Neda – “Oh My God.. This is going to go down as the stupidest move.. F** this veto”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 19-13-12-005

9:03pm Poolside Gremlins and Allison
Sabrina wonders if Jon/Neda’s plan was to send Adel home. Allison doesn’t think so.
Allison says the final 4 that they made were JON/Neda/Adel and Heather. She thinks that Neda and Heather plan to take Jon out and get to final 2.

Rachelle asks if Jon and Neda are wanting to keep Arlie.
Allison – “If they do I’m f*** dumbfounded.. I’m not making the move I thought I was”
Sabrina agrees.

Neda comes by says they “read her lips wrong” (During 3 hours of feeds being cut a lot happened)

Rachelle says her brother is deaf so she reads lips she was able to understand the conversation Neda/Heather.. were having.

Neda says it was mean what Rachelle said in front of group of people.

Sabrina asks why are Heather and JOn are so pissed.
Rachelle asks her if she said something about final 2 with Heather
Neda no the majority of it was how good the food was.

Rachelle asks them why they were so concerned about the volume of their voice
Neda says they were talking about Arlie

Rachelle says she knew what they were saying, She knows they were talking about how pissed Sabrina is off the block. Rachelle leaves.
Sabrina points out that Rachelle learnt to read lips when she was a kid.
Neda says she would not be out here talking to Sabrina and Rachelle if what she was saying wasn’t true.
Sabrina says Neda lied to them about throwing out the condiments. “It’s very clear you guys can lie to our faces”

Neda leaves..

9:10pm HOH Heather and Jon

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 19-25-27-921

6:22pm Allison and Sabrina Poolside
Sabrina tells him everything Rachelle read off their lips is a HUGE advantage to Arlie.

Rachelle joins them says that neda is scared Sh1tless.

Arlie says he wants to get revenge.
Sabrina says she is worried he’s going to rea laing with Jon

He says if they keep him in the game he will kill the other side hje’s confident ALlison will go with him.

Arlie says Jon, Neda heather 100% “I want them so bad”
Sabrina says if Arlie stabs them in teh back again.
Arlie swears up and down he will not do that.
Arlie – “You have to talk to Allison and tell her you gotta do this I understand your reservation here but I will be the target”
Sabrina says they are going to use this to our advantage.

Heather joins them and Arlie leaves
Rachelle asks her if she wants to tell them anything about what was said. They tell her Rachelle can read lips. Heather says it doesn’t bother her.
Sabrian then why were you so pissed

Rachelle says they all looked scared and they said “Oh don’t worry the volume was off”
Heather says they talk about how shocked they were the veto was used. Heather adds they talked about Arlie and how he backstabbed his past alliance and they hope nobody is falling for his schemes now.

Heather – “That was pretty much it we talked about silly little things.. the only game talk was about Arlie”

Rachelle asks them why they were pissed when all they were talking about was Arlie.
Heather tells them if Arlie stays in the game they are all f*** because he’ll win the game.

Heather says it doesn’t bother her 100% that RAcehlle can read lips.
Heather – “Just be smart with your decisions”
Sabrina says It’s smart for them to keep Arlie and best for Heather if they keep Adel. Heather says he will backstab them without a second thought. Sabrina says Arlie isn’t going with them after they try to backdoor him. Sabrina tells her if Adel win HOH she is going up 100%.

Heather says Arlie has to go home.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 18-47-25-046

6:22pm Neda, Adel and Jon

Neda – “I’m so over this twist business”
Neda – “That f***g veto.. what was your reaction.. rho was like you can read lips”

Jon asks if Allison really wants to work with Arlie.
Neda – “the whole thing in this game was she’s had zero power..”
Neda explains how Allison teaming up with the Gremlins and Arlie she has power, She planned this all.
Jon – We’re so F*** “
Neda “F** this veto”
Neda – “Oh My God.. This is going to go down as the stupidest move”

Neda – “F** these twists how to you prepare for them”
Jon says she didn’t have to do anything Big Brother just handed her the Veto.
Jon – “OHH man if Shaban,stays he’s going to be the most Epic guy in the house”
Neda – “He’s going to win.”
Jon – “Arlie is going to drop them like a sack of potatoes”

Neda says they have to keep reiterating to the gremlins that they would rather stick with them than Heather.

Neda – “Oh my god I hate Allison so much with a passion”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 19-51-44-096

9:56pm Gremlins and Heather
Heather tells them Arlie is going to target them if he’s left in the game. Sabrina says that doesn’t make sense because they would have saved him. Sabrina thinks Arlie will try and break up the paris, Neda/JOn and Neda/Heather.
Sabrina – “Look Heather everyone knows you are a pair”

Heather – “he will go after one of us and one of you”

(Video coming)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 18-53-57-527


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Good for Rachelle for knowing how to read lips. I wonder how much training that takes to properly do it right.


Does anyone know what Rachelle read from Neda and Heather’s lips?


Ok 1st of all I voted for Allison to get in. She got in and her gameplay suck. Now, using that veto was a smart move to gain trust from the others. Neda wasnt my favourite at the beginning but shes an observant so i like her about it. This season I dont have a favourite at all. I know i dont like Sabrina lol, If Arlie is safe this week I think he has a chance to win the whole thing.


If Arlie passes this week, I’d say he’s the most deserving of the grand prize.


Neda I feel your pain, I too hate Allison with a passion, in fact yesterday I wanted to hit a wall after telling the gremlins being drunk was part of her plan, disgusting eyebrowless trash


***after hearing Allison telling the gremlins


Wow….that’s a lot of hate. Remember it’s only a game…..houseguest are probably much different on the outside….fact is, it’s best for Allison’s game to get rid of Adel this week. Neda, Jon and Heather are already planning to evict her next week. It would be stupid to stick with an alliance that tried to backdoor her.


I don’t want Arlie to go yet…. 🙁
He’s so entertaining to watch


I love that picture of Arlie. All he really needs to do is lay low and keep telling Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison what they want to hear. Fingers crossed that Arlie stays in the game.


I think Allison keeping Arlie is best for her game. If she alignes with Jon/Neda/Heather and Adel she is F $@# cause in their eyes, she is threat to them and Neda hates her.


As much I hate Sabrina, the bitch has 2 pets now (Rachelle & Allison). She is a strange one.
Neda and Jon should be working overtime on the gremlins and Allison to vote out Arlie.
Allison is still confused and thinks she is a mastermind for keeping Arlie. Dont ask my why… She is a FLOATER!
Adel, *le sigh* the guy is lovable but has no game….
Rachelle should not talk at all. You either be Sabrina’s pet or you use your brain but you cannot talk to Heather like that.


Jon should also be working Adel and Arlie on the danger of an all-girls F4 but he seems blind to that.
Yes, one guy is going home.
Yes, Arlie is a threat.
So is Neda, Heather, Alli, Sabs & Ro.
HJoncould be up and out next HoH.


Neda is up there with one of the worst players this season. I don’t understand people’s infatuation with her or her gameplay. She single-handedly destroyed a solid alliance that could have lasted for another 2 weeks and I hope she is the next one evicted. She has been a TURD NUGGET for the last 2 weeks.

Neda Sucks

Agree with you…But with most of these people in this blog they turn a blind eye or ear to Nedas nasty comments and such hatred…….double evict. Good riddance Adel and Neda.


The Gremlins are so entertaining right now. The interrogations with Neda, Heather, and Jon are soooooo funny and intense. Say what you want about Sabrina but she’s definitely persistent and is good at extracting information.


I think its going to go down to Allison vote. Heather as she left room and Allison said for fuck sakes what am i gonna do. In other words shes not made up her vote.

If jon was smart he would say fuck the Gremlins he trying make them feel good! Jon its Allison you need and they are acting like they have her god.


C’mon this back and forth was so predictable. It keeps all of us glued to the feeds and on sites like this. We are the stooges and Production are the puppet masters.
What is interesting is Production didn’t show the other house guests how Allison found the veto so they are not done with the war room or secret room. It will probably factor another twist.

El Hundo

Ay Yi Yi


I hate Allison, I cannot wait until someone decimates her!

And yet I love Arlie… damn, It’s all about who wins HOH next week.


I’d have to say that Allison’s been decimating herself. Dumb luck is all that’s keeping her in the game, and that can’t last forever.

another name

I know this will be hated, but it must be said:
about a week and a half ago the outsider jon neda adel arlie heather alliance were laughing about how even if they were in trouble, another twistos twist would save them like all the rest had. now that one of the twists goes against them, look at the complaining.
it wasn’t unfair when it helped them. they didn’t have sympathy when the twists destroyed their competition’s game. how sympathetic should anyone be now?
guess karma doesn’t take sides.
btw, I still hate production manipulation and interference.


Why do people complain about production interfering… that is a part of Big Brother. Expect the unexpected. While it is a game it is still a SHOW. Hence, Game Show. They still need to attract viewers and make the story line interesting because at the end of the day… BB needs to generate $$$. I like the fact that production gets involved. It keeps the players on their toes. If production didn’t get involved the 1st 5 would have just kicked the HG out one by one and the viewers would complain about how boring the show was.


yeahh… dunno about that one
BB US 12 was one of the best seasons i’ve ever watched. the brigade is an extremely underrated alliance. unlike baddies like you, i can appreciate when strong players band together to stomp the rest of the house. i can tell you’d be a maddie baddie in the BB house.

another name

i’m not naïve about all television shows being about the generation of revenue. of course they are.
you can say but it would have been boring to have the first five run the board. given the numbers in the house, and the number of enemies some of the first five had, it is reasonable to assume that one of the first five would have been eliminated within two weeks of ika’s departure anyway. this would have shown gamesmanship. the type of back and forth wheeling and dealing we are seeing now would have happened weeks ago in this eventuality.
sure, the interference made the viewers feel like part of the process, but really, if players require the viewers to play for them, do they deserve our respect?
my answer is no. yours may be yes.
by the way, if the formula of the past season correlating to this season continues to hold true: adel will go this week. jonedaheather will end up with hoh. they will attempt to get rid of arlie. instead they will end up sending home Adel’s biggest enemy. Sabrina.
not a prediction, just data analysis.


lol screw alison,sabrina and rachelle team ADEL FTW!!! SINCE DAY 1

Russ from Van

been so addicted this season, but I’m gonna take a bit of a break from the show tonight, because I really need to study and get back to real life, but I am looking forward to see tomorrows episode, and see the fall out from everyone getting trashed on Sunday night. Thursday will be an epic day too, so with those two days ahead, I need to be productive today.


“Just Be Smart With Your Decisions” – Digging Heather’s awesome subtle veiled warning aka if you make a mistake I am going to pounce and make a big move…lol!!


What sucks is that Alison can’t say how she got the veto after she used it…. they all think BB just handed it too her. If Neda kept lookin in the flower pot, and not just brushed it off, she could’ve been the one with the power. Now she is bitching bout it.


It would be wonderful to see her reaction when she see’s that episode. “holy Fuck…I could have had it”. Superficiality at its best. Too stunning.


I am LITERALLY watching Neda/Jons game implode!!! Hilarious!!!! 10:50 pm EST Feed 3


Okay I do kind of want Arlie to stay just to create drama but the fact of the matter is Allison really hasn’t done all that much and this veto she found was totally random – Neda and Jon couldn’t have seen it coming. Also Sabrina and Rachelle are literally the wenches of the house they’re like wicked slime goblins from the lagoons feasting on the souls of the houseguests ahahaha
Little extreme there but seriously I’m so over them it’s not even funny. Smart for Neda going after Arlie now seeing as he will win if he makes it to the end with anyone. Honestly I’m hoping for Heather or Neda to win the nedt HOH and Arlie to win veto – Allison will scramble but probably be sent home or Rachelle or Sabrina (unlikely seeing as she’s useless in comps but one can dream).


Also in my opinions Neda and Arlie have been playing the best game so far – however there’s something about Arlie that makes him seem like a cocky asshole to me – maybe it’s the talking to himself out loud saying how “unstoppable” he is or maybe it’s just cause Neda was so quiet but I kinda like Neda better she’s sneakier about it.


I agree… Neda and Arlie are the most strategic players. While you are more in favor of Neda, I personally love Arlie. The talking to himself was for the viewers… He wants to connect with the superfans!


Arlie’s gonna go insane if he stays, it’s not for certain he will stay, but it is certain that If this guy does , he’s gonna be like a ticking time bomb! Go Arlie!


It’s funny how Allison went from being Canada’s Player to the Canada’s Huge Mistake lol


It sucks that Arlie wants Neda out.. they were so cute when they were handcuffed together.


Arlie is trying too hard to be entertaining, to me its coming off as cocky and arrogant..CREEP


He understands it’s a show. And most DR’s are not shown…but crazy alone talk does. Paul’s monologues were also shown.

Stick to the Plan!!

Neda and Jon got greedy, if they would have just stuck to the plan….oh how you two are in trouble. I thought Kenny, Sarah and Andrew was good, this coming week should Arlie stay is going to be epic.

Stick to the Plan!!

*** Kenny, Sarah, Andrew leaving..


There is Paranoia Stew cooking in the house tonight and Sabrina is the cook!


IKA or Sarah deserved to be in Jury over Allison. IKA and Sarah worked their a**es off to stay in the game and make alliances and it sucks that Allison is still there because she really has been riding the FLOATER COASTER all along.

Yes, I am glad she was able to notice the flowers and find the Scarlet POV, but its like she is on training wheels. BB keeps having to hold her hand and give her a little push to go along.


I hope they keep Arlie, after the behaviour of Neda and the SS, and so far this week her and Jon deserve what they get.


Ok how does rochelle’s brother being deaf make her a lip reader? I don’t believe she can read lips. Why did this never come up ina any previous conversations that Sabrina or Rachelle have ever have. I think they are just saying it to get more information or cause more dissention. I dunno. I’m confused as usual.


Because when people are deaf their speech is also impaired, as they cannot hear their own words. So to understand lip reading is essential along with signing to converse.


I think Alison has very little self esteem. I feel sorry for her.I keep thinking of how she acted with Andrew. As if she was fourteen. Like she had never had a boyfriend before. This behavior seems the same. Really needy.


Neda, Jon and Allison need to end this conversation like a half hour ago. You can only recycle the same bullshit for so long plus everyone else is getting edgy cause they have been talking or bullshitting each other for over an hour.

Final Four

okay so Arlie is definitely going home this week. And the final 4 are Jon, Neda, Heather and Allison. <3 plz let this happen!!!!


Heather should be working a TOP SECRET F2 with Arlie.
Alternating HoHs.
They know who needs to go – everybody !
They need to agree on an order.
Then let the Jury decide their respective merits.
Winner claims bragging rights against a worthy opponent.

Won’t happen. Heather’s emotions are involved. Too bad.


THANK GOD BB reprimanded Adel for repeatedly using “raping” as his choice of venom towards 2 women! Even though he wasn’t literally meaning raping them, its was just too gross to hear repeated;especially that neda and john not even slightly flinching at this is just solidifying my growing disdain for them.


Why would RoRo be an expert on reading lips even if her entire family were deaf?? It’s ridiculous. Note she isn’t an expert on American sign language, the language she would need to use to actually speak to her deaf brother. Didn’t she also say her brother was autistic? In any case, I’m calling BS on her lip reading skills.