Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon says the house decision is just like the Nazi way …It’s not what I want, it’s what the Fuhrer wants…

10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests … the feeds come back on at 10:20am
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10:20am Kathy is in the kitchen telling Brendon about that saboteur note that Enzo go under his pillow. Brendon hadn’t heard about it ….and goes to the bedroom with Hayden to ask Enzo about it. In the bedroom Brendon looks at the note and asks him if he found it under his pillow. Brendon laughs and asks what does it says …are you gay? Enzo says yeah … Brendon looks at it and says that he took a hand writing analysis course and thinks that he will be able to pin point who wrote it. Enzo says oh yeah. Enzo says that there is someone in the house doing this. Hayden says that they will probably get a message from the saboteur later. Enzo says yeah and then in a saboteur voice says Enzo, did you like my letter? They talk about how it says Enzo I know your secret.

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10:40am – 10:55amKathy is outside talking to Brendon on the couch. Kathy says that the note is just someone in the house messing around. Kathy says that it wasn’t Big Brother because she cleaned in there and we were never on lock down so big brother didn’t come in because they won’t even come into the house to change a light bulb. Kathy says that it looks like a girls hand writing. Kathy says that it was definitely was someone in the house. Brendon tells Kathy that he doesn’t think it’s her. Kathy swears on her life and her kid, that it isn’t. Kathy says that she is getting too old for this shit. Kathy says that the days of saying that there isn’t really a saboteur are over. Kathy says that it is someone just messing around and its not funny …they are messing with someone’s game that is innocent. Brendon says yeah. Brendon says all they need to do is catch the saboteur lying and spreading rumors and then just call him out and BOOM… we got em! Brendon says the saboteur in the house isn’t really doing anything. Kathy said well they recorded the 14 messages. Brendon says he thinks Big Brother does that not the actual sab. Kathy says she doesn’t know but it really upsets her to know that there is someone in the house is doing that. Kathy says that it really upsets her that someone is doing that kind of shit. Brendon says if its Britney or Ragan doing that kind of shit and then we catch them … I don’t care if they’re not the saboteur …we get them out …BOOM! Brendon says that then we can say its what the house wants. Brendon says the house decision is just like the Nazi way …It’s not what I want, it’s what the Fuhrer wants. Brendon heads inside for more coffee and then comes back out side.  Brendon and Kathy go around the yard and put up the window blinds… and Brendon says that they deserve a thank you. Kathy says that she never gets a thank you. Then Big Brother says Brendon, Kathy Thank You! Brendon and Kathy laugh. Brendon and Kathy go back to talking on the backyard couch. Brendon asks Kathy what she did before the police force. Kathy tells him that she was in the timber business. Kathy says that she owned it, and when she got sick they had a lot of theft. Kathy says that her employess thought she was going to die and took over and then she couldn’t sue them. Kathy says that she knows who did it too and that it was one of her husbands best friends was one of them.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back, …Kathy says that one of the guys said in the deposition that he did it because he though she would die and never figure it out. Kathy says that is why she got into law enforcement …and that once she takes a case she would never give up…

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82 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon says the house decision is just like the Nazi way …It’s not what I want, it’s what the Fuhrer wants…

  1. Hayden has some nerve saying stuff about Matt being close with Regan and lane being close with Brit. This is the same guy that said if it came down to it he would have cosen Kristen over the brigade.

      1. yeah he can say anthing at that point that would help him out…there is no freaking way he would have chosen Kristen over the Brigade, he was already starting to throw her under the bus in whatever ways he could during the first month’s better of she left when she did or it would have gotten ugly

      1. If entertaining you mean wanting to choke the faux mafia wanna be out of him, then yea super entertaining. I prefer my blood pressure to stay within reason so I think I will past on Enzo being my favorite HG. Hate guidos.

        1. yeah and u obviously dont got the keep on watching cbs,and let them decide for you ,who u are suppose to like……..

          1. Actually on cbs Brittney isn’t that bad. So if you would put a little more thought into that assumption you would come to a conclusion that didn’t leave you look like a fool, but Brit is your favorite character so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

              1. I have Showtime, which I have to say this is the first season I’ve watched BB with Afterdark and it gives you a full look at these people’s personalities, people miss a LOT just watching CBS. Combine afterdark with this blog I would say I get a really good idea of these folks. As far as the Brit thing I already explained my mistake.

                1. watcher, CBS makes Britney out to be like an actual nice normal even funny person, not the demon seed she is on BBAD (and in real life) – especially last Sunday’s episode (the first few CBS episodes didn’t show her that much)…if you didn’t see the first few weeks of BBAD you would miss her horrific mean POINTLESS trash talking that had nothing to do with the game — and yes, you would miss the true personalities of all of them so it is good to watch…

                  cbs is good to watch bc you get to see the diary room sessions and the competitions that the feeds don’t show

                  but this is the most boring season for BBAD IN A LONG TIME….last season was so much better

                  1. I agree, boring season. Showtime is really screwing over evryone though, this is the first year they don’t show comps continuing and HoH room celebrations,a few but always before.
                    I think CBS wants people to move to the live feed, probably they will make more money.

                    1. I didn’t sign up for the live feeds this year because last year they went to the ‘fishes’ everytime something good was happening. This site is so much more informative imo because simon & co. work so hard to present a great synopsis of everything that happens….without the BS!

          2. Brit = Enzo…was previously responding to a Brit comment so I have her on the brain. wow look who is foolish now. My point remains the same however.

  2. The thing I dont get is why ppl onthis site say that the house guest wont trust matt because he used the dpov.
    He cant tell them about it, if does its void and all he is doing is protecting his core group of people.
    How is that that not trustworthy? hes helping them out.

      1. He had to show them something ( because u have to get something out of pandoras box and $1 just
        bought him time) or he would be atarget
        but if he explains to them he had to be quiet or he would
        lose the power.

        1. I never understood why he couldn’t come up with a better lie, did he not watch last year, why didn’t he say he got to see his wife or another family member

    1. If ever the term smarmy was fitting for a person, Matt would be such a person. I think the HGs distrust for Matt stems more than just the DPOV, he has a general greasiness about him, physically and gameplay. Can you blame them? They are just picking up on something from a person who would make up a lie about his WIFE having an incurable and painful disease, at the end I don’t think anyone is going to be that shocked…maybe Ragan but he is a complete joke. How many times has Ragan denied their being a secret alliance when the Brigade names were literally laid out before him by Kristen?? Technically you are right though, the DPOV is suppose to be a secret even though he has dropped so many hints there should be a question of whether he should be able to use it at all.

      1. Smarmy? Enzo is the “f-king smarmy do do head yo” (just using his terms) — he’s the one that others have realized / are realizing is always up others’ butts. Matt is actually well-liked and generally doesn’t pander — his lack of pander (Enzo’s constant cries of “he hasn’t hung out with us in a f-king week.”) are what caused Enzo to distrust him. Enzo expects everyone to pander to his ego like he panders to Brendon / whomever he’s talking to.

      1. I prefer poisonous venom in my snakes and spiders not by vile potty mouthed little girls whose insults are permanently stuck in High School, how old is she again? Well…if I was in High School (mentally or physically) I suppose I could maaaaaaaybe if I tried really hard see the appeal in such a blond cliche, but its very difficult to believe. Andrew ftw.

      2. its a shame to award the most vile person on that cast….the things she says about people go way beyond to far…behind their backs…its brutal…she needs to grow up for 22

    1. Why Lane he’s just much a floater as Enzo! He’s never won anything or made any bold move! and As for Brit she just talks tooooooo much! Maybe if she kept her mouth close, she may have picked up on the brigades already.

  3. I think if I got a letter, asking if I was gay, then I would think it came from the only gay person in the house. Sorry, if that’s sounds bad, but who else would think it and ask it. I think it is a clue for who Matt is going to put up on the block after he uses his DPOV, ENZO. After the talk Matt had in the bathroom with the rest of the bridgade, I think he figured it out and knows that Enzo and Hayden are planning on voting him out and how they said that they were not going to put up Brendon, if they won HOH. Hope Matt or Ragen win the next HOH, but I hope there targets are Enzo, Lane and Hayden. Knock the bridgade on it’s backstabbing ass. Just have to wait and see.

    1. It didn’t say anything about being gay and the sab does things that America recommends. Read a little more carefully next time

  4. Even if Ragan “can’t be a man” …………….he can at least grow up and act like an adult !
    That crying is such bullshit and it’s getting old…………..CBS needs to do something !

  5. LOL. Brendon is going to analyze the note and tell us who wrote it…. What a douche
    I’m so bothered by Hayden’s weird, tiny mouth that I have to look away when they show him. Besides that, he’s just annoying.
    I think I’ve reached the point that the only person I want to win is Lane. Sure, he talks some shit but not nearly what I’ve seen from the others, and it’s Big Brother – almost everyone does it at some point. Lesser of the evils, perhaps??

  6. Great we have Hercule Poirot (Brendon) on the handwriting whodoneit. Meanwhile we’ll hear from Enzyme until September about him being framed and how he’s gonna put a hit on the Saboteur. They should just let Sleeper Cell Kathy role the note up and smoke it. Move on people!

  7. Jsyk Simon, Love the new server. I can now access everything from my phone whereas before I could only see bits & peices. Thanks!!!

        1. I didn’t notice a difference accessing on my phone or the regular computer, no issues here wich is good because I didn’t want to go threw withdraw.

      1. Yes, it was a joke but it gets at the heart of Brendon who’s a little homophobic — seriously, why would being gay be a secret in BB and why would Brendon jump to that as the worst secret in BB? — in the room with Enzo and Hayden in the wee hours of the night, Brendon was complaining about Ragan and saying some homophobic sick — it was slight enough that Production didn’t call him out but enough that I don’t if Brendon has any real friends who are gay.

        1. I don’t know what to make of Brendon. I’m not sure how anybody who lives in LA or any major metro area for that matter could be homophobic. Living in big cities kinda exposes you to all types of people,which I would hope means also helps get rid of stupid phobias/biases/prejudices.

          1. it was just a joke. enzo obviously tries to appear like a real wise guy and manly man, so it’s a natural, humorously ironic thing to tease him with. bb did the same thing with the footage of him celebrating after he, Brendon, and Hayden completed the “The Other Guys” obstacle course.

  8. Brenda says the house is like the Nazi?? funny w=everybody thought the same thing when Rachel and him had power… interesting though not as much as rachel, i see the hypocrite in him.

    1. It the entire house was coming after me I would act the same way rachel and brendan did, if they already hate you, what do you have to lose, throw your wins in their faces

  9. yeah that is some funny shit! I was beginning to think the house was overreacting with Brenda and his various jobs as a lawyer, scientist, teacher and other shit he claims to be or have done. now he is a hand writing analyst. last night he talked about being a body builder and lifting more than lane after lane benched 300 plus #’s twice. I remember this one time I was walking home through a blizzard, naked, when a grizzly bear attacked me and I killed it with a loose leaf binder. yeah true story.

    1. Oh yeah well one time Brendon was walking through a category 5 hurricane, and dove into the ocean to kill a great white shark with only a business card

  10. Brendon is a trite SOB reaching for the old “this is as bad as the Nazis” / “Matt is the Fuhrer (Hitler)” trope — he probably is a faux news watcher! And pretty damn stupid too that he’d even make the analogy — he clearly has no real clue about the Nazis.

    I’m a little cranky about staying up all night (damn the talkative Enzo for not going to his bed until almost 4 am Pacific) to see him find the note. So I’m not willing to take any BS from Brendon ;) even if it’s only in a post on a blog! ;)

  11. Someone please tell me why has no one…not one person in this BB house not mentioned the DPOV? If this is something that has been given and used in prior seasons of BB, why is no one mentioning it at all? Or are they cutting the feed? I’m fairly new to this whole BB shite so please someone help me understand?

    1. DPOV was used once a really long time ago. Probably forgotten about. They’re thinking the coup d’etat is the power that will be given out, and that America will vote for the recipient. Close, but not quite right.


    1. Ugh! The thought of seeing and hearing RacHELL again in the house made me throw up a little bit. YUK!! Lets move on…

  13. I hope shiat hits the proverbial fan on Thursday!
    Matt plays the DPOV and now puts Kathy up thinking again he’s carrying the brigade…….
    Hopefully the Sab will target another HG right after the eviction so they’ll all know Kathy wasn’t the sab.
    I suspect Brendon has some power he’s not revealing as well……like the ability to play in next week’s HOH……whatever he has will probably be revealed on Thursday after Kathy is evicted.
    I expect another twist that will equalize Matt’s DPOV in Brendon’s favor that CBS will finagle to keep a powerful foe against Bri, Matt, & Ragan.

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