**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Big Brother says and HOH PICS

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:20pm Backyard couch Enzo and hayden

back out sith a imaginary pweons
tp the HOH room
mimic your person

1:20pm Jumanji Lane, Matt and Ragan
Talking about playing “Big Brother Says”, They are trying to figure out if it has any importance in the HOH, MAtt thinks it’ll be for a luxury comp. Lane: “It did say play along it may help you”. They are trying to figure out he order.
Ragan 12 jumping jacks 5 minutes of mimicking 2 minutes hug”
LAne: “Smile until your cheeks hurt”
Ragan: “think of a cheer being have nots… I can’t eat this slop anymore this has been day 23”
Matt whispers if Brendon knows about their theory’s of the sab.. Lane say he doesn’t think so because he was talking to Brit about the sab earlier so I don’t think so .
Ragan: “jumping jacks, go outside and yell at the moon, hot showers then making out, handsand, TP the HOH, national anthem, mimicking .
Matt:” After mimicking i think it’s group hug”
Lane: “sizzling like bacon after the group hug then change the shirt happened before the sizzling”

lane we’re talking about football and brendon said he knew a running back that did the option and ran down the field and the option. Lane: “we’re like what are you talking about the option is when the QB hands it to the running back”. they all call him a douche. They go over the second half of the “big Brother says” get on the floor and sizzle like bacon then pose in the mirror, do a have nots cheer, smile until your cheeks are sore then do a spin, 10 thousand dollars in the Storage room (which wasn’t there)

Heres the complete list

1-12 Jumping jacks in kitchen
2- go outside and get on your hands and knees howl at moon
3- hot shower
4- make out with a imaginary friend
5- go outside and do a hand stand 5 mi
6 – TP HOH room
7 – pledge of allegiance
8- mimic one other house guest
9- exchange shirts
10- group hug for 2 minutes
11-get on the floor and sizzle like bacon
12-muscle pose in front of the mirrors
13- have nots cheer
14 – smile until your cheeks hurt
15- spin
16 – 10thousands in the Storage room

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:20pm Backyard the same type of conversation going on between Hayden, Enzo and Brit. None of them know it as well as Ragan and Matt though.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:45pm Enzo and Brit talking about how Kathy is playing the game now and is trying to play each angle. Enzo says that Brendon is at his wits end becuase nobody hangs out in his HOH. Brit doesn’t understand why he’s upset all the guys are nice to him. Enzo says he feels sorry for Brendon.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:00pm HOH pics, During the group pic MAtt holds up a bag of pretzels, he’s still planning on making Brendon a secret message tomorrow morning.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:10pm Lane, Ragan and MAtt Still going over the Big BRother says order. (Who would like to see this become the new Brigade?)

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71 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Big Brother says and HOH PICS

    1. I would say kathy…it makes the most sense in that it would have the least amount of repercussions in terms of jury votes…

      1. I hope you’re right but taking out Britney would help bring Lane back into the fold. Although Matt is ticked off at Kathy for relaying Rachel’s messages to target him. Tough call.

        1. I’m thinking Kathy because she has no alliance to him. It would make the most sense. Plus, he is not happy with her. I would trust Britney before I would trust her. Also the Brigade wouldn’t be mad. I would like to see Matt put up Enzo & Hayden but I highly doubt that would happen. I would also like to see Matt & Ragan align with Lane & possibly Brit. Get rid of Brendon, Kathy, the two bozo’s and then it’s fight to the final 2. I can’t wait for tomorrows show :)

      2. If he does not want to lose what he thinks he has with the brigade he will put up Brit. the only one that might be upset is Regan. everyone else wants her out.

      3. If he puts Kathy up instead of Britney…he officially has handed his balls over to Ragan. Putting Kathy up is a complete waste of the DPOV..it’s the pansy way out. He wouldnt lose any more jury votes by putting Kathy up over Britney..in fact, he could possibly gain a couple in Brenchel depending on who he is sitting next to in the end.

      4. Nope, none of u are right. Enzo and Hayden are going to tell him he is kicked out of the Brigade tomorrow before eviction. In return he will nominate either Enzo or Hayden, my bet is on Enzo.

        1. Big talk coming from someone who wouldn’t even put their name down. And, by the way, if you don’t like the comments, then maybe it’s you that spend to much time on this site.



        2. I have a fetish for whales. Allison Grodner’s baleen teeth just feel sooooooooo hot when we’re making out. You HAVE to brush your teeth before hand though, because if she catches any smell or taste of food while kissing, bye bye tongue. “We lost so many good men out there.”

  1. These people have to be going out of their minds with complete bordom!! I would be going crazy! Tomorrow night should be good when Matt uses the DPOV….finally some action in the house. Such a boring season! I don’t know where they found this group, but they could have done so much better!!

  2. Me me! I’d like to see it become the new brigade! I love me some Lane. So funny that he feels the need to do push ups and crunches during the recital of some of the big brother sayings!

  3. First time poster, like that has some sort of significance or something lol. Anyway, any idea’s how CBS is going to handle the Sab tomorrow? Since Ragan will have made it for the 2 weeks, and that was the deal, will they out Ragan, just say the Sab is out of play, or do nothing? Seems like it would ruin Ragan’s game if CBS outed him, although I almost think that should be a consequence of taking the position that late in the game. He coulda turned it down. Any thoughts?

    1. Part of the deal for Ragan to take on being the new sab was that it would not be revealed until the finale. He quietly wins his $20K and doesn’t have his game play ruined in the process.

  4. Live Feeds: Kathy back in bed sleeping.

    I know, I know that the others should also clean, but seriously, what else does Kathy have to do but clean? She could spend 2 hours cleaning every day, the house would be spotless and she would still have 22 left for smoking and sleeping.

    1. I agree. Kathy was NOT cut out for this game. She is weak and uninterested. I think she is a very very nice person, and would probably love her if I met her, but come one.

  5. Did anyone hear Brit complaining about the house and how nasty it is? Wow was I could say!!! I so do not want her to win.

      1. The reason it is filthy is because, other than Kathy and Brendon, no one lifts a finger around the place to clean it up. That includes Britney the Complainer!

  6. Oh please don’t nominate Brit Matt, get rid of Kathy first. Dam, as boring as it is I’m not sure I’ll have a reason to watch the show if I can’t see that hot little blonde.

  7. I think that CBS might say that someone in the house earned 20 grand, to stir up more suspicion. I don’t think they would expose Ragan as the Sab unless he gets evicted, like they did for Annie when she left.

  8. I really can’t listen to these people bash Brendon anymore. It gets old. Britney is so annoying. She bashes Rachel even though Rachel left almost a week ago. Ragan says Brendon is a bad sport for reacting the way he does when he or Rachel were on the block, yet Ragan cries almost everyday. I tried to like Enzo, I just can’t. He’s a classless loser. Hayden talks just as much as everyone else does. Kathy seems like a good person, but she does talk bad about everyone too. I just can’t stand this cast. They really have nothing better to talk about? I can’t stand watching the feeds anymore.

    1. I’m not a huge fan of brendon, but I like him more than a some of these idiots, if I had the entire house out to get me, I would throw it in their faces when I won also

  9. Enough with this Brigade bull crap. The clear alliances are Matt/Ragan, Enzo/Hayden and Lane/Britney to an extent. The Brigade is just now a concept, with each former member making decisions for themselves, not for the Brigade. They are just keeping this “alliance” alive to see if it will still serve them a purpose.

    1. The Brigade is a joke. Enzo being the worst. Why don’t he stop talking about other people not winning comps and win one himself? That’s what pisses me off so much about that guy. He also thinks he is #1 with America.

  10. 6:47pm est: Now Ragen and Rachel are saying they will have no contact outside of the BB house with them. I am assuming it’s Brandon and Rachel. Now someone else chimes in and says “I will have no contact with the either”

  11. Kathy is sleeping alone. Is she not friends with people in the house now, or she just wants to be alone? Brandon nowhere to be seen.

  12. 6:55pm est RAchel mocking someone, I am asuming Brandon or Rachel, and Ragen mocking Brandon. Nothing new going on now.

  13. oops ment 5:55pm hehe. hey Brit has a tan. I thought she was so pale, but once she bent over, you can see a clevage tan. :D

  14. Rachel out of the house for almost a week now, and they still talk about her. For someone that everyone is suppose to HATE, they shure talk alot about her.

    Ragan talking about Rachel now, argh!

    1. No I am not taking over for Simon. I have no life now, and just got BB live so I thought I would kill time. I asked first if it was ok, and Dawg said it was so I thougt I would try and help out.

      I just lost my Satalite feed. I will not be able to watch BB on TV today. I guess it’s ok, since I know what happens, I hope I get it for tommorrow I want to see the DPoV used and see the peoples faces.

      At least I have the live feeds. I will try and update if I can.

  15. Let’s recap: This season we still have Britney the raging bitch lazy-eyed hot bod complainer, Ragan the cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat whiner that is Matt’s cousin or half-brother (DRINK!), EnzYO the Jersey trash talker that occasionally feels sorry for Brendon, Brendon the picked on Neanderthal scientist who is much better without Rachel around, Kathy the ever-sleeping human chimney/smoke stack, Lane the quiet gets-along-with-everyone spotlight hunter whose new target is Britney’s pants, Matt the “my wife is sick” one-man Brigade (see Ragan…DRINK!), and Hayden (nothing to say about him other than he looks like Scooby Doo’s best friend). Does that cover it? What a motley crew…not to be confused with Motley Crue, although Tommy Lee & Co would fit in just fine with this group of losers.

    1. I think you pretty much pegged it, yeah. You should write those little descriptions they put on the TV listings channel. You make it sound more interesting than it is.

  16. Brendon and Kathy were right on about the note the SAB left Enzo. They think it was written by Brit or Ragan. Why are the other HGs not speculating about the note? Ugghhhhhh

  17. 6:30pm est, brit and regan in the whirl pool yapping, had to stop watching couldn’t take it no more, in the kitchen now, Brandon, eating, talking with Haydon. Just talking about stuff no game play yet.

  18. Lane walks past Kathy says something like ” A nap sounds good” passes brit didn’t make out what they said. Lane goes into the Have Not room, Matt there, and asks if he is napping , Matt goes no, just chilling, then Lane repeats like 3 times are you napping each time Matss says no. Not shure what that was about.
    Lane finally sits down and now they talking about other players, not shure what direction they going.

  19. Ragan is talking about some clues, maybe there will be no have not or something like that about these clues. Talking about hot showers for everyone, everyone looks down, not really shure what to make what he says.

    1. Matt agree with Ragen that this could be the end of “have nots” but they are not banking on it yet, just hoping that it is.

  20. Hehe, Matt looks like he is down. All I could make out with him talking to Lane and Regan “I want him out next.”

    Everyone is still talking about the DE, double evicition. Mabye there will not be one since somone already said that there was 13 house guests not 14 since someone quit just before BB started, so maybe there will be no DE and just make the HG freak out on it.

    1. I thought there was usually 16? I could be way off though. I didn’t even think to count how many there were because I was so excited for a new season… And then we get the crappy cast again!
      I didn’t know that someone quit before it even started. I wonder if that would have been the 1 interesting cast member…. Probably!

  21. Just as Matt is good at not flinching, give it to Ragen as well,. Hayden is in the room now, they talking about the Sabateur, and Ragen just rolling with them. As much as I don’t like him, I give it to him, he can hide it good.

    Just chit chat about the sabateur now.

  22. i would LOVE for Hayden or Enzo to be put up in his place. They’ve used Matt’s wins to their advantage so far and are willing to turn on him in a second.

    Matt needs to make a bold move.

    Align with Ragan, Lane, and Britney.

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