Big Brother 12 – New Flash Brendon and Rachel are “obviously” 2 Different People and the Brigade is Tighter then I Thought

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:00pm HOH Lane and matt Same thing between these 2 Lane can’t believe they didn’t win, Lane hates those type of competitions, Matt is shocked this happened this wasn’t Matt’s plan… Lane says they have to win HOH next week but thats not a problem because ‘they’ can win HOH it’s just these POV’s that causes them problems.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:13pm Rachel says she doesn’t want to speak for Brendon because “obviously” they 2 different people and they’ll do 2 different things but she thinks Kathy should go talk to Brendon and tell him how much you want to play the game. Rachel says that Kathy has her vote she has nothing to worry about, Rachel reminds Kathy “you know we’re 2 different people and some times we’ll not see eye to eye” she wants Kathy to talk to Brendon tonight. Kathy appreciate Rachel’s vote but she is still very worried because many people in the house are torn because of their friendship with Andrew. Rachel is shocked that people like Andrew, “He’s so mean to me”.. She leaves to use the washroom on return we learn she’s been constipated for 3 days.. she can’t understand why becuase she’s eating real food for a entire week and a half… Rachel asks if she knows how Enzo and Lane are going to vote. Kathy says no, they are torn as is Hayden and Kristen. Rachel is surprised she didn’t think Hayden and Kristen were close with Andrew. Kathy goes on about how she needs to be in the house she’s got big reasons that she cannot say but their very important (Yeah like early retirement). Rachel makes it really clear to kathy that she won’t vote for Andrew to stay because he’s never been nice to her, she’s never spoken to each other. rachel leaves and Brendon comes up to talk to kathy. Kathy tells him she really wants to be in this game and fight to win.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:36pm Backyard Lane and Matt working out, Enzo’s running, Hayden on the bench. Matt’s giving them the run down of his conversation with Kathy and Andrew… he pretty much gives them a accurate account of each conversation. Matt says as long as Kathy goes it’s not the end of the world but if ‘they’ (b/BG) win HOH it’ll be the end of the world. Hayden asks whats ragan thinking.. Matt: “As far as putting up last I heard Kathy… He mentioned keeping kathy this week then putting her up next”. Matt says he still needs to talk to ragan about it though. Matt says that Ragan is a smart player but he’s very emotional, he asks hayden who Kristen is putting up. Hayden says Brendon and Brit. Matt says that brit told him she’s putting up b/BG. Lane asks him if Kristen has an alliance with Brendon/Rachel and Hayden is now saying, she’ll put them up next week, that there is no alliance between them..

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:59pm The Brigade In Training Matt mentions to Lane how to get Ragan to be on their side they all need to go and let Ragan talk to them for 2 hours, he’ll love you. Lane’s going to do it asap. Matt recommends he just agree with what Ragan says. Lane says he’ll tell him a story about someone at home that he misses. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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44 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 – New Flash Brendon and Rachel are “obviously” 2 Different People and the Brigade is Tighter then I Thought

  1. If there really are two players in the house that have been lifelong friends, I think it is Kathy and Brit. Mother/Daughter…..this could be the reason that Kathy needs to stay in the house…maybe they were told that they will get something for making it so far?? Does anyone else think this “life long friends” thing is real or just Annie throwing shit out there?

    1. Supposely Annie made that up according to her after she left the house. But, I am with you on Kathy and Britney being Mother/Daughter. I have thought that from the beginning. But, someone said that you see Britney’s mother in her video. So, don’t know.

      1. I could be wrong but 1, Kathy has dark roots and the other, Brit does not… meaning one of them is a natural blond the other is not. Theres only 1 way to find out and that probably wont happen.
        And whoa!! What did you guys do to Matt with that funky hairdo? I like it

  2. rachel is constipated?, get rachel some Fleets BB, but make sure the bathroom is occupied when she drinks it, should bring some major laughs

    1. I thought about it then the religion topic came up then realized maybe brenden isnt religious…I think they may be friends, thats my guess IF anyone really knew each other before the show…since brenden is just SO sold on andrew’s loyalty

    2. I think that too. Brendan is very protective of Andrew yet they never really hang out. I think that Kathy and Brit are mother and daughter too.

  3. Of course Kathy isn’t Britney’s mom. I can’t believe people are still spending time pondering over who the ‘lifelong friends’ are.

    There. Are. No. Lifelong. Friends. It. Was. A. Saboteur. Lie.

    1. I haven’t spent much time pondering. I was just making a comment that they looked alike and thought so from the beginning. I have heard that it wasn’t true. Just a comment in answer to someone else.

      1. Andrew always say how he want two of the four put up. He even asked branchel about it. I think he might put up hayden and matt. or lane and matt

      2. Andrew always say he will put up 2 of the four men. He even asked rachel , why didnt she? He is gunning for them. I think he will put up matt and someone else. He might even put up hayden,

        1. I didn’t hear that but okay. If he did put the two girls up and Britney was to win POV I was thinking he would put up Hayden since he has heard Kristen and Hayden in bed together and knows they are a couple. But, you are probably right.

        2. Andrew is a goner. It pains me to say it. The brigade and Rachel will vote him out. He’ll never get to be hOH.

  4. hoping b r or andrew with HOH its the best possible outcome, seriously, otherwise its week of boredom.

    at this point if I was b and r I would be with kathy 24/7 and make people think shes the 3rd wheel…then andrew makes it another week

    but they arent smart enough to look past themselves, much like the rest of the house thinks the game ends when B and R are eliminated

  5. some say rachel was a better player than brenden…nope…both stink, but goodness, rachel is just terrible she actually wanted to vote kathy over andrew and TELL EVERYONE what brenden plans to do? idiot!

  6. Ragan told branchel that they will make bb allstars. Lmao. I don’t think any of them will.Why is every one so scared to put up Branchel? They all say it, but when there hoh they don’t make it happen. Everyone is playing safe. Trying to cover up there azz for the next week.Next thing you know branchel will win bb.

    1. Everyone’s scared to put them up because they are both competitive players. In the beginning it seemed R was gonna ride on B’s coat tails but after the comps they know she is also a strong competitor. They can only get rid of one a week and that means that one of the 2 strongest competitors in the house will be coming for them. I think its smart to keep them on the back burner with a deal until its a definite on getting them out!!

  7. Rachel and Brendon are going to be on All Stars. Just ask Regan….lmfao. Lots of alcohol out there tonight. I hope Rachel blacks out again.

  8. not that this has anything to do with this blog, but that picture of boy george in place of rachel made me pissed in my pants. that is frightening shiz..but then again so is rachel’s face ):

  9. That picture is too funny. Please keep the Boy George photo for the duration of the season. And thanks again for all that you do to make BB a much better show to watch.

  10. I feel bad for kathy. Why would they vote her out? She can’t win an hoh. She won’t win against any1 in final two. Ever one should want to take her along for the ride.It would be best for lane, matt, enzo, and lane to keep her. It would be one less person to win hoh.I don’t get it!

  11. Before this season is over After Dark will show a clip of Fonzie jumping the shark tank on his motorcycle. This group of idiots may ruin this show for good. Good god….Rachel just said she played drinking games with liquor in college….she is an alcoholic. Good luck to you Brendon.

  12. Ahhhhh!!! I’m so pissed! (new 2 blogging) sorry ;0).
    Anyway, long time big brother watcher, much 2 hubby’s dismay.
    But I just hv 2 say.. Luv grams… And been reading for seasons
    past…. Lol, hubby’s teasing me foe “crossing the line”!
    But.. Couldn’t sit by silently. I’ve been watching bb for
    quite some time now.. And Loved when production “helped”
    my fav’s!!! (cause we kno they always do)!
    But I can’t believe that they REALLY think America
    are for brenrach.. Or rachbren.. Or WTF ever?
    This is insane.. Annie was the most interesting…
    According to this blog.. But people like my mother
    n law, never know the crazy stuff tht goes on…
    Won’t b a hater.. And say I won’t watch, but wanted
    someting more than… Showmance… I LOVED Jordan
    & Jeff !! But tht was a fluke thing.. This us crazy boring shit,
    and Baaaaddd game play!!! Rachel may be a chemistry guineas,
    but she’s lost her focus if she’s willing to give it up
    ( what she has left???? For Brendon)

    1. No prob granny! I hate the way these people in the house are making dumb moves. I mean I waited all year for this and now i’m pissed. Kathy should stay! She might flip flop all over the place, but atleast she will do her own thing. I’m glad your with me on feeling sorry for kathy. She might have bills to pay with 500k. I bet she will make good use of the money.

      1. Enzo said she said she saves lives everyday but I don’t think I heard her say that. I did hear her say that she risks her life on her job regularly. That is true of all law enforcement. She was trying to convince him that she can be tough and play the game. I don’t know about that but I think she does want to play the game. There are a couple of other people that aren’t too great at the comps. She isn’t my favorite because I don’t have one, yet. But, I feel like she deserves a chance, too. I know we will have many that will argue that with us, ihatebigbrother, but I like to give everyone a shout now and then especially when no one else is. And, this is a lot coming from since I think she is who bumped my daughter out this season. Granny doesn’t hold a grudge.

  13. Ok I just noticed the Boy George pic… Classic! Sad that it looks so much like her I didn’t know it was there until I read other peoples comments LoL

  14. I think that Rachel and Brendon knew each other before the show. I swear that I heard Rachel and Brendon say the other night they were celebrating 5 months from their first kiss.

  15. Fishy stuff in the bb, house people, why did Matt do what he did ????? Because there is a snake in the bush & it’s him , Brandon & Andrew ! P—-U.


  17. Hey Simon and Dawg. Thanks again for doing the sire this year. FYI: when I logged on at 1:15EST there was no pic of Kathy or Boy George with the rest of th HG pics.

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