Enzo calls Britney a inbred albino.

12:35am In the bathroom, Hayden tells Enzo what he was thinking about how the best case scenario is that Britney nominates Brendon and Enzo and then Hayden wins POV to pull of Enzo which would force Britney to make another enemy by putting someone else up. Brendon comes in and says that those three (Himself, Enzo, and Hayden) don’t throw each other under the bus he says if two of them get nominated then the third wins veto pulls one off and Ragan or Matt would have to go up. Brendon says that he will tell Britney that Matt and Ragan wanted her up. Brendon says that he will threaten her with that fact that he can influence three votes (Rachel, himself, and Kathy ) in the jury. Brendon then says that they are being cocky mother BLANK. Brendon says that the best case is for Brendon to throw the POV to either Enzo or Matt which ever isn’t on the block so they can pull one down. Brendon turns his back to Enzo and Enzo makes a face at him behind his back. Lane joins them in the bathroom. Hayden tells Brendon that Ragan wants him and Lane to be on a team for the have nots competition and take a dive because they haven’t been have-nots yet.

1am Brendon, Matt, Lane Hayden and Enzo are all out at the pool table in the backyard. Ragan and Britney are laying on the hammock together. Ragan keeps saying he can’t believe it, it is insane! Over by the pool table, Enzo is rapping and making fun of Brendon right in front of him using the Brigade code. Enzo raps and says it’s GB for the ND on BB! (Which means its goodbye for Brendon on Big Brother.) Brendon starts repeating ND and makes up his own raps. Brendon then asks what it means and Enzo says Neutral Dick. All of the Brigade members laugh at him. Brendon says that he thought it stood for no doubt. The Brigade members are laughing at Brendon and he doesn’t know it. Enzo tells them that he plays pool way better when he’s drunk. They talk about Matt pulling out the DPOV. They making fun of the way Matt pulled it out and it came apart. Lane says that he was like dude put away your bar of soap you cut and your string. They all said it looked like one of those necklaces you make at camp. Matt says Julie can I use this macaroni necklace to save myself. They all laugh.

Britney and Ragan are wonder why Brendon is always hanging out with everyone. They think that could change when he goes up on the block. Britney says the faces she was making during the live show were so mellow dramatic. Britney tells Ragan about the little dance she did on the way out of the diary room when she voted for Kathy to leave. Ragan thinks his expression when he cast his vote for Kathy to leave is probably priceless. They both can’t believe they are still talking about all this seven hours later, but they can’t get over it! Britney is so glad that she won HOH. Britney and Ragan are going over things they should study for upcoming competitions. They go over the saboteur’s messages and actions in the house. Matt comes over and joins them on the hammock. Britney jokes that the pageant picture is going to cost her mother a Christmas gift. Then Britney says that she is done with her.

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Lane and Enzo talk about how many viewers big brother has… Enzo says that he thinks there are eight million. Lane says no that there are more like 18 million or even more and thats not counting Canada or Antarctica. They then make fun of Brendon and talk about how he doesn’t even know he is ND. They start making fun of his tight pants. Enzo and Lane talk about how they need to request Brigade shirts tonight so they can get them in time. Lane says that we need to get black shirts because its hardcore. Enzo says that he will be pissed if Brendon throws him under the bus. Enzo says that he will be fighting for the POV. Lane says everyone is! Enzo says that if Hayden wins POV he will take Enzo off. Lane tells him he might not even use it. They think if the Brigade wins HOH next week they should expose themselves. They start talking about Matt. Enzo is suspicious of Matt. Enzo says that he wants to ask Matt straight up, if it were between Enzo and Ragan, who would he vote out? Enzo says that he think its me and this dodo (Brendon) going up on the block. Enzo is worried that Brendon would win POV and they wonder who Britney would then put up. Enzo says that he is going to be fighting for his life! Enzo says again that Hayden said he would use the POV to pull him off the block. Lane tells Enzo that they have to win this POV and the next two HOH’s. Brendon joins them on the couch. Enzo tells Hayden once he comes to the East Coast to visit him, he’ll never want to leave, he tells him he may need to cut his hair a bit though. Enzo says that he can’t wait to show Hayden the women. Enoz tells Hayden he may need to come and pull women off him, he isn’t about to cheat on wifey…

Britney, Matt and Ragan are still talking. Britney asks them why Kathy always feels the need to talk about her morals and integrity. Ragan says that he cried on the toilet before evictions. Britney says it all makes sense now. Ragan makes fun of Matt about him saying if it doesn’t look like I’m trying to stay…

1:30am Brendon, Enzo and Hayden are on the backyard couch talking. Brendon tells Enzo and Hayden about Vegas. Brendon says that Rachel has hook ups in Vegas and he wants the guys to come party there with him and Rachel. Enzo says that his wifey told him to be the meow meow, she said people will like the meow meow! They all laugh. Brendon says that out of the four of them, Enzo is the smartest. Enzo says he married a hot girl with money! But I don’t care about the money! Enzo says what a crazy experience this is, who would have thought I’d find friends in here. Enzo says that they still have six weeks left. They start talking about their diary room session and the feeds cut out. Enzo says that he hopes the saboteur left him another note. Enzo says that Kathy should have left him one last note before she was shunned. Brendon tells the guys that every time he BLANK , a little pee has to come out after….. long pause.. Enzo says he should do an accent or something. Brendon says it again but in an Irish accent that after he BLANK a little pee comes out after. Enzo says OHHhhhh! Enzo and Hayden start cracking up. Hayden, Lane and Enzo are making fun of Brendon and he doesn’t get that they are laughing at him, and not with him. Hayden and Lane head inside. Lane says he can’t even fake laugh anymore with Brendon. Hayden asks Lane what Britney is planning on doing and asks if its Enzo and Brendon going up? Lane tells him that Britney says she doesn’t trust Enzo so judging off that…he also says Britney can’t wait to hear what Brendon has to say. Lane says it’s Enzo and Brendon that Britney wants to put up. Lane tells Hayden that Britney would put up Matt before she put up Hayden if the POV was used. Lane also tell Hayden that Britney would put up Ragan before he would put up Hayden. She wants Lane, Hayden and herself to be the final three. Lane says that they could get her out though! Matt comes into the jumanji and joins them. Hayden tells him he was wondering why Matt was acting so nonchalant last week when he was on the block. Britney joins them. Britney says that she wishes they could sneak upstairs and do an episode of Just the Tip. Britney tells that Brendon is outside by himself and that Enzo is in the bathroom.

2am Britney, Hayden, Matt, Lane and Ragan leave the bedroom to go up to the HOH room for another episode of Just the Tip. Ragan says that on the show, to add to Julie Chen’s question, that he was baited repeatedly with homophobic comments, and that Big Brother sometimes doesn’t want to show it …the feeds cut out. Ragan says that last week was a horrible week when Brendon won HOH, and that it was like Big Brother’s version of 9/11.

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Enzo and Brendon are talking. Enzo says that this is the best thing to happen this week, Britney winning, because she’ll be on the block next week. Brendon tells Enzo that they (Himself, Enoz, and Hayden) should pull Lane into their alliance slowly. Enzo says he needs to be put on the block, he says he has been losing POV and HOHs left and right, it is what it is. Brendon tells Enzo that what he sees as his weakness losing competitions is actually his strength now. Brendon says that they should let them think he is weak. Brendon says they are gunning for him and he knows it, he thinks Enzo has a chance in this game and he needs to take it. Enzo says that there is no back dooring the meow meow. Enzo says that Britney is lucky he didn’t win HOH this week. Brendon says that he thinks Ragan and Matt are sucking Britney’s dick right now because she is HOH. Brendon says that they are going to have to turn on each other. Brendon says that he is going to tell Britney that Matt and Ragan were pushing for her to go up last week. Enzo says he should have put up Britney last week! Enzo says that he should have talked to Brendon more last week and maybe Britney would have gone up. Enzo says that he thinks Lane was the saboteur and his reign is over now. Enzo says that he thinks Lane and Hayden are the life long friends. Enzo says that he needs to stay with Hayden because whoever Hayden votes for Lane will vote for. Enzo says as long as Britney or Ragan don’t win Big Brother he will be happy! Enzo says that he is dead set on winning HOH next week and Britney is going up.

Brendon says he would throw the HOH to Enzo next week because he deserves a letter. Enzo says he hopes that Britney puts him on the block because it will wake him up in this game and get him to fight. Brendon is trying to convince Enzo to talk to Britney tomorrow and try to get her to not put him up. Enzo says she has already decided who she’s putting up and there is nothing he can say to change that. Brendon tells Enzo that Enzo has a very good chance to make it far in this game. Enzo says that he is not falling BLANK to anyone in this house. Enzo says he likes some people in this house but he doesn’t care about Brit or Ragan at all. Enzo says if he survives this week he’ll get Britney and Ragan. Brendon says that Lane was the saboteur. Enzo telling Brendon that Lane isn’t the saboteur, and that he thinks it is Kathy. Brendon still thinks it is Lane but Lane argues against Lane being the saboteur. Brendon says it could only be him (Enzo) or Lane as the saboteur. Enzo says you got to remember that America is voting for who they want to be the saboteur, and they wouldn’t vote for someone they do like to be the saboteur. Hayden and Lane both come out and join them in the backyard. Enzo tells them that if Britney puts him up this week it will bring about a fury in him, he looks forward to that, if he makes it past this week he’ll be cutting to heads off. They head inside.

2:25am Matt comes down from the HOH and goes through the kitchen to the bedrooms. Matt goes into the Taj bedroom and tells Enzo if they decide to do a meeting or a diary room session to wake him up. Matt apologizes again for the last week. Matt tells him that he would keep Enzo over Ragan. Brigade all the way. Enzo says that it was BLANK today. Matt tells him it was the opposite of BLANK up, it was perfect today! Enzo tells him that he thinks he is going on the block with that needle dick. Matt tells him not to worry. Enzo tells Matt that next week he is winning HOH and getting rid of Britney. Enzo tells Matt he didn’t know what the BLANK to think, Matt wasn’t hanging out with them. Matt tells him don’t worry, BG all the way! Enzo calls Britney a BLANK inbred albino. Matt says goodnight and leaves.

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2:40am Matt, Ragan, Hayden and Lane talk about scaring Britney on the HOH spy screen. They go over to the living room and start goofing around in front of the camera. Britney comes out and the guys laugh. Britney then goes back into HOH. Matt holds Britney’s pageant picture up to the HOH spy screen camera and Britney comes out of the HOH screaming! Lane, Ragan and Matt go into the jumanji room. Ragan says that he cried on the toilet. Ragan says that after the last two weeks, for Matt to whip out the diamond veto, just took his breath away. Lane says this week is going to be game changing, he thinks all the saboteur’s messages have lead up to something after all. Lane tells them that Brendon will not win the POV, there is no way he is winning it, even if it’s cloning sheep. Lane says that there is no way anyone would take Brendon off the block. They all agree they earned they stipend today! They talk about how the only thing they have to worry about is Brendon winning POV. Ragan says he hopes Lane wins the POV this week. Ragan says but we can’t count chickens till they hatch. Ragan tells Hayden, Matt and Lane that they need to develop some strategies when playing the competitions like they did in the All-Star season. Ragan says that he can’t believe we are all sitting here together. Ragan says that it’s awesome and that he thinks this is the best night yet in the Big Brother house. Lane jokes with Matt that he’s an BLANK for what happened today. Matt says that its all in good love. Ragan says so we’re officially day 49 now, and that they have been away for 58 days now. They start talking about when Big Brother came and kidnapped them before the show. Ragan says that he can’t wait to watch this last episode. Ragan says that he does feel bad for Kathy, and in a way he doesn’t. They say they feel bad about her being blindsided. Ragan says that this season has been such a roller-coaster.

3:20am Hayden comes into the Taj bedroom and turns on the light and starts talking to Enzo. Brendon tells him to turn the lights off, and the three of them talk for a minute. Hayden turns off the lights and gets into bed. Enzo says that there are no more powers, he thinks Big Brother is done with the powers this season. Enzo says that he thinks there are lifelong friends in the house though. They talk about what a crazy day it was today and how its going to get crazier. Enzo says it feels good to almost win something that was so hard. Enzo says that Britney can’t be HOH next week. Enzo says he isn’t scared. Hayden says that he wanted Enzo to win so bad. Enzo says he was so close, and that he should have just answered true.

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3:35am All the house guests are asleep.

7am Everyone is still alseep…

8:35am Still sleeping…

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184 thoughts on “Enzo calls Britney a inbred albino.

    1. Is Ragan falling in love with Matt?
      Once Matt wins the $500,000… he’ll probably be like: Ragan, get your girly self away from me. I don’t play that shit, and stop calling me.

    2. I think the reason that Matt and Ragan get along so well is because they’re both educated. Both of them are very intelligent people… I’m not talking about Ragan’s tantrums. I’m talking about his intelligent. They both are mellow people. Matt is drawn to Ragan because Ragan have wisdom on top of his intelligent. It’s like Ragan is teaching Matt how to see things in a different way. There is nothing wrong with that. Matt is an intelligent young man. He takes in information, processes it, and uses it to his advantage. He doesn’t just take information and immediately repeats them, transfer it to someone else. He processes it and let it marinade.

      No one wants to have conversation with someone who knows less than they do. You want to learn, and that’s what Matt is doing. And as a bonus, he’ll get Ragan’s jury vote.

        1. Matt also said his wife liked gay guys and I think Matt believes they would all be best buds on the outside. You also have to take in consideration that Matt was an outcast most of his life. He’s a little geek guy and he feels a camaraderie with Ragan who is the same just a little different.

      1. Ragan borrowed $600k to take care of his sick father. He thinks Matt’s trying to win $500k to take care of his sick wife. He can relate to Matt’s supposed situation, and thinks Matt’s a hero. That’s why he feels so close to him.

        1. Okay, we know Matt lied about his wife being sick….but what if Ragan lied about having to borrowed $600,000 to take care of his sick father? You never know. After all, it’s a game. Anyone can say anything, and also claim that they’re playing the game with dignity and integrity, blah, blah, blah…but they all have one thing in common, they’re there for the money- $500,000.
          And in order to get that money, you have to play the game…the game which consists of possible: Lying, manipulating, contradictions, back stabbing and more lying.

          May the best liar wins. It’s just a game.

    3. Speaking of hans in pants why does Matt always have his hand down his pants? And those 1 piece little boy pj’s am I the only one who hates them?

  1. Enzo just goes on and on about wanting to get Britney out and putting her up on the block, that I don’t think he’s taken a moment to realize…she’s the POV queen!

  2. Enzo: yo i’ve finally got a fire under my ass yo

    every single week

    They aren’t thinking too clearly, why not backdoor brendan so there’s at least a slight chance he doesn’t play in the pov, everybody in the house would use the pov to get brendan on the block. If he does play pov while not nominated and wins, it’s no different then if he had been nominated as someone you wouldn’t want would be going home anyways (enzo or ragan)

    1. On the off chance that Brendon is chosen to play and wins the POV he would take enzo, his closest ally off the block. That’s why Brendon should go up right away as he could only save himself

  3. I can’t WAIT to see Rachel’s face when Kathy comes in and she sees that Brit won the HOH! I can’t stand the way Enzo seems so hateful towards Brit just because she can WIN THINGS and he can’t! He’s just a bitter ignorant (ok but sometimes funny) baffoon. Can’t wait for him to get a taste of being on the block! Interesting theory that Lane is Brit’s real fiance…but how could they not let on for so long? I wonder what Brit is going to say when she goes back on her word to Brenda….he saved her ass and now she’s gonna chop him. He was never going to give her his jury vote but will this make others like her more….and vote for her in a possible final 2 or less? Thoughts?

    1. HHL, Kathy doesn’t know who won HOH, they won’t find out until the next evictee takes the tape next week. Hopefully it’s Brendon and those two can argue it out and have a head start on their relationship, unincumbered by cameras, and after the mini honeymoon they will have plenty of time to deal with their numerous “issues” — while having a chaperone and listening mama figure to keep it cool.

          1. Let me try. Is this bold? I tried to add a hard return to split my paragraphs yesterday via html code but it didn’t work :(.

  4. Matt had a chance to make a power move, and took the easy way out and got rid of Kathy. Taking Kathy to the final 3 would have definitely made someone rich, as I doubt anyone in the house would have given Kathy the money. Matt should have got rid of BIG MOUTH Britney when he had the chance, now Britney just might win the whole thing as did Jordan last season.

    1. He needs people in the game gunning for Brendon. Kathy was useless as a competitor, but risky as an asskisser/voter. Keeping Britney was wise, because she is going after Brendon hardcore, is very good at POV’s, and is the next biggest target in the house after Needledick. Matt should be able to fly under the radar for at least the next 2 evictions.

    2. It was a HUGE power move evicting Kathy, because it basically totally negated Brendon’s HOH. His HOH was wasted on Kathy, and now Brendon cannot play for the next one with all the strong players after him.

    3. i would have liked to see matt put enzo on the block just because he’s causing the most dissent between the brigade and enzo would have left over lane

      1. I agree, but then Matt would have been responsible for breaking up the brigade (really Hayden/Enzo are the culprits here, but that isn’t how they see it).

  5. jimik, please stay, please. YES, the clever comments keep me here. You and QAZ (even with the Glen Beck eating AG comment) give me so much enjoyment! I used to have a great sense of humor but life has given me some blows too — and I’m just starting to laugh again. Don’t leave…. I can take “edgy” and defend the 1st amendment and sign & respectfully disagree. The personal attacks were/are uncalled for on everybody’s part, but this anonymity encourages drive by shootings, just like Christians with road rage when they leave church. If this site just had “yeah — go matt” type comments it wouldn’t be interesting enough to spend 5 minutes on. You and several others really make this site special. I want to keep saying YES! YES!! YES!!! I’m sorry about your loss. Losing your zingers would be a loss to me.

    1. jimik60…I am very sorry for your loss, we lose too many very close friends this way. My brother is gay and I have dearly loved so many of his friends and have lost many. I don’t know what happened between you and the other party but please don’t go away, I haven’t quite kept up with the sight like normal but do try to at least read all the updates and throw in a remark now and again.We would miss yours very much.

      1. Thank you to both of you – Jokrs and electra! I glad you appreciated my comments and v/v. My generation was hit first and the hardest by the AIDS epidemic. And even though that was 30 years ago, the reverberations of that war still echo through my life today. I carry with me both my meories of the good friends I lost as well as their sense of humor. It was only through laughter that we managed to get through the endless hospital visits, wakes and funerals. It is something I enjoyed sharing here and am I glad you appreciated it. Bt, all good things come to an end, and I am sure there is someone right behind me to pick up where I left off. Take care.

        1. jimik60, you know I don’t want you to go. I care about the other party very much, too. I have to let you that. Things get so messed up on here sometimes with people mis-reading things and jumping others. But, there are friends here, too. Even I made a comment that I felt like not commenting anymore but that would make someone else top me. I just had to toughin’ up. I am thankful for those that care to know me here. And, I love getting to know others. Your sense of humor would be missed and even some of your zingers. Think about it.

        2. I thought this was a blog for BB not for your personal crap. Enough already. Either leave or stay and quite whining about your personal garbage. PLEASE!

  6. Boy, Enzo really is showing his racist side. He can leave after Brenda, during double eviction, because he is also a douche.

    1. Enzo is not a racist. Why is he a racist? Is it because he said Britney is a inbred albino? Well, inbred is not racist, but it’s nasty. And the albino thing, that’s just complexion. There are many blacks in Africa who are albinos, in case you didn’t know. Big deal. It’s a skin condition. Maybe you should stop playing the race card.

      Britney is pale. It is what it is. He called it the way he sees it.

      1. Well whether it makes sense or not if you make a derogatory comment concerning skin color it’s viewed as racial in today’s society.

        1. The joke is skin condition, not color. She’s pale, so he related that to her having a skin condition. Now if he calls white trash, that would be racist, but albino, it’s more like calling someone who wears glasses- four eyes, or calling her a midget for being short.

          Don’t use the race card just yet. Save it for when you really need it. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are probably laughing at you.

        2. I don’t think Enzo has showed himself to be a racist from what I’ve seen. There may be a good argument for him being a chauvinist. Overall, Enzo is a crap talker.People talked about Britney and her two faced and he’s proved to be just as bad. I think the albino comment is more to make himself feel better and try to degrade her as much as possible. I kind of wish Britney would do something unexpected and put up Enzo and Hayden and then try to backdoor Brendon if possible. But I don’t see that happening.

      2. So making fun of someone’s skin tone is appropriate?


        He is a racist. I call it as I see it.

        Racists are among the most unintelligent human beings on the planet.

        He would be the first one cryingg racism if someone mentioned his skin tone while complaining about them.

        He is jealous because Britney is more intelligent and stronger physically in competitions than him.

        He can go with Brenda next Thursday.

        1. agreed, although racism is an easy goto for a quick insult and i know lots of people who use it as nothing more then a form of trolling

        2. Wow, way to pc. The race card was old about ten years ago, now it’s just obnoxious. Throwing that out is the worst kind of insult and usually the last refuge for one with no effective argument. Albinoism has absolutely nothing to do with race. It’s like commenting on someone’s birthmark and getting called racist… Weak

      3. The inbred line was uncalled for, he just said that because she is from Arkansas.. I too am from Arkansas and can assure you I am not inbred.. Enzo comes across as extremely unintellegent.. What man would call himslef the meow meow???

        1. What people do in Arkansas is none of our business. More likely, they are lies, but it was just a joke. How many movies, are comedy skits have been made about inbreds from Arkansas? America seems to think it’s funny because there are plenty jokes about it.

      4. I’m confused? Of all the things Enzo is and isn’t. Racists doesn’t seem to be one of them. Abinism isn’t an ethnic thing at all. It occurs in all ethnic groups so I’m not sure why Enzo would be labeled a racist from that comment he made about Brit. A jealous, incompetent moron yes, a racist no.

  7. its going to be matt, regan and brit final 3…everyone is so gun hoe on helping matt make it to final 2..i am like wtf,,people wake up.u dont have friends in there. u just met each other. I thought the object was to win for uuuuuuuuu?

  8. Last week was Big Brother’s version of 9/11? Really, Ragan? Everyone offended by Brendon’s Nazi comment can go ahead and chime in.

  9. I have little insight to offer except that everybody is likely thinking about who they want with them as the final two. If it were me, I’d want Brendan as he would get the fewest votes for sure. The Brigade folks will vote for whichever Brigade is left and surely, there will be at least one. I think Brit’s only chance at winning is if she keeps Brendan; she’d likely lose if she’s up with a Brigade or Ragan. Or, if she is forced to go with a Brigade, then go up against Enzo – she might get Matt’s and Lane’s vote in that case. If I were Brit, I would be putting up Hayden and Enzo, with Hayden as the target.

    1. If Brit makes it to final 2, she will probably win the game. Usually jury votes go to people that ended up playing the best game, not who-pissed-who off. I think Brendon and Rachel will vote based on “who got in between me and MY man”, but the others will see how many comps she won, how well she knew the game, etc.

  10. Wow! This worked out almost perfectly! It only would have been better if Ragan had won HOH, because then my girl Brit would have been able to play in the next HOH. I just loved the live show last night. It hasn’t been this good since the Chima Pet meltdown and coup de etat last year. I was hoping Brendon would be a little more upset, but he thinks he has Enzo and Hayden on his side, and thinks he can win the POV. It’s kind of sad how he doesn’t see that the guys are laughing at him to his face, but I can’t blame them. I wouldn’t be able to stand being around him as much as they are. Now they all have to concentrate on not letting anyone but Matt, Lane, Brit or Ragan win the POV. Hayden says he will take Enzo off, forcing Brit to put up Ragan or Matt. What a dummy! I think they want to keep Needledick around and take him to the end. Or they want him to get Matt and Brittany out because they know they can’t win anything themselves. I think and hope that Matt is just pretending with Enzo and Hayden and that he really is more aligned with Brit and Ragan. In any case, I hope Brit enjoys this week, because she will probably go home next HOH unless Ragan wins HOH.

  11. This game is so biased and one-sided. Matt actually got a power, which has influence on the game, while all Brendan got by opening the same Pandora’s Box was an unnecessary vacation which has not impact on the game whatsoever.

    1. But he got GOOD vacation — and the BAD unleased upon the house was Rachel, stirring up shit, changing the nomination to Matt. Yes, there was a huge impact.

    2. Funny you say that when I think it’s more biased that he was even given a Pandora’s box. There is usually only one Power or Pandora’s Box per season. The only reason it was done a second time was just to bring Rachel back to cause drama. I think your opinion is far more biased (as I’d wager you’re a Brenchel fan) than what happened in the BB house. Just my 2¢ though.

      1. Yeah you’re right, I am a Brenchel fan. But remember last season? Both Kevin and Natalie got to open the Pandora’s Box when they were HOH, so I don’t think it is one Pandora’s Box per season. More so Matt’s Pandora’s Box was more powerful as the good and the bad side-effects got to stay in the house for two weeks. Whereas Rachel got to stay for 24 hrs and Brendan got not powers.

  12. on the live show when they did brit’s and lane’s families, the man sitting beside brit’s mom looked very much like lane and his laugh sounded identical…….and on BBAD, when brit read her letter, she was talking about her dad……camera zoomed in on lane, he looked teary-eyed and sad then looked down……..this was around 10:47, also was on live feed cam 3….I said in an earlier post that there is a relationship there, possibly step-siblings or even half-siblings or the other possibility is that’s he’s really her fiance……whatever it is, I feel all the HG’s bios are fake so possibly the family videos they show are not all that legit either, to throw the fans off……..well just found this and Lane’s not Nick…..starcasm.net/archives/611030…..also on simon’s posting….**updated**Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Lane: “I don’t care if we have to clone a f*cking dog I’m winning POV”..near the bottom of that post are pics of brit and nick, and a family pic…….brit told ragan and matt the man is her stepdad and that certainly isn’t the same man who sat beside her mom in the video on the live show…….she also told them about her older brother and why he and their mom were so distant with each other…….when her brother was 5 and right after brit was born their parents divorced and he lived with his dad…….well as i said earlier in this post, when brit talked about her dad after reading her letter, lane was teary-eyed and looked sad……shortly after that he left the HOH room by himself. and I’m thinking he went downstairs to be by himself and had a major meltdown….my theory is that he’s brit’s brother and I believe this season’s twist is that each H/G knows someone else

    1. i think lane was just sad because of all the nick talk and he really likes britney. if they are siblings, something is seriously wrong with their behavior…

  13. I’m interested to see when Ragan finds out Matt lied about his wife, the single biggest reason Ragan was drawn to him in the first place and it’s looking more and more like the biggest lie of the season. Hah, Matt is going to look like such a complete POS when it comes out.

        1. Because Ragan genuinely cares for Matt. Ragan will understand by rationalizing that the lie was all part of the game and Matt was only making a game move. There are other people who don’t even care about Matt and feel the exact same way. If you have feelings for a person, it is even easier to overlook something like that. So, Ragan will forgive Matt.

  14. Doubt a Brit, Ragan, and Matt final 3. Brendon told Hayden and Enzo that he’s going to tell Brit that Matt and Ragan were bad-mouthing her last week. Hayden and Enzo told Lane that Ragan was saying that he didn’t trust her when he (Ragan) was trying to work out deals to save his boy. LANE said that he’d start laying the groundwork about Ragan “just like I [he] did with Kathy.” (Lane told Brit that he was hearing from people that Kathy maybe didn’t like her so much.)

    — All of which, in my opinion, sucks! Enzo is the biggest backstabber and worst talker about Brit. Ragan really barely said anything bad about her to Brendon — just that Matt can be trusted more to keep his promises and just that he didn’t trust her to Enzo and Hayden. He hasn’t been calling her “inbred” “albino” “cock-eyed” and said last night to Matt that he really has strong protective feelings for Brit (when Matt was proposing a Hayden, Lane, Matt, and Ragan final 4) — and even Lane has been in conversations where he’s agreed to get her out next. Lane is really throwing Ragan under the bus. IF Lane and Brendon are successful, and Brit nominates Ragan and Matt, I will be po’ed because Brit can totally trust Ragan more than she can trust every other schmuck in the house (unless she’s really related to Lane.)

  15. that was stupid asking why Brenden was talking to other people. Should he just sit in the corner and cry (like Ragen did) What a mean girl thing to say. I don’t like you so no one else can either. He (Brenden) may be a big weiner but his is a person and does have feelings too. She is a real jerk. That being said, I just hope that she and Ragen get voted out, then I don’t have a real preference for a winner. It is easier to pick an I don’t want to win person and hope they go home. If Brenden can hang in there he would def have earned it. Matt is gross but has played from the begining Enzo’s brigade idea was great even if he accidentally did it and has done nothing else this entire season. I seem to remember Jordan didn’t do anything but eat cookie dough last year and then pulled a few out of her a$$ at the last minute.

  16. Ok what is the deal with Brit? She is engaged, right? If it is not Lane that she is engaged to then I would be really pissed if I was her fiance. Her and Lane and constantly hanging on one another and she walks up and puts her arms around him. Then in this last post she made the comment that she wants to play Just the Tip. I understand these people get bored and only see the same people day after day, but you just can’t do that to someone you supposedly love. Does anyone else think it’s weird or wrong to her fiance if in fact her fiance isn’t Lane? Call me old fashioned, but I just think you should be respectful to your significant other and hanging all over another man is not being respectful.

    1. Ok after reading some other thoughts it would make sense if they are somehow related. Kind of weird to wrestle with your brother so much, but they are from the South. So maybe she is not being disrespectful to her fiance, maybe she is just being gross by hanging all over her brother.

  17. Simon and Dawg and Live Feeders, for my conspiracy theory ;) that Brit and Lane are in a relationship (brother or step-brother), can you tell me if you ever see live feeds of just the 2 of them talking strategy? I’m new’ish to the live feeds but I don’t think I ever see just the 2 of them talking alone when there aren’t other people around.

    And Brit being related to Lane makes her Mom saying that she’s fine with Brit bringing Lane home makes perfect sense!

  18. What the hell does Enzo call what he was doing to Brendon last week if Matt and Ragan are supposedly “sucking Britney’s dick” this week? Matt, Ragan, and Britney were all together last week, why SHOULD it be any different this week? I would rather see that loser Enzo go home this week than Brendon, and I HATE Brendon.

    1. That was the thought I had about the sucking dick comment when I read it as well. If they’re sucking Brit’s now, it’s no worse than E & H sucking Brenda’s last week!

  19. The egos and the arrogance that run amok in this house — so nauseating. Enzo is unbelievable and becoming less and less likable as a result. What please do “nbsp” stand for? When will they permit Ragan to admit he is the Saboteur?

  20. OK, why are they not doing “just the tip” during the showtime feed? Wonder if production told them to do it later so people would have to pay for the live feeds?

  21. I think if Brendon makes it to the final two the jury shouldn’t vote for him because he keeps saying he is playing the game for Rachel!!!!!!! So a vote for Brendon would be a vote for rachel. Just my opinion.

  22. enzo thinks ragen and matt are sucking brits dick. My question is whos dick doesn’t ragen want to suck. That is why matt wears pj pants so ragen can do it easy. Shut up about your morals ragen you POS.

    1. Enzo may not be gay but he should know something about sucking d*ck since he was sucking Brendon’s last week. He and Rachel can now exchange stories.

  23. I love what Ragan said about last week, and what he thought it was Big Brother’s version of. Showing some real professorial perspective there. I wonder how he’ll describe finding out about Matt’s wife…

  24. Did you notice how they didn’t talk to Britney’s “fiance” when they were talking to her family.. they talked to kristins boyfriend about her and hayden’s relationship. I think Lane and her are engaged and if they aren’t then she is a whorish piece of work….

  25. I hate the making fun of people in front of their face without the person knowing it;….its beyond cruel, and PLAY THE GAME…enzo wtf…is it REALLY necessary?

    sigh….these people will lose half a mil for being douchebags to brenden because………………………………………………they dont like him? oh please…

    when he goes, It will be interesting when people realize they have to go against each other from then on…no brenden, no kathy to throw on the block

    1. Yeah, it’s much worse than doing it behind someone’s back. Geez. It’s not like Enzo is being subtle. If Brendon doesn’t see it, it’s his problem. The same people that rag on Brit for making fun of people behind their backs is upset when someone makes fun of Brendon to his face. Epic LOL.

  26. brenden DOES basically have 3 votes, he, rach, kathy…they could HAND someone the money….but no…lets make fun of brenden some more because…..WHY? 500k isnt enough to not make fun of someone?

    1. Brendon and Rachel, who I’m convinced really controls their votes, would never vote for Ragan, Matt, or even Britney to win the 500K, unless it’s a Brit vs. Matt or Brit vs. Ragan final 2, in which case they still wouldn’t vote Ragan. Brendon doesn’t like Ragan, makes comments verging on homophobic against him — maybe he thinks Ragan might come between him and his parrot? Kathy will vote for Hayden in the finals above anyone else and if not Hayden, then Lane. Kathy’s vote won’t be controlled by Rachel and Brendon.

      I’m not even sure if Rachel and Brendon’s relationship would survive in the jury house. If they can’t be alone together unless they are filmed, they might not feel as comfortable having sex AND they can’t talk game play unless cameras are present …what else do they have to do or talk about? Although they are lacking integrity and would try to break the rules….

  27. I feel like production was pushing for the DPOV to be used. It was actually production that told Rachel to spell out Matt’s name in pretzels. You can tell because production told Matt that they didn’t see the incident, yet on the show Rachel told production and America about the incident in her DR session.

  28. Ratney (Ragan/Britney) are cruel. I hope they knock Brit’s dick in the dirt and that GAYgan gets his mangina kicked out of the house SOON. One of the most disappointing seasons ever, and that’s not sour grapes. I never had a favorite in the house this season. I only continue to watch cause I’m hoping it turns into a bloodsport and somebody stabs somebody. ;-)

    1. Ratney, are you watching the live feeds? Are you spending time watching Brendon? Do you seriously still like him? Watching Brendon on the live feeds is like watching toxic paint dry in a closed room — it’s incredibly boring, you become nauseated from all the noxious fumes, and you leave for another room as quickly as you can.

      1. People can’t even read. I said I never had a favorite. I never said anything about liking Brendon. So many idiots in the world. I guess that proves God does love stupid people.

    1. 1) Now stop, Brendon, puleeeze!
      2) Non-stop bullsh*tting pr*ck (Enzo)
      3) New saying — Britney’s parent? (about Britney relationship in house)

  29. I hate all the talk about Brendan and Rachel’s jury vote. They hate Matt, Brit, and Ragan already, and there is a very good chance that 2 of those 3 will be the final 2. I’m sure the house guests could care less about their jury votes right now.

  30. This is my opinion of what is going on…..Enzo needs to go and go before Brendon…he is getting on my last nerve….I wish his mic would be turned off when he is eating…uggg…also, I to noticed that Brit’s “fiance” was not talked to…..my theory??? she is not engaged and her ring is fake or something she won…..she is just testing the waters with Lane…..I think they will get together…..I hope Lane wins…..Matt is just gross and a little weasel, Ragen is such a cry baby, but a great Sab, Brenden needs to get a clue and grow some, Hayden is a “yes man” and Brit is a great little backstabbing, backtalking little person.

  31. Ragen I am not sure the GAY community wants you being on tv. You are making a fool of yourself. I have nothing against gay people but you are a disgrace.

    1. Ragen isn’t the official spokesperson for all of gaydom, so quit with the silly over reaching statements about who is acceptable or not. Anyone who judges the gay community based on the action of one individual (for better or worse) is an ass hat and not worth wasting energy trying to convince otherwise.

        1. Ragen had choices to choose from and he chose lame as acts everytime. Yeah Ragen and Obama both suck only one likes to do it and the other don’t think he does.

    1. The problem was Ragan was given choices. Not surprisingly he gravitated to the least exciting suggestion so he could remain totally safe. I liked it better when America told the America’s Players exactly what they had to do. Wasn’t it Dan one season that had to give some “macho” guy an extended hug? That was hysterical watching the clock on the screen count down as he pretended to need more of a hug just to reach his goal. Another year Eric squirted mustard on the pillow case of a hot-tempered female HG (I think). Nothing awful but they were challenging and more fun than leaving video messages that were lame and the HGs mostly dismissed.

  32. has anyone gone to youtube to see matts bands videos-pretty good-ignore me, its so easy and one other-band is shooting blanks. i have to say i am impressed. he probably is the most accomplished house guest in a quirky sort of way. i have way too much time on my hands…….

  33. damn its like this season is full of fake ass people..yeah i get it that what part of big brother is all about. but come on seriously to make of brendon like they do even when he doesnt know it..that is not cool. yeah i know brendon is kinda a ”dodo” cause he has his head in his ass thinking enzo and hayden are really on his side. he was talking about revenge for rachel leaving..dude your revenge for rachel was winning the hoh and i think he should of drop that whole imma get them for you rachel stuff after he won it. but still bogus for them being dicks to him. just saying.

    1. Are you watching the live feeds? Do you spend any time watching Brendon? Watching Brendon on the live feeds is like watching toxic paint dry in a closed room — it’s incredibly boring, you become nauseated from all the noxious fumes, and you leave for another room as quickly as you can.

      – Yes, I know I’m repeating but since the Brendon lovers keep repeating this weird nonsense about what a great guy he is….

      1. Totally agree. He’s the most dull person on the show.
        In terms of boring i’d rank them:
        1) Brendon by far.
        2) Lane.
        3) Hayden.
        4) Matt.
        5) Ragan
        6) Britney
        7) Enzo

  34. I am so freakin’ happy Brit won. Love that little cheekymonkey. So far all is just the way I was hoping. The Hammies just need to get rid of Needledick the Paladin and possibly Enzo. The Brigade is unravelling and I think it’s all gonna be Enzo’s fault. Don’t get me wrong, I think Enzo is awesome, but he’s losing me here. I really don’t know where his faith lies and I see him as being a big floater. I mean he’s way too easily persuaded. I still say Matt would be all Brigade if Enzo doesn’t screw it up. As for now, I hope the final 4 will be Matt, Ragan, Brit and Lane. Hayden’s cool, but, meh…

    As for Needledick, I seriously think he suffers neurological problems. I mean, look at his simian brow! He’s a genuine barnyard exhibit. Monkey face, insectoid brain, and a needledick. The only thing that goes through his tiny mind is “Rachel”… “Revenge”… BORING!!!!!!!

    Why would anyone want to throw away 1/2 a Mil for that frightwig anyway? She’s had her legs up in the air more times than a bald eagle and listening to her voice is worse than rubbing your peen on a cheese grater.

  35. Live Feeds: Enzo saying to Hayden and Lane …” taking out f*king Kathy yo. If I had it I woulda made a f*king power move yo” — Says the man who hasn’t made a single power move on his own ALL season

  36. Why is everybody making fun of MY MAN???? He’s so super hot in those too small jeans…Yummy. Not even those tight jeans can get between me and MY MAN. Hmmph, take your bitchy gay asses out from in front of my pink ass extensions!

  37. mr laid back perfect bozo’s true colors are starting to show now……mr everybody is such a bad sport :D we will see

  38. Someone please explain why Brendon is such a target and so hated. He seems like a very nice, very handsome young man who has been taken over by a skanky, predatory female and the relationship is very ill advised for Brendon, Rachel is NOT the girl for him. He turns himself inside out for her and to please her, to his own detriment. I dislike his poor judgment and his thinking with the wrong part of his anatomy where she is concerned. A nice girl, she is NOT. A self centered, narcissist she very much IS. A match made in heaven — hardly. Destined to failure, you bet!

    But once Brendon is gone, I’ll lose complete interest in this BB disaster — the rest of them in the house will be a yawn. The clearcut manipulation by BB and their attempts to hide it by yelling at the HGs over the intercom — “you are not allowed to talk about…” etc. NOTHING fair about BB! Back to Brendon. He took last night’s DPOV debacle in stride and without the histrionics that Chima displayed last season. He’s a good guy in a bad situation and I feel very sorry for him.

  39. This is becoming hysterically funny, watching Enzo and Hayden run around like little scared rabbits, not knowing whether to kiss Britney or Brendon’s butt. These are two of the all time worst players in BB history. Even Brendon plays some games better, which is not hard to do. Final three truly should be Matt (winner), Britney (runner up) and Ragan.

  40. Loved Enzo saying the comp. was so hard. Yeah…true or false, that’s really tough.
    I do think Becc is right saying “Brendon should have been allowed to play for HOH since the DPOV used by Matt nullified his HOH.” And like it or not he did get screwed with the Pandora’s Box outcome…a little bit tilted for Matt. And can’t that boy keep his hands out of his pants? Really, if I was his wife I’d be ashamed of him.

  41. never posted but have been reading for a long time. great job simon on the site. i’m in canada where we don’t get feeds on our cable, so i enjoy reading them. question (sorry if it’s been answered before): if hayden does win pov and takes off enzo can brit turn around and then put hayden up since he gave away the veto?

    1. If the POV winner is not on the block already and uses the POV on one of the two nominees, the POV winner can’t be put up as the replacement nominee :)

  42. “Brendon says that he will threaten her with that fact that he can influence three votes (Rachel, himself, and Kathy”

    actually idiot you can only influence 2 votes yours and rachel’s, kathy votes for herself

  43. I thought the “lifelong friends” lie was confirmed by Annie in a post-eviction interview that it was just a Sabo lie? Maybe BB didn’t air a Nick interview was because either Nick is camera-shy or ashamed to show his face with Britney’s flirtation with Lane? Kristen’s bf went on the air to say that he was not cool with her relationship with Hayden. Nick may be furious and opted not to speak to the matter on air/at this time. He may be hurt and waiting for BB to conclude or he may be furious and just too ashamed to show his face, much less offer support.

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