BB 12 Spoilage Saturday Night SHOCKER – Boy George is drinking

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:39pm Kitchen Lane, Boy George, Enzo Rachel has just finished telling them how much she loves sangria back at home in Vas Vegas she drinks them every day. Lane asks her if she’s a mixer at work. Rachel “Uhhhmm NO i’m not a mixologist” Enzo: “OHH you’re not a mixologist”.. She explains that in the summer its so “effin” hot that all they do is have BBQ’s and drink sangria. Lane starts reading the baby food packaging and says to Enzo “only feed to child that are use to chewing solid food and are accompanied by a adult”…”Well enzo you shouldn’t be eating that.. you haven’t eaten much solid food lately”.. Enzo and Rachel laugh. Rachel goes on about how much it sucks they have to stay inside tonight, she wonders how long they’ll be inside. Enzo “whenever that concert is over” (there was a concert close to the big brother house and the houseguests could hear the music) Rachel says no wonder we get so fat in here we can never work out. Rachel wonders if the fans are watching right now and if Big Brother Posts Results on the feeds. Enzo thinks the Blogs posts the results. Lane brings up the TV show and the live show he thinks that the results are known on the shows. Rachel says only the HOH and eviction is on Thursday all the other competitions are known much sooner on the life feeds.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:40pm Cabana Room Conversation is on drinking at at what age you started to drink. They all ask kathy if she has any stories about drunk people. Rachel walks in and show them her sangria, she says she diluted it a lot with sprite because she’s hoping to work out later. Matt says he’ll take the Vegas bet that she’ll not work out tonight and will probably drink more of that sangria. Boy George giggles says he’s probably right. They ask her about any thing weird that people bet on in Vegas she goes on and on about it.. talk moves to drinking games where she explains flip cup


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:00pm FLIPCUP everyone waiting for matt to come out of DR so they can play flipup.. most of the talk revolves around drinking.. rachel doing a good chunk of the talking.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:21pm Flip cup

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41 thoughts on “BB 12 Spoilage Saturday Night SHOCKER – Boy George is drinking

  1. Everytime I think about adults eating baby food I gag. I know its fine but… *gags & clicks “submit comment”*

  2. I often pick a person I would be unhappy if they win, this season it is all of them except maybe Andrew. I can’t get on board with Matt, he bugs me when he reminds us how smart he is. Really smart people don’t brag about being smart.maybe it will get better in a few weeks? It is sad when the new hg make me miss pigpen and Jeff/Jordan the bullies.

    1. I agree with you. I usually hate a few players and love a few. This season I could care less. Non of them are that interesting or fun to watch.

  3. I have to admit this is one of the most entertaining BBADs. Funny as hell seeing them get so excited about flipping cups. ROFLMFAO at this shit.

  4. Getting totally disgusted with Matt and his hand down his pants 24/7. HIs mom should have wash his hands in jalapeno juice as a child. That might have broken that habit early on.

  5. I have never been more annoyed with any houseguest as much as I am with Rachel. She is so obnoxious and she thinks everything she says is cute so she repeats it over and over and over until someone acknowledges it. She needs to go home next week.

  6. I like Kristen for eating a bug! She may regret it in the morning, though. Brittany was kinda likeable, made me less annoyed with her. I am waiting to see how they all act in the next half hour. Maybe some secrets will be spilled (diabolical laugh).

    1. I like her for eating the bug, too! It’s nice to see their personalities when they aren’t talking game and are just having fun. It’s also nice to see Britney without Monet… and Brendon without Rachel’s tongue down his throat. I like that they are being part of the house tonight. I have been DVRing BBAD lately just so I can FFWD through their long and totally disgusting make out sessions.

  7. What night was it that they were talking about on BBAD that Rachael got smashed and started drunk talking in the middle of the night about her imagined life with Brandon so we can check it out for ourselves on the ‘live feed revisits’ and hear here talked about getting ‘backdoored’ more explicitly????

    1. I think they were making most of that up. Was it last night???? Anyway, I don’t think she said all that but she probably said a lot of it. Supposely she blacked out but I think it would take more booze than they supply to knock her out. Certainly to shut her up.

    1. I’m pretty sick of seeing his hands down his pants myself… too bad his wife didn’t include something about that in his letter…

        1. BBBuppie!!!!! It’s just that he was told that if you keep rubbing it (his junk) it will grow! But unfortunately he was retro-fixed with the standard model. Neither a shower or grower shallhe/she be!!! Goodnight BBBuppie – your shut off for the night!!!1

            1. BBBuppie I wasn’t dismissing you. I’m sorry you misread my comment. If you were bothering me I would politely let you know. Isorry if you thought I was being a buzzkill. That was not my intentions.

    2. Does he smell his hand after, as well? Could be worse what if decides to start pickin at his ass! Oh shit, I just made myself sick!!!

  8. I read early that someone said “Ronnie” twatted about knowing one of HGs. Now I know who!! It has to be Matt because Matt used to be Ronnie’s wife. Now if I was or use to be married to Ronnie then I can comprehend changing my sex. It would be the only way I could sever any ties with that cornholer!!!! Anybody else out there trying to re-claim their 15 minutes!!!

      1. BBBuppie if I did that, then I would have to go on welfare!!!! No way!! Unlike Rachel, my aspirations have always been to be more than just a blousy, booze-hound housewife. I did the Mr. & Mr. Happily Ever After. If I should decide to marry again – it will be a financial merger – not a lovefest!

        1. The first time you marry for love. The second time you marry for money. And, the third time you marry for companionship. I got a couple of those mixed up myself and a couple I got in one.

  9. BB, get Matt to a Dr. he has his hand’s down south all the time & he needs attention. ” Maybe he can’t find it ” Bring on the twizzer’s,!!!!!!! “” Man with his hands in pocket feel’s foolish, but a man with holes in pocket feels nut’s.”” Which one is he ?

    1. put your hands down my pants and I’ll bet you’ll feel nuts Yes I’m Siskel, yes I’m Ebert and you’re getting two thumbs up

  10. Simon or Dawg, I don’t like Rachel’s behavior very much either, but was it really necessary for you to change her picture to Boy George???…Come on now!!! I thought we were all adults in here…I was so turned off that you did that to her picture that I didn’t even stay to read all the posts. Too bad. because I really liked this site…Oh well, I’m glad I have the live feeds. I’ll check back in every now and then to see if her picture goes back to normal, but if not I won’t be staying. Please don’t be so one-sided with your views because there are other vile and disgusting people in the BB house besides Rachel i.e. Ratboy Matt outwardly playing with his testicles all damned day long!!! And didn’t you think the way Kathy and Kristen were stroking each others arms and hair last night was creepy???

    1. Sorry you don’t like the boy george pic.. sooner or later more house guests will have their pic changed.

      I totally agree with you and thank you for pointing out about the creepiness of kathy and kristen last night, i should of slapped a pic about that, that shit was weird. As far as MAtt’s balls go yeah hes a werido that will probably go blind for playing with himself for so long

  11. This is my first post, but I have enjoyed this site both last summer and so far this summer. I for one, love the new pic of Rachel! LOL I remember last summer when you replaced the houseguests pics, it was great! Matt needs to remove his hand from his pants, even had it down there during Flip Cup!!! I can’t believe the other HGs haven’t said anything, or maybe they have. I don’t get the live feeds….

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