*Updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – POV Winner is Brendon

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:01pm HOH Brit and Lane
Lane: “you upset”
Brit: “I’m BLANK pissed becuase everyone acts like they back me up but you all have your own plans for matt and thats better for you all it’s not the best for me”
Lane: “we didn’t do anything to jeopardize you at all.. your safe”
Lane defends the brigade tells her that Matt was the one that threw the competition they were all trying. Brit Reminds her that Brendon is coming after me. Lane doesn’t think She Brendon’s target. Brit: “if ragan wins POV next week then i’m gone…. I’m pissed off becuase Brendon hasn’t come after you and attacked you and your getting me to do your dirty work”. Lane: “I know it sucks”. Brit: “you all are friends with him, All i wanted to get BRendon out than we were going after matt”. Brit: “you guys are all useing me to do your dirty work.. If i take out matt then i have no jury votes”
Lane throwing Matt under the bus saying that Matt was telling us he’s not the saboteur when he really is so she can’t listen to him. Brit tells LAne that Brendon is coming after her she’ll be gone next week, Brit says he’s winning everything. Lane says that Matt and Ragan can’t win anything anymore becuase theres no more puzzles just skill and quizzes, he points out that Him and HAyden can win those skill comps. Brit says Ragan is going to be so pissed at her so she’s got no one left in the house, she says Ragan doesn’t buy into Lanes and Haydens Matt’s a bad guy conspiracy. Brit Asks lane why does Brendon win every comp? lane explains that everyone is thinking long term so they all don’t think Brendon leaving right now is the best. Brit goes on and on about how Brendon is after her Lane sticks to his story that She is safe next week if she takes out Brit. Brit keeps reminding him that Matt would not put her up next week.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:30pm Matt, Hayden and Enzo They are talking about the comp how it was fishy how Brendon won. Hayden says that things really seem set up. Enzo: “We’re all pawns… We’re all Hamsters”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:40pm HOH Brit and Enzo He asks her hows she doing, Brit says she’s pissed off. Enzo starts off right away throwing MAtt under the bus saying that Matt took all the prizes. Hayden joins them and the both of them start tell her that MAtt is a snake and he needs to go home. Enzo: “Get him the BLANK out of here, he thought he was safe that’s why he didn’t try”. Brit agrees says that Matt thought he was 100% safe he told her last night.

Enzo tells her that his target is Brendon and Ragan but Ragan is the first target. Hayden tells her that Brendon will not put her up he is certain of it. (and Brit eats this all up). Brit starts saying that MAtt is going around telling her that he won no prizes and your all won the prizes. Enzo says that Hayden, himself and LAne are telling the truth and MAtt is lieing (and Brit eats it up somemore) . Brit says that matt taking all the prizes will cost him the game, she thought before the POV comp if matty really wants to be in the game he better win this comp. Enzo and Hayden are getting really excited telling her that this is the reason they need to get him out he’s playing all of us. Enzo and HAyden tell her they want final 4 with her and Lane. They promise to back her up and to take out Brendon and Ragan during the double eviction. (Brit eats it up some more….) Enzo really excited about matt being the saboteur he goes on and one about it and how thats reason enough to take Matty out.

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512 thoughts on “*Updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – POV Winner is Brendon

    1. YES, LOVE BRENDON, just hoping he can win HOH and get rid of that liar Britney. I remember that there is a season that someone won BB without lying. I cannot see how Matt used his wife and gave her an illness. Now, that is too much.

    1. Britney gets to do what Regan’s been trying to do all season and “backdoor” Matt. Regan is really going to be upset and won’t let that girl come between him and his man! Ahh, finally this season is picking up.

      Did someone say there was going to be a double eviction this Thurs b/c I had figured when they lost that player @ the last minute that the double eviction episode would have been canceled. Anyway, the season is maybe finally going to pick up…

    1. My sentiments exactly. Anyways, its a double eviction week – I have a feeling if Britney backdoors Matt, she has a very big chance of going right after that.

  1. Please for the love of god let britney put up the gremlin in his place….if the gremlin or his little bitch boy win bb ill be so pissed off…anybody else wins ill be happy

  2. what up sucker i said it last week he will win pov and you all laugh, now your darling matt or im gay regan will go home.

  3. I love it..now they’ll start throwing each other under the bus big time. Let’s see how Enzo and Matt play the game now!!

  4. People assume Britney will put up Matt. When Brendon takes himself off the block why wouldn’t she put up Hayden? Is there some sort of deal that is guaranteed that backdoors Matt?


    lolz let’s exploit wordpress weaknesses lolz where ma all cap key

  6. It’s probably one of those “how much you want it” that might explain the shaved head. Chicken George and Kaysar did that in All-Stars. Gremlin is probably gone now, he is going to get backdoored as of last night if Brendon did win which he did.


  8. When did he shave his head?? O.K.I want to propose now that Brendon has been as good or a better player than Matt — he’s won his competitions by his own efforts and won when he had to. This is perfect and if Britney has any sense, she’ll put Matt up. Matt will be scrambling right now to try to get her to promise not to do that. WHat the heck was the competition??? It took forever!!!

  9. woo hoo he so deserves to win Big Bro everyone else is just floating on by while him n Rachel fight to stay in the game :)

  10. Matt: Listen Brittany, that bastard is a solid competitor and you need Regan and I to help you get rid of him. I understand that you like Lane and want to keep him in your corner for a while so you should put up Hayden and We’ll vote that sh!+ disturber Enzo out this week. Then all three of us will play HoH during the live double eviction and send Brendon home too.

  11. WOOHOO!!!! Now Brittany needs some guts to backdoor Matt. Would love for him to get backdoored. He was so arrogant to throw HOH!!!!!! Then the double elimination and Brittany or Ragan go with him!!!!

  12. now what are matt and regan going to say that cant use well he did play in the pov comp. i get to see regan cry like a 4 year old girl when her mom her mom tells her no barbie doll for you.

  13. Who says Britney will put up Matt, she couls put up Hayden. Which I really would like to see. I would like to see how the votes go: Enzo vs Hayden. Please Britney,don’t listen to Lane, put up Hayden.

      1. are you a retard she love lane she will lose the 500k to make him happy. so kiss my ass peacessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  14. Brendon winning is the official end of the Brigade. Brit will likely put up Matt or Hayden as the replacement nominee. I would be very surprised if she puts up Lane or Ragan.

    If next Thursday is a double eviction, then half of the Brigade is gone (Enzo and Matt/Hayden).
    If not, the rest of the Brigade will target Matt and Ragan if Matt ended up staying. If Matt goes, Enzo, Hayden and Lane will definitely ream up with Brendon to get Ragan and Britney out.

  15. LOL, this is hilarious. I originally thought Bredon was a buffoon with his balls in his girlfriend’s purse, but he’s really been playing the game lately. Too bad I can’t say the same for any of the Brigade members besides Matt. They’re all completely and utterly useless.

    Why is everyone so convinced Britney is putting up Matt? Are you really serious?

  16. yeah now brit can put up hayden with enzo and knock out another one of brendons “alliances”…

  17. I am so disaappointed. Only, POSSIBLE, silver lining would be Regan gets put up and goes home–That’s the ONLY way things can stay together. And I’m not even sure that’s enough.

    The Brigade now seems to be officially DEAD!!!!

    Someone grab their bugle, play some TAPS, and let’s start foldin’ the flag.

    It is a sad day in America. The terrorists have won.

    1. It’s a happy day in America! The game just got interesting, and the Brigade was not worth matching. To date, Lane and Enzo have not won ANYTHING and the season is almost over. Yes, they are the poster boys for FLOATERS.

  18. I wish he didn’t win. Team Matt/Ragan/Brit all the way. She better put up haden because she won’t go very far in the game if she doesn’t.

  19. Britney needs to put up Hayden as a replacement for her to survive in the house.
    Brendon’s bitches (Fredo and Hayden) stated that they wanted her out after Matt.
    She needs to save Matt and Ragan and try and turn Lane in order to save herself.
    The Gremlin must survive to take Brit, Ragan and Lane to the final 4!

    1. I agree 100% – she’s smart, I hope she realizes that if she put up Matt that she’s only doing what Brendon wants. Enzo needs to go!

  20. AWESOME!! Go play with your balls in the Jury house Matt!! Bad news is Ragan will be crying all next week, oh wait thats all he does now!!!

  21. Well I just stopped watching BB, what a joke. Nothing but floaters. All of you that are happy right now, GO TO HELL.

  22. Sooooo glad Brendon won, now I just hope Brit comes through and backdoors Matt! Can’t wait to watch the Ragan meltdown.

  23. I’m not a Brendon fan. I frankly can’t stand the guy. The good news is that at least this week Brendon won’t be whining about the competition being unfair.

  24. Love to see Brit put up Hayden and Enzo get voted out now. Then hopefully Brenda next week where in the double eviction week POV may be a quiz.

  25. Well, I just read on a different site that for the POV competition today not only were the house guests playing for Veto but other prizes as well…somebody won $5,000 and somebody else one a vacation. Brit is pretty pissed and crying because Lane and the boys didn’t really try for POV, they only tried for the prizes. The site said she’s being pushed to back-door Matt but so far isn’t too thrilled with that plan. Everybody EXCEPT Regan played in the competition. So. once again it’s a case of the brigade becoming too easily distracted, too cocky, and too selfish and look where it got them. They definitely need to be broken up, and everybody left in that house better start doing damage control with Brendan just in case he wins the next HoH.

  26. Brendon has endured enough crap to earn him some respect. Twist on his HOH nominations, all the house conspiring against him, being on the block three times. Let`s cut him some slack, the guy deserves to go further on this game !!!!

  27. WTF MATT i thought you said you were going to win veto and send ND to the jury house now you re back dooord for that weakass DPOV MOVE U MADE

  28. Whinedon won, but has to be chained to Britney….. he won because he sacrificed his hair?? enzo sacrificed his clothes and now has to wear a penguin costume the rest of his time there….. sacrificing your hair is not a sacrifice at all, hell it grows back, he would’ve done ANYTHING to win, should have came with more ideas big brother.

    1. Hayden and Britney are probably the only ones that wouldn’t have shaved their head to win POV. Britney would die first.

  29. omg, wth is wrong with so many of you posting you are so excited that ND won POV? with help from parts of the former brigade, he will cruise to at least final 2………IMO he’s even more vile than “roach” and even nastily

    1. “Cruise” to the final 2? Are you out of your mind?
      Brendon has won 3 POVs now and 1 HOH.
      Britney won 2 POVs and 1 HOH
      Matt won 2 HOH
      Hayden won 1 HOH
      Ragan won 1 POV
      Lane = 0
      Enzo = 0
      With these figures, who is cruising to the final 2 again? Definitely not Brendon.

      1. Are you seriously counting Hayden’s HOH? It technically counts, but c’mon. His “win” was determined by who on the winning team was the last one across on the giant hot dog in week 1. He didn’t do anything to win other than send everyone else across to win prizes/money. Brendon, Snitney, and Matt are dominating competitions. What a force they would be if they were actually smart enough to combine their efforts.

  30. im happy Whinedon won now people need to realize taking him to the final 2 will guarantee their win against him because one 1 person in the jury house will vote for him

    1. matt win his girlfiend will and the big s will. and then all these dumbass will like wow he played a good game he got my vote so he wins 7 to 0 so f u to jackass

        1. listen read carefully when breden make it to finally 2 and matt is in jury house he will have his vote the big s (kat) vote and his girl friend vote. he only need one and it wont be that hard when they see him play so hard they will vote for him so i got two words for you lick it

  31. Sure is a lot of anti-gay sentiment on this website. Just letting the moderators know. As far as the fans of The Brigade? Well, let’s just say its a sad day when idiocy is celebrated. But considering that most of the Brigade fans can’t even spell correctly, or use proper grammar for that matter, it’s not surprising.

    1. just because people don’t like Ragan and his fakeness/non-stop crying doesn’t mean they are anti-gay. I’ve read almost every post in this update and haven’t seen anything attacking Ragan for being gay. People just don’t like him, and they are allowed to their opinion.

      1. I agree. Ragan has a chip on his shoulder. Maybe from when he was a child and was picked on. He attacks people to their face an behind their backs. I find it very mean. And this has nothing to do with him being gay. I like gay people, and have gay friends. It’s simply his character. (btw….I don’t like Brit either or Matt because he lied about his wife)

    2. DRINK

      I agree though. there is no more Brigade. Hasn’t been or weeks. When the three are trying like stink to stab the fourth in the back, even though they can’t do it, the deal is gone. I know Matt sees the writing on the wall too. He’s no big dummy.

    3. One or two people is all. They tend to be ignored. There are more anti-heavy set women (AG) comments so why aren’t you griping about that? Evidently your liberal/progressive views only defend gays and not overweight women. You should be upset about the vile and disgusting comments regarding Rachel, too. Sounds like you must hate women in general. Is this Enzo?

    4. I am gay. I am assuring you that me disliking Ragan has nothing to do with his sexuality. He is just a duche idiotic ass.

  32. Best Competitor since Jeanelle. That’s 4 wins (1 HoH & 3 Veto). Whole house, stupidly, wants him out but he is just too damn good. Now it is going to get really interesting. Can Lane & Hayden convince Brit to put up Matt or will Matt & Ragan convince her to put up Hayden?

    All of America is rooting for Matt to go up to make up for the producers of the show saving him from eviction this past week. BTW that PoV thing was BS. America should’ve been voting on who to give that too or at least have the house compete for it.

    1. How could the producers know that he would be up last week. Didn’t he have the power before Brendan won HOH last time?

  33. all you people saying goodbye to Matt may want to hold off for a bit. Brit is telling Lane that Matt has her back. Brit is totally calling him out them throwing comps. She knows they wanted Brendon to win. I really hope she’s smart enough to go to Matt and tell him everyone is trying to backdoor him so he can tell her about the brigade and how Lane is watching Hayden and Enzo’s back and that’s it and how it’s time for him to break with the brigade and side with her and ragan to take them out. She knows she has no protection if Matt goes so I hope she has the guts to put up Lane to get Enzo out since everyone believes he’ll win if he gets final 2. C’mon Brit, you’re smart enough to see Lane’s bs now do something about it

    1. yes, it’s never that black or white or simple…if the brigade is called out they can deny a lot of stuff…it is their word against matts and since britney has never “seen” them as all together before there are a lot of ways to conceal their behavior, besides lane still has a lot of influence over britney and i dont think she is at the point where she is ready to abandon him, not even for matt…i think to her, Lane is still her #1 ally

      1. Lane is her knight in shining armor. The “southern” Arkansas-Texas connection is stronger than the one she has with Matt. She has a lot to overcome if she is to make the best game move and NOT put up Matt as Brendon’s replacement.

    1. Brendan called it right a SPOILED BRAT, but I cant wait to see what she does and what Ragan and Matt will do when Brit and Brendan are handcuffed for 24 hours. Maybe they will become friends. Well at least Brendan won’t be a have not for a night.

  34. She should put up Hayden. Regan and Matt are her friends. Please put up Hayden. Matt would not put her up, and he may be the only one able to take Brendon out. If she puts Matt up, Regan will be pissed off at her – she will have no one. Lane is just doing the Brigade’s dirty work. He cannot guarantee that she will be safe. Take out Enzo, and replace Brendon with Hayden. That is the best plan for her.

    1. yes he would. Matt said he would put brit up before ragan and a brigade member. After this week there will only be brendan left for him to put up if matt stays and who will he put up with brendan but brit. Matt is a LIAR who would believe him. he would brit up in a New York minute.

  35. Brit is such a moron…she had no chance and no control in this game and can’t seem to get it through her head. The fact that she is complaining that “everyone has theire own plans” and “doesn’t back her up” makes me even happier Brendon won bc it drives home the point that she is stupid for making these kinds of assumptions-this is BIG BROTHER – not a teambuilding exercise. You are on your own and have to be prepared for whatever comes with that. More importantly, she is not likeable so again why does she expect a group of guys to align with her and her decisions when they can’t even befriend her. stupid stupid stupid. what did she think – she and ragan were going to rule the house?

    and i know brendon is guilty of the same, this is not a brendon vs. britney post –but I do find brendon less offensive bc i dont think he is nearly as mean as Britney and he is alone in this game and knows it

    1. she has to or 3 of them are gunning for her next week. Matt goes, the regan, the brendan. I love it when she safe or HOH/POv she talks shit, but when she not she’s crying, backstabing (in the past, but it’s coming) and complaininggggg all the time. I don’t like her (as you can tell) but I dislike matt and regan more. The guys will tell brendan they had his back so they need him to protect brit. And Brendan dislikes Matt and Regan more. regan went at Rach and Matt put up Rach/Brend and she went home, What was a good idea.

  36. Britt isnt safe with matt or Brendon cuz if Matt wins HOH next then he’ll have to put up Britt and Brendon so no matter what if the other nominee wins POV next time then Britt is gone

        1. Well, I think that Matt realizes Britney has a much better chance of winning the money if she somehow gets to the end than anyone in the Brigade, who are all floaters and have done nothing. I think Britney is a big concern for Matt in that regard and that he wants to get rid of her one way or another.

          1. the gremlin is going home so long super genius say hi to rachel and kathy!!!! the live feed today alone is worth it.. cant wait till after veto meeting other than ragan crying and trying to kill himself the bad mouthing each other will be great

  37. Brendon didn’t win it, the brigade let him have it! I sure hope Brit puts up Hayden and not Matt. I think she needs to play for herself now and no one else. I think this is going to be my last year to watch, and if BB doesn’t change the way they “fix” things, they are going to lose a lot of viewers. Brendon has been a waste from day one.

    1. I think Production fixed it to favor Brendon as it makes for more interesting tv but I can’t blame them entirely. This is the Brigade’s doing, either through their sheer incompetence or through direct complicity. They handicapped Brit. I wish she would figured it out and throw them a curve by putting up Hayden.

      1. They probably are, but Matt got a game-changing gift and Brendan go shit and had this game messed up with Rachel coming back.

    2. Let me get this straight……because Brendan won the POV, this game is rigged? What about the surf board….it favored smaller people w/smaller feet, not someone like Brendan w/size 12 feet….he stayed on as long as he could. Hmmmm, Lane, Kathy, Hayden, Kristen, and oh yeah, Ragan threw that competition. Mat won w/his little self and feet. Then similar scenario w/the paint can competition. Kathy jumped off to take one for the team and became the only have not…..yeah, sure she did. She knew they would be gunning for Brendan. Again, a competition suited for someone smaller in stature and smaller feet. So guess who the last two were left? Yeah, Ragan and Matty. Ragan jumped down and gave it to his besty, Matt. Matt got the DPOV, for opening Pandora’s Box… Matty got something very good. He took himself off the block, then Matt, not Brendan got to choose the one to go on the block, which sent Kathy, who was Brendan’s alliance home. What great thing did Brendan get when he opened pandora’s box? Well, he got a 24 hour vaca w/himself. I think he would have preferred the DPOV, don’t you? Britney then won HOH and put up the one who didn’t put her up if she would do the same….and guess what, she was lying through her teeth and immediately put up Brendan. Do you think Brendan wants to win real bad? OF COURSE HE DOES!!!! From the beginning he and Rachel have had targets on their backs. You may not like him, but he’s playing his butt off to stay in the game. It’s just sour grapes to say that he’s winning because of production. Give me a break.

  38. so brendas safe for now, dont forget thurs is a double eviction. so who is britknee going to put up in his place? Did brenda win cause she was the only one who agreed to shave her head? why else would his head be shaved. on the amazing race a girl took the fast forward and had to shave her head, she did and her and her husband won that year.

  39. Stick to your guns sister. Lane is not looking out for you. You know this is true. Now is the time for a hard decision but you can do it girl!

  40. If Matt really has a high IQ he will tell Britt all about the brigade and that lane Enzo and Hayden have a final 3 deal together and they brought Brenda in with them

    1. I was thinking about that. He may do it now, however, Matt has been in the Brigade as well, so I’m not sure how Ragan and Britney would react. Could go either way. I honestly think Britney has a better chance of staying if Matt goes, because I think the Athletic Alliance’s (lol) next move is to take out Ragan. If Brendon went, my guess is the next move from Matt, Ragan, and the others would be Britney. So Brendon winning the POV means she bought herself an extra week, unless Ragan wins a competition. She is kind of screwed either way though. She was hoping Matt would be of great help to her but only because she has no idea about the Brigade.

      1. you’re not so goofy….good insight, Matt would put her up, he would have stuck w/the Brigade and Ragan until it was time for him to go next.

    2. I dont want Matt to win and want him gone ASAP. He’s a player though for sure, he did his homework b4 showing up. He is sitting back and listening and finding out where his votes are. In due time he will tell Britney abt the Brigade to keep her from putting him on the block. I figure Enzo is going home this week. What pisses me off is everyone making assumptions early in the game and the name calling. Just play the damn game already. If people would play the game like Matt then they would realize that everything else is just a distraction and keeping them from focusing on who should stay and who should go. Britney was a idiot for putting Brendon up, he was probably her strongest alley. She should have put up Hayden and Enzo ( or Lane). They are weak players and have never given her any kind of deal. Matt is the brains and Brendon is the physical player. This should be a interesting week for sho! MY prediction is Enzo and Hayden for the eviction ceremony. Going home this week Enzo and possibly Matt if double eviction provides the opportunity.

      1. i agree she should not have put up brendan, if she didnt he would definitely have had her back. but britney is a liar and she put him up because she doesnt like him. I think britney would have been gone next week whether brendan stayed or not. matt’s alliance would be with thebrigade and ragan, even though the brigade is turning on him. and the brigade is smart to try to get britney to back door him

  41. What?!! Why is everyone loving on Brandon right now? Matt HAS made moves to further himself and the stupid brigade. Poor kid doesn’t know when to drop dead weight -Hayden, Enzo AND Lane. They’re all sketchy individuals. Jealous that Matt outplayed everyone in the house. Kid’s brilliant… TEAM MATTY!!!

      1. But it was OK for Matt to make deals with Rachel and Brandon behind the Brigade’s back earlier in the season, right? What kind of funny logic is that?

        1. i so agree, its every man for himself and its smart for hayden and enzo to try and backdoor matt, but it is up to britney, little does she know that they dont want her there either! and i hope she is gone next week

      2. They fill Brendan will carry them further, he is just being used. Matt is beginning to look shady to his Brigade buddies, thanks to his besty, Ragan being the Sab…..oh well, it is a game, right?

  42. Just the Tip:

    Evict : Ratt, Britchney, Gaygan, in that order. I really don’t have a favorite, but I don’t like those 3 for SURE. Cry, Britch, Cry! LMAO

    At least now we’ll see a little drama. So funny!

  43. who wants to bet on this matt will cry and tell ragan to take brit and enzo and lane and heyden out cause that was wrong

    1. he won;t cry but he will tell regan and brit to take out the bitches he been carrying through the entire game for betraying him.

        1. its smart for the brigade to get rid of matt, they cant win against him! itd be smart for britney to keep him, matt is all about himself too though, no one can be trusted because they’re trying to win money. i dont htink matt will cry, i think he will say they were smart to get rid of him and take it like a stand up guy! if he gets got, then he gets got, and im sure he’s a big boy and can deal with it, cause he would have done the same to them.

  44. All Britney has to do is break the beast’s back. But up Hayden and all the Brigade’s dirty laundry will be aired out.

    She has an ally in Matt & Ragan. She doesn’t trust Brendon, Enzo, and Hayden farther than she could throw them. And Lane is acting fishy. Go with your gut Brit and put up Hayden. Fuc|< 'em.

      1. that would be her best move. but she’s all gaga over lane and doesnt want to piss him off. i hope she puts up matt though cause i dont like her

  45. Now is the time for Team Gremlin to rally and put up Hayden!
    RIP Brigade. Fredo/Enzo and Hayden have officially become Brenchel’s Bitches!
    Matt needs to put a drawing of a horse’s head in Fredo/Enzo’s bed to shake him up.
    Fredo/Enzo will never be trusted when he gets back to Jersey. Lack of loyality does not fly there. He will be sleeping with the fish soon.
    Hayden is too dumb to realize that it was Fredo/Enzo who put the hit out on his showmance partner Kristen.
    Lane’s own mother said last Thursday that he was a brawny meathead.
    Britney needs to put up Hayden and then sweet talk Lane to come over to Team Gremlin!

  46. Matt’s fake wife illness was a bad play..why would people want to take him to the final two knowing he will get sympathy votes?..

    1. agree, bad move on his part…..who wants to be in F2 w/someone who needs the money for his wife’s illness? Even Enzo is not that dumb…..that was Matt’s dumbest move, and he went in w/that one.

  47. I don’t think I can watch the live feeds any more. And I’m serious, I’ve turned off the live feed . Lane and Britney’s conversation was disgusting! Watch out ladies, Lane’s a great, manipulating liar — he’s a boring Dr. Will and Boogie-like user of a showmance. Britney is ready to sell out her true friend Ragan to keep him happy. . . even when she knows that it would be better for her to keep Matt and Ragan. I hope CBS is happy when it’s the Brendon-Hayden-Lane-Enzo show.

  48. I am THRILLED to find out Brendon won! Guys seriously IMAGINE the house without the HORD of NERD HERDS ganging up on the love couple.. (no matter how lame) It is the ONLT interesting thing this season. This season is a wash! orrible..U want to continue to see Matt dig down his pants..Enzo meowwing all over the place and Ragan switching his arse all prancing in the house/.Ugghhh! And Hayden Bieber Fever??..Lane’s (done..who names their child Lane?) wtf?…Done this season was the worst ever. the only reason to watch left is to see the 20 vs 1 Brendan and him taking them out 1 by 1..Go Brendan!!…ahahahahhaha (Rachel laugh)..lol…

  49. Brittany is an idiot. But she has to realize that Matt and Ragan are a team and she will be the one they throw under the bus. Her only chance is to backdoor Matt and change the game. She will have the respect of the jurors. If the final two are Brittany and (god-forbid) Ragan….she wins.

    I would LOVE for Matt and Ragan to skip into the jury house holding hands!!!!!!

    I hope Lane can convince her to do this. And hopefully with her being handcuffed to Brendon for 24 hours he will not overdo it and get her on board.

    1. He’s already convinced her. It was clear from watching the conversation. And she’ll have lost Ragan and Matt’s votes for her stupidity but that’s ok, she’s likely to join them while Lane and Hayden fight it out for the 500K….oh, I’m sorry, laze about for the 500k.

  50. Yesss!! I love it. Brendon deserves the half mil. His back has been against the wall all season. He has won probably 65% of the comps. I love what this does to whiny ass britney. I cant stand her. Its payback time. Now if brendon falls for brits crying again and doesnt put her up this week if he wins HOH then he deserves to go for being a tard. I agree with goofy,matt is such a punk. he hasnt done nothin but lie. Ohhehhe he got a DPOV handed to him. BIG DEAL. Take matt out this week,britthen the queen…cry baby. Boo-frikkety-HOOOOOOOO

    1. I don’t see how Brendon deserves a 1/2 million dollars over anybody else in the house. His back is not further against the wall than Matt, Ragan, or Britney. Brendon played his cards wrong in the beginning and has only start excelling after Rachel left, when she was there he was becoming a bigger ass with each day passing.

      1. Are you kidding? It’s been Rachel and Brendon against the entire house the whole frigging season. Now that the 3 Brigade members see Matt as a $ threat have they joined with Brandon, but they want to get him out at some point as well. Nobody is as alone in the house as is Brandon.

        1. Brandon deserves to have the target on his back … He put it there… He’s such a poor sport!!! You can really see ones true character in the BB house. Between him and Rachel OMG they deserve each other!!!

          1. and now the target is on Matty’s back, and oh well, that’s the way this game goes, when some lose some….you just hope you win the one in the end.

          2. The two biggest poor sportsmanship players in all of BB history, as far as I am concerned, is whiny Brenda and that crybaby whiny Rachel. They segregated themselves in the house, they were prancing around arrogant when they won, and sequested and crying when they lost with “it isn’t fair”. BALLS. I do agree, however, the Brendon JUST now started playing the game but revenge is propelling against everyone who was mean to poor Rachel.

            1. omg and britney hasnt whined and complained when she lost! thats all she does is whine and complain and talk bad about people! and all ragan does is cry.

  51. What was the competition?? How do any of you know that the Brogade threw it? Were you there?? So, if Brit keeps Matt and he does become HOH again, he’ll throw her on the block as a “pawn” and if she goes down??—oh well… She and we will have learned the lesson that sneaky, smirky, sleazy, smug Matt has no loyalty. Everyone in the world is to be used to benefit himself — even his wife’s health. He’s completely offensive and disgusting. Most disgusting player in the house at the moment — time for him to go!!

      1. everyone is ultimately out for themselves! but there’s a way do to do it. of course u have to lie at some point in the game and backstab someone, there’s no way around it. but u dont have to be mean and nasty like brit and ragan about it. i like matt, i only dont like what he said about his wife. and i like brendan too. and i am glad he won veto

  52. sooooooooooo brokenhearted… good gawd after yesterday I drowned my sorrows in chocolate, ice cream and cookies and chicken, don’t ask. haha now I’m ready to cry again. this is not my week. nooo don’t send Matt home. Enzo needs to go..

    1. Brendon will take Fredo/Enzo off the block. Britney need to put Hayden up as a replacement and then Matt or Ragan can put Fredo/Enzo up during the double eviction on Thursday and get rid of him.
      Matt needs to out the former Brigade to Britney and the house. That may be the only way to save himself, Britney and Ragan.

      1. But Matt is part of the Brigade. What the hell kind of thinking is that? Matt: Look guys, I’ve been a loyal member of the Brigade from day one, trying to reach top 4 with the other 3 fellas, but my ass is on the line now, so pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase don’t hold it against me and save me, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase, pretty please with cherry on top and sex!

      2. My bad. I meant Brendan. Britney needs to replace Brendan with Hayden and then get Enzo out during the double eviction.
        Sorry. I need to take a break and get some food. I’m running on empty. I feel like I’ve been on slop all week.
        Back later.

    1. If Matt and Ragan were brothers or knew each other then Ragan would know that Matt is lying about the “disease” his wife “has”. You know what would be funny? If karma came and bit Matt in the ass an he ended up with some kind of disease himself. I hope he goes home this week and then Hayden or Enzo go home right after.

  53. this show is so fixed guys Seems to me that BB makes the decision who wins this game not the actual game players. I hate to tell you guys Brendon will still be there in the final 2 due to BB. They will let him win the HOH this week and then put up two people then he cant play in the second HOH for double eviction and then someone else will get the HOH and then put him up again and guess what POV winner once again. I want Lane to win this game. I think he is crazy. So am I disappointed Yes I am almost just about ready to write the BB and tell them they are going to lose ratings due to this season because of this issue with Rachel and Brendon if they think they are the real showmance get real the only people in my opinion was last season and that was Jeff and Jordon.

    1. He is married, but he and Ragan spend a lot of time alone and they lay very close to each other in bed. The way Ragan cried when he thought Matt was leaving and the joy when DPV was played. I ask the same question. Straight men don’t lay in bed with gay men.
      Maybe they are faternal twins.

  54. She should’ve initially put up Hayden and Enzo. I think Britney has forgotten “bros before hoes.”She should have remembered what Kristen was saying about the men. Britney has gotten way too comfort with thinking the men would allow her to be in their inside track except for maybe Ragan. I’ve always wanted to reach inside the TV and shake her for that.

    I could care less about what she says in the Diary Room about people since they aren’t supposed to know. But I thought she should have toned it down in the house and been more inconspicuous for her own sake even about Rachel to a point. She just couldn’t contain her disgust for her.

    Now let’s see if she does something stupid and put up Matt.(Note to non Britney fans I’m not calling her stupid). She should put up Lane’s ass to scare him lol j/k. But what I would like to see her do is tell Matt what they’ve been saying about him and put Hayden up. At this point she has nothing to lose and will very likely be going home next week.

    1. she should go home. she got rid of the females so she could be the only one left and then thought the guys would protect poor lil brit. come on now.Girl power should have prevailed and then they should have battled it out amongst themselves. always doing the boys dirty work… when are the females on bb gonna learn. get the boys out first geez

      1. i so agree, thats what made me so mad with rachel, she shouldnt have played personally, she should have put up matt and another male during both her hoh reigns! then she would have had a fighting chance for her and her “man” to stay. lol

    2. She should have put Hayden and Enzo up. Maybe they would of really tried to win the POV. Then maybe Brendon would of been the one getting back doored. Since she didn’t she needs to put Hayden up. The brigade needs to just be done.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. What happened to Keesha is forever embedded in my Big Brother mind and it should have been in her mind as well. I guess it hard for some women(and Brendon) to draw the line with some of the guys they get emotionally attached to.

  55. I believe that Enzo, Hayden, and Lane really don’t think Matt was the Saboteur, but they are using it as a scapegoat to throw Matt under the bus. It’s perfect convenience for them.

  56. penguin outfit, is the curse still alive? The moment you get the unitard, you are evicted? Please, I call upon all that is decent and holy… Enzo needs to go. He’s wearing the outfit, it’s his time.

    1. yes, hopefully. I’m hoping Brit is smart enough to let them go on and on and like she did before noms and then go to matt and ragan with all the info and let them use logic on her. Everyone is playing so personally this year it’s annoying. Matt is the only playing strategically. It’s almost like everyone is just doing what the majority wants. Brit knows in her gut they’re lying I hope she follows it and the curse stays alive and well

  57. YES!!! Not a fan of his, but I’d rather see him in the game than Enzo. PLEASE I hope Enzo is gone this week. If not him, hopefully she puts up Hayden because unfortunately she probably will not put up Lane. Bring the “Brigade” DOWN!!!! As pathetic as it is, especially being that they think they are something special when its been ALL Matt.

  58. Y is everyone protecting Matt. If Matt makes it to the end he wins. They need to get him out asap. Everyone needs to play for themselves period. So Brendon won I am so glad cuz yes he went back on his word to Matt, they didnt shake on it but he kept his word to Brit and she swore on her family and engagement so says alot about her character. He kept her safe only for her to go back on her word. Cry Brit cry cuz the guys no matter is she got Brendon out was getting her next then Regan. I knew she was idiotic in her choices. should have backdoored Brendon if u truly wanted him out duh and all this what the house wants and who they want put up please ur not their for the house, ur there to further ur game. Stop being a puppet and floater…Yes brit won things but its about making moves..Matt and regan has a final 2 so either way brit u were only a week or 2 away from being gone sorry love.

    1. I actually would like Regan to win. He is funny as hell. I don’t want Matt going up because he will help keep Regan safe, and Brit as well. She is safer with him than Enzo, Lane, and Hayden. She needs to put Hayden up!

  59. Enzo still in the penguin suit. Damn he looks funny espically with the penguin feet on., I thought it was chicken feet at first glimpse.


    1. ANNOUNCER: Site Guest. Please stop shouting and release the caps lock.
      Thank you.
      ANNOUNCER: Yae Dum Dum STOP IT!

  61. Brendon is a fighter. He deserves to be in the finals. He and Rachel have had to fight the entire game. Matt is a dirty RAT! I hate that smurky lip fool. Britt needs to leave along with FAGAN RAGAN. That crying dazy glaring ceiling fool. A BIG BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sooner these 3 are gone the better the show. Let the good guys stay in to battle in out to the end and may the BEST ONE WIN! Go Brendon…. Love the determination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. wow, shes stupid .
    the only reason shes gonna get to final four with them , is so that they can vote her out then .
    i really hope brendon pulls it together & hes final four with them..

  63. Brit now talking about scenarios for next thrusday with Enzo and Hayden. didn’t she just do this with Lane. I guess she will be doing this with everyone espically Brendon later.

  64. BB does not fix the games… Brendon wanted to win the POV more than the rest and he Won!! He is smarter than the rest… I hope he wins.. Matt is a snake and so is Britt..

    1. I’m not certain if the fixed this particular game but they definitely fix games in order to tell the story they want to. I’m positive Rachel’s first win was set up by them and they have chosen challenges at specific times that cater to the stengths of a certain player. At the end of the day, they want the challenges to matter and in order to do that, they need people who are going to change the game to win.

  65. It looks like Brit got played. Just like in BB allstars where Mike Boogie and Dr Will were playing for prizes and not for PoV. I forget her name, in the BB allstars where they all stabbed her in the back and she didn’t get no help in the PoV and ended up going home the week later.

    1. I know. I’ve stopped watching BBAD because I cant stand him anymore. BB seems to love handing the game to people America hates.

    1. Looks like Brit will believe anything right now. I wunder what she going to say to Brendon since she thinks he will win next week.

    2. If she’s smart she’ll take a step back and realize if he was after her she would be gone as he could have put her up with dpov. But why do I get my hopes up that logic wll prevail with these idiots. Just like LML last year. I know we’re not in the house and can see things they can’t but simple logic would squash that. I really really hope Matt gets his say and can explain she would be gone if he was after her

      1. I hope she tells matt about the dumb azz brigade plan to threw him under the bus. Then she will sit pretty while they all go after each other

  66. Do nothings, Hayden, Lane and Enzo, totally pathetic. They probably gave it to Brendon. I hope Brittany sits and thinks hard about who her true friends are and gives Mat an opportunity to talk to her. I absolutely dislike Lane now. He is a big doofus, meathead!

    1. Seriously, why does he even call himself Brit’s friend when all he’s done since she won HOH is try and ruin her game? I hope Brit realizes what a user he is and cuts ties with him.

    2. I think the same thing happened in BB allstars where only the HoH and the 2 people on the block were trying to win the PoV while everyone else wanted to win the prizes.

    3. If Matt stay do you thing Brit wins 1/2 mil? If they get rid of Matt/Reg, then Brit is smarter then the rest most of the time. She may have to pour on the charm with Lane. But I think she has a better chance with Lane/Brit/hay Than Matt/Reg/Brit, well there is alot of hot air with that group the house might fly away. And man that would be a boring game. If Brit/Brend are in the house there is plenty of friction.

      1. My money is that The DR is going to try and sway her towards matt/ragan but right now she seems pretty damn convinced that Matt is the devil and has to go.

      2. Britney must keep in mind she can NOT play for HOH next comp. She needs to make sure she has as many bases covered as possible to ensure her safety from the block and elimination. If Matt goes home then Brendon (or Ragan if endurance) will probably win next HOH based on past performances. Enzo, Hayden, and Lane are worthless.

    1. yea it is to see Whinedon go to the final 2 with either enzo,lane,or hayden and LOSE to them, will be very exciting

  67. Matt, Ragan and Brittney would have no problems whatsoever if they learn to trust each other and communicate. Brit should be 100% suspicious of the Broken Brigade, especially since they keep telling her not to say anything. She is such a coward that she doesn’t trust her friends (Matt and Ragan). TALK TO THEN FOR GODS SAKE. What are you afraid of. Just tell them “Don`t tell anyone“. I also don`t know what the hell got into Matt and Ragan. They are acting like a pair of gay lovers on their honeymoon, and forget they are in a game. Matt especially WTF? How could Matt forget that the Broken Brigade was going to vote hin out and keep Lane. That should raise a red flag, and he should realise that the three of them have an alliance without him included.

  68. Things are getting interesting now. I love it!
    It is nice to see some uncertainty in this game still. I love how Enzo, Hayden, and Lane are the puppetmasters of Brendon and Britney. lol :D

  69. From her conversation with Lane she seems to pretty much understand what’s going on. She knows that putting up Matt is bad for her and that they just want her to, to benefit them. Hopefully she doesn’t let Enzo, Hayden, and Lame convince her otherwise but it feels like production really wants her to put up Matt so they may force her to make this out-of-character move the way they forced Jeff and Jordan to allign with Natalie last year.

  70. brenchel fans must not like brendon too much you do realize whoever goes to final 2 with him will win the game right????????

  71. I am guessing Brendon shaved his head to win PoV? I guess nobody else would do that. Just imagine if Hayden shaved his mop? LOL. At least his hair will grow back. At least we have something to look forward to on Sunday.

    1. Does anybody know WHAT KIND of competition it was? If Brendon shaved his head it would seem to have been the What would you do for Veto competition.

  72. Ok I believe that Brittany will put up Matt but he will go out with exposing the Brigade to everyone on Thursday.

    1. I HOPE that once Matt is gone they tell the house about his lie about his wife being sick. I’ve only watched the show for the past two years. Do they tell the house once the HG is evicted?

    2. I think everyone know Lane/Hay/enzo are playing together so it wont matter, Go ahead Matt Big deal. She knows the 3 are together.

  73. Enzo inHoH room, talking about sending him home if he gets put up and if he dson’t win PoV he deserves to go out? Then he talks about Mattyand Regan being best friends and feeds cut out. Just when he was talking good shit outloud alone. gggggggggrrrrrrrr

  74. enzo is on slop,he’s nominated,he lost his clothes for 1 week and his wearing a penguing suit this guy has a lot going on for him………go B/R i know rachel is not in the house but we all know brendon is playing for her 2 goooooooooooo brendon

  75. I just got on and see there were hair cuts and Balloon Boy didn’t get one! Well, I have to give it to Brendon, that guy is giving it his all and his hair. Britney is in a pickle but that girl seems to always be able to get herself out of the jar. I have to still pull for my favorite of the week, Hayden. A deal a deal. (I am keeping mine because I ain’t on the show.) But, don’t waste your attacks on me. Every time I pull for someone, they don’t win.

    1. BBGrandma, last night I saw balloon boy with wet hair and he has a serious receding hairline on the sides, saw it on BBAD. If it was combed back he would look completely different, not as boyish for sure, but still a cute kid. His wet hair even though it was combed forward had gaping holes, or so it looked! Maybe I was dreaming?

  76. Predictable. Predictable. Predictable… RIDICULOUS! I’m starting to really hate watching this show and should probably just change the channel from now on.

  77. Brendon is a giant dildo who probably can’t even go to the bathroom without someone having to wipe his ass and help him tinkle – oh yeah, that’s what Rachel is for.

    1. oh it’s comingggg. he knows they guys want Matt out so here come last week all over, my god his best friend (lair) doesn’t derserve to leave whaaaaaa.

    1. I agree Hayden has to go up, That way the brigade is done! Their Losers anyway and if she’s smart she’ll stick with ragan and matt and make a deal with brendon not to put her up next week. Plus Brendon will be gunning for matt and ragan. If she evicts matt , he would want her out with ragan. Smart move is to put up hayden and see them cry the rest of the week. Lazy ass’s! Plus she should tell matt that they were throwing him under the bus.

      1. She cant’ beat Matt!!! She has a chance with the funny & funnier guys, which are a lot more likeable then the little rat and crybabie. she thinks she smarter than the 3 guys anyway.

  78. I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am that Brendon won!!! If Brit had any balls she’d get Matt on the block and then they can vote his ass out!!!! He has become WAY too cocky!!! His getting voted out would be too sweet! If she put Matt up it would finally make this season interesting!!!! Guess we’ll find out in a couple of days.

  79. yeah!!!! brendon you messed their plans up once again! great job at winning POV. I hope that Matt goes up, but I think Brit will be putting Hayden up instead. I cannot stand Matt! He is so arrogant, and thinks he is king of BB.

  80. where i can’t get my head around is Matt who knew last week his so-called bro’s were going to evict him, why didn’t he put one of them up???

  81. Brit in the DR for a bit now. I wunder if she is crying in there now telling her sad story now? Pretty quiet now. I guess I missed all the juicy talk when my wife took my laptop.

  82. Looks like people have won something but nobody knows what the person won.

    I think Hayden has to wear the penguin suit till Thursday? Not shure about that one yet.

  83. I don’t really care who goes at this point. I think most viewers will be happy with either Enzo or Matt leaving! They will be impressed with Brendons determination especially after last weeks horrible eviction where his HOH was pretty much stolen!

    1. sorry, but there’s nothing to be impressed with when it comes to Brenda – BB just keeps catering the challenges towards him – giving him a heads up so he knows what he’s gonna do – it has nothing to do with determination

        1. Unfortunately, all the comps are probably rigged to cater to whomever BB/CBS wants to win, whether it’s Matt, Brenda or anyone else. It’s all fixed for drama, ratings and revenue.

        1. By the DR suggesting that this kind of competition might be coming and how far would he be willing to go… and asking him if he would be willing to shave his head.

  84. Y’all talk like this game is an honest game! Its not. Everyone hated Rachel for one reason or another but she and Matt unlike any other HG are actually playing the game. Winning HOH, POV and playing TO WIN! Matt might have a smirk and seem cocky but seriously, if it were any of you, would you not be winking at the camera too full well knowing that you had the DPOV? damn rights.
    Brit, outright lied to Brendon… she even bet on her fiance’s relationship that she would NOT put him up. It ended up being a bad move for her, but again, she played the game. And it got her a week further and into the HOH room.
    No one is really BAD in this game, except the floaters, they just simply play bad. Brendon, Rachel, Matt, even Brit actually play the BB game the way it should be.

  85. Say what you guys want and I said it before.
    Rach/Bren are the strongest duel of players in BB histroy. Straight amazing

    1. No way, Jordan and Jeff were. Everyone loved them, they loved each other and she won. I have been for Rachael and Brendon just because everyone else is against them. Brendon’s problem is believing what everyone in the house tells him.

      He is playing alot better with Rachael out of there.

  86. Why are Hayden and Enzo saying that the game is rigged. The guy obviously made sacrifices to win the veto. (A bald head and 3 weeks on slop)

    1. You had to “buzz in” to answer the questions.. Until the episode airs you won’t know how it went down. Interesting to see who really won the prizes. So far the only one anybody has owned up to is Lane and the call home. 5 G’s and a trip to Hawaii was won by somebody.

  87. I can see it now. Matt has been evicted. Britney is sitting there pouting. Ragan is sitting there sobbing. So Doofus and Dumb and Dumber are sitting around and like the character in The Candidate, they look at one another and say “Now what???” It is going to take Brendon to pull them all together and make a plan. This is one of the all time boring and predictable BBs ever. You just KNEW that Brendon would win POV today. Why is Britney shocked and angry? She didn’t manage her “team” very well. I am glad that Brendon won to play another day. Should get interesing now, so long as Matt goes home. It should NOT become a Matt vs. Brendon show.

  88. I can see it now. Matt has been evicted. Britney is sitting there pouting. Ragan is sitting there sobbing. So Doofus and Dumb and Dumber are sitting around and like the character in The Candidate, they look at one another and say “Now what???” It is going to take Brendon to pull them all together and make a plan. This is one of the all time boring and predictable BBs ever. You just KNEW that Brendon would win POV today. Why is Britney shocked and angry? She didn’t manage her “team” very well. I am glad that Brendon won to play another day. Should get interesting now, so long as Matt goes home. It should NOT become a Matt vs. Brendon show. Please????

  89. Although I hate Lane, Enzo, and Hayden for being lazy and throwing comps…you have to respect their ability to manipulate others. They manipulated britney and her spirit has been smashed to pieces. I dont think she’ll be the same after this. They have brendon in their back pocket and they will get Matt to go home this week. Impressive to say the least.

    1. What makes you think Brittany is not trying to play Lane? She is doing a ” Poor me , nobody in the jury house would vote for me” routine.

  90. I guess there’s no reason to continue watching the rest of the show is extremly predictable now, Brendon gets taken to final 2 and loses to either enzo,lane or hayden, because with brittney,matt and regan gone, NOBODY in jury will vote for brendon except future ex wife….thank you so mucxh simon for the updates , see you next year LOL

    1. Didn’t Matt say he would vote for Brendon if he got to top two? Something about Brendon facing all the hardships of being alone in the house and still making it to the end.

        1. No, he did not say it to Brendon. It was a late night conversation between him and someone else. Can’t remember who, but it was not Brendon. 100% sure. It was surprising for me to hear that, but it was actually pretty respectful to hear from Matt.

          1. matt said it to enzo one night. matt said that if brenden gets to the final after all of the hate he hand to endure, then he will vote for him. enzo got upset and told hayden “yo, matt said he will vote for brenden over the brigade”.

      1. I’m not so sure there wouldn’t be more than one vote for Brendon if he makes it to final two. The guy is a fighter. He needs to be if he plans on living with Rachel.

        1. Well, against all odds, if Brendon did make it to final 2, I think the personal hatred would remain with Britney for sure, maybe Ragan, but Rachel would vote for Brendon, Kathy most likely too, and then the Brigade guys actually may give Brendon some votes as well. It wouldn’t surprise me. But Brendon would have to reach final 2, because I think they will be gunning for him. But who knows. At some point, it becomes every man for himself.

    1. Fixed? Really? People work together on comps all the time to throw them to who they want to win. Unless the actual producers of the show “fix” something (and not the HGs) then shut the hell up!

    2. Yeah I thought so too when Brit won the POV without practicing on that table thing, getting it into the middle slot. There could have been a magnet under the slots so BB controlled the results and put the ball where they wanted it to go. It also seems like BB telsl the people in the house how to act.

  91. Maybe BB will deliver the Brigade T-Shirts with Enzo, Lane and Hayden’s names on it to the Storage Room for Britney to find.
    Now that would be priceless!
    Then Matt can explain to Brit and Ragan that he was initially aligned with them but dropped out in their favor.
    Ragan can then remind Brit that it was Enzo and Hayden who were spending so much time with Rachel when she was back in the house during Pandora’s Box.
    She is a smart girl and should understand that her future is with Team Gremlin.
    Brit needs to put Hayden on the block and save Matt, Ragan and herself.
    They can get Enzo during the double eviction.
    The Costume Curse will assure Enzo goes home.
    Go Team Gremlin! Boo Brenchel’s Bitches!

    1. She will not have a chance against Matt. I think Matt fans are tring to use reverse Physiology to all the Britt fans. LOL

  92. The Enzo just makes up crap as he goes along. I hope Britney does not fall for it. Keep Matt and Ragan safe and start dismantling the stupid Brigade. And I can’t stand Brendon, but it’s not his fault the mighty Brigade threw the comp.

    1. i do not agree… bren and rach played from the beginning, matts problem was not putting up britt instead of kathy… seriously people wake up…

      1. I totally agree with you. Everbody wants to be friends on here and not fight. and play the Game..Thats what I liked about Rachel , she came in ready to play, even if it pissed people off.

      2. I agree. Matt needs to go, he was handed HOH twice by Ragen. And to lie about your wife having a life threatening illness it would serve him right if she did get sick because of that lie he keeps using.

        1. would you rather watch enzo hayden and lane backstab and badmouth and never win anything to back it up

    2. When everyone said it was fixed for matt and ragan everyone was it cant be cry baby Brenden now its the other way around and every one is saying its fixed for Brendan. Make up your damn mind cant have it both ways.

      1. I totally agree with you. They are all just big cry babies who can’t win anything. Britney is so gullible. This batch of players are so awful to watch. Bring rachel back!

    3. ok, anybody that would tell a HORRIBLE lie about his wifes health and think it “good game play” is SICK and deserves NOTHING. He really must not realize that some of the people in that house actually have a heart and feel very sorry for him…Reagan is gonna be PISSED when he finds out…..that is just WRONG…i dont care if it IS a game…Rachael leaving the game was the best thing that ever happened to Brenden…i hope he goes all the way.

  93. For the people who say the game is fixed and that’s it, please post facts? AT least others who say the game is fixed, give reasons as to why they think it’s fixed.

    1. I don’t think the game is fixed, per se, but more like set up to give everyone an equal chance to win. Kevin mentioned this last season and there is a ring of truth to it. Some comps are physical, others mental, some combining speed and accuracy, and others are mostly about luck. BB seems to try to mix them all up, but they have to know that some HGs are going to be better at physical than mental and vice versa. They likely knew that the top contenders in the rope challenge would be Brendon, Lane, Hayden and possibly Enzo. They also probably thought it would come down to Matt, Ragan, and Britney for the last one. I think the person that wins is usually the one that tries hardest, is smartest (had all their facts right, was fastest on the buzzer), or simply the luckiest that time around.

    2. Here’s a fact for you, BB doesn’t allow players to change their hair without permission from production because they want them to look a certain way. That’s why they have to go request clippers and hair colors from production. There’s not a chance in hell that Britney would ever shave her head, and CBS wouldn’t want her to anyway. So, fixed for the winner, probably, but it doesn’t matter, it was definitely fixed AGAINST Britney. I’m not a Britney fan, I’m just saying.

    1. come one….that’s bologna! Enzo is halfway to bald….of course he would have shaved his head…If Big Brother is rigged, I promise you Jordan would not have won last year…If it is rigged then they would have given Brendon a super power last week to trump Matt’s Diamond Power of Veto,

    1. hello its a setup he finnally starts doing something when rachel leaves before that he did shit how conveient

      1. Ok…before Brendan was thinking between his legs..”wink-wink”..
        now that Rachel is gone he is playing better as he is actually using his brain !
        He has always played hard…Rachel too.
        …matt.. GAWD…sick sob lying about his wife like that. get him out Britt out
        floaters OUT Brendan wins

      2. Uh..yeah..Brendan won 2 POVs which was more than Kathy, Hayden, Enzo, Lane, Ragan, Kristen and the other evicted houseguests except for Rachel.

    1. Oh come on u haven’t even seen the pov comp, and ur already saying it was fixed. How about those hoh’s Matt won? Just perfect for small feet little skinny bitches. Please

      1. Neli, I know. There has to have been more to this comp than just shaving your head. I know Hayden wouldn’t shave his head, damn it. But there has to be more that that alone.

  94. Not to mention the fact that Matt is still carrying the lie about his wife”s “illness”. If you’ve noticed, Ragan keeps mentioing that it’s one of the big reasons why Matt needs the money. Wonder if Ragan would still be so loyal to Matt if he knew the truth!

  95. Brigade still owns this game. Enzo/Hadden have Brendon on lock down. Lane has Brit on lockdown. Matt has Ragan. They call the shots. And if Matt can get his bff back doored this week….. na thats asking way too much.

  96. You do realize that brendon got fired for being a pervert!!! I seen that on the message board last week, he had a link to where he was suspended. And if he wins the money, Rachael will just make him spend it all on expensive champane! I personally do not think he is all there in the head! But you have the right to cheer on whom ever you think……

    1. People’s personal lifes outside the game should remain there…BB pisses me off when they do that like bringing Brendon’s ex fiancee on television…of course she’s going to talk down about him

      1. Yeah, that was pretty dirty of BB to bring Brendon’s ex girl friend on TV and let her comment about him. What was they try to accomplished? Nothing but something that is no good for Brendon. And although his ex girl friend said that she’s team Rachel, I think she was just saying that to save face. She wants America to think that she wasn’t jealous of Rachel.

        I think the ex girl friend still have feeling for Brendon. If she didn’t, she would be indifferent and not talk bad about him. She was too descriptive about his behavior toward her and how he’s doing it to Rachel too. In my opinion, the girl has not moved on, because there she was on national TV, making a fool out of herself, letting Brendon’s name popped out of her mouth numerous times.

        1. ya that was total bs.. she broke up with him, yet shes on television complaining about him with her mother basically telling her to get drunk wtf that made no sense..

          1. That was BS. BB did not have any reason to smear Brendan name like that from a hateful mother and daughter. Both had these horrible, I’m going to get you faces on. BB can suck my ass for that one. TACKY!

      2. Yeah, let’s hear all the dirt on Brendon’s X, she looks to be high maintenance among other things. I bet she’s no angel.

      1. It is public record on California state, or school board website.

        He did do something to warrant suspension. It does not elaborate.

        He also has a discriminatory attitude towards gays and short people and treats women like they should be afraid fo him.

  97. Matt needs to go home…anyone who lies about a family member having a life or death illness or just an illness in general is a sick individual…he needs to get the boot ASAP

      1. That’s morally disgusting and wrong…there are people who are actually sick in the world and would do anything to not be…to lie about an illness is more than personal in his own life…and besides…the simple answer is that he brought it to television and decided to share it with the world anyway, there’s a difference

        1. I think the only person .Matts lie should affect is his wife. This is a game and he told his wife he would do anything to win except for cheating and it seems as if shes somewhat okay with it. He also said he would donate part of his winnings if he won the 500k to the charity of that disease. So unless your his wife, get over it!

      2. Um I think that Matt brought up his personal life so that wouldn’t apply to stuff that happened before big brother. Totally different!

  98. Matt, Britney, and Ragan have won way more comps than Lane, hayden, and Enzo. I dont know why Britney would prefer those three losers over people who have proven they can win. Lane has that girl sprung and she cant see through the bs.

    1. Ragan won one pov to save his life. That’s it. Matt won 2 HOHs because Ragan gave it to him, he probably would of won anyways, but technically Ragan gave it to him. Britney’s first pov was given to her, she dropped out of the suitcase contest first. She didn’t deserve that one. It was only by default that she won. The others she did win, they were all ‘by chance’ games, ie: the pinball machine. The only ones that won by merit was Rachel and Brenden last week for working at it faster. Brit did win the HOH fairly though. I’ll give her that. Just the other idiots can’t remember what was said yesterday. Funny how Matt was eliminated first. No super genius there. dodo

    2. Because if she takes them to the final 4 she has a better chance of winning either HOH or POV in the final 4 and HOH in final 3.

  99. Just the TIP:

    CBS/BB – Give the win to the zingbot. It’s been the most entertaining thing on the show.

    baZINGa ;-)

  100. Is Brendon this season’s Jerry? Why do they insist on keeping him? I hope Brit goes with her gut and gets him out. At least if she leaves, she will have done SOMETHING. stupid brigade….

  101. Just because who you like doesnt win dont mean the game is fixed. come on…anyone of them could have shaved their heads or done anything else if they really wanted it bad enough. they all have a choice to throw the comps to get further in the game, that doesnt make it fixed. i could argue it is fixed because they didnt take away matt dpov last week when he was running around telling everyone about a secret power, but yet they told brandon that he couldnt nominate brittney last week cause he told her ahead of time about going on the block. we cant assume things are fixed just because they dont go are way. and without drama no one is going to watch bb cause thats why we all tune in….not to watch pool all night.

  102. I hope Brendon win the whole thing!! Why everybody hating on him he’s doing nothing but playing the game. Now on the other hand I cant stand Britt and Matt, I hope both of them go next week on the double eviction. Goooo Brendon

    1. i cant stand britney either! she’s a nasty person who only talks bad about people. i kinda like matt, i only disagree about him saying his wife was sick! i do hope brendan wins though cause he has fought w rachel to stay in the game when everyone was after them week one. hopefully he can win hoh on thursday and kick britney or ragan out! and i hope brit replaces brendan w matt and he goes this week too

      1. I agree with both of you! Britney is so painful to watch. I really hope she breaks up the cry baby boys. They might be more painful to watch than Britney.

  103. I wish Matt would wear his one piece pajamas all the time, so we wouldn’t have to see him with his hand down his pants. I guess as a youngster he was never told “let it alone, it will grow by itself” or else he is checking to see if his “Package” has arrived yet, or else it’s just self gratification each and every day. I wonder if he does that at home and what the wife thinks of it. or maybe he tells her she has to do it, so she won’t get a rare incurable disease. He is a gross scumbag, and the booger flickerer is right behind him.

    1. there will be another hoh, pov on thursday and if brendon doesn’t win one or both of them he could be sent home. but i don’t see that happening since the only person left who could play for hoh and want Brendon, out would be ragan. I don’t think Ragan will win unless he knows his back is against the wall. I don’t think matt really cares if it is brit or brendon go home next week. he only cares that his the brigade and ragan stay. And Enzo, Hayden and Lane want Brendon to stay, so they can take him out as number 4 and they would be final 3. The only problem is that Brendon will beat those idiots! Lane is the only one I like out of the 3 of them, but I just don’t know why he can’t win anything – maybe he doesn’t really try.

      1. Do H/E/L really want Brendan in the final 4? He has a better chance of winning over them and probably will. If they’re honest about that final 4 deal then they’re just stupid.

  104. Brit will be the dumbest blonde ever to put up matt now. Hayden, enzo, or lane have not one chit and want people to do their dirty work. She needs to talk to ragan and Make her come back to earth. Enzo and Hayden are gunning for her even more the matt. They talked about her all last week with Brendon. She needs to wake up ! Them lazy ass’s cant protect anyone because they never made it to an hoh or one a pov. Thats sick! A bunch of lazy floaters!

  105. Hopefully Brit sees through the BS… Puts up Lane or Hayden.
    The Penzo goes home. Yo !
    Her only hope @ BB, is to team up with Matt & Ragan.
    24 hours chained with the ranting Mantis will B hilarious.
    Penzo , Hayden or Lane winning HOH is a stretch.
    If Matt goes, it’s the raving Mantis’s to lose.

  106. i’d be pissed if I was hoh, and I had to be handcuffed to someone I don’t like for 24 hours. i can’t remember the last time an hoh was ever punished. normally they have a nice enjoyable week, because it is stressful as it is. now she is going to spend the next 24 hours with brenda and no one including matt is going to be able to talk game with her. that is unfair to brit.

    1. I hope Britt is in the DR refusing to be hancuffed to one of the guys, there are so many reasons why that is just wrong (gag)..
      Why was she packing her things in the HOH room today doesn’t she stay there until thursday?
      I read that all her HOH treats were in the trash?

  107. you have got to be kidding with brendon winning again this is getting very boring 3 guys hang together all the time talking shit about everyone still in the game(enzo,lane,hayden) and a player like matt is going home well i wont be watching any more if thats the case cbs you are doing a very bad job keeping people interested when the best you can do is 3 guys backstabbing and bad mouthing and never win anything to back it up but dont worry viewers soon these 3 jerks will be the only ones left in so they will have to win something

    1. i agree… Go Brendon!!!

      how dose this double eviction work. after Brit replaces Brendon with whoever….(crossing fingers and toes its Matt – then he can play with himself all he wants in the jury house)…Is Brit allowed to play the next HOH or not….

      Thursday should be fun….hope Brendon becomes HOH…. then he can put up the former sab Ragan and Matt is not gone by then….if one get POV and gets off…..one of the Brigade must go…..

    2. hes a whinner and the only reason hes still there is because of his showmnse with rachel which is old news and move on he is still going after players for her not the game enough already

  108. I agree I hope brendon does win everybody is hatin on him cuz he’s winning I don’t like brit or ragan but I didn’t say the game was fixed when she won hoh ..people come on mow


    thank you karma, thank you

    brenden wont win big brother, he stands no chance

    but this only stirs it up that much more


  110. Maybe Brittany & Brendon are getting handcuffed now? What a nightmare to be cuffed with Charles “whining” Manson! I don’t understand why anyone wants him to win? Besides being the most annoying person left in the house, he cheats at competitions. Remember when Ragen won the last POV he was cheating off him. Has no backbone. And why does he want everyone to apologize for everything? It’s a game you idiot!! Get over yourself! The dude is wack. Please Brittany put up Hayden!!!

    1. people want him IN THE GAME

      there is a big difference between wanting him there to mess with everyone else’s game…and actually believing he can win…

      he cant win

  111. anyone saying they are idiots to keep brenden…they arent…its the right move, they finally realize it…he has 2 votes max on that jury…even if they believed enzo would vote for him(no)…the ONLY chance brenden would have….

    would be vs brit…since many have said they dont want a 22 year old winning

  112. O.M.G. Britney opened Pandora’s box! She got a work-out with Jesse. after feeds just returned — I hope she gets a power to overturn that idiot Brendon!

  113. brendon: emotional hot-mess. should be on bachelor.
    enzo: pathetic excuse for a human being.
    matt: little man, huge ego – good game player (not afraid of other people)
    ragan: loyal, emotional, trustworthy.
    hayden: blah
    lane: i’m rich and in an alliance so i don’t really care if i win or not.
    britney: sneaky, clever, funny! love her! has a good read of people.

  114. brenden is ridiculous. he won pov so he’s safe. but all his crap talking is stupid. telling everyone they shouldn’t go after him for personal reasons because he is sorry. whatever. he targeted ragan for personal reasons when offered a deal from one person who has not broken their word in this game. i don’t care for brenden but if he wins the comps he earned his spot for another week. that’s all there is to it. i hope enzo goes home and it would be his own fault. he had the chance to win his safety same as brenden. and brit should know better than to trust he can keep her safe. what is with all the matt hating. he has done nothing but single handedly kept the brigade in the game. he may have made deals to further his game behind the brigades back, but he didn’t try to get any of the brigade booted to do it, so how is that backstabbing. i hope he sees what the brigade is doing and outs them for it. they would deserve it since they have been trying to get him gone for 2 weeks now. i would love to see brit rag and matt make the final 3. i would have more respect for them if they were throwing ragan under the bus since he is not a brigade member. enzo is a complete sellout and is too stupid to realize his new alliance w/hayden is a joke. hayden would take lane over him anyday. hayden is too stupid to see that enzo would work to get him out in a heartbeat and not feel bad about it if he thought he had a better chance with someone else. i wanted lane to go far until he suggested matt should go over brenden to britney before the pov. the only member of the brigade to care about it getting to final four is matt. the brigade is really an alliance of one. the others were only loyal as long as it kept them safe and the second it was time to do something on their own to protect it they sold out. i mean come on, it seems out of the bg matt is the only one who knows how to win a comp. he is the only one who was able to keep them safe. when it was time for the rest to step up to keep it safe they started selling out one of their own members and throwing comps instead. if enzo goes home he will deserve it. he should have won hoh or pov if he wanted to stay. and i don’t think he will leave without throwing the bg under the bus.

    1. enzo should go home hes done nothing but talk bull shit absolutely nothing else and its getting very boring to hear his crap over and over do everyone a favor get him out of there cbs

        1. yeah matt is the reason the brigade got this far, but the rest of the brigade would be stupid to keep him because they would not be able to win against him in the end, and hey, winning is what the game is all about? i wouldnt mind if matt stayed cause he does deserve his spot. he did win to get there, as did brendan. these r my two fav people and i wished they would have made an alliance instead of matt w the brigade. the only thing i didnt like about matt is his needless lie about his sick wife.

  115. I’m so happy that Brendon won the POV. Now let’s see everyone else in the house go crazy.
    This is beautiful. Just beautiful. If Matt can’t win the $500,000…I want to see Brendon takes it home.

  116. oh god , this is so pathetic how everyone is throwing matt under the bus ,
    i understand that they all know that they won’t win against matt but SERIOUSLY ?
    i just wish that matt realizes that the ‘brigade’ is betraying him and outs them all before he leaves
    than brendon will also open his damn eyes
    i really hope britney puts up hayden next to enzo though , it’s a useless move but it’ll be better for her cause she knows that brendon , enzo , and hayden are close .. so if she realizes that brendon really is after her she’ll realize that enzo and hayden are too

    1. why doesnt matt go tell brit about this stupid brigad like everyone sees the alliance all the time with enzo lane and hayden and nobody says anything why not there steady talking for one another and always together like come on give us a break with this stupid brigrad

    2. like how stupid are they making these players out to be when all youy see or hear is enzo lane and hayden taking up for one another all the time why is it nobody sees this alliance come on matt talk up and bust this stupid not winning brigrad threesome

  117. aw come on, its the name of the game, get out the stronger players ur afraid of! matt should have teamed up w rach and brendan and gotten rid of them first!

  118. i really think i’m starting to hate ragan after rooting for him up to this week. he’s only happy whe n things are going in his favor. he pouts and cry’s whenever something is not going his way, i think brittany should put him up.

  119. Fixed? Probably! Did no one but me notice that while in the Have Not Room, Brendon stated “. … I would even shave my head to win POV……” Talk about a clue that the fix was in, how else would he have known about head shaving before the competition? Frankly, this is the most boring, dumb uninteresting cast ever. As far as Matt telling a lie about his wife’s health – did anyone ever consider that Matt probably discussed this stategy with his wife prior to the show! Absolutely NO standouts in this group. BB casting really screwed up on this selection!

    1. Obviously you don’t watch the show very good. Matt’s wife was on the show and said she had no idea he was going to tell the lie about her. She thought it was wrong but of course she said she was going to stand behind him and thats why she wrote the letter the way she did.

      1. What’s adorable is that you really believe that she didn’t know about it. He had to research the disease before showing up at the house. She was most likely aware of it and I’m guessing she disagreed with his idea.

  120. Britney accused Brendon of coming after her last week that why she nominated him. Very stupid.. Didn’t she realize Ragan and Lane were Brendon’s original nominees, followed by Matt after Ragan won the POV.? karma could come back to bite her. I hope she wil be evicted on Thursday. GO Brendon….

    1. he did come after her she was his initial choice b4 putting up lane with regan with the possibly backdoor or her or matt

  121. If BB fixed comps, it was in favor of Matt and Ragan, you know those 2 proved they were great at balance and it came down to the 2 of them the first time for HOH, and in a crucial week to save RAchel, they gave them another balance task which came down to Matt and Ragan again, with Matt winning his 2nd HOH and getting rid of Rachel.

    Matt is the scum of the house, he lied about his wife being sick? And Brittany is a complete liar, she will sell her mother if she has to.

    Brendan is the most honorable of the bunch, and actually plays the game and is smart. The other idiots have not figured out that 1. they need him to go to the end so they can beat him in the jury vote and 2. they need him as in an alliance for when the brigade breaks up and they go against each other.

    People, get smart and stop going with the mob mentality about Brendan.

  122. Brittney is letting her crush on Lane mess up her game play. She could have won this game if she had just left Lane alone. She really seemed more intelligent than that. She deserves to loose now. She should have put up Hayden and then the brigade would have been in trouble. I truely hated Brendon at first, bit I am gaining respect for him not that Rachel is gone. It would serve them all right if he wins, What I cannot understand , after watching so many seasons of this, how Brittney trust anyone in the house, How can you be so stupid. Don’t they see how the brigade is always together. My only hope is that Matt will blurt out the alliance right before he is voted off, at least that will let Brittney and Brendon and even Ragan what is going on

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