Big Brother 12 Fan Favorite Britney Haynes Wedding Photos

Last month Britney Haynes Big Brother 12 America’s favorite married her high school sweetheart Nathan Godwin. The wedding tool place on March 18th at 3:00pm at the Pratt Place Barn. Photos were provided by Miles Witt Boyer. No this was not the guy she was dating when she was on the show, Nick and her broke up shortly after Big Brother 12 ended. Britney and Nathan spent their honeymoon in Paris, leaving March 19th.

Recently Miles has posted a whole collection of the wedding photos on his facebook page, Here is a sneak peak at them. What do you all think, Ring, Dress, Groom?




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6 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Fan Favorite Britney Haynes Wedding Photos

  1. She looks beautiful and I love the dress. They are a cute couple! and I know many people would of liked to see her and lane together, but Lane strikes me as an asshole boyfriend type. And Britney seems like the type of girl that likes control.(true for most girls but some are worse than others haha) and I don’t think Lane would go for that lol!

    1. Hey Megan, I think you are right about why Lane and Britney would never be able to get it to work outside the Big Brother Game. With CBS jamming Brenchel down our throats it was nice to watch the live feeds and see another flirty couple that was fun to watch.

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