Spoilage – Emmett: “I can’t believe she waxed Topaz’ cr*tch.. Thats F**k*d.. Ehhh.. weird “

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week


10:30pm Kitchen Peter and Jillian

Jillian wants to make sure where Topaz is before her and Peter talk. Peter suggests they talk in the HOH. Jillian remember that Topaz is in the Diary room thinks it’s OK if they talk in the kitchen. (Alec is in the hot tub with the maid)
Peter tells her It doesn’t make sense with him that Alec would go up into the HOh and threaten Jillian. Jillian explains that Alec was nice to her but once he felt like he wasn’t getting what he wanted he started to become aggressive to her.

Jillian: “I told him the same thing I told you.. one of you is going up as a Pawn with Talla”

Jillian “And he was like if you put Peter up all three of us are going to be fighting for the POV and we’re going to take him down and be gunning for you.” (You need to watch the video of Alec and Jillian in the HOH)

Jilllian adds that Alec told her if the POV is played she should put up Topaz it’ll be OK
Peter: “But… he’s selling her out.. this is a totally illogical move it doesn’t make sense”
Jillian: “Ya.. and when I strayed he said put Andrew up as the pawn.. even when I told him differently”

Jillian: “I went into the bathroom and he came up to me and said… Jillian I know how you can put Andrew up and not look bad.. just say you made a deal with Topaz during the HOH… (LOL)
Jillian was shocked by this says she told Alec multiple time that she wasn’t going to put Andrew up.
Peter: “I understood that when you told me the first time”

Jillian says that it was like Alec thought she was some dumb girl.. she tried to tell him that Andrew was to her like Topaz is to him.
Peter: “Thats a perfect analogy.. I Never had a deal with Topaz my deal with him was 15 seconds into the game.. I was like hey Alec you want to make a run for this.. lets go.”

Jillian makes Peter feel that the nominees will be Alec and Talla. Peter asks what if the Power of Veto is played who would she put up. Jillian says Topaz. Peter says he does plan on trying for the POV and if he wins it he’ll take out Alec. He adds that he’s not very good at competitions but he’s gotta win some sooner or later.



10:30pm Alec and Andrew Hot Tub
Chit chatting about sh1t .. (both are actively campaigning against the other yet they can share a conversation like gentlemen)


11:24pm Andrew and Emmett
Chatting about waxing..
Andrew: “I got my legs waxed by Talla.. it was a nightmare.. you can do a much better job than that”
Emmett: “She was doing a shit job man.,. all the wax was coming off the sides”
Andrew: “I know man i was there.. ”
Emmett: “I can’t believe she waxed Topaz’ crotch.. Thats Fucked.. Ehhh.. weird ”

Emmett: “I told peter tonight.. I said listen Pete.. I was like.. honestly I don’t know what the F*** Alec is doing.. He never goes to talk To jillian and he goes from not talking at all to straight up threatening.. she’s worked up she’s pissed who does he think he is TOM.. I told Pete I was like man.. he F***ed you over Big time… Cause now if you win and take him off it makes you look bad.. and now you could end up there with here (Talla)”

Emmett think Alec does all the thinking in the Peter and Alec alliance and Alec isn’t as smooth as he thinks he is. Emmett has been trying to separate Peter and Alec.
Emmett is really worried that he’s not going to get picked for the video suggests that he should go up against Alec (Emmett has suggested this many times.. I doubt he’s serious) Andrew: “Don’t do it man.. You cannot do that put two of them up there guarantee when of them goes home.. as much as you like Peter you know they have a final 2”
Emmett: “I want Alec gone this week”



11:20pm Bedroom Alec and Peter

Peter: “When you are talking to Jill tomorrow make sure you do not throw Topaz under the bus.. Always say Talla is the target because that’s what she wants ”
Peter adds that Alec has to make it look like he’s with Topaz because right now he’s making Jillian think that he would turn on anybody when he tosses Topaz’ name out there as a target.

Alec doesn’t say anything in return.


11:30pm HOH Andrew, Emmett and Jillian

Andrew tells them that he’s going to bed really quick. Andrew says he was just talking to Emmett and he was saying he wanted to be put on the block against Alec so he can play in the veto. Andrew wants to make sure that Jillian doesn’t do that.
Andrew: “I would like to say it is a FU*** stupid Idea”

Emmett rehashes his conversation with Peter.. Andrew talks about how it’s important they stick together



12:00AM everyone is getting ready for or already have gone to bed.. Emmett and Jillian kiss.. Topaz and Alec cuddle.

Jillian: “I can’t believe you drank milk until you threw up Emmett Blois.. Will your family laugh really hard”
Emmett: “My brothers will.. ”

Emmett and Jillian before bed

3:10am Everyone still sleeping

9am – 9:15am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen..

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A couple weeks ago re: Alec I could take him or leave him. He didn’t bother me as much as he bothered some people. Fast forward (sponsored by Panasonic Blu-Ray) to now, and I just think he’s a smarmy douche, someone who definitely would’ve benefited from being punched once or twice in high school.


I hope Jillian puts up Alec and Peter and that Alec goes home. He’s so arrogant and the way he was threatening her was just too much. Guy, she’s the one with the power to put you on the block. You might not want to threaten her and tell her what’s best for YOUR game. Why should she care what’s best for you?? He’s not that bright. And to throw Topaz under the bus…how is that going to get Jillian to trust him? He’s all over the place and showing himself to be very shady. I know that Jillian doesn’t want to gossip and pit him and Topaz against each other, but come on. If she did, and Topaz were to win Veto, maybe then she wouldn’t take him off the block. Then again, Topaz would probably still take him off. He’s done her dirty more than once and she’s still making out with him, which is annoying. They don’t seem to make as much noise as Jill and Emmett though. Those two have to learn how to kiss without all the noise. I had to stop a video because all the lip smacking was driving me nuts. Bottom line is, Alec needs to go!


LOL every time Jemmet kiss I get a flashback of that stupid Super Bowl commercial with Bar rafael and the nerdy kid, just when I thought I finally repressed that image/noise successfully:( I can’t imagine how uncomfortable Emmett’s mom is right now, she seemed diplomatic in the last ep but she looked so grossed out!

Alec keeps his eyes open when he kisses Topaz though, that might be worse!


Yeah, and Emmett and Jill’s moms probably don’t appreciate seeing his hands all over her chest either. Alec not only keeps his eyes open but he looks at others while making out with Topaz. So unappealing and weird. Between that and Emmett and Jill’s noises, it’s a tossup which one is worse!


I 100% percent agree!! I am listening to the feeds, turning it up loud because its kind of low, then out of no where NON STOP disgusting, smooching noises. Man it’s getting on my last nerve. They are my favs, but if this continues, for my own sanity I wouldn’t mind if one of them was sent..no I’m not gonna say that. But I really find it annoying as hell and it really needs to stop.


Jillian is stupid if she does not put both Alec and Peter on the block together. If she puts up Talla and Peter or Talla and Alec then one of them has a chance to win the veto and take the other off. Then both of them would be safe. STUPID MOVE if she does that. I hope not.!!!


Interesting viewing would be for Alec/Peter to win POV and take himself off the block – if Jillian (as she says) then sticks to her word and doesn’t put Topaz up then she has to put Andrew or Talla up as pawn – which will make whoever it is feel like they are less important – (if she is super smart she will put Emmett up – because they are in a strong showmance and he is going to know she just had to). Because it is a double eviction week Topaz or Alec/Peter need to win the HOH immediately after that and the one after that. They need to reduce the numbers of Beast Coast to 2 as well and then it is 2 against 2. That would be a worthwhile show for the next few weeks. Having the Beast Coast get their way and have their F4 and pick off the whoever is left off Alec/Peter and Topaz and then J+E coasting to the win would be pretty lame IMO….


If Jillian did put Emmett up, it would be too tempting for Talla or Andrew to break the milkmance up. Since the shield is obviously a nervous wreck, this makes the milkmance appear as an even juicier steak! People seem so keen to “make a big move” that gets remembered, well this would be one of those.

So Jillian would actually not be super smart but super dumb in my opinion. But she’s not, and so she won’t. 🙂


You are correct – thanks for pointing it out. I thought about that after the post but was too lazy to add to my response once it appeared. I would still like to see Jillian stay true to her word and have to nominate one of the beast coast instead of Topaz (not that I am wanting Topaz to win) but Jillian and Emmett have had things a little bit too easy (also — Jillian is forgetting her own lies and deception to get to this position) and almost the entire house has always been in agreement about who is going out.


I go to the live feeds just now and every camera is of alec and topaz sleeping?? Are you telling me there is nothing more interesting in the house then these two dodo birds?


Every time they show Topaz and Alec kissing I have to turn it off it makes me sick, those 2 are NAS-TAY!!! lol


I feel the same way and for some reason even moreso when Jillian and Emmett make out…..PLAY THE DAMN GAME….work on your love life outside the house


I want Alec to leave the game, but if he wins POV and somehow manages to get him or topaz to win HOH, can you really blame the guy.

A snake is a snake, he will skirt his way thru any problem, so if he wins the pov and hoh, he deserves it, but don’t discount his gameplay. Without Emmett, Alec would stay this week. Only reason Jillian is doing this is she knows that she won’t be target number 1, she’s always number 2 as long as emmett is in the game.


WOW! DANIELLE MURPHREE just won the PIRATE SHIP ENDURANCE COMPETITION, JANELLE had a talk with her, and Danielle now tells everyone Janelle was THREATENING her!
Oh, I’m sorry… Am I 1 season late? Well, in this case, just replace the names and you have it all. Except Danielle might want to “see how it’s done properly”… (here, Alec did at least threaten Jillian a little, she kept it classy and didn’t exaggerate to the point of saying she feared for her life!)

– I tip my hat to BOTH Jillian and Emmett for the way they manoeuvered this ship through what was promising to be a terrible storm: Breaking up their final 4 with Alec and Peter.
Alec stumbled into providing them with a good opportunity, and how they managed it was nothing short of perfect. Emmett actually got Peter to accept that Alec f*ed up, thereby being the one to “break up” their supposed final 4. Since Jillian had made it clear that she wasn’t going to put up Emmett, Andrew or Topaz, she didn’t even have to work Peter for him to throw Alec under the bus: It was going to be Alec OR Peter next to Talla (so the shield thought!) and Peter immediately pushed for Alec.
Then Peter did his newest, HUGE MISTAKE. Telling her that he would try to win POV and take Alec off the block. Seems like a no-brainer, but actually TELLING her that before noms pretty much means he just INVITED HER to nominate him NEXT TO ALEC!
This is such terrible crisis management by the shield…

– To quote Simon’s recap: “Peter drives home (to Jillian) how good he is at this game and how big of an asset he is to have in Jillian’s corner. “I feel like I have the strongest social game” (It’s funny that Peter says that he actually has the weakest social game.. he’s got the best stealth game however)”
AGAIN, as noted before, he’s a LOUD FLOATER! I feel Jillian might have had to restrain herself from laughing out loud at that point.
Sorry, but I feel I’m being objective when I say that he’s utterly useless and BAD at this game. And that’s why he might get dragged along until the end because noone but Alec would ever give him a vote. NOONE. So he’s “playing a good second place game”, I guess, but not by choice…
If Alec wins POV, I’m confident Topaz will go home rather than Peter since she IS a threat and has more friends in the jury.
(Just a quick comment on the comparison with Dr. Will from above: the difference is Dr. Will understood what was happening around him. Peter, not at all).

– The shield were so proud of their STRATEGIC MOVE to get AJ out instead of Andrew, hoping Andrew would do the dirty work of targetting Emmett and Jillian for them. This resulted in the Beast Coast. And that’s the end of the Shield. Isn’t it ironic?

– LIVE UPDATE: as I’m writing, it’s bedtime, and Alec just tells Andrew in the bathroom “man, I just realized I LIKE YOU … and we should be working together” The level of clumsy despair is so embarrassing it’s actually funny! 🙂


Excellent post. I couldn’t agree more. I think too many players go on Big Brother now and rely solely on their social game. It’s okay to do that, but for it to work you have to be on Dr. Will or maybe even Dan Gheesling level (though he was playing with a bunch of amateurs last season). If you’re not on that level (and I don’t think anyone would say Alec and Peter are on that level), then you need to do a lot more strategizing as well as win a comp when you need to. That’s why, to me, the best BB players aren’t just the ones that have strong social games, but the ones that recognize maybe their social game isn’t the best, and compensate for in other areas–kind of like being a five-tool baseball player.


Yep, Peter and Alec feel like if they copy Chill Town/Dan’s DR’s and shout how they control the game, then people will believe them (Chill Town/Dan WERE actually doing what they were saying, unlike The Shield). When in reality, Peter can’t win a challenge (say you threw it, that’ll help you save face) so he’s horrible physically, they are horrible socially and strategically as well (you pointed out a few of the reasons). If it wasn’t for the DRs and the fancy hand sign/alliance name, they would be classified as floaters. They are pretty delusional if you ask me…as Andrew says “Peter has done nothing.”
I wonder how these evicted houseguests feel seeing this quiet, shy guy who does nothing in the game but speaks in the DR like he runs the house and is pulling all of the strings. It must be shocking. But hey, production is giving him a great edit. I call nepotism on that, but whatever. Hopefully it’s Alec this week and Peter the next.
I can’t imagine Peter getting voted out having done nothing in the game with everything he’s said in the DR, that would be too hilarious. At least he’s still in the game right now, he has a chance to back up all of the stuff he’s been saying with a big move. I doubt he’s capable though. We’ll see.


Hey Simon. Is there a chance you could put up a poll asking Yes/No – “Would you want to be a Houseguest?”(Do you think you have great game?) or “Do you enjoy watching as a viewer and that is the enjoyment – no need to participate” I hope my questions make sense Simon. I am way too curious for my own good, I know. Myself —–never, ever, ever could I do something like this for no amount of money. Thanks.


IMHO……I think that Alec and Topaz should be on the block. One of them win POV and takes themselves off. If not then let the nominations stand just like it did with Tom and Liza. Use the same speech even how they are both up , need to work hard to win POV because she can’t take the chance of two strong people staying in the house. Even tho she did promise Topaz and doesn’t want to go back on her word… things changed when Alec threatened her and they both have been lying about their showmance.


I think Peter and Alec should go up. If Alec & Topaz are nominated, then Peter can win the veto to save Alec and they would both be safe as the veto winner and the veto holder (same goes if Peter is nominated with Topaz). But if both Peter and Alec sit next to each other on the block, then they would be forced to fight for the veto for themselves and not for each other. Also, they would be forced to campaign for themselves to stay. If Alec & Topaz were on the block, Peter would campaign for Alec to stay (and vice versa). It’s more important to evict either Alec or Peter because that duo is much stronger than any combo of Alec & Topaz or Peter & Topaz.


Keep an open mind because I am a newcomer to the Big Brother world/game: What would happen if Jillian nominates Topaz and Alec? Repercussions/gains/losses to her? I still don’t understand all the logistics and am fumbling my way around a bit while learning the ‘game’. If you don’t mind, any input is appreciated and valued.


First, welcome! 🙂
Don’t be afraid, we don’t bite! 🙂 (most of the times)
I’d say Jillian shouldn’t put Topaz up at first since she did promise her that she was safe.
Besides the obvious moral issues with not holding on to your word, from a game point of view, it wouldn’t be good since we’re close to the end, and the jury would certainly hold it against her that she broke her word.
Plus, she can get the same result if Alec wins Veto and takes himself off. Then, she can replace him by Topaz, and say that her promise was only for nominations, not for a replacement nominee… (still debatable, but that’s how BB contestants from previous seasons treated the subject!)
Assuming their order of targets is 1-Alec; 2-Topaz and 3-Peter, the worst case for the Beast Coast would be if Jill nominates Alec and Peter, Topaz wins POV and takes Alec off the block. Then, they’d have to settle for target 3, Peter.
Still not a bad thing… And seriously, Topaz isn’t the favourite to win any POV in my book. 😉


If there was a button we could wear that said, “I voted Dawg,” well, I would wear that button right now.


You’re the best! I want a I voted Dawg button and shirt! Na forget the shirt, cool guys go shirtless!


You grant wishes, on top of everything else you do for us – you are something. I just noticed you put up the poll. Ask and you shall receive – sometimes. Hugs.


How much do they charge for the BBUS Live Feeds?


I feel like most of the show’s focus is on the guys when Jillian is proving to be kind of a powerhouse. She’s not the loudest or the funniest but she’s actually the strongest competitor and she isn’t playing the weasel character, either. The only thing left to work on is her social game. Draw a line in the sand and abandon the alliance with Peter and Alec! Nominate them and solidify Talla and Andrew on Team Emmett & Jillian. It’ll be those four against Alec-Peter-Topaz and with Jillian in power, it doesn’t matter which goes home because one of them is guaranteed to leave… putting the numbers even more in their favor for next week.

I hope Jillian stops being wishy washy with the “let’s put Alec or Peter up as a pawn” nonsense… what’s the point of that? Reasons for drawing a line in the sand:

1) There’s no point in possibly sending Talla or Andrew home when Alec & Peter are more dangerous because they’re a solid team.

2) Even if her plan is to tell them that they’re pawns when they’re actually targets, she might as well be upfront and gain Talla and Andrew because it’s not going to stop the one who stays from plotting against her and Emmett, anyways.

3) Topaz is a non factor lol. Whether or not she stays or gets evicted this week, nothing changes. It’s still Emmet & Jillian versus whatever combination of Peter, Alec or Topaz stays… and Topaz is the least lethal because Alec & Peter are stronger than any combination of Alec & Topaz or Peter & Topaz.


what do you guys think happened to Alec? He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, and a not a doucher at the beginning of the season. Once he got that hoh, he started being a prick. He is definitely a goner. so much for controlling the house lol


His true colours started to show. There’s only so long you can hide it.
I think he doesn’t like talking about his past relationships because he was probably abusive.
I really think he has some deep rooted issues with women hence the utter disrespect for Topaz and the passive aggressive behaviour towards Jillian. Not to mention his detest for Suzette, Talla, Liza and Danielle. He’s a mess,


I’m so glad someone brought this up…while I would go as far to say he may be abusive but there is def issues with women. I mean I was all for the relationship but now I’m just concerned for topaz. From watching the videos and their conversations she actually knew/knows a lot of what is going on and can pick up on what people are feeling and thinking and a lot of the stuff she discussed with Alec ended up happening. However Alec has always seemed obsessed with a Bros alliance. Even know topaz still has his back but he’s running to Andrew saying they should work together. I think he devalues women and I wouldn’t be surprised if its due to the type of work and research he does.

He deals with what the sexes find attractive and I wouldn’t be surprised if he implements a lot of his research into his own life and therefore finds women easy to manipulate.

Ie his research states that women find shame and I can’t remember what other emotion attractive in men. With the whole Tom thing (while I would understand anyone being upset like that) part of me thinks Alec ran with it and topaz said in later talks that the incident made him seem more ‘human’ and that it was cute.

Also there was someone about males having larger upper bodies and that being attractive. If you notice his body his legs are out of proportion to the rest of him and I don’t think I’ve seen him work out his lower half.

I think what we are seeing is a psychological breakdown he is in an intensified envrioment with a girl I honestly believe he actually likes but because he’s been this fake person he isn’t sure how she will receive the real him (if he even knows who that person is). He could either stay the douche bag that he is or let his guard down (which is a lot to ask after 40 something days).

I feel bad for him but like Gary I like to see real shit.