants to play the game and if he goes home he goes home.

12:59pm Feeds on bubbles it’s been awhile now
1:18pm Feeds back

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162 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit Talks to Nick “I sat in a bath tub with her I’m a bio hazard now”

    1. You can tell this post’s headline isn’t referring to Allison Grodner, because there’s never any room left in the bath tub (pool) to sit with her. She uses the diving board as a comb, and the deep end rope as floss.

      1. One more of your kind here! I like her and Matt and also Lane just a little bit. I wouldn’t bother listening to someone named Insayne.

          1. I hope her parents tell her when she gets out how bad it looked to america that all she did was run people down and make fun of them, I understand if you do not like a person but to make fun of them all the time that says a lot about her character. And I do not care how old she is there is no excuse to be that mean, she needs to look in one of those mirrors around the house and figure out what kind of person she is and it is not good !! Brit needs to go.

  1. actually lane lied to britney cause she asked him if he slept after his shower at around 2 am,and he said yes !,when in fact he was up all night long with hayden and enzo…

    1. she lied to lane as well telling him things she said to brendan, when she didn’t say all that stuff. she always adds on information to boost herself up. she talks about the houseguest not cleaning i have never seen her clean, brendan was right A SPOILED BRAT. she is just trying to make herself look good, but no one in the house likes or trust her they all talk trash behind her back, just like she does.

    1. good one :-)
      by the time they get out of there they’ll give the Black Widow
      a run for her $$$.
      I just can’t understand how anyone could root for Brat and Peanut head

  2. After staying up until sunrise to see Enzo find the note and the aftermath, I was thinking how it was nice, when they were in the cabana, how the sabo note had pulled Enzo, Lane, Hayden, Matt, Brit, and Ragan together — for once, they were all friendly and Enzo, Lane, and Hayden weren’t talking shit about Brit and Ragan — I know, they weren’t because ;) Brit and Ragan were there, but even the atmosphere was different than it’s been the last couple of days. I guess, for a brief moment, having the common enemy (Kathy as their imagined sabo) was a good thing. I think though that Ragan was feeling bad that Kathy was getting blamed and Ragan was also feeling bad that Matt was assuming the pretzel message was from the sabo and not Rachel rule-breaking. Well probably see Ragan talk about it during the tv show. For those of you who didn’t watch the feed, in the cabana conversation, Matt, Britney, Hayden, Lane, and Enzo were all thinking that the weird quirks of Kathy (her badness at comps, her inability to remember stuff, her two-facedness) were all sabo stuff — little do they know that it’s just Kathy’s real way — they were making Kathy out to be a better sabo than CBS ever envisioned OR had the cojones to create.

    With the eviction, election, and this sabo stuff to talk about on Thursday, I don’t see how CBS will be able to fit in a double-eviction in the show.

    1. i was cracking up when enzo said,”yo ! theres a stain on the paper,hayden then said,it looks like sauce,then enzo anwered,yoooooo! kathy ate pizza today !!! ” lmfao

      1. :) So was I. It was hilarious when they were all sniffing it for cig smoke too! I was also getting worried that it could be called back to Ragan — I was thinking — Enzo please don’t realize the Michangelos have some sauce on them!

        1. Enzo,Lane and Hayden for once was not talking about Britt and Ragan …. What a joke considering that is all Britt and Ragan did since day one. And that still did not stop them. Britt and Ragan are the most pathetic people ever cant stand how they trash talk people that they dont even know. And they are way to old for it, maybe if they were teenagers I could give them a little break. And the thing people keep saying about Brenden going back on his word, Matt did it first so not even an issue…..

    1. I agree. Britney’s tale about a girl finding him perfect late night at a bar and then realizing he’s crazy within 5 minutes of a real date with him — so funny and so true!

      He also has some problems with his constant insecure need to be on reality programs — he mentioned that he was also almost on Paradise Hotel — now that cheesy one would have been perfect for him. I really hope neither him or Enzo get any Hollywood offers out of being on BB. CBS better not cast either of them on the Amazing Race. Can you imagine Brendon telling the citizens of other countries about how they should / could be doing XYZ better?

  3. Brit is AWESOME….r u jealous much…lol…dang….makes me want to stab my eyes out to see that someone defends Brenda and the vegas ho….

    1. jealous?? of what? I’m a very successful (maybe a bit bored) attractive gay male. There is nothing Brit has that I want, which makes me the best candidate to see through the sexual miasma she oozes that guys want (and girls want to be). Jealousy should not even come into the conversation, I hang with girls who are far more beautiful and intellectual giants compared to Bitchney. Melissa WAKE UP!! Bitchney is a self-absorbed little girl who loves being referred to as ‘the little sister’ of the house. Are you serious?! Every man she has probably met has catered to her bloated ego and most women are probably too scared or secretly admiring her to give her a full palm slam in the face, the ones that don’t she probably says something stupid like “they are just jealous”….oh wait…..that was your response…..

      1. Between you and Ragan I’m not sure who’s the whinier homo. If you hate people being nasty so much then why are you mocking her looks and calling her names? Sorry, I think there are probably plenty of people who hate Britney for reasons other than jealousy but the ‘chip on your shoulder’ way that you talk about her does sound like jealousy. Either that or you were maybe talked about by one of these ‘hot blonds who think the world should cater to them”. You’re much worse than Britney. When she makes fun of people it’s with a sense of humor and it’s entertaining. When you unleash that must pent up hideous vitriol it brings the room to a screeching halt. You just sound like a whiny, mean jerk.

        1. Sorry if I struck a nerve but I can’t stand people (like Brittney) who go beyond the level of bitchiness to outright nastiness. I am not going to apologize for what I’ve said because nothing I said was undeserved, nor was it out of bounds (see Lemmy’s comments for example on out of bounds). If you can’t see that or you are under the impression that I grew up in some backwater hillbilly of a town where the students judged others on the sexual orientation and I’m somehow trying to make up for that but socially curbing a vicious little girl, well I hate to break it to you but sorry wasn’t the case. If my use of ‘big words’ comes off as a chip on my shoulder or the fact that I expressed that I’m a gay man and don’t fall for her feminine wiles is some how disquieting to you.I don’t what to say to that. I guess to you anyone who has a strong opinion has a chip on their shoulder, whatever you do don’t go into politics.

          1. Actually, watcher, it isn’t you who sounds like a “whiny, mean jerk” .. its Becks (who gives Brit a free pass on everything Brit does, but crucifies other HG who aren’t nearly as bad.) I’ve seen it in post after post. So, yeah … chalk it off to hitting a nerve.

        2. the fact that you would compare me to Ragan (night and day) and then call us both homos exposes what you think of gay people. What are you trying to convey when you say ‘chip on shoulder’ anyway. That harkens back to the day when African Americans were accused of being ‘too proud’ or having a ‘chip on their shoulder’ by white supremacist. Who uses that term now days?

          1. Really, the gay card, shocking. And you used no big words I can find so I’m not sure where you’re getting that. I just think you sound like an idiot and it makes me angry that through constantly talking about being gay you seem to be trying to intimate to us that you believe you’re a good representative of the gay community. You aren’t. Unless you’re insinuating that all gays are brow beating, self loving, hypocritical, delusional preachers.

            1. How else is one to interpret such a draconian remark as “chip on my shoulder”? It is out of place and leaves me to wonder what is it about what I’m saying that EVERYONE else on this forums isn’t saying to an uth degree…what makes me different?? I dare say the word else you lose your collective shit again and accuse me of using some arbitrary card which neither defines nor exemplifies me as a person. Lets talk about you now Becks? Why stalk me through the forum accusing me of something that is not very serious, that you just have to write in return. It just bothers you. Gets you so mad. Something in you that you want to talk about?

            2. Are you related to Britney you sound just like her ? What is with all this I guess you can not voice your opinion on here without getting a personal attack.

  4. Exactly! Talk about being a princess! Its like the hammock is her throne and she thinks the servants should be in there cleaning just to earn a slight nod of approval from her. Get off your ass and do something! It isn’t everyone else’s job to make your surroundings comfortable for you. Spoiled brat puts it mildly.

  5. What Brit needs to be saying to Nick, “sorry I was hugging Lane”, big brother my butt, me and my big brother don’t hug like that.

    1. ya know, I was laughing out loud (probably for the first time this season I was enjoying afterdark) when Lane was helping her with her back and making suggestions for her to take off her shirt in the middle of it all… like if you weren’t listening you wouldn’t catch it – so funny… it makes me like Lane

  6. I think that this little bitch is not even engaged. Always felt that from the beginning. The ring is too much, she wouldn’t wear that in the house, and her pussy smells.

    1. This fool goes to work at wal-mart, greeting people and pushing carts around long enough to earn the money to buy what he thinks is a smell-a-vision. In actuality its not Brit you smell while watching BBAD, its YOU..!

            1. Roll over and look at the person next to you in bed.. Is there a family resemblance?.. That explains so much.. Next time at “Target” pick up a two pack of some summers-eve for your sis and you..

    2. We agree Brit is so fake ass she needs to go. I think everyone hates her more then they hate R/B. I think she lets us all know how she smells from the looks on her face all the time.

    3. Wow. I heard about fighting fire with fire but venom with venom?? Also, people that are in Brit-gade are not gay, don’t be that person, they are idiots…much more fitting lol

      1. And you talk about other people defining themselves through their sexuality. I think I read that you’re gay in pretty much every one of your posts. I think people who decide other people’s intelligence based on their BB house guest preferences are probably the low IQ set. Sorry, needed to take a moment to chastise you, you can go back to being FABULOUS and so successful and attractive now. Self absorbed queen.

        1. Did I say I was gay in this post? I was just annoyed that the poster said the Brit-gade is gay. I’m not sure why I’m responding to you. You have chosen to interpret my opinions on Big Brother as some sort of referendum on moral supremacy. Which is funny enough on its face, but you don’t know me as I don’t know you. Can I remind you this isn’t a place to lodge a stick up your ass when it comes to identifying hypocrisy without first citing my previous posts or your own. I’ll entertain you though. It sounds as if I’m not the only ‘Fab’ queen on this forum, welcome your highness.

        2. I’ll give you that Rachel needs to take what she dishes but for the sake of this discussion, it can be argued that Kristen is/was a bitch. There is some proof there depending on what side of the fence you were on, there was a lot of things Kristen said behind Rachel’s back that would be conniving bitchery…the definition…hmm exaggeration. Yet, the things Brittney pokes fun of or out right lashes out with have no basis in fact what so ever. She doesn’t know Rachel’s sexual business at all, I have never heard Rachel say she has sex with multiple partners in one night or sex for money (that wad of hundreds is not an admission to prostitution but is suspect and happened waaay after Brit made that comment). So there is a difference. On one there is some fact to make such an exaggeration, on the other it is baseless and childish and just being mean for mean’s sake. Difference.

  7. All of them are hypocrites. Britney is for never cleaning, but Kathy is just as bad — she only cleaned yesterday, not everyday. She bad-mouthes the only other female for not cleaning and it annoys me that she NEVER complains about the guys for not cleaning. . .the guys are just as responsible for the messy house! I saw Lane come in the other day, drop a wet towl on the floor in the bedroom, and the towel just stayed there all day. Kathy even makes Lane’s bed every day and yesterday, she dusted, changed sheets and made Enzo’s bed (part of the reason he thinks she’s sabo.) I really hate that doube-standard that men (boys to Kathy) are exempt from complaints about their messiness but the only other female is blamed. Also, Kathy does NOTHING all day other than smoke and sleep — maybe she should ;) spend her day cleaning since she has nothing else to do.

    1. I think Kathy cleans a lot, actually. She cleans the dishes when Brendon isn’t. Brendon and Kathy are the only people still in the house who deserve any credit for attempting to clean. Everyone else are just sloppy idiots. I think some reason why she looks at Britney could be her background. Like maybe she thinks that the women are supposed to do the cleaning, im not sure. Plus she has a son and is probably used to cleaning after him. IDK.. who knows. All I know is they are a disgusting bunch and I don’t know if I could handle being in the BB house this season… and the lack of cleanliness is just a small fraction of why I wouldnt be able to.

      1. I always know that when BBGrandma does a post, I am going to see wonderful humor. Loved your analogy of booby armpits.

  8. I couldn’t agree more. It kills me how upset she gets when Brendan makes fun of her or talks crap on her. She sits around all day bad mouthing everyone in the house. She doesn’t clean a damn thing, she isn’t thankful for anything, and she flirts with lane way too much to be engaged. I mean, it’s one thing to pick on someone every now and then, but her whole existence in the house is to completely defamate someones character by using personal and physical means. That’s classless. She cries about the nick thing and then sits around all day and talks trash about everyone else. Get over yourself little girl. Nick would be a smart man to get outta dodge while you, and your mouth, are gone. I have respect for Brendan and Rachel.. okay maybe Rachel is a bit over the top, but she is who she is and that never changed. They have had their backs against the wall since day 1 and and have been fighting to be where they are today. Ragan and Britney don’t deserve any money, or any respect. Both of them need to get off their high horses and get over themselves. seriously.

    1. again…you took the words out of my mouth. It really upsets me on a personal level the way Ragan has been acting. I know as a gay man I’m not suppose to define people solely on their sexuality but in an age where we are fighting for equality and judgment is flying everywhere about our lifestyle, you have someone like Ragan on national television. It makes me want to yell when he cries like a baby. Don’t even get me started on the argument Rachel had with Ragan, when she said “people don’t like you because of the way you are” – meaning – you are a whiny crybaby little bitch who causes just as much drama as he claims to despise – NOT THAT YOU ARE GAY! Naturally what does he respond with?! That she is attacking him because he is Gay….god forbid he takes a look beyond his self-imposed label as a gay man and question the way he acts. Now he goes around saying he is mad at Rachel because she attacked gay people. I could punch him in the mouth for that.

      1. Agree. Rachel didn’t say anything negative about gay people, just HIM. But he twisted it around to make it sound like she attacked gay people in general. She was right. He is an embarrassment to the gay community.

    2. For all the stuff that’s been said about Brendon and Rachel, they never talked so badly about people. Not even close. They mostly talked about the game, but didn’t really get personal about Britney and her messed up eye or about Matt looking like a gremlin or about Ragan having the face of a 50 year old man. I have so much more respect for them than for Britney and Ragan. Not that Rachel’s party girl attitude wasn’t annoying at times, but annoying is just that. But it is a different matter than being horrible to other people “just because”, like Britney and Ragan. For their entertainment, perhaps. I don’t know if Britney and Ragan don’t realize how nasty they are, but they should be ready for an awakening when they watch themselves on TV after the show is over.

      1. of course what will be their response, naturally, ‘the editing made me look worse than it really was” or “you have no idea what we had to put up with, you had to be there”….keep telling yourselves that. I for one won’t give them an inch of sympathy, lets just hope Ragan can grow some thicker skin mentally, because he already has the leathery skin of a 50 year old sun-tan addicted Florida white woman (had to go there).

        1. Why exactly did you have to go there though? Oh, is it because shooting off about other people for entertainment is fun to you? Oh is it because you’re as big a hypocrite as you accuse Ragan and Britney of being? But then you’ll look back at your posts and say “Yeah but you had to be there, I was just talking about people who I don’t like because I think they’re horrible”…hmm, I wonder if that’s just how Britney and Ragan would describe their own behavior. The only difference being that one of them is actually pretty funny. Go away, because you embarrass yourself with your hypocrisy.

          1. I’ve said it many many many times. I enjoy witty (read: intelligent) clever bitchiness as much as the next person. I think it was pretty clever how I tied Ragan needing thicker skin (because he cries all the time) with the fact that he does have overly tanned rough looking skin which (as the poster said) makes him look 50. That is why I had to go there. It was a funny witty tie in to both the original posters observation (which I share) and my own (thicker skin). How can you not see that? Why would I watch big brother if I didn’t like bitchiness? There is a line..thats all I’m saying, they have both crossed it time and again.

      2. I like your description of Ragan; he does look like a 50-year-old man. (I’m not sure how old he is but he looks like that character in Lord of the Rings (the old shriveled up creature). I can’t believe he called Rachel a parrot face with his exagerrated long forehead, crooked mouth.

      3. Wait…..Brendan and Rachel didn’t call people names or play the game personally? Did you guys notice that every person Rachel wanted out of the house was a GIRL?!?! There was no reason for her to want them out besides the fact that they were p-r-e-t-t-y. Also, do you remember Brendan calling Matt a midget? The term midget is very offensive to little people everywhere. You can’t say that ALL of them are just as guilty as the next of playing dirty. Unfortunately, that’s what the game has become. Who can tell the best lie? Who can be the biggest hypocrite? Who can lie – straight-faced – to everyone in the house? I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t take Rachel’s crying and whining about “Everybody is tryin’ to get ME AND MY MAN! Nobody can take away MY MAN!” UGH! Yes, Britney is almost as bad, but at least she provides some humor. GO ENZO!!!

    3. Welcome to the golden tactic of Big Brother. What you’ve pointed out has existed in every season of every reality TV show ever, and — like her or not — it’s what makes Britney a strong player. If you can say mean things non stop, and then call out others for doing it just once, and successfully get away with people not calling you a hypocrite, then it gets you far in the game. It’s best done in a pair, since the “cool kid at school” needs a sidekick to support their treachery, hence why Britney clung to Monet and then Ragan. They constantly judge everyone else, and constantly justify all of their own actions, and everyone else must be wrong all the time, and they must be right not all of the time, but all of the time except a few times — they will point out the few minor times they were wrong to imply they’re mature enough to admit when they’re wrong, but secretly use it as a tactic to get away with much meaner things.

      1. I think you’re exactly right. It may make Britney a bad person (something I could not care less about) but it makes her better BB player. I watch this because I like the game. I don’t watch this to find the *!*super nicest person Eva*!* and then watch them befriend their way into the finals.

      2. HaHa, Qaz! “They constantly judge everyone else….” from that point on you described Becks. No wonder she is such a Brit fan. Two peas in a pod.

        1. Becks, why not read through some of your posts and take some of your own advice. Talk about boring … you can’t seem to do anything but attack other people and act like your shit don’t stink. Just like peeper said, you are just like Britney, no wonder you sing her praises. Maybe its time for some meds and some introspection, ever thought of doing that? Spare us all. You stalk and bully, and then put your tail between your legs when you realize you can’t intimidate someone. Just looks at your pattern on this page alone. You aren’t catty, you’re just a sniveling bitch caught up in her own delusions of grandeur. And those aren’t claws, they’re fangs … and mighty ugly ones. Now, come back and whine some more so you can prove everything I’ve said and everything peeper has said. Watcher is much more accurate than you, you’re just an emotional mess. Get over yourself.

  9. Man… does Britney do anything else besides complaining and talking badly about people? She’s like a high school girl who does nothing but gossip. Very immature and outright nasty. Annoying. Imagine being engaged to such a girl who complains about everything? Or how, yesterday, Brendon let out a small laugh at something and Britney made this nasty face at him. He didn’t see it, but what the hell is wrong with her. I swear, she has the shittiest personality. She is going to be a horrible woman who that Nick guy when he marries her. Just give it a couple of years.

    1. I have no idea… it’s sick really. I mean there is a level of craziness that goes with being in the house, but she is CLASSLESS… and there is a difference. I bet her family is ashamed. I know I would be… it hurts to watch her sometimes and listen to the things she says about brendan, WHO KEPT HER SAFE THIS WEEK. I mean… really… I hope she presses the red button. Im tired of seeing her platinum fake hair, her fake boobs, her picking on her hair, leg hair and lips… and im tired of hearing her backstab everyone in this house. She’s filthy and NO, Britney… america hates you. buhbye.

      1. So this is what jealously sounds like.. hmmmm And forgetfulness…. Didnt Brendon make a deal with Matt about being put on the block… But that wasnt this week so it doesnt count .. right !?

      2. I’m not a Britney fan, but I enjoy her more than I do Enzo. Enzo is completely classless and does even worse back-stabbing — at least, the house KNOWS that Britney is a back-stabber….Many in the house are still snookered by Enzo. And when Enzo is brown-nosing — oh it makes me sick. “Yo Brendon, oh it was great when Rachel was back. It was just great!”

        That the whole House knows Britney can’t be trusted — that’s why she’s not a great player. She can still be very funny at times.

  10. Is Matt getting the hint? The day before Enzo tells Matt that he still wants to hang out after the season is over. Matt questions if he needs to worry. Then last night Matt jokes with Hayden about the trophy bowl and calls Hayden an asshole in a joking way and Hayden gets a little miffed. He doesn’t understand because he is feeling guilty. Did Matt notice? Will he get the hint before Thursday night?

    1. I think he plays it and puts Kathy up. So back to square one. No one knows who’s working with who. And as long as the Brigade do it respectfully (the votes), he shouldn’t be too pissed at them. Question is what happens next week. Do Enzo/Hayden/Lane stick with Brendon or Matt/Ragan/Britney.

    2. Around 3 am Pacific, Matt has a conversation with Lame, Hairyden, and Bozo in the bathroom. Hairyden and Bozo were talking about putting up Britney and Ragan if they win HOH — Matt was telling them they are fools to do so. Bozo and Hairyden were saying, well Brendon is 2 votes — Matt explained that if Brit or Ragan are put up, then Bozo and Hairyden are also losing votes and having people know their strat and will come after them. Bozo and Hairyden were also saying, what if brigade member + other (Brendon or Kathy?) in final 2, won’t you vote for brigade — Matt explain that no he wouldn’t because in that case, the brigade has ceased to be…..because if a brigade member has power, there should always be 2 brigade members in final 2 — if a brig member chooses to take non-brigade to final 2 instead of brig, he’s killed brigade. Matt was being logical and cutting into all the stupid arguments we’ve all seen Bozo and Hairyden make over the last days but I don’t know if they were getting it — they really are stupid.

  11. What is she munching on when she takes little tiny bites off of her hands/fingers, skin? eggplant? snail feces? (the escargot) fleas? Lanes dandruff? cling ons?

  12. Yeah, I would laugh and the Roachedonasaurus, but it’s a bit too tragic to be funny. I’ma go barf a li’l in my mouth now.

  13. last nigth brendon and enzo were saying who would want to see britney nude and i personally don’t know who wouldn’t want to see britney nude

  14. I am so tired of Brit.. She is annoying as hell… She is the biggest gossiper in the house and has been since they first arrived.. She should be talking to her mom.. She probably feels so guilty that she is such a pig and will not clean up after herself and wants to put the blame on BB12. I really hope that Matt puts her up and they vote her off….

    1. Why would matt put her up..? Give me a reason.. He has never said he wanted to. She is part of his three person alliance and last but not least.. He saved her from the block by getting Brendon to put him up so he could use the DPOV.. Please watch more than what CBS shows you.. Then you would have a clue…!

      1. Um…. thank you for your reply.. Unfortunately you were unable to comprehend my response, b/c if you did understand, I said ” I HOPE Matt puts her up”. I do have a clue, I do watch when I am not at work or with my child…. So if you do not like what people have to say about the “gossiping pig” Britney then maybe you shouldn’t read my messages…. Is that a big enough clue?

  15. I honestly think that Brit is jealous of Rachel. Rachel is gone and Brit is still consumed with negative feelings over Rachel. That is a sign if jealousy!

  16. Hey BB-G-Ma! Hope you and Muc are feeling well today and it isn’t too hot your way! Im at my moms getting ready to do some yard work and thank heavens it is not too hot here yet!
    Dish with you later!

    1. It is much cooler here today. Muc is right here and enjoying not having to pant as much. We went for a midnight stroll last night and cooled off. I am glad I can walk him again. We take if real slow.

  17. Maybe I’m alone with this one, but I don’t find Brit nearly as annoying as Enzyme. She has her moments where she goes too far but she does seem to manage to talk about a wide array of interesting things (the nasty story about her tooth aside) when she’s not fixating on B/R. Yes she’s a snake, yes she’s a quintessential mean girl but I still prefer her over Enzyme. He serves no purpose whatsoever with all those disgusting grunts and farts and mouth smacking and shit talking and general uselessness. He thinks he’s a protected class. Notice how he gets all huffy when he hears of anybody saying anything bad about him yet he’s the biggest gossip in the house. I guess there’s some legitimacy to being too close to a situation to see it for what it is because I can’t understand how Brendon really believes Enzyme is his ally. He’s a slimy moocher and I hope Matt puts him on the block.

  18. Hello, who ever runs this, why call Brendon an Ogre, “Ogre on an elyptical”. His name is brendon. You are a mean copycat. Britney is a horrible person who is backstabber. Matt is disgusting. He lied about his wife and said she has a disease. Who does that when so many people in hospitals are dealing with life threatening disease. Its no laughing joke. Britney is one to talk. She is ugly, canniving little ****. All her fans must be mean girls and loser guys. They picked on Brendon and Rachel from day one. They are the bullies. Everyone has been against them. That is cruel. Britney is delusional if she thinkgs America likes her. Americans always go for the underdogs. Shows her level of intelligence.

      1. It’s funny how Simon and I and a few others new from day one that Britney was going to fill this role in the show eventually, but everyone else didn’t catch on until about a week ago. Matt’s definitely right about there being a big difference between people who like the show and want to be on the show, and those who could actually be good at the crazy game that is Big Brother. For those who also watch Survivor, Britney is a bit like Parvati, in that her good looks and instinctual survivor bitch skills mean that you could put her in 3 different seasons of the game, and she’d make it pretty far every single time. Love her or hate her, she’s an archetype that does well in this game.

    1. Jake, Simon is only making a little fun at one of the HG’s like a lot of us do on here. He doesn’t pick on just one. Simon spreads the fun and jokes around to all of them with time. Yes, all of the HG’s have their faults and Simon and Dawg pick up on them and add a little colour to the posts on each of them. Brendon and Rachel are your favorites and that is great. Wait, next post will probably be making a joke towards Enzo, Britney, or Ragan. It is all in fun.

  19. Live Feeds: When they were cut, they were getting a whole bunch of messages — either from rachel OR from the saboteur, I can’t quite figure it out — I think it’s from Rachel. It sounds like the messages were simon-says type ones where they actually had to do what was said. One was “make out with an imaginary person”, another was “exchange shirts with another hg”, another was “group hug for 2 minutes” , another “get on the floor and sizzle like bacon”. There was also one about 10 thousand being in the store room for them to split as they saw fit but that was a sham.

  20. How long do we have to wait to hear an update since Brit?

    I wanna know how Enzo is acting when he is up and about since he recieved that letter from the saboteur…. I am really hoping he loses it and turns the house upside down tonight.
    Can someone let me know how long the intervals usually are until someone else updates? I am new here.. Thanks

    1. If you look at my comments above, I gave two live feed updates — one about what happened while feeds were cut and another short one sentence one.

  21. Live Feeds: Kathy just came into Jumannji where Ragan was alone and gave him a quick hug. (I’m confused, I thought she didn’t like him?).

  22. What I want to know is even if Brendon is a hand writing analyst how would he know who wrote it when there is nothing to compare it to since no is allowed to write in that house? He would drive me crazy too with all of his stories.

    1. Handwriting analysts can supposedly tell you about the personality just from seeing the handwriting. For example, crazy story but a friend had a friend who was a Priest and a handwriting expert — he looked at some handwriting and said this is an insecure male who (crazy part) masterbates a lot ( he could see overdeveloped hand muscles in the writing). This is exactly the crazy sort of analysis I can see Mr. Know-It-All Ogre doing.

      1. Yeah he would come up with something like that. Probably catered to “out” Kathy since everyone thinks she is the sab and since I don’t believe he can analyze handwriting. Thank for the explanation.

  23. Some of u ppl on here are no better than Brittany u are talking about her and other ppl on this site who are stating there opinion u are doing the same things she is doing stop and take a good look, Gooooo BRITTANNNYYYY. She in in this house locked up is not allowed to talk about a lot of things and these ppl are getting on her nerves just as she is getting on there nerves let the girl vent this is what young girls do. Some of u are probably old enough to be her mother or father look at how u are talking before u post Thanks and I”M OUT

    1. So you agree Britney is a horrible person. Thanks for admitting it. I can’t really understand why anyone is a Britney fan seeing how she is fake to people and all the mean things she says in the Diary room. Calling people by mean names and hitting below the belt. If she was secure she wouldn’t be threathened by Rachel. She has that small man sindrome. She has to put people down and bring them to her level so she could feel could about herself. She is scum in my book. I’m 20 btw.

      1. I think the thing is that no one cares if she’s a good person or not. The fact that Tiger Woods is an asshole doesn’t make him any worse at golf.

        Well, maybe it would if he was overly tired from all of his, um….activities. But you get what I’m saying.

    2. I am old enough to be her Grandmother. My granddaughter just turned 21 in June. Young girls can be catty and sometimes too hurtful to others not in their click. I am sure Britney is bored. Maybe she ought to clean something. It’s not fun but it does pass the time. The guys get carried away with trash talking, too. But, we are venting on here just like them. I have already done my cleaning.

    3. I am not sure who made the comment about Bren falling in love w Rach so fast, and for that he is needy.. Well I would like to point out that it isn’t always about someone being needy, it could just be about love.. My parents met and were engaged in 2 weeks and married 8 months later.. They have been married for 18 years now.. I am not saying that B/R will be married and last, I am just saying it is most definately possible…

  24. Brit is not that bad. She actually amuses me, whereas I would otherwise be bored. I hope that it winds up being Matt and Ragan in the final though. Ragan is my favorite house guest. He tells it like it is, and I respect that. Brit obviously didn’t have to do many or any chores as a child, and this is why she comes across as she does. Someone has always done things for her. Brendon is a very needy person. Who falls in love with someone in that short of an amount of time? I also think if he doesn’t win any money Rachel is gone. I don’t think Brit owes him anything, he hasn’t been the nicest guy to her either. He does have an odd looking stomache now that I see that pool picture, but besides that he rubs me the wrong way. Maybe if he just teamed up with Andrew from the beginning, and didn’t have the whole Rachel thing I would think differently of him. His impression of himself he has given sucks. I wish someone would just send Enzo and Kathy home (jury house), because they are useless. For someone who had cancer, she sure does smoke a lot. Anyway, that’s my take on what I am getting from the show and After Dark.

  25. It seems that the people here on the forums have no moral compass. In your books I guess its ok to be mean as you seem to celebrate it and root for Britney. I mean are you guys deaf. Do you not hear the words that come out of her mouth. Britney is MEAN. She uses everyone, even lane, who likes her. I am dumpfounded as to why anyone would like a little spoiled, mean, short, goodfornothing piece of trash like Britney. Have some morals and class people.

        1. Oh, snap. Not just my grandpa but now the nice woman who gardens in cute clogs and sweater sets next door is joining in. This is about to get….well, probably still quite pleasant and civilized.

        2. The irony police would also like to point out that Donna has just called out a guy for name calling a guy who is name calling a girl for name calling some people in the BB house. My head just exploded.

          1. Brit said if his legs snapped off his collar bone broke and his chest exploded I wouldn’t feel sorry for him” that is the kind of person that you would be proud of. You like her by the things you say so be proud !!!!!

    1. You’re just mad because you’re not as good at calling people names as her. Seriously dude, did you just call her good-for-nothing. Is this my grandpa?

  26. I finally found out what the note said. Here’s for you that are wondering too.

    last night @ 8:25pm Ragan slipped a note under Enzo’s pillow that read “I KNOW YOUR SECRET!” – obviously a ‘saboteur’ thing.

  27. Why is Brendon an Ogre? Because he foolishly fell in love with Rachel — who IS rather skanky, IMO? What has he done that is so much worse than what the others have done? And Britney is a spoiled brat — pretty girl who is getting less pretty as time, and her mouth, goes on. She needs to exert herself around the house a little bit more. Actually, they all do — Brendon and Kathy are the only ones who do any tidying up around the house. Matt will put Kathy up in his place and she will be voted out this week and that will be that for Kathy. Then Brit will be the only female in a sea of males. That list of instructions from BB might be meant for Ragan, the Saboteur, but also might be meant for an upcoming competition.

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