*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit complains about Brendon: “He’s such a dummy he wants an alliance with me, Ragan and himself”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:00pm Brit and LAne Brit: “Brendon has to go he’s trying to get me, Ragan and himself into an alliance”. Lane: “That guy has lost it”. Brit explains everything that Brendon has been saying, He’s talked to her twice already wanting them to form a 3 way alliance. BRendon told her that she is the first to go if the guys take out himself and Ragan. Brit laughs at what Brendon told her says she would never do an alliance with ragan an RBendon she can’t trust them. Lane says Brendon is just a idiot don’t listen to him, he mentions that both Ragan and Brendon hate her and they want to confuse her. (It’ll be funny when Brit finds out she’s been played this entire time). Brit adds that Brendon was telling her that this week is Double elimination and him and Ragan have a good chance to win it, it’s there time to make a game changing move. Lane just shrugs it off says Brendon is the first to go in Double elimination and Ragan is the second. Brit says that she going to try for the comps but if it’s just Lane her and HAyden then she’ll throw it to them. She thinks she’ll have a better chance at quiz comps so wants to be able to compete in those. Lane asks her if she will be pissed if she only gets 50 grand. Brit says she really needs the money so sure she would be pissed. lane well everyone needs the money. Brit wants to win the money but if she can’t she wants to see a good person like Hayden or Lane win it (i’m 2 drinks away from being on Team Brendon with the condition that he dumps Rachel). Brit starts complaining how stupid she was for not grabbing all the prizes during the last POV. She really wanted to go to Hawaii, LAne tells her she still can but now has to pay for it. Lane brings up starting a bar called BB bar and GRill. Brit wants to do that as well but she has something else planned and doesn’t want to talk about it. Brit starts talking about how much she loves New York and how she plans a trip to go visit the big apple once year. Lane calls New York Weak. They start talking about how much money they don’t have. Lane and Brit both trying to make it look like they are poor.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:15pm Taj The Penguin, The Ogre and the other guy There doing a bit of studying. Brendon tells them that Matt said his goodbye to Brendon earlier today, Brendon respects matt for that. HAyden wonders if they should tell MAtt there voting him out tomorrow. Enzo doesn’t think they should. He thinks Matt already knows. Brendon tells them to eat a lot today and go to bed early so they are ready for the HOH, Enzo agrees he tells them he’s going to shave tonight. HAyden brings up Ragan and how he has nobody in the house, hayden wants them to make sure Ragan doesn;t get the HOH. Brendon lets out a big groan “It all starts again tomorrow”… Enzo tells them that they were the ones that got Matty out and they didn’t have to do shit. Hayden: “The blood is all on Brits hands”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:53pm Cabana room MAtt and ragan Studying and going over previous seasons competitions.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:05pm HOH Lane, Brit, The Penguin and some other guy with long hair They are all talking about how much they can’t stand Brendon and his stupid stories. Hayden rolls his eyes: “Ok brendon we get it your going to cure cancer and you’ve perfected the California roll” Brit: “Yeah you did that all when you were a master sushi chef”. Lane says before he just was annoyed by Brendon but now he can’t stand being near him.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:11pm Enzo, Hayden, lane and Brit outside practicing for a comp. Enzo thinks they should barricade the sliding door so Brendon and Ragan don’t get a chance to practice. Hayden and LAne agree. They wonder if this is for the POV. HAyden thinks this is HOH and there is no Double elimination next week. Lane is really happy says this is a comp they can all win.

lanes Tip 4:34pm August 24th cam 1

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154 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit complains about Brendon: “He’s such a dummy he wants an alliance with me, Ragan and himself”

      1. Better, yet, I am voting for the miners in Chile. A real life Big Brother with help from production and equipment.

          1. And, they would be trying to be the one voted out! Talk about Have Nots. They don’t even have a pool table. They don’t have a backyard couch, they don’t have a backyard! Those poor guys. I can’t imagine, can you?

  1. Simon, I’ll join you on Team Brendon after a few more drinks and dumping Rachel, IF Brendon also dumps Enzo, stops his own Enzo-like behaviors, and stops picking his nose.

    1. I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how you know all of this stuff. How did you like the CBS episode tonight?

      1. Eaglebirdie, you’re an idiot but I’ll explain again. I watched the show and the live feeds up until I recently quit. I DON’T watch the show anymore. I DO still read this blog and Simon and Dawg do a great job of telling what’s happening. Please know that every time I read one of your attacks, I wonder if you share something in common with Larry Craig, Ken Mehlman, and Dr. George Rekers.

        1. Those three think you’re an idiot too? And as good as these posts are, you are full of shit. Your comments prove that you are still watching so cut the act. I’m glad you screwed them out of money by getting a refund though. Congrats on that. I’m going to go to Outback now and eat most of my meal and then tell them I found a hair in it so I can get it for free.

          1. Mimi….the fact that you are still reading this post, makes that you are still watching the show!! Everything that is said on here is what happens on the episodes. For God sakes, stop being such a CHILD!!!!!

      1. Nemesis, I agree — I’m supporting Ragan if he makes it to the final 2, as he’s the only person left who’s been loyal and relatively hardworking in the game …. but I think he’ll be leaving soon.

        1. Ragan? REALLY? A vile, despicable, disgusting poor excuse for a human being (gay or straight, since you always want to make that an issue if someone dislikes Ragan) and you want him in the final 2? THAT says a lot about a certain someone’s true character doesn’t it? How many 12 year olds have you taken into your cave, Mimi?

        2. i’m jumping on team Brendon or Ragan as well. I thought that was the perfect thing for them to do, team together with Brit. Wow is she in for a surprise. She is going to feel so dumb! Now she went and told Lane what Brendon was planning. I hope he still teams with Ragan and they win hoh and gets one of them out.

    2. I was a big Brigade guy but I’m moving over to team Brendon, despite raunchy Rachel. The Brigade now is just a bunch of dopes.

  2. Brittany is sooo stupid she should make an alliance with Reagan and Brendon she has a better chance to make it with them because they win stuff, and Lane, Hayden, and Enzo don’t and they don’t care about her they will get rid of her as soon as they can. I hope ragean and brendon make a secret alliance!

    1. I don’t understand why / how Brit could say that Ragan lies. Ragan has been the most trustworthy of them all — Brit lies way more than Ragan! If Brit is evicted soon, I’m going to enjoy it just because she’s playing so blinded by love.

    2. Duhhh…it’s not a secret alliance anymore, Brit had to tell all to Lane. Lane will run back to the BG with that info. She is so sure that Lane is smitten with her. Lane will prob tell her to take the alliance and feed the BG with B/R strategy. She’s given up a shot at $500,000 for a fake BF. (BTW: great job on the recap, Simon)

    3. Hopefully Matt outs The Brigade soon. If he does then an alliance with Brendon and Ragan will start to look pretty good to Brittany. I hope she uses her head for something more than a place to rest her tiara.


    5. brit brit, should get violin with her name on it, because she has been the most played hg in history of bb…….even marcellas had some clue before beeing played…….brit brit, can’t believe she is that clueless…..yes regan and brandon (can’t believe I’m saying brendon)…

    1. Yes, I don’t recall it being said today, but i do remember him saying that within the past couple of days. I thought he wasn’t being sincere, like it might be a ploy, but he did say it.

  3. Just the TIP
    If you’re safe, and the comp is anonymous, go for the prizes! lol Hayden made some money and got a helluva vacation. Just in case things don’t work out, he’s got something. But, I don’t want him to win.
    Brendon does fight hard, gotta give him props for that. I’m about ONE drink away from joining his alliance.
    Lane is funny, and I wouldn’t mind if he skates through.
    Matt is gone.
    Ragan should be right behind him (he would LOVE that). LMAO And, for a college professor, he sure is an idiot for making the pedophile remarks. Boo Gaygan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brit is just too spoiled, and too stupid to deserve victory.
    PengwEnzo – Turning out to be a real DUD, yo.
    ***** What kind of poll is this, no Zingbot??????

    1. I kind of agree with the mentality you have about the prizes but Hayden is the ABSOLUTE WORST! Who likes that guy? Who voted for him in the polls? Big ups to his top lip for fleeing that sinking ship of a human being. The hair, my god the hair. Everything about him is awful.

    1. awww, I voted for you. But I am heading toward team Brendon, he sure has a fire under his ass and is willing to go all out for it. It’s just kind of hard to get past Rachell, and that boner he is carrying for her.YUK!!!!!!

  4. This girl is as dumb as a rock!!!
    I PRAY for her sake she is just trying to just throw Lane off the sent.
    Where is this poll at Simon ?

  5. Enzo tells them that they were the ones that got Matty out and they didn’t have to do shit. Hayden says “The blood is all on Brits hands” Are they delusional they were the ones that talked Brittney into doing it. Don`t they think that Matt will not see the replay in the jury house. What a pair of idiots

    1. No they can’t see these things in the jury house they are not allowed, they will not see these conversations until BB ends.

    2. they dont show jury members all the footage from the show just the comps and what not so they know who had power that week. so matt wouldnt see that the brigade talked brit into putting him up

  6. I still find Brendon to be an almost retarded man child who sounds a lot like Jimmy from South Park but after Matt’s gone then Brendon is who I’ll be pulling for. I like Brit but she’s too dumb to hope for. I wouldn’t be mad if she won though.

  7. I found it!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brenden is leading thats a surprise. Everyone was hating on him
    hard 2 wks ago. Oh yeah I forgot about Rachel.
    I liked them from day one. On the first episode on cbs I picked Ragan/ Mat
    booooooy have things changed since the first week for me.

  8. Simon can you ask dawg if Brendon really told brit about forming an alliance with her and ragean? I want to know if this really happened or is she is making it up to throw brendon under the bus. —Thanks!

    1. Should a Matt confide in Brendon Brit and reagan about brigade and try to form a group between themselves. It seems like it would be his last ditch effort if they would vote him out after all he’s Done. Explain to Regan the why. It would be hard to get Brit to go against Lane. I don’t know if they would believe him and keep it a secret. WhAt do you think? Or What should Matt do?

      1. That would be awesome. Expect the unexpected. But I think that whole two people knowing each other was a FaceBook prank given to Ragen in the DR.

        1. If I remember correctly, Annie was the one who said it when she was the sab. Maybe it was BS, but we need a other good twist, so I’m still keeping my hopes up for something good!


    1. Ooooo, I like that thought….though, I do not think Lane /Nick has it in him to abstain from physical contact if she really is his girl…..or does he???? hmmmmm…

    2. oh yeah…thats the only possibility outside of brenden andrew

      plus, why wouldnt we see or HEAR of him from her parents…strange

    3. Lauren, if you want to see the real Nick, go to starcasm.net/archives/61103. It is an interview with him. He discusses Lane and Britney’s flirting. There are pictures of Nick and Britney.

  9. I voted for you Dawg! If it weren’t for you, Simon, and Colette this season would be a total snooze! Is it just me or does Hayden’s last name being Moss seem overly apprpriate. Something that slowly grows on non-mobile objects? Just sayin’…

  10. when do the full episodes go up on cbs? my bf didnt see tonights episode. is it up anywhere else before cbs.com or would it be on there first?

  11. when do the full episodes go up on cbs? my bf didnt see tonights episode. is it up anywhere else before cbs.com or would it be on there first?

  12. I haven’t been watching the live feeds at all the last couple of days. Way too boring and I can’t stand to see a bunch of idiots in the house anymore. Enzo creeps me out, Hayden is stupid, lane is just a creep, Matt’s leaving, Brendon is an idiot, Ragen is the only one left with any sense, but he’ll be gone soon too. This show is starting to suck more and more. If Production picks another set of HGs like this again, I’ll never watch again.
    Brit is so stupid and wants to be one of the guys so bad. She is blinded by lame. He is a jerk. I really hope she goes home where she can see where she made her mistake sending Matt home.

  13. Oh the irony in Britney saying that Brendon is the dummy. She’d do well to take him up on that offer immediately if she only knew that her man was about to screw her. I was onboard “Team Gremlin” weeks ago wholeheartedly but I am not sad to see him go. The “i’ll throw Ragan under the bus” move was stupid because it made all the HG’s even more suspicious. That combined with the “doh” move of sending Kathy home with the DPOV makes me glad he is going. The only problem is who to root for – I don’t like any of them. Hayden and Enzo annoy the shite out of me, Britney is stupid and Lane pulling the “I’ll keep you out of harm’s way baby” made me want to barf – so I’m left with Brendon and Ragan. Go Radon!

    1. Tim, the “I’ll keep you out of harm’s way” reminds me of all the promises that high school and college boys made to us girls just to get a little further….

    2. I;ve started doing things backwards this season. Instead of picking someone I hope wins it all, I knda go week to week picking who I hate the most. Generally I am happy after each eviction episode. But then again, every week is so predictable, it isn’t hard to pick the loser unfortunately.

  14. are there going to be a sirprise tomorrow having Enzi getting 2 votes from BB for breaking the have not rules this week…Haven’t heard to much talk about ti…Anyone heard anything…

  15. Lane is using Brit. He is not Nick. Brit some how has fallen for this guy even though she is engaged and forgot that this is big brother. You can’t let your emotions get the best of you in this game. But even though she is a huge fan of the show she forgot this and put all her faith in some guy she just met. If Monet had stayed in the game Brit would have never fallen for lane. Brit seems very co-dependant

  16. Wishing Big Brother would bring up the lifelong friends….What was the purpose of mentioning it if they dont do something about it ?
    C’mon already -stop dangling that carrot in front of us..

    1. I think it was a lie by Annie/Sab. I really dont think there is any connection. I think the powers that be were hoping Annie stuck around longer and they were able to milk this lie for about 5 weeks. Instead, it came and went in 5 seconds.

  17. I can’t wait to see the Brigade crumble … and dumb ass Britney is going down with them. Can anyone really be the dumb not to see the alliance between these guys????

    1. I really hope BB kicks Enzo to the curb for cheating …. no votes against … just out!!! … That would turn the heat up a little … cause we certainly can’t count on Matt to shake it up!

      1. bb should say houseguest we have a first. tonight is double eviction nite…and then once they vote out matt then julie should say enzo u also have been evicted from the big brother house for not adhering to the rules. man oh man the look and dram would be priceless.yesssssss please cbs do it

      2. I just want Matty to over hear the boys: lame, hayhair and bozo talk about evicting him and how they made Britt put him up. Come on BB somehow have Matty over hear the idiots and them have him expose his secret alliance. Then vote off Bozo for eating and not wearing the animal suit (Because if BB does not penalize the house guest it’s only bad for future guest to think they do not have to isten to the rules). OR BB may just have Matty voted off and then he can send him and Racheal back to the house. If it is a double eviction this week and there were only 13 house guest something in my *Gut* saids that 2 guest could maybe come back. What do you guys think??

        1. I think the two of my choice would be Racheal and Matt I use to hate Racheal but at least she knew how to get a big fight going and she keep us on her toes not knowing what she was going to do next. I do think Brendan is way to good for Racheal and I have a feeling it will be a hard lesson for him to learn. I think he could never get past her balls (the ones on her chest at least

        2. I don’t think anyone comes back if the finalle is Sept. 15th. They will be down to 5 on 8/26, down to 4 on 9/2, down to 3 on 9/9, and then the finalle. I think I saw that Survivor is starting Wednesday 9/22. I don’t think there is enough time to bring someone back.

  18. brit is so stupid…she really believes STILL that its a foolproof plan to get rid of brenden….sigh…even though he has a zero percent chance of winning big brother

  19. For those who might be interested: There are some screen caps of Lane out there that shows his penis slipping out underneath his towel when he was sitting down. They are easy to find with a net search. When I watch Lane I think of the Julie Brown song “I Like Them Big and Stupid”

  20. Can anyone tell me a good reason why Matt isnt exposing the Brigade or is he may be waiting till the very last possible moment to expose them? It just makes too much sense for him to get Ragan, Brendon and Britney in the same rooom and tell them whats been going on since the start of the game.

    1. EXACTLY!!!! That’s what I’ve been saying. At least it is a chance. By doing nothing he has NO chance. I was also thinking maybe he’s waiting so the HG;s don’t have a chance to discuss his accusations.

    2. Telling Britney tonight might not be too smart — she’d just run to Lane and he’d convince her otherwise. Telling Brendon and Ragan WOULD be smart — especially if he apologized to Brendon (Brendon eats that crap up) and tells Brendon some of the things that Enzo and Hayden said about Brendon. If Brendon hears things that he told them in confidence, then he might be convinced.

    3. He doesn’t know the BG recommended that he be put up. He thinks it’s all Brit. Lane told him that they were all suggesting to Brit that she put Ragen up, so he doesn’t know they back-stabbed him, thinks they were all still loyal and don’t want to vote him out, but that’s just the way it’s worked out. He won’t know the truth until he watches.

    4. You must understand, Matt is not as smart as he thinks. If Matt is such a diabolical super-genius, then why did he make the worst move in BB 12? He should have used the DPOV’s powers on Enzo or Hayden, two people whom he knew did not want him in the Brigade over Lane. Instead he chose to take out a non-threat to his safety, merely hoping that the Brigade would welcome him back with open arms

      1. he was playing a numbers game. If he put two brigade members up against each other, he would have had the remaining two gunning for him next week, plus he already had Brendan against him. Kathy had started to get close to Brenden so she could have been swayed to vote out Matt too. His only real choice would be to take out Kathy (a floater) or Brit, (close friend of Ragen, and Matt and Brit had spent a week getting close as Have-Nots) Matt’s downfall was being isolated from the brigade for that week so those lug-heads could get paranoid and think he, a strong competitor, was getting too close to other HGs. His only hope was to show his loyalty by not putting one of them up. Unfortunately they had gone too far in convincing each other that he couldn’t be trusted.

    5. Well, Matt has been telling Ragan to team up with Brendon and to go after E/H/L. He also approached Brendon and told him that he would vote for him if he made it to the F2. This shows that he does not want the Brigade to win, so he might suspect that they threw him under the bus. I am sure that he will expose the Brigade before the eviction in a last ditch effort to save himself. After all, it will either work, or it won’t. He has nothing more to lose at this point. If it doesn’t work, then at least he gets his revenge against the Brigade for stabbing him in the back.

  21. Brittney just showed how stupid she really is. If she would learn to keep her mouth shut she would be ok. Why would she tell lane everything. If she would have kept what Brendan told her about her and Regan forming an alliance she would be in a great position because Brendan and Regan could win hoh. She’s puting all of her trust in 1 side and that side doesn’t care about her at all. You need to keep some things to yourself in this game.

    1. The girl is young and stupid. Furthermore, women, especially young dumb women, thinks that they’ll get the guy to be closer to them by showing all their emotions to the guy. It’s kind of like: I have nothing to hide from you. I’m with you all the way. I need you, and I trust you. I want you to be there for me, as I will be there for you.
      Lane might be dumb, but he’s a man, and you can’t tame a man.

      1. Oh yeah – I just wish she’d get it that even if Brendon is the one who put her up, that Lane & the boys are the ones whose votes got her out. Same as Matty to Brit. (How mad can she be at Brendon for putting her up – She betrayed him.) Maybe Ra will tell her about the BG (if Matt tells him) in his GB message to her. Would be something to see her in denial if Ra tells her and then Julie confirms it. Lane & the boys won’t because they want her JH vote in the finals.

    2. I hope it gets back to Bren/Ra that Brit told the boys about their offer. Actually Enz/Hay could tell Bren in a “how ridiculous is she” way so that IF it’s true, Bren-Ra will back off the offer with Brit – so the boys torpedo Bren-Ra’s deal for sure….and the boys gain some trust in Bren’s eyes for coming to him with it. Meanwhile, Bren-Ra (Raden or whatever) can SECRETLY shake on a deal to save each other each week and NEVER take Brit back since she has proved she is not to be trusted…no matter how remorseful she acts when “her army” starts dropping around her. They don’t owe her anything.

      I’m glad Ra is civil to Matt but not totaling investing in him now. “Just in case” Penguin gets evicted in Matt’s place tomorrow due to penalty points for (ch)eating – Matt should team up Raden and spill what he knows about the Brigade (though maybe he won’t have to). Brendon forgives anyone who apologizes and he already is “good” with Matt since Matt gave him props. It’s possible. But even if Matt leaves as expected tomorrow, if he could just confirm with Raden what they suspect….I think Raden will lock & load. Brend needs to evict Brit first so they are not tempted to trust her AGAIN!!!

      I don’t get how Brit says she can’t trust Bren-Ra – She turned on both of them, not the other way around. If you just want to hang out with the hot guys, just say so, Brit. Don’t bs the bs’ers.

      1. I’ll be dang. You just wrote everything that I have been thinking, but didn’t want to take the time to type it all out… hahahaha!
        Thanks! You noticed the little things that I saw too, like Brendon forgives anyone who apologizes to him……..Very observant on your part.

      2. Problem is that it will remain dependent on Brandon and Ragan winning HOH/POV competitions, because with 4 votes against 2, the chances of them surviving otherwise are pretty non-existent. Even if one is HOH, if either is put on the block with no POV, they’re gone.

      1. I agree 100% on this. He has his hands on his junk most of the time, never washes his hands then either and then eats. Yetch…..

  22. I have been team Brendon since day one although it took Rachel being voted out to get him into the game I really hope he goes all the way with Ragan. They are the only 2 who deserve this eveyone else sucks!!!

  23. What’s up with someone saying before that America will vote for the favorite player?
    If this is true, what does the winner get?

  24. I’m getting to the point that I can’t stand Hayden. I might be wrong, but he comes across as a very selfish person.

    1. Selfish Hayden …so obvious when the group was blaming Matt for taking all the prizes and the camera flashed to Hayden who did the deed. He’s a jerk… I can’t figure out how the hell he plays pool with that damn hair hanging in his face and over his eyes. And he had the nerve to say no way was HE shaving his hair off because he likes it. What a dork… He must have a forehead full of pimples.

  25. The Brigade should be called the Marmelade, They are a bunch of little condensed stale fruits.

  26. Maybe Brendan and Ragan will consider joining forces. They only have to keep it quiet and win HOH and one POV to even things up after Brit leaves. Surely the “brigade” would not be able to beat them without Matt and Brittany to help.

    1. As much as I don’t like Ragan for his nasty insults toward Brendon and Rachel, I would stil want to see Ragan and Brendon join force like you say. If they do, they still can win if they do good in competitions. That would be too lovely.

  27. not gonna lie…i love that haydenzo are the least liked characters be the people reading this blog.

    I’m also almost supporting brendon…hes not as big of an idiot as brit or a lazy bastard like haydenzo/lane. I still like ragan but he has to bust butt to make it to the finale. poor guy.

  28. Wow- I am moving to Brendon- who wuddah thunk. He is driven, he plays, wouldn’t it be fun to watch if more than one HG was playing the game? It is painful to watch Brit- so simple minded. Maybe there is a most played award this year- I vote for her! And poor Matt, the most brillian player of all time turns out to be a poor imitation of Ronnie. I am sure next year we will hace contestans who have kids with cancer, HIV, whatever- shame on CBS- there should be a line.

  29. Im hoping brendon and Ragan team up tonight for the double eviction next week. Ragan and Brendon would make a good ass team and i cant wait till britney get evicted and regret not making an alliance with brendon and ragan. Lane, enzo and heydan suck at life. I cant wait till they loose the HOH. There are just like natalie from last season all talk and determine that they are gonna win but really they dont. Brendon and Ragan need to team up and evict everyone in the house. Also Wait till britney sees the season hahah she gonna feel so stupid! TEAM BRENDONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. team Brendon here too the most hated person in the house all because he is over friendly what a stupid reason to want him out so badly. so what he fell in love with rachael i think she is a friendly fun person

      1. I agree 100%. Rachel is a fun person… and Brendon is just a good guy that wants to trust people. Sure hope he makes it to the end.

    2. I agree, Brendon has fought and really wants to be there. I hate that Hayden/Lane just assume that they have it in the bag.. It would be good if Reagan and Brendon would team up.. (they need to) And Britt really needs to go.. She just believes everyone but Brendon

  30. Britney has become so blinded by Lane it’s sick. When she watches this and finds out how bad he screwed her, she is going to hate him for life.

    1. No, she won’t hate him. I might be wrong, but it seems to me that this little girl has fallen in love with Lane. All the signs are there. She wants him to provider her with guidance, advices, be her protector. Furthermore, she wants him to know that she allowed herself to trust him, to become dependent on him.
      This little girl is trying really hard to reel him in. She desperate wants Lane’s attention and love, but that’s just me speculating, and I might be wrong.

      1. No, you’re right, she has definitely fallen for him. That line Lane told her tonight about him being “Lane” – it seemed like she melted when he said that. But I do think that if she is eliminated before final 3, at the hands of Lane and Hayden, she is going to be heartbroken when she finds out Lane was using her and, basically, making her look stupid. She will cry, I guarantee it.

  31. ya all think that since Britney has a brother named Brendon that maybe the reason Brendon didnt vote Britney out that maybe they are family muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is your life long friends

  32. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MATT!!!!! Why doesn’t he forget about the brigate, like they have forgotten about him, and tell Britney, Brenden and Regan and form an alliance with them.
    Enzo and Lane are just the worst. They couldn’t help themselves if their lives depended on it.

    1. you would think Matt would be smart enough to let the rats (brigade) out of the bag…. bring up how Ragan, Brenden , and yes even Brit. are the ones fighting to win the over all prize.. Unlike Enzo ( who is getting on my last nerve) , Lane, and Hay Head… lol… are now and have alway been riding coat tails… talking how they have to do this and that , and yet have done nothing but take prizes… ummmm… Dont like matt…. Really dont Enzo.

      1. I assume they are practicing for the next HOH(s). I don’t know what the game is exactly but it looks like a teeter totter type board with handles and they are standing on a plaform a few feet away trying to flip the balls into wooden squares.

  33. I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: Britney is a little girl playing in a man’s world. The high school popularity contest doesn’t work well here Britney. She’ll learn the hard way.

  34. Well im glad to see brendon is winning on the poll!! I hope he goes all the way to the final 2 and wins this season!!GO BRENDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Well, I started liking brenden, then hated how rachel made him into such a dolt…then she left, and now im rooting for him because I want him to get rid of ragen etc…its just justice for all the BS

  36. go Brendon final 2..
    I hope the door doesn’t hit Matt in the ass on the way out.
    Cant wait to see Matt get evicted.


  38. I am just saying this season has officially become a worthless season. These two bit popcorn farts who just sit around and not do shit are going to make it to the finals and us Big Brother fans are forced to watch this awesome reality show be turned into a f**king joke by losers who do not know how to play the game and make it interesting at the same time. Alot of people hated season 10 winner Dan but AT LEAST he made it interesting right?

    I turned 20 this year so next year I will be eligible to play Big Brother and I am going to try out and I am going to show all these lame ass “The Hills” wannabe’s how to f**king play Big Brother and make it a f**king show!

    Who in the blue hell wants to watch a dude who thinks “yo” is actually a word, a homo that looks like the surfer boy version of Adam Lambert, a man that fell in love with Shrek’s ogre wife Fiona, a woman (I think) who thinks Britney Spears would make a good president, and a farmer boy who thinks he is funny like Jeff Foxworthy but is about as funny as Bob Saget. Give me a break dude the BB12 float herd can suck my d**k!

  39. Double eviction…LOVE the idea of Matt going home, THEN Enzo is eliminated due to cheating while on slop!

    If not, then bye bye Matt, then Ragan, basically I want Brandon & Lane for final 2 with Brandon winning…he’s a competitor now!

    1. Hey but to bad he can’t see how much Ratchel makes him look like a jackass and shows him in a bad light… Having her in his life should make him wanta be a better person in stead they both come off looking like real jerks.

  40. I’m I missing something?!?! Why does anyone like Envo? He cheats, the DR is not calling him on when he doesn’t eat what is on the have not list. He makes his own rules. He lazy, throws the comps and the ones that are playing the game are leaving or will be leaving… Last year the DR added time to one of the players because he ate a grape and Envo gets away with just about everything… It’s like Production is calling the shots of who wins and loses… Didn’t Matt say he kept hitting the button and it didn’t work?

    1. If that comp doesn’t show you that they REALLY DO try and control what’s happening in the house,well then,,,,,nothing will..I mean c’mon,buzzers? really? All they,BB,had to do was turn the light on of who they want!!….silly,silly human race

  41. Oh wow, Brit is going to regret calling Brendon a dummy. Her, Brendon, Ragan need a 3 way alliance if they expect to survive the Brigade unless of course the Brigade can’t win HOH next week. But even so I can see Ragan winning HOH and gunning for Brendon not realizing that it’ll be Brit/Ragan against the rest of the house. Bleh! Meh! whatever, I hate this season.

  42. I have never seen such a stupid bunch!! They all trust the WRONG people!! Brendon, Matt and Regan should form an alliance and Matt should tell them and Brittney about the Brigade. That way, they could get Enzo out, then Lane and Hayden and have this be an actual competition!! There’s nothing I hate more than floaters in this game, and the fact that there are only 7 people left and it looks like the 3 floaters will be staying a while makes this show sooooo BORING!!!! Brendon is by far the best competitor. I hate Brittney but I still think she should go farther than the boring brigade!!!!

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