**update**Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brigade can’t have a meeting with ND lurking around

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


11:00pm Backyard Brendon, Hayden, Enzo, Lane Lane brings up that Nick didn’t look like he thought he would look different. Brendon says Nick looked nerdy. Lane says the picture made him look like a golfer, Hayden agrees. They start to talk about Nicks “beard”, brit was telling them that Nick had a full beard. Brendon calls it a 5 o’clock shadow. Enzo still is talking about how close he came to winning HOH. Matt joins them and Him and Lane head to the couch. Lane wants to know what they are doing up in HOH. Matt says they’re just talking about brit’s family and brit is reading her letter. Lane tells Matt to bring his ducks for the Brigade meeting tonight. Matt isn’t sure how they will pull it off because they don’t have a HOH room and Needledick is lurking around. The rest of the guys join them on the couch They start talking about the saboteur. Matt says 4 weeks from yesterday is the finale, “its on a Wednesday” Brendon says no that would make it 28 days and they said we’re in here for 80 days. Matt tells him they said “around” 80 days, brit told him September the 15th is finale day. Lane: “they are always telling us lies about shit in here”. Matt says most of the later Big Brothers are 10 week seasons so then it must be September 15th. Matt starts to explain to them that the diamond power of veto was like a 1/2 coup d’etat with some extra stipulations, He explains if HAyden had won POV and taken Ragan off then Matt couldn’t put Brendon, Ragan and Hayden up. Brendon says that at least now theres going to be no extra powers and the game will be fair.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Ragan and Brit joins them, Hayden asks her if she’s locked herself out of HOH already. She tells him she has, Hayden: “Doesn’t that make you feel stupid.. I did it twice”. They talk about Kahty being the saboteur, Matt jokes that she made a secret note to someone out of cigarettes. Matt brings up how great Enzo acted all week when everyone was bugging him about having the power. Matt would think enzo would get it. Matt was worried that there was another power in the house, the first week MAtt was scared to use the DPOV because he though Rachel was the saboteur and had a power that would override his DPOV. Enzo says Yo its this house it’s making you paranoid you had a power and was sacred it was no good. They’re talking about how lame the people that watch the live feeds are (HEY!) Matt says the feeds are boring he can’t understand why people watch it. Matt: “Why would you watch total strangers”. Brit: “uhhh you guys I watched the feeds all the time i have friends that DVR showtime”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:10AM BRendon trying to bond with MAtt over punk music.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:18AM Hammock Ragan and MAtt
Ragan: “everything happens for a reason this last week ahas been such a eye opener to me for so many reason”
Matt: “yeah me to”
Ragan: “both with me and my position and you and your position i’m completely shocked that people were so willing to turn their backs on you”
Matt: “Hayden is straight up he said i was going home because Hayden felt that he couldn’t beat me in final 2 and I respect that…enzo who felt the same way gave a suspicious reason..”
Matt: “but your right it was a very telling week”
Matt: “it’s imposable but i think if we can get me you lane and Hayden we would be in good shape.. its more possible if brit goes next week we might get lane.”
Ragan: “I have to tell you now with you in the game i do feel protective of Britney”
Matt: “in what sense”
Ragan: “umm ……..i just do.. i have a lot of different things milling around ….. i feel very connected to her”.
Matt: “oh absolutely like her on a friendship level but I think if.. ”
Ragan: “I think we need to hold off and see.. especially because so much is going to happen from now until the next HOH”
Matt doesn’t see them being able to make a deal with Hayden and Lane because hayden is too close to enzo and lane is too close to Brit. Ragan says if there is a double eviction then it will be on thursday otherwise there won’t be one this season. Ragan says he’s so glad brit got HOH, Matt is to he thinks it worked ot well
Matt and Ragan both agree that next week will be quiz followed by a Extended skill . Ragan says that this season is a awesome season becuase the power shifts every week. Ragan thinks that Matt is a popular player because they wantt o keep them int he game. Ragan thinks all of last week was set up by production, they knew who was going to win HOH, they knew how the house was going to vote…

12:34pm camera changes to Hayden talking to himself he’s saying that Brit is going to put up The sasquatch and enzo then he needs to won POV and take down Enzo.. sasquatch goes home and Brit has to pull a person up which will leave 2 people pissed off at Brit.

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127 thoughts on “**update**Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brigade can’t have a meeting with ND lurking around

  1. Allison Grodner thinks you’re supposed to turn your refrigerator off when you go to sleep. Maybe that’s what started her unhealthy eating habits. Poor girl was probably forced to play binge bingo until the frig was empty.

      1. Thank you. Why do people comment about things that don’t relate to the game? They should e-mail each other and not comment here.

  2. Brendan bonding over punk music…ahh…yeah right. He doesn’t know jack about punk music. I’m tired of looking at his face.

    1. You never know what surprising secrets these people are keeping. Take Matt, for example. He told Ragan his secret was: He’s actually 33, not 30! These people are so sneaky.

    1. Actually, it was Enzo who was started the live feeders are lame comments. Matt also agreed. And the rest of them too — except for Brit who defended us and said, hey you guys are attackiing me. (I thought it was ironic that all these guys who went on there for fame and future fortune would attack their most loyal audience.)

    2. Come on, don’t be so thin skin folks, we ARE lame for watching live feeds! And we double down on the lameness by coming to this site and commenting on the trvial happenings of the BB HGs

        1. Yep, I said “we” which includes myself. BB Live Feeds are a guilty pleasure, and if Enzo and Matt say it’s lame I’m not going to get bent out of shape, because its true, it is lame….and I like it!

  3. LOL,whats with the Weird/Hate Allison Grodner comments,someones bitter about not making big brother this season,I agree though I think for once I hate them all,Hayden and Lane are the most tolerable to me,Enzos funny but could be annoying as well,and the rest I find hard to stomach at all!

  4. I don’t think Nick wanted to be filmed watching the show. Be put on the spot and asked “What do you think of Britney and Lane’s relationship and how it is developing?” I mean, CBS has been kind of mean with Kristen 2 month old boyfriend and bringing on Brendon’s ex. I don’t think I would if I was him. However, we might see him this week. Don’t they show stuff on the HOH family during the week? I think they show Britney’s tonight because we had seen Matt’s family already.

    1. agreed. I was not a kristen fan, but I was sort of horrified by what they did to her with the comments from hayden’s and her now ex boyfriend’s friends…then they topped that off the following week with poor brenden getting bashed by his ex…both were tasteless…I would never want an ex of mine and her mother and father discussing why they are happy im gone…

      but it does seem like a favorable edit.

    2. I think Lane is Brit’s fiance and they are the 2 that know each other outside the house. I think they didn’t show Nick because he doesn’t exist. Lane’s family and friends reactions were so funny to watch when they were showing Brit and Lane clips. With her being HOH this week…time will tell.

      1. There is an interview with Nick, with photos on another site. He said he does not appreciate Brit flirting with Lane. Apparently there IS a Nick, unless the whole thing was fabricated.
        Who knows…..

    3. Maybe CBS is reading some of these boards and seeing all the complaints about no drama and such. So they’re trying to create it with those stories b/c they’re not getting anything from the HG’s. As for Kristen, sorry to say, but she brought some of that on herself. She was at the very least “stepping out” on her boyfriend in front of millions, any semi-smart person should know that would have repercussions. I thought once Brendon was telling Rachel about how he is somewhat estranged from his family, so maybe CBS tried to talk to them, but they wouldn’t respond. Still, he seems on good terms with his sister, so why not ask her. I take what his ex and family said with a grain of salt, b/c she still sounds a little bitter and was getting her shots in. Also, I wonder why they never asked Rachel’s family and friends for comment. I would have loved to have heard their perspective.

      1. The ex and her mother said Brendon was always trying to change the girl. I noticed that Brendon was always after Rachel to not put on so much make up. Also when they were fighting and Rachel tried to walk away, he would shout DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM ME, and once when she was laying down crying (which was most of the time) she threw her hand over her face. He took her hand and pinned it to the bed. Although Brendon has that puppy dog look for Rachel, I think somewhere inside is another Brendon. I do agree, however, that CBS were jerks in digging up the ex-girlfriend. His family probably had nothing good to say if they watched Brendon become a complete slave to Rachel. As for Rachel’s family, I would think with her drunken antics, flashing her body parts and boobs, her Las Vegas stories, they might be embarrassed.

        1. I saw signs of an abusive and controlling personality in the first couple of weeks. I believe what the ex girlfriend said, though it was mean to put her on the show. The first week, when Rachel and Brendon got put on the block, Brendon won POV and took himself off. Then he was all whiny and they got into their first tiff because Brendon accused her of not being sensitive to what he was going through. FFS! She was on the block. He was not, but instead of being supportive of her dilemma, he needed her to make it all about him. Same thing when she was HOH. He acted like he was HOH. He talked deals with people without consulting her. He told her what to do. He criticized her ideas. Every time she started standing up for herself, he turned on the tears and moped to get sympathy and she ends up apologizing when he was the one being an asshole. I’ve seen it before, he has an abusive streak. He has the Jeckyll and Hyde thing going on. He is over the top nice, but it’s just a cover for the mean and manipulative side. He is one messed up dude.

  5. Ragan: “I have to tell you now with you in the game i do feel protective of Britney”
    Matt: “in what sense”
    Ragan: “umm ……..i just do.. i have a lot of different things milling around ….. i feel very connected to her.”
    What a shock. Ragan feeling “connected” to a weepy, catty, gossipy chick who used to be a pageant contestant, theater participant and loves Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. I can’t believe he’s attached to a woman like that–I never would’ve seen that coming. What a way to show another weakness to Matt, Ragan. Wise up and stop acting like he’s your soulmate to whom you can confess all. Unless they are soulmates… Matt gets on with Ragan better than anyone in the house. Stacy–you better look out, girl! Matt’s gonna blow that half a mil bailing Ragan out of his money woes. Then they’re going to take a cruise to Ibiza without you! lol…

  6. If I was lane I would tell hayden that Brit wants lane,Hayden, and herself in the final 3. Then I would tell Hayden that since no one says they will vote for her may e we should keep her to get Matt out of the house because Matt is really smart and can win endurance comps and Regan will never put Matt up. God why am I not on BB?

  7. Allison Grodner…..evicting Chima was your best move. other than that…you are totally sucked ass….especially with this season. Useless Saboteurs..bad casting…a gay guy who cries all the time (yes i am gay and Ragan is an embarrasment to our community)….same ol’ shit games… next season it better be the all stars….

    1. haha totally agree…ragan is a disgrace to gay men everywhere!! i have a lot of gay friends and they are so discusted by ragan. The twists and the saboteur is the biggest waste of time I have evr seen on bb………..like seriously cbs couldn’t think of anything better, what is happening to reality tv. Worst casting job as well

  8. yay, the group minus enzo is finally doing….”JUST THE TIP”………hopefully by enzo hanging out with ND, the rest of the H/G’s will finally catch onto what’s going on with that….by what’s been said, brit’s considering putting enzo up with ND

  9. It’s really funny that Brit and Raegan was so so so so SO SO SO SO SO happy, words cant just describe it. Watching BB after dark they were just so joyful.

    Little do they know and sadly to say, they just get BLOWN out of this game like a feather in a windy day. Sooooooooo sad for them but yet very funny to watch.

  10. i really dont know who i want to win the game i dont really like anyone in the house brittney is a backstabber who plays the game with no morals, even though matts doin good im still pissed at the fact that he lied about his wife being sick (by the way do you guys think ragan will be mad at matt for that????) haydons whatever to me, im not so sure how i feel about enzo anymore, brendon is losing it but i feel bad for him,lane is just lane. how do you guys feel? i really want to see ragans reaction to finding out matt was liying!! :)

      1. I think Matt is the smartest guy there. I have faith that he’ll make it to the end. Ragan is a sad case. He looked really stupid after his confrations with Rachel and Brendon. Brendon is a thinker and somehow, he’ll think it through and we’ll make it to another round. Hayden still has his eyes on Britney, and by that, I mean he wants her out of the house. I like Hayden simply because he’s much smarter than Britney. Hayden saw through Britney weeks ago, and it was Hayden who first saw Britney for what she is…(fill in the blank)……..Enzo is cool. Enzo wants to curse Britney out if she puts him on the block. Ha, it’s a tough job, but someone has to put this little girl in her place. Now Lane, he’s just hanging out. I would laugh really hard if Lane wins the whole thing,. $500,000. In a way, I hope Lane does win.
        My choices for the $500,000 are in this order: Matt, Enzo, Hayden and Lane.

        Britany and Ragan can sit in the jury house and watch.

        1. Oh, I left out Brendon.

          Correction: My choices for the $500,000 are in this order: Matt, Brendon, Enzo, Hayden and Lane.

    1. I’d like to see Enzo win. He’s the only 1/2 decent person in the house. Brit is just a demon in a cheerleader facade. Lane is empty. Matt – just lies. Brendon – stupid. Ragen – deplorable human being and cruel. Hayden – ken doll.

    2. I agree… I’m not rooting for anyone in the house, which is a first. I usually find at least one that I really like…. I could care less who wins. No one really deserves it. They have all thrown away there dignity and morals and they use the excuse “it’s just a game.” Oh really? So probably the only time you will EVER be on national TV for this length of time, you decide to throw away your morals for world to see??? Oh ok yeah now I see….. NOT. Stupid people. They are all the same. And it BLOWS me away how they talk about each other being so dirty and cold, when they ARE ALL doing the same thing to each other! They are all on the exact same level…

    3. This is where I think we’ll see how two-faced Ragan can be. Since it is Matt and he apparently thinks the world of him, I think he’ll blow it off like a “shut-up are you kidding me? I can’t believe I fell for that.”, all with that overly happy cartoon grin on his face. However, if Brendon, Rachel, or anyone else had done the same thing and he found out we’d be hearing an angry diatribe about what a vile, disgusting, unmoralistic person they are. At this point I’m only leaning toward Brendon winning. He’s the only one that has been playing the game from the beginning. Twisted though his gameplay is to some of us, he has been playing and while not necessarily winning comps. at least fighting. I would love to see him and Lane in the final two and watch those two have to tolerate each other alone in the house for a few days. Then they can send the cameras over to the jury house for some real fun.

    4. I am in agreement… I just don’t like anyone on this show this season. I have always had at least one person to root for on the show until they got evicted or made it to the end. Not saying I always pick the right people but I do tend to lean towards choosing people that can keep personal attacks out of their game. Attacking game playing is fair, but attacking a person based on looks, social status, job isn’t fair. Just because it’s not a choice you would make doesn’t mean it’s something to make fun of. I can’t stand Brittney, she makes me ill, Ragan was ok to begin with but since he started chumming with Brittney he’s become her little evil side kick in trash talking. Brendon is a little over the top and let his showmance ruin his game, I wish he and Rachel would have come out of their showmance bubble a little more and played a better social game. But it’s hard being hated from week one because people think you are a showmance and target you. Enzo has some fun comments but other than that he’s not doing much. Lane is much the same way. Hayden aside from winning the first HOH and being on the block with Kristen, hasn’t done much, but he seems to have a clear view on the fact that this is a game and he seems to be playing it as such. Matt…… I do not like his “johnny fairplay” move, but I am also not happy with his wife for helping him out with it either. He seems to have had things handed to him in this game. The week the DPOV was in Pbox, the HOH comp was another endurance competition, the producers knew he wouldn’t have had a problem with it because they saw the first endurance comp, he didn’t even break a sweat. I can’t even say I liked anyone in the house to begin with…… imho evil may prevail this season…… but I guess that balances out the BB seasons. Good one year, evil the next.

    1. They didn’t want to come on national TV perhaps? Or they did but CBS didn’t air it since it wouldn’t cause any drama like the ex’s did on TV.

    2. Why??? I wouldn’t want to go on the show saying I knew them! They were “the showmance” BB should have done something with the family….they probably said NO WAY!!! They showed Brendon’s fiance and her family…that was a bad promo for him!!

  11. Rockstar:
    I just need to clarify, in a civil manner, a few things that you assume about me in your comment. First, this is not a “another ploy” in order to get attention. I don’t crave attention nor wish to the center of attention. If I did, I wouldn’t have been using a BB blog site to achieve it. That’s your bag not mine. Second, to say that this is another “ploy” for attention, tells me you are heartless and cold to think I would make up a lie about losing my best friend Michael a few weeks ago to AIDS. Yes the grieving process sucks and I admitted my emotions were in a tailspin. It is on these days that I have stay away from this site. What bothers me the most is that you would take information that I have shared with Simon in private and then you made it your business to share in a public forum. That is totally unforgivable and the lowest of low. If anyone craves attention it is you and obviously you would stop at nothing to get it. Your immaturity, lack of tack, class or even empathy is disturbing. If you think I was just stringing Simon/Dawg along about improving their site, guess again. That article I posted yesterday was a small bit of proof of what I told Simon was happening to this show earlier this season. Also, if you noticed, a lot of material posted on this site has been used on the CBS broadcasts. Therefore, proving that this site, as well as others, are used for, amongst other things, material. With that said, because of your callousness, all the research I have done on Internet copyright laws, YouTube, licensing, and information I get from sources within CBS, in order to help out your friends Simon/Dawg, is “off the table.” Which is too bad because they deserve a break. And FYI, I won’t be coming back using a different name or whatever. S/D can track IP Numbers. So pat yourself on the back you really did S/D a solid! Take care Simon/Dawg.

    1. Rockstar – I agree with everthing you said. There is always one person who constantly threatens to leave a blog for attention getting purposes and NEVER LEAVES! They always throw in the dead of a loved one for good measure too. Same old same old. Whackjob for sure.

      1. thanks beep. I went back searching through my posts for weeks and could not find where I said anything I was being accused of. I’m totally pissed off that because I’m tough I’m subhuman. No one knows what I’m going through or why I fight so hard for this place and for BB. We all have demons & troubles here but jimi has lost it with the lies and the bullshit.

        1. Don’t worry too much about it.. I haven’t really had time to figure out what is going on, I’m trying to stay out of it but I don’t want to see people I like on this site being pissed off and fighting. You’re one tough cookie rockstar and I’ve always appreciated all the support you have given us over the years, you’ve been with us since our early days and you are a big part of this site. It’s so hard for me to figure out what is going on in the comments right now I’m probably much more lost then most of you. I just want this to be a fun place were friends meet to talk about Big Brother and their favorite houseguests/most hated houseguests.

          I’ll still approve comments from people if they want to fight it out, hopefully we can all focus on hating the houseguests.

          PS Rockstar, If your ever on the island i’ll buy you a timmy’s coffee as long as you don’t bring up pig pen ;)

    2. Hey Jimik, I have never talked outside this blogs comment system to rockstar (she likes Jessie and pigpen too much i could never do it) I like you hanging around here and appreciate your point of view and the support you give us.

      As i was saying to rockstar I really don’t know whats going on with all the side arguments on the site. I’m too busy making up fake things to make Rachel and Brendon look bad (joking ;) ) I’m going to try and stay out these arguments, just wanted to say bye and thanks for the memories , the door is left open if you return.

      1. jimik – I disagreed with you when you told simon in the contact us section which by the way is public and in no way private. You typed that the s&D should not post everyones comment only a chosen few and I disagreed. I don’t want to be the chosen few one minute and because someone in the chosen few took something I said the wrong way and then decided I had to go too. I didn’t see where that made sense nor saw that as being fair. I have posted this a million times that I love it here because every other BB site bans or refuses to post comments of pure bull because it’s their site and they can do what they want. I thought it was admirable that s&D post almost everything and give us all a chance to have a little fun. Who cares if someone posts something related and deep or if someone posts hey I love Natalie (be quiet simon)… s&D even though they totally disagreed with me last year and in previous years have given us the place to post and I can’t knock that and when someone comes here and tries to mess with it, I call that an act of war. After your first comment, you said you hoped that you were not the only one to feel that way. I disagreed and posted my thoughts, never once attacking you even when I thought you were mad as a hatter. http://www.onlinebigbrother.com/contact-us-2/ here is the proof. find a sentence I type that was disrespectful to you, slammed you or put a knife in your back. I was kind, I was caring and I gave you chance after chance after you attacked people I like on the site. I gave you the chance to blame it on the meds, on life, your inner moppet whatever, I thought too much about you for that but now I don’t care. You called me out, you lied and you accused me of laughing about aids and dead friends. I think it’s shitty that because of me you are holding this wonderful info you think you have that will benefit s&D and the site hostage because you lost your shit and called me out and now can’t stand my latino heat burning you like you tried to do to me.
        – anyways, this is getting old and I’m giving you too much attention as it is and I think you are eating it up…

        —-> I will never ever ever comment on anything you type ever never ever again (however if you post after me then the deal is off) I think if you have all this info for s&D and the site then you should give them what they rightly deserve. You don’t benefit me whatsoever. I don’t care about you nor what you have to say – that is my opinion and how I feel. It’s wrong to keep any BB goodness away from s&D&the site if it would benefit them because of me…

        Rockstar out

    3. Rockstar:
      I have better things to do than to continue with this “pissing contest.” The personal information I am talking about is the information posted in Contact Us. No matter what I say, it will always be about you and what you didn’t do! So okay you win! What you won, I have no idea, but I’m sure you will come up with something! Lastly, I am not holding any information hostage! I have work hard on obtaining information on making Simon/Dawg’s site even better, but since it would benefit you as well forget it. Why you are involving Simon I have no idea. My argument was with you. If Simon feels I own him an apology that’s fine – but I want him to ask and to explain what it is I’ve done to warrant it. With that said, my bladder is empty and it’s time to move on. What’s done is done – lets just leave it at that. There are more important things going on in this world that concern me more than a blog.

    4. Here’s the proof you ask for, so who’s the liar now:
      1. Rockstar says:
      August 13, 2010 at 9:50 am
      My opinion – I was thinking about the whole mockery of Allison Grodner earlier and maybe it’s just me but if someone was mocking me on a website, I would not allow any shoutouts about the website on the show or during the feeds.
      Lets just say if Grandma is a houseguest next season. She wants to say hi simon, hi Dawg, onlinebigbrother.com rulez. If allison knows this site is a big mockfest, each time Grandma tried to say hi to us, the feeds would shut down and we would never know because Allison was pissed off.
      If the website got a shoutout, there would be more visitors, more chances of revenue etc..
      just something to think about…
      o simon says:
      August 13, 2010 at 10:55 am
      Yeah rockstar is probably right, lets keep the conversations on Bigrbrother and leave AG out of it.
      ? Rockstar says:
      August 13, 2010 at 11:38 am
      even though it’s not my website, it would be awesome to get a shout out that they know we exist and that we ‘might’ matter in what we have to say
      ? * says:
      August 13, 2010 at 1:41 pm
      i agree
      o Moaner says:
      August 13, 2010 at 11:44 am
      Paranoia sets in. No offense but I really don’t think this is the only site that has posters who mock AG. And I don’t think AG cares anyway. She gets lots of hate and love. I haven’t bashed AG here, but it’s funny and more importantly, it’s free speech. Anyone in AG’s position has very thick skin. If she can rise to the position she is in, it isn’t because she is worried about what a poster on a site says about her. Finally, of all of your assumptions, the one that is most unlikely is if one of this site’s fans gets on BB. There are just too many people trying out for the show, the odds are against it. Please reconsider banning AG jokes.

    5. Here the proof you are a liar:
      1. Rockstar says:
      August 13, 2010 at 9:50 am
      My opinion – I was thinking about the whole mockery of Allison Grodner earlier and maybe it’s just me but if someone was mocking me on a website, I would not allow any shoutouts about the website on the show or during the feeds.
      Lets just say if Grandma is a houseguest next season. She wants to say hi simon, hi Dawg, onlinebigbrother.com rulez. If allison knows this site is a big mockfest, each time Grandma tried to say hi to us, the feeds would shut down and we would never know because Allison was pissed off.
      If the website got a shoutout, there would be more visitors, more chances of revenue etc..
      just something to think about…
      o simon says:
      August 13, 2010 at 10:55 am
      Yeah rockstar is probably right, lets keep the conversations on Bigrbrother and leave AG out of it.
      ? Rockstar says:
      August 13, 2010 at 11:38 am
      even though it’s not my website, it would be awesome to get a shout out that they know we exist and that we ‘might’ matter in what we have to say
      ? * says:
      August 13, 2010 at 1:41 pm
      i agree
      o Moaner says:
      August 13, 2010 at 11:44 am
      Paranoia sets in. No offense but I really don’t think this is the only site that has posters who mock AG. And I don’t think AG cares anyway. She gets lots of hate and love. I haven’t bashed AG here, but it’s funny and more importantly, it’s free speech. Anyone in AG’s position has very thick skin. If she can rise to the position she is in, it isn’t because she is worried about what a poster on a site says about her. Finally, of all of your assumptions, the one that is most unlikely is if one of this site’s fans gets on BB. There are just too many people trying out for the show, the odds are against it. Please reconsider banning AG jokes.

      1. jimi- where did I make fun of dead aids people? Where did I attack you? I think it’s bloody ignorant of you to freak when people make fun of gays but it ok to make fun of fat people. My aunt has weight issues. She reads this site. She has health issues and her pills and thoroid cause her to gain even more weight. She was skinny all her life, got sick and the weight poured on. I thought you of all people would know better and would realize what you said and how it was ignorant. I guess I was wrong again. I have this blind faith in people but it just proves how much of a chump you are. Way to go.

        1. Rockstar, I have suffered for years with thyroid issues. Please give your Aunt a couple of websites to read. They are found under “21st Century Pain and Sports Medicine” by Dr. Starr and another is “StopthethyroidMaddness”. If your Aunt has any other questions please let me know. I would have done things different in my treatment. I would like to help her in hers.

  12. I think and hope next week brings some surprises. I know everyone hates Brendon and wants him to go home, but for game sake, I hope she either doesn’t put him up or he wins POV. I’d like to see of the others squirm a little bit. But probably Hayden and Enzo are squirming a little bit anyhow.

  13. Honestly this season is pretty crappy if you ask me..first of all these are some of the worst alliances i think ive ever seen. The brigade is a hugee joke, none of them win shit except for matt and hes a conniving heartless jerk who would give his wife a fake disgnosis to win some money thats just plain pathetic and discusting and karma will bite him in the ass for that. Enzo lane and hayden are cool but completley useless…they talk so much game yet have no startegy and absolutley no skill to win anything. Brendon and rachel were actually a good team..competitive and well sometimes they were smart but they got too wrapped up in their love and made everyone turn against them, they should have toned it down a notch for the sake of saving themselves. Kathys a dead weight and im glad that woman is gone, ragan is a complete the biggest lying two-faced jerk ive ever seen…hes a complete hypocrit and he does nothing but talk crap behinds people back and then cry hes so pathetic and nobody is worse than britney shes a discusting dispicable human being and i wish big brother would just take her out of the show for being the nasty person that she is. i never seen a more hateful cowardess human being in my life, her family and her fiance should be ashamed of her and her nasty behaviour and who the hell is she to talk about brendons morals and actions, take a look in the mirror you small town ignorant bitch

  14. this season is just full of a bunch of idiots who got chosen for being people who could produce drama in the house. No skill, no strategy, nothing. What happened to players like chilltown evel dick and dan? Even jeff an jordan….puts this season to shame. GO brendon! hes the only real one in the house, the rest are useless and pathetic.

  15. This is my first post but after last night’s episode, I hope Brendon sues the chicken out of Allison Grodner for fixing the game and preventing him from winning. WTF?!? Matt gets a diamond power of veto, giving him ultimate power for 2 weeks and Brendon gets a f**king dinner alone???!?
    I don’t care who you like or hate in the house, production is screwing with the game unfairly and it is stupid. Big Brother just graduated to the ranks of Pro Wrestling… Yeahhhhhh!!!!

      1. The game is fixed and here are my reasons why I think so. Regan making everyone think that Kathy was the sab.so they could all hate her,why can Matt talk about a secret power and still get to use it after he was told that he could not say anything, then they more or less took the HOH away from Brendon by letting Matt pick the new nom.Matt is so stupid he calls that a power move to take out a week player that could be used as a pawn to help keep the brigade safe. The nastiness in that house is so vile, they laugh at people behind that backs, make fun of people, how is that game playing they are awful people .If it were up to me I do not think any of them deserve the money!! I have never seen so many nasty people in a show before they do it because they think it is fun, they need to grow up that is not how real adults should act, but I do beleive in Karma so lets see some come back to bite Britney and Regan in the ass!!

    1. Paul- I agree with you on your statement that “Matt gets a diamond power of veto, giving him ultimate power for 2 weeks and Brendon gets a f**king dinner alone???!? “

      1. Hoosiergirl, it was actually called “a 24 hour trip for 2” and it wasn’t really just a meal alone, he got Rachel back into the house (even though he’d rather have had her with him) where she was able to create havoc, spy, and even allowed to write rule-breaking messages about who to get out of the game. Getting Matt out really would have helped Brendon’s game because Enzo and Hayden were planning on getting out Brit and Ragan next and keeping Brendon around…. Enzo and Hayden will only get Brendon out now because forced to by Matt, Brit, and Ragan, who have the votes to evict Brendon.

      2. Mike: You can’t really believe that can you?!? Production has all of the challenges preplanned before the season and then can pick and choose which ones to do in whichever order to “assist” with their choice for HoH or PoV. In this case, they chose to give a HUGE power to someone AFTER they won HoH and chose to give a shaft to someone else. They went way too far this time. Think about the DPoV… It gave Matt the ability to veto ANY nominee and replace it with his choosing. He could have taken anyone down and put anyone else up (except the PoV and HoH) in either week. Well DUH! The week he received this gift, he was HoH so WHY would he use it?!? BB production went way too far with this.
        And as a final rant, everyone is down on Brendon and Rachel for being fake but everything I have seen shows us that everyone in the house is being fake. I honestly want to slap Britney so damn hard that her lazy eye straightens out…

    2. Ho hum. People said the same thing last year when Chima got dethroned. Everyone knew coming in that there are twists and powers. Whether you like it or not, it’s CBS’s show. They run their show how they like, and the HGs sign documents that bind them to the terms and conditions. How was it unfair? If Ragan had won the HOH, which he almost did, he would have gotten the DPOV. Ragan was chosen by America to be the sab. How did CBS fudge that? If they had voted out Brendon instead of Rachel, Lane would have won HOH, and he would have gone off for a nice meal and missed the drama when Brendon came back for 24 hours. As it happened, things could have worked out beautifully for Brendon if Rachel hadn’t come back with a personal mission. It was supposed to be good for him, but she messed it up. How is CBS rigging things? And as for Ragan making everyone think Kathy was the saboteur, what was he supposed to do? Fess up and lose the 20K and make himself a target? Of course he tried to put it on someone else and Kathy’s own behaviour made it easy for him to choose. The funny part is that I don’t remember one houseguest suggesting it could be Ragan. Everyone else’s names got floated around, except Ragan’s. I guess that was CBS meddling too. It’s just a TV show.

      1. Chloe: You are assuming that CBS would have kept the PB items the same if different people won and I am saying they would not. Clearly favoring certain players to suit their ratings. I seriously doubt the contestants signed contracts saying they would be singled out and chosen to lose the game. Who would do that? As far as America voting for that shrieking little bit*h to be the saboteur (when everyone knows Matt is already such an a$$hole as to be a perfect saboteur)?? Show me the data from an independent source. Again, I say it is production picking and choosing who and what they want for their ratings. It is a contest, a social contest but a contest. Make it fair or lose me from the audience. Once Brendon is gone, I have no reason to watch. Everyone left in the house is scum.
        Finally… Am I the only person who thinks Enzo sounds like a total douche for referring to himself as “the meow meow”???? Seriously?!?

        1. Well so what if it is rigged. It’s their show. And yes, everyone in the house had to sign a briefcase full of disclaimers and waivers to be there. CBS has to cover their ass.

          CBS doesn’t care about the game, or the houseguests or the $500K. It’s all about ratings. Everything on TV is about ratings. Ratings bring in advertising revenue. Revenue equals profit for the company and share holders. That’s what its all about. If you don’t like how they run their own show, you don’t have to tune in. Personally, I don’t think BB messes with them enough. The premise behind Orwell’s Big Brother is that BB messes with their heads, sets them up and punishes them for not doing as they are told. But it isn’t my show. If it was, it probably would be a trip for the above average in intellligence, but the brain dead that constitute the bulk of viewers of network TV wouldn’t get it, it would be a ratings disaster. I watch it anyways because I love the show. The UK version is better, but this one is probably suited to an American audience and the show is still around because it makes CBS money. Every year people complain about the show being rigged. But they keep watching and whining.

    3. Production has ALWAYS arranged the competitions so that some in the house may have an advantage. There are always little people, big people, young people and older people. You need a mix to make a mess! The week before, the competition that Brendon won was clearly made for a stronger, larger man….right? So what is wrong with that? People complain about it being boring and I am sure CBS understands that and worries about that too. They have to throw a few curves in there. They have to give some the advantage this week and some the next week. When you go into that house you agree to be a puppet and production is your puppet master. But ultimately it is your personality and the way you play the game and how you are viewed by the general public that determines where you go in the game. Just my opinion.

    4. I agree Matt gets dpov and Brendon gets a dinner! What a joke, and I knew Matt would send Cathy home cause he has no balls to do anything else. His whole game is a bunch of lies about his wife, that is sad for all the people in the world whose family member is fighting a health problem. BB is tottally on the fix for that one! Brit is the biggest female dog I have ever seen on the show. Would someone please tell her to stop picking, biteing and messing will her fingernails! Matts name should be hands down the pants like the song from American Idol! Do you think the wife is fake and he is really Regans wife!

  16. Thanks Simon for the great season, especially the fun days with Rachael. Now with only the two face stabbers left, shut the door, close the blinds.This SEASON is over. Fed up with all the bitches on the show and the bloggers crap!!! It getting way too old. TOO MUCH HATE in this world as it is.

  17. I love how Kathy always use her little lines: “I love you all. I love everybody here.”


    Well, Kathy, they talked about you like a dog, so I don’t think they even like you. You cleaned the house, made their beds all for nothing.

  18. To Mari: I feel sorry for Brendon, they are really shutting him out. So I probably will be pulling for him next week. As far as the others, they are all the same if you ask me. I wish some how Matt’s lie could come out, but it won’t. I think something needs to happen to catch somebody in something, say maybe if Brendon catches the Brigade talking and spills the beans. I just hope something happens to put a little fire in the game this week.

    1. Bendon is exactly where he put himself in the weeks before. He’s been a jerk, is a jerk and will continue to be a jerk. He deserves to be sitting alone.

    2. yea same here i really feel bad for brendon and they make fun of him and i think his the only one who dosent talks shit 24/7 like the others. im hoping either him or lane wins the game :)

  19. Ragen better be mad at Matt for lying about his wife. He is always talking shit about how he takes the high ground and plays with morals. If Ragen dosn’t rip Matt a new asshole like he did to Rachel. then Ragen is no better than Rachel about playing with morals.

  20. GOOD BYE Brenda.

    YOU deserve to LOSE. You are such a coward and a hypocrite.

    I HOPE all of the houseguests hang out in the HOH with the door locked – EXCEPT Brenda.

    What a loser he is.

    1. Don’t think Enzo will be in the HH room when he goes on the block! He just might loose it and cross things up. What will Brit do if Brendon wins veto, who will she put up? I think Hayden which will kiss her goodbye next week! Can’t say I am sorry to see her go! The girls really played a stupid game this year, if Rachael and Brit had teamed up they would of been better off. Kristin too, they let the boys rule which was stupid.

  21. FFS people get over Matt’s lie about his wife. If she’s ok with it, why the f**K should anyone else care…it’s not like he’s lying to congress or the American people (cough cough), he’s lying to a bunch of peeps who stay home every Sun, Weds and Thurs night, big F**K’n deal.

  22. LOL @ people who talk about “playing the game with no morals”. Ever heard the old saying all is fair in love and war? I mean you have to look at priority, what is your expectation? To make temporary friends, get along and party until you go home? or manipulate people and focus on bringing some financial help/stability home to your family and those that aren’t trying to buddy up to you to win cash.

  23. I have absolutely grown to LOVE Ragan. Yes, the guy has issues – we all get that. But there is something very vulnerable about him, he just cares until it hurts. At the end of the show last night, when he went into the have-not room and looked up at the camera and gave that big toothy smile and told us all he loves us…….I just laughed and laughed. He will be on an emotional high this week for sure. NOw he just needs to eat cause he has lost so much weight. Great show last night and here’s hoping they just get better and better from here on till the end. Britney, dear…….ENZO AND BRENDON FOR DOUBLE EVICTION PLEASE!

    1. And please, Ragan…PULEEEEEZE, close your mouth when you chew your food. You are almost as bad as that Enzo who has the worst eating habits.

      1. Agreed about Enzo. Was watching him on after dark last night….I wish they would turn his microphone off when he’s eating!! He’s disgusting

  24. Allison: I agree with the casting this year…very bad. there is no one personality to connect to.. Whoever chose Kathy should be fired. If it wasnt for Rachael and Brendon boy what a boring group. (tho I hated the sound of Rachael’s voice) Brit was a good choice! The whole Brigade crew outta be shot…b o r i n g! I can’t believe anyone is really watching the live feeds this year. I hate Ragen selfrightous bore. I like gay men… he is more of a unich.

  25. on the live show when they did brit’s and lane’s families, the man sitting beside brit’s mom looked very much like lane and his laugh sounded identical…….and on BBAD, when brit read her letter, she was talking about her dad……camera zoomed in on lane, he looked teary-eyed and sad then looked down……..this was around 10:47, also was on live feed cam 3….I said in an earlier post that there is a relationship there, possibly step-siblings or even half-siblings or the other possibility is that’s he’s really her fiance……whatever it is, I feel all the HG’s bios are fake so possibly the family videos they show are not all that legit either, to throw the fans off

    1. Bear, I agree that Lane may be her stepbrother. Remember they didn’t show Lane’s Dad last night in the videos. And we know that Lane talks to Britney BUT when do the live feeds ever show the 2 of them alone talking strategy…. the live feeds only show the 2 of them when there are other people around. So who knows what Lane is really saying to Britney.

  26. Like to see the final four be Ragen, Matt, Brendon and Britney. They all played to game and I hate to see a floater make it to the final two. Hope on Thrusday, Hayden and Enzo get evicted. Just have to wait and see.

  27. Brittany is a btich…she needs to GO!! Matt has that “little man big mouth syndrome”. Rachel & Brendon were the only good players. Ragan is weak. Boring without Rachel…go Brendon!!!!

    1. Good players. LOL. Yeah, who can forget the power moves like getting Monet and Kristen out of the house? Who can forget the crying and whining when they lost competitions? Who can forget Brendon saying the competition was unfair because he has big feet. Or how he threw the bowling ball at Jeff and Jordan. Who can forget the way they made themselves the biggest targets in the house by starting a showmance before the show even went live? Who can forget how Rachel messed up Brendon’s HOH. Brit was clearly his best target, but she wanted Matt out to get back at Ragan for standing up to her insults. Yeah, what great players! Definitely allstar material. NOT.

  28. 1. I dont think lane is brits step-brother….him using the sexual inuendos throughout the season would be too disgusting.
    2. do you think Matt didnt realize that enzo wanted him out? why would he not use it on him?
    3. what does double eviction mean? we will see to people out on same day…thursday?

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