Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon and Britney Fight, “Lane is being controlled”

9:15am The Big Brother cameramen are want the house guests to wake up. They’re zooming in on the flamingos at the bottom of the HOH stairs while all the house guests are still sleeping.

10:50am In the bedroom Ragan Lane, and Britney talk about the possibility of there being a double eviction. Britney and Lane joke around about how much time they will have left in the house until the end of the season. Hayden says that he woke up to Enzo singing that Footloose.  Enzo says that its nice that they got up late today.

11am – 11:25am Rachel and Brendon are talking out in the backyard in the hammock. Brendon would rather have pictures of him and Rachel, and a letter from her. She laughs the day I leave you will also get a letter from me. Rachel says that if Matt wins this whole thing she will throw a coffee cup at him. Rachel now saying she wishes she could go back to Vegas and not to jury house. Brendon says that won’t happen because we would be in the jury house and that’s two votes right there that he wouldn’t get. Brendon says that we BLANK kept our word and now he comes after us. Brendon asks what if Matt and Ragan are up on the block would Britney use the POV on one of them. Rachel says I dunno. Rachel says that Britney, Matt, Lane, and Ragan have control of everything. Brendon calls Britney a BLANK. …why do you like her? Rachel says because I like her personality. Brendon says why she is a BLANK! Brendon says that Lane is being controlled by the punanny! Rachel asks what kind of drama will be in the house if I leave? Brendon says yeah who would want to watch Ragan … a gay guy on his period. Rachel says yeah and hes not even a hot gay guy. Rachel makes fun of Ragan and how he talks and saying that he will not talk to her for three days. Brendon asks why don’t they just make a competition about swimming… I’d like to see the other guys do that! Rachel asks how would they do that …have a pool in the backyard. Brendon says I really wish we didn’t play the way we did and keep our word. Brendon says that Matt is a little troll, all he does is run around stirring BLANKup. Rachel says yeah and Matt and Ragan aren’t even hot …and all they do is go around and touch each other like little boys. Rachel makes fun of Matt and his band saying that he isn’t even that cool …that he has tattoos and wears those stupid pajamas. Brendon says all Matt did too was marry a groupie. Brendon and Rachel talk about the POV competition. They talk about how the others have said that they have had it easy… Rachel says easy …we have had to work our BLANK off since day one. Brendon says that he is pissed at Matt for breaking up them when they are in love. Brendon says that Matt should go suck his own dick. Rachel mocks Matt for being 5 feet tall.  Rachel says that the only person they would want win would be Enzo.   Rachel tells Brendon that once she is gone he will have to will HOH next week and if he doesnt he will have to win POV …and that it will be every week fighting to stay in the house because they will all be trying to get you out.

11:30am ?In the kitchen Enzo, Britney, Lane, Ragan are talking. Hayden and Britney leave the room. Enzo says that Brendon and Rachel are already out there talking game. Enzo says that it doesn’t even matter soon Rachel will be out and then Brendon the next week…. one two punch …you know what I mean?! Ragan says that he just knows when he should not talk to someone because she doesn’t think rationally. Ragan says that he wants a non-drama day. Lane says that he wants drama it makes the day by go faster. Enzo says that he thinks later that Rachel will drink, get mad and cause some BLANK.

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Brendon says that Lane is being controlled by the punanny
do brenchel every stop begin hypocritical???


They make me so mad when they say stuff like “Why would u want to break up true love” its like they can’t wrap their head around the fact that sooner than later one of them might have to .
Love doesn’t win This


love did win the game in season 8


Sometimes I feel like every single comment on this site is posted by a sentient piece of furniture, who has no logic, intelligence, or memories. It’s sad that most of the people who comment on sites like this are even worse than the worst people inside the BB house each year. 50% of your BLANK comments each year make me laugh way more than the actual TV show.


lots of mean bashing coming out of b/rs mouth. so what if matt is short, ragan’s gay, and britney gets along with lane? so what? just like you brendon, those people are who they are and are also here to win. you’re just mad because you’re not in control. and you’re not in control because you made big jackasses out of yourselves several times.




umm dumbass. This is like the second time Brenchel talk
shit about the other side of the house. Everyone including GAYGAN,
THE MIDGET, AND THE PUPPET (britney) have talk constantly shit about B/R.
read the other post retard


hun, stop hating :)


valentina rachels beens talking smack the whole entire time.


Enough with this “everyone is so two faced when it comes to Rachel” SHE is the biggest backstabber! Just look what she’s saying above!!! Please get the zit face botox bitch outta there!!! I have no remorse for the things I’ve said about her and her little wimpass boyfriend!! Yeah Brittany can be just as catty, but she is still likeable!!! Get the Ho-bag outta there now!!!


Yup!! Brit is entertaining in a bust out laughing way! Rachole’s type of entertainment is for
Vegas…..and sewers….back alleys etc.

The Excitement

Last night I dreamt that I was one of the houseguests, and i was laying in bed with Britney. and it was kindof a showmance. :)


Brendon is sexually frustrated

Uncle Cool

More like sexually confused. He would rather be in a showmance with Lane or Hayden, but he’s stuck with the dirty psycho-bitch.


you show that kind of class everyday, do ya?


Brendon? I didn’t think you could get on the internet from inside the house.


hun stop hating :)


Valentina stfu it’s obvious you like Brenchel HUN


Seriously, Valentina? Aren’t you the one that called someone a dumbass AND a retard in the post right above this because he/she stated his/her opinion about a HG? Okay…”Rachel”…you can think how you want but no one else is allowed to have their own thoughts…..psycho. Everyone, stop what you are doing NOW and only read and agree with Valentina’s posts!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for saying what the rest of us are thinking


Yeah he/she did!!


Yeah maybe this isn’t the tread for ya!! See ya!


It has been pretty ugly around here. Last year it got heated, but most of it got directed at Rockstar, unfortunately (all she ever did was be a Nat fan, and DAMN did people crucify her). This year, there’s a bunch of peeps just personally attacking everyone that has a different opinion. But, you could have made your point without doing the same thing that has been making this site a little less fun.


Question to Dawg…with the camera panning on the flamingos and then on Ragan…is that a saboteur act? How many flamingos were in the house yesterday or the day before – I count 10 now.


I bet Roachel is counting her zits right now. I can’t wait to watch the pov comp and see how humiliated she was in front of J/J…


I can’t wait until they do the home interviews with brendon and rachel’s family. However they are going to try to cover up their embarrassment should be entertaining. I am tired of Matt thinking he’s the greatest player ever. He isn’t. Furthermore, his wife is beat. Uggggh. Hope she puts wax strips over those choppers when she does you-know-what!!


Does it make you feel better to make fun of people, you can get your point across without personal attacks !!!!


A couple thoughts…Britney talking to Rachel a few days ago about moving to LA, telling Rachel she’d be giving up her dog, her friends, her lifestyle AND Las Vegas, to live in student housing for 5 years while Brendon worked on his PhD. True AND manipulating. Brilliant, Brit. Getting Rachel to doubt Brendon and a future outside the game. How many times has sad Brendon used the word LOVE? Too many to count, and now Rachel knows she can use him completely.

When Rachel was telling Brendon about getting paid so much to arrange tours, poker tournaments and “whatever they want,” did anybody get the feeling, as I did, that she was beginning to let him in on her real lifestyle, which included the “whatever they want?” She’s used to money being spent on her but does he ask what she does in return? Noooo. And he’s still not getting it because she took chemistry classes and he thinks they have some magical connection. Sad, really. She started out as a fav because she seemed to have a brain and a heart, but the gameplay has changed her into a very unlikeable user with a lack of empathy. Brit started as my least favorite, but her manipulation and comedic comebacks make her a lot of fun to watch!

J. P. Brigade

I cannot find it within myself to feel bad for Rachel. I was thinking once she was up and it was clear she was going home, I would have a smidge of sympathy for her. I just cannot find it. She is acting like a total five year old and being a knucklehead about everything. Everyone in the house is mean, to a point, but this kid is the trop meanie this season thus far.

I just do not feel sorry for her.


Everyone in the house except Lane is a hypocrite…


Not to mention Matt did honor their deal, he didn’t put them up his 1st HOH and in exchange they did not put him up the following week. When B/R tried to make another deal (when R put Kristen/Hayden on the block) he turned them down which is why he became B/R’s #1 target.

The Excitement

You can’t break the Brigade, the Brigade breaks you.


^^Legit. 4 DEEP yo


The Excitement: well said (typed). I am kinda jealous I didn’t come up with it.


Thats great! The Brigade now have motto, I hope you dont mind if I repeat that.


i’m kicking myself for ever cheering for “brenchel” (….ugh…i threw up a little) because they were the underdog. From the beginning i basically picked ragan to be the winner and overall favorite of the season. i could tell from his personality and bio. But this season has been “Season of Drama in the Sun soaked in tequila”. I kinda over it. Unless big brother spices it up next season with better twist (like the coup de’tat or the enemy twist from season 8) and get some smart people (like dan from season 10 and Dr. Will) and not dimwitted big titted “scientist” (Howie from season 6), i’m not watching. just can’t wait for september 15th for the survivor premire. they should try a season of that show like big brother (3 months, 24/7 live feeds, and live evictions). but it would probably be too much of a toll. ok, rant over.


Punanny???!! I am over the hill in age, and I hadn’t heard that one in years.

The Excitement

I saw footage of Rachel crying after she talked with Matt in the kitchen. I actually felt bad for her. I cried a little bit myself. call me a pussy, whatever.


pussy, whatever….. :) Just Playing.. Showing empathy for a fellow being is never a bad thing, no matter how pathetic of a being they may be. lol


OMG Rachel – It’s just a Damn game get a grip. Did she just threaten Matt about vegas? Is she truly upset about leaving Brenden or losing the game? She really thinks Kathy should still say sorry – WTF? Get ove yourself? Your are NOT queen of the world.People don’t have to bow down to you.


Rachel says that her boobs are messed up and she wonders if people see that, one is rounder than the other. She asks him if he can tell and he says he doesn’t know she doesn’t let him touch them. He reaches out and she slaps him playfully.
I noticed that few weeks ago, her right tit is bigger. Anybody else noticed that?
Looks like she needs some gummie bears in her left tittie. :-). :-)


they are all fakes, brachel are the most genuine. whatcha talkin bout. Wait till lil miss brit and rayfag find out they are being played.


I was kind of with Brendon and Rachael, but all of this bad sportsmanship and
behavior has changed my mind.
But, they are all talking personal stuff about each other.
Too much actually!


Rachel is so damn naive and stupid, that I think she believes that when she leaves the house, that when she goes back to her beloved, “Brendon, I AM VEGAS!” she actually will think that people will love her, I don’t think they will give her the time of day! Although, I am having this weird feeling that she is going nowhere, if that happens, I will pick something up and throw it across the room! They both have been saying such mean and nasty things about the HG’s the last day or two. Rachels fake crying and Brendon getting all up on her with that damn whispering he does all the time, is driving me insane!!