Big Brother 12 Spoilage- A Evil Genius, Ogre and a Penguin ** Pandora’s Box Update **

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:23pm Kitchen Enzo, Brendon and Hayden Enzo is telling Brendon he has to go up and tell Brit that she is safe next week if he wins HOH. Hey can put her the BLANK up but for now she needs to feel safe. There some short side conversations about who got what prizes. they all are saying that Matt took them all. Brendon talking to Lane about how bad he wants Ragan and MAtt gone, she’s going up to HOH to tell her he’s not about revenge or isn’t taking the game personally.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:25pm Jumanjii Evil Genuis how are you going to get out of this one?

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:33pm Enzo gets his shoes and hates back but the rest of his clothes were lost in the POV.


6:10pm Bubble on the feeds

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:31pm Living Room Brit gut Pandora’s boz and opened it. Out Came bb10/11 Jessie. She was locked in the room with Jessie while the other houseguests had a BBQ. He made her work out and the entire time he would tell her how awesome he is and how pathetic she is. Brit: “He would answer my questions with Douchy comments”. She would tease Jessie by telling him that Lane is the strongest houseguest in BB history because he benches 300+. They all tell her that Jessie was probably given instructions to not talk about Game.

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245 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilage- A Evil Genius, Ogre and a Penguin ** Pandora’s Box Update **

  1. I really hope Britney puts Hayden up, because then the Brigade won’t be as strong, & then Brendon would have a better chance of winning this thing, so if Brendon goes up and talks to her, hes gonna mess it up for him .. :(

    1. Why would nominating hayden over matt makr the brigade less strong? Matt has ragan in his pocket, too! I don’t get what you are thinking, am I missing something?

      1. If she nominates Hayden, it will put 2 members of the Brigade on the block and Brendon & Lane would essentially further destroy the Brigade having to save one or the other of their buds. I think it would be in her best interest to put Hayden up but she won’t! She is dumb enough to believe Lane!

      2. because Haydens pretty much the leader of the brigade , it seems like hes been making all the decisions for them , and if he puts up hayden against enzo, which are the two strongest brigade members since lane is with britney , & matt is with ragen and britney, one of them going home would do a lt of damage to the brigade.

        1. I can’t stand Rachel, but I’m starting to respect Brendon’s game a lot. I already think Matt is the biggest competitor and best game-player of the group, so I’d rather see him win. I just respect people who actually win comps in BB, rather than sit around and let other people do their dirty work, or float by in an alliance because they know they’re safe *COUGH*EnzoHaydenLane*COUGH*.

    2. Well he’s going to be doing a lot of talking, because during the POV comp he agreed to be handcuffed to Brit for 24 hours. Enzo donated his clothes to charity. They really wanted that POV, but Brendan got it, so I dont think this POV comp was set up for anyone to win whoever wanted it bad enough had to risk a lot.

            1. After the POV is over they discuss it on the live feeds and those of us that purchase those can pretty much figure it out……does that help Morgan?

    3. I REALLY HOPE she stops COMPLAINING. i mean the girl complains about everything. She NEVER has anything good to say. i am just waiting for her to complain next about how unfair it is that the have nots got a bbq, and when she was a have not she got nothing.

    4. yes…..why doesn’t she put up Hayden…….at least she is smart enough to be thinking that “ya the guys are going to use her, then ditch her” it’s obvious, she’s the only female left. Her and Hayden aren’t close, so why not Hayden………what she needs to do is make a final 2 deal………they are all now pretty fair game, throwing each other under the bus anyway………don’t understand why she would team up with Lane, Enzo and Hayden?????

      1. That doesn’t make any sense to me either. Matt is the big threat as far as winning goes and his relationship with Ragan.

      2. because this weeek , if the two strongest brigade members are up against each other , one of them goes home and it would probabley fall apart. my best guess would say enzos staying, so he could team up with brendon , & the both of them together would be goood cause they could win a lot of the competitions cause their both built and stuff, & then britney and lane will have thei aliance and ragen and matt have theirs. so it would be better for brendon cause him and enzo would be the strongest competitors. and face it, without rachel, brendons been doing really good with all the competitions. and haydens the smartest one in the game, as far as i can see. hes doing a good job of staying out of the nominations, and hes basically running the brigade, which is the strongest part of the house, so even if hayden teamed up with brendon and enzo left, he’d still have a better chance of making it .

  2. Brenda and Enzo don’t like Ragan because he’s gay. And they don’t like Matt because he’s smarter than they are.

    1. That’s crazy. Neither one of them has said one thing about his sexual orientation. And Enzo did admit from day one Matt was a genious and has the brain of the group. I don’t know what you’ve been reading or watching, but youre wrong.

      1. No you are wrong. Enzo has been talking shit about ratable being gay. He also is the first to speak up about getting rid of Matt aka the brains.

        1. He never says or mentioned in a round about way he dislikes ragan for his sexual orientation. Rachel made a comment about gay people and ragan being gay, but she never said or hinted to not liking him because of it. And when did calling someone smart or brains wrong, he gave matt that name because of the brigade they all had nicknames. and matts was brain because he was the smartest of the brigade. He wants matt out because matt has been shady with the brigade and not being honest. which is true. matt would save ragan before he saves any of the brigade members.

      2. enzo has used the nickname brokeback referring to matt and his friendship with Ragan several times and if you don’t think that is a derogatory remark towards gay people then you’re an idiot. He might not be outwardly homophobic, but it’s pretty obvious what his opinion is.

  3. Yes Brendon!!! Britney is a nasty pale face h@e!
    I hope the B@tch goes home!! along with funny face midget Matt
    Ugly face weirdo Ragan!!

  4. Matt has to be the smartest dumb person that ever lived. He is a great competitor but his biggest flaw is that he wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wanted Brendon out and he wanted all the prizes. You cant have both IDIOT! Life doesnt work that way. Trust me Ive tried that crap thousands of times. He should have just taken the veto and been happy. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He had to take all the prizes and now he’s going to the JH with Kathy the Cougar and Ratress. EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!

    1. enzo and hayden are making it up about matt getting prizes, they are saying that because no one knows who got the prizes. they said “i bet matt took all the prizes” they don’t know….

      1. Haydon got either the Hawaii trip or the money. I’m guessing the trip. I doubt Matt got them both and its easy to put blame on Matt right now.

    2. No that’s what you call a COCKY ARROGANT person. He really thought he could rake up the prizes, and Brit, and Ragan would fight for the POV. That has been his fatal flaw the whole game. He seems to think he is some king on a throne, and he can get those two to do things for him, but at least when he leaves it won’t be with the 500,000, but about 5-10,000 in prizes.

    3. I bet Matt probably took a few of the prizes because he felt like even though Brendon won POV; Britney would still nominate Hayden. I hope she puts Matt up. He has acted so cocky this entire game and that lie with his wife was just ridiculous!!

    4. I don’t think Matt wants Brendon gone right now. He’d rather have Brendon/Britney/Ragan whittle down the brigade so he doesn’t have to get that blood on his hands. He knows he can’t trust the Brigade, so he probably wants 1 or more of them out, but he doesn’t want to have to be the one to do it. This could be an easy way to get Hayden gone next week, then the double eviction will probably knock out a non brigade, and then Matt will decide to leave the brigade the week after that and team up with Ragan.

      If Matt takes Ragan or Brit to final 2, it means Brit/Ragan won’t get a vote from Brendon or Rachel, and the brigade will prolly also vote for Matt. Matt is sitting pretty if he can just let Brendon entropy auto pilot for 2 weeks.

      1. I think you are watching a completely different show than the one we are talking about. Matt does not want the brigade gone, they are the ones that have turned on him. He had the chance to send one of them home with his DPOV. He put Kathy up instead to try and make the brigade come back and be loyal. He knew they were getting too close with Brendon and that they were in the process of screwing him (Matt) over.

        He said he was sending Kathy out the door so the brigade could pull back together and prove to him that they were loyal to him and not to Brendon. Unfortunately for Matt his plan backfired. Now the brigade is even more hell bent on getting him out. Britney has been listening to Lane too much and he is telling her that Hayden wants a final 3 with her, Lane and Hayden. That is why she is not going to put Hayden up.

        If you watch the feeds or read the blogs all this had been said and repeated over and over again.

  5. I hope Matt is gone. I think he is Brendon’s biggest competition in the house. Next Brittney cause she is the next biggest competitor then Ragan then take Enzo to the finale cause no one respects his game play.

    1. I agree it should be brendan and enzo in the final. Enzo may not have fought for anything, but he wasn’t coniving like Matt, Brit and Ragan, and he didn’t berate anyone as bad as those three did. He will more than likely win and Brendan will take 2nd.

      1. What did Matt say? Enzo has called Britney a whole lot of horrible names behind her back. Matt doesn’t say a whole lot.

  6. I have never been as frustrated with a season as much as this one. these idiots need to get lost. enzo, hayden and lane are pissing me off. they never win any shit and just talk a bunch of smack. Britney needs to put hayden up. somebody give her the msg through diary room or carrier pigeon. enzo needs to go and get lost somewhere. (i have a feeling she’ll put hayden up, she’s not a puppet like others)

    1. yeah hopefully she realizes that lane hasn’t promised her anything…. he wants her to do the work with no promise.

    2. Wonder if production will whisper in her ear like they did with Brendon? (Noms) It would definitely help with ratings to have Matt, Britney and Brendon battle it out, even if it was rigged. Team Matt! :)

    3. Britney will be putting Matt up, she will follow through with Lane’s wishes.
      If Matt would have won Britney would be doingwhat he wants her to do.
      Britney and Ragan are just Matt’s pawns in the game, it is best that he does go.
      With Matt gone Ragan and Britney will have no game left in them. Ragan will be crying all the time with his soulmate gone from the house, he will want to get back into Matt’s presents ASAP, while Britney will be consumed with anger towards the rest of the house and her only relief to this is to leave the house ASAP.

  7. Daja – I’m with you!! Hayden and Enzo have just floated by without really playing the game. Matt actually did things. I hope he, Ragan and Brit make it to final three.

    1. Oh no, Matt deserves to make it, not Ragan and Britney. I really don’t like Matt because of the lie he said about his wife, however, he is playing a pretty good game. I would really like to see Matt go, just to see what would happen in the house.

  8. i can hear rachel yelling all the way from the jury house to brit “no one comes btwn me and my man”. lol good times. brendon the underdog FTW!!!!

      1. That’s better than watching her boyfriend Brenda pick his nose and flick his boogers into the hot tub….then do the same thing in the bedroom! Ewwww! Watching him do that on BBAD last night was just gruesome! Ick!

    1. someone to show brit how arrogant she is. jesssie was a perfect pandora’s box for her. she seems to think the world revolves around her like jessie. And she had the nerve to say he’s not that ripped. Compared to who? certainly not Nick, because Nick doesn’t look ripped at all.

      1. Kathie – thank you so much… why didn’t you tell me yesterday before I ate a bucket of Mary Browns… Do you have Mary Browns where you live? -lots of love right back at yah

        1. Yuppers, Rockstar, we do have a Mary Brown’s in town. I live just east of Toronto, but I have to tell you it is absolutely horrible. We go to swiss Chalet for our ‘chicken fix’. Seriously, keep your chin up . I always enjoy reading both you and BBGrandma.

            1. Thank you, Kathie. I make pretty good cookies according to my grandkids. Anyway, Rockstar and I are working on our Vegas routine. We will be performing anywhere that Rachel isn’t. Well, I might if she can get me free drinks. Rockstar doesn’t drink. I am sure Rachel knows Jessie.

  9. It’s easy to hate people that have blood on their hands – that’s why so many people dislike Brendon or Britney or Matt. But to make it this far with blood on your hands – those are the people who are truly playing the game. Sorry Enzo and Hayden… Maybe even Ragan – but you all gotta go. I hope Britney opens her eyes to how badly Enzo and Hayden are trying to play her.

      1. Lane needs to play that little teaser. Britney acted like she wants to run with the boys. Want to be cool with all of them, but Hayden saw through her from day one. Britney will be gone next week. Don’t forget to take Ragan with you Britney.

  10. I kind of hope Brendon does go up and talk to her and tell her she’s safe. She’ll definately know he’s lying if he tells he doesn’t play personally and then hopefully she’ll realize if he says what the rest have been saying she’ll see they’re playing together and out goes the after putting Hayden or Lane up

    1. He told her He wouldn’t put her up or backdoor her, He didn’tttttttttt. I find it hard that poeple think he lies about everything, he did keep his word and in a important part of the game, rach wanted her out, he did what he thought was best and man-uped.

      1. he also gave his word to matt that he wouldn’t backdoor him and didn’t. so he gave his word to 2 seperate people knowing full well he would go back on it and would decide which one later. and rachael left him a note w/pretzels to put matt up. that is who she wanted out, not brit.

      2. That was his deal with her and all she said was ” If you don’t put me up, I won’t put you up.” Brendon Had a hand shake deal with Matt about not nominating or backdooring Matt and guess what? He Lied!! I realize this is Big Brother and lieing is part of the game but Brendon made deals with everyone except Ragan last week. He could only put up two and a replacement. I guess he did tell Britney the truth but he also lied to Matt and Britney knows it.

        1. They all have lied! What I am saying since he made a deal with her before, and honored it, which doesn’t happen to often this late into the game, that their is a good chance that he would keep it again. And Anyway, Matt is scrum; Brendan’s beef is more with Matt than anyone. He put them both up, and got out Rach. He gets put up and get off without having a vote. Because as I have been reading all afternoon on so many post, this show is ridged.

  11. i love jessieee :)
    ohhh i wouldnt mind working out…with him
    but we would be sweating for other reasons
    in a different kind of work out ;)

    brenden congradulations on winning you deserved it :D
    britney karma is a bitch and ma.tts gettng his

    1. I was just thinking that. Hoping someway Jessie told her how they’re lying about Matt. I’m thinking production is maybe trying to steer a Matt and Brendon final 2 so they gave her something that would protect her and Matt this and next week. That would actually be awesome even I though I’m not a Brendon fan it would make for great tv the rest of season

  12. Does Brit ever have anything nice to say about a person? She must really be miserable with herself, or someone has allowed her to think the world revolves around her. She called Jessie gross as if she has known him a long time. What fariy tell world does she live in. This is why she won’t win, who wants to stay in a house with a spoiled brat that never has anything good to say about someone, especially when you want and need people to vote for you. Who would vote for a person like that I don’t care how many comps she wins. Her personality SUCKS to be a young female.

    1. you sound like my husband are you a man???? everyone talks bad about everyone, you tell me one person you think who doesn’t critize other people!! i love her zings, she reminds me of me and my girlfriends. i am not a spoiled brat, rich or mean to people. but i like to sit around with my girls and speak my mind, when people drive me crazy. that is all she is doing.

  13. I doubt what britney is saying is real.
    Im sure britney has a power. Julie said that this
    was the most important HOH yet. Last time she said that
    Matt receive the DVOP!

  14. Please Brit, don’t listen to lane!!!!! Stick with Matt and ragan. They actually like you where everyone else wants to use you. And lane just wants to sleep with you.

    1. They all use each other to win Big Brother.
      If Brit can’t see what is going on, that is that.
      She will probably do what she wants to anyways.
      But, Lane will have the biggest influence on her.

  15. i just feel that enzo will go, because of the costumes curse
    remember anyone??
    the person who wears a costume is al ways evicted aka. Lydia and the captain unitard, Casey and the banana suit, Kristen and the hippietard, and now enzo and the penguin suit

    1. You’re right! Hmmm interesting if that actually happens….and dayum Enzo SHOULD have shaved his head his pathetic Rogaine addicted plugs are so wispy it’s not even funny….ATTENTION BALDING GUYS! When you look like that… go ahead – man up and shave it off…Bald is beautiful and WAY hotter and more attractive than a combover or wispy fringes.

  16. Ok BB is pissing me off. The whole pandoras box is set up. So when Matt opened PB he got to see that it was the DPOV b4 he opened it. Then when Brendan opened his PB he got to see that it was a getaway. Now Brittney gets a PB and we know that they didn’t show jesse or she would never have opened it. This show is so stupid. Every PB has been DUMB. They just happen to have all guys there and had hoola girls. This show is so rigged. Hopefully they won’t ruin next years like they did this years by rigging everything

      1. I think that it is rigged so that whoever wins HOH it is set up for that person and whoever wins HOH that is how Pandora’s box works make sense Brendon wins it was the rachel thing if someone else won then it would be different. But if CBS whould tell us ahead of time about Pandoras box and what would be behind it then it wouldn’t be rigged. ??

        1. This is why I said the other day that they should post specific dates and details of each Pandora’s Box on the CBS website during the first week of the season, so we – the fans – knew it is pre-arranged and not made up on the go depending on who BB wants to win that week..

    1. They probably showed her the BBQ or perhaps she gets something else, a power maybe? So if you are talking about being rigged, maybe they rigged that she gets something while Brendon didn’t. We will see tomorrow or Wednesday what she really got. Just like how Matt got a $1. You think Brit would tell everyone what she got?

      1. Maybe she gets to play in the next HOH comp and not sit it out. Pretty good prize because it is a double eviction. Jessie was there to get her in shape for it.

      2. Why do you think she got anything good? The deal with PB is someone gets a good thing and the other gets a bad thing. Before you open PB they tell you the risk. The house got the feast and she had to work out with Jessie. Done. Period.

  17. Jessie came back during Pandora’s box. I wish they would have locked brit in PB with Chima and brought in “THE NICK” so he and lane could fight each other in the backyard. NOW THATS DRAMA.

  18. if brit opened pandora’s box then what was the bad that the house got? First it was the saboteur then Rachel. Did anything happen to the house this time? The Jessie angle can’t be it unless he came into the house itself and not just to Britney

      1. Maybe she had to choose between going to the BBQ (the good) or opening Pandora’s box (Jesse – not so good). Probably hoped she would get the coup d’etat or some special power that would override Brendon’s POV. Sucks to be Brit.

  19. Matts Gross,I really like that its looking like he will go this week the whole shiiit with lying about his wife and 3 year age difference,no loss!

  20. i am so upset!!! does bb just not like britney, she has made the show funny! they are punishing her with jessie and then she has to be hand cuffed with brendon…. why does bb keep bringing back jessie, i hate that guy!

    1. Jessie’s Homoerotic Scandal Photos and hinting of a starring role in gay porn were quite the news – i’m surprised with that he’d go back on TV -not that there’s anything wrong with that…Heck, porn is porn….but really, denial – it’s not just a river in Egypt!

  21. JESSIE…(rolling eyes smh) just make him a permanent fixture in the house like a useless talking lamp… 3peat!!!!!! Really??????? Jessie is one of those guys you tell to shut up and just let me admire you from your neck down. Well in Jessie case from his neck to his waist, Not much to see below his waist (according to Lydia) Haha.

  22. I like Jessie. He was cocky yes, but I never seen him do anything bad. What did he do for people to hate him? Is it jealousy?

  23. Hmmmm… Telling the Jesse story no bubbles. Yo!
    Wonder who it really was. Wonder what advice she received?
    Guess we’ll know Wed. My guess her mom?
    Yo! Grenade…

  24. If Matt really is a genius he will tell her that lane Hayden and Enzo have a final 3 agreement with each other and that Enzo can’t help her cause he can’t win anything and of she keeps Matt then Brendan will still have Matt and Regan as the main targets of Brendan. Then I would say to remember how Hayden and Enzo were the 2 people up in the hoh with Brendon when we were HNs and that those 2 have teamed up with Brendan. I would also say to remember the things you see people do when your at home watching the show. You need to take yourself out of the game and look at what is really going on. But these people never do say the right things. Matt will probably walk up there all cocky and relaxed and say what are u thinking? And then he will say do what you feel is right.

    1. I think she will talk to Ragan about the plan to backdoor Matt to figure out if he is on board. Ragan will run like a bullet to Matt. Then stand back and watch the house erupt. I have no doubt that Matt will easily manipulate Brit to make sure the plan doesn’t happen. Just my opinion.

    1. I agree he probably isn’t doing much with his life. If I remember correct, he said he was getting into wrestling at the start of last years show.

  25. oh my lord , where the shit did brendons hair go .. and lmao if britney puts up matt , it’s gonna be bitter sweet for her.. cause she got out the strongest player in the game and yet she getting blind sided by EVERYONE in the house , cause there all (exept ragan) gunning for her next week
    there’s really absolutly no point of me watching anymore once matt and britney , cause it’s obvious that a floater is gonna win the game
    i’d rather see ragan or brendon win the game than enzo , hayden , or lane

    1. Yup Brendon won 3 POV and 1 HOH, Britney won 3 POV 1 HOH and Matt 2 HOH. Ragan 1 POV, Hayden was giving 1 HOH, Enzo and Lane nothing. Good Final 3 Brendon, Britney, and Matt

  26. Can’t hear what is going on, wife here, but gawd, matt with his hand down his shorts and Regan looking like he is going to bawl again.

  27. cbs: bg stands for bs and possibly low ratings. so can you get rid of the three zombies who bring nothing to the table besides their flesh-eating cringe worthy statements? pretty please?

  28. I think when Brit opened pandora’s box it released something good on the house BBQ everyone got to eat and Brit as something bad got locked in with Jesse

  29. Lane is double-crossing Brit. He’s going to screw her over. She needs to put him up in Brendon’s place (but she won’t).

    1. I dont think Lane is double crossing her. But I do think the Brigade minus Matt is holding her hostage. She sees that if she doesnt work with e/h/l that they will continue to throw comps, Brendon will win, and she will go home. She HAS to do what they want so she can stay in the game.Thats why she is putting Matt up.

  30. I like Lane’s personality. He tells funny jokes and makes me laugh. I’ll vote for him as Americas player if he isn’t in the final 2.

  31. Locks of Love only takes hair at least 10 inches long. I have donated once and am about to donate again. I doubt there is anything on Brendon that long.

  32. I really don’t get the “Genius” tag on Matt. “Evil” yes, not “Genius”. Two endurance wins, lucking into the DPOV, and getting Rachel (whom every hg ‘cept Brendon wanted out), Andrew (unintentionally), and Kathy booted out makes him a genius?? Lucky, maybe, but not a genius.

  33. Matt should bring in Brendan, Brit into the HOH room and out the Brigade. Then make a final3 deal with them. Matt goes up anyway, Hayden & Lane vote to evict Matt and Brendan & Ragan vote to evict Enzo. Britney breaks the tie and sends ENZO out.

    Team Gremlin!

      1. IRONICLY, what ever happens, they will need Brendon for their vote. I don’t see Brendon working with Brith or Ragen or Matt, but then again, this is a game.

        Brendon kept telling Brit he controls the votes in the Jury house. Well if he isn’t there and he is in the final 2, he better make shure he gets those votes he isn’t controlling.

        As Russel (survivor Russel) found out twice, getting to the finals dosn’t mean winning. You better make shure who you put in the Jury House will vote for you.

        That is why I found it so funny when Brit was crying saying she has no votes to win. Why put up Brendon if you have no votes to win? Shouldn’t you be making decions on to win instead of getting someone out you hate?

    1. hey ya…….that idea could work……..she needs to think for herself and stop worrying about what everyone else wants her to do

  34. Seems like some of you want Britney to see that Lane is playing her. I’m here to tell you: It’s not going to happen. Britney won’t see a thing. Reason being, I believe Britney has feelings for Lane. That might be her “boo”. We don’t know.

    1. Well, weren’t you trying to send that message last night? I tried but some how Brendon must have been in my line of telepathic vibes. However, according to Excitiment, Hayden’s hairline is receding and he might not have grown it back for a long time!

      1. Grandma got Brendon on the brain. You like him, admit it, he’s your lover. hahaha My little cousin said that to me earlier.. I don’t think she knew what a lover was but it was too cute.

  35. lol…poor Brit..Matt opens Pandora’s box and gets the DPOV. The snot-flicking Ogre opens it and gets a relaxing 24 hours away in a gorgeous home, all to himself. lol…Brit opens it…and she gets Jessie…the BIGGEST douche in all BB history lol. I hope she doesn’t put up Matt and instead sets her sights on Hayden. AND my biggest dream is for Enzo to get kicked out this week. He’s so threatened by Matty.

    1. When it comes to Ragan, there is nothing cute about him. He threw it all away during his confrontations with Brendon and later with Rachel in the back yard. What a shame! A professor and a joke.

  36. PB works that if the HOH gets something good then the house gets something bad and if the hoh gets something bad then the house gets something good. Remember last season that gay kid who was so boring that I can’t remember his name got locked in the room while everyone else got to get cash. So Brittney got something bad. She doesn’t get a good and a bad so she doesn’t get a power or to play in the hoh

  37. Go Brednan!! He totally deserves to be in the final two…
    Britney is a spoilt brat…she’s grt at lying, crying n sucking up to anyone that has power shamelessly. Yes, it’s the nature if the game but she’s not done anything with dignity. I’m so over her n Matt. Ideal scenerio in my book will be Matt going this week {which he deserves for being a cocky bastard n lying abt his wife}…Britney right after him for being a dumb shitbrain n see the rest of the Brigade crumble hence giving us sm drama!!

  38. locks of love will take hair of any length…they can only use the hair that is 10 inches long, but can sell teh shorter hair to other companies and keep the money they get for it….i have donated my daughters and my neices before…just sayin…

  39. BRITNEY!!!! Send enzo home. lane’s loyalty stays with team zombie.
    why can’t matt just go talk to brit. his ego is so huge.

  40. What bothers me about the PB is that Matt and Brendon knew exactly what they were getting b4 they opened it. Brittney wasn’t told that it was Jesse who would be the houseguest. If BB knew how to run a show they would make it where they don’t tell them what it is before they open it at all.

    1. How do you know Brit didn’t know what she was going to do? Did you see this? Remember just like Matt, she can lie what she got or saw. Brendon was the only one to tell the truth.

      We will see Sunday or more likely Wednesday how she played the PB.

  41. The reason why Brittney won’t see lane is playing her is because BB puts weak minded people in the house who say they know this game inside and out but when they play it they fall for someone bullshit. If I was Nick I would dump her ass and tell her to take that wandering eye and go hang out withe lane because she let a strang guy sucker her into doing what she knows is not the right decision

    1. i guess that would mean keesha from bb10 was weak? diane from bb5 was weak? janelle from bb7 was weak to not see past Dr.will’s charm? they were all strong women who had more integrity than the guys playing the game. it’s very simple, guys tend to be more ruthless and cutthroat in the game of BB.

    2. From what I have been seeing in the live feeds, when Brit and Lane are alone and nobody is around, they act like platonic friends. They could have gotten more cozier and smooched or wispered an “I love you” but they don’t.
      It’s BB production editing that looks like a showmance between Brit and Lane. I just don’t see it. Has anyone else, since I could have missed it.

      1. yea i agree. they are very much like Dan and keesha from bb10. britney genuinely cares about lane as a friend. their relationship is harmless and funny.

  42. Brendan cried last night and Is the dullest person in BB history atleast Brit has a reason for her crying. She a girl and they have more emotions. Brendan is just a loser. Why doesn’t Brit deserve to be there she has won exactly the sane amount of things as Brendan

  43. does anyone deserve the money besides Ragan? Everyone else seems to have money to burn. Enzo had 2k worth of clothes? Did he old tshirt have golden threads? Hayden has 500 dollar snow boards. This is his 4th. What?

    1. Because my Balloon Boy probably lost the other 3 boards. I hope he is wearing a helmet when he goes snow boarding. Oh, of course he is, that explains his helmet hair!

    2. You deserve the money rockstar, you are loyal and clever and lost your job. They need a new category, favorite posting guest. (I still have a problem with your liking Gnat, though that’s in the past!)

      1. thanks electra, my job is a major sore spot for me right now… I want to shake 2 women and flip out but I have to remain cool because even if I don’t get it back, I’m hoping the 2 women who ganged up on me get reprimanded because I know I’m in the right on this one.. the worst part of it all is that this was a job that allowed me to spend tons of time home with my dad and brother and not have to spend extra money on home care because dad’s meds are so expensive. the chicken is helping.. haha

  44. Did I say they were ALL weak. First of all those were better seasons this one sucks 2nd you said what I was trying to say. BB needs to put More stronger women in here. Not just one like this year with Rachel. Make them all strong women so this way people will make decisions on there own. Here is a girl (brit) who is engaged and she’s listening to a guy she just met like he’s her fiancé. If she was like Janelle she would say to lane. No I have to do what’s best for me and she would put Hayden up.

  45. Brit said she did not know who the house guest was. She thought Janelle or dick so she wasn’t shown or told exactly what she was getting the way Brendan and Matt were

  46. You know I have been reading this blog .. and the comments here for couple years now .. not one to make comments myself because so many here ..well they say it better . . but truly , during this weird and gooofy season ..there has been only one person that interested me .. it was annie LOL .. the rest ….. well we shall see how this all plays out .

    1. This deserves more attention. People on the Internet shit all over Annie week one, but hey, guess who Annie was fighting against? Who was she calling nutso? Rachel. To be fair, Rachel was pretty calm and normal week one, but Annie definitely called it. I also wish Annie had stayed around for a few more weeks. Thanks for bringing this up again, polar92

  47. How dumb is cross-eyed Britney for putting Brendon up? Brendon has a history of winning POVs and HOH, he is a power player and the only one in the house who wasn’t after Britney…at least not yet anyways. That foul-mouth biatch needs to go! Along with whiney ass Ragan and Matt, just because I hate Matt…that cocky mensa shrimp! He thinks he’s so smart when puppeteer Enzo was riding on his shoulders to safety the whole time! can’t undersestimate cross-eyed Brit, she is the last women standing, and a power player, I’m pretty sure she’ll put Hayden up, she can’t be that dumb. And Hayden deserves to leave for turning the whole house on Brendon and Rachel’s shomance and then started one of his own with Kristen. That hypocrite, he sure turn on his biatch when they were put up, shows the type of person Hayden is! And Kristen got what she deserves for acting like a snotty biatch at Rachel. Who the hell does Kristen think she is, doesn’t she know that Rachel is a heavenly muse that inspire undevotional love from the superman we know as Brendon? I mean c’mon!!! Rachel should have won, that woman knew how to have fun, she rocked that house!!! Now I can only hope that Brendon wins so he can share it with his soulmate Rachel!

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