Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney says that before getting into the bathtub with Rachel she took a wine cork and placed it strategically.. wore two maxi pads.. & doubled up on bikinis..


12:30am Up in the HOH room Britney and Ragan are talking about Rachel and Brendon.  Ragan asks Britney if she was scared when she took a bath with Rachel that she might contract something. Britney says before she got into the bathtub with Rachel she took a wine cork and placed it strategically.. wore two maxi pads. and doubled up on bikinis. Ragan says that he worries that Rachel is the saboteur and received some power. Britney asks why did our Pandora’s box suck so bad? Matt got a dollar? That’s stupid! They talk about the great feeling they get after the POV ceremony when they know that they are 100% safe and people have to accept that nothing is going to change. They worry about the drama Brendon and Rachel will cause. Ragan says that he thinks Britney is really going to get it bad this week, after the POV meeting. Britney says that she is crazy, but he is a huge doucher. Ragan is called to diary room ending the bashing session.  As Ragan and Britney head downstairs they make fun of Rachel’s laugh.

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Lane, Matt, Britney and Hayden are out in the backyard by the pool table. Britney asks Lane why Enzo is hanging out with Rachel and Brendon at the hammock. No one answers her question. The feeds cut out for over 5 minutes.  When they come back Brendon is in the bedroom waiting for Rachel to return form the bathroom. Rachel comes into the bedroom and pinches her thighs to see how much fat she is and then counts the zits on her face. Rachel tells Brendon that she has 12 zits. (Gross) Rachel says that she trusts Enzo 100%. Brendon says that he doesn’t trust anyone.  Rachel asks are you sure that you want me to give Hayden and Enzo a competitive edge, because the knowledge I have is…  Rachel says that she sounds like Yoda! Brendon laughs.  Rachel tells Brendon not to her laugh at her, that she won 2 HOHs.  The person he trusts is Rachel, and she won’t be here. Rachel says that she wants Brendon to be in the Final 2 and that the $500,000 is better than banging. Rachel says they can bang for the rest of their lives. Brendon looks at the camera and says Uhhh.. Mom and Dad are you watching this… Rachel says UMMmm.. make love after we’re married. They are eating chocolate. (I’m sure stuffing her fave with chocolate will help her zip problem.)  Rachel says that if Hayden can pull Lane away from Britney, then you are cool.  Rachel says that Brendon can’t trust her but Britney is going to play this game for Britney so you have to make her a deal she can’t refuse.  Rachel and Brendon continue to talk about the game and how Enzo and Hayden are great alliances.

1am Big Brother tells the house guests that they are on an indoor lockdown. Rachel and Brendon start pleading to the cameras to keep them because they are so entertaining.  Rachel starts chewing off her nails then spitting them on the floor. Brendon complains that Matt got lucky because the two competitions he won were unfair and designed for little people with little feet. Rachel says that she believes she is leaving because they are scared of her and they can’t beat her. The conversation changes to talking about the saboteur. Rachel wonders if it could be Matt or Lane.  Rachel says that it isn’t Ragan. Brendon and Rachel discuss who it would be best to get out first.  They talk about how they need to get Matt and Ragan out first.  They talk about how they should align with Enzo.  Rachel climbs on top of Brendon and starts giving him a massage.  Rachel asks Brendon do you want me to move to LA? Then win $50,000 or more!  Brendon is moaning from the massage.  Rachel is now quizzing Brendon on before or after style questions for the HOH competitions.


1:35am Rachel and Brendon turn off the lights and get in to bed. Rachel keeps trying to talk game with Brendon but he is too drunk and tired to listen.  Rachel takes off her shirt and is only in her bra and gets under the covers. Brendon and Rachel are curled up together and are now making out. They are really going at it under the covers. Then Rachel says no that’s not a good idea. In the kitchen Britney, Matt, Hayden, Enzo and Ragan are talking about their colleges. Ragan starts making fun of Rachel’s evil laugh from earlier. Ragan says that he is glad that the rest of them can’t look bad for the rest of the season. Ragan says that Rachel took the cake.  The feeds cut out to the we will be right back screen.  Britney, Matt, Hayden, Enzo  and Ragan talk about how Rachel would be versus Janelle. Ragan says that Janelle’s strategy worked because Janelle was being Janelle. Ragan says that she doesn’t work because Rachel is Rachel trying to be Janelle.   The Brigade stays in the kitchen. Britney and Raga head to the bedroom. Ragan and Britney start placing bets on how many times Rachel will cry tomorrow?  Britney says three times.  Ragan says two times. How many apologies will be administrated by Brendon and Rachel?  Britney says one. Ragan says two.  How many fights will occur tomorrow?   Britney says one. Ragan says one also.  How many times will Brendon chime in on a conversation Rachel is having with someone else.  Ragan and Britney both say infinity.
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2:20am – 2:40am Meanwhile, in the kitchen Enzo is telling the brigade the advice Rachel gave him. Enzo says that Rachel wants to give us her powers.  Matt laughs.  Enzo says that Rachel kept telling him that he has to make it to the final 4 to have a chance. And he says, yeah I will… two words bri gade!  They talk about having the votes no matter who wins HOH and that no matter who wins they still have the votes. Then they say that the saboteur could change things. Enzo asks if he finds out that one of them is the saboteur, then he will hunt them down and kill them!  The brigade is worried that Big Brother will tell the saboteur in on the fact that there is a four person alliance and that the saboteur will tell the house. Hayden says that if the saboteur is one of the brigade members that he wouldn’t sabotage the brigade by his own will. Hayden says that he is worried that the saboteur has to go by America’s vote and that will mess them up.  Enzo says that if they don’t make the final four, it’s a travesty.  Enzo says that no matter who wins HOH next week, the Brigade is golden.  They talk about who they need to get out and discuss getting out Ragan, Kathy, and Britney.  Enzo says that he would rather shun them before they have a chance to shun us. Hayden says dude, after Thursday, that’s 5 down!  Enzo says that the best case scenario is that Kathy is the saboteur. Matt says that is the best case but I don’t think it’s her. If America had anything to do with it, it wouldn’t be her.  Enzo asks if it is Ragan?   Matt says that he doesn’t think it’s Ragan.   Enzo says and Britney’s too chicken shit to do it, and that he thinks a major option is that it’s Big Brother fucking with us. Matt says that all the saboteur videos have been lies and that Big Brother is just trying to make the house go crazy. They are now quizzing themselves on before and after questions for up coming competitions.  Enzo and Matt say that the Brigade needs to start remembering trivia for competitions. Matt asks Enzo when Rachel will impart her powers onto him?  Enzo says that every night we’ll practice.  They decide its time for bed and go to get ready.  Lane and Hayden go to Bed and Enzo goes to the bathroom.

2:45am – 4am Enzo and Matt are still talking about the reasons why Kathy could be the saboteur. Enzo says that it has to be her …she is always creeping …she goes to bed early ….she’s alone in the have-not room.   Enzo then starts to wonder if there is a saboteur at all.  Matt agrees he has been thinking that as well. Enzo says that he thinks the saboteur could be in the house to make the Brigade members fuck with each other.  Enzo says that he could give 2 shits about being the saboteur, and says that he started a Brigade.  Enzo says whoever the saboteur turns out to be, they aren’t getting his vote, Matt says they won’t get his either.  Enzo says that the Brigade has given Rachel life twice in this game. Enzo says it is a beautiful thing having Brendon and Rachel approach him and try to help him with his game! Matt tells Enzo that he over heard Britney and Lane talking by the pool. Matt says that Britney was telling Lane that there is no way there is a secret alliance in the house, all the alliances have been found out, and that it can’t be pulled off. Matt and Enzo say that their secret Brigade alliance has never been done before. They laugh. They talk about the Brigade alliance making history.  Matt says that there are so many crazy assholes in this house.  Matt says next season everyone is going to looking out for a secret alliance and they started it, there will never be another Brigade!  Matt says that he thinks Britney is dangerous after watching her win POVs. Enzo says that he is frustrated that he keeps losing to her.  Enzo says he can taste the HOH this week. Enzo then says that he really misses wife today.  Enzo says it was nice to see Jeff and Jordan today because they know what they are going through being in the house. Enzo says that Jordan came up and said meow, meow to him.  Enzo says that he can’t believe Jeff and Jordan know about the meow, meow!  Enzo says that he thinks one of the Brigade members will get the $25,000 Americas vote. Enzo says that he thinks Lane is a big contender for sure if he is in there.  Enzo says that they should go hide and catch the saboteur in the act.  Matt says that Britney told him about a past Big Brother season where one of the house guests hid in a large pot in the living room for hours waiting to eavesdrop on other house guests. Enzo laughs and says that he’s got to watch that season.

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Enzo and Matt look at the memory wall. Matt says that he can’t wait till all the faces are black and white.  Matt says that Ragan is so emotional, after Kristen walked out the door he told Matt he couldn’t watch Kristen’s picture turn black and white. They talk about how they can’t wait till the only color faces belong to the Brigade members, he says he wants a picture of that for his Facebook page.  Matt says that he thinks they will get another video from the saboteur tomorrow.  They talk about how they think Rachel and Brendon have overstayed their welcome in the Big Brother house.  Enzo says that having them in the house has helped the Brigade stay undetected.  Enzo says that Britney is a big target for him. Matt aggress and says that she is devious.   Enzo says that she has already taken two POV’s from him and that he is tired of it!  Matt heads up to the HOH room and Enzo goes to his bedroom. Matt lays on the HOH room floor and does sit-ups and watches the HOH spy screen to try and catch the saboteur in the act …. and then eventually goes to bed…
4am All the house guests are asleep….
8:50am The house guests are still sleeping..

9:40am Big Brother is letting the house guests sleep in this morning … They’re still sleeping.

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Is everyone sure that this isn’t the year with the high school cliques because it sures feel I’m watching high scool students.


Sorry,it sure feels like I’m watching high scool students.


I thought it was just me…..This season is like watching Glee without the music to listen to.


I’m loving Brit and Ragan rag on Rachel. I had been a Rachel fan the first few weeks and grew ill as I came to see her in all her disassociated states. Brit, by far, with Lane, have the true sense of humor in this crowd. Also the best perspectives.

Of course the Brigade’s secrecy is carrying the day and will likely carry them to, at the least, final 5. I got a kick out of watching Ragan switch from house counselor to house interventionist when he starting setting some boundaries with Rachel. No Rachel, Ragan isn’t going to jump at the chance to speak to you.

Rachel Leo’esque qualities combined with some weird money/lust connection (I’ll be kind), her youth and over inflated self-image reflect too many Americans today. Thanks Rachel for helping us be clear on what we don’t want to do or be.

Go Lane. I’d like to see you take all the money.

Ms Kewl

Wow! You wrote this very, very well & I feel the same way! Good job!


Love this post..Rachel, blech. Lane, YAY!


Lame sucks


If Brittney and Reagan feel so safe and relieved then what is the need for them to be so mean? I like them both and they can be pretty funny but some of the stuff they say is nasty and immature.


I totally agree with you! And Brittany talks all that crap and then is all buddy buddy to er face, Brittany makes me sick! Rachel is on my last nerve also, but I can not stand the ones who float thru the house and who ever is the HOH for the week is their best friend and then when the next week comes in is the next person! Brittany and Kathy are both very fake people!!




totally agree with you two. Eventhough Brit has won POV’s she is totally a floater. She wins POV then sits back and befriend’s everyone. I don’t think that’s her stragtegy, I think she is just two faced. I can’t wait until she see’s how big of a fool she’s being played for. At least Rachel knows everyone wants her out, and knows they don’t like her, Brit is so stupid talking to people and they want her out just as bad. Have you noticed how now they moved away from getting Brendan out to getting Brit out. She is stupid. She will be the next one out, or put it this way unless she wins POV she will be gone before, Brendan and Kathy.

Ms Kewl

I think Brit is covering her bases with jury house members by trying to avoid Rachel’s drama. Yes, she was fake when she bathed & drank with Rachel, but it’s a GAME & she’s got strategy. She may even be able to break up the Brigade – haven’t seen Lane/Enzo win anything yet. GO BRIT! Be 2-faced, kiss-assy – that’s part of the game!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at Enzo & Brendon…


Totally agree, we are not even in the house and getting all emotional about everyone. Its a GAME people…Also in my opinion the Brigade got lucky making the alliance like day 2 or 1 and end up all somewhat liking each other. It never happens that way on the past seasons people are always damn I cant stand these people in my alliance what was I thinking.


what part of the don’t know about the brigade do you not understand????? and she was using rachel just like rachel was using her after monet got out, and that is brittney’s game, just like it was rachel’s game to never play a “strategy game” only a “personal game”…and if brittney is a floater than so is brendon


cant agree more, plus we all know(as do they) that rachel is nuts….when you are around someone you know is nuts, its just best to avoid being like that to her…

they are pretty awful vile people to the core…they should be ashamed…they wont be famous…if I ever saw any of em..I would tell them how disgusting it was, and how I have turned off feeds for the day because every time I turn it on I hear constant disgusting STD jokes about B and R…its just unnecessary.

people were mad at russ saying that girls alliance in a diff way….these people are 24/7 bashing…no desire to think of down the line…or that next week is the perfect blindside on brit


Talking behind backs is part of the game and is probably necessary, but the level if what people say is wrong. If Brittney wanted to share what her and Rachel said in the bathtub that is one thing but to accuse her If having an std is just low. Girls know how much that stuff can hurt so why do it. This isn’t middle school anymore.


brendon is not street smart so chances are he won’t remember half the good shit rachel tells him about past comps…he better listen to her she knows what she talking about when talking about “guessing game/quiz” competitions, we all know she knows nothing about “game” in the house her 2 HOHs proved that. did she have 12 zits when she came in the house?? i think thats was the day she Went from Bubbly Rachel to Big Red RacHELL her face turned, it’ll go back to normal sometime after she watches the video and realize she did this to herself and cant blame anybody else. and what brit and regan are saying about them is hilariously devious don;t matter though this is BIG BROTHER everybody is allowed to be friends with someone to their face and talk shit about them behind their backs, otherwise this show would NOT be a SUCCESS…. BB12 is not going to get much better then it has been the last few days..



hes not street smart so he wont remember what she said about comps?


that would be more book smarts…as it requires a memory


gee Ragan I was starting to like you but with comments like thats you are just as bad as the rest.


Great capture of last night on BBAD… I wanted to smash zit face smirky face Rachel, I wanted to smack drunk he-thinks-he-is-wise Brendon… I will be upset if BB gave Rachel some sort of power because when she came out of that long DR session, she acted like she had won and has this “I know something you don’t know look” on her face…… The pair of them create great drama on BB and I think BB loves that so who knows what they might do to keep it going. My biggest annoying thing last night was hearing crude Enzo smack his lips and chew with his mouth open. And hearing Lane rattle his ice glass and chew the ice. The mics are dead sometimes when Rachel and Brendon are plotting, but they are alive and well on Enzo.

Uncle Cool

The producers, for sure, interfere by leaking information to certain guests.


Man, Rachel is packin on some weight. It’s a good thing she’s history this week. Pretty soon she’ll need a trough for each meal!!! Suuuu – weeeee!


That’s what I love about her and why she is going to be in the final 2! Britney has competed in beauty paegants – this is a cake walk for her.


While I hesitate to refer to a woman as a C***, Britney certainly does lack any class whatsoever. She is well-schooled in the art of backstabbing and phoniness which most likely is a direct result of her participation in beauty pageants. She definitely is a two-faced beeyotch.


Coco are you cookoo?


cookoo brittney used them to get revenge for monet she is not two-faced


which makes her a good player? it makes her just as bad as R and B…worse because she has no one in this game….Lane? the guy who likes her but shes engaged so it will never happen? sorry….if she was SINGLE, he might side with her over the brigade like hayden w/ kristen, but no….she will be tossed in as they ALL talked about at some point just like ragen


look here fella, britney may be two faced but she’s playing for half a million faces,


yep, sounds right




This is the most boring season ever what are the HG going to do when Rachel and Brendon are gone because all they do is talk trash about them. Yes Rachel causes drama but is is better than watching everyone lay around on couches and trash talk. I mean come on a grown man that calls himself meow meow really. After Thursday I will not be watching and I give a crap who wins this year, I know people lie in this game but Matt took the cake with his wife’s disease…really come on!


dude what would be exciting for you?? seeing some skank from vegas blow a guy? really? a grown ass woman who cant understand consequences?? a grown ass man who complains like some child in wal mart cause he cant have his way?? a grown ass man acting like some love drunk 13 yr old who acts like he is holier then thou?? sure there wont be as much drama but just enjoy some actual game play. if you wanna see r/b typa drama just ride thru vegas and catch some girl blowing her better than you boyfriend in the back alleys with her little brother pouting because he wants to go home.


exciting would be the house playing the game, not who can come up with the best joke on R and B…there is no one playing other than Matt…and that was long ago…brigade is boring….BORING


Personally I dont understand why people think it is gross to have sex on a womens period. If anyone had sex with a virgin, guess what……. THERE WAS BLOOD. Virgin Blood, Period blood its all blood. I am one of those women who pass huge clots when menstrating, and having sex during my period actually elevates alot of pain and helps the clots pass, not to mention i found that i am not as moody. My spouse never thinks it is nasty and is actually elated that there are never an “off limits time”. Of course you take precautions so that you dont mess up things, and a shower always follows (which offers another opportunity for fun :). I once asked my OBGYN if there was some dangerous complications and he said absolutely not. So all I am saying is dont knock it till you try it.


dude.. you can try to pass it off anyway yoiu like but its not the same, and please oh please dont tell me about your period. that shit needs to be kept to ones self


that’s just sick and wrong yo!


I was watching a show a few weeks ago that said that mens sperm has endorphines in it and when you have unprotected sex the endorphines are released into the womans body and make her feel good…not to mention your (her) own…or something to that effect! So when you are feeling bad during that time of the month it only makes sense to do it because it will make you feel better on many levels! I personally think during the heaviest time the shower is the best place to do it!


I am sure Kathy and Brit are mother and daughter has anyone noticed that big brother never ever show them side by side on camera and they never ever show them talking to each other with just them only and a group and seperately on the couch not next to each other


annie said that was a made up lie.

case closed.

if anyone knew each other it was andrew and brenden


i hope they make an -all-stars with all the evil BB guests incuding, jesse,evel dick, rachel,chima, russel, gnat, ect


watch them chew each other up… show rachel that “emotional evil” that she played in this game is useless


I just dont think she could handle it…they were up the entire game really….a few downs but….brenden warned her long ago not to be so mean, calling people out etc…

shes not an all star even on a villan season…she would need a therapist on site….

or brenden would need a pass to be in the house with her the entire time….seriously.


WOOOOW RAGAN , at first i thought he was cool .. but now he is worst than the other ..

and britney was kissing rachels ass last week now talking shit about her

well guess what Britney and ragan .. the brigade will take over and they will enjoy seeing u go home 1 after the other ..

ragan is probably 1 of the worst players in bb history with kathy .. they are useless


ha ok so everybody keeps saying brit was kissing ass. what was rachel doing when matt was HOH?? she CLEARLY said on te show that she doesnt care about rachel but she will be the most excited person, just like enzo, just like hayden, ragan is actually being real. imagine two delusional ppl in your face about how your not playing nice,wtf would you do?? bend over and kiss their precious feet?


“being real” means talking about rachel having STD’s and asking brit what she wore for protection in the bath tub? really?

classy, thats really being “real”…

Ragen stepped over that line a long time ago

the idiot lost 2 jury votes in a game ABOUT JURY VOTES NOT HIGH SCHOOL BS

btw how was home room the other day?


brenden and rachel are the best


Betcha mean girl Britt or ,mean guy Regan win America’s favorite player. I would have voted for Regan but he has turned into mean girl Monet with Britt. Maybe she brings out the worst in people.


I think thats BS, see Russ on survvior wasnt mean, he was just GOOD….2nd time out he got a bit mean but he did go back to back…I can see being ornary…

but these people arent cutting throats….they are just being brutally mean verbally…which includes making fun of them for WEEKS in front of their faces…its just….it shows their true colors…Not saying rachel is any better, Im saying rachel has mental issues and they should see that and not provoke that…

they also look like they want to kill themselves and that its so hard to be in there with them….that just pisses me off…want to trade places with the handicapped people sitting at home with serious disorders/conditions? you have a shot at 500k, shut the heck up, stop complaining, stop name calling, and PLAY THE GAME ALREADY


Matt says that Britney told him about a past Big Brother season where one of the house guests hid in a large pot in the living room for hours waiting to eavesdrop on other house guests. Enzo laughs

Is this true? And did he or she get caught?

Enzo does make some crazy sounds when he eats a lot of smacking
While Brat is eating with he mouth open and talking to Justin Bieber ( Hayden)
and Peanuthead (ragan) in the back yard.


it was bb7 allstar during the first week allision hid in the pot, i don’t recall her getting caught


see thats gameplay…its turned into a High School mob that picks on the two kids over and over and over that they dont like….

unfortunately for them that is not what we want to watch…they are supposed to be fighting each other for the money, planting seeds….not telling each other everything and laughing about vulgar std jokes…its disgusting…My mother would be so ashamed of me if I went on TV and acted like that

Uncle Cool

Ragan is telling everyone what they want to hear.

He is playing a great game.


wrong, if he had kept B and R happy, he would be playing a great game…


2 jury votes

these people fail to realize it may come down to B and R’s Vote at the end….and Enzo will get it from them…


Lying, manipulation, alliances, etc. are part of the game. I mean everybody’s trying to win. There’s nothing else for them to do, so they turn on each other. It really can’t be easy having to trust people you don’t know.
However, with each season we see more and more character assassinations. Now not everyone does this, but it’s getting to be so common. People are just plain mean to each other, and the foul language is beyond ridiculous. There are examples of this all through the posts as well as what we see/hear on TV. What we’re seeing is just a sad reflection of society in general.


cant agree more….its pretty scary, I wish a little decency and not going out of the way to hurt others was common…guess not…the things said in that house…worse than high school, just brutal


How long have you people been watching BB? I think backstabbing and lying is an integral (did I spell that right? LOL) Part of the game! How do you think you can get farther, by being forthright? I don’t think so. Britney is a riot at the least….I love her and Regan and also when she and lane get together. Rachel was nothing but egotistical because she was HOH…she plays dumb and her MAAAAN is even dumber!


I have watched all of the BB so far and yes backstabbing and lying are part of this game, but sitting around on your ass and saying nasty things about people is not game play it is just showing your true colors, Brit and Regan are nasty people who hopefully will be gone soon. B/R are dumb but they do not sit and talk about vagina’s and make personal attacks !! Brit and Regan disgust me and I can not wait until they get treated like the trash they are.


So I guess the bash session B/R are having right now in the hammock is all in our imaginations? Or yesterday when Brendon called all the other houseguest f-ing cockroaches and Rachel said Ragan is more of bitch than her, those dont count right? There just as guilty as the rest of them.


i agree with you lol. this is my first season of BB, but even i get that lying and backstabbing is part of the game. i bet half the people who bash on the HG’s lying, backstabbing, and talking about someone behind their back’s whould do the same thing if they were playing to win half a million dollars. it’s part of the game, just like the competitions are part of the game.


totally agree


agree with seriously? not you other emotional freaks


Boy George needs some botox in her lips so they stop flapping. My ears are having a period from all her bullshit.


botox can keep your mouth closed?? interesting thought they just made them huge


Rachel and Brendon just don’t get it. Their worst and fatal move was their first move – hooking up in a showmance as soon as the cameras started rolling. They are still there because of sheer luck and now their luck has run out. Added to the fatal first move is their attitude. Brendon is a know it all whiny poor sport. Rachel is a bully when she has power and she forgets how she treated others as soon as she doesn’t have power. She doesn’t understand that this week is no different than last week, breaking up a couple. Well, actually, it is different, because her move was purely personal and hormone driven She couldn’t stand the fact that Kristen also had a guy, and she would have to share camera time with them. She couldn’t stand that Kristen got along with the guys. She got jealous when Kristen talked to Brendon alone. Unlike Kristen and Hayden which as a dumb move, the only smart move this week is putting up Brendon and Rachel. It benefits all of them, even the non brigade sub alliances. And that brings me to the people that think the Brigade has done nothing. I used to think that too, but it is some achievement to not only come this far without the Brigade being outed, but they have all created and maintained their own personal sub alliances. I gotta hand it to them, they are ruling the house, and unless the sab makes a difference or production throws a huge curve ball at them, the brigade will have a minimum of 2 in the final 4 and that’s worst case scenario. That said, Brit is still my girl. She is hysterical. She is smart. And she can win competitions. She will probably be the next target once Brenchel are gone.


the only thing the brigade has done is keep quiet!!! thats it oh but matt has won a couple!


“3 HOHs, getting out 2 strong players, and the saboteur”……………….yes they have done nothing


exactly, and why are they saying the brigade has done nothing, if nothing means “winning 3 HOHs and putting out strong players” “annie while not physical she was a potential mental strong player and andrew you saw how well he did in endurance and now rachel”, yes they have done absolutely nothing… in reality it was Brenchel who have done nothing not 1 strategic move all personal moves putting out 2 weak players and panting a huge target on themselves by not being social after the 1st week and being very hypocritical everything that was dished to them they dished 1st an old and true saying “if you can dish it out, you better be able to take it”, and now that their not in power they wanna act like victims..PLEEEAAAAASEEEEEEEE


Britney is a scumbag!!!!

She would be the worst person to have as a friend, and I wouldn’t trust her ass as far as I can throw her…which wouldn’t be very far!

And to Chloe….

Rachel and Brendon’s worst move was not the showmance, but not allowing anyone in their small click. Rachel and Brendon was the 2 of the 3 strongest players in competition, had they made an alliance with two other people, they would have been unstoppable!


WRONG their worst move was playing a “personal” and not “strategic” game…


I’m glad you agree with me! Because if they didn’t play personal, they would have had a few people to form an alliance. 🙂

I’m sure you meant that? :rolleyeyes:


thats right….. thats why i never liked them you can’t play the way they did and not be a target the arrogance and threatening as well as isolating themselves 2nd week they did this to themselves


For the comments that Brit is playing a game and not being mean. Well I can understand being 2 faced if playing the game, but making fun of other people in the DR just shows how mean spirited of a person she is. One thing playing a game, it’s another when you know nobody can hear you and you still make fun of them in private.

Brit is not a nice person. Pretty shamefull now that she will forever be know as PLC. I wouldn’t have called her that, but if she can make fun of other people in the DR then she is fair game and we can call her names as well.

I guess that dosn’t make us any better than her eh?


well in my opinion the DR is used for alot of things, like to vent about the house to someone not in the house. of course they are only going to edit a few min here and there that are funny. When they spend and hour and a half in there do u think its all a bashfest. we will never know. they are not gonna show on tv the nice moments, get over people make fun of others all the time and you can go on the psychobable that they are showing what they hate about themselves blah blah blah. I would be completely bored in there its entertainment just deal……


Can’t wait for tonite


I pity Rachel. I think she has true mental problems. Her actions remind me of a friend who had a “borderline personality disorder”. It’s hard to watch her self destruction. My friend was very smart, but had the emotional stability of a two year old with huge mood swings, tantrums and self destructive behavior such as too much drinking. She would do anthing for attention and wanted the world to revolved around her. She was extremely obsessive and possessive of friends (Brittany’s now her new BFF and she doesn’t want Brittany with anyone but her) and lovers (“no one’s going to get between me and my man”). They are possessions to her. The more she feels left out, the more aggressive and confrontational she gets. She acts over confident but has low self esteem issues. I’ve seen that blank stare that looks like her gears just lock up when she is cornered and she cannot compute then she just comes out with some off-the-wall totally irrelevant statement.
She doesn’t get it and truly believes she has been “nothing but nice” and they are all against her. Brendon has such low self esteem that his head swells up because Rachel is so needy for him. People like Rachel have abandonment issues and she will be mean to Brendon to make him prove his love and he will stand for it because she needs him. They are the perfect couple and feed eachothers neediness and I can’t wait for them to go because it is so painful to watch. Then of course there are the other houseguests feeding the fuel by ignoring her or being nasty to her, which will bring her to emotional disaster and Brendon (night in armour) to the rescue. I think both of them have the potentional to be dangerous.


Excellent diagnosis Dr drama! They were made for each other. Plus Brendover always telling her what she is *really* like (nice, kind, etc) while completely ignoring evidence to the contrary. He will go to his grave trying to make her live up to his deluded image of her.




Rachel has major esteem problems, I agree. She pretends to be confident, but her need for attention, spotlight, and control show otherwise. Brandon is the one person whom I dislike the most on this show, I think. Next to Matt, of course. But Brendon is such a stupid immature asshole. He is dumb and inexperienced. He thinks he’s smart, which makes me laugh as I really think he is the single most stupid person on this year’s BB. He acts like he never had a girlfriend before and I wouldn’t be surprised if Rachel popped his cherry the other night. And that look in his eyes like he is surprised at all times. I just see an idiot. He is so clingy, I think I sense even Rachel seem tired of it at times. I think she’s going to dump his ass as soon as she gets back to Las Vegas.


I know what you mean about Brendon…he must be book smart to be able to get a phd but he is a social disaster and doesn’t get the game at all.


Oh the reason I said what I said, is for BB Nudes to show Brit with her camel toe and her with her legs wide open and you can tell she dosn’t shave, she could have prevented that, and she is just as skanky as Rachel.


Karma came a lot sooner than I expected for Brenchel-‘
The Golden Rule’- ” Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you”. “What goes around, comes around”.

She wants to emulate Evil-Dick.
Unfortunately for her Evil Dick strategies don’t work on BB12.
Evil Dick was able to rule the house, intimidate, and terrorize everyone because they were dumb, uneducated, greedy, as just as low class as him.

This time around, the house is made up of mostly educated, smart people. They are not perfect, and I don’t necessarily like all of them, but they are the smarter BB’s house guests ever.

Ironically,Brenchel who supposedly have degrees in Chemistry, and feel superior to everyone else are the real dumb pair.
I even doubt that Rachel has a degree in Chemistry.
Has anyone noticed that she never talks details about chemistry with Brendon? She is always evasive when he makes a comment, or even asks her a chemistry question point blank.

The house refuse to be her punching bag, and give her the attention she wants from the cameras. When she can not get that, she has sex on national TV. Anything-as long as the cameras are rolling.


I agree with you that BB12 hg’s are the most educated. Problem is they are the most boring except for Rachel who is not boring but really annoying. Brittainy is entertaining with her one-liners but is going over the top and the cameramen drive me insane. Just as something gets interesting or entertaining they switch to either someone sleeping or Brenchel smooching yuk yuk yuk…..


britney is a skank.
she all up on lane while she engage to her bf.
EWWW trashy hoess


None of the Brigade seems to remember the original 4 man alliance. Season 5 had the same thing, a pretty boy involved in a showmance with Diane, a goofy guy with an accident that was too likeable to win the whole thing, a strong man who helped them carry out the plan, and a loud mouth who thought he ran the team, but got backdoored in the end. If it goes down again, expect Hayden to win over Enzo based on gameplay! 4 horsemen would have killed the brigade


oops meant accent

BAB - formally BB

I like how Enzo states that the Brigade needs to start winning HOH’s. Um, after Thursday’s eviction, there will only be 7 house guest. 4 in the “Brigade”, Kathy (No chance of winning), Regan and Britney. I think the odds are pretty good. Oops, don’t forget about the double eviction – odds still good.

SN: Britney’s not the nicest person but she has some funny one-liners! 🙂


That sole image of Enzo sickens me.
I’ve never hated a BB house guest as much as I hate him.


i agree.
he is so gross.
trashy person


so did you see last night on bbad the bottom of the screen said that matt got a secret power fom the pandoras box………… not money


I saw that too….but usually we are in on things like that. Matt must have gotten more than a dollar.


Yeah the BBAD crawlers never update until after the CBS episode airs so I think it was just referring to his power of opening pandora’s box. Don’t think he got anything but the dollar.


So he did get a secret power…… that’s cool…to bad it was him that got it though


shes an awful person with no alliance

she thinks she has lane

she doesnt realize being single is a requirement to “havE” lane’s FULL support here

lane will side brigade

case closed, season obvious, final 4 brigade fight it out


final 5 kathy enzo lane matt hayden SET IN STONE


Lying, manipulation, alliances, etc. are part of the game and have been since the first season. What’s not needed is all the emotional crap. They are playing a game for 500K. They have all seen the game; they knew what went on in other seasons, they saw the laying and back stabbing, get over it and except it. Rachel is good for one thing only, Big Tits. Brit is two faced, but she is playing the game well and is funny. This season is boring, boring and then more boring! The guys are as dull as butter knives. Get some actions going? Play some games, do some comedy roll playing, get naked, DO SOMETHING.


Does anyone know what the story is about Kathy? Is she sick or something? She never does anything but lay around and you never she her in the hot tub with the others.


Any pics of any of the guys masturbating yet?


I can’t wait for Brenchel to be gone and watch the rest of the fish feed off each other. My favs are Hayden and Lane, with Lane at the top… so far. Meow Meow is a chicken and doesn’t win anything, Matt is a weasel . I loved Rachels description of him in his “onesies” with his hands down his pants all the time. She can be clever at times.
Britanny is just a catty little high-schooler and Ragan is the joiner. I think he’s scared to be the SAB and I’m waiting to see how creative he will get. OOPS I forgot about Kathy …but that sort of sums her up.


Enzo looks like a pedophile and a criminal in the picture above.
ewww he so nastyyy


Is this Brendon?????


I like this site better than the feeds or BB afterdark. I don’t have to spend hours of boredom wading through live feeds etc to pick up on a few moments of gameplay. The recaps are great. The live feed has four cameras and they are always in only one or two rooms. What a waste. I’m taking my 14.95 and donating it to this site.

Yae Dum Dum