favorite things in the world “getting wasted with the boys.. having hangover giggles” -Z

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-25 23-37-14-057

2:30am Another late night alcohol delivery from Big Brother. This time they received 4 bottles of wine, couple beers and got to wear their masquerade masks that they made earlier in the night.
They plead with Big Brother for more alcohol.
Willow wonders why she still has to wear the ketchup costume it’s been over 24 hours now. They joke that Willow has to wear it for the rest of her time in the house.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-25 23-57-09-884

Godfrey – “I’m a curious cat yo I gotta know everything”
Willow – What do you do if you see willow running across the street.. catch her and lick her

Willow jumps on Godfrey. Some houseguests are feeling the alcohol more than others.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-26 00-20-20-413

Willow, AShleigh, Pili and Zach playing around with the football.

3:19am Sarah sings a song about not haveing and grass.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-26 00-40-30-910

3:39am Willow and Sarah in the Hot Tub
(Audio bleed on all feeds we hear Zach adn AShleigh on the Sarah/Willow feed)
Willow is crying (Can’t hear why because of the audio bleed)
Zach and Ashleigh join them we find out she’s crying because she wants out of her ketchup suit.
Sounds like Willow is worried she wasn’t funny enough in the costume.
Zach – Honestly one of my favorite things in the world is getting wasted with the boys and then the next day just like having hangover giggles.. and just like watching movies eating greasy food

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-26 00-52-00-598

3:54am Hot Tib Willow, ASh, Zach, Sarah and Brittnee
Willow was called into the Diary Room they told her she can take the costume off when she goes to bed.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-26 01-13-27-597

4:10am Zach, Sarah and Brittnee
Zach says he cannot understand why Bobby is throwing competitions.
Zach – I don’t get it doesn’t make sense to me
Sarah mentions Bobby saying he didn’t accept the money while in the vault because he respects the game. They comment on Bobby blatantly throwing comps and letting them all know it.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-26 01-20-06-588

4:20am Willow and Sarah
Willow is crying saying she was played by Zach says he lied to her and she’ll never forgive him.
They talk about Zach not treating ashleigh well.
Willow says she’s not even friends with Zach.
Sarah – F*** a Quarterback that has had it easy his whole life
Willow says she’s so sacred walking out of the Big Brother and having nobody
Sarah says she has her
Willow – you have scott
Sarah – you have me and Scott

8am – 10:100am Big Brother blocks the feeds..


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Hey bb willow was just taking out the fake tears when she was talking to sarah about being weak so that she is a weak player. Honestly if she was in final 2 I would not vote for her she has done nothing right. If she was playing a dan derrick or will game she playing it horrible they had strategy and know who to take out. And had fun diary room sessions. She sucks and haven’t talk any game. Only throwing people under the bus and bringing rumors about people. I hope she does not make final 3 or I will be pissed. And if you can bring back derrick levasseur to replace willow please. Can someone ask derrick when he is appearing the sideshow I know he will be there since him, Donny, and Christine are the only bb16 who are seriously watching the show.


I don’t think we were watching the same season last year.
Derrick did play an almost flawless game but it was also one of the most boring games in history. Snoozefest. I don’t really think watching that is anymore interesting than watching depressed ketchup.


Willow is the new Allison. She finally did something that will be remembered in the house! :)))


I disagree. Willow is nothing like Allison. That’s Ashleigh’s lack of honor. The girl who does nothing but cling to the guy and give him a h-job? Pure Allison. For the record, I don’t believe Ashleigh’s a virgin either. She’s worried her family will find out otherwise, I’m sure.


Willow is fucking making up the cries to stay loyal to sarah, zach and bruno. It piss me off that they could not compare notes about her and just nominate her as a pawn to see what will happen to her. And how she handles it. All of them look scare that willow will come at them but still she has not won any comp even pilli has one.Canada please put willow as a pawn to see how she reacts.


They have all compared notes, that is why no one tells her anything. That is why she is crying.

You DO NOT need to win comps to win Big Brother. Often, winning comps is the *last* thing you want to do. Why do you think so many people throw them all the time?


Idk how genuine Willow tears are (they seems are), but if they were. I’d feel bad for her, she seems to have a very low self-esteem and it was nice of Sarah to always console her and be very patient with Willow instead of side-eyeing her “what a crybaby, so weak” or stuff like that. It even seems like Sarah is the only person who genuinely care about Willow, so i an sympathize if she feel unloved


Oh I see why willow is crying because she found that zach is playing all angle with the couples, purple cobras, and the chop shop. And he and jp had this game and could have won, but jp miscalculate one thing that sindy talk to other sequestered guests and saw zach is poison. BBcan 4 and bb17 never leave your number one alliance member on the block on a eviction night. Jp probably took class from max dawson who suck at survivor. Hey jordan you forgot to watch this season survivor when max dawson got vote off tribal and did not made jury. Well Newport and fortress is the worst two person alliance in bb. Well I hope next hoh zach, ash, or kevin does not win. I cannot believe as to why people have not target kevin, he is so smart in the first two weeks in the pov and hoh. He is also in trouble after zach leaves. Sarah and britt are playing jp and zach games just sitting and see both sides attack one another. I really hope bruno sarah godfrey or even kevin win the game.

another name

i’m not sure if willow is acting or actually upset. add even a small amount of alcohol and some people get weepy.
she knows she’s not called to d/r much and that d/r performance affects facetime on episodes, she talked about that a couple of days ago before the conversation was halted with a stop talking about production message.
it’s going to be very embarrassing for her to watch the episodes and find out that in the first five weeks she had a total of maybe 5 minutes of air time. personally, I don’t think I like or hate her but can find her a little needy. she’s not a strategic favorite, unless being as emotional as possible so people are afraid to nominate her is a strategy (if it is it’s annoyingly brilliant). but I don’t think she actually knows she is annoying the other house guests. she spent the first two weeks trying way too hard to be the class clown. after that she was weeping willow and inaudibly whispering willow.
I would hope that she at least contributes to one episode as something more than crowd reaction shots. if for no other reason than to not be a complete slam to her dignity.
really. just toss her into an episode for a couple of minutes so that she isn’t a complete laughing stock when she leaves. if the episode viewers can handle five minutes every episode of showmance kissy time, two minutes out of three hours of episodes in a week with willow time won’t actually kill everyone… I don’t think…. yeah, getting off of the soapbox now. apparently i’m a bleeding heart tonight / this morning.

Ketchup face Willow suit

LOL! So true! Willow is a scumbag spoiled brat child who clearly grew up in the everyone gets a star type environment and now suffers from bipolar tendencies. No Willow, you are not special, you are not funny, you are Willow… You are just there…. As Wayne Campbell said in Waynes World – “Hi, I’m in Delaware…..” Willow, you are Delaware. If you put up Zach and Kevin I take it back, but I suspect Willows HOH will be much like Pillar (it was nice of BB casting to support people with disabilities by casting Pili, someone with special needs).


Couldn’t agree more!


I like Willow and I’m rooting for her redemption story. I think she’s very quick and funny. But funny ppl often are often insecure and try too hard, you just don’t normally have to see them 24hrs a day. She trusted her “friends” in there and they treated her like crap. Zach and JP in particular spread the idea that she was talking with everyone and couldn’t be trusted, when she was actually trusting Zach, Ash and Pilar (what a mistake). She tried to make a final three with Ash and Pilar but instead of keeping that in her back pocket, Ash ran to Zack and told him immediately. Even though Willow is blaming Zach, I actually think it’s Ash, who really screwed Willow’s game up. It must suck to suspect and slowly realize that your alliance doesn’t respect or want to work with you, and bad play on their part. BB can be so much like a painful junior high flashback. She is having a hard time in there, but she’s finally figured it out and has chosen her side. Sarah has done a great job with her, as game player and a friend. I hope she wins some comps and makes moves.


Your comment is all that is wrong with society, lets help the misfits… F that! This is fkn big brother willow yo nitwit fatfaced punk! I want her and Sarah obliterated like the pathetic cowardly freaks they are!!!!!!


Man if Cody and I were back in this game we would crush it, 100%, BUT only at the end of the day.


I think “she’s crying because she wants out of her costume” was just something Sarah came up with on the spot when the others joined them. Willow probably cried as she was telling Sarah how much she hates Zach and will never forgive him.
No idea whether the tears were real or not.
She’ll probably do the same to Zach soon, saying she hates Sarah and will never forgive her for going behind her back and voting JP out without telling her.
I still don’t think she wants to win an HOH anytime soon, she knows everyone has bigger fish to fry. She’s expendable, unreliable and annoying. But she’s “not a real enemy” to any of them. They know she doesn’t want to win any HOH comp, which helps them enduring her.
If she has any self-awareness, she knows she’s likely only playing for 2nd place, since everybody in the house knows what she’s doing.


“If she has any self-awareness, she knows she’s likely only playing for 2nd place, since everybody in the house knows what she’s doing.”
You hit it right there and that’s why I think the tears were real, she’s been thinking about this a lot. She knows the score. She feels like an idiot. I kind of feel bad for her.


I’m glad Willow has (in Sarah’s words) “woke the F**K up.” She realize she was played by the couples, and hopefully it likes a fire in her to target them. Sarah is very sweet for comforting Willow, but that will help her game wise as well.

I just wish that Sindy could survive this week. I can’t stand Bobby, and I was glad to see Sarah, Britt, and surprisingly Zach all talking about him telling them all he would throw comps.


bye zashleigh! 😀


Godfrey’s right, Allison is more of a danger because of her connection between the couples, and her mouth. Her mouth is dangerous because she’s so bad at comps that she’s not being taken seriously as a threat. Her mouth is the threat. I’ve always said Sarah is the person I disliked the most from the moment I saw her intro video. Ashleigh has sailed way passed Sarah and has become my least favorite person in the house because of her attitude. I may not respect Sarah as a person, but she’s a Top Notch game player and I respect that.


Sarah’s right about Zach. I think life has been pretty easy for him. Having great looks and being a quarterback makes you a high school, and hometown, legend. That would also explain his attitude on social media and how he treats people in the house as his playthings to toss aside at his convenience. Throw in that he (and Bobby) rarely have shirts on and it shows just how highly they think of themselves. (Bobby was definitely counting on his body getting him a showmance.)

Unfortunately, Zach has some very difficult life lessons ahead of him and he’s the type to have to learn them the hard way. People with the juvenile, drunken frat boy attitudes always do.

Fred Durst - LOL

Fred, were you Zach’s tackling dummy or did he creampie your girl and ditch her when she was pregnant? God dude, stop with the Zach hate. The dude can floss and ball, you cant! Get over it bro!


I hate Zach almost as much as I hate living in my parents’ basement. But you have to give it to him, he gets a handy at least.


I truly have no problem calling you out any time I find you posting as me. You may live in your parents basement, but I’m doing things with my life thank you.


Actually, if you look at my earliest posts, I loved Zach to bits. The moment I saw his introduction video, he was my favorite. He was so down to earth and came across very kind and humble. That made him my favorite pick to root for. for a couple of weeks.

Then I saw things that were out of character from his intro video and I did some research on him. That’s when I found out how much of an act he put on in his video. The more I saw him in the house, the more my research proved true.

As evidence, even Canada doesn’t like him and wants him out of the house.

So, to you, as someone who needs to use a fake name, please forgive me if I take anything you have to say with a grain of salt and as immaturity.


I totally agree. And I love how when he was being honest with JP about being a Chemistry major and applying to Med school, how he was so cocky about it and being like, “yeah I could be a doctor if I wanted.” If it was that easy everyone would do it, I can’t remember where but it said he has like an 80% average…. sorry bud that’s not getting you into Med School. It frustrates the fuck out of me, I’m writing my MCAT this summer and I dunno it just annoys me when people act all high and mighty about stuff, I really hope he gets evicted.


Ugh!!! Sarah is a classic example of what peoples lives are like when they are drug user’s. Wasted!


I genuinely feel sympathy towards Willow. Unlike Zach, I don’t think she’s had it very easy in life. She doesn’t know who she is and her confusion is leading her down a very bumpy road. It’s not just her sexuality. I don’t even think she’s a lesbian. From what she’s said, I think her lack of success with guys has led to her openness towards girls. Her lack of self-confidence, insecurities, humor as a defense mechanism and lack of social skills means that she has some rough years ahead. I don’t think being on BB right now is the best thing for her. When she gets out of the house, the added pressure is going to take a toll on her, on top of everything else.


I agree that Willow is confused and doesn’t know who she is, I also don’t believe she is a lesbian. I’ve been boggled and suspicious from the point when she wrote the message/note on Sarah’s back.Things got real weird after that and I can’t help but wonder if she was instructed to play the part. What ever it is she is doing… she’s not good at it and confusion could land its way by means of her trying to figure out how to pull it off.
I don’t buy for a second the cuddle sessions, etc with Sarah… It all looks so fake, awkward and unnatural topped off with poor acting.
I have heard comments from both her and Sarah that really make me wonder what the heck is going on here?? Sarah said something along the lines of my life is over when I get out of here… sorry Scott (yesterday at the hot tub with Willow).
Is anyone else thinking this is a fake performance with bad acting?


Unless Sarah or God wins hoh in the round 2, we are going to get a repeat week folks. I hate these people


Ugh why does everyone keep talking about how good looking Zach is?! I don’t find him attractive AT ALL.


He’s not my type at all but you do have to be able to step back and acknowledge that the guy is pretty classically, boringly, attractive.


I would guess it’s because they find him good looking and didn’t think to run it by you for your approval first.


I’ll throw in my two cents (on Willow) for what it’s worth:

She thought she had a solid alliance with the Chop Shop and believed she was Zach’s number one (or two once Ash became his showmance). She also thought she was in a valid F3 with JP/Zach.

In addition, she left a relationship (Nick?) to come into the house and is worried if he’ll still be there when she gets out.

Week 1, Risha told everyone Willow was a lesbian b/c she was jealous of Willow’s position in the house which wore on Willow as she knows it might become part of the episodes.

To top it off, as the game continued she saw each and everyone of her supposed alliance pulling away, not sharing information with her, but expecting her to do work for them. During this time Sarah (the person she was supposed to keep close as part of the Chop Shop) was the ONLY PERSON who was being genuinely kind to her i.e. non game related stuff.

So, imagine you are a young female who is already concerned about where your relationship stands coming into the house. Now you have no idea if Production is taking what Risha said about you being a lesbian and your entire alliance pretty much has used you, lied to you and proved themselves to be disingenuous to you.

You would have to be a confident and balanced person to deal with this in the real world, add in they are under the pressures of the BB house and her insecurities are just getting the better of her. PLUS she’s a super fan who really wants to do well and be remembered for playing a great game and feels she’s looked stupid up to this point. Factor in she now knows Canada wasn’t a fan of the Chop Shop.

I’d bet she’s actually a nice person in real life as she appears to genuinely care about people in the house. Note: when she says something towards the other players it’s never below the belt or caustic, it’s simply I hate that person (or internalized as being upset with herself). That tends to point to the fact she’s actually a very nice person who over estimated her ability and how much she would trust people she shouldn’t.

Now that she has Sarah who she CAN trust and is part of an alliance she feels will work: Bobby/Bruno/Britt/Sarah & Godfrey I think we’ll see more from her.

But, hey that’s just my opinion.