*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan asks Matt in his zingbot voice “Hey Matt how many 12 year old boys have you brought into your cave…. zing!”

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2:40pm Matt and Ragan are in the bedroom. Ragan says that he is sad ..so very sad. Matt says that he is sad too. Ragan says that people have no integrity in this game …that Britney wants to go to the finals with them …when she should have picked us because we helped her in the game. Ragan says at the very least it makes his decisions in the future a lot easier. Matt laughs and says yeah that’s true. Ragan starts doing his zingbot robot voice. Matt says that he is going to do his entire speech in the zingbot voice. Ragan asks Matt if he is going to be blinded my Julies beauty. Matt says that maybe she will be blinded by his beauty. Ragan says that Matt will probably be excited up until he opens the door and hears the crowd screaming. Matt says that he is sad and just hates the known … Matt says that he just wants to know what his family thinks about his decisions in the game. Ragan asks Matt want decision did he make in the game that he thinks his family would not like. Matt lists off a number of things and says that it could be any number of things that his family would think were bad decisions. Matt says it’s the leaving that sucks. Ragan say that he thinks Matt played a good game. Matt says that he tried to hard when he shouldn’t have and not hard enough when he should have. Matt says that if he could just get a letter in the jury house he would be happy and that is all he cares about.

2:50pm Brendon and Hayden are in the backyard talking. Hayden says that it sucks that he gave his word to Britney that he wouldn’t put her up. Brendon goes off saying that it doesn’t matter that he has to just think week to week because giving your word and keeping it doesn’t do BLANK. Brendon says that Britney didn’t keep her word with him… Then Brendon says look at Rachel and I ….we kept our word and look were it got us. Brendon says that he would rather have someone that has been honest. Brendon says look at Matt he lied to everyone. Hayden says that he thinks Lane is on board with them too about getting out Britney. Brendon says that they need to hold off telling Lane about it because if they tell him too soon he could take it the wrong way and if Britney wins HOH next week it would be bad for us.
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3pm – 3:25pm The cameras switch back to Matt and Ragan in the bedroom. Ragan is talking about how Rachel is the most unauthentic person to ever play Big Brother. Ragan then lists off other past big brother house guest that came into the house with outrageous personalities that America hated like Ronnie. Ragan says that he doesn’t think there is anything that Matt did that America wouldn’t like. Ragan says that he regrets getting into the fight with Brendon and Rachel and all the crying that he did last week. Matt says that he is sorry. Ragan says that it wasn’t just that it was everything… missing his family …Rachel coming back …  Ragan asks Matt in his zingbot voice “Hey Matt how many 12 year old boys have you brought into your cave…. zing!” Matt laughs.  Matt says that he hopes he has a guitar in the jury house.  Matt says that he hope no one uses gremlin in his diary room messages.  Ragan says that in his he will says thanks Matt for turning on me …. look at where it got you …. Ragan continues with a long message laughing a long the way..  Matt laughs too.. Matt and Ragan are whispering in the bedroom. Ragan says that they way he looks at he just has to win… Matt says yeah that would be helpful… then laughs. Ragan says that he cant depend on anyone … but if someone helps him that he needs to be pleasantly surprised. Matt says that if Ragan wins HOH …he can tell everyone to BLANK off and do what he wants. Ragan comes into the kitchen and talks in his zingbot voice and asks Lane if it is difficult to walk with his vagina hanging out…. Ragan then says in the zingbot voice…“Hey Andrew was it hard to finger bang that chick on the plane while your other hand was holding a gun to her head ….zing!” Ragan says that he is the zingbot 4000 that says really inappropriate things about molestation and rape… zing! Ragan laughs and says that he is starting to sound like Brendon. Ragan leave the room. Brendon then comes into the kitchen and talks in the zingbot voice and asks Hayden why does your hair look like broccoli …zing! Enzo, Hayden and Brendon eat their broccoli at the kitchen table. Lane and Matt are there too. They talk about movies they like. Britney comes down from the HOH and they ask her about how her blogging went. Britney says that she doesn’t feel like she organized her thoughts very well. Lane says that well its not like you’re being graded on it or anything you are just saying what your thoughts are….

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:47pm Backyard everyone talking about who has the best football mascot.
Sparky the Sundevil mascot and Brit Arkansas Hog

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:33pm HOH Brit and LAne Lane is talking about how weird Ragan has been lately, he says its like Ragan has just started to play the game now and is starting to be mean. Lane: “You don’t just start playing the game this late in.. you gotta ease yourself into it”. Brit agrees, she brings up how big of a downer Matt is being. Lane has noticed it to but he understands, he predicts they will all be like that if they knew they were going home. Lane has told Matt to not be shy and talk to him, just because things aren’t looking good for Matt doesn’t mean Matt can’t hang with them. Lane: “it’s not like he’s a virus”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:36pm Taj MAtt tells RBendon he has his vote if he can make it to final 2. Matt says he’s enjoyed playing the game with Brendon and wishes Brendon the best of luck for the remainder of the season. Brendon tells Matt he’s a great player and he’s sure MAtt will be back for all stars.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:20pm Cabana Room Matt and Ragan There talking about double elimination, Ragan is wondering why they are not in lockdown already. He is really questioning if there is a double elimination this week. They start studying.. Over in the Taj you have BRendon and the 3 stooges studying. (I think i see enzo eating berries?)

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154 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan asks Matt in his zingbot voice “Hey Matt how many 12 year old boys have you brought into your cave…. zing!”

  1. Okay I officially hate Ragan. He’s been making jokes about molestation… rape… and abortion. I take that shit seriously. I called CBS to complain

      1. Those jokes are uncalled for. It was similar to those comments by Amber (Wamber) from Season 8 that were antisemetic. The media is going to have a field day…

          1. its not funny about molestation and being raped. for those who have been in that situation knows its painful and no joking matter. somethings yes are funny. those comments Regan made are simply NOT!

          2. SERIOUSLY u feel that way chill
            if you think that it is ok to say things like that then i think u are the one that has a problem
            if u had ever seen firsthand what victims of sexual crimes go thru i doubt that you would think it was ok for ragan to behave that way

    1. its funny that he makes fun of brenden for all things rachel

      when we hear about rachel…about half the day from ragen…without ragen, rachel would be gone and forgotten other than a random brit rachel extension joke

      1. so who will been the 2 person to leave i hope its brendon i dont want him to win i think rachel is just used brendon

    2. I think we all have to remember that they have gone 50 plus days and are losing their sanity. They forget about the cameras and that people may be judging them. It may be over the top (and I don’t like it either) but at least he doesn’t shake his dick while he does it. I’m willing to give them all a little extra latitude.

    3. good i am glad u did
      ragan should get evicted for saying those things
      that is not funny
      ragan got so pissed when rachel made a comment abt his sexual orientation yet he thinks it is ok for him to make light of things that ruin people’s lives

    4. Ragan is showing his true colors – telling jokes about such innapropriate things is a sign of poor character. I don’t like him very much, but – I would have expected better of him. Poor character – poor manners (eating with an open mouth at every chew) – wow, what a classy guy.

    5. i hate how pc the united states has become

      soon someone is gonna say sneezing offends them because they have a deviated septum and then people will start calling sneezing in front of them hate crimes

    6. Really? You called them to complain? I always wondered who were the crazies that did stuff like that. You do realize if you dont like something you can turn it off right? Good luck getting him sensored…seriously. You’re hilarious.

    1. Hard to believe Matt doesn’t have something up his sleeve. For someone who’s played pretty smart and and seems to read the deceit pretty good, it is difficult to believe he has just given up and is playing dead! All Matt has to do is “out” the brigade with details for proof. He would then have Brendon and Ragan’s vote. Enzo would have Lane and Hayden’s vote and Brit could tie break Matt free. Matt would have to tell Britt all about Lane’s lies etc.

      1. Thats what I am thinking!….He has got to be smarter than that!…Maybe there are things we don’t know when feeds cut!

      2. not cool on Ragan’s part! Matt? He should out the brigade and Enzo should be losing votes for eating while being a have not. How many times does he get to sneak food? Just not be too obvious about it or what? It’s pissing me off!
        Matt would have a chance if Enzo is losing votes. Could be a blind side by CBS? just wondering out loud!

    1. He is showing his true colors. Ragan is a despicable human being. Some of us have been saying that for a while now only to be (surprise surprise) labeled as homophobes. That’s the typical liberal way, to start name-calling and labeling to try to discredit others when your argument is totally full of holes. His being gay never was a factor (for 95% of us) in our opinion of his character. He is vile and disgusting. I think he’s gone above and beyond to prove that to all of America. His family and friends must feel sick right about now. Hmmm…funny how Ragan continues to describe Rachel as vile and disgusting. Pot meet kettle.

      1. Thank you Coco. I’ve been saying he’s disgusting for at least a month now. Every time I do I get at least one person calling me everything under the sun, especially a homophope, which is the furthest thing from the truth. The truth is, the guy is scum……….PERIOD. Do you hear that “Mimi is not watching the live feeds or the show???” She has been the worst at calling people out for saying anything bad about the pathetic loser. But of course, she’s not watching so she doesn’t see and hear what we do.

      2. I totally agree with you Coco. Gay or straight if you are a vile person I really don’t think your sexual preference matters!

      3. Coco – you’re spot on – i think he is showing his true colors. It has nothing to do with being gay. I’m a part of that community and I am way liberal – but I cannot stand the way he is acting – he is an embarrassment. I doubt his behavior is making any of his friends or family sick – he not only is showing bad character – but he has shown bad manners throughout (have you seen the way he eats). . . the apple usually doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  2. I can’t believe Matt didn’t make any effort. He did nothing. I guess he isn’t as analytical and intelligent as he imagines. Even us non-diabolical non-geniuses can figure out that he should at least out the brigade and try to make last minute alliances. Anything! Put that mind to work and try SOMETHING. He can lie about fake illnesses straight to a person’s face, but he can’t tell the truth in an attempt to save himself?? I guess his only strategy is whatever he thought of before he entered the house, and he can only scheme when he’s sitting pretty. Because with his back against a wall, he sure cant seem to think strategically at all. What a let down.

    1. I think i’m beginning to agree with that. The season where June won..(can’t remember) was my least favorite..till now that is. People with the personalities of wet farts, lack luster effort put into production, twists that fail week 1, desperate attempts to stir the pot (Rachel coming back for a day) = Shitty. I’ll still watch, kinda like the train wreck analogy, but worst eva!!..by far.

      1. The season with June was by far the worst.. I’m hoping for something cool to happen tomorrow otherwise this may be a lackluster final 3 weeks

        1. Jun kept in the game by being the cook of the bunch. That was pretty lame. Allison was mildly entertaining playing the manipulative blonde bitch role (this season’s Britney) all the way to runner-up.

        2. I might be forgetting something, or off on the time line, but didn’t a HG leave before the season started? There were supposed to be 14 to start yes? Maybe, just maybe if this is true, they may bring a HG thats been evicted back in?…Matt perhaps, after he gives up the brigade during his eviction speech..lol. Could spice things up a tad.

      1. Thank you Qaz! I have been wondering if anyone else has taken notice of this. 88 percent is pretty good at thinking he should be getting penalties for it. I think he and Matt both need penalties for having their hands in their pants too. ha! But I would settle for the cheating penalty!

  3. I’m kinda curious about Ragan asking Matt if he had made any decisions playing the game that his family would not have liked. Did production hint to Ragan in his marathon DR session that Matt had done or said something that would have upset his family? Maybe I’m reading too much into it because we know about his disgusting lie. It could have been just a generic question though. I wonder if Matt squirmed even just a little.

    1. I think Ragan asked him that right after Matt indicated he wanted to know what his family thought about his decisions in the game. Even without prompting from production that would have also led me to ask that question.

        1. A reprieve for Muc! When I asked you about his name, since you were from Oregon, I was thinking you would say it was from the native indian mukluk boots. Time spent with anyone or any animal who is short on time is so memorable, I do understand. Like Matt said today, ‘the feelings are intensified.’ YOU stay strong.

    1. OMG – The way Brit always bitins at her fingers and puts them in her mouth – it looks like she needs a fix BAD. My guess is that if she saw Brendon as a huge penis she would be trying to stuff him in her mouth. LOL

  4. This looks so good on Matt. Most intelligent people at one point loose their minds.. guess Matts came early. Then again he is one into himself. Beater of his own drum. lol.. As for Ragan… bad enough he put the gay community back 100 yrs, now he is actually acting like he is straight out of the NEOLITHIC AGE; like I said before … Ragan is always calling the kettle black… Love to see the look on his face when he watches his tapes…. The hole is dug, and he keeps digging it deeper… ONE SORRY EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING. I can see his listening audience go down the drain also…. Of all the choices .. for those to be on this show… they made a big mistake putting him there… DISCUSTING.

  5. Ok I have Q When they did the HOH this wek did it look like to you that Matt through it. He looked awful happy when he was knocked off.

    1. He said he would throw it and he did…I guess he has himself to thank for going out the door tomorrow. This a game and that’s what happens when you feel safe enough to stop playing the game and place your fate into someone’s hand who want to win the money as well. You shot yourself in the foot that time Matt and that big lie you told (about your wife being very ill) just caught up with you buddy!

  6. Everyone is boring on this show. Matt walks around with his hands down his pants and doesn’t even try to tell the other 3 about the brigade. Lane is just boring. He does and says nothing. Regan is still talking about Rachel and Brendan. Hayden says nothing and thinks he’s going to be the next brad pit when he gets out. Brittney is talking sh*t about Regan and matt when thet were her friends last week. Brendan still talks about Rachel as if they have been married for 10 years. And then enzo is the worst. His vocabulary is nothing but curse words. Every other word if F*ck. He talks about everyone on this show like there garbage. I mean really you can play this game without talking smack about everyone. After everyone watches everything back and they read what people really think about them maybe they will get a clue and not think there Hot sh*t. They need a reality check big time.

    1. Where is Dr. Will and Mike Boogie when you need them? Their DR sessions during all-stars are legendary. I want Lane to talk more trash about Britney’s BF Nick in his DR. That was the only time he’s flashed a personality all season.

      1. This BB is BORING. I watch, yes I do…but BORING! Will Kirby is my GOD. Heis the BB Legend and CBS has never been able to find anyone else to compare to him. The only other season that was worth watching was Dick’s season!!

  7. I think Matt figures, what is in the use of telling of the bridgade. Hayden and Lane would vote to evict him and he might get lucky and Ragen and Brendon would vote to keep him. Britney, being the final vote, would vote to evict him. So, really, it wouldn’t get he anywhere. Matt is dead in the water, just say your good-byes and leave. Something tells me that it is going to be very boring for the next 24 or 25 hours.

    1. I think Britt would vote to keep Matt if Matt comes clean to Britt about Lane, the Brigade, Lane’s lies, and promise to align with her, Ragan, and Brendon to take the 3 out.

      1. If matt came clean to Britt, I do not think it would help him because she is so snowed by lane that it is bad to watch. He would just tell her that it was more of Matts lies. He could tell he anything and I think she would believe him. It only took him a few minutes to encourage her to put Matt on the block. He has her wrapped around his biceps 4- sure.

        1. He should go at it that way then. He should tell her that if they evict Enzo then Lane will more than likely get closer to her because his other alliance is crumbling. Then they can all go for Hayden.

  8. Maybe the second eviction tomorrow night will be BB tossing Enzo because he’s been eating forbidden food during this Have-Not week. That would be pretty funny and even just rewards! Hahahahaha

  9. I just can’t watch anymore. i read the blogs to keep up (because I’ve invested so much time in this show this season), but I can’t watch because it has gotten so childish and petty with everyone. The name calling and rude comments about each other and Rachel/Andrew has gone over the top for me. I understand that there will be some of that because they are being watched 24/7 and everyone says thing sometimes, but it seems to be constant bashing and ridicule. I hate the way Brittney is seen as witty when she is cruel and hateful… same with Ragen. It’s not comedic genius to call someone names over and over. It’s not witty to talk about how disgusting someone is, especially if you do the same things you accuse others of. So sick of this season……………. long for the days of Jeff and Jordan.

  10. Anyone else tired of Enzo’s yo yo talk and swearing?? He is such a fake tuff guy and only comes off as a complete uneducated idiot!

    1. Yeah! Enzo says that Matt is playing everyone, however it seems as the Brigade (all 3 of them) are playing Brit, Matt, Brendon and Regan. I really hate that guy, especially when he gets put up for eviction and he st5arts cussing and throwing Brit and Matt under the bus. But when Matt goes up next to him on the block he gets pissed off at how Matt is reacting. What a bozo!

    2. Yeah! Enzo says that Matt is playing everyone, however it seems as the Brigade (all 3 of them) are playing Brit, Matt, Brendon and Regan. I really hate that guy, especially when he gets put up for eviction and he st5arts cussing and throwing Brit and Matt under the bus. But when Matt goes up next to him on the block he gets pissed off at how Matt is reacting. What a bozo!

  11. Ragan says that people have no integrity in this game. I cant wait till he watches the feeds and realizes he’s the worst oftender he acts like he’s been playing this great game and all he did was win 1 pov to save himself. He’s the Sabotuer and been overly cruel to certain houseguest.

    1. For some reason, Ragan thinks someone died and made him God. I can’t understand how any other HG would value his opinion since he flaunts it regularly. But that’s the other thing that bugs me. How come no one shuts Ragan or Brit down when they trash others over and over again? I realize that they don’t want to create a target on themselves by saying anything – but on the other hand it is getting so old!!

  12. If you think it’s boring now. Imagine how bad it’s going to be when it’s down to 5 tomorrow night. If Brit would have put Hayden up against Enzo it would have been alot more fun to watch because it would have been a toss up on who went home and then end wouldn’t have been as predictable as this entire season has been.

  13. I forgot how Matt threw the HoH competion. If he goes, this will hopefully prove to everyone you can’t float in the game and you can’t throw competions. There is only ONE Dr Will and nobody will be like him.

    You have to fight for every HoH and PoV to stay in this game. Now that Matt threw the HoH competion he might be going home tomorrow.

      1. Yeah but it was Matt who winked and looked straight at the camera with a happy grin on his face when he lost the HoH. Only if he would have know if he was going to be put on the block eh?

        I wander how he is going to weasel out of this one. Looking from the feeds and reading here I can’t see it happening.

        1. I thought he mouthed the word ‘perfect’ and gave the thumbs up. He obviously had a big plan that he thought would get him through another week safely. SURPRISE!

    1. You are right…There is only one Dr. Will! and in my opinion one of the best reality show players ever! I miss him!

      1. Some decent reality players: Dr Will, Boston Rob(Survivor), Evil Dick (tho i cant stand him, gotta give cred where cred is due) A Dark horse fave of mine was Roddy from BB3…he made 1 mistake..lol..he told Amy the truth when he should have lied.

  14. Hope BB evicts Enzo because I want Matty to stay. Come on BB save our gremlin!! We want him to have one more shot and hopefully find out how lane, and hayden are. Go Team Matty. I’m not going to give up until I see him walk outside the doors of BB. Make Enzo leave for breaking the rules!

    1. Can’t say that I have particularly been a fan of Brendon but I have to give him credit. He is really playing gutsy now. He did say he only wanted real competitors to keep moving through. He has been true to his word about himself at least.

  15. LMFAO, we are watching BB on TV right now. My 9 year old son said while we are watching Brendon getting his head shaved, “Shave it like Enzo” LMFAO.

    I just thought I would share this with you.

      1. BB makes Enzo out for the first few weeks to look like the funny guy when all he really does is talk sh*t on the live feeds. And they made lane out like he was all into Brittney. But now tonight they show him saying that he will manipulate her. So that’s what I meant.

  16. Day 50ish… Professor Regen looses his mind and has to be escorted out of the BB house in a straight jacket. He blames everything on Brenchel….

  17. That’s so dumb. Matt knew before opening PB that it was the DPOV and Brendan knew it was a special getwaway. Brit gets a box with a question mark on it?? That’s stupid

    1. Ha, what a fake that little girl is. She was in the Diary Room, talking about how she can’t stand Brendon, doesn’t want to feel him breathing blah, blah, blah, and look at her saying the opposite when he was around. Pathetic little girl. I hope the people who work with her back in her home town pay attention to this little nasty girl.

  18. i find it hilariously suspicious, that brendon didn’t do 2 of the things he got the veto for “chain to brittney, and the chum bath for 24 house, so technically he didn’t earn the veto………

    1. The people who came up with the punishments probably thought that different people would do the chaining and the chum bath. It was probably shortened out of mercy for either Brittany or Brendon since technically they both had to endure it

  19. Well, if I learned anything from that episode, its now I know how pathetic Hayden is. If only Bit knew he took all those prizes.

  20. There is no way Hayden would shave his head. He knows how ugly he realy is. He needs to have all that hair in his face.

  21. Show made it a little more obvious that Matt thought the BG was supporting his pitch to put Ragen up. He still thinks he’s in the BG and it was all Brits idea. Poor Matty doesn’t even know what hit him. Ouch.

    1. I think Matt knows what hit him, he probably knows it was the bridgade that backstabbed him. He is beaten and he knows it, so why bother to fight anymore. But, I do have one question: Why didn’t Matt tell Britney that he never took any of the prizes. Or, would she believe he was just lying about it. I guess once you are labeled a liar, always a liar.

  22. What do you mean Brendan didn’t do all his punishments? … From what I seen he did … chained, hair shaved, have-not and chump bath. What else was there?

  23. WTF all the advice she could’ve gotten form jessie and it’s how to have a “muscular body” , brittney is a small girl no way can she get muscle that big…and goddamn he gets bigger every year, is he on ROIDS ………. WOW 2 other boxes had something good for he opener and something BAD for the rest of the HG and this time the HG got the GOOD…..hahahahaha

  24. ugh I can’t stand Reagan he is such a bad person, and he does not deserve to win anything. I wish he would have never won the 20,000 dollars. I started to dislike Reagan when he would talk so much crap about Rachael, who in the hell does he think he is is to demean her, he acts like he is better than her when he is not. Rachael is a better person than the disgusting Reagan. Also, if he hates her so much why does he constantly talk about her it’s as if he needs to speak badly of Rachael in order to feel better about his miserable pathetic life.

  25. Can Brittany please stop picking her left side of her li
    and stop playing with her hair!! I think she has
    obsessive compulsive disoder!! I think matt and raven
    should win they are the only real players!
    Enzo, lane and Hayden have done nothing. They are
    lazy and matt has done everything!! It is getting
    boring. Please put another twist in this?

  26. Why didn’t Matt ever ask Britt why she put him up why he thought everyone wanted Regan out? Then she would have told hi
    that Enzo, lane, and Hayden wanted him out and he would have realized he go punked by the brigade. Then he could let them know about the 3 boys.

  27. How do you vote in the CBS poll? I want to vote too to give that cheating scum-sucker (Enzo) what he deserves! I only saw what the votes have been (86% think he should be penalized) but there was no voting option.

  28. Kristen’s hippitard and wig is up to $1,225.00 on ebay right now and it has 3 days and 17 hours left. That is crazy!!

    1. Don’t know how they all refrain for so long, really. Keeps ’em level. Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.

  29. Well what do ya know?!?! Another competition that is 1. Edited by CBS 2. Now shown on live feeds 3. Controlled by a button press that is horibbly inaccurate most likely. I’m no Enzo fan and do think Neandertall deserves the cash if he survives to final. PERIOD. But cmon, the BB is staged accusation is worn out or accepted by now but why the tight views every time they answered in pov comp tonight? Well they had to get hint that after the Rachel hoh win with the button press’ that viewers may be able to actually see who buzzed first rather than some blinker determining it. Just a rant I had to let off my chest. An Hayden your bitchassness in the comps with any short term benefits I truly believe will screw you big time if you go to final. Yet production seems to want a actual player -manipulator that they gave a DPOV to use to save himself, out of this game a week later! I doubt that much hate mail piled up bc we all know Allison groedner doesn’t have time with all the chimichangas she eats at breakfast lunch and dinner. If you did read it, well sorry but the matt lie hate is old and played out, karma is for ppl with horribly and luck anyways. Lol. And he’s already victim of karma by waking up to those chomper teeth every morning!

  30. I have a big question. Why do they show
    te ast members touching themselves constantly
    while they are talking to each other. They
    act like Enzo is normal for fidgeting his
    weiner all day long!! Enzo is pathetic and
    his language is horrible. He needs to see how
    he is acting. He is breaking the rules when he
    eats !! He needs to be thrown off the show !!!
    Go Matty!!?

    1. I read previous players who cheated such eating an apple had votes taken away from them…Maybe Matt will be staying……he and Ragan and Brendon can do some serious damage and get the rid of the house….Brit is dumb not to take Brendon’s Alliance….she will be out the door into the Jury house….time will tell…..

    2. i think Matt just got all kinds of screwed by his so called friends>>>>.. Now i am praying that Brendan wins it cause Britt is STUUUUUUPID and Lane, Enso, and Hayden are idiots Reagan or Brendan should for real win now that they screwed Matt

      1. Britney acts like she’s in love with Lane. That’s how young girls act when they want a man. They put their trust in the man 100%. Foolish little girl. She loves getting Lane’s attention.
        Nick looks somewhat like Lane, but Lane is way better looking. I think Britney eyes are wide open when she sees Lane’s muscles.

  31. If Matt is such a diabolical super-genius, then why did he make the worst move in BB 12? He should have used the DPOV’s powers on Enzo or Hayden, two people whom he knew did not want him in the Brigade over Lane. Instead he chose to take out a non-threat to his safety, merely hoping that the Brigade would welcome him back with open arms.

  32. ragan is totally disgusting and should not be qualified to teach, I mean talking about 12 year old boys in that manner is so wrong, I would not be suprised if he was a child molester, he should definitely be investigated and Matt needs to get slapped in the face for laughing at that comment. I hope they both leave this week, good riddance!!!

    1. He’s also nasty with his words when he was arguing with Brendon and later on with Rachel. But one person who is worse than him- Britney. She is very nasty in the Diary Room.

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