Drunk Jon tells Allison “when it comes down to it.. 1 Hundo” he’s going against Neda

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-10 21-28-46-718

11:49pm Hot Tub Sabrina and Rachelle

Rachelle says if she knew Adel still had his power she would have flushed it out during her HOH. Sabrina hopes that tomorrow is a luxury competition instead of a Have Nots competitions.
Rachelle – “I noticed Kenny had really good fashion I wish my boyfriend had really good fashion”

Rachelle pleads with the people on the feeds telling them to save the gremlins to make the show exciting.

They start going over what they are going to say to Jon, They are going to swear allegiance to Jon and tell him they will vote with JON till the end. They will also push the angle that Arlie and Allison will turn on Jon because he’s their only threat.

Sabrina is going to highlight that Arlie has already flipped on an alliance once before who says he wouldn’t do it again.

Rachelle wonders if Jon is going to backd**r them or put them straight up. Sabrina is certain they are both going to be nominated.

Rachelle – “We made it farther than Tom and Liza and they are really strong players”

Sabrina thinks she is the one going home this week and uses that to try and make Rachelle feel bad for her.
Rachelle doesn’t think they will take Sabrian out “They” (Slopies) told her they don’t think of Sabrina as a threat in the game.
Sabrina admits she doesn’t have a social game anymore.

Sabrina continues to coach Rachelle in what to say to Jon. She told her to repeat her plan twice now.

Jon comes by drunk as f***.

Rachelle – “Are you drunk”
Jon – “Ohh ya”
Rachelle uses this opportunity to talk to Jon about his nominees.

She says there’s “People” in this house that fear him and will nominate him.

Sabrina – “Jon Pardy can be three votes not one”

Jon says it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility for things to change drastically.

Jon says it’s been him and Arlie since day 5, he’s not going to lie to them he’s going to be talking about this HOH with Arlie.

Rachelle and Sabrina start pushing for him to put up Allison.
They start throwing Kenny’s name through the mud saying they were fed lies from Kenny. That is why things were the way they were with Kenny.

They offer everything but the kitchen sink to JOn. Rachelle says he’ll have their vote plus she’ll put up whoever he wants .

Jon tells them tonight they can talk to him up in the HOH and have a full conversation and they can tell him who they want to put up.

Jon Leaves and the gremlins start to giggle. (OMG they are some much like gremlins.. ) They start scheming about who to tell Jon to put up. Sabrina – “Heather and Allison”

Rachelle – “Do you think he’s going to go for it”
Sabrina’s not sure it’s the only thing they got.
Sabrina instructs her to not to talk game to anybody and to stay positive, She stresses that anything is possible in this game “Look at Adell”

They continue to scheme and decide to push Allison and Adel up
Rachelle thinks Jon wants the final 4 to be Sabrian, Rachelle and Neda. She says JOn putting up Adel and Allison makes total sense.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-10 21-40-46-545

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-10 21-44-26-194


12:15AM HOH Arlie, Allison and JON
Jon says he’s so drunk right now.. Arlie wants to go make a drink just something to sip on. Jon doesn’t want him to make a strong one.
Jon slurring – “I want one more strong one”

Jon says he’s so glad Allison is still in the game, “I’m so glad right now it’s all newf born and bred.. Ally don;’t f*** turn on me because of what Gordo said”
Allison – “Why would I ever do that”
Jon says he could have something Epic planned.
Allison – “Would you go against Neds”
Jon – “Huh what about her”
Allison – Are you actually going to go against her
Jon- “when it comes down to it 1 hundo”
Allison – Really
Jon -Yes Allison.. do not let that get back to her.. don’t say that to Heather.. No one.
Allison – it stays between me and you

12:30am Gremlins being optimistic about their chances to get Jon to flip the house.
Sabrina – “Gremlins are back.. WAKE UP CANADA Gremlins”

12:55AM Jon gets his Ipod with Brooks n Dunn, Third eyed blind, Oasis


1:40AM Bathroom Neda and JOn Neda is annoyed at Jon because he told Arlie she did the “Syrup” thing. She’s Also pissed that Jon told it to a group of people. Neda says it was obvious she was mad when he told Arlie so why would he say it to a group of people. She says it’s s trust thing and she is annoyed at him.

1:52AM Bedroom Adel , Heather and NEda
Adel, Neda and Heather. Adel is telling them he really hopes they stick to the plan get the gremlins out followed by Allison. IF they can do that they have a 1 in 5 chance to win $100 000. Adel says unless something crazy happens in their lives they will never get that close to that much money again.

Adel really plays up that Rachelle and Sabrina will never vote for him in the end.

Adel – I really want Allison ou to I don’t care what other people say
Neda – UGH WHY is she (Allison) sleeping in that f*** room
Heather – Why is she in there by herself
Adel points out that everyone is going to offer the HOH alliances and stupid sh1t like that.

2:10AM Storage room Arlie and Jon
Talking about how awesome the position they’re in is. Areli tells him the beauty of their alliance is he’s target number one and Jon is target number two.

(Jon drank a 26oz bottle of whiskey. He gave a few drinks to the houseguests but for the most part it was all him)

2:40AM Jon and Neda HOH

jon tells them about what the Rachelle was telling him. She offered Him and NEda two votes if they kept him safe she swore on her brother.

Neda asks him if that is a possibility . Jon says anything is possible.

Jon says he’s more interested in getting rid of Sabrina this week and keeping Rachelle. Neda asks how they are going to convince the alliance to do that because everyone is set on getting out Rachelle.
Jon says they are going to have to have a conversation with Arlie.

Neda – “He pisses me off so much.. I get really pissed off when people tell me what to do”
Jon knows 100% tells her to ride with the tide right now

Neda explains why she is so mad at him for telling everyone about her condiment pranks. Jon apologises says he was wrong 100%.

Neda wants Rachelle over Sabrina gone.
Jon hints that maybe they should keep both, “Maybe keeping both is a possibility if we can saw enough of the alliance to do it”.
Neda says Adel and Heather want Allison gone there not saying it but she can tell.
Jon doesn’t think Arlie will take him any further than 6.
Neda says it was a bad move for Jon not sharing his alcohol.
Jon says he offered it to her multiple times and she said no.

3:20AM HOH Arlie and Jon
Arlie is suggesting they take Allison in and form a side final 3 with her.
Jon says hundo reel her in.

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What would make the game really great is if jon puts up rachelle and sabrina and rachelle wins pov and takes her self down and he puts up allison and allison uses her pov on her self and than it forces him to have to put up another person from the sloppy seconds alliance….

what would be even better is if he puts up rachelle and sabrina and rachelle wins pov and takes her self down and he puts up someone else other than allison and allison uses her pov to save sabrina which forces him to put up another person from the sloppy seconds alliance……because than allison, sabrina and rachelle would have the power to vote out who ever they want because it only takes 3 votes to evict.

however i would still love to see sabrina get voted out:):):)


And then throw in ADEL’s Power….. God knows what that power will do this week.

But, awesome scenarios because it would be so unexpected, but I hope it doesn’t happen because then Adel, Heather, or Neda might leave.


lol the gremlins are great comedic relief, they’re so delusionally funny. The show would lose a big presence if Sabrina left, who will fill the crazy emotional person role if she leaves?


So delusional!!! LOL


Both of them are detestable. What part do you laugh at? They don’t even have a sense of humor, like making jokes or doing cute things. They’re just ugly human beings.


One thing for sure is that the Gremlins are disgusting…..Rachelle peed in the hot tub and Sabrina goes in? Ugh! Be gone Gremlins!


Who thinks Allison will be ‘helping Jon get to sleep tonight’?


I’m with you Cora!!! No doubt .


don’t be offensive, allison didn’t even end up sleeping in there. jon was talking all night about how much he loved janelle. her picture was in his hoh. he’s not cheating on her with neda and he is certainly not cheating on her with allison.


Allison, this is the week that you can change the game again. Right now you are 6th on the pole but using your Power of Veto you can take someone off and have the HOH replace it. John will probably put Rachelle and Sabrina on the block, they will not win any Veto probably. Allison can then take one off the block and replace it with someone they know will not vote with her. Then it’s Allison, Rochelle or Sabrina and just ONE more vote to change things up as only 3 votes are needs this week. Go Allison, shake this house up…


Eeeeewwwww who wants to associate with those two!? I would cry if I had to go hear Sabrina playing the victim and Rachelle agreeing with everything she said. Allison will probably just try to get close with the guys, that’s more her style!


It’s not a matter of being ewww, but rather where you stand in your group. Allison atm is number 6 for sloppy seconds, she could be top 3 using her power of veto to bring in one more member.


No point in her using her veto when it expires next week she might as well save it for next week if she doesn’t win HOH because that’s when people will start gunning for her. Last to join an alliance First to get booted out.


Allison’s veto expires during Jon’s HOH.


Ernic in different name lmao


Unless a gremlin won the golden veto or was saved by it, that plan wouldn’t work. Allison would only be saving one gremlin, the other left on the block would not vote.


Poor Neda really feeling bad for her. She’s not herself tonight


I honestly thiink she is being her real self though. She was jealous of Allison being up in the HOH with Jon and Jon flirting with someone else that’s not her. I think as the weeks are going by we’re seeing Neda’s strong feelings for Jon come out and they’re definitely not platonic. I think last night must have been hard for her seeing pictures of Jon and Janelle everywhere, having him reminice over his moments with Janelle and how much he loves her, and Neda finally having that final epiphany that Janelle is indeed very much real and that Jon isn’t going to break up with her.


where are you getting this from!? neda always supported janelle with jon. she likes him as a friend only. she was mad at him tonight because he told all the others about her syrup prank. she even explains this in the video. haven’t you been watching!?


i would be annoyed at jon too
hes just being an annoying drunk talking too much

hope they work things out tomorrow


It’s a big mistake getting that drunk. You can easily say or do something that will hurt your gameplay: such as Jon telling Allison that he’d be willing to turn against Neda.


Allison is relatively good at keeping her mouth shut that may have actually been very good for Jon. Because now she is going to think she can start an alliance with Jon and not worry about him flipping which would keep him safe. Just saying.


She has serious leverage over him though, and can blow up his game if she has to.

And even if that doesn’t come back to him, he just shouldn’t be staying stuff like that. He shouldn’t be getting so drunk that he might say something stupid, in general. Another example is how he outed Neda last night for pouring the syrup. How’s she supposed to trust him when he can’t keep his mouth shut?


#LetsGoGremlins beat the “good people”


Sabrina and Rachelle in the hot tub: Sabrina says “we are the new Adels.”

No way Sabrina. Adel is A HUNDO % different than you and Rachelle.

Even though I love the Sloppy Seconds, after watching all these vids, I don’t think its going to last if the power gets to Jon’s head (which I think it is….or maybe he’s just drunk).

Arlie is definitely trying hard to secure his alliance/friendship with Jon (just in case) and rightfully so.

If the Have Not Comp has Rachelle and Sabrina on a team with Allison ……..then goodbye Sloppy Seconds. Allison will be with them at night and might be the one to secure an alliance with one of the gremlins through her Scarlet POV.

Always expect the unexpected…….

…and thank you Simon/Dawg!!! These vids are amazing! Best part of my post-eviction show Thursday nights!


Rose coloured glasses on here…..why is ok for Adel to pick his nose constantly as well….why is ok for Jon to talk about his disgusting yeast infection, grab his junk, talk about rubbing one out….if this was Andrew or any first 5 you people would have pages of comments of how disgusting they are……unbelievable


I think at this point for neda is better drop off jon and go with heather and adel… arlie and jon already have a deal and they both have a deal with allison..so there is no way for neda and heather in those mini alliances and they better think about themselves


Rachelle – “I noticed Kenny had really good fashion I wish my boyfriend had really good fashion”

Huh? Kenny just walked around with no shirt and Pajama bottoms 99% of the time.


I think I’m actually starting to hate the man beast hoe Allison even more than Sabrina. She’s so phony and annoying with her stupid voices. It’s a tough decision. But hearing Sabrina interrupting, controlling conversations, and still lying through her teeth while watching the feeds right now is making her still in the lead. I actually preferred her crying all the time, cause at least she shut up for awhile. Hopefully they go next.


what do you mean ‘stupid voices’?


Dr. Will – people will strive to achieve his perfection and they will always fail. He never said a bad thing about anyone once. Not once. He never won a challenge and got through (season 2) just because of his magnanimous personality and ability to make people laugh. he is an enigma for sure.


Actually, Dr. Will capitalized on the fact that he was hated by almost all the houseguests Season 2. Basically Dr. Will used the “I’m so hated you will win over me in the end” argument with almost everyone in the house after Chilltown crumbled and his strategy worked. That being said he was also successful because he used a lethal combination of lies, wit, charm, puppet mastery and throwing any and all comps to appear “weak” or “useless” in order to get to the end. Season 7 All Stars he flipped the “I am hated” and spun it to “I hate you all equally” which was more tongue in cheek but still a Dr. Will “ism” nevertheless.


While many compare Sabrina to Amanda, from watching the latest episode and Sabrina’s diary room session reminded me of Ivette from BB6 so much. The whole crying, cappy drama…it’s the same.

mark anthony

this seasons isn’t very entertaining. the gremlins are very annoying but there not what you want out of your so cold villains. casting hopefully does a better job next year. rachelle is useless and has no game. sabrina is fucking annoying to hear and look at. allison is plain and boring. neda just takes up space. adel is retarded but hes a funny guy. arlie is a player of note wish he had a better cast to play against. jon is a good overall player. he has good instincts and can tell if people are lying.kenny could have been dominate due to his jesus vibe but he alligned with the wrong people. ika may have been a sassy bitch but she was entertaining wish she couldve last longer for entertainment sake.


I am not going to give you the thumbs up or down on your opinion of the house guests. We all have our own. BUT .. the idea of calling anyone retarded ie; Adel is just NOT RIGHT .. look up the meaning before calling someone that ..


Oh most definitely…I have referred to the 1st 5 as NerdHerd2.0 a few times. With Sobs being Ivette, Andrew being Cappy, Sarah being Maggie, Kenny being April and throw Rachelle into the mix as JBlow…


Sabrina keeps saying she’s been watching since she was 9 years old.
She’s 25 now and BB didn’t start until 2000….girl can’t do math lol


When does Jon have to pick his nomunees?

another name

I lose respect for any alliance if they crack and turn on each other before they get rid of all their enemies.
why is neda upset? because Allison is in the hoh bed.
why is anyone surprised jon is saying he’ll turn on neda? he’s been saying it since his have not room nights with arlie and adel.
why is he saying he’ll turn on neda to Allison? he wants Andrew’s sloppy seconds.
he’s wanted to be the alpha male since day one. watch the cockiness to increase.
who will turn first? all of them. like jakals. led by arlie to get rid of neda. or neda to get rid of arlie. after they all turn on Allison of course.


I think Jon just tells everyone what they want to hear.


Seems like this guy (Jon)screwed her (Neda) big time .what a jerk .I just hope hope real bad Neda wakes up and bounds with Heather and Adel.
I understand it’s a big brother game but most the time plays unfairly.



Delilah Jones

I literally laughed out loud when Jon shouted that out!

meseyz (imoho!)

at least he ain’t a Donovan fan!
its sorta cool Kenny & Sarah get
to do non-stop PR together, this
is THEIR fannish apex of adulation.
After seeing Amanda turn on Helen,
i’m hoping Heather is final 3 or 4
but i’m trying to be a realist. i think
ARLIE is where McCrae was without
the “soft” sex, his flip is legendary…
the double eviction was tres intense,
even though i glommed onto all the
spoilers & even looked at the SideShow
before the full & complete episode. i
feel this game has become fun again!
its anyone’s 100 GRAND!!! maybe not
Sabrina’s, but anyway, Allison’s holding
back on her Red-Veto did not get K+S
PO’ed as it increases the odds she may
last the distance. CANADA RULES!!!!!!!


I’ve only watched the last two US seasons, but both winners played the same game that Arlie has. Andy and Ian both played the two sides of the house and ended up winning.

meseyz (imoho!)

IAN brilliantly and better than Andy. McCrae almost had it in his lap, though!
ARLIE could go the distance or he could look too powerful & be jumped for it.
Simon is looking for the grand falling out, as we speak. it is totally looming!!!


I can’t believe people are still watching the show now that all the interesting players are out.
Jon is really a horrible person. Such a douchebag who thinks of himself as all high and mighty. Between rubbing it out in the hoh bathroom and telling everyone about it, his yeast infection, his intolerable expression such as ‘hundo’ and his whole demeanour…. Get the failed hockey player a dose of reality please!!! I’m assuming his girlfriend is dumping him when he gets home…. His showmance with Neda … (Puke)

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the show guys!


Failed hockey player??? Most players would love to play just one game in the CHL. You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.


There is no freaking way jon is going to stab neda in the back .. neda is jons number one.. if allison really believe this fake ass final two deal then she should leave thursday without even using her veto…. allison need to stick with the remaining girls thats her only shot at winning this thing. im thinking jon might backdoor arlie that would be a good game move on his part.. i hope he does not waist his hoh in taking out sabrina or rachelle ,,

another name

the 20 oz. or so of rye in his gut added to his think with his yeast stick mindset…
he’s telling Allison he’ll turn on neda for game…. just not the big brother game.
i’m not saying drunk horny cocky douche nozzle tells girl what she wants to hear to get some…. well – actually I am.

mark anthony

im going to apply for next season. i could care less about winning alll im going to do is talk a whole lotta shit and cause a whole lot of chaos. i just want to entertain the people.


Some people would find that entertaining, but a lot of people would just find that annoying as hell.


janelle is really pretty im sure neda wished she was not real.. she must be heart broken finding out she is the real deal with jon,,,, i think neda wished it was her and jon….


I don’t care for listing who is prettier than who – I don’t think it is really fair. But I have to put a word in for our girl Neda. Personally, I think Neda is prettier. I’m basing this on the Hometown visit with Janelle.

Also, I feel like Jon’s HOH is kind of putting a wedge between them. As a girl, I feel for Neda. Even though they are strictly platonic, it is still uncomfortable when this guy who has been giving you nearly 100% of his attention is walking around his HOH room ranting and raving about how beautiful his girlfriend is.

It’s a misplaced and probably unjustified hurt but it still hurts.


This night provided so much proof that Neda’s relationship with Jon is very much not platonic, Neda and Janelle just get the short end of the stick. But all the “Jeda” fans on twitter are still saying they’re like brother and sister and so what if they get together they’re cute together, they’d rather have have Jon and Neda together and blah blah blah. It’s like people don’t care that by encouraging Jon to cheat on his girlfriend and Neda to try to seduce a man already in a relationship they’re ultimately setting them all up for failure and hurting someone completely innocent in the situation (Janelle). Someone yelled at me for suggesting Janelle could have a problem with this. what, Janelle isn’t human and can’t feel jealousy, insecurities and dislike her boyfriend treating another woman like his girlfriend? Someone is going to get very heartbroken in this love triangle or all of them are.


Absolutely, I agree that Janelle has every right to be miffed (I would probs be livid). Even after his 20 million proclamations of love last night.

But I sympathize with Neda’s hurt feelings as well. I don’t think she expected to feel that way. Realization of how she felt last night was probably a huge reality check.


If Jon sides with Allison instead of Neda … -_-


Jon is a horrible drunk, he is so drunk he always has bags under his eyes? And how the hell does a single male not having sex get a yeast infection on his penis? That being said it is entertaining. Now for some real entertainment they should throw back in Kenny and Andrew just to have them terrorize the house again and call everyone a dumb b*t@h. I don’t want them to win, but I will sure miss their outlandish antics. All I am saying is I’d rather see Kenny and Andrew battle it out again than watch heather and rachelle paint each others toe nails.

another name

re: how does he get yeast infection without sex:
comes down to improper grooming.
two theories are failure to properly wash and maintain foreskin, or the exact opposite excessive soap and washing of penis.
fungal infection.

another name

for any dislike to the yeast infection theories I posted… the actual syndrome is called candida balanitis. and the two most common causative effects are in fact poor hygiene and residue from harsh soaps. the explanation actually comes from the website for the condition.
my intention was not to be crude or rude. someone asked the question,so I looked it up, and I posted the answer.


from what I understand, Jon and Neda are aware of each other throwing each other under the bus if questioned…part of their plan to show ‘separation’ but in reality, they are working together despite what others may believe…


Sorry Marylin Manson, but Jon will turn on you in a second in order to win this game. Good Bye Marylin!

meseyz (imoho!)

I’m hoping they all half listen to Adel and send SABRINA in with Kenny on the next eviction before gettin’ down to business
and playing the game in earnest. they should honor the remnants of the “grand alliance” before gettin’ polarized & political.
i’m glad “Momzi” isn’t on the jury, i’m glad Kenny will have few days alone to his thoughts, but i do think he deserves to say
“i told you so” to Sabrina just so that she can cool her jets and take stock of reality. wake up & smell the coffee, yes! Neda’s
dumping of the sugar into the trash will haunt her if she gets to be final 3 or final two. Kenny is not a stupid person, he has
one long stay looming, and he has an acerbic edge. as i said, i’m totally rooting for Heather but then again i liked Kyle, too.