Arlie says when I complimented him on his cooking & muscles.. it was a game called pumping Andrew’s tires!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots

BBCAN2-2014-04-11 06-29-37-458

9:30am – 10:25am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Heather thinks today they’ll have a luxury competition or something. Jon says okay I still have a girlfriend if anyone was wondering. Jon goes to the bathroom and Adel asks what no hangover? Jon says nope! Adel heads to the bedroom and asks Allison what’s up with your hair? Were you dreaming of having s*x with Andrew! Adel asks why did they wake us up like they forgot to wake us up? Arlie says I don’t even want to have a havenot competition today! Jon says me neither. Jon tells Arlie if it was him he would go crush a huge breakfast.. anything you can get your hands on! Bacon! Eggs! Jon says holy sh*t Mumzie is gone! So is Brainer! Jon comments on how I can’t believe how much I bawled at that letter. Adel tells Allison it looks like you were sleeping in the slums. Allison asks are you making fun of me again. Adel says it looks like you crushed a few percocets and woke up a few hours later. Allison leaves. Arlie tells Adel how he used to compliment Andrew on his cooking and how big his muscles are.. Arlie says I called it a game it was pumping Andrew’s tires! I used to give him like 6 compliments in a row and he just loved it. Adel laughs. Arlie says with Sabrina its telling her just how good at the game she is.

BBCAN2-2014-04-11 06-36-56-193

10:35am – 11am In the HOH bedroom – Sabrina and Rachelle talk about about what they’ll say to Jon to try and get him to keep them. They decide to tell him that next week he will be vulnerable because he won’t be able to play for HOH and that he’ll only really have Neda. Jon joins them and talks to Sabrina while in the main bedroom Neda talks to Rachelle about what to say to Jon. Neda really wants Rachelle to stay. Rachelle and Neda head to the HOH room and Neda continues to talk about what she should do and say to Jon. Neda tells Rachelle that she and Sabrina are definitely going up on the block but that there might be a back door plan. Neda tells Rachelle to let her talk to Jon first before she has her talk with him.

11am In the storage room – Arlie and Adel talk about making a final 3 deal with Heather to get her to be more loyal to them.

11:25am All of the house guests but Sabrina are up in the HOH room hanging out talking about random things.
BBCAN2-2014-04-11 08-24-34-862

11:50am – 12pm UP in the HOH room – Jon reads his HOH letter out loud to the other house guests.. Adel comments that he hopes its him and Sabrina on a team together for the havenot competition. I am going to birdie the sh*t out that competition. Arlie says she might get evicted for hitting you. Adel says I am going to sh*t my pants every night with her in the slums. Adel asks so are we all in agreement that if its 3 person teams we throw the havenot competition to put Sabrina on slop. Heather, Neda, Arlie all say they’ll throw it.

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So excited Kenny and Sara are gone. I feels so good.

ihate sarah

did anyone else notice that sarahs husband wasnt in the audiance last night??….and that peter/arisa didnt bring anything up about how sarah chose kenny over 100 000 dollars…hmmm i wonder if there was a gag order put on them was just very strange that no one brought it up!


God, just let it go! She’s out of the house and you’re still obsessed. What the hell? Lol!


Adel is becoming such as a$$


yep the good side gets away with alot and are mad out to look like the good guys caught caught neda pooring out all of the suger and maple syrup lets not forget adel and ika lauging at ikas choise to shreed the letters


If I was getting backdoored by my OWN alliance. I would be laughing at the letters also…..just saying.


Awesome Have not comp pic!!!!

Is it Supersized Beer Pong????


Do it, Neda. Force Jon to make a play for Arlie this week. Shake up this girl scout jamboree.


Jon would be stupid to make a move on Arlie this early….it would show heather/adel that Jon doesn’t care abt alliances BUT more than that it would mean only Neda could protect him for the next HOH.


Agree. Jon can’t count on Neda winning and has to know Adel needs to think of keeping his Buzzworthy veto for his own protection.


If Arlie is smart, he will lie low this week. He has already flipped and the last thing he should do is not to have the reputation of flipping!


Oops! Delete the word, “not”!


Figured out what Sloopy Seconds behaviour remind me of; hormonal teenagers, they have a bit more maturing to do, also they remind me of cubs as opposed to a wise wolf, which would occur later in life.


this seasons isn’t very entertaining. the gremlins are very annoying but there not what you want out of your so cold villains. casting hopefully does a better job next year. rachelle is useless and has no game. sabrina is fu*king annoying to hear and look at. allison is plain and boring. neda just takes up space. adel lacks strategy in every sense of the word but hes a funny guy. arlie is a player of note wish he had a better cast to play against. jon is a good overall player. he has good instincts and can tell if people are lying.kenny could have been dominate due to his jesus vibe but he alligned with the wrong people. ika may have been a sassy bitch but she was entertaining wish she couldve last longer for entertainment sake.


I agree, Sloppy Seconds really are all the same person. White, nonintellectual, middle class but snobby, low-information, they are not very interesting to listen to. Casting needs to try harder to get different personality types. Adel is a Muslim but you wouldn’t know it unless you saw him doing his prayers. If they thought that would bring a different type into the game, they were wrong. This group isn’t very sophisticated. And no one is funny at all, there’s not one quick wit in the whole group.

mark anthony

this seasons isn’t very entertaining. the gremlins are very annoying but there not what you want out of your so cold villains. casting hopefully does a better job next year. rachelle is useless and has no game. sabrina is fucking annoying to hear and look at. allison is plain and boring. neda just takes up space. adel is retarded but hes a funny guy. arlie is a player of note wish he had a better cast to play against. jon is a good overall player. he has good instincts and can tell if people are lying.kenny could have been dominate due to his jesus vibe but he alligned with the wrong people. ika may have been a sassy bitch but she was entertaining wish she couldve last longer for entertainment sake.

Dog Toy

How many times and in how man threads are you going to post this same thing?


You call Sabrina annoying, but not Arlie? Arlie may be the most annoying person I’ve ever seen in my life. #STFUArlie


And Jon is a terrible player. He gets drunk and makes deals with everyone.


Kenny, is that you??

You’re so quick to call Jon a overall good player when Neda is the one in the background advising him of what to do and what not to do.

Jon would have effed up by now if not for her. She’s the brains behind their operation.

meseyz (imoho!)

this is like a classic Nintendo reset button on the whole BB game!!!
save for Sabrina, they are almost equa-distant to the prize money.
if Rachelle has more of a brain in her head than i think she does,
she may survive by playing the fractures as all falls apart gloriously.


This season is over. I’m worried Canada may lose big brother due to loss of viewership of anybody over the age of 18. Production’s meddling has caused a power shift and given the beta loser underdogs big brother social assistance at the expensive of the alpha life winners. Kenny was the last hope for the season. These people are mentally and socially bankrupt. LOL at Adel saying none of us will ever be close to a 1 in 5 chance at $100k. It just shows you the kind of trash and life losers production got behind. LOL at Kardashi-roach-face floater who is about to be stabbed by Jon for Ally. Thank god US season is starting soon. Production backed losers instead of winners and now yye audience loses.


would have been more intrasting for tv if it was kenny andrew sarha and arlie jon adel .but yet prudoction whats to make this saposetly good side out to be good caught caught laugting at ikas choise to shread the letters and make andrew kenny and sarha out to be theses scumbags from hell if more people.we had a bucnh of players who where achuly playing this game thay are gone after that stupid canada is hoh

bb is a house full of crazy

You need a dictionary. Get one. You can’t spell.


Get a pregnancy test. You are missing a bunch of periods


How’s the day trading going BO$$ PLAYA??


@ Ernic. It’s a shame that you, like Sabs, can’t roll with the punches. When the power shifts, it’s time to shift strategy. This has been Sabromit’s downfall throughout the game, she just cannot give up on the first idea she had. AND the season is not ‘over’…the HG’s left in the house will start trying to pick each other off…that’s the GAME…there can only be one winner. New mini alliances will be floated and formed…THIS is how the game is played. Loyalty is as permanent as a fashion trend…great and exciting while it’s there — a toss-away when it’s ‘over’…All of these elements will continue to make the game exciting to watch, but I do have a suggestion for you. If you think the season is over, stop watching and commenting with as many different names as you can think up, (not that many, really, as your brain is compromised, in my opinion). You’ll be doing yourself a favour, and the rest of us, too.


The snake slithers. Neda conspiring against her alliance. She’s off her rocker.


Neda has never had Arlie or Adel’s back. She has never trusted them. She is trying to ensure she gets them before they get her. Neda is for Neda just like Arlie is for Arlie.


Does anyone know if anyone has questioned the vote count on Kenny’s eviction. It seems someone would find that important, especially Sabrina and Jon.


Oh great…Rach is doubledip eating out of that container then puts it back in the frig.
Too effin lazy to even get a bowl.
Well, besides that, I’ll be seriously bugged if she stays and wins an HoH.
If Neda pushes a deal with her or her & Sabs Jon needs to strongly remind her he’s her shield and right now best shot for F2.

With 2 veto’s out there this next eviction could be insane.


I want Rachelle to go. Everyone in the 6 should know that any of them would win against Sabrina and leave her alone for the rest of the game. The guys can duke it out to escape eviction next week.


When did Jon spill that story about Neda throwing out the condiments? Is it in the videos posted or was it only on live feeds? Thanks.


Am I the only one who thinks that Jon is loyal to Neda? From what I’ve watched on the feeds Jon has Neda as number 1 and vice versa. Although I think neda is the only one who’s been actually looking out for Jon. Pulling Rachelle in and if she follows through next week would be great for their game, but that if only Rachelle follows. Either way, welcome Rachelle to big brother, about time she actually plays! Hopefully Allison would be backdoored this week (or at least be the replacement nominee) in case Rachelle or Sabrina wins the veto, that way she would not screw my favorites (Heather, Neda and Jon’s) game through production help.


Allison has the secret veto i doubt she is going anywhere this week.


Yes, Allison’s not going this week but she could screw Heather, Neda and Jon’s game in favor of her, Sabrina and Rachelle. If Rachelle wins veto then Allison takes Sabrina off the block, if Allison’s on the block she would take herself off and the sloppy seconds still has control on who will go (hopefully Sabrina). The three of them now controls who’ll go home and I personally find that unfair since the shift happens because of Allison who has done absolutely nothing in the game especially since I think Heather will go home.


Cora, I notice that you ask questions that are easily answered by reading the recaps that Simon and Dawg put so much effort into as well as the comments below the recaps.

If you want to know something, before asking an obvious question, scroll to the top, read the recaps, read the comments and if your answer isn’t there, then ask.


I don’t think Allison can be evicted this week because she can play her secret veto after the renoms are made, although having it flushed out now might be a good idea.


KATRIONA this is the last chance for ALLISON to use the veto this week or its gone. I almost wish they would put her up on the block. She has a feeling at this point with ARLIE and again after her conversations with JON that they want to save her above NETA. This would be a wakeup call and hopefully get her off her ass to talk game.


A few random thoughts.

1st let me comment on the sideshow. If Sarah and Kenny are doing media maybe, just maybe, the jury hasn’t started yet. Perhaps Canada gets a vote OR maybe Canada is the entire jury this season. We be voting something at the end me thinks.

Drunken idiots need to stay off the TV. You want to watch a train wreck go find an accident with body bags. I have little tolerance for drunks as they throw their whole BB game in the crapper. Jon is again the “idiot of the day”.

Jon flipping the house is Sabby and Ratchets only hope. Neda wants Sabby F2 so how does she convince Jon to keep her and still keep Jon in her short term plan? The answer is Arlie. Not to help Neda but squash it. Arlie has to point out to big Jon that girls 5 boys 3. The girls numbers gotta decrease ASAP. If they want to take Alli then who goes up as a pawn in the event Sabby or Ratchet are removed at the veto ceremony? I think those 2 are the noms no matter what the talk is.

Heather, Neda, Allison, Sabby and Ratchet who has the best F2 chance? Neda from a logic stand point. Her comp win was a luckbox special last night but I think for all Jon’s talk he’ll take her as far as he can til he gets backdoored later in the game. I’d be worried about Ratchet and Allison on comp/endurance. Especially Allison with some upper body strength. Very dangerous for Arlie/Jon to take her F3 IMO.

The lost sheep chronicles! Heather and Adel are doing what? With who and what is the plan? 2 versions of the same game. Nice people that are genuinely like by feeders. Other than the straight forward F6 alliance with Slops where are either going. Adel has definitely no plan atm. Heather may think a Neda alliance but she is so layed back I have no idea what her plan is. This season may be perfect for these 2! hehehe. See they have no reason to be a target by the other HG’s.

Jon won’t get what he wants this week as I think barring Veto Roro goes out the door and Sabby plays F7 as the one HG they all want to sit beside. The dirty bit may start this week but I’m thinking next eviction the “nasty” will start for real!