*Updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt has a feeling something is up “I hate being a professional replacement nominee”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


7:09pm HOH Hayden and Brit Hayden asks her which past houseguest would did she want. Brit was hoping for Evil dick or maybe Dr Will, but she can understand that they would pick someone from last year. HAyden says that the one person he remembers the most is Jessie. Brit is worried that Matt is going to be all over her tonight, Brit is just going to tell him her 2 options are MAtt and HAyden. Brit: “when it comes down to it i’m not telling him he’s not going when he is” Brit really hopes Matt and Ragan won’t come up here, She thinks Ragan is blinded by Matt. They both agree that Matt has Ragan wrapped around hi little finger. Hayden adds that whatever Matt does Ragan will buy it. Hayden says that during Matt’s time on the block Ragan was campaigning for MAtt big time. Hayden says that Ragan was trying to offer enzo and hayden a final 4 deal. Hayden: “I don’t know where that leaves you and Lane…” Brit: “In the jury house”. Brit: “I really do like Ragan but theres no way around that”. Hayden: “well you have to make a big move in this game”. Brit says if Matt’s leaves then Ragan’s closest to her, he can’t get too mad because he won’t have anyone. Brit has brought her emotions into this game she’s not like a robot or evil dick.

lane joins them and the talk shifts to the DR trying to get them to say BLANK about NICK. Brit demands they tell her what they are saying, Of course they tell her they can’t talk about their DR. (brit eats up all there flirty BLANK). Talk moves to snowboarding… wow.. Brendon and Matt join them and they all start talking about skiing winter sports in general.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:40pm During the riveting extreme sports conversation in the DR you can see MAtt with his hand jammed right down his pants also the Ogre picking his nose so much he cannot talk (which isn’t bad so keep picking Brendon)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:18pm cabana Room Ragan and Matt Matt tells Ragan that he’s getting a weird vibe he’s sure that she’s thinking about putting him up. Matt says it doesn’t make any sense but she’s been up there with Lane, Enzo and HAyden all day. Ragan: “whoever goes up besides Enzo will be going home” Matt: “I hate being a professional replacement nomination”. Theres a big feeling of hopelessness int eh Cabana room right now. Ragan: “I just makes so much more sense to her to keep us her friends through most of the game” Matt: “It does”. Ragan has figured that they told her they are good with Brendon and he won’t put her up next week and they probably promised her that they will stab Brendon in the back and take her to final 4. Matt is worried that Brendon is getting the cuffs on right now and Brtit will be attached to him for the next 24 hours. Ragan points out that they still have one night to talk to Brit. Matt is pretty sure that Brit is throughly brainwashed. Matt wonders that maybe Ragan can work on Lane and he’ll work on Brit. Ragan says that will mean he throws Hayden under the bus, Matt agrees it’s not a good idea. They got over the competition and how fishy it was, almost like Production wanted enzo to get the penguin suit. Matt and Ragan are positive that there is no legitimacy in Big Brother they believe that production is building a story and they will do whatever it takes to perpetuate that story… Feeds cut

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:45pm cabana room Ragan Ragan: “Even when my friends win HOH i still have to fight.. how am I going to move forward in this game…she puts me up or matt we’re gone there no question”…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:21pm HOH Matt and Hayden Hayden is trying to pretend that he worried he’s going up. HAyden and MAtt count the votes, Matt tells him he has his vote, Ragan and Lanes. Hayden is sure Enzo has Brendon’s vote. Matt tells him he’ll probably go up so Hayden shouldn’t worry. Hayden acts surprise. They start talking about the POV comp and how fishy it was. Hayden mentions that Enzo said he delayed before hitting the penguin suit option, Matt adds that he was hitting the button for penguin suit before the question was even finished. They go over how convenient the comp was for Brendon and come to the conclusion that something ain’t right. Hayden: “Nothing is a guarantee in this house man” Matt: “yeah nothing is… BLANK i have a bad feeling about this”. Matt asks him how did this happen why is he getting put up again.. hayden: “They need drama in this house man.. thats what it comes down to”. MAtt asks Hayden if theres a chance they can get Brendon to talk Brit in putting up Ragan. hayden says he’ll try it’s all they can do at this point. Hayden tells him that Brendon doesn’t care who goes up either Matt or Ragan. matt says they should talk to him before the cuffs go on.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:51pm Cabana Room Matt and Ragan Ragan: “why are we feeling this way when our friend wins HOH”. Matt says the thing that gets him is she won’t even talk to him. Ragan: “How could they get inside her head so fast?” ragan is shocked that Brit his friend int he house for a very long time is turning on them so quickly. Matt brings up how Brendon walked up to HOH and was very comfortable talking to everyone.. he doesn’t know if its just him being super sensitive but he’s thinking the rest of the house is closer to brendon then he thought. Matt goes over Enzo not hitting the Peguin costume button and how both him and Hayden are suspicious of th integrity of the comp. Ragan: “What is the point of playing this game?” Matt: “we’re not playing it we’re being played.. puppets” … Feeds cut..
Matt: ” I know what I did during that POV and I don’t care if anyone else doesn’t believe me but what I did should of garnished me at least one of those punishments if not all of them” Ragan: “I’m done with this.. I feel like i’m just a cog in the machine”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:13pm The handcuffs are one. Matt asks them about the chum bath and Brit says she has to wake up every hour with Brendon and go with him for his CHUM bath.

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250 thoughts on “*Updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt has a feeling something is up “I hate being a professional replacement nominee”

  1. BBGrandma, did you see my 2 notes to you about what is under balloon boy’s helmut? BBAD, wet hair, very receding hairline!!!

    1. Oh, Electra, it was you who said Hayden hair was receding. Sorry, I said Excitiment. I missed that last night, him with his hair wet.

      1. Maybe I was dreaming, but I sat up in bed and thought THAT’s why he always has a scarf or hair pulled forward. He looked like a much older, handsome and refined MAN rather than a ski bum. He’s probably sensitive about it because he’s so young — then again, maybe it was the lighting that made it seem so. Something to watch for that would explain the helmut head though. I’ve always liked Hayden, still pulling for Matt, Ragan & Brit though. NOT Brendon, Enzo or Lane any longer.

        1. Electra, I see tonight that Hayden shouldn’t part his hair on the right side. It is a deep part. But, he does look better with the hair out of his eyes.

    2. “Matt and Ragan are positive that there is no legitimacy in Big Brother they believe that production is building a story and they will do whatever it takes to perpetuate that story… Feeds cut”

    1. It is so good to see her smiling being handcuffed to brendan. I think she will soon realize that she is not on brendan’s immediate list of target? Shes only third on the list, which gives her time to out him befor ehe outs her.

  2. Matt needs to out the Brigade….SOON!! I think Brit will be pissed when she finds out! Hopefully it will change her mind and she will put Hayden up!!! I am so sick of Enzo controlling everything but not winning ANYTHING!!! He needs to go!! Matt deserves to be there!! Plus, HELLO!! he is her friend, Hayden and Enzo are NOT!! I am very disappointed in Brit!!

    1. mollyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to stupid to know she will be mad at him to. plus her man lane is washing her head if she has anything in there

    2. Agreed I think that if Matt out the brigade it would change her mind and she would put Hayden up…Because she will realize she will have no chance if they(Enzo and Hayden) stay in the game…I also think that if Enzo leaves their really isn’t know one in Haydens ear and he can play for himself…But right now Enzo has the whole house wrapped around his finger and no one see it….Smdh they should have listened to Kristen the only smart to figure the “Brigade” out

    3. you and me both. I thought she was smarter than this. If I was Matt I would out the brigade and explain to her that Matt has shown her loyalty through his actions of getting Rachel out and not putting up Brit after using the DPOV when people like enzo were talking about wanting her out bad this week. He stayed true to her instead of the brigade. I would just say they’ll tell you what you want to hear but have yet to show you any loyalty, but I show you what you want to see. I trumped Brendon’s HOH and put out his ally and not you. If he does go up my only words to her after putting me up would be see you next week in the jury house

    4. Then they deny it say he is trying to break lane and brit up. I think outing the brigade before nominations would place him on the block, as well if he survives it would cost him the brigades vote. So that is the last thing he should do.

      1. They can deny the brigade, but he can explain all of the times they “secretly” talk about “the BG” (the brigade). I think if he explains everything, Brit will see his not lying. Yes, she is going to be mad at everyone, including Matt. BUT, if Matt is the one who tells her PLUS all of the work Matt has done to get out the bad players, she may change her mind.

      1. Either way matt is going home next week, because even he doesn’t go up there’s a double eviction brit can’t play in the first hoh. only matt and brendan will proably win hoh if matt is still there. who will matt put up against brendan if he wins hoh Bren and brit whichever one doesn’t go home will play in the next hoh and one of them will win putting up matt and ragan and matt still goes home. so why not get it over with and send him home first.

    5. But Matt himself is part of the Brigade. What will that accomplish? All it will do is show everybody that he was working with the other three guys from day 1 and that the only reason he is doing it is because his ass is on the line. Ragan will be pissed, and so will Britney, because they will feel like Matt’s been playing THEM the entire time. But it would sure cause some kind of blowout.

      1. Exactly the only way that will work is if he tells ragan before he outs the brigade, because everyone will be gunning fo rhim for sure if he tells, and take the target off brendans back. so he should keep quiet, but he won’t because if he goes up he will start singin like a canary, and look like a bigger fool than andrew, who will believe him? Enzo and lane and hayden are still three strong. brit is with lane, brendan is with enzo and hayden. that leaves ragan, so what will matt benefit from outting them. Those three especially enzo will make him look like a liar and a fool, and once enzo gets brendan started he will really look like an Asshole, so he sould keep his lips ZIP.

      2. goofy your right. As Matt for going and telling her about the brigade, go ahead, he was part of it. Plus the fact is he had an alliance with Rach/Brend, The Brigade, Regan ,and Regan and Britt. Let all this come out and it will blow up in his face, hey wait, Matt go for it. Yes he’s played, he’s played and punked everyone, so he gets what he deserves. All the guys have to say is well “Matt, Regan and you are in a side alliance”, we where just trying to stay alive. She doesn’t take Matt out now which is a great time, He may win HOH next week, and she’s long gone in the next week anyway, he what to win, not be her friend. it is No brainier.

    6. Me too, the fact that she is buying all of the Brigade’s crap is really disappointing. I was hoping she’d use this HOH to strengthen her position in the house, not destroy it.

    7. You are so wrong. who or what does enzo control? Matt is the one who gets people to talk on his behalf as if he doesn’t have a mouth. He talks Ragan into talking to people to save him last week when he knew he had the dpov. How dirty and low was that. He is trying to get ragan to talk to lane and brit for him and now he wants hayden to talk for him, who is more controlling than he is. Enzo voices his opinion and speaks for himself on his opinin and thoughts, but not matt. now he’s ready to through ragan under the bus to save his own skin. He says he doesn’t like being put up as a professional pawn, not he doesn’t want to go up because he knows he will be gone he doesn’t care if ragan goes up because he knows hayden and brendan and lane would never vote to keep ragan in the game. He’s the most coniving player bb has this year.

    8. No matt needs to realize while he was playing ragan and brit he was being played. He should have just stuck with the brigade, but no he had to get a side alliance with ragan and when he won hoh the last time he spent more time with ragan than the brigade. He is getting just what he deserves. He asked enzo and hayden to get into brendan head when brendan was hoh and it backfired. he and ragan thought brendan wasnt going ot be any good when rachel left. Again like ragan said so perfectly well KARMA.

    9. i think, deep down inside; brit wants to put hayden up. but if she does, she’s gonna piss off more ppl as opposed to putting up matt. if she wants to play strategically and stay longer in the game, she knows better to NOT put hayden up. just saying lol

    10. matt says he has a feeling is he sure his feeling is not his hands in his pants, because he’s always touching himself.

  3. what happened ragan? your little friendship alliance was destroyed by their own members. at least you can dream about thursday when the pdov was rigged for matt and brit won pov with your little final 6 parade while brendon was in the DR. i hope matt and brit leaves durind DE so ragone will just be an emotional wreck and give up

    1. Just a quick question here. Enzo says Matt was the saboteur and the others agree. That’s the reason they are using to dump Matt. Would Ragan be allowed to tell the HGs that it wasn’t Matt but him as a means of squashing that rumor in an attempt to save his bed buddy?

    2. I know if any of them had any sense they would have befriended Rachel, instead of Brittany. No ragan trashed rachel calling her all kinds of names and thought she couldn’t be trusted, but rachel was far more loyal then brittany. brit talks about everyone in that house excepts lane. she throws everyone under the bus excepts lane. Rachel NEVER dogged anyone like that except kristen. But again like ragan said to rachel KARMA. he should learn to listen to himself sometimes and not just talk to be heard by others. maybe he could and would learn a lesson or two.

      1. Rachel was not capable of having any friends in the house. She had Brendon, and that’s all she wanted. When she was close with people (Ragan, Kristen) she would immediately lash out at them for the stupidest things and became intolerable. I bet she is like that in real life, she probably has very few “real” friends, they are probably just go-out girls, not true friends.

  4. Just the Tip:
    Careful how high you climb, it’s a nasty fall to the bottom. Nice to see the drama beginning. It’s the only thing that might make the season worth watching.
    Ratt, you’re on your way out. Go wash that nasty hand.
    Gaygan, dry those tears. You’ll join him in the jury house soon. Now, go wash your mangina.

    1. Exactly ! Ragan’s and Matt’s arrogance after both DPOV and Brit’s HOH win make Brendon’s win all the sweeter. SO – Dwarf, keep playing with your gergen – and Gaygan, go do your f** dance now in front of the camera.

    1. I agree, but I can’t wait for ragan to make it to the jury house and watch the dvd’s of all the lies matt has told to people and see what he thinks of his dear friend. I can’t believe he takes up for matt the way he does saying matt deserves to be iin the house because he has never done anything wrong to anyone, but brendan and rachel doesn’t. I can’t wait to watch his face when he sees all the lies matt has told. I especially can’t wait for him to see matt’s wife really isn’t sick. I mean this guy was talking about donating to charity and how people would want to help matt. boy he was sold a bill of goods and he fell for it. That 300,000 dollars in student loan debt he is in, he needs to hurry up and pay it back because he bought his Phd falling for that BS matt has fed him.

  5. these suck why is it always so stupid when it comes down to getting rid of people. Brit is so stupid. she has a chance to get rid of enzo or hayden-they are going to get rid of her next.



    if she did it he right way

    now its going to be



    brendon numbers people

  6. Okay really, I don’t understand why she wants to put Matt up more than Hayden. It’s pretty obvious both he and Enzo have a thing with Brendon so if she can’t get rid of Brendon wouldn’t it make more sense to take out one of his strongest allies?

    1. Because matt is a threat to her, hayden right now is no threat to her. If she dont get matt out and he wins hoh who will he put up against brendan next week? Not Ragan, and not Lane or Hayden, he won’t even put up enzo because he thinks enzo can’t and won’t win any compitions, but brit will. He will tell her she is just a pawn to get brendan out. And besides matt says next to brendan he wants brittany out because she is a little sneak. That’s all he was saying for the past few days. He was mad at brendan for backdooring him I wonder how he will feel when brittany does the same thing after saying she would never put up matt or ragan. But it’s a long way to Monday. I think that’s why bb have brendan and brit handcuffed together so matt can’t get to her before monday though. because it’s funny how right after a compition they usually start with whatever the rule is like have nots start immediately, enzo immediately lost his clothes, but brit and brendan aren’t tied up yet.

  7. Matt should wait until Britney and Brendon are chained together so that he can out the Brigade to both of them. He should tell them how Enzo and Hayden talk about both of them behind their backs, especially Brendon’s. His only chance is to form a new alliance with Britney, Brendon, and Ragan.

    1. I totally agree with you. I was thinking that myself. I do however think that Brendon is playing so personal and vengence for rachel I don’t think it would work, but I would give it a shot. I’m hoping while they’re chained together that they start talking and both talk about how enzo and hayden are telling brendon brit is the target next week and they’re telling brit brendon is the target then she can put up hayden and tell enzo that hayden is the target and tell haden that enzo is the target. But that kind of drama is to good to be true instead she will do what everyone else has done this season and do what the majority wants and backdoor Matt as I yawn as Matt walks out thursday and then Brit follows right after him to the jury house

      1. I agree too. That makes sense. And I still think it was a mistake getting rid of Kathy when he had the chance then to get rid of a stupid BG member. If he’s really smart, he’ll do exactly that – out the Brigage.

    1. You know, even if you are a nose picker, it is extremely gross to do it in public! I want to gag every time I see his fingers up his nose. And “flicking” it away (hottub?) where someone else is sitting, HORRIBLE. I would have a hard time holding myself from slapping his hand and telling him how yucky that is.

      1. i’ll bet rachel starts to see “her man” in a different light now that she’s outta the house.

        she’ll drop him like a hot booger.

        i like brendon, but- i think he and ragan are in a who’s-got-the-bigger-mangina contest.

        caveman with a mangina…hhhmmm.

        still- out of all of them, i want the neanderTAL to win.

    2. Good line BBGrandma. My mom’s oneliner was ‘Why don’t you go to the movies and pick your seat?’ Wait, that would be for Matt or Enzo, not Brendon.

      1. My husband use to say that to our granddaughter when she was little. We have her on film and she is picking her nose. Poppo asks, “What are you doing?” She answers, “Pickin’ my friends.” We did break her of that habit!

  8. I think putting up Matt is a really stupid move! Brendon’s targets are Matt, Regan and Brit. If she puts up Matt, he’s obviously gone.Why take out your enemies enemy? If Brendon wins HOH next week, he’s not putting up Lane or Enzo. Since it’s double eviction it will be Regan and Brittany. Brit really needs to clear her head and THINK!

    1. Yes he will probably put her up. I don’t know why people get so worried about being put up if they feel safe in their alliance/friendship. So what if she gets put up. Lane will vote to keep her, and so will hayden, that’s enough votes for her to stay. So she needs to think about that. Enzo may or may not keep her, but she will be safe next week, and if she is not then oh well she should have stayed alligned with rachel and brendan when they offered her the chance, no she didnt giving hayden and enzo the chance to alligne with brendan. If she had alligned with them and got matt out she would have gone further, but now it is what it is.

    1. that may be true, but if they do everyone has benefited from it. Matt won hoh 2 times, and DPOV, brit won hoh and pov 2 times. brendan won hoh and pov rachel won hoh 2 times, ragan won pov, and hayden won hoh so who has production not helped? If anyone should be mad it should lane and enzo, because everyone else has won something.

      1. you’re right I’m not necessarily saying they have a favorite. They steer towards the drama, like Matt being the replacment nom to use the DPOV when he wouldn’t have used it otherwise, or Brendon winning HOH right after Rachel was evicted to get revenge or Rachel’s HOH’s when people were gunning for her. This show is a great social experiment on it’s own to see all sides of human nature and how far people will go for things without the need for production to steer to create false drama. I watch the WWE enough to know when something is rigged.

      2. ps lane and enzo are idiots and can’t win and production uses them for comic relief that’s why they are still here and production doesn’t steer things their way, not to mention they want no blood on their hands so they would probably throw anything geared towards them anyways

    2. I agree, it used to be subtle, but especially this season they seem to be flaunting it with the power shifts each week. But I watch the WWE to so I can’t really talk about watching things that are fixed and being mad about it

    3. I feel the same way. I am sick of how CBS is working it. The past two weeks have been completely predictable and boring.

  9. BB “yes we fixed the comp, deal with it’
    Hate to say it but does seem kinda funny The way the veto comp went almost like there paying off Matt’s eviction with the prizes and making Brendon the shining armour fighting for his true love (vomit).. Oh ya and lets make sure Enzo gets the penguin suit…

    1. They are so full of it. As long as things are going their way they are happy, and as soon as the tables turn they trash talk. like ragan says KARMA

  10. Ragan and Matt are so full of it. Isn’t this Karma, or the pot calling the kettle black. When Brendan was going around complaining about BB fixing the competition for small people and people with small feet. Ragan was trash talking big time and Matt said Brendan had no sportsmanship. It amazes me how things are only bad when it happens to them, but to everyone else its Karma. All last week and the week before Ragan was talking about Rachel and Brendan getting what they deserved and it was Karma, well what do you say now Matt and Ragan. They need to get some SPORTSMANSHIP, IT’S ONLY A GAME. that’s their favorite line when they talk about B/R, now the tables have turned the games is fixed BOO WOO babies.

    1. You are exactly right ! Ragan is always playing the “victim archetype”. Poor Ragan . So will we get to see his big pathetic tears for the next 4 days? – what a baby.

  11. Matt is britney’s friend but he even told ragan in the hammock that they have to get rid of britney after brendon and ragan was the one saying to keep britney bc they are friends. Matt is trying to use her as much as hayden and enzo are. Its just he thought he was safe so he didnt try that hard in pov and now he’s scared.

    1. Yup. Matt is a weird character because even though he has been one of the best players, he has also made some monumental mistakes. He could have gotten rid of Brendon early in the game, for one. He is over-confident and too cocky. That may prove to be his downfall.

  12. i hope brit sees the light. it is a bad move to put up matt. i never heard her promise to not put up hayden. if she puts up matt she is definitly gone on thursday. lane is being loyal to brigade members that he would be better off without. if they out enzo, lane is pretty safe bc he has been decent to brenden & rachael. brendon nonminates people who were “mean” to rach. hayden won’t put him up. i’d say he is somewhat safe with matt & rag bc he’s been nice to them and they want brenden out. enzo will turn on him (hayden too) bc they will have too many people in the jury that likes them. and if brit was smart now that matt has a feeling, he would keep her safe and get brenden and hayden out for her. maybe even lane too. then with matt rag and her in the final 3 it would be a realistic chance of winning comps and having votes in jury since so many people are mad that rag and matt are friends and can’t stand that matt wins comps and plays smart. unfortunaltly today he wasn’t smart enough to realize things in bb change by the minute so with so few hg left winning pov or hoh is the only way to ensure one’s own safety for the rest of the game

  13. Seriously, no matter what Britney does, no one if fully on her side. I don’t know why people are getting worked up. If she saves Matt, Matt is for himself, not her. (Still pseudo Brigade member.) If she got out Hayden she is still not safe with Matt and Ragan. Remember when they were talking about her needing to go last week? Also, she is not safe with Enzo and Hayden. Really, it would probably be smarter to get Matt out because then she has a better chance of winning competitions against the others. And finally, Lane is hot. Why does he sound so bad in his DR’s? I think he is pretty funny on a normal basis and it is fun to watch him shower. I wonder why they didn’t interview Nick….Britney wants her some Lane.

    1. i guess hes not so much a pseudo brigade member anymore but she’s not safe with him either and he’s a winner of competitions. all enzo and hayden do is talk. “next week we have to win for real, dude.” like a damn broken record…..

    2. No. Matt’s target is Brenda. Brenda, heck even the Brigade’s prime target is Matt. She has a shield as long as Matt is in the house.

      1. yep. Since she can’t compete in the HOH Matt would be her protection. If he stays everyone would still be targeting him if he didn’t win. If she kept him and he wins HOH he puts up Brendon and either Enzo or Hayden as he would probably find out this week of them throwing him under the bus and his brigade loyalty would be gone and most likely and if one wins POV the other goes home with Brit and Ragan voting and then Matt would have her as protection during the double eviction. The only chance any of the three of Matt, Brit, or Ragan have a chance to win it all is if they go against one of the others at the final 2 so she really needs Matt, but unfortunately this season is all sheep and she won’t want to upset the house and she’ll backdoor Matt.

        1. if he stays the other brigade members will target her for not doing what they want too. it seems like just a bunch of idiot bandwagon ideas inside the house. one will say something and then convince everyone else, does anyone think for themselves this season besides matt?

  14. I only started watching bb9 and started realizing this the following season but yet I still watch. But I
    but I’m not one of those people who say the seasons boring. Cause it’s obviously not with the ratings they bring in

  15. Why do I even care who wins these stupid games anymore?? I don’t know these people. There not giving me any of the money. And they never do or say what I want them to. If Matt would give up the brigade and tell her about lane, Hayden and Enzo and say Brit lane is here to win 500k. He doesn’t care about you plus your engaged. Then say if you put Hayden up then Enzo goes home. If Enzo stays in this game he will win over anyone. Then tell her if Matt goes then your the next biggest target. If he stays then they still want matt out first if Brendon wins hoh or pov. And most of all remember Hayden and Enzo were with Brendon up in the hoh the whole week we were HNs. Then maybe she would change her mind. But no one ever says what I would say.

  16. i think bb should go back to the way hg got evicted in the first season. back when hoh nominated 2 people and america got to vote. it would be cool if hoh did nominations, hg played pov then did ceremony. then america would get 24 hours to call in and vote. then announce it on the live eviction show. take a hint bb. america wants control back to keep the houseguests they want in the house. i think ratings would definitly go way up.

    1. Oh, then we kept around that stupid Chicken Man too long. Anyway, the show would just be editted for the outcome that CBS wants — and all the pretty boys would still always beat the better players just like on American Idol.

      1. Mimi….you need to get a life. You’ve been the underdog your entire life, haven’t you? Take the time you are saving by not watching anymore and go see a shrink.

  17. “bb fan” when you can actually use your name instead of hiding behind “bbfan” I’ll talk big brother with you…I’m not goin for anyone but come on. Three pandoras box in one season.(I know I spelled it wrong)

  18. Once again Matt and Ragan show their stupidity. The both figure out that the Brigade is talking mad shit to Britney to put Matt up, and what do they do …..they start a pity party.

  19. WOW dont you love how easily Matt sold out Ragan. What a scumbag. He’s almost worse than Gnat from last season.. almost @_@

    1. I agree. Scumbaggy move to suggest Ragan instead of him BUT in his defense, he can’t suggest to Hayden that Hayden go up. Ragan is the only honorable player — if he knew what the rest had said about Brit last week, he wouldn’t be trying to get Matt up in his place on the block — he’d be outing the brigade, telling Brit about even Lane’s complicity in the bad-mouthing, taking charge and taking no prisoners!

      1. I guess Ragan is ???honourable ?? since he doesn’t throw Matt under the bus, but he has turned on his friends before and he was the SABOTUER……. essentially by letting the other HG believe it’s Matt is throwin him under the bus. It would be great if Brit told Matt that she figured he was the SAB so that’s why she is nominating him because he has been lying too much in this game. LOL then you would see Ragan lose it

  20. Whoever interviews Brit. If she puts Matt up and is the next one to leave please tell her she is an idiot. I wish I could interview these people

  21. See that would be awesome! If we could control who goes and who stays. Theirs real tv. At least people couldn’t bitch then. If they can’t keep the ratings that way it’s them who’s messing up.

  22. Show is rigged. Are the Live Feeds cut during the contests because we’ll see and document some of them? There’s a difference between setting up a contest that favors a contestant (ropes course for Brendon and endurance contest with small platform for Matt) and malfunctioning equipment when someone is ringing in as described above. IMHO, the latter is akin to the 64K Quiz Show that led to gov’t prosecutions. Contestants are straight-jacketed by contracts but even contracts don’t allow or shouldn’t allow BB to rig contests. As a manipulated show viewer, I’m offended. Many reality programs have small print at the end of the show saying that judging decisions were made in part by the producers — does BB have such small print at the end of its show? Does it have contests decisions were pre-planned and manipulated by production?

    1. I have been a big fan of BB for years. Last year was the first time I saw it on Show Time and now the live feeds and spoilers this year… In the past years I didn’t think it was rigged for certain players to win. But this year I have been seeing and hearing that BB is pulling the strings and setting up the games for their favorite player to win. Then when players talk about their concerns with the integrity of the game and the feed cuts out… If that is the case why would one want to watch a set up game?!?! Didn’t that happen in the 50’s and they made a movie about it?!?!?! BB might be losing this fan… :{

      1. They did the exact same thing last year, and probably years before. It is just becoming more and more obvious. The competitions were just as “fixed” last year and production interfered a great deal … in fact that whole “last minute lie” was productions idea. It is all about ratings. This year is no different. Sorry you are just finding that out.

    2. My god the pov has not even been shown all you are listening to are the contestants saying what they think at least you can stop saying its riged until after you watch it. And for the rope comp yes it went more towards a big person but Brenden is not the only big man in there Lane and Enzo are also big men and for the other comp Britt and Ragan are also small so yes they do kind of have to make comps that are for each type of person but they cant play them for which big or small person they wont to win so maybe people need to think before they speak.

  23. Could there be something more to Britney’s Pandora’s Box and the question mark on Rachel’s picture? Maybe everything hasn’t been exposed. I don’t know, probably way off, but I sure wish I knew why they put that damn question mark on Rachel.

  24. You people can defend Ratt all you want. But, NOBODY has done a THING worse than what he did. Telling people that your wife has a rare/fatal disease. That is lower than low, and I just hope no one close to him ever really gets that sick. Karma, on the other hand, is still going to kick his ass. And, Gaygan will have to just tough it out and put on his big girl panties. But, he’ll be with Ratt soon enough. BrITCHney is stupid, and deserves to go, too. Not that the rest are any better, I just like the drama with my scenario.

  25. 12:05am est, just turned the feeds on, Regan laying on the couch so sad. Wasn’t he just happy? Man he has very bad mood swings. I guess thats what happens when you have that stupid face he had when eviciting Kathy.
    I guess that’s Karma for ya.

  26. Mike, Julie asked Kathy about her feelings about Matt in a way that showed that Julie thought and wanted Kathy to say bad things about Matt (remember Matt is a villain is CBS’s plot) AND Kathy answered that she liked Matt — and Julie looked surprised that the answer wasn’t as planned…. It’s in the long 13 minute interview that someone posted a link to 2 days ago. It unfortunately wasn’t shown on tv because that answer doesn’t fit CBS’s story.

    1. It was Matt, basically, who was responsible for getting Kathy evicted, so it’s understandable that Julie would want to know Kathy’s feelings about him.

  27. Ok so BBAD is on and BB decides to have Brit and Brendan put handcuffs on now so we can’t watch Matt go upstairs and try to sway the vote. These producers are idiots.

  28. BB is rigged…. they call them twists. evel dick and daughter make final 2 and eventually wins, jordan wins, rachel is allowed back into house, matt wins DPOV when he is surely going home… Do you remember the airplane with message banner a few seasons ago? Who DOESNT think it was planted by producers at this point?

  29. Ratney grow up and stop the gay bashing. There’s a world of insults out there — surely you can find 100 insults that don’t have anything to do with someone’s sexuality. And let me remind you, Brendon was blubbering in Have Nots yesterday — it’s not only women and gay men who cry.

    1. Yes… its BB watchers named mimi who cry also! tired of any comment about ragan being twisted into a gay bashing remark

    2. Mini-mimi you can kiss my ass. ;-) There, equal opportunity flaming. I can bash whoever the hell I want, it’s a free world, and a free forum.

  30. BAHAHAHA..Matt and Ragan crying about the game being fixed…LMAO…it was a joke when Brendon said the game was fixed for “people with small feet”..he was a poor sport..but now it hurts them…so,it has to be true..

  31. If Lane has Brit convinced to put up Matt, Matt is gone. Brendon looks like someone from the cast of Sons of Anarchy. Good look for him. Wonder how long it is going to take the rest of the house to figure out the FACT that if Brendon makes it to the final 2 with them they win the $500K. Only Rachel and maybe Kathy will probably give Brendon a vote. Seems like both Enzo & Hayden have come to theis realization but Brit, Ragan & Matt seem a little slow.

    1. I think Brendon will get a lot of jury votes.. he’s been a giant ogre of a target since day one and if he can make it to final 2 then he may deserve the money more then a player like Hayde, Lane or enzo.

      1. If he somehow makes final 2 it should be a 7-0 vote in his favor, but half these people have no clue so I would be surprised if they gave him his due.

  32. I hope enzo goes this week. He has to go before matt! It would be smart of brit to get rid of enzo because he’s the head snake!

  33. Oh this is great. Brendon and Brit come out handcuffed together. Well the chain is about 2 or 3 feet long so they can be about arms length apart.

    1. No, Brendon must sleep in the HoH Room with Britney. But since he has to get up every hour on the hour to take a “chum bath” outside, he offered to make a towel pallet beside the bed so that he doesn’t stink up her HoH bed.

  34. I forgot, Brit really hates Brendon and now she gets to spend 24 hours with him, this is great. They even have to sleep together or close to each other LMFAO. this is great. I wunder if this is Brits punishiment for opening PB or it was a PoV thing.

  35. Brit and Brendan hancuffed together. Is Brendan that dumb? He took off his shirt because he thought he couldnt take it off for the baths? Just take it off and feed it down his arm, the handcuffs and let Brit hang on to it.

  36. Matt should just tell Brendan and Brit about the brigade and brit should tell Brendon that Hayden and Enzo wanted him out originaly. But they won’t because there idiots.

  37. BB contract: Actors will be called “houseguests”. Actors’ pay will range from stipend to 500K. Plot and outcome have been pre-determined. To evoke real feelings though, directors won’t tell actors about pre-determined outcomes and actors’ final pay. Actors will not be paid if they reveal directors’ directions to audience. Audience must be kept in the dark.

    1. That would be an non-binding, illegal contract, especially in California. Practically nill chance that is language from the BB contract. I do think it is probably correct in essence.

  38. In a sic way I’m think Britt really likes the idea of being chained up to Brendon..
    Watch after this she’ll be all buddy buddy with him …

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Brandon doesn’t hate her. He was just angry because she and Ragan were arguing with Rachel. I’m sure Brendon would like to be on civil terms with Britney. It’d be nice if she stopped with all that hateful Brendon bashing and actually saw him for the good guy he is. Weird, true, maybe a bit slow, possibly, but a good guy. I really think Brendon just wants to be liked. It’s up to Britney.

      1. I think this should be the time for Brit to discuss B/R relationship. She could totally mess with him by letting him know that R. discussed (remember the girls bathing together?) how she wouldn’t leave Vegas and that she was hinting that she had doubts. I believe that if Brendon were to lose and be part of the jury, R. would find a reason to dump him. I think after being so “passionate” so quickly, the time apart might strengthen them temporarily. But, as time passes, they might find that they really aren’t that compatible. Just my theory, I am not shouting it from the rooftops. I also wonder how long they really have known each other. Could they have met at casting?

  39. Looks like Brendon is picking up some clothes. Where they go now I am not shure yet.

    Back door open, brit and brendon go out, brendon calling the rest of the gang to come out.

  40. This is brendons bathtub? What did he say he would do or suffer to get PoV? Damn I can’t wait for Wednesday show now.

  41. Wow so BB cast the genius Matt. The guy who just sits there with his hands down his pants and doesn’t say anything. That’s the best they can do?

  42. Brit helping Brendon putting a blanket on the floor, so Brit on the bed, Brendon on the floor. Wander if Brit will fall on him. Maybe Brendon in the middle of the nite rolls over causing Brit to fall LOL.

  43. Their is no way Brittney could have gotten a “power” from pandoras box. There has never been Two Different powers in bb history. That of know of anyways, but this sad is gettin so sad I could kinda see it coming. But Rachel better not come back, if so the shows obviously rigged. She shouldn’t have been Allowed back in the house in the first place. Ratings or not. If they can’t keep the ratings without having to bring people back them there shit

  44. Britney, I think Brendon will probably be okay to be handcuffed with. He does seem to care about keeping things clean and making the beds. Now, you may have to smack his hands if he goes for the nose but you only need to pick one of your scabs and fling it back at him.

      1. Now, I know if I was Brit, I would def. be slapping his hand and yelling at him! I might even yell at him to stop poking his nose. Gross. Yes, Brit, fling scabs at him!

  45. Brit and Brendon, I will just say BritBren from now on, at the stove. I wunder if Bren will make two meals, slop for him and a regular meal for brit.

  46. Lane his hating Bren right now I know he wishes
    he was cuffed to her. Could this be a the start of friendship with B&B.
    That would be something

  47. OMG Matt and Ragan are SUCH GOOD PEOPLE! BRENDON is CRZY! Hz Moves make no sense.

    Uh huh Ragan and Matt.

    Get over it.!

  48. rachel couldnt care less about anything to do with brendon. shes “in love” with a jury house janitor already

  49. Why does Matt always have his hand in his pants. Its disgusting really. My brother use to do that all the time in front of us and it disgusted me.

  50. OMG – Ragan is having another one of his MANIC depressive episodes. If he is truly a prof. – I hope he teaches anonymously via online courses – how will any of his students ever be able to take him seriously ? ? ?

    1. To be very clear, I think it’s wrong just as wrong if BB fixed the contests to give Ragan the POV last week (for example made his puzzle different than others) as it is for BB to fix the contest for Enzo to get the penguin suit today AND for BB to allow contestants to break the rules and egregiously even film the rule break and condone by showing on regular broadcast show!

      1. Come on..get a grip..it’s a TV show..They specifically cast the show with distinct personalities..by your theory they should just do a Price is Right and pick the cast by telling random people “come on down”….Waaaaaahhh…you don’t like how the show is going..Waaaaaahhhh.. I want it my way!!!…

  51. OK so from what Ive been hearing and listening to all night on the live feeds is that everyone seems to think that the veto competition was rigged and that it was so convenient for Brendon to win the veto. And apparently, the veto comp was a question game between 2 houseguests at once and if you got a question wrong, you had to face to consequences, if you got it right, you got to stay in the game or get the prize. Well, during the Penguin Suit question, apparently Hayden and Matt were the first 2 houseguests to hit the button to answer the question, Enzo delayed for a bit and hit the button a while after Matt and Hayden, but somehow Hayden and Enzo were the ones that got the question instead of Hayden and Matt. IDK. With they way they have been talking, and with the whole 24 hour Brit and Brendon handcuff thing, the competitions lately have seemed a little fishy, almost like nothing is legit, rather CBS is conducting a story-line of sorts to create drama for their show, which has never ever been a question to Big Brother before. Also, a 3rd Pandoras Box this season? I mean, are you freakin kidding me? Season 12 will no longer be remembered just for Rachel, but as the season of story-lines and rigged competitions. Even the houseguests seem to think that way. And if they think that way, I dont see why we shouldnt either. This season went from 100% legit and exciting to downright stupidity. I’ll keep watching still, but if things like this keep coming up, I really dont care how the season ends.

  52. Brit is so stupid if she nominates Matt. But this season has become so predictable, so I know Matt will be leaving on Thursday followed by Brit.

  53. Brendon gets out after dunking himself, and heads to the outside shower. Brit telling him where he missed the parts of chum still on him.

  54. Hayden should be Britney’s choice if she wants to go further in the game. She would unknowingly weaken the 3brigade alliance (enzo, lane, hayden) forcing enzo and lane to stick with Brendon (who ever one in the house still wants gone) or go back with Matt, Ragan and Britney alliance. I am certain Lane would move towards Matt, Ragen and britney because he ALSO is playing both sides. Enzo would turn on Brendon. IF she goes the other way she will be out right after brendon, and if they hand Brendon another HOH or POV she will be out before him.

  55. Brendon all clean so Britbren goes to the pool with Hayden and Enzo. Brit dressed up in her pants so she dosn’t go in the pool.

  56. The handcuffs were part of the POV thing. Brit complained to Lane (before I stopped watching Live Feeds) “why did Brendon pick me as the person to be handcuffed to? it isn’t fair!”

  57. I’m probably gonna stop watching big brothe After this season. It just seems to be so rigged. With alot of stuff that happen this season, with the 3 pandoras boxes. Rachel coming back etc. It was better from what I hear back when we voted who goes home. I can see where people could say different I guess where as the fans obviously no what’s goin on and where people would vote out someone they hated(Rachel) personly I just hated the water works And laugh

  58. I don’t get it. If production REALLY wanted to control the game they’d be teasing Brit to put up Hayden and keep Matt Regan Brit and Brenda for the final four, the four most competitive people in the house. Maybe they just want to keep Brenda there because he’s so popular (but for the life of me I can’t understand why, he’s a mean spirited social idiot).

  59. Matt Lane sitting on the side. No sign of Regan. Enzo called to the Diary room.

    Guess Regan still in bed moping around.

  60. these so-called “punishments” are so lame……..enzo took off his penguin suit……brenda’s “chum” isn’t real………they said it smells like yeast

  61. I think Britney and Brendon can convince each other that they will be safe next HOH comp. They have time all to themselves being handcuff. I think that is why Brendon asked to be handcuffed to her. He will try to talk her into the fact that he is not playing personal and he won’t put her up. Will she buy it? I don’t know.

    1. didn’t they have that discussing last time and she went back on her word and still put him up? he didn’t put her up when he was hoh, but she definitely put him up. she’s not a person of her word.

  62. I really want matt out then brendon can say BYE BYE u big dummy cause he thought he was the king because he had d pov. HE WAS JUST LUCKY HE GOT IT CAUSE HE WOULD HAVE BEEN GONE. nOW TIME TO GET RID OF THAT COCKY MOTHER FUKER. i AM ROOTING FOR BRENDON JUST BECAUSE EVERYBODY IS AGAINST HIM.

    1. I thought I hated Brendon but it turns out I only hated him when Rachoe was with him. He’s still a whiny bitch but they all are. Grown ass idiots.

      I’m rooting for Brendon b/c he’s playin’ solo. All they do is talk shit about him behind his back & kiss his ass when needed. I do, however, think that somethin’ ain’t right w/that POV comp. I would love to go on BB but ot would never work. 1) its rigged & 2) I have anger management issues. I’d have real handcuffs on by week 2.

  63. WOW, I have missed so much today! I read over the comments and online where a lot of people were saying that the POV was rigged. I’m not at all surprised by this especially if the HG’s are making the comments as well. If Matt isn’t nominated by Brit and he stays, then this is a ploy by CBS for ratings .. To have him and Brendon battle it out. IMO
    We shall see…

    1. As I see it, with all the talk is about Brit keeping Matt. Brit cannot beat him in the final 2 no way. If she tries to keep with Reg/Matt, She is a goner. Now she has a Small chance with the 3 guys, Brendan will most like being gone. I have usually voted of the underdog weather it is in sport or in real life. And he has been fighting since week; no one has been more of an underdog than him, and that’s even if you put all the rest together. But I do not see him making it past the next week. So it still comes down to Brit (which I hate) going with the guys, because I think she is a little smarter then they. Now that a comp, the only girl smokes 3 guys. As Matt going and telling her about the brigade, go ahead, he was part of it. Plus the fact is he had an alliance with Rach/Brend, The Brigade, Regan and Regan and Britt. Yes he’s played, he’s played and punked everyone, so he gets what he deserves. All the guys have to say is well “Matt, Regan and you are in a side alliance”, we where just trying to stay alive. She doesn’t take Matt out now which is a great time, He may win HOH next week, and she’s long gone. No brainier. Lane is me new winner, but he has to step up and do something. I think he’s funny and he usually doesn’t freak out and go postal on everyone. But he has to get he game on soon.

  64. Brit seems to be buying anything being told to her by the brigade BBGrandma. I just find it funny when Brendon said the exact thing she dosn’t believe it, but what ever Enzo, Hayden and Lane she eats it up.

    Poor girl going to be shocked when she finds out Lane backstabs her. Looks like Karma gets back at everyone in this season.

  65. Turned to Regan quickly. I can’t believe it. He is alone, and has this mopey look on him. Why is he so sad again? I guess he shoudln’t have celebrated so early eh?

    I would have felt sorry for him, but I see what he is really like so I can’t feel sorry for anyone. At least Brendon went to him to aplogize for being an ass when he won HoH last week.

    1. The poor me syndrome never works, For someone who thinks he’s so logical and smarter than everyone else, he sure cry’s a lot, well really over the last 3 weeks. He can parade all around basing people, sticking it their face and acting all pompous. But every time he gets pushed against the wall he drops, cries, complains and verbally bullies someone and then he just drops to the ground and starts kicking and screaming. Man up and walk out, hit the door and go out.

  66. Matt should bust the fraudulent brigade wide open, while Brendon and Brit are cuffed together. Matt should wise up and realize his boys aren’t really his boys. Brendon, Brit, Matt, and Ragan taking down the Floater Crew would be hilarious!

    1. i was just wondering that if matt did out the brigade will it really make a differece? i truly honestly don’t think so

    2. You are so right! Matt needs to be aggressive and it is about time he spilt the beans to Britt while being handcuffed. Enzo/Ha/Lane are nothing by backstabbers. Hayden and Enzo are the worst!

  67. IT IS TIME FOR ENZO TO GET EVICTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is mean, everyone is blindsided by him. What has he done, except set up a GANG to intimidate and manipulate, and eventually turn on his own men. I will not vote to give him a cent.

  68. It’s hilarious how Britney and Brendon are sitting there with Hayden and Matt right on their back because neither of them (Hay/Matt) wants to allow the other to get time to talk to Britney. They both know it and Britney and Brendon know it. It’s funny. Wonder who will break first and go to bed. I’m thinking neither will, they’re just going to sit there until Britney decides she wants to go to sleep now.

  69. I have been thinking about this for a bit.. and I have a great idea for CBS to make the next BB interesting. 1) make it a BB Allstars vs SURVIVOR Allstars….. (I will fully admit I may not have been the first to come up with this idea but if I am I want the credit LMAO) The Contestants would all live in the BB House but would be separated into two tribes, they would have the VETO and HOH competitions but the competitions would be modeled after Survivor challenges. But I think it would be fun to see Janelle, Evil Dick, Jordan and Jeff take on Russell, Rupert, James, and Amanda…. It would be interesting, well maybe….

    1. i agree with all of your choices except jordan and jeff. they were not that smart when they got the power and it went to their heads. jordan got that far with jeff’s help, but jeff wasn’t IMO smart enough to know that he was being played by nat and kev and evicted his alliance member, russell. i just don’t think they(jeff and jordan) are sharp enough to compete with evel dick and the rest. now ronnie the rat is a good choice so is dan geeshling. just my opinion.

  70. I’m not complaining because I don’t like the winners. I’m not complaining about who they cast — game shows can cast whoever they want. . . no one says that they have to cast fairly. I’m complaining because it’s illegal to fix a contest on tv If it’s a fictional tv program, whatever, BUT you can’t say your program is a game show and then fix it? WOULD you watch a game show where one contestant had been told the answers aka Twenty One? Would you pay to watch it? Many of us have paid to watch BB on the live feeds or BBAD, because we were told by CBS that we get to watch a real, unscripted contest. I for one am not willing to watch a faux contest — if I’m going to pay for fiction, I’d pay with better, more interesting actors and dialogue.

    1. GET OVER IT ALREADY. Like CBS would put themselves on the line to get sued. It is NOT a game show. It’s a scripted reality show. Quit your whining….you sound like Regan.

  71. Sunny J, the Survivor contestants wouldn’t accept the fixed contests. They’re ok with producer manipulation, but outright fixing where your buzzer doesn’t work — I can’t see Russell taking that.

    1. OMG…..are you Matt’s Mom or something??? Go away if you don’t like it. Why do you keep posting the same bullshit over and over?

  72. CBS supposedly paid off Rob and Amber with a tv wedding special after breaking the rules to get the other couple on the plane — the other couple that ended up winning Amazing Race. (It made for great tv, but it wasn’t fair to have the plane go back to the gate for them.)

    Too bad Ragan and Matt aren’t famous enough to get paid off. Too bad Ragan even with his PhD is blinded by his morals and didn’t realize that BB production, as well as players, would play immorally.

    1. Shut up idiot~
      You are making some serious accusations that are not proven and that could get you sued.
      So, let us talk BB.

    2. OMG….somebody make it stop!!!!

      1. Not watching live feeds
      2. Not watching show
      3. Not thinking, talking, typing

      Ahhhhhh…..Peace…..at last……

  73. WOW You people are just now, “Getting It” that this show is fixed.
    I think that it’s been pretty obvious over the last few years.
    this year alone, I remember one of the HG’s telling another, that they were gonna answer one of Julie’s questions a certain way and the other HG said that they couldn’t do that because it wasn’t part of the SCRIPT.
    I wouldn’t mind so much, if it was entertaining and not so obvious. CBS must think that the viewers are a bunch of 2 year olds.

    1. The show isn’t ‘Scripted’. Why would they have their Sabotouer taken out in week one? That was supposed to be one of the big twists this year.

      Sure production might suggest some things and try to push things where they would want to go. I don’t think it was a coincidence that Janelle kept finding ways to stay in the house. But I don’t believe they actually script anything.

    2. Of course there is a script. As far as CBS is concerned, the houseguests aren’t contestants, they are employees, they are improv actors on a tv show. They get paid to be there, they get perks and they have a chance to win a measly 500K. Why does TV like reality shows? Because they are cheaper to produce than shows that need whole teams of writers and professional actors. It’s their show. I watch the live feeds, rarely do I watch the TV episode. Anything you see on tv is scripted and rigged. Even the news. If you don’t like it, maybe it’s time to do what I did. Trash the tv and get entertainment on the net. It’s CBS’s show, and as long as people tune in and watch, they will keep doing what they’re doing. The houseguests know going in that CBS has license to do whatever they deem necessary for the show, and if they have to rig competitions or slip in advantages to keep the show interesting, they will. I don’t know why people are so upset. It isn’t the only TV show that is rigged.

  74. Whoever takes Enzo to final 2, wins. Of course, I realize he will be out this coming week…but I’m just saying – I really think anyone would get the votes against Enzo from the jury. ANYONE, including Brendon.

    Who else can Brendon win against? Not Matt, not Brit, not Lane, not Hayden…possibly only Ragan or Enzo. Hayden is a big maybe but at the end of the day he didn’t really piss anyone off except Rachel.

  75. So let me get this straight, when things are on Regina/Matt’s side (like the Diamond POV) there’s no problem with the BB game. But suddenly Brit wins HOH, Brendon wins POV and “OH MY GOD, THIS GAME IS RIGGED!”

    What douches. Isn’t that what kids do? When they win, it’s all good. When they lose they cry that it isn’t fair.

  76. Well at least Brendon’s actually tried to play the game. All the others are a bunch of followers. Brendon should win, plain and simple!

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