Allison’s going to need the Scarlet Veto “honey.. there’s a secret.. want to know it.. Come closer”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-12 21-36-40-397

12:40AM Gremlins celebrating in the bedroom.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-12 21-49-50-742
12:46Am Gremlins hot tub

Sabrina thinks Jon is going to use the veto on one of them, Rachelle seems pretty convinced to. They wonder which one he’ll use it on. Racehlle keeps saying how stupid Jon will be if he doesn’t keep them in the game.
Rachelle – “If we can win this game”
Sabrina – “I will freak out.. Even if we get to final 4 it’s the coolest thing ever”
Sabrina says Allison is going to freak out when she goes up.


12:51AM HOH Neda and Heather

They are agreeing to get ALlison out this week and the gremlins next week.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-12 22-04-58-154

1:05AM Allison eating a giant hunk of Meat while Arlie a have not watches in agony

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-12 22-19-23-754

1:09AM HOH Jon Neda and Heather
Jon points out how Allison has gotten closer to Arlie, “Playing the flirt card”.
Neda asks if Arlie is actually fully onboard with getting out Allison. Jon- “I think so”
Heather – “Also honey.. there’s a secret.. want to know it”
Jon -YA”
Heather – “Come closer.. so did I tell you they gave us cake mix.. they gave us cake mix and I hid it. ”
Jon – “Shut up”
Heather – “We’ll make a cake for JAnelle’s birthday and Allison’s but mostly for Janelle”


1:32am Allison and Arlie laying on the couch. Allison says she’s starting to get paranoid. Arlie says it was noticed. Adel and Jon sneak up to Arlie. Adel grabs onto Arlie’s pants and pulls them down allowing Jon to spank his bare butt.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-12 22-38-40-203

1:39AM Sabrina and Rachelle Hammock
Sabrina – “Oh my God we’re staying”
Sabrina – “everything I’ve done since week 3 has been for you”
Rachelle – “We could win this game”
Sabrina says the only thing that can f** them is if they don’t win HOH this week. Sabrina says the sides are 4 vs 3 now. (Jon, Neda, Sabrina, Rachelle vs Arlie, Heather and Adel)

Sabrina – “We’re against Heather and Adel”
Rachelle – “We have no competition.. the only ones I know I am good at are endurance the rest I don’t know if i’ll be good or bad”
Sabrina says if it’s endurance she won’t get off this time.

They start running scenarios if they win HOH next week. There options are Adel, Arlie or Adel and Heather and BAckdoor Arlie.

Rachelle tells Sabrina she would be such a good lawyer, “You would look so fierce in your blazer” .

Racehlle says she hates HEather wonders why everyone loves her. Sabrina – “Even Jon likes her a lot.. she has to go”

Sabrina wonders if Heather knows the plan to get out Allison. Rachelle thinks she does.
Sabrina points out Jon might be using them to get out Arlie and Adel then cut them out.

Rachelle- “we got the brains, the will, the positivity”
They high 5, “We have three people in our way.. ”

(Video is long)

2:04AM NEda and Racehlle Neda tells her she’s trying to get Jon to use the Veto on her. Neda doesn’t want her to say anything to Sabrin though.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-12 23-12-29-254

2:13AM Adel and Rachelle BAthroom

Adel asks her if she’s been talking to “Them”
Rachelle says yes
Adel – “Is it working”
Rachelle – “ya I talked to NEda and Jon”
Adel – “You go to be nice with Heather.. talk to Heather.. give them the reason you are good at endurance you can help them”


2:20AM Jon and the Gremlins in the HOH
Jon tells them to act surprised.
Sabrina asks who is on board with getting out Allison. Jon says Neda is and the gremlins that is saved plus Heather.

Sabrina – “We’re good right.. Final 4”
Jon mumbles something and Sabrina squeals with delight.
(do you like this final 4?)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-12 23-55-31-891

3:20am Goodnight

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Boy, is everyone gonna be in for a shock at that veto ceremony


Yea, I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces. Adel will be shocked that he took her out of POV, and she had one all along.

I just hope Heather or Adel are not collateral damage this week.


This much is obvious. Prodution TOLD Adel to use his veto card on Allison. Production TOLD Jon to put Allison on the block. All this so we can have drama of seeing the secret Veto being used. Allison was in no danger this week. Neither was Adel. If Production wanted the Secret Veto used they should not have “GIVEN THE CLUES” to Allison they should have given it to Sara. Doing it this way MAKES NO SENSE! People Adel is not stupid and neither is Jon. They are doing what Production wants because Production thinks its what the fans want!


BB had to flush out that Scarlet Veto or it would have been a waste. I love how the DR sessions are used more to INFLUENCE the players, then to get their feelings on things. This is a total 360, Adel taking Allison’s place and Sab and Rach. who no one can stand convincing everyone to vote Allison out. The HG’s who had BB influence will know why, once Allison pulls out that veto.


I’m excited to watch Allison use the veto and mess up everyone’s plan. I hope Arlie won’t be the second renom though.


Imagine their faces when Allison pulls out her Scarlet veto lol I cant wait for that moment. I hope Jon and Neda have a pecking order of who they want out and they have Arlie listed right after Allison. Neda will have to prepare a statement for Jon to tell Allison after she finds out how they were planning to backdoor her. This could be the start of a new chapter for Allison, she either gets a fire lit under her and she fights to stay or she gets even more whiny and annoying.


So they’re going to convince him to backdoor Allison, who will use her veto – and realize she’s way down at the bottom of the pack but she’ll have a chance to win HOH/Veto next week. I wonder though, who will Jon put up after Allison vetoes herself back off the block.


Based on the Rachelle and Adel conversation in the bathroom (as well as the one last week) it looks like Adel WANTS John to take her down and get rid of Allison. I think Adel views Allison as someone who is getting too close to Arlie and he doesn’t like it. He was never a fan of Andrew and I think he associates Ally as someone who must be like Andrew since she was so closely bonded to him.

Problem is he may actually be the replacement BUT if Allison is smart she’ll put up Arlie.

Many may disagree but I believe Heather is really close to John/Neda more so than Arlie and she will do what Neda/John want simply because she believes Neda will take her to F2. I do believe John would take those 2 to F3 or Neda and Ro with the intent on taking Neda to F2. For her part I also believe Neda wants to go with John but she may have a change of heart should it end up being either Heather or Rachelle as her option to John at the end


After the POV seremony Arlie may be one of the few allies left in the game. With other being possibly Heather, since she doesn’t get to cast a vote against her and could maybe work with both sides.
Adel is not a fan of Allison and might just be the first choice for the second replacement nominee.


OK….. FC,……. How many times do people have to be told ALLISON CANNOT name the replacement if she uses the VETO. CANNOT CANNOT….. CANNOT….I F*CKING REPEAT…. CANNOT name the replacement. Seriously that’s been explained how many times already.

Since it appears Heather is all for the backdoor( another idiot leaving the gremlins in the house) it would be poetic justice if she was the replacement nom. Jon my lad you’re in deep sh*t come Monday and that POV ceremony. You either end your game by renoming Arlie or Adel and the girls run the season. I mentioned a couple weeks ago an all girl F2 it’s becoming a possibility. Jon either puts up Heather after Allison and sees if he can regroup or he serves up Deli or Arlie and stick a fork in himself. It amazes me how often those who have done little always over think the game and make terrible decisions like the one on the way. I’m referring to Heather and deli. They are going to get what they deserve.

To those that have been saying Joneda should go after Arlie now your not watching the game! There is no Joneda except in Jon’s feeble mind. Neda is using him like a toilet seat folks. A guy goes this week Jon is done and as early as next eviction. Neda will rubber stamp Jon getting backdoored if Gremlins win HOH. Sabby could likely convince Joneda up if Allison HOH with Jon the target. Jon puts up a guy he goes Jon is finished. They get lay about Neda about F4 as she’ll leave both Gremlins in the game to long. Going to be a Sabby/Ratchet final brought to you by douchebag girl herself!


And here it is. The downfall of Neda and Jon.


You never know… Stranger alliances have been made… A lot of people seem to think this is horrible for Jon and Neda’s game but I think they could really pull it off, despite how much we all hate the gremlins. It gives them both (Jon and Neds) more of a chance of winning, I think they’re both better competitors than the gremlins when it comes down to it. I hope they stick with Heather too, though. And, I don’t know, it’s just a feeling, but I really don’t think Sabrina and Rachelle are going to win any HoH’s anyways, on the chance that they would go back on there word


I disagree. I think that if Jon pulls Ro off and puts up either Adel or Arlie then Jon and Neda will stay have Heather as well as Rachelle. If the next HOH is endurance then Neda could throw it to Rachelle and control her HOH because Rachelle wouldn’t have any allies left besides Neda and Jon.


Also why do people keep saying “if Allison chooses to put up ______”?
I thought it was just a normal Veto and the HOH got to make the replacement nominee.

char r

Wtf, if Jon keeps Sab he’s a fool .He’ll be pissing his game out the window . F I was so sure her ass was grass . Shittles


Omg imagine if someone find and stills Allisons scarlet veto !!! Omg it possible ?!
This game is insane!!:)


If someone finds Alli’s veto they can’t steal it because it’s technically one of her possessions.
BUT – they’d know about it !
And you can’t un-know what you know.
So – would that get Alli evicted by BB because it wasn’t a secret anymore ?
Or would Production demand whoever found it keep quiet ?


Rachelle- “we got the brains, the will, the positivity”….ummmmmm, on WHAT PLANET? But the shit is about to hit the fan if the veto is used to save Rachelle, and Allison gets put up, only to pull out the red veto to save her ass. This smells like a production move, but it’s brilliant for tv.


Should be interesting to see how many of the sloppy seconds have enough of an IQ to notice that Jon/Neda are playing themall putting up Allison. My guess is Arlie will but I know that clueless Adel and Heather will be lost in the woods. My only hope is by next week they wake up and understand that Jon/neda playing them for the final.


I really wish they included Marsha the moose and her secret missions more often! Except I’d hate it if they got Sabrina to do it, I’m so bored of things being about her most of the time.


Jon doesn’t even know it, but Neda is ruining his game! Keeping the Gremlins is the worst thing for his game right now. Neda wants to keep Rachelle and get her on her good side. If they put up Allison and she obviously uses her Veto, then Jon should put up Arlie as a pawn. If Neda convinces Jon to get rid of Arlie and not Sabrina, it will be ruination for him. If the Gremlins wins the next HOH, they will get rid of Jon and starting controlling the house. Stupid Jon. They need to get rid of cry baby Sabrina in order to separate the Gremlins. The Gremlins need to be separated….they are like two Siamese twins hipped to the waist and I would hate to see them go to F/2!


Wow, this is turning out to be such an interesting week! but I fear Jon & Neda’s safety…
Jon uses the veto on Rachelle, puts up Allison then BOOM TWIST! she uses scarlet veto on herself.. Jon puts up Arlie as replacement then Arlie is evicted!
Since Jon can’t play on next week’s HOH, Allison has a good chance of winning HOH and might put up Jon & Neda.. will the gremlins stick with the final 4 deal with Jon & Neda?! Ughhhh. 🙁


Allison freaking out is actually working to John and Neda’s benefit because now they can say she is going to come after them anyway based on her reaction. Based on what Ally said to Heather they now have her buy-in to get rid of Ally.

The other factor in play is why would Adel be telling Rachelle to work John to try to stay AFTER the veto unless he also wants Allison out. That’s why he didn’t let her play veto. Maybe production got in his head too but he wants Ally gone more than anyone else. This actually works to John/Neda’s benefit as well b/c they can claim it’s what Adel also wanted.


Actually once Allison uses her veto if she puts up Adel then the group might vote out Sabrina because John/Neda can say they were only doing that so they could keep Rachelle to take out Allison.

When they see Ally got that power I’m sure they’ll all say how sneaky she is because no one knew it & she played all down knowing she had it which points to how much she can pretend. They’ll know she wanted to take off a Gremlin from the start and then they might just vote out Sabrina because they won’t want Rachelle and Sabrina hooking back up with Ally.

Then they’ll target Ally or Arlie depending on who wins. So this could actually still work out for John and Neda.

Having said this IF Ally puts up Arlie I’m pretty sure he’d be gonzo.


This is still Jon’s HoH. Alli just has a veto, so Jon will still be the one to pick the other nominee. Did you miss the post explaining her power or…?


If Jon can keeps his cool under pressure and not act totally blindsided, he could renom Allison, have her take herself off with the secret POV, then put up someone like Adel who would seem okay with being the pawn, and tell Allison that she was the pawn all along. If he and Neda act mad over the whole thing, Allison will know what’s up for sure.


Love this twist! I Thought With This Veto Allison Gets To Nominate the Next To go & If so she proly will pick Adel for wat he did to her or One of the boys who are more of a threat…& since the gremlins aren’t a threat they get to stay anyway…Allison will not trust anybody again now she will be superrr pissed having veto used on her twice in a row & will definatley know shes a target & if its anyone, she will most likley allign with heather & if Jon Gets to nominate someone on the block again he will have no choice but to choose Adel or Arlie cuz they r the biggest threats to his game & cuz im not sure if he wants to get rid of Neda yet…..this will split ppl up now & its anymans game again see who wins next….


both gremlins r on the block & u dont know who jons gonna veto


Allison can save one nominee from eviction. But cannot choose the replacement nominee.
This is good for 3 Nomination Ceremonies only so This is her last chance & It’s Scarlet… So It’s instantly bad ass.
She can use the PoV even AFTER the regular PoV has been used. But it has to be DURING the PoV ceremony.
It has a lock on it instead of a power symbol & that’s pretty much it.


i wonder if Sabrina will ever learn from her mistakes she needs to shut up
on her own But instead she keeps getting others to Shut Her Up!! She Really needs to stop talkinggg

Rideout's getting tired of your bullshit

Leave Allison alone. Focus on who really deserves to be eliminated next. The rest that lie, whine, complain and float, like Rachel, SAbs, Jon, Neda, Heather, and Adel need to go…..


Just to be clear peeps, Allison doesn’t have a Diamond Veto, she doesn’t get to choose who will replace her on the block. It’s just a normal veto that can be used anytime up until the vote.


Er, up until the end of the Veto ceremony I mean.


A little side note, what is up with the hats being worn this season, Allison in particular. It’s driving me nuts. Of course I know the real reason but overall that look drives me batty on women and men. Had to be said.
Besides that minor annoying detail I am looking forward to seeing how the pov ceremony plays out.

Johhny (the European one!)

There really is 0 likeable people left in this house. 🙁


Does Allison have the power to nominate a person if she uses her Veto or does Jon? Also, I agree with the other persons comment,it sounds like production is manipulating this move.


Is anyone really shocked that Allison is going to have to use her Scarlett pov? Do you you really think production would have a viewers vote “twist” and just let it not be played. Anyone who has watched big brother live feeds knows that big brother probes and plants seeds. Production is praying that Allison use her pov, the gremlins stay and an expendable sloppy second leaves


Well, maybe production did get what they wanted this week with both superpowers being used.

I really hope they don’t evict Arlie and evict Sabrina. Sabrina is the last straw of the F5 and needs to go. The look on her face would be hilarious.

another name

please name the first five…. they were Andrew, Kenny, Sara, ARLIE and SABRINA.
I know everyone likes Arlie more than Sabrina. but he received the same benefits as she did through the machinations of their alliance.
to infer that he should be saved because his disloyalty benefitted the favored players….
guess it goes to show, staying under the radar for weeks to reap all the rewards but pay none of the consequences will sway public opinion every time.


This is really a nasty group. I don’t want anyone winning at this point.

Print Chair

Heather’s utter sycophantism to those in power is really rubbing me raw. And not in a good way. Here, Masters, I bring you cake. Please take this as a sign of my devotion.


This season has turned out a lot better than I ever imagined.


Who’s responsible for this mess ?
Casting, following Production directives.
In-depth screening my *ss.
Schmooze, recruit, audition.
Huge ego – check. Extrovert – check. Stereotype – check.
Fill out that invoice & lets go for beers.
So we get hapless eviction-meat Anick & Paul.
Psycho Sobby and brainless brat Ratchild.
I’ll cut them undeserved slack on the rest because right there those 4 choices were significant factors in the starting and evolving dynamic.
Enough with the stereotypes and anticipating “story lines”.
Stories WILL develop regardless.
I accept they’ll pander to the expected demographic but c’mon – these were the best of the lot ?
I accept they’ll “twist” for added “drama” but once the twist is in let it play out.
Production wants it too easy. Hire a decent editing team and you’ll get your TV.
Re-set the casting parameters to the less obvious.
Everyone has their preferences for pure “Game” or pure “Popularity contest” or hybrid version but for cripes sake Production DECIDE – is it your game or theirs ? If yours then go full on Big Brother meanie but apply it fairly, if theirs then cast properly and GTF out of the way.


Jon’s dumb.

I hope they talk themselves into putting Arlie up and that Allison uses her veto on him keeping them both safe. Who’d you put up then Johnny? HEATHER, that’s who. But he’s dumb so he might put up Adel.

Pleeeeeeaaaaaaase vote out Slobrina. Arlie makes a much better villain in every measurable way!


So here it analogy

Did anyone see how Neda was off the night of HOH and Jons win… well I believe she noticed that there was even a bond with Allison being from Nfld . Her actions seem like a girl living by emotion . She wants her out because Allison is competition for her in game play , stragey and otherwise . I am disappointed in Neda and her behaviour. She has finally done for a girl who ” calls everything and is always right” as she says, she could’ve just sunk the ship .

I am also disspointed in Adel , he being the smooth talking , smiling love everyone for themselves has sure turned once he was accepted. Now that he has used his veto , he will be out. But his actions I have clearly noticed. hmmmm

Heather n Jon seem to be my final 2 even Allison

Nana Jo

It’s clear that production wants Slob and Ro to stay for dramatic effect. I think this will likely happen. Jon will use the POV on Rachelle. Then if he names Arlie as a replacement for Allison (after she uses her scarlet letter), Neda, Rachelle and Allison will all vote him out. I think Heather and Adel would still vote for Sabrina. If Jon puts up Adel as a replacement, again Neda, Ro and Allison will vote him out, while Heather and Arlie would vote out Sab, although Arlie may vote Adel out, too. So, in my opinion, whoever Jon puts up as a replacement for Allison is the most likely houseguest to go out the door. Of course, there is always the unlikely scenario that Jon would ignore production and choose not to play his veto. Thus, goodbye to Sabs and both vetos. So ending the lamest veto drama ever!


I hope Jon nominates Heather because I would hate to see Arlie or Adel go(even though Adel is being a complete moron). However something tells me that Adel is going to be the sacrificial lamb in this situation, he really has no credibility with the other hg’s, idk maybe they will keep him because they don’t perceive him as a threat.

I want to see the final 4 being Arlie, Adel, Jon(even though he is ANNOYING), and Neda. Final 2 Arlie and Adel ( if they dont go this week)…

another name

have to say this… i’m feeling pretty vindicated for pointing out production’s heavy handed interferences starting at the Canada’s hoh. sure, it was an unpopular and maligned opinion then because it helped all of the favored houseguests with responses such as, ‘production always does this’ ; ‘obviously you aren’t a true big brother fan’ ; ‘of course production has a hand in events, it’s all about the advertising revenue’ ; ‘you’re either naïve or stupid to expect production to allow the game to unfold without an agenda. the pure game doesn’t exist’; ‘just goes to show a large vocabulary doesn’t mean you have any common sense’… wow, now look at the complaints about production influencing adel to use his buzzworthy prize so that Allison will use her scartlet letter. why is this interference any more egregious than ALL of the rest?
this latest “twist” in the game is no different than the rest of the production is a contestant manipulations, if you didn’t have a problem with the rest of them, but are complaining now that the effects aren’t what you wanted to happen: how does your crow taste?
I agree, this is another production fix. completely. absolutely. but having seen just how many times its already happened, i’m not in any way shocked.