Arlie says on Thursday it’s more like 6 Vs. 1.5 instead of 6 Vs. 3

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-08 19-25-07-405

10:21pm RAndom chit chat Arlie, Allison (They were told by production they will be doing some Diary room sessions tonight starting at 10:30)

Arlie I can’t believe my a$$ got kissed 5 time today
(Allison comes back inside from working work with NEda, Heather and Adel)
Allison wonders if she should shower or if she can do her Diary room session looking like she does.
Arlie like looking at her all sweaty, it makes him think of other things.
Allison does a plank ask him to watch and see how long it takes her to sweat.


10:43pm HOH Arlie, Jon, Heather and Neda

They are going over the conversation with Sabrina. Arlie – “she’s 1/2 being funny about how much she openly hates me”

Arlie says It’s more like 6 vs 1.5 than 6 vs 3. Arlie knows that it sounds conceited but Kenny is a BEAST and the gremlins are really not a threat.

Allison asks them if Canada didn’t put Andrew up who would they all have wanted out first Kenny or Andrew.
Jon – “Kenny is ways smarter than Andrew to.. In the game Kenny was way smarter.. that is what I meant in the GAME SMARTER”
Arlie says Kenny 100% Andrew trusted him and Kenny is a much bigger game playing threat.

Allison says Andrew distracted her from the game.
Allison – “there is a plus side to Andrew leaving if Andrew was still in the game I would be like ______ “(See the image above)

Jon – You did get distracted… yup
Neda asks her if he told her about the 1st5
Allison says she wasn’t told anything about 1st5


11:08pm Deli Adel and JOn Storage room
Arlie finds the label on his bottle that Sarah put before, Tabasco sauce label that they called Tasco. Adel calls tasco his “son”.( tabasco is a brand name. Production doesn’t want them to say brand names on the live feeds )

Jon says when he told them he couldn’t find “tasco” he actually hid him first.. but when he went back to get Tasco it was gone. Jon adds that Sarah say him hid it the first time.


11:12pm HOH Jon tells the girls about Tasco
Watch the beginning of the video for the Tasco story and watch the end to see Neda and Allison play fight.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-08 20-21-27-591

11:14pm have nots Gremlins, Kenny and Sarah

Talking about who to put up. Rachelle wants Jon and Arlie up. Sabrina wants Jon and Neda. Kenny anmd Sarah kinda flip flop between two of Neda, Arlie, Jon.

Kenny’s worry is if they put Arlie and JOn up theres a good chance POV is played adds if they put up Jon/Neda first Arlie may not play in the POV, “We leave it the same for sure it’s the only way to make sure Jon leaves”
Sarah says if NEda and Jon are on the block and POV is played Arlie goes up.
Kenny and Rachelle are a bit scared if Neda goes up she might go home. Sarah agrees she comment on how much it would suck to use your HOH to get out NEda.

Kenny says heather and Adel are together because they were on the outs for so long he’s always said the ones on the outs are talking.
Sarah – “We let our egos take over and when Canada put us up we wallowed in it instead of picking ourselves up” She suggests they should have started working on building relationships up with the other players.
Sarah – “The people on the outs we just let them be on the outs. ”
Kenny says if they would have held onto power Arlie would have stuck with them.
Sarah now suggesting Arlie and JOn and if POV is played Neda goes up. Rachelle agrees. Sabrina says if Neda goes up she will go home. Sabrina thinks Jon will in the POV and arlie will have the votes to stay.
Sarah isn’t sure she says Jon can be pretty persuasive he would be able to save Neda.
Kenny – “Jon and Arlie final answer”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-08 20-26-51-566

11:40pm Wrestling

Adel wants his nickname to be Tasco, “I’m spicey”
Neda’s 1st nickname was “Balls” but she made the guys figure out another one.
Adel and Jon decided on “Neda the floater Caltar”
Jon asks them what Allison’s Nickname will be “It’s either Alley Cat or Xena or the Big Z”
They tell him Xena starts with a X not a Z

12:00AM Bathroom Rachelle and Sabrina

Sabrina is sad because her game got exploded. She’s able to turn things around and make her sound like the victim.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-08 21-50-58-706


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I’m kind of rooting for Kenny and the gremlins to win the next HOH just to see how close “The Sloppy Seconds/Hand Jobs” are as an alliance and see how much drama’s gonna go on and plus, if worse comes to worse, Allison can use her special power.


Arlie, Jon, and Neda have all become so smug and cocky. They didn’t even win HoH and have been acting like this all week. #MAJORpowertrip

They better drop their snotty, arrogant attitudes before they all end up out the door. It’s not a foregone conclusion that your side will win HoH every week just because you have the majority.


This is a normal reaction when you are in the winning seat! The same occurred when Andrew was in the house and Sabrina and he were running the show! Sabrina acted like she was in total control and even said it many times in the diary room to the viewers! Actually, I prefer the “Other” group with Jon/Arlie/Neda/Adel/Heather as they seem to be enjoying themselves and not badmouthing other people as much as the “First 5 Group” do constantly. Besides, Sabrina is out of control and her crying and whining is so annoying to watch.



kenny, sabrina and rachelle are really stupid….

“IF” they win HOH they going to put up alrie and jon and if POV is used put up neda….

I think that is the worst thing they could do and here is why……

If POV isn’t used alrie would be evicted and that would just make jon, neda, adel and heather alliance stronger and lets say Kenny was the one to win HOH well he wouldn’t be able to play in the next HOH so it would be 5 vs 2 for the next HOH with Jon coming after him hard core.

If POV was used and neda got put on the block, I think she would be voted out over jon or arlie because jon, arlie, adel have final 3 agreement and once again Jon still coming after kenny hard core.

Their best case would be to put up Jon & Neda before POV is played or Heather & Adel have them fight against each other and screw over that entire side of the house…..they would for sure turn on eachother.


I think Jon or Arlie still goes home if any of the Kremlins win and Jon or Arlie remains on the block. They only need three votes to have a tie and no matter who’s on the block with Neda, Heather and the other two Kremlins will vote to keep her. I really think Neda solidifies herself with heather and intends to go far with her but she needs to start winning challenges and make some big moves because everyone perceives her now as a floater (although it is really a part of her strategy the way I don’t see her winning some jury votes with it).

another name

let’s suppose one of kenny, Sabrina or rachelle were to win hoh.
if between arlie and jon, I get the feeling it’s not cut and dried that arlie would leave.
arlie has side deals with Allison and Heather. they might vote jon.
jon has deals with adel and neda. they vote arlie.
the other three are up in the air.
Kenny would vote for either, more likely jon (viewed as greater threat in physical comp)
Sabrina would vote arlie unless she decided to vote jon to screw up the couple of neda and jon. who does she hate more today?
rachelle would vote however she was told to vote. could go either way.
could be a tie with a hoh breaking the tie.
totally depends on Allison’s ability and if she chooses to use it.


I can’t get over how awful the gremlins are at playing this game. I want Kenny to go home but I will give him credit for understanding what’s going on and behaving better than the other two. Rachelle is a joke, she isn’t even trying to be nice to the rest of the house, how the hell does she ever expect to get anywhere? She just sits around checking herself out in the mirror when she is not peeing in the hot tub. And Sabrina is only good at lying, every other part of this game she has failed at.


Sabrina has also FAILED at lying! She was good at manipulating in the beginning but it didn’t take long for the rest of the house to figure her out.
but she her being so cray cray does makes good tv.


Really? I don’t think it makes for good TV–at least, not on the live feeds. I find her so annoying that I have to turn the channel whenever she goes on one of her tirades or self-pity monologues.


OMG Sabrina, get over yourself already! You got made and got shade for it! If you can dish it out to so many people then surely you can take it?!! Oh yes, I forgot, you wallow in your self pity, self importance and yourself in general. Please for the love of this game STOP it! You are beginning to be nails on a chalkboard. Everyone around you has told you to let it go! If you can’t then you GET HELP! I hate to see someone unravel in front of me. Wow, this is getting to be pathetic to the point of insanity. I hope she see’s herself and tries to have more compassion, understanding and an overall awareness of others! Somehow, I doubt it but I sure hope so. If a game can unravel her so much, than surely she has not seen real problems and lived a very princess life. I hate having to say this but for the love of GOD someone get that girl help (FAST!). This is beyond pathetically the point of pitiful!!


Kyle, name & Darrel. Plz use one user name. Don’t try to fool others by using different names. Better use the user name ” Sarina’s relative or Andrew the bully.


Dude, I understand your concern for multiple-usernames but I’ve been using this one since BB12… so back off and let Dawg and Simon deal with these people.


Ika, stop commenting.


Why can’t they say Tabasco, but they’re allowed to say Nutella?!!!

Ihate sarah

5 top things that annoy me..
1)kennys beard
2)sarahs eyebrows
3)sabrinas tears
4)rachelles “age”
5)andrews skinny jeans


It’s nice reading the comments again, without the horrible things someone kept posting. Thanks again, Simon, and everyone else that posts.

Whether you are for or against a side, commenting opinions and your likes/dislikes are fine but saying nasty things to see yourself in print is not in line with what we want to read here.
I really do enjoy reading the comments again.


The “I hate Sarah” crap is just as bad as the “I hate Neda” crap. So while it’s nice to see the obnoxious, racist “day trader”‘s comments gone, there’s still some horrible stuff getting said.


I want to see what Neda’s made of besides applying make-up and playing dress-up. She keeps throwing everything (she claims) so how has she gotten this far? I think her friendship with Jon has afforded her a lot of protection. I don’t like it when the girls come in the house and hide behind ‘big’ men.


Up until today, I liked Neda. I still don’t dislike her entirely but I really think her little vendetta went a little far. I’m not sure who she was aiming at, if not Sabrina. Sabrina wasn’t even the one who suffered the consequences. It was really hard to watch Kenny and Sarah have to eat that disgusting food and say ‘I’m so starving’ and they had nothing to flavour it with. It was sad and I’m not their biggest ‘fans’. Did Neda even mention it and say she felt bad or anything?


I’m concerned that Canada won’t learn about the warning Kenny received and will fall for his instant nice guy, let-bygones-be-bygones routine. The main show hasn’t shown Kenny and Sarah’s nasty side nearly as much as they really have been. In that respect, Kenny has definitely received an advantage by getting the warning.

In this double eviction, I hope Allison’s veto is that she takes herself off the block at the last minute and Sabrina goes up and goes home first, followed by Kenny. I just want both of them gone immediately.

Next week, if someone from the other side goes home, I’m hoping it’s Jon. Personally, he’s as gross as Sabrina is annoying. There’s a nice guy in him but I just can’t stand his personality and I don’t respect him at all. He’s as cringe worthy to me as Sabrina’s used tampon on the shower floor.


I have a feeling that Allison is going to flip if Kenny and the Gremlins get power. I dont trust her and I dont think she has done anything to deserve to stay this far in the game. I wouldnt mind her leaving this week actually.


I can’t wait to see what Allison’s veto power entails. It looks like she may have the ability to completely shift the game again. She seems like she’s burning the bridge to the f5 alliance. It’s hard to tell, though.

I hope it’s a veto that’s good for a couple of weeks, and not a DPOV. She could completely flip the game on Thursday if it’s a DPOV.


i hope that next week heather takes out arlie if he is still around after thursday….


IMO Heather is capable of “wielding the sword” when needed (should the opportunity arise).

How solid are Arlie & Jon? Could Neda cut Jon?

Whatever happens I would like to see this played out minus Sabs & Rach.
I don’t think it would lack drama without them, given the side alliances and possibilities.

I’m happy Heather’s HoH has seen such shifting. That’s a nice reward for what she’s endured.

Now I want to see what Adel would do in power.


I would love to see both Sabrina and Rachelle gone. They’re painful to watch.


What I find disturbing, (apart from the obvious), is that someone very inappropriate for ANY TV show let alone BB got through the filters.

You may use any number of words to describe this person but I truly believe one or a combination of significant personality disorders are on display.

I think Production is sweating bullets and praying an eviction occurs before a full-on freakout happens.

I would imagine the legal implications are VERY complex, and clouding the issue of removing this person arbitrarily.

I suspect the psychiatric staff aren’t sufficiently experienced, don’t have the clout, or were caught off guard.
Whatever the case, “managing” this “issue” – if it’s being done – must be a very delicate matter.
Diary Room hints and suggestions can only do so much. They appear to have had an affect on Sarah & Kenny, but then, those two are more grounded in reality.
If the situation “goes critical”, I hope Casting doesn’t escape blame.


It seemed like Kenny and Sarah were somewhat ‘mellow’ (if you know what I mean) yesterday – even with the syrup gone missing. Maybe they went to see the ‘nurse.’ I didn’t see the video yesterday that other people spoke about where the feed cut out after the two of them were talking.


Cora, it’s on the “meanest season ever” thread from Monday.
See the vid of Sarah & Kenny in the Half-Not room about 16;30 on.
Sarah refers to the scolding they got.


I do not understand why people keep saying that Kenny is so smart. Any strategy that relies on winning HoH is not much of a strategy. Kenny is an idiot. He put all of his eggs in one basket, and it was Sabrina’s basket to boot. He’s made nothing but mistakes this entire game. I have no respect for his gameplay at all.

He walked into the house and the first thing he did was make a mistake, he made an alliance with people he didn’t know (we all know that always works out AWESOME, if you want to come in sixth, hi Peter!). From that point forward he has made absolutely no good decisions.


I find it funny that every time someone
Likes Kenny Sarah or gremlins
Ppl assume it is an x player. Not everyone has to like the same ppl
Just sayin