Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel Threatens the House “I can’t wait until you come to my town and you can see how personal it will get”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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11:34pm Backyard Hayden, Brit and Brendon

Brendon telling HAyden how he ran a 5 minute mile once. “I was moving so fast it was cool”. Brendon now talking about running barefoot during a 5km run, “I was running with my ex and all her family and I bet all of them HAHAHA”
Hayden is amazed that Brendon was running on assphalt with bare feet. Brendon leaves, Hayden starts asking Brit what Nick would be doing in a Sunday. She goes over the typically Sunday. He asks about her Family, she says her parents go to church in the morning then just rest all day then they go to church in the evening. Ragan joins them outside.

Conversation moves to musical instruments

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:47pm Rachel and KAthy SILENCE After about 10 minutes MAtt comes into the kitchen and starts talking to Kathy. Rachel just sits there making noise with her spoon and bowl. Rachel keeps baning her spoon against her bowl trying to get a response from Matt and Kathy. They just sit there in silence, Matt looks like death and Rachels face is covered in zits and melting from her botox running out. Kathy leaves.


Matt: ” you feel any better Rach? ”
Rachel: “no”
Matt:”Sorry kido”
Rachel: “Kidoo nice..”
MAtt: “Cmon”
Rachel: “even if I had beat Kathy i sill would have to fight you all”
Rachel: “why do people want me gone there playing at a personal level and attacking me”
Matt: “who is attacking you ?”
Rachel: “Kathy won’t apologize to me and ragan won’t talk to me”
Matt: “Why do you even want the apology when it’s no sincere”
Rachel: “what did I do to deserve it from day one everyone has been coming after me”
Rachel: “Is it because i’m feisty and have a attitude?”
Matt: “It doesn’t help”
Rachel: “everyone wants me to go home because they dislike me at a personnel level.. the reason I’ve been like this because I have been fighting every day”
Rachel: “That POV was unfair for me because it was 5 against 2 ”

rachel: “I offered brit 5 grand and she won’t use it”
Matt:” that sab thing kinda screwed you because if she uses it everyone will think she the sab”
Rachel: “It’s so unfair I couldn’t even play for HOH and the chances of me winning that POV were so slim”

Matt:”I’m going to be in that same situation next week”
Rachel: “no it’ll be Brendon that goes up”
Matt: “Whoever stays out of you and Brendon will figure out taht this game is not being played on a personal level you are playing it that way”

Rachel:”Ragan doesn’t even talk to me still”
Matt: “The way you have been behaving yirks people”

Matt starts to try and explain to Rachel how the game is played and how they need to assimilate themselves into the house and stop acting the way they are. He tells her that Brendon is starting to last night and he thinks he’ starting to feel welcomed again. Matt explains that how she treated people didn’t help her position and her being in a power couple with Brendon sealed their fate. HE thinks that once they are broken up the survivor will see the house dynamic change again and will have to re-assimilate into the house.
Rachel: “I can’t wait until you come to my town and you can see how personal it will get”
Matt: “you saying this in a spiteful ways”
Rachel: “I won’t answer that.. I know who I am and I have friends in the real world I have a life I don’t need these people”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:15pm Rachel, Crocodile Tears in the Taj room

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love the photo of Ra-ho in the kitchen





Good one Carol.

sickoftheir shit

You got that right! I want to know what Casino/Hotel that Ho works for so we can boycott it and start a Facebook page. I want her fired! That is a nasty threat and bad for tourism and business, particularly in a recession. Dum Bitch! Hope she ends up on the street giving blowjobs for $20.00. Any Hotel that would give her a revenue for her Hoing is disgusting!


Rachel Threatens the House “I can’t wait until you come to my town and you can see how personal it will get”

and who exactly form the house besides bitch boy will want to come to her house???

Kathie from Canada

Priceless. It must be so frustrating fior her to try to be the house bully and nobody gives a shit.

Uncle Cool

HA HA HA!!!!

I am LOVING this week!!!

I should post that song again. It fits her PERFECTLY!!

Sucks to be YOU, Rachel!!! and YOU brought it ALL upon YOURSELF.

She’s talking like she controls Vegas and everyone who steps into the city has to report to her. Whacko.



LOL…have Rachel sing that song from Avenue Q…’It Sucks To Be Me”….
Damn, what a bad sportsman….she got what SHE wanted last week, not it’s the other guys turn. It just so happens, THEY want HER out……bye bye…so long!!

Other K

When she plays the game personally, she’s just playing the game but when others do it, they’re being unfair. There aren’t scales big enough to measure her hypocracy. When she was HOH last week the entire house had to bend over and act out her every whim.


YOU are so right, Rachael is soooooo hypocritical. For example when Rachael told monet not to use the “bitch” word.. cuz Rachael says its derogatory…yeah honey ive been hearing that word for ur mouth in every DR timing u get while u make that hyena excuse of a laugh..I don’t know whats worse… hating cocky people who think chemistry is mostly falling in love, or people who say one thing, and vocal it being wrong…than totally doing what they said was wrong…or seeing an emotional man…I mean overly emotion grown man and a botoxed up red haired woman make-out slash fight with each other…seriously….talk than do ur sloppy kissing…not at the same time….SOOOO ANNOYING….is there a bigger gun????


it’s so pathetic that rachel and bitch boy have not realize they have played a ”
personal” game the entire time in the house….. if there was any record for hypocrisy rachel and bitch boy shattered it forever


BB Record that is


I agree. B/R are complete idiots. They have played the game extremely personal and now it has backfired on them. They would be in a better position now if they had kept Kristen and Monet and gotten rid of 2 stronger players.


and the sad part, nobody in this game has been playing “personal” besides brenchel…


Don’t agree with that…Britney has been playing personal as well as Kathy… The only chance Britney, Ragan & Kathy have is to wake up in the backyard and see what is going on with the Brigade, evict Brendon and pull Rachel in. But, since the brigade is doing such a good job of filling their (br, ra & ka) heads with b.s. they don’t even see what’s right under their noses. If Britney were as smart as she thinks she is, she would remember that she needs to be sitting beside Kathy and Rachel in the end to make the cash.


the BRAgade is playing an amazing game! No one is really on to them. I applaud them and their alliance! GO BRAGADE!!!!


Yeah they are!!! GO BRIGADE YO!!!


There the most boring alliance in bb history! lmao. IBoring!


do you think they care if you find them boring? The simple fact is unless they start to hurt themselves from within they own the house now. They have the vote control to for the most part decide the houses course from here out.


4 DEEP control YO! The house got GOT YO!


What would the house and the game look like if Ragan wins Thursday’s HOH and puts Hayden and Lane up and neither of those 2 win POV. The Brag-ade would only have 2 votes in the eviction and one of them would go home. The Brigade would unravel. You need two strong players to go to the final 2 because one person can only win HOH every other week. You need an alliance with a second strong player to win on your off week and protect you. Matt is the only strong player in the Brag-ade. I predict he aligns with Ragan to go to final 2.


They are boring. The only one that is winning is matt.
matt should know that the bridage is using him

The Excitement

exactly. Rachel took out Monet because she just didn’t like Monet. And she took out Kristen because she didn’t like Kristen. there was no legit strategy whatsoever. she just wants all the girls out of the house.


she targeted monet and kristen because they were open about coming after her and she wanted to get rid of ppl that were “gunning for her”. Although the whole house was, none of the brigade nor britney, ragan have voiced it. it wasn’t entirely personal, she was trying to get rid of her “enemies”.


love how the game has brought out rachel and brendon’s true self


What’s Rachel.. the town major and she’s going to kick them all out if they come for a visit? What the hell is she talking about?


she talking nonsense like she been for the past 40 days in the house


You know Rachel is bipolar…..


Yeah, so am I, bi-polar is not an excuse for being a hypocrite. She says she is gunning for all the floaters and is mad when people see her as the bitch she has acted like and toss her for it.


People who are bipolar take much longer to cycle between their depressed and manic phases. Chances are whay she has is a Hystrionic emotional disorder- like it sounds, the person acts hysterical about things that “normal” people would just blow off. I see some delusions of grandeur as well as paranoia– of course NOW its not paranoia because people really are coming after her. Could also be Narcissistic Personality disorder or just narcissistic tendencies- but there is definately something wrong with the bitch. Are there any other mental health professionals out there who would like to chime in?


the enjoyment is watch rachel and brendon pretend like they been so nice to the house while they had power, when it was the complete opposite… people were after them because they were the 1st obvious alliance nothing more, and they grew once their arrogance and ego grew… i wish they acted better to the house and was more social but they played that way and are getting what they deserve, they know what they did they just don;t like the way it feels to be at the bottom, well Brench NOW you know how MONET AND KRISTEN FELT…Grow UP


Agreed. Rachel was horrible to everyone when she was HOH and has she forgotten that she told the house to bring it on? Well it’s on, and she cannot take it


Simon…can you tell me how many flamigos there were yesterday or the day before?


I looked back and it appears there were 4 small ones for a total of 12 in the beginning, I only see 2 small ones now for a total of 10. I could be wrong…. .


Lol just counted again, now I see 11….


Rachel just screwed herself, and Brendon too. She deserves to go. Vegas may not want her back. lol


NO WE DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ha, I doubt NC wants her back either


she can come to Canada. we love everyone

"I am Vegas"

Rachel should move to Carson City and work at the Cottontail Ranch

Carson or Bust

Thanks…… You just ruined my vacation!!!!!


When will Rachel figure out being that she is soooooo smart, that it is not all about her! Send her packing. No matter what you try to say, she just will not get it.


Rachel made this game personal. Brendon has been riding her coat tails. She is the stronger of the 2 so she has to go this week. Brendon is a cry baby! She is becoming a bossy cry baby! This is a game and everyone else is playing it that way! except for her and Brendon. When they were in charge they treated people way worse then everyone is treating them. they were cocky and arrogant and now it is coming back to bite them! PEACE OUT RACH!


Rachael just had a major breakthrough — “I hate when I’m not in control”; no way, really, for real, I never would have guessed that!


Brit says her parents go to church a lot I wonder what they think of the nasty, childish things she has said on a personal level about Rachel, I agree Rachel has acted like an ass and should be sent packing but the things Brit says, she should be next !!


If the brigade had any sense they would see that Brit is a much BIGGER threat across the board and she has Rachel’s vote in the jury house.


They probably don’t like it, but they probably don’t watch BBAD or the live feeds all night and day either. So, they don’t get to see the best ones. And, she has some good ones. But, let’s face it, so does everyone else. Every person in there says nasty things about some of the other ones. Kathy has even started ooing it, but Britney seems to be the only one who takes heat for it in the forums. I know if I were “trapped” in a house with some unsavory people for an extended period, I would say nasty things about them too. I’ll single Britney out in this manner, some of hers are priceless, I hope she keeps ’em coming!


Simply going to church doesn’t make anyone a saint or anything…
And even so, being trapped in the BB house makes everything different. Sure, Brit’s probably catty in the outside world too, but her faults are magnified and exaggerated because of the pressure in the house.


Rachel needs some serious help. Feeling sorry for herself and threatening is not good. Actually it makes her pathetic which she is and so is Brendon. Can’t wait until she is gone and please don’t let there be a twist that she’ll be staying. I have news for her Vegas does not belong to her and she is not as important as she thinks she is there. She is this important in her own little head with her mixed up brain but that’s it probably. I have to laugh at her because you can’t take her seriously with all her boo hoo issues, like I said pathetic.


I was wondering about her importance in Vegas. I don’t live there, don’t know much about it, but I would think that if she was as important as she says, there would be a lot more things about her on the internet, other than her posing in a bikini


Clearly she is an escort….Im just wondering if anyone noticed if Brendon used a condom when he porked her ……..I know BB provides these types of things.
I know we all believe he is not that bright, but do you think he is stupid enough to not protect himself against deadly deseases for what he thinks is love? And even if they all get tested prior to entering the house, Aids\HIV can sit undetected for years in some people……..

sickoftheir shit

I hope he does catch something from that Ho. It is clear she is a prostitute but he doesnt care. He must have brain damage to think she is going to give up her Hoing lifestyle for sitting on a couch with him watching TV in his crappy little apartment. She loves her lifestyle and brags about it all the time.


If you have possibly been exposed to the HIV virus, you should be tested now and again in 6 months as the virus can take up to 6 months to show up. Symptoms of AIDS syndrome can take years after that to show up, but may only take months. There are many mutations and you can catch more than one kind of HIV, which makes it harder to control how sick you get from AIDS. Be safe- get tested. This has been a public health announcement ( Sorry, but we have to follow Rachel around and give this same speech wherever she goes)


Oh my, I am glad you are around, then. That was funny but also knowledgable.


It’s going to be long 4 days until Thursday…..she should just get over it and enjoy the rest of her time in the house. It’s OBVI that no one likes her, she’s only making it worse by opening her mouth!


Brit the clit, the PLC !

The Excitement

Rachel is Las Vegas, and Las Vegas has always been known as sleezy.


she was telling them about her “subliminally” by saying “I Am Vegas” translated “i man people (in her case men) spend their money and lose their minds” ” once you go in me, you stay in me” ect ect

"I am Vegas"

Rachel is not from Vegas, she moved there. She does not seem to know a damn thing about my home town. She acts like she is the king dingaling of the strip but she reminds me more of a tourist instead of a resident. Oh and by the way everyone who grew up in the silver state do not pronounce Nevada, “Nuv-aduh” we pronounce it “Neh-vada” She is a front and an embarrassment. She reminds me of Natalie from the Bad Girls club from last season who always said “I run LA” when she was not even from L.A.

sickoftheir shit

Hopefully she will get fired when she gets back. We can only hope.

Lennon's Ghost

What ever happened to Amber (Wahmber) fron Season 8? She was from Vegas too.

Aaron C.

She is crazier than Lydia.

She has by far played this game more personal than anyone.

What a pathetically hypocritical human being she is making herself out to be.

Brendon is P whipped

Love the Boy George pic. It is spot on Simon!!! Can’t wait till Thurs. Bye Bye George!


Everyone talks about rachel since bb 12 started. what are we gonna do when she leave? Oh yeah, be even more bored to tears. lol. I love to hate the girl. It’s gonna be very dry on feeds once she’s gone. Where is the fast forward button?


Staples has an easy button, it might work. haha


Is there an6y chance that America voted for the sabotour to keep one of them?????
I think Ragan will resign (no pawn intended) before he mess this up for the house.


Take a good look at the pics on the post. Thats how the feeds are gonna be when boy george leaves. No drama to watch makes a long bb12.


all that fake ass cryn from rachel is driving me crazy she cant act worth a shit


I hope Roachel starts up with one of the girls and gets the shit kicked out of her. Just saying…


Brit flushes extensions down the toilet, nothing too violent, just hair pulling.

sickoftheir shit

Wow – did she really flush them? Sweet momma…..


Rachel is one of the most narcicistic houseguests ever on BB. Everything and everyone is (or should be) all about Rachel, insofar as she can see. She is one for the books! She can dish it out…


i see you guys are bashing rachel saying she’s hypocrite and stuff,remeber that she won 2 hoh even though she’s going out thursday she’s going to the jury house,she got there by fighting and don’t tell me the flopgades got there by fighting they didn’t do anything at all,seems like kathy might to the final because those guys at one point will turn against each other,go rachel i love you ur fans r here with you make everyone miserable t’s just a game


2 HOHs wer “a “guessing game” and a “quiz” she did nothing but play a personal game, stop making it like she did anything in this game but that


if Reachel is Vegas then Vegas must be

Aids &


hahaha @ Henry



sickoftheir shit

No shit! Burp…


I dont want to watch a house full of men playing pool. So the brigade , SORRY! I’m SO NOT A FAN! HAYDEN HAS NO Personality , LANE NO Personality , MATT NO PersonalitY


I hope BB shakes stuff up a little.


Rachel says that her boobs are messed up and she wonders if people see that, one is rounder than the other. She asks him if he can tell and he says he doesn’t know she doesn’t let him touch them. He reaches out and she slaps him playfully.
I noticed that few weeks ago, her right tit is bigger. Anybody else noticed that?
Looks like she needs some gummie bears in her left tittie. :-). 🙂


a womans boobs are always a different size. when you put in sillycone fun bags, they never think that one boob will still be misshapened, it’s the way a woman sleeps, leans etc


I think one side of everyones body is off from the other period…..hands not exact, feet not exact, eyes not and boobies not exact…….tho a good Dr should be able to make the boobies match i would think…..maybe she went to the Discount Dr for hers!


Maybe the discount was taken in one of the boobs.


Rach was talking about Brits tit
not het own.I forgot to put brits name


http: //www. flickr. com/photos/paulinacha/2827612588/

Above pic for Playin all sides of the house Kathy

http: //www. flickr. com/photos/43256734@N08/4180823423/

Above pic for Lane the ‘night hunter’

http:/ /www. synstelien. com/portfoliographics/images/cockroach.jpg

above pic for Ragan the cockroach


When Roachel gets home and checks her facebook w 5,000 friends ( and no room for Brendon on it) it will be empty. Rachel has 0 friends… Hahaha

sickoftheir shit

Dum bitch lied cause I checked her facebook and she has 4700 dweeb fake azz friends on there. She is sooo desperate to have some recognition in life that she allows any Tom, Dick or Mary to be her friend. I had a look at who she befriended and it aint pretty. She needs a complete psychological assessment.

Big Brother BBW

I am so not a Brendon and Rachel fan ( I LOVE Enzo and Brit!!!) and I am glad to see them on the block.
B/R started this entire fiasco Week 1 when they fell into the “showmance”. It was escalated with their subsequent competition wins, and compounded with their Nazi dictatorship attitude when they were in power.
They feel they should not be broken up because it is “true love”, yet Rachel had NO problems breaking up another couple in the house. Now she knows how it feels to be up against the one person you care most about and trust the most in the house.
Rachel has a lot of BB smarts, but she has been playing personally this entire season. Monet was not a threat to anyone strategically, and Kristen?? Someone please tell me what she ever did strategically?
Karma has come around to dish out what Rachel & Brendon have so royally served to others before them, and they cannot take it.
And I have one question: WHY does Brendon always stand BEHIND Rachel when defending her in an argument?? I thought the man was supposed to stand in front of the woman to protect her.


well if someone hits her, it’s like being in a car, she has air bags, she’s safe, it’s always the passanger that gets injured


TY TY… another person who saw brenchel for who they really are………. brenchel fans are some blind followers who just live them for the showmance they don’t care about their dictatorship when they had power


Rachel’s head is going to start spinning soon and watch out for the green projectile puke.


Brendon was a bed wetter. I’m sure of it however he finally has a girlfriend and now the power has gone to his head. You take a big nerd, make them popular and they become the people they have hated. It’s the way it is.




haha (:


I like Rachel, but I have to say, she’s been acting somewhat like a diva.


What’s the purpose of Ragan being the saboteur? I haven’t heard about any pranks or anything strange happening in the house since Matt opened pandora’s box on Friday.

"I am Vegas"

Rachel is not from Vegas, she moved there. She does not seem to know a damn thing about my home town. She acts like she is the king dingaling of the strip but she reminds me more of a tourist instead of a resident. Oh and by the way everyone who grew up in the silver state do not pronounce Nevada, “Nuv-aduh” we pronounce it “Neh-vada” She is a front and an embarrassment. She reminds me of Natalie from the Bad Girls club from last season who always said “I run LA” when she was not even from L.A.


I am not a Rachel fan at all. But she does need help. One can make ice tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner and clean up behind others all the time and yes that is actually very nice, but it is their lifestyle habit that they chose to continue while in the house. No one asked them to. Unfortunately this is a social skills game, and effictively communicating and interacting with others is the way to the top. (Annie-over tried, Andrew-never tried, Kristen-tried too late) and now it is Rachels turn. It seems her best social skills come out of a bottle, then she becomes a pleaser, but unfortunately with every up she gets from drinking comes the crash and burn from soberness and the hangover. Its no wonder she doesn’t believe in herself, she doesn’t know who she is (drunk Rachel or sober Rachel). We definately can tell that she likes her drunk self better-cuz shes Vegas right!

I hope that people from BB read this site and realize that they should pull the booze away from her and offer her the free psych counseling from the shrink they have on site in the DR. Screw the show – she needs to save herself.

PS-I know that was too deep but what else can you say – WOW!!!


Yep…a little deep, but spot on.


brenchel fans might be a lil happy it seem the ” EL Salvatore/Saboteur a.k.a regan” wants the HGs to vote out brendon instead of rachel…. seems like like production told him to do this. typical


Well, Brendon has had a target since week 1….and Rachel has continued her slow progression of self-destruction…….I think the Brigades plan is to take them out in back-to-back weeks, if possible….

Rachel is the stronger competitor of the two imho


the way everyone on here talks about Rachel it sick you dont even know her like really


Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!


I agree 100% with you. Gaygan, puppet (britney) and Kathy (“sherrif) are making a dumb move going after brendon and rachel. Umm what is going to happen when R/B are gone? there gonna be 3 girls only (reagan, britney and kathy) against 4 guys that would just throw them each out every week. Also it not that hard to find out of the bridage. They make it so obvious at times. Even kristen figure it out. I cant wait till they evict R/B and see there sorry asses begging to stay. They need to keep B/R so they can still be the target. THIS IS THE MOST STUPIDEST SEASON EVER! Also i think rachel is that person that if she gunning for you she would tell you. The other houseguest are just fake and this season needs to be over so season 13 can come!!


Rachel has no idea how to play this game.

“It’s not fair, I wasn’t allowed to play in HOH and the POV it was 5 against 2”

First of all, I’m pretty sure only 6 people play in the POV. So, theoretically, it’d be 4 against 2. Secondly, when was the last time that the prior HOH could compete in the next week’s HOH? Hint: It’s never happened.

YOU chose to develop a showmance with Brendon. YOU chose to isolate yourself with Brendon from the remainder of the house. That makes you a TARGET.

Good god. Her cries of sympathy don’t work on me.


Yeah that Rachel is from a little hick town Gastonia NC!, your not from Vegas trick, you wish you were but your not.

BB6 Fan

She must be kidding!!!