Austin “If they’re going to backd**r Jace now. He is going to go nuts and out them as liars!”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

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Take a look at the second HOH room with the fish tank table and the new diary room hallway:

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 10-48-16-236

10:45am – 11am All of the house guests are still sleeping except for Austin and Vanessa. They’re out in the backyard talking game. Austin says I’m worried about who might get put up. I’m worried Jace might get backdoored. Vanessa says it definitely might happen. Austin says I had to go eat crow with Audrey. She seems to be controlling James. She is trying to make an alliance with everyone. She is always silently talking game with everyone. She almost called a house meeting yesterday. And then Day threw us under the bus. She said she didn’t trust Audrey and then 10 minutes later Audrey is pulling me and Liz aside saying did you guys try and throw me under the bus today? I was like what?! This is ridiculous. She started calling people into the room. I was like WHOA! This is a little extreme. Vanessa says you have to be careful of what you say. Austin says we then squashed it. Either Audrey and James are going to trust me… She said she trusted me after because I looked her in the eyes. Austin says James wanted to backdoor Jason. I think he was just saying it to bait me to talk bad about Jason because I think they are working together. I think James, Audrey, Jason, Day, Steve… I think Meg and Becky are on the outside and they’re trying to recruit them. Steve is with Day 100%. I caught it day 1 that he wanted to be an eavesdropper for Day. I caught him the other day listening at the door. Here’s who I think we can trust .. Jace. He’s a straight shooter. Clay is trustworthy. Shelli is very trustworthy. Liz is surprisingly trustworthy too. Vanessa says I made a decision to not down play my intelligence too much because it would be obvious… Have you thought about taking measures to fake an injury to not appear so much like a physical threat. Austin says that’s what I wanted to do coming in here talking about my past injuries. I thought about faking a back injury during a competition. Austin says if they’re going to backdoor Jace now.. he is going to go nuts and out them as liars. Why would Audrey want to blow up her game like that. Vanessa says its just really hard for Jace to sit on the block next to Jackie. Jeff is the best game choice for him (to put up as the replacement). Austin says I am 100% certain Day isn’t a school teacher. I think she’s lying about that.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 10-48-16-284

11:05am Big Brother blocks the feeds to wake up the other house guests. When the feeds return – Jason is talking to Vanessa out in the backyard about random things.

11:15am – 11:35am In the bedroom – Jeff, Audrey, Shelli and Clay are waking up talking about the wakeup music. Jeff says I had a dream I got stabbed in the back. Clay says I had a dream .. that I got backstabbed with a 15″ blade. Jeff says well I woke up with a ragging boner! You kind of were getting stabbed in the back. Audrey tells Jeff that he’s very inappropriate and shouldn’t talk like that on television. Jeff says Audrey you should wash your mouth out with soap. Jeff asks Clay did you really have a dream about being stabbed in the back. Clay says yeah by Audrey. Jeff says those aren’t dreams, those are premonitions. Audrey says I wouldn’t stab you in the back I would cut you into pieces.

They talk about what they would do with the money if they won. Audrey says that her transition to a female was over 30K and her parent paid out of pocket for it. She says she would pay them back.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 11-31-16-691

11:40am – 12:20pm In the backyard – Johnny Mac and Jace are on the backyard couches. Jace heads inside. Clay, Becky and Jason join him. They talk about random things. Meanwhile – Jace and Audrey are in the hammock. Jace says I have no idea who he’s (James) is going to pick. Hopefully Five Alive (Jace, Austin, James, Audrey and Clay ) is honoured and we can all move forward. Audrey says I haven’t seen you with Austin much are you still good? Jace says yeah we’re good. We worked out last night. Jace says there is a rat though.. there’s one person that’s been talking to everyone. Audrey says I have an idea of who it is. There are a few people that are socially active. Jace asks so you growing up as a boy did you always feel like a girl. Audrey says yes. Jace asks if it was scary. Audrey says surprisingly no. Audrey says its easier to transition from a guy to a girl. Jace asks if the d!ck still works when going from a girl to a guy. Audrey says yes but I don’t think its that big. Audrey says that her doctor is transgender and has been on Oprah and DR Oz. Jace says I think I would be a good looking girl. Audrey says only one way to find out. Jace says I’ve got the hair.

12pm In the kitchen – Vanessa, James, Jackie, Liz and Steve are talking. Vanessa says she’s ready for another HOH to happen. Liz says I want to lay outside. Steve says why don’t you. Liz says I want to do a lot of things I can’t do. I can’t wait till I’m off slop. When I was outside yesterday I was literally ready to faint.

12:25pm Hammock – Vanessa and Audrey are laying out in the hammock talking. Audrey says Jace is so paranoid. Vanessa says its hard to fly under the radar when you’re a physical threat. Audrey says I knew coming in here it would be impossible for me to fly under the radar. Vanessa asks do you think Jace knows James is going to do that? Audrey says no. Vanessa asks why would he do that, we’re still going to have a few days before the eviction. Audrey says I think it defects off us. Vanessa says I think blindsiding him makes it worse. Audrey and Vanessa talk about Steve and how they think he’s lying about his schooling. Audrey says she thinks he wants to be the mole and report back to Da.

12:30pm – 12:45pm Meanwhile – In the bathroom. Austin says you need to solidify things more and more today especially with Audrey. Austin says he wouldn’t put you up because it would out the alliance they made with us. Austin says Audrey trusts us. Jace says I was out there the other night and James forgot the alliance name. Austin says that wouldn’t be hard we had like 3 alliance names for it. He can barely say his nominations. Austin says he’s not going to do it. It has to be Jeff. We have to sell Jeff as this monster. Austin says because we made the alliance we’re good this week and then next week its open f**king season. Should we stage something with Jeff? They head to to the storage room. Austin says since Audrey trusts me. Jace says the whole reason I am F**ked right now is because we were worried about Audrey. Austin says I will say that Jeff was trying to blow us up. Austin says if you go up its f**king open season. Jace says I can’t go home .. not the first week! That’s embarrassing.

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Austin is very spot on right now. Honestly him losing Jace will only improve his game since Jace is holding him back.


Anyone have any further insights/suspicions on who the twins (or multiple twins) are? Cant really tell but some of the conflicting conversations by Liz makes me feel she might be the one.


the dentist is the twin


Liz also has an identical twin named Julia. It was mentioned on one of the posts about the criminal records and it had Liz and Julia posing in bikinis for some sort of shoot. But it could be either one, honestly


Johnny Mac playing like a SLY ROCKSTAR!! Everyone is so caught up playing so hard Johnny Mac is chilling and eventually when these big alliances break up it will be those under the radar who become most valuable.

If Johnny actually knows how to play BB he seems like my first week bet to go very, very far.

Still rooting for Steve though, especially after all the crap people are saying about him. Don’t get me started on what Jace did to him….Jace will be missed by absolutely nobody.


2 shows into the season the best guess would be jury at most…..
Make it…
The rest who knows. Well I know nothing. ROFL Think DA will be the 1 casualty from high rollers to join the pretty peeps. Folks needing to grind Vanessa and Steve. I have the jury at 7 plus 2 so 9. 3 more in thus Jeff and Jackie both out or in. When BOTB is done as an HG would you want Jackie and Jeff still in the game reverting back to old rules? Funny Becky and Shelli the 2 I had not mentioned. They could gain traction if they can get a few weeks in the house. Just to point out if the HGs wake up and Jeff and Jackie go as simple as 1 of these 4 miss jury….. Steve, Shelli, Becky or Vanessa.
The season of backdoor is starting ty BOTB. AG you really suck hard!


Can someone tell me why Austin has it out for Day so much? And all of the sudden he just happens to know she is a poker dealer specifically? Also he knows Audrey is gunning for him and controlling a lot of people in the house but he’s going out of his way to ruin Day’s game and character. I disgustingly feel like Jace being the replacement nominee will be blamed only on Day.


So the issue here is that Audrey is a lying manipulator (like Shelly Moore), and is very good at it. Everyone is catching onto her, but then backtracks to blame someone else (and sadly Da is the scapegoat 🙁 )

The only people who seem to realize what she’s doing are Da’Vonne, Jason, and Steve. Those 3 would probably love to get her out.

Audrey threw Da so far under the bus it isn’t funny. Austin and Liz now think they were played by Da, and Da thinks she was played by Austin and Liz. If those 3 actually compared notes they would see Audrey is the sourc of their ill will for each other. Austin had a chance to do this the other night, but decided to be fake with Da instead.


Clay has a twin brother! OMG!

Angry Inch

Says who?


No he doesn’t?


On the opening show, some girl admitted that she had a twin. Who was she?

Funny thought...

How effeminate does Shelli’s brother look?? That would be a twist! Although the HG’s would have to be morons not to notice. It might have worked last year…


Oh Austin how can you be so wrong about your read on the house. At this point he is making the same mistake as Bruno did trying to save Bobby, targeting and badmouthing potential votes for your homie. The only chance for Jace to be saved is for Clay, Shellie, Liz, Austin to bond and then get the votes of lone soldiers JMac, Steve and Vanessa. Steve has been ‘threatened but not threatened’ by Jace last night and Austin painting him a bad picture with Vanessa will not likely help them get their votes.

It’s really funny how hardcore this players are, they don’t give any importance to timing at all. They don’t have a single clue on when to keep their mouth shut and when is the right time to try and make deals. Jace and Austin only solidify their alliance with the HOH a day or two before the veto ceremony and when the nominee has won veto. Right after that they started blabbing to get rid of another player for next week. Slow down kids, you’re still not safe from being nominated!
They should really watch BBCAN3 Zach’s HOH. They will learn a lot from Godfrey and Sarah on when to talk and not talk, and Zach and Jordan’s planning schemes.


Funny, I agree with you 100%! I thought this group came out loaded for Bear! Holy smokes, talk about overplaying the game!

Queen of the Spades

How did Austin find out about DaVonne being a dealer?
How does Davonne not know or recognize Vanessa?


yeah, i’m pretty shocked no one recognizes vanessa myself, da especially. vanessa was all over espn back when online poker was being advertised like crazy.


Not sure where she deals, but in L.A. there are some pretty low end card games and Casinos. She would definitely know her if she worked in Vegas!


I agree!
How can Da’Vonne NOT know Vanessa Russo??
She is only one of the Best female poker players in the world, if not one of the top 100 players [male or female].
I live in BC Canada & even I know that!! WOW


saw russo on tv when she didn’t know how to play the game at all–did not impress me then–nor does she now.


Ian Terry will be part of next week’s twist! Yay!


Liz is the twin who is going to “tap in”her sister for the first five weeks, if they pull it off, the sister gets to enter the house too! However, if they are discovered, I am not sure what happens then!