*updated* BB12 Hypocrisy Edition – Enzo to Brit : “I can’t believe Matt turned on Ragan like that how could you turn your back on a friend

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


7:40pm HOH Lane, Brit, and enzo Brit is saying that she thinks
Lane tells Enzo that Brendon is trying to get Brit to be in an alliance with Ragan. Enzo is a bit worried that BRendon might vote against him. Lane tells him not to worry it’s just stupid BLANK Brendon is saying. Lane: “Besides we have the votes to keep you”.
Enzo: “look at MAtt he has no loyalty at all to go back on your friend like he did with Ragan”
Brit: “Brendon is trying to be nice to everyone”
Lane: “don’t even talk to that douceher”
Enzo agrees, BLANK him I don’t want to talk to him, enzo adds that his final four is the same as their final 4 he wants to get to that point then they can all fight it out. Lane says good, they should probably get Brendon out before Ragan. Lane leaves, Brit continues to pack her stuff. Enzo starts going on about how if he doesn’t win the money he wants it to be someone who worked hard and was loyal to him. Brit does to she says “I want it to be one of yous three” (never heard her say that but she’s sure sounding jersey when talking to brendon) . Enzo tells them he can’t wait to play in the HOH he’s going to win he knows it because the power shifts every week and it’ll shift to him. They all engage in some more BRendon bashing nothing really new. Brit takes a pause to go on this ling explanation about why Matty going home this week is the best thing. she tells enzo that he was so right about Matt. Brit is still pissed about Matt not winning the POV and taking all the prizes (he didn’t take any Hayden got most of them) she really wanted to get Brendon out. Enzo says that Matt was a sneaky guy he talked too much and now he gets sent home. Brit goes back to talking about Brendon how she doesn’t believe a word he says. Enzo tells her he’s been closer to BRendon but just to stay safe he doesn’t give a BLANK about that guy anymore.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:15pm Matt, LAne, Ragan, Hayden, and Brendon Practicing

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:27pm cabana Room Ragan and Lane Lane apologizing for saying something outside that hurt ragans feelings. Lane: “You know how I am i’m from Texas I speak before I think.. I don’t want you to be upsets with be rags.. don’t be a debra downer.. I’m just a jock I don’t know what I say I have a jokes brain you give me balls and I don’t think I do”. Ragan says it’s OK, tells him he’s a little worried because the competition outside is at the bottom of his skill set. Lane doesn’t think there is a need to worry he thinks that its the POV and the HOH will be a quiz. Ragan isn’t sure because there needs to be 3 competitions for double eviction, theres no way they can set all that up in the little time they have. Ragan is sure they’ll end on the 15th though so he doesn’t know how they are going to do it because theres too many houseguests. Lane tells him the comp out side is a crapshoot they have no idea how it’ll be tomorrow. Lane gets up to leave tells ragan he doesn’t want him to be mad. Ragan says he’s not and thanks Lane for talking to him.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:45pm HOH Enzo and BRit they are looking at the HOH TV and talking about Matt. Brit winders why matt is outside practicing. Enzo says that matt thinks he’s staying, Matt now has Brendons vote and Ragans vote and Enzo predicts that in the morning Matts going to try and get Brit’s vote. Enzo: “I know whats going on with Matt I know whats going on with Brendon… Get outta her dodo’s”. Enzo brings up how stupid Brendon is for falling for a girl like Rachel and after knowing her for only 30days be willign to give her 500K”. Brit: “no wonder his family doesn’t like him… I really want him out right away”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:12pm Everyone still practicing

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137 thoughts on “*updated* BB12 Hypocrisy Edition – Enzo to Brit : “I can’t believe Matt turned on Ragan like that how could you turn your back on a friend

      1. Samson45 …
        listen these bards are like that house full of meatheads we watch everyweek ..different personalities different ideas and well QAZ iis Well Qaz ..and Iam POlar92 ..
        and AG IS …Well she has been described many ways hahah

    1. I REALLY hope he does and send Brittany HOME. She gets on my nerves. She talks about Brendan’s family, this girl must not have recieved enough attention growing up, because all she does is seek attention from whomever will let her think she has her way. Brendan called her right she is a SPOILED BRAT, and I hope she goes home tomorrow right behind Matt.

  1. Brit really has the nerves to call Brendan dumb. I can’t wait for her to watch the show and see just how much she is being played. She talks about Matt. Well Lane is a Matt but in a much more suttle way. He is playing her like a fiddle. I can’t wait until she gets to the jury house to see it all. I hope she goes next and then Ragan. I woul love to see Hayden Brendan Lane and Enzo fight to the end as final 4.

    1. the most incompetent season of big brother yet

      everybody’s trying to fill stereotypes instead of playing the game, lane said “don’t worry ragan will be the first to go then brendan in the double eviction” so matt and enzo get a free pass all of the sudden?

      1. Brittany is sooooooooo STUPID. if she had any brains in that head of hers she would realie her best move would be to team up with Ragan and Brendan. They are the only two that seem to know what e, h, and l are up to. For someone like her to have said she watches the show should have known better than trust someone as much as she trusts lane when money is involved.

    1. i would rather see enzo go with her. h won prizes, ragan has the 20,000 and lane from the way he talks about his family business doesn’t need it.

  2. Simon, I love when you add your subtle comments to the posts — “Hypocrisy Edition ” he he he! Boy, Enzo is one easily swayed, paranoid mo-fo — all you have to do is tell him that someone is coming after him and he believes it.

  3. I wish we could get someone to tape Brittney, when she gets out, as she watches tonights show and sees lane say that he is manipulating her. Now that would be good tv

  4. sighh,
    hayden’s hair, LOOL. wish he’d cut it, but i dont think anyone can cut it.
    i love brendon now..without the witch by his side. (no offense rachel fans)
    so for noww; team brendon & hayden.

  5. Britney you define dumb. It funny cause brendon is actually
    doing a good move trying to make an alliance with britney and ragan
    but britney dumbass goes with the bridgay that actually sucks. Britney is the
    dumb one who is being play. We are alll watching her get play lol. Hopefully she
    will leave tommorow :)

    1. AGREE. i hope when she leaves julie plays a mini version of how dumb she is and how she’s been played, then ask her who was dumber her or brendan?

  6. Watching the drama and meyham that occurs when Brendon, Enzo, Brit, and Hayden, are evicted (in that exact order) would be worth having Lane and Ragan as final 2.

    1. That’s not going to happen. With Brendan gone who will make the show exciting? All everyone does is plot and scheme of how to get him out. It would not be interesting to people that are so lovey dovey to each other sit in a house and have a good time. They won’t even compete to win because they feel just that safe.

      1. are you kiddding, watching brendon on this show is a real snoozer. the guy has zip personality. Enzo is a pure idiot. I’d rather watch a guy who is playing the game to win, not ride coat tails. Matt needs to stay to keep it alive. It will be boring after tomarrow if he leaves. We will e,d up with four lame ducks. boring

  7. I truly do not think Matty is going to out lame, hayhair and Bozo because he has the slightest clue that they are working against him. Come on BB let it rain some magic and save the grimlan and let Matty OUT jhis alliance who he has tried to be faithful to from day one. Go team Matt! I still refuse to give up on the guy even though he is almost out the door. I did not like him throwing Ragan under the bus but you have to do whatever to survive. He is not trying hard enough. He is trying to leave knowing he kept his 1st allience throughout the game. Boy if he doesn’t get a clue soon he will not find out how big of traders Lame, Hayhair and Bozo are. Please Matt over hear something that will wake you up and fight. We want to see the guy who gives it 110%. Do not give up!! Make a twist BB!!

    1. I think Matt does know that they are working against them because he has been telling Ragan not to trust them and to team up with Brendon. He also told Brendon that he will vote for Brendon if he makes it to F2. I don’t think Matt would say these things if he still thought he was in the Brigade.

    1. Grandma – I had to run into town and check out something job wise… I’m back now but I was watching in my room instead of the living room… in my bedroom I can’t watch and type at the same time but in the living room I can.. I was excited to see Jessie but then I got mad again … Jessie disappointed me so much at the finale.. It was bittersweet to see him.. How’s everything with you and yours tonight? I also wanted to comment a few weeks ago to something you wrote but I was kinda upset about life and crap but I wanted to wish you well when you typed about the cancer and stuff. I didn’t at the time because I couldn’t, but I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you even when I couldn’t say it..

      1. Rockstar, I never doubted that you weren’t thinking about me during my testing. I had an idea that something was taking your time. I appreciate you letting me know. I hope that you got some good job news today. I am pulling for you!

    2. Hi Grandma, Rockstar must be waiting in line for some of that Mary Browns chicken, lol. How are you doing and hows your doggie doing? Im a huge animal lover as well, we lost our old buddy and a big part of our family a couple years ago, he was just a mixed breed dog but he was as much a part of our family as our kids, he watched my boy start his first day of school and he was there waiting for the bus his last day of high school, he use to go out and get a pat from the garbage man on Monday, and the milkman use to bring him treats. We still miss him and he is buried right beside our house so he can still keep an eye on whats going on here. We now have a German shepard, four cats, a rabbit and our newest addition to the family, a ferret, and yeah were deffinately crazy, ha ha can,t beat the love of an animal though, its unconditional.

        1. BBQ sounds good. I haven’t had Mary Browns chicken in ten years or more, we had one in our town but it shut down. I think we only have one MB’s left in our province, but im not sure if it still is running. My brother in law works at a Mary Browns in Newfie land. I don’t listen to him much cause he’s always a half hour behind, lol

          1. I am glad to hear from the two of you tonight. The cardiologist told us today that Muc with treatment has 3 to 15 months with us. He has a bucket of pills to take. I think he and I are taking about the same amount each day. He ate very good tonight! Which is good because he hasn’t been. You both know how important he is to me because you both have had the same experience with your pets. He and I have had a talk and he will let me know when the time has come for me to let him go. But, until that time, he is my buddy and we are going to fight this battle together. Thank you both for checking on him and me. XXOOXX

            1. Hopefully he gets the 15 months at least and more. The one thing that always makes me envious of animals is that they don’t know when a doctor gives them a time limit and we do, that sucks for us but it must be nice to finish your time here without knowing when someone says it should be over. Later Grandma, give that dog a big hug from all us animal lovers. BB should be good tomorrow, and this place should be bouncing with comments tomorrow night……………screeeeeechhhh… crash.

            2. Hi BB-Ma, Just checkin in and reading your posts. So sorry about Muc. I too hope you get 15 plus months with him. Much love to you both!

              1. LJ, tonight he is doing so much better. When we went to leave the hospital today, as soon as he saw the door he jumped up in the air and ran for it. Everyone there started laughing and said he looks like he has had enough of this place. He was jumping in the air and wagging his tail. I couldn’t get the door open fast enough. That was the first I have driven in a year, so, it was a great adventure. We made it just fine, tho. Hope all is well with you.

                1. Awwweee, that makes me smile! I can totally picture it! They are big goofs! My great aunt in England had a Great dane that thought he was a lap dog….my mom has a picture of he and I on one of our visits back where he climbed right up into my lap first meeting! I love doggies, obviously since I have 3 Chihuhua’s! Between my mom and I we have 6 chihuahua’s! (2 are rescues) Much different from a Great dane! My three probley equal Muc back leg! I have been at nana’s all day cleaning and taking care of her and now Im home and my girls are all next to me enjoying their rawhide treats!
                  (Sorry everybody else for not staying on BB topic)

                  1. Thank you for apologizing for not staying on topic LJ – it really is annoying when you’re trying to follow the line and personal messages pop up. Perhaps you guys could exchange email addresses, and exchange personal messages that way?

                    1. No, Rock and bbgma are very long time posters and I am interested in their occasional personal comments. I have been fans of both of them for years even when we have different opionos.

            3. I had to respond, don’t mean to intrude. We just lost my beloved Maggie in July. Over the last 5 years she had; auto-immune disease, pancreatitus and finally internal hemmoraging that did her in. She was with us for 13 years. I got her two weeks after my dad died. Now, 2 weeks after we had to put her to sleep, we adopted a beautiful puppy from a no kill animal shelter. He was very sick when we got him, but now 6 weeks later he is growing like a weed. We named him Bogart (Bogey Man ). Having him has made it possible to think aoubt Maggie without being sad. My thoughts are with you.

              1. Im sincerely sorry for your loss…..and I LOVE that you adopted from a shelter!! So many people go thru these losses and then dont think that they can do it again becasue of the pain, but I know that there is no better pain relief than the gratification that a rescued doggie feels . I volunteer for fundraisers and foster for our rescue on occasion and as hard as it is to give the foster babies up to new families I wouldn’t trade it for the world…..You have good Karma coming your way meowmeow!

  8. It would be cool if Matt found a prize that would let him be invisible. He could watch a few feeds that would help him further his game play. Maybe he would see the stupid three morons working against him behind his back and telling him they are doing everthing they can to his face!

  9. Hey!!

    Ok so I’m a first time poster but have been following this site for a while! First off I’m sooo glad that this site is here (yay) and second, what is with this yrs BB!! I’ve been watching for 11/12 yrs now, since I was in grade 5 (haha) and it makes me sooo mad lol. The ones who deserve to be in final 4 aren’t! And it makes me mad lol. I really think Matty Brit and Brendon (even tho I’m not a huge fan of his anymore since the drama with rachel happened) but those three are the ones playing the game! Winning stuff! Brits won HOH plus a few POV’s, Brendons won HOH and a few POV’s and Mattys won HOH’s and POV’s and DPOV. They should be final 3! They talk about floaters, well Enzo, Hayden and Lane are the worst!! Their playing all sides and not winning shit! I swear if I hear enzo say “I’m winning HOH this week, its the week YO” I’m gonna barf! Like their Alliance SUCKS!!!!! They counted on Matty for it all and to get them this far and now their getting him out! I hope Ragan wins and gets enzo or hayden out then brit wins and sends the other right after! So it will be Brit Bren Rag and Lane in final 4 and Brit and Bren in final 2 .. I only picked lane cause I kind like him! He gives comedy especially with Brit. So I’m sad to see Matty go, even tho I’m hoping something happens and Enzo goes.. But I doubt it! Hopefully floater 1 or 2 (enz/hay) go right after!

    1. I enjoyed your post too, Lame. Dixie Doll decided not to read it, she’s still looking for that tall building to leap from. I wish her well….she’s a smart ass.

  10. I can see how they thought Brendon getting those punishments was fishy. So easy! He might have had a quick trigger finger, but to get all of the first punishments while nobody else did? Then Enzo gets the last 2? Easily set up by production! What a poorly set up competition.

    1. Hmmm…Nobody had a problem with their buzzer when it came to accepting a prize. Did production rig it so that Hayden and Lane would be first to buzz in on their respective prizes, or was is simply what the two of them admitted to after the fact? Lane said that the phone call “sounded a lot better to me than sending Brendon home this week.” Hayden said that since nobody would know who won what, he might as well take advantage of the opportunity to grab some loot. Bottom line: Brit’s “army” left her hanging. They weren’t willing to take the punishments and Brendon was.

      1. BB set it up for some of the BG to take some prizes in the hopes that it would get back to Brit and the BG could possibly be outed.Surely they let Brenda win POV. But as usual,they’re all too STUPID to figure ANYTHING out….Matt should have went right to Brit and said “Hey,Hayden and Lane took the prizes,they think they’re safe,they have NO loyalty to you what so ever , you Have to put one of them up”.Again,the so-called diabolical-super-genius showed us all what he doesn’t have…A CLUE !!!

        1. But did hayden admit to anyone that he won the other 2 prizes? In the show he just sat there looking stupid (he does that a lot), but did he tell his chums and they just didn’t show it? I don’t get the live feeds, so I’m at the mercy of what’s shown on tv broadcast.

          1. As far as I could tell, Hayden just stayed dumb on the fact that he took prizes. He sat there with that stupid look on his face and let them all blame Matt who they say took all the prizes.
            I think CBS should do a reveal on the prize taker.

            1. But if they did that, it would only be fair to disclose that Ragan got $20,000 for being the sab. He took it because he was told no one would know just like Hayden was told that. Fair is fair.

    1. Mr. Testicular is n=more like it! (Boy I’m surly tonight. lol don’t get upset folks, I’m just joking around)

  11. What happened between Brendon and Enzo, i know enzo doesnt like him, but why does enzo think brendon will vote to keep matt?/????

    1. Brit got to his head. Enzo is already mega-paranoid accusing his enemies of being the saboteur (his latest theory is that the sab is Brendon). It’s his form of demonization, so you can imagine what a little tinkering with his brain can produce.

    2. Enzo just goes into paranoid attack dog at any suggestion that someone might be against him. He’s not rational.

  12. I’m clueless as to why Britney fell on every word the stooges told her without her still figuring out their alliance. Or why Matt is still gung-ho for the brigade. Stupidest bunch of players on this season ever. Can’t wait to see Britney and Reagan walk out hand in hand next week. Morons

  13. this competition they are practicing for is the one from last season when jessie won i think it was week three. its total luck. i am feeling enzo will win hoh tomorrow. he puts up brendon and ragan.

  14. I LOVE the way Lane is playing Brit. Brit has an air of entitlement about her (spoiled brat syndrome) and she thinks she has Lane wrapped. Lane won more points in my book.

    1. Me too! I sent an e-mail to Simon asking him to give you and BB-Ma my e-mail address in case you wanted to talk off forum but he didn’t respond so I dont know if he has seen it……..

        1. Cool! simon sent me the info this morning, but i have been gone all day and eve so will hit you up sometime tomorrow eve….have a lunch and movie date with my girls in the afternoon! gonna see “Eat Pray Love”

  15. If Matt was smart, and judging by his decisions thus far he it not, then he would tell Brit, Ra, and Bren about the BG. Is he really that stupid? He knew last week that they were going to send him home. And what is up with Brit? I don’t think she even remembers that she has a fiance. She is not much different than Bren. Throwing her chance away for the money because she has fallen for someone. WAKE UP! These people are not so bright this season. Lane tells Brit he has no alliance. Does she not realize how much time he spends with Hay and Enzo? So dumb.

  16. CBS commercial for tomorrow’s BB. Moderator saying “2 live votes and 1 POV.” Show of Britney in diary room shrieking and flipping her hair. Then Hayden in DR saying “Time to take out the trash!” — Wow, they keep on showing Hayden on these commercials. And that’s a pretty wrong thing to be saying about Matt — did he really just call him “trash”?

  17. Ok at this point I am now team Enzo and Brittany. I feel bad for her getting played by Lane and I have always loved the Meow Meow. So it looks like I have to give Brit my sympathy vote for now. I hope those two make it to the end. <<<<<<<< Matt is a chucklehead that needs to GO! Hayden's hair makes me want to choke myself. Lane is now a lying dirtbag and Brendan will give his winnings to that gash Rachel.<<<< So now GO BRIT AND ENZO!!! Let the twin idiots prevail!

    1. I get the Hayden Hair review. What do you say about Enzo’s balding patch. He looks like he isn’t just losing his hair, it’s patching out.

  18. Britney is in love with brendon. She is just mad that Brendon didnt noticed her. Thats why she is always talking about him .All i see is her bashing Brendon. She is a big airhead. Everybody is playing her for a fool. She really thinks that those guys are going to take her to the final with them. This is the worst year of big brother. Final two should be Brendon and Ragan. Brendon should go to Survivor if he doesnt win BB. He is in shape.

  19. matts behavior is really weird to me. its like he is not even trying to compain or nothing like wtf donesnt he realize he is about to leave or he must have something up in his sleeve.
    after watching tonight episode i couldnt blame anybody else but matt he says in the diary room thats its gonna be between him and hayden as replacements. why not go up and convience her to put hayden up. tell her he took all the prices swear on stacy do whatever u go to do make a deal with her why in the fuking hell would u throw ragan under the bus ( u know this will make u look bad u idiot and gives brittany more reasons to put u up ) so stupid on matts part his last plea is ragan to go up and stick with the brigade. stupid

    1. I agree, throwing Ragan under the bus was the wrong move for him to make. However, you have to remember that Matt does not know everything that us viewers do. We know that Enzo, Hayden, and Lane all want Matt gone, but he trusted all of them except for Enzo because Enzo was being shady. Matt was completely clueless about how much Hayden and Lane have been plotting against him, and he was willing to sacrifice Ragan because he was putting his alliance before his friendship. Unfortunately, it backfired.

  20. I really can’t stand Enzo, Hayden, and Lane anymore. What they have been doing to Matt these last two weeks is absolutely disgusting. He was 100% loyal to them until he found out that they were going to get rid of him last week. Even after they told Matt that they were voting him out, he STILL chose to use the DPoV on Kathy instead of one of them. If that wasn’t enough, this week he even went so far as to throw his best friend under the bus just to keep Hayden off the block. And how did they repay him? They totally threw him under the bus. I know this is a game, but that is just too dispicable for words. He was a member of their alliance, and that should mean something. He carried them through the game, and now that they no longer need him, they just threw him away like trash because they know he is stronger than them. If Matt leaves tommorrow, Ragan will probably leave right after, so there won’t be anyone left in the house worth rooting for. I used to like Britney, but she is stupid for trusting E/H/L. Hopefully a miracle will happen tommorrow so that this season can be saved.

  21. Think it would be possible to set Jessie and Rachel up? Wouldn’t that be an interesting match? On another note, if Brendon won, do you think he would still get a prenuptial from Rachel. Remember her getting so upset when he said he’d get one?

    1. Oooh … I didn’t know he said that! She got mad?? It figures. I think he would definitely get one, though. If he wins, once he gets out of the house he will rethink his options. Rachel won’t be one of them.

  22. I really thought that tonight would be the night that Matt would tell Brendan , Brit, and regan about the brigade but once again he just sits there and does nothing. I’m not saying it would save him but atleast those 3 would realize what is happening. I just don’t get it

  23. Brandon and Ragan need to talk. If Britney won’t believe Brandon, then maybe she will believe Ragan. Actually, it could still be doable to save Matt. I don’t like Matt, but… if Ragan , Matt, and Brandon convinced Britney to stick with them, they would have no problem eliminating the 3 asswipes. Britney is in love with Lane (sorry, Nick – and, honestly, you can do better and I actually think it is a good thing that you got a glimpse of what Britney is like….. run, dude), so they would have to really explain to her what is happening.

  24. Matt is a lame duck….even if he outs the brigade now nobody will care, they have made up their minds and will see it as a desperate plea…a lie. So now I vote for Brit and Enzo!! They are the two funniest people in the house. They have the best comments and jokes. I feel bad for Brit, cause you can tell she really likes and trusts Lane. It’s actually kinda sad. But I hope she makes it and joins with Enzo. Shun to the rest of these chucklehaeds.

    1. What’s funny about Enzo? I don’t think he’s funny at all. I think he’s a giant douchebag. Britney is funny, yes, also a mean bitch.

      1. being from the east coast Enzo is funny to me. I like him alot. I think Brit is very sarcastic and funny. Usually someone that is sarcastic is also very intelligent. they don’t give her credit. I think she is blinded by her love for Lane…that wil be her downfall. but I hope she makes it…her and Enzo. I think they deserrve it

  25. Just turned on BBAD. I miss anything interesting? Also, what is everyone drinking tonight? Been a while since I joined in on the BBAD drinkin’ game.

      1. Haha, classic Enzo. Kudos to whoever came up with the nickname “Pretendzo” for him, but hide the Kudos from Allison. Enzo’s playstyle for this game is actually great, but I don’t for a second think it’s a strategy that he’s intending; it’s just him. He’s truly Howie 2.0.

      1. Hahah, classy. I’m not much more refined than you tonight. Resorting to my Gatorade powdered lemonade, mixed with lots of spiced rum. If only we could combine your coke with my rum!

  26. wat if wat they are practicing a spoof like its for the veto compettions and and the real hoh is for a mental one they could be thrown off hopefully ragan and brendan work together cant belive i want brendand to e wit ragan ragan annoyes me but it could be a good alliance brit is not see the real pic here matt out the brigade like to see drama brit will be so pissed at ane epic move their att ur gone go brendana

  27. Matt probably doesn’t realize that the BG threw him under the bus.

    And geeeez Britney thinks Brendon is dumb? he’s the one that figured out those four would vote him britney and ragan out before them. I used to hate brendon and rachel. But i’m rooting for Brendon now. Underdog all the way. If Brendon is voted out I don’t care who wins.

    1. Maybe he doesn’t. Even though Ragan warned him already. I don’t think Matt resembles any kind of genius, however. He had made major blunders this season. Really bad ones. If I count his good moves vs the bad ones, I think they are more bad ones. He failed to take out Brendon when he could have. There is the bad move with Kathy. But I think the biggest fault was that he was trying to play both sides of the house, which obviously made the Brigade question his commitment. They kept talking how they don’t know if Matt is with them anymore or if he is with Ragan and Britney. He screwed up. He then thought he was being smart, by asking Hayden and Enzo about how they’re voting (him vs Lane), because he though he would get some insight into his standing in the Brigade. Guess what. It bit him on the ass, because the guys were pissed at that. Sorry, but he did not play a smart game. Anyway, he should have gotten a clue long ago when the Brigade decided to keep Lane over him and there is also some bad air between him and Enzo. What is he thinking? That Lane and Hayden are still with him? Ragan is so much smarter than he is. Whatever. Matt’s a pretender.

  28. She can be funny. She’s just extremely, as you put it, mean spirited. This is the kind of friend that talks behind your back and stabs you in it at any given moment.

  29. what can enzo do can he even cook or is that baby really his hes just stupid i think andrew was right when he said hayden called him stupid

  30. I watched the episode tonight thinking maybe Matt had something we didn’t know about, but no. He is no super genius. He is an idiot. He thinks he is still with the brigade. He is going to roll over and let them send him home and be loyal to them to the end and never suspect that those three are the reason he is up on the block. Not only that, his attempt to get Ragan put up may be one of the all time scummiest moves and stupid at the same time. And WTF Brit! I was behind you all the way, but you are so oblivious to what’s going on around you, listening to Lane and Enzo. Geez. It seems to be the curse of the special powers. Same thing happened last season. The special power gets played and then when the game is theirs to lose, they manage to mess it up. Getting Kathy out wasn’t a bad move, but rubbing Brendons nose in it was a bad move. Matt not outing the brigade before pov ceremony was also a bad move, the fatal one and watching his DR tonight it’s obvious he doesn’t have a clue and neither does Brit. Just when I thought I had a favorite. As much as I dislike Brendon, it’s looking like he is the only one that deserves the win.

  31. Enzo is a giant douche bag, but HAYDEN!!!!!! Talk about doing NOTHING and floating along. At least Enzo comes up with a ‘plan’ now and then and talks alot of game. If Hayden goes final 2, I will be SO disappointed. Hayden has done the LEAST in this game. What a DOUBLE DOUCHE.

  32. What happened, last season we got to enjoy watching Russel work out all the time. I miss him. His sloppy semi hook up with that crazy chick. If the producers think that Hayden, Brendon, Lane and Enzo are sexy men that ppl will enjoy watching, they need therapy. Hayden is too much of a boy not a man, Brendon is too much of a wimp the way he let Rachel talk to him, Lane is a bid idiot, and Enzo is balding, not a muscle on his body trying to work out idiot with an italian accent. Thanks cbs.

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