Austin “Just get past the ceremony and then its open season. Its f**King open season!”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 12-52-09-548

12:50pm Liz joins Audrey on the hammock to talk. Liz says I just wanted to clear the air with you after yesterday. I just don’t want you to not trust me. I don’t like the way it played out. I was just super intimidated and freaked out. I want to be friends with you. You addressed the situation and went about it awesomely. I just want you to know if I won HOH, I wouldn’t put you up. Just everyone being in the room freaked me the f**k out. It was really overwhelming. Audrey says I know. I just wanted a simple solution and to get everyone that was involved in a room and squash it. Liz says I was in a room alone the other day and I was like almost crying. I love you. I don’t want things to be awkward. And I hope you still want my boobs. Audrey laughs and says yeah I still want your boobs. One thing that was obvious was that there was a mutual person shaking things up. Liz says you have nothing to worry about. If I ever won HOH I would never put you up. Audrey says I know. I am just going to keep my mouth shut. Liz says I was so emotional, I teared up. I wanted to talk to you last night but I was kind of scared you know. Especially with everyone around. Audrey says I know I wanted to talk to you too. Liz says I’m glad we talked. I love you. Its a head game in hear. I just want you to know you can trust me. I admire the way you did that yesterday. You could have gone and told everyone. Audrey says yeah it could have gotten messy. Liz says that was crazy. I don’t want that to happen again. Its too early for that sh*t to happen. I know that you 4 trust each other and I want you to know you can trust me too. If you hear something let me know and if I hear something I’ll let you know.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 13-05-52-356

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1pm – 1:35pm Meanwhile – Clay is giving Vanessa workout tips. Austin and Jace are also working out. Austin talks to Jace. Austin says I think I’ve got you safe. I said you’re a straight shooter unlike Jeff. So we just got to hope. Jace says you need to tell me what you’re going to do. Austin says yeah I will. Its simple. Very Simple Because he (Jeff) already did it to me when he said to Liz you’re already safe HURHURHUR. Austin says just get past the ceremony and then its open season. Its f**King open season!! Jace says 100 percent!
Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 13-18-15-977
1:40pm – 1:50pm Backyard – Jace says I just want to be f**king cool ..I can’t go home next week. Austin says you’re cool, we just have to trust in the alliance. Jace asks how can you (James) forget the name of our alliance?!! Austin says clearly they’re trying to separate you, me and Liz. If you’re f**ked, I’m f**ked! All you can do is talk to James. Jace says its hard, he won’t even look me in the eye. I went upstairs to talk to him the other day and he ran downstairs. Austin says you have a lot of wiggle room… because of that deal we made .. that’s a huge thing for people to know that they broke that if they put you up. Jace says I’m usually not like this but after what happened yesterday. Austin says why not just ask James if he’s mad at you. Jace says no because that just puts a target on my back. Jace says if I get kicked off, lets just get on The Amazing Race. Austin says I will just talk to Audrey. She’s a pretty straight shooter to me. I think she will hint at it to me if you are going up.

If you go up you have to do a Dan move.. you can’t be one ounce of abrasive. Be emotional. Jace says but I’ll look like a pu$$y. Austin says doesn’t matter, these people will eat it up. Jace starts fake crying I don’t have anything to go back to. I lost my house, my job! He then asks was that good?! Austin says that was great. Jace says if I stay I am gunning after these cheats. Austin says only James. Only say you’re gunning after James. James is your target 100%. James, James, James. Jace says this is good. I think I can get a tear out. Austin says me catching Steve eavesdropping on you guys was good. Jace says he’s a sketchball! Austin says he’s articulate when he wants to be. Jace says he know he looks like a nerd so he’s playing it up. Austin says I am so sick of him going its day 10!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 13-41-39-658

1:55pm Jason joins them in the backyard. Jason and Austin talk about Big Brother All-Stars and the mistakes some of them made. Austin heads inside to eat.

2:30pm In the bathroom – DaVonne asks James if he heard the conversation last night? James says no. DaVonne says I needed you to hear it. James says all I heard was the trust part… like you’re the only person she (Vanessa) trusts. Davonne says I needed you to hear the whole conversation. James asks why was it something bad? Da says no. It just would have cleared your mind to things. James says I knew you were talking but I wasn’t trying to listen because I was thinking I trust these guys. James asks does Audrey not trust me? DaVonne says no she trusts you. James says everything I do is for the group. I trust you guys 100%. Audrey going around to everyone is for the group. Fishing for information. Some times you have to get your hands a little dirty.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 14-24-13-840

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Ohhhh Jace you are sooo screwed buddy. Well hope you had a great experience

Angry Inch

Jace is one despicable ass wipe! Think he was dropped on his head lil too often.


Liz? I would say… Julia. 😉


Hey Simon and Dawg!
If I subscribe to the live feeds, am i bale to watch it from Canada?


I gotta say,so far it has been a great start.This season might be one of the better ones in a long time.


This season is so far much better than seasons 12-16 that’s for sure. I hope it becomes as good as seasons 10 & 11 though that’s going to be very hard to top.


that is the same thing we said about the first two weeks of last season…. then devin left. like we cant lose devin in the first week :/


This is exactly what I have concerns about.


i felt last season was pretty obviously doomed from week one based on the tepid response joey got to the all girl alliance showing that none of at least the female contestants were gamers (cuz if they were they would have at least went through the motions of pretending to be gung-ho about such an alliance). this year almost everyone seems to be playing the game, last year all we had was derrick (and devin and joey, who were both so bad they didn’t even make the jury).


That’s because everyone else was boring last year, this season Jace isn’t the only person with a strong personality.

Katie L

Could someone please explain what drama went on surrounding Clay? Also, what did Audrey do that involved Liz? Was Da part of any drama?


I don’t know. It may have happened beofre the live feeds went live.

Katie L

Where’s the hot guys this season???


All of these guys who form bonds and come off like total idiots make the duos of Dr Will+Boogie, Dan+Memphis, and I guess Enzo+___(Matty?) so much more impressive. Showmances and bromances ruin games more times than not. When you 2 people become so close and alienate the rest of the house they get targeted (I’m gonna assume Jace and Austin have never seen BB)

Peace out Jace go back to Venice and smoke your weed!!

Also has there been a Johnny Mac sighting LOLZ?!?! Dude is playing it perfect.


Anyone else a fan of Davonne. She seems like she knows what she’s doing and she is likable.


I hope Davonne gets far. I like her a lot


So far I only like Johnny Mac and Steve.


When is the the POV ceremony?