**updated**Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Lane: “I don’t care if we have to clone a f*cking dog I’m winning POV”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


9:30pm Pool table Brit and LAne Brit I hope you don’t get mad but i’m going to put you up against brendon. Lane if thats the case I have to redo a DR session. Brit tells him she’s joking, ask him theres always a chance you go home if your on the block she wouldn’t risk losing Lane. Lane: “When you one HOH i felt like i won a ticket to be Hugh Hefner for a year”. Lane: “I don’t know how they portray Us on the show but I’m sure that Nick doesn’t like me”.. Brit asks Lane if his mom would like her, Lane says she will. Brit: “We’ll know if my mom likes you if I get Muscle Milk” Brit comments how awkward it is to play pool in a dress, she’s not like Rachel. Ragan joins them says he’s never been so stuffed in his life (24 days on slop finally gets to eat) Ragan: “Brendon’s talking at enzo and enzo isn’t even looking at him” Brit: “he’s got a love affair with Enzo” Ragan: ” the beer taste like the first beer I’ve ever had, it’s soooo good”. Enzo and Hayden join them, Brit tells him that Brendon has a love affair with him.. Brendon joins then and they start up the pool tournament.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:48pm Jumanji Room LAne and MAtt Lane saying that the house attitude has changed after the show. Matt is happy that the BG is back again and right on track like they planned the first day. MAtt asks him some questions about what their plan was for the next week. Matt says they must of been planning to get another member to fill the whole created by Matt’s eviction. Lane says they were going after needledick, they were going in 3 strong. Lane tells him about how enzo is freaking out about going up with Brendon, he told lane that if brit puts him up he’ll go off on her, “He’ll CUSS her out”. Matt says he better watch what he does if he’s freaking out people will want to get him out, Or worse he’s going to bring attention to us if we don’t put him up. Lane says that once Matt used the DPOV and put kathy up the nomination chair went from the devil to sunshine.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:00pm Bullshitting in the jumanji talking about getting this far and how theres so few people int ht house. They go over the HOH comp and Enzo says he didn’t know any of the questions.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:12pm Hammock Brit, Ragan and Matt Ragan and Brit tell matt how very happy they are that Matt is still around. Brit saying that all week matt was talking about what he’s doing next week even though they all thought he was going home, brit felt he was being a little optimistic. Matt: “We’ll I didn’t know I was going home until a hour before eviction”. Matt says that Kathy has been out for 3 hours and that kitchen looks like it’s been lived in for 2 weeks. Brit: “oh my god i’m in a frat house”. Brit: “I’m going to make him a deal that he tells everything he knows and gives me a coffee at 8:30 every morning wearing a rob and slippers”.

They are trying to figure out what Kathy would do if she won HOH, Ragan thinks Kathy would put Matt up. Brit: “it’s kinda weird Kathy was so nice to my face” Ragan points out that Kathy was nice to Brendon and Rachel but said Horrible things behind there back. Matt tells them that when he found out someone was going through his things he was livid we talked to production and really went off.. later he went back and apologized to them.

Brit leaves

Matt says so now you understand why I didn’t want you to go make final 4 deals with people. Ragan tells him he’s so glad he didn’t make a deal with Brendon. Matt laughs says that Ragan’s and Brits faces where the best, Ragan looked petrified. Ragan just can’t believe this happened, he was expecting a shitty night even if he did win HOH. Ragan talks about one time in the DR he was feeling completely hopeless and the women in there told him…..Feeds cut

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:30pm Pool tournament Lane, HAyden, Enzo and BRendon Brendon telling them they all have to pitch in and clean up they can’t let the house go. Enzo agrees tells Brendon to not go in there and clean everything up, let people clean there own shit up. Brendon head inside to get beer. Lane, HAyden and Enzo :”we gotta win POV and Get him out”. Lane: “I don’t care if we have to clone a f*cking dog i’m winning POV”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:50pm HOH She got Nutella, LAdy Gaga CD’s, Doctor Pepper, Hamburger Helper, Reese pieces cups, Nick’s blanket, hoodie, Some razorback blanket. She got a picture of her and nick when they were sweaty and drunk.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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I can’t stand whiney Brendon! He sucks! Please don’t let him win the POV!! As for the DPOV, technically, it wasn’t fair that Brendon got a lousy 24 hours out of BB and Matt got the DPOV. BB is totally deciding who will be in the final 2!!!


don’t quite follow the logic there. one day outside of the house for brendan. one DPOV for matt. it wasn’t his fault he won that.. it was for that week, regardless of who had won HOH. so how does that make CBS be so evil?


Going by your logic, would Matt have open Pandora’s Box if he had been HOH this week and saw a seductive video of Rachel? I don’t think so.


that was seductive? it induced vomiting in my dog


obviously that pb was made especially for brendon to get rachel back in the house but i agree that who ever won HOH that week would have recieved the dpov, they are not going to give out powers everytime pb comes idiot


Live Feeds: Still Matt and Ragan in hammock, Matt tells Ragan that he has a secret since day 1 that he wants to tell him (I hope it’s the sick wife!) …it’s a small secret but he wants to get it off his chest….because of how the house is and how young he looks…well it’s a Natalie-type secret … he actually turned 33 not 30. Ragan says, well, since you told me a secret, I’ll tell you one. I actually have my PhD and am a prof at Cal-State. Matt calls him Dr. Fox. Ragan says that next year he should have tenure. And then Ragan talks about his 300K in loans (yikes, I thought my 60K was bad) because right when he was starting college, his Dad’s Alzheimer happened, and Ragan had to take out student loans for everything including apartment and food.

Force Convert

Oh, thank you for saying that! I came in on BBAD when they had just started talking about Ragan’s tenure and I didn’t know I’d missed that. I KNEW when I saw before that Matt had a birthday coming and he said he was 29 going on 30 something wasn’t right! LOL, unless he’s lying again. Clever, bitchy, well-spoken Ragan will take anything Matt says as God’s truth.
Ragan said his debt was into the six-figures, but 300K? Dayum! 20K’s not gonna take much of a bite out of that. But if he wins, 20K’s a nice little bit of bonus money. I like his enthusiasm, hate his crying, like that he doesn’t lie to people, hate his gait. His walk is the worst!! If he came in second that would help him with his situation, probably. Matt doesn’t deserve to win the whole pot. He’s doing well manipulating, observing and playing, but lying about his wife is wack. Not even she’s down with it. I don’t like him showing off that noodle torso of his either. Hope he gets tripped up somewhere along the line before final 4.

Hot & Humble Librarian

The higher education system is a lot of money (for degrees) to prepare for – for not a large salary afterwards.
Tenured Professors with Ph.D’s make on average 60-100K. “It really depends on the field. In say Business or Law, an Assistant Professor at an R1 or comparable university will start with at least 100 to 110 k (in Accounting, the number is more like 130k). In the Humanities, the number would be a lot lower (more like 50-60k). Full professors would make 20- 40 % more than that, onan average. ” Public school educators (and librarians!) likewise depending on the degree and the years invested can make upwards to 70-80K depending on the location. East Coast, vs. Midwest, vs. South (lower salaries) and West Coast. Good luck to Ragan for getting tenure – i expect he’ll be writing a book about his experiences since his field is communications – and because of his field and being in Cali his being a cry-baby subversive gay guy won’t hurt him so much. He can always say it was “Social Research!”
QUESTION: Why did Lane leave the HOH before everyone else? Did he say why?

Hot & Humble Librarian

Great point! And it’s not to say I don’t like Ragan.. I love it when he’s snarky & bitchy with Britt – I just find him to be a bit annoying sometimes. But then, who wouldn’t be annoying after being stuck in a house for so long with no Books, TV or interwebs to distract?


On the top of this site theer are pictures of Rach. Brendon, Matt and Regan can you tell me why there is a question mark on Rachels picture. Also I think Lane left because he is related to britney and he had tears in his eyes when she was talking about her parents getting a divorce and her brother ??


Lane left the HOH in my view as a woman because he was getting a bit emotional. He has feelings for the girl. He has made so many comments about how he ‘plays’ girls that here’s one who is bright enough to call him on it and engaged just enough to walk away … but … she is still there and still open to the flirting. So here she is getting all sappy about Nick and he’s not enjoying that. In additon to wanting his own space, out of respect for her — he was giving her space to be happy with her win, being a gentleman.


Hot & Humble Librarian, right on the nose with your salary — during the secret swapping conversation with Matt, Ragan said he makes 60K a year now, will make 7.5% more when he gets tenure AND that he had a 10% salary cut this year because of the CA furloughs due to CA’s budget woes. He also said that he hasn’t begun paying AT ALL on his student loans (so the 300K is in part because he’s not paying imho) and that he has around 7.x % interest…. he said he can’t pay because cost of living in CA is so high that his salary barely covers just living and that his rent is $1500 a month. Matt said why your student loan is like a house payment — that would be around $1500 a month as well just for the loan, how are you going to pay it off? Ragan said, I don’t know (and I was thinking the 20K makes a small chip in it).


Hot and Humble Librarian 2, oh he also said that he’ll get tenure because he’s had several peer reviewed articles…so Librarian, if you are bored at work ;), you can look them up! He completed his PhD in 2006. (Wow, I can’t believe I remember all these damn details!)


hell will have to freeze over before any of those dumb brigaders will win pov


Leave it to a girl, a gay and a gremlin to get it done! Brigade got nothing going, but its so comical now to watch them.


this is totally off topic, but i just ran across some wedding pics of natalie on google. only if you are interested in seeing them.


I posted them months ago but there are more people around here now so go for it


i wish i would have seen them months ago. she just crossed my mind and i had just wondered if she had really gotten married. i like to look at people’s wedding pics.


Send the link?


Britney’s TITS look really big tonight.


she probably has them stuffed with that missing box of kleenex they were looking for




regardless, still looking good

Tom & Jerry

Nice one Rockstar.


I’m convinced that Matt and possibly Ragan thre this weeks HoH since it really is a guarantee that Brendon is going up and hopefully out.

Next week will be more important to win as then alliances will be broken. Matt wins he needs to consider sending Enzo or Hayden home and sticking with Brit/Ragan/Lane for a final four.


But who is Lane with? He told Hayden final 2. And he’s been schmoozing brigade and avoiding Brit somewhat today. I’m not sure if that’s because he doesn’t want to seem too close to Brit or if he’s turning against her.


yeah, they prob threw the comp,anyway it is time for someone else to win, especially other brigade members.


Live Feeds: Enzo, Hayden playing pool. Brendon and Lane next to them. Enzo “look at this glass, look at the f*king ants, the f*king ants are attacking this glass”. Brendon “that’s what’s going to happen if we leave glasses around.”

(Do either of them pick up the glass and take it to the sink and get rid of the ants? NO.)


Why should Brendon?

BoredwithBB but things are looking up!!!

i f*cken couldn’t stand natalie and her boyfriend who was in pandora’s box…….


haha did you guys see lanes face when brit was reading the note he was pissed when he heard nicks name … lane is hotter then nick

Force Convert

He is more attractive than Nick, based on that picture she received. I noticed Lane got up and left the HOH room while everyone else was still in there. Once Britney had her basket and HOH booty and Nick-pic and blankie, she forgot all about Lane. I do think Lane was getting envious and wanted to be away from that. When Monet was still in the house, I thought Lane was getting a little chummy with her, but she was out so soon, couldn’t really follow that up. Britney is probably the cutest/wittiest girl that Lane has had this kind of brother/sister/crush rapport with–I doubt he wants to go back to small town Texas bar girls and yeasty Aussie imports. He’ll get over it once he’s back in the real world.


Nick may be “less attractive” but is his favorite hobby driving around in a truck while drinking beer with his buddies, shining a spotlight into the woods to terrify wildlife, then shooting them for shits and giggles? Probably not ;)


This has been one of the messiest BB houses and thats with Kathy cleaning up after them. I can only imagine how bad this house is gunna look next week.

Tom & Jerry

Freaking’ Lane & Enzo aren’t going to win squat.
just there usual trash talk..
Brendan has to win the POV.
1.) for his safety.
2.) Cause if he doesn’t, all the people that talk $h!t won’t have anything to talk for the next few weeks cause then he’ll get sent packing.

There’s no Interesting people in the house anymore.
Annie,Andrew,Rachel,Monet, Kathy.
Brendon’s name is going to be on this list now.

Hayden,Lane, Enzo. = Floaters!
Britney = Backstabbing B!tch!
Ragan = A whiny little B!tch + He was a Lame Saboteur. He shouldn’t be given anything.
Matt = People thought that Big Brother was throwing Brendon/Rachel Bones?
Look what Production has given Matt! + People thought that “Brachel” were disgusting for having sex on National TV, but look at “Matt” always groping himself every chance he gets. He’s just as bad they were. If not worse!
Sorry if i offended some of you from what i have said.
Peace. :))


more whining from brenchel fans??? so what else is new???


Everyone whines here.


some are bigger whiners then most


depends on who has the power


I agree with most of what you said. But Matt just played well. I think if Gaygan hadn’t won pov he (Matt) wouldn’t have used dpov. One more out and no blood on his hands. It just worked out that he needed it. But it could have been a no prize Pbox


yayyyy brit won, and lane was getting a little jealous of the nick… but im still hoping for britney and lane!


Yeah, they deserve each other.


Just thinking….when Brit was scanning/reading her letter from home for the second time, if you notice when Regan was listening to the CD, Lane casually wiped away tears….far fetched thought but could Lane actually be Brit’s finance? Notice how during Brit’s hometown visit they didn’t introduce Nick? Also her mother was very casual about her thoughts about if she brought Lane home, she wouldn’t be that surprised? If my daughter was engaged to a man, I wouldn’t be encouraging her to bring home a “reality showmance” contestant. Just thinking…could be WAY off base but just found it odd! She is awful good at acting catty; could they be pulling off the ultimate “Boyfriend/Girlfriend” twist?? I can’t see how Lane could be so invested in Brit within this short period of time that he would be upset about a letter??? Anyone??


Britney got a picture of Nick. That is her with him up above. Her mother isn’t going to get flowers from Nick anytime soon since she said on national TV that she wouldn’t mind Britney bringing Lane home. Britney doesn’t like the picture her mother sent of Nick because it isn’t a good one. (I did see another picture of Nick on another show and that isn’t a good picture.) I think her mother did that on purpose. I don’t think mommie likes Nick.


Yes, I don’t think mom likes him either! Haha…I’ve been there, my mom not liking a boyfriend…so I recognized the behavior! Brit is too darn young to get married anyway…so maybe I agree with mom. Lane is a cutie. I like the way he flirts with Brit, too…very cute.

I want to stick a fork in her eyes

I also noticed him wiping his face, and if you remember when he left he said he was going to check for libations and when the guys went down they couldn’t find him. Perhaps hes was in diary or the bathroom gathering himself so nobody else saw him be emotional if, in fact, that was the case.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Enzo didn’t end up going home next week, instead of Brendon. I think Brendon will eventually throw him and Hayden both under the bus.


Or someone will throw Enzo under the bus.


Ahhh, we can only hope……but since there are no buses rolling thru there anytime soon, they will have to settle for under the pool table!


Good one!


why do people not like Brendon. Ragan and Brit whine all the time while Brendon has been the target from day one and is still in. I hope Brit opens Pandora’s box and it is something called deja vu where the previous HOH takes back the position from Brit.


blame Rachel.


Brendon pompous idiot don’t praise the word “whilst” if you don’t know how to pronounce it.




Yes, “whilst’, it’s pretty commonly used in the UK, it’s used instead of “while” / means the same thing. Brit’s Mom used in her letter and Brendon went on a 2 minute session saying how he loves to use it, that he uses it all the time, and every time he said the word, he said it incorrectly, Brit said it correctly but Brendon didn’t catch on. Dufus Brendon with his insecurity about his “middle class” background — I’m sure he was actually working class (nothing wrong with that, so was I as a kid) but that he has a big chip on his shoulder about people who had more — see his HOH blog.


how was he pronouncing it?


Matt definitely threw the HOH. He pumped his fist when he got an easy question wrong. It’s not going to matter though. I think from here on out the whole house gets to compete for HOH…..especially with it being a double elimination next week. Brendon still has a shot. All he has to do is win the veto this week. And my guess is that production will gear the competion in his favor. I look for him to be in at least the final 4. Enzo needs to go next so he can have some medication for his mange. It’s getting worse by the day.

give me a break

because he is not as evil and as whinny and bitchy and talk behind peoples back as much as Britt and Ragan does. yes he has said a few things but nothing like these other spoiled brats. it justs shows what type of people many people must be to respect someone like Britt and Ragan.


stop complaining about britney. everybody lies in this game. if i was in that house, i would need an outlet to vent too otherwise i’ll go crazy. besides she spoke the truth about brenden, rachel, kathy and enzo.

Texas bound

It’s not the complaining. It’s the personal attacks thrown out by Brit and Reagan. I really can’t stand them. Brendan has his ways but he really doesn’t take it personal. It’s amazing he has the strength to stay around those crazy people they way the talk about him and treat him. I’m not a Brendan fan but I hate so see someone personally attacked behind their back and also right in front of them. Brendan is not a bad person. I would truly have a problem being a friend to Brit or Reagan. I can’t believe Reagan thinks America is in love with him. I hope they see his true colors!


Random thoughts …….. (just got on and haven’t read anyones comments yet so if this is a duplicate statement, please forgive me)
Im sooo envious right now! Britney is the luckiest girl in the world! Hot chick stuck in a house with 6 Hot guys (pretend with me)……all of which will be kissing her ass and lovin’ her for at least the next 24hrs! Doesn’t get no better than that! At least in this 3 month era!

Yeah for Brit!

PM= Hi BB-Ma, Hope you and Muc had a good day! Nite!


yeah, but nothing’ll probably happen


HI! I was looking for you all night. Muc had a bad spell. GBB is drinking. Did I ever tell you about the time I spent a weekend with 6 guys? Okay, they were Cub Scouts. Hope all is well with you.


Hi! Had a nice quiet eve with the hubby watching back to back episodes of CBS BB, then he wanted to watch Top chef and I thought I would wait for him to go to bed before getting on here! I was right about the pictures above….not sure if you saw my last post last nite but it said if the picture sequence up above (color faces vs black and white faces) stayed consistant Kathy would be going home tonight! And even better Brit winning HOH…..but the best part was Wednesdays episode with Rachel and Regan, not sure how much was edited, but me and the hubby loved seeing Ragans zingers on Rachel! Heeeeelarious! Brendon was very lucky to be able to take a time out and relax while Ratress was sturrin up shit in the house! Loved that pool!!
Give Muc a hug from the chihua’s….they send their love!


Wow HG rippen on the live feed viewers …LOL


Britt would total defend you Simon.. I know that I like your guys work.

Hot & Humble Librarian

I’m with you Simon! Brit is the only one I like right now 100% and i’m glad she spoke up and said she watched the live feed and the BBAD. I mean, if you’re going to go on a show – it’s a good thing to ummm actually WATCH IT!?


Simon, ;) what did you think of when Brendon was saying earlier last night, criticizing Matt for being a c*cky b*stard who doesn’t really have any reason to be so proud of himself because he’s “only a programmer”.

— I think he also said at one point, maybe referring to Ragan?, that “it’s not like he has a PhD.”


Welcome to team Brit. In the very beginning I didn’t think I would like her, but she quickly became my favorite. I hope she can survive next weeks double eviction and go to the end, even though the odds are against her. It will be boring when she leaves. I am thinking that if Brendon wins the POV, either Enzo or Hayden will have to go, and that would be a good thing for Brit because it would force Matt and Lane to her side. Enzo thinks that he will be able to convince her that Matt and Ragan tried to throw her under the bus last week, but she is smart enough to know it’s a lie. Matt himself told her to throw him under the bus because he had the DPOV, and Ragan is her closest friend. Go for it, Enzo. It will just make you a target, and it will piss Matt off when it gets back to him, which it will. Those three really bonded last week in the have nots room.


was it just me or did Lane get really weird when he saw the picture of nick,and looked like he was wiping away tears after ?


I agree I think Lane is in deep on Britt just doesn’t want to show it.. Also notice he was the first out of HOH room…


he totally ‘likes’ her


Pffft. Like Allison Grodner is above eating lead paint. The pot keeps calling the kettle a fatass.


Try an actual point instead of more random bullshit next time if you want to prove you have a modicum of intelligence.


Allison is that you?


why so cold cheaprobot? aww, somebody’s tidy whitey’s are in a bunch.

Putz Meyer

Love her or hate her it does not matter..PLEASE DO NOT TAKE BRIT OUT..If teh guys are teh only ones left in teh house, you may as well stop the show….It will become the dullest this on TV.


Right Now Brit is the strongest player in the house I will give her credit for that 3 POV and 1 HOH with Brendon behind her with 2 POV and 1 HOH and Then Matt with 2 HOH. These players should be in the finals. I would like to see these people fight for the money.


Dang, cheaprobot, who pissed in your cornflakes this morning. Except for the fact that he fell for Rachael so quickly, doesn’t make him any different than anyone else there. They all have their false.

Dr. Poopy Pants

Nice blanket, Go Hogs! Wow, Nick is kind of a nerd. Brit is WAY too hot for that guy.


I love Reading every AG comment you say. Keep it up


Here’s lots of pics of her fiancelol




Ragan is a douche…Matt is a jerk and Brit is a biotch… Brendon has been target from day 1. I know he is so annoying with the love bs for Rachel, but I think he really means it. In his own whacked out way, he is being honest and trying to do the right thing. He let it totally get in the way of his game. I feel bad for him. I would be fine with Lane, Enzo, Hayden or Brendon winning.

Texas bound

I agree curious. I am having a hard time liking Reagan. He’s so catty and thinks he is so sincere. He talks about how he hates hearing Brendan’s voice, well I hate hearing his, OMG!!! If Britney, Matt or Reagan know what is best for them, they would try to take Brendan to the finals because if they truly think no one likes him, then no one will vote him to win in the end. They are so dumb! I’m not in the house but from my view point I can’t understand why they truly hate Brendan so much. I don’t like his relationship with Rachel and the fact that he makes decisions based on that but I really don’t think he’s a bad person. I think he has more integrity that others in that house. If Matt hadn’t lied about his wife he would be my first choice to win.


Please tell me what it is with Britney, she said Rachel is the anti christ, what kind of people brought this girl up, why is she so disgusting. CBS please make her stop does anyone think this is entertainment ?? I can not stand to listen to her be so nasty !!


Donna, if you think Brittany is so horrible and you don’t think she makes good TV, WHY are you still watching???? Turn it off and you won’t have anything to gripe about!


screw all of u enzo haters! Go Enzo!!! Hope you like the jury house brendon!