Jon Flashes the Girls, Rachelle Flashes the Boys and Andrew Flashes us

POV Holder: ? Next POV 29
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-27 20-39-52-672

11:39pm Jon and Adel

Adel says Canada likes Arlie and Jon more than im that’s a given.. Adel did his damage at the start but he doesn’t think the three of them will be in danger.

Adel wonders if the people that go up will be sad. Jon – “F***k it”

Adel and Jon agree the “Big Man” and Sabrina will be going up. (Big Man = Andrew)

Jon brings up when he said “queer bag” he had no idea people would taek offense to it. He feels bad about it he repeats over and over he had no idea(they talked in the kitchen about this for awhile nobody in the house was upset) . Adel tells him not to worry everyone knows Jon didn’t mean it in a negative way “it’s all about intent”
Jon says Sabrina is “so annoying she thinks she knows sh1t and runs everything.. little does she know BOY”

11:46pm dining table
Talking about the crazy things that happened this season.
Sabrina – “I want to go home now and watch this f*** season”


Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-27 21-02-25-102

12:00AM Still showmancing

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-27 20-59-50-782

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-27 21-14-02-210

12:05AM Bedroom Jon shows the girls “Big Jon”

Rachelle – “Oh my god I saw your whole wiener.. on the side”
Arlie (?) “Jon Big Dong Pardy”

Arlie – “Jon is going to be Evicted from Canada because of how much he touches his junk”

They mention that the have nots competition will be tomorrow.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-27 21-19-44-822

12:20AM Rachelle starts “Flashing” people saying “Wake up CANADA”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-27 21-35-08-268

Nothing much going one.. cam 3-4 are the showmance cam 1-2 has Rachelle and Sabrina. Sabrina jumps on the scale the cameras zoom in.
Sabrina goes downstairs to the kitchen where Andrew, NEda and Arlie are mulling around eating. They talk about Sabrina and Andrew doing their booger cooking show tomorrow, “It’s pasta night tomorrow”

Arlie – “I literally cannot stop eating”

Sabrina says she lost 10 lbs
Rachelle says she gained 8lbs
Allison says she gained weight
Arlie lost 10lbs
Andrew gained 8 lbs


12:55AM Arlie and Sabria eating popcorn

Arlie continues to eat everything he can.. Having already gained 6lbs since coming off being a Have nots.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-27 22-11-38-880

1:10AM Bedroom Andrew and Sabrina

Talking in French.. I can hear Andrew say “Canada”, “Neda” and “Heather”. Sabrina says “Whoever you put on the block”. Andrew also says “I hope there’s a physical contest.. ” Feeds are cut.


1:25AM Allison and Andrew whispering in bed.. Sabrina is listening in.. feeds cut

(At this hour cam 1-2 are usually muted 🙁 )

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-27 22-36-25-537

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-27 22-35-30-022


Arlie playing some hickey outside asks Big Brother if he pulls an all niter would they let him sleep in tomorrow. Sabrina comes down tells him she ate too much and threw up. Sabrina starts moaning in pain, goes to the couch to rest. Arlie says he’ll chill with her for a bit.


2:03AM kitchen Arlie and Sabrina
Arlie says he cannot handle the heat in the bedroom, “I literally requested a fan as one of my luxury items”

Arlie – “I pulled an all-niter night number 6 because it was too hot to sleep”
They engaged in chit chat//
Arlie said he went to Brock University..
Arlie broke up with a girl who he likes talks about getting back with her.
Arlie – “We have such amazing chemistry.. she’s the funniest person I have ever met in my life”

Sabrina talks about her ex-boyfriend who wanted her to give him 1 weeks notice before they went out for dinner. Sabrina wants a guy to treat her like a goddess and she’ll treat him like a god.
Sabrina – “Now I realize.. I see Jon And Janelle.. sure he’s got that cute cuddly relationship with”
Sabrina (Whispering) – “I know Neda loves him i’m not so stupid.. It’s obvious.. sometimes I think he likes her .. BUT I think she loves him”

Sabrina wants to know who Arlie thinks is going up as Canada’s nominees, “If you think it’s me that OK.. you think it me” Arlie says no, he’s just wondering how production is doing it.

Sabrina says the nominee’s will be Andrew, Neda, or Kenny. Sabrina’s reasons. Andrew because people want to break up the showmance. Neda because she’s useless and Kenny because he’s grumpy.

Arlie’s picks are Andrew, Allison, Rachelle
Arlie and Sabrian agree Allison is playing a horrible game.
Arlie tells Sabrina she’s playing an outstanding game and he really doubts she’ll be nominated. Sabrina points out that Neda, Heather and Rachelle have no game.
Sabrina – “I hope they put Allison up so she can go home”
Sabrina is certain POV will be played this week she’s predict the 3rd nominee will be either Rachelle or Kenny.
Sabrina – “I feel the people they want out should be the floaters”

3:21AM Sabrina says IKA told her she’s jealous of Sabrina because Sabrina took Rachelle away from her.

(Video Coming it’s long)

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Canadas Nomination will be Andrew and Sabrina.
Who will Canada choose as their POV player?
If Andrew, Kenny or Alison win they will use the POV on Andrew.
If Andrew gets saved by POV (60% chance minimum), then Canada will choose Kenny as replacement Nominee.
Therefore there will be scrambles for vote, 50/50 Kenny goes home and slight advantage to Sabrina staying one more week.


If POV is a physical contest, if suspect it will be designed to be more of a advantage to females or people with less body mass.


The correct thing is for Canada to vote for Andrew or Sabrina and put up someone like Heather or Sarah up as second vote.

Not going to happen as people in tend to vote on emotion and vote for the one they do not like.

I am cringing thinking about all the OMG, Canada voted for wrong person rant and rave posts. I will be just shaking my head and say silently inside, serves you right, you useless voters.

Reality check

Hey fellow Bb fans if we want a power shift
We need Sabrina , Andrew , Kenny and Sarah
Holding the top four positions other wise it leaves
The door open for there alliance to make it thru this
Rachelle in the top 4 doesn’t help . More people
Need to vote For Sarah . Come on peeps
Think about it 🙂

Reality check

If Sabrina and Andrew are on the block and Kenny
Wins pov he can take down either nominee .
Which means the person with the next highest votes goes up
We don’t want Adel or Rachelle going up cause they
Will go home . We need Sarah to go up . Then at least
One of the first 5 will go


Adel can always use his veto power so that Kenny can’t play in the veto when Andrew and Sabrina get nominated. And that means we will have a higher chance of one of the three of them going home.


please canada vote BOTH KENNY AND ANDREW on the block – creates a split in first 5, they are battling each other, and will cause chaos between sabrina and sarah, and sabrina and rachelle…because sabrina will try to save andrew, and sarah and rachelle will try to save kenny

the only way to ensure one of them goes home, and its the best way to weaken first 5, and help the underdogs like adel, neda, jon, heather…and also arlie

if only one of them is nominated, then they can be saved via veto by the other, or another first 5 member, then they are both safe

if the veto is used then sabrina is the replacement(will be fun to watch the meltdown)…if sabrina wins veto and saves kenny or andrew then sarah is the replacement

please use your head not your hate


sabrina tells canada she love them

guess what sabrina…canada HATES you!

you will soon be gone, because most of the houseguests hate you too

but we(canada) have bigger fish to fry right now in the form of kenny and andrew


IKR. UGH, I dispise her too. Does anybody notice how “she’s trying to influence” Canada on how to vote by wording it particularly? Not going to work SLobrina, we know HOW to think for ourselves, unlike the idiots you are friends with!

I voted for Kenny and Andrew so they both go up, Slobrina as the replacement, although someone up there did make a good point if Kenny and Andrew are both nominated, they both can play in veto. Where as If the two nose pickers were nominated, If Kenny was chosen to play, Adel can take his place with his veto card so he can’t take off Andrew.

Does anyone know If Adel can still replace a veto player if there are one of the two original nominees?


no all adel can do with his card is play in a veto if he is not originally chosen as one of the 6…so effectively it is good until final 7, as once it reaches final 6 onwards all houseguests play in the veto

he is lying to them all about him being able to backdoor someone last week and this week


Oh, Ok. Thank you for the clarification. I was confused on how his veto card worked.


If you weren’t nominated and you won POV, you would be a fool take anyone off the block because you don’t know who Canada would put up next


I just watched the Main Show and LOVED IT! Who wants to see MY HOH room?! LOL Did they really think Ika was going to give them their letters from home when they ganged up on her to evict her? Puh-lease! They’re morons for thinking otherwise! Ika KNEW they were listening and used that opportunity to tell them all EXACTLY what she thought of them! They’ve all said worse things about Ika! I just wish she wasn’t mean about Heather after she apologized to her. That was the only part I didn’t agree with.

Has anyone noticed that Rachelle has one permanent facial expression for every emotion? I called it Botox For Life. It’s the same, neutral, blank expression for when she’s sad, happy, upset, confused, etc., She really is a bit of a weirdo.

Lastly, I always thought Jon was wearing make-up around his eyes but he doesn’t. Those are actually dark circles that won’t go away. I know a couple of people who have them and no amount of make-up can cover them.


Rachelle has a sullen look.


She’d probably say “Thanks!” thinking that meant “sultry”.


These people have no idea how lucky they have it. I wish they’d appreciate it more.

1. They were chosen to be on Big Brother.
2. They get to get away from the world for 3 months. No jobs, time to think about your life, time to become rested, make plans, have your food brought to you, challenges to entertain you… a once in a lifetime experience that CAN open doors for you.
3. On top of it all, they get a very nice stipend.

Sure, it has it’s challenges but nothing remotely resembling hardship of any kind. They might get bored but there’s actually a lot for them to do in the house if they really wanted to. Then again, I’m not addicted to technology, video games, smart phones, etc., and I can think outside of them and create fun games with what’s around me. And I would SO be the prankster/scarer in the house!

I’d love the opportunity to experience this and it seems all they do is gossip, sleep and fart. The Hashtag Challenge was a desperate attempt by BB to get the houseguests to actually DO something!


Andrew tells canada to vote for neda and heather..what a f#%kin GOON!


Won’t Andrew be surprised.


there is a flip side to that coin andrew, you nose picking arrogant balding sexist f-cktard neanderthal

you and your boyfriend kenny are going down mofo


we love gorgeous, hilarious neda and sweet, innocent heather

canada to even up the game and help it become a more interesting season and see first 5 rattled and under the pump, please go ahead and put both andrew and kenny on the block(and sabrina or sarah if veto is used), that’d be great!

kenny will cry, andrew will have his ego shredded, and there will be chaos…get the popcorn ready…cannot wait until nominations ceremony


Neda not so sweet when she was a sour miserable bitch whilst in the girls alliance. And she’s a total fake towards Jon. The way she acted towards Heather showed her true colours. There’s absolutely no way genuinely good-hearted people like Adle, Heather, Jon and Arlie would ever have behaved like that.


the only thing Neda said about Heather was that she was ruining her game, and anyone would be annoyed by that, its perfectly understandable…Neda has since realized it was Slobrina making that up, and since then Neda and Heather have been fine in how they feel about each other as people, and are on the same team game wise…re Heathers voice every houseguest has mentioned it is a bizarre voice in that she goes in and out of high pitch…i would be annoyed by the voice too, but despite that most now realize she is a sweet girl

whenever Slobrina, Sarah, Rachelle and Ika would make mean comments towards Heather, Neda would refuse to say it as well

and countless times I heard Neda say to them…get off the hate train

if you really think Neda is being fake with Jon you really cannot read humans very well…they are without question the 2 most genuine people in there, and their connection and mutual respect is the strongest of any pair in my opinion


He was also planing who to put on havenot ( slob) and again he mentioned Neda Heather name. He’s really sick in the head.can’t stand him


cant put sarah on slop as she has a 2 week slop pass

so it would be perfect if andrew(1st time), kenny(1st time), sabrina(2nd week in a row) are all on slop…cue sabrina meltdown

as canada is hoh it would have been awesome if we got to choose who went on slop but looks like there will be a comp…watch out for the hilarious scenario of adel throwing the have not comp if he is on the team with any 2 of kenny, andrew, sabrina (and maybe even rachelle/allison too) to ensure they go on slop…he said to arlie, heather, neda, jon that he will fake that he stubbed a toe and cant continue ha ha

The West is Best

How cute, Rochelle thinks Canada is into her barely B cups. Your raggedy ass push up bra isn’t impressing anybody. She’s a vampire looking tag along.

Tonight’s episode was finally an exciting one! Can’t wait for the gong show that will happen once the nominees for eviction are revealed. They can’t be so naive not to think payback is coming, right? (Andrew and Horse..I mean Sabrina). I’m curious whom she modeled for. Anybody got any leads on that? Ha so many jokes to make, yet my conscience holds me back. *sigh


..Horse i loved nailed it right on that double chin..


Ignore your conscience !


id say shes at least a D cup


Sabrina starts mooing in pain. Anyone who eats so much that they throw up (unless they are bulimic) is just plain gluttonous and disgusting.


She was so happy that while on slop she lost weight, but I bet after her massive binge that she had tonight I bet she has gained all those pounds back plus more.


I want Adel’s signed Canadian Flag. Talla even signed it. DR probably wanted to see it, to find out what IKA wrote. Hope we get to see what IKA wrote as well.


I’ll be happy as a Clam as long as Sabrina goes home once this week is over. It not only will get rid of her annoying character but also will open the game up so others in the house have the numbers.


what was up with rachelle and sabrina giving weird looks to neda and jon


If you haven’t seen the Side Show on Slice yet…. WATCH IT! Peter and Gary are HILARIOUS! They’re pretty vocal about nominating Sabrina and Gary included Andrew. The way they did it though was priceless! Peter is RUTHLESS when it comes to Sabrina and Gary makes fun of the whole First Five joke!


ALLISON JUST SAID :”we voted you in, now we are voting you out” She is NOT supposed to let anyone know that she was voted in by Canada! WATCH AFTER DARK! SHE JUST SAID THAT….she just spilled the beans


Did she say it while she was alone or TO someone else?


It was in WA while speaking to Rochelle whose to stunned to notice it at all 🙂


If a tree falls in the forest and only a dumb a$$ is there to hear it, did it make a sound?


Was explained earlier from other posts that she was referring to what Neda had said about Canada voting her in…..


It is a house joke. They all think Canada voted her in and they were saying it so much that she said ok, if you say so.

Reality check

I totally heard that too . Allison let the cat out
Of the bag …. She gone lol . Lets hope Bb follows
Thru with there threat 🙂

Reality check

Watching after dark … Sarah is creepy .
Like seriously creepy . She was staring at Adel for like 30
Minutes . I hate that whole alliance except for


Seriously I can’t stand sarah since from the start. Weirdo f5’s !


Sarah is a toned down version of Sabrina. Arlie is trusting her way to much.


Allison’s a dumbass. Hopefully she goes before jury. But not this week. Bigger fish to fry. LOL.


It doesn’t matter anyway. The only 2 things she can’t reveal are that there is a war room and she was watching them for a week. They didn’t say she couldn’t reveal the Canada voting part.


OOPS! She is gone (that is IF BBC paid attention to her spilling the beans and actually follow through on the kicking her out for spilling it!), Sunday should be an interesting show!


Speaking of Heather, she’s growing on me. Heather = BBUS Jordan. Same high voice, same cute/dumb and blonde. Just saying!


Tonight’s episode would’ve been great if it weren’t for the fact that Canada started voting immediately afterward. It feels rigged… Not really fair to the people playing a good game in the house…


How is it not fair? It makes NO difference how the houseguests act this week. Canada will vote based on how they’ve acted up UNTIL now. And that’s the logical way to vote. Sabrina and Andrew are going UP!

I just hope it’s Kenny that goes home because Andrew and Sabrina aren’t liked in the house and it will be easy to vote them out once Kenny is gone.


I am watching Arlie and Sabrina on the live feeds right now and I love how Arlie is just bullshitting her when she asks about who he thinks Canada would put up. One thing I noticed about Arlie he never answers a question directly, he goes around and around the topic and tries to confuse you.
I dont know about you guys but I still cannot get over how vile and despicable Andrew and Kenny were to Ika when she chose the money! Never in my life have I seen grown men talk to a woman like that. WOW.

Love this site thanks ya’ll!


They didn’t act like that because they didn’t get their precious letters. (Like Peter said, all those letters ever say are, “Your dog is fine and we’re all proud of you. Big Deal!”) They got intensely angry because Ika exposed their game and messed it up. Now they have to scramble!

But, yes, they were vile and pretty much cemented their eternal hatred from BB viewers. Andrew is a dumb moron so an outburst like that was expected from him (albeit inexcusable). But, Kenny was much, much worse. He’s smart and he knows better. He has absolutely no excuse and he’s going to feel the effects of his actions for a long time.


YES ! She outed them ! Minus Arlie.
I think Arlie spent a lot of time running scenarios in his head before he went in.
This guy may be weird, but he’s using the advantage the First 5 thing handed him AND playing the House better than Ken/drew.
I was shocked at Ken/drew’s overblown reaction. It looked like entitlement personified. Ugly.


It was to funny watching Andrew check his pulse rate shortly after that.


Arlie always gets a lot of info from Sabs. During this convo he found out that both her and Kenny lied about the 3 week deal with Rachelle. Arlie doesn’t care, he just files it all away. My only fear for Arlie at this point in the game is he doesn’t check his ‘need to disclose’ with Sarah. I think her true allegiance at this point is still with Kenny.


Sabrina looks like she lost a little bit of weight on slop. I hate her, I’m just being honest.


She just put it all back on in one night, though. She ate and ate until she threw up. She lacks self-control of her mouth — eating AND talking.


Nah, she looks a little slimmer now.


According to the bathroom scale, Sowbrina is still over 163 pounds (or is it kilograms?), so in my book that’s heavy. (You expected me to say fat didn’t you?)


Who cares?


The way Ika went out was so beautiful! I love Queen Ika 🙂


So this week I guess we can expect a lot of Sabrina looking into the camera and asking, “Canada, are you OK with me because I’ve heard that you’re going after me? I just want to make sure because I really like you and I just keep hearing that you’re talking about me.
No? OK perfect. I just want you to know that I’m a really nice person and sometimes if I’m with Rachelle it doesn’t mean I don’t still like you OK? Perfect. Gawd.


Omg… I read it with her voice lmao


Would hope Canada gets It right this time, that last vote for Allison entering the game “total bunk”, what a waste on her non game character. Seriously hope Andrew and Kenny would go up against each other, that would be very Interesting for the show having these two go at It. Sabrina a non factor In the fiscal game challenge or any other for that matter, she can be taken out the next week. The house now onto Sabrina and her lies and the back and forth game play.


But wouldn’t it be amazing to see bi polar Sabs realize we allll despise her. Muahahha


Would hope Canada gets It right this time, that last vote for Allison entering the game “total bunk”, what a waste on her non game character. Seriously hope Andrew and Kenny would go up against each other, that would be very Interesting for the show having these two go at It. Sabrina a non factor In the fiscal game challenge or any other for that matter, she can be taken out the next week. The house now onto Sabrina and her lies and the back and forth game play.


Do you guys think Ika has been put in the war room? Here’s why I ask:
1. On the side show she mentioned that she hoped Adel’s secret ‘fake’ power helps him.
2. She wasn’t told that Canada was HOH (Remember when Kyle was on the side show, he was shown when Allison was put in the house and they discussed the details of the game and with Ika they didn’t talk about any new info).
3. I feel like Big Brother might bring her back (even if for a few hours) like they did with Rachel Reily in BBUS.
4. Ok maybe I’m just reaching LOL.


Ika is not in the War Room. Period. If the War Room is used again it will be for the person Canada votes to go back into the house to stay for three days so they can watch AND listen to the house before they go in. At least that’s commonly how it’s done.

Ika has a great chance of being that person who’s voted back in, too. As long as Adel doesn’t get evicted before that because the public could very well vote him back in. But, after Ika’s fireworks tonight, Canada might just want her back in instead to see what she’ll do next!


Who on earth is voting for Adel? He’s #4 on a bunch of polls right now, which means he has a legit shot at going home………


I know this is crazy! I think some people are confused.


Maybe booger-lovers.


My guess is kenny got ton of fans and they are gunning for Adel .


I dont know about you guys but I don’t like when a houseguest leaves and the remaining folks in the house sit around and talk shit about a person. I mean there is no reason to talk about someone who you kicked out. Talking shit about someone who left adds no benefit to their game so why the bashing. (By the way I’m referring to Sabrina who is saying that Ika is a bad mom). Not cool.
Im watching the feeds now and its crazy how Sabrina can’t sleep because this is a HOH she can’t control haha.


She might be going ape sh** lol. Feels good to see her suffer and not knowing who’s going up 🙂

Reality check

I heard Allison say that as well . Bb better follow thru lol
I’m hoping this means that she will go and Someone
else will come back. I hope Kenny goes
Home then Andrew then Sarah . I’d keep Sabrina
For a while just to torture her lol. I’m betting on
Either Adel or Jon as the winner 0f season 2


hahah I cant contain myself. Watching Sabrina talk about how she thinks the first 5 will be on the same level as Chilltown is hilarious! But honestly though I hope there are no more Twists because as much as I like this one, I want the houseguest to work hard to make big moves themselves.


Sabrina is a legend in her own stomach. I’m dying… DYING… for Sunday’s show just to watch the horror on her face when she realizes that she’s the most hated player of BBCanada 2! The performance that will follow will be EPIC!


It’s certainly a difficult decision (who to nominate). Andrew is a complete douche. Sowbrina is a complete self centered be-atch. Kenny only has feelings for his own ugly a$$.
Best scenario: Andrew and Kenny end up on the block after POV. Watch them turn on one another. Sowbrina is powerless now. Everyone is on to her; she couldn’t win a comp (unless it was an eating competition) if her life depended on it. What did she model anyway, forks?
The worry is that if Kenny isn’t nominated right off the bat, he could win POV and take Andrew off the block (vice versa is also true). Then #4, hopefully that would be Rachelle, goes up and if against Sowbrina, she’d go and the F–king Five is still intact — nothing gained. Let’s not waste our HOH.


Now I have to admit I am new to the North American versions of BB, but I know that chilltown is the alliance between Mike Boogie and Dr Will and no matter what website I am on that has anything to do with BB Chilltown is always mentioned, same with Dr Will. Obviously these guys are BB LEGENDS.
Sabrina and the 1st 5 alliance will never be anything legendary. In fact what Ika did with the letters was more legendary than anything that Sabrina will ever achieve in the BBCAN2 house. She is truly delusional.


Stupid Ignorant people voting Adel.


I have seen STDs Pictures Slideshows that were allot
prettier then Sabrina.
She is a hoboglobin that haunt your dreams.


Just stop.


As a curiosity what’s slob anyway lol .I wanna try and loose some weight too 🙂

Douche hater

Lol these people are unintelligent .. Arlie and Jon are correct
Queer means weird or strange . Kenny needs to go back to
High school and take Sarah with him .


I don’t think Kenny was responding because he is sensitive to the term. He was trying to respond from an informed position as he knows where Jon was coming from (Newfoundland slang) and he knows that is not politically correct. So he may have been trying to diffuse it a bit.


Voted this morning from 630 am to 700 am … the combinations are of sabrina, andrew and kenny and added few of sarah … Let us vote Canada … I will get back to it again tonight before it closes for another 30 min, same combination of people …


Hi Simon and Dawg.

I’m signed up to the live feeds since day 1. I cannot find where to vote for the twist. I must be getting older and stupider at the same time. All I get on the twist is Marsha the mouse. Any help would be appreciated.



It took me a bit to find it too. Its here:

It’s on the home page for big brother Canada and not where it should be on the play along/boost the meter pages.


There is also a link in the HOH blog.


No need to answer my previous request guys. I goggled it and voted. We better get some strategic voting to fill up 3 and 4. I voted Sarah and Kenny as I’m pretty sure Sab and Andrew will be noms at this point. If anyone hasn’t voted please consider Kenny and especially Sarah as we need the right renoms after POV.


AH you beat me to it. I just answered your previous question. lol


Will we find out who Canada voted tomorrow or we will not know until Sunday?



The ceremony will probably be Saturday, since voting goes on until 10 PM.


Thanks ! can’t wait to see the aftermath of sabrina and one of the d-bags going up 😀


Simon, Dawg, 2 things –
the last poll was so funny ! Thanks !

The new poll, maybe remind folks it’s not the official results, just what OBB voters want ?

I’m getting the impression some folks are confused.


DON’T EVER compare Jordan to Heather..dear god no!! Jordan <3333 no offense to Heather but Jordan was just perfection and sweet in every way.


Sabrina doesn’t suspect herself. This is magnificent!

She thinks Neda will go up??? Bitch, please.

She thinks Canada wants to get out a floater??? Has she ever been a viewer of BB before? No, idiot – we want to break up the power.

You and your fake boyfriend, Andrew can just cry together. or get angry and smash thing because he is a Neanderthal.


It looks like Canada is going to mess this up by voting Sabrina. Just watch the boy that isn’t on the block take the other one off, and then neither goes home. Just watch! Sabrina is useless once her alliance is split up. She won’t win challenges and stairgate has damaged her credibility in the house. I would rather see her shunned like she has instigated the shunning of others. I want to see her miserable on slop and forced to vote one of the boys out. The other HG will get her out soon enough. And where did they say 3rd place goes up if veto is played? I didn’t see that. It could be that whoever wins POV gets to choose, so don’t overthink it! And don’t vote with your emotions because this is the last chance we have to get a game going. Andrew and Kenny is the only sensible option.


I have been trying to put in a bunch of votes for Sarah for the fourth nominee.


I just want Sabrina and Andrew up there and I want them to say that Kenny got the 3rd most votes. I want the 3 of them to know that Canada can’t stand them. Sabrina will cry for days. BiAtch!!


I like the scenario of Kenny and Andrew as the two on the block. They can fight for people to save them. If Kenny goes home Andrews alliance will be Sab and Allison with both girls disliking each other as they fight for Andrews attention (think I just threw up a bit in my mouth). If Kenny stays I think he has the level-headedness to pull Sarah and Sabrina back into a strong again. But that is okay as this is what this game is about.

Maybe with Andrew gone Allison might join the outcasts to get Sabrina out. Allison has to know her being put on the block came from Sabrina.

For me, I hope Sabrina and Andrew get put up then rachelle wins veto and takes Sab off the block and Kenny goes up with Andrew going home. That will be enough of a shake up and new alliances will be formed with everyone scrambling for poor heathers vote.

Or maybe I just need another coffee.


Absolutely. Allison will be hauling ass to save Andrew.


Vote for Sabrina and Arlie (he’s sitting too pretty between alliances right now). If Arlie isn’t on the block then he and Sarah will jump ship with the 1st 5 and the whole house will be after the two remaining 5’ers. Once they are gone, so is the entertainment.

Common Sense

Once again, lots of hate for the strong players. Production played huge roll in last night’s episode it was embarrassing. To shred all the letters says a lot about Ika’s character. I thought for a second she might shred all except Adel’s and forgo the money but no…Canada’s HOH is a terrible idea, and turns BBCAN into BBUK which is HORRIBLE.

If Adel won and put up Andrew and Kenny, I’d have no problem but I don’t want to watch the UK style Big Brother where it is just a popularity contest…


How do you guys know Adel is in 4th? Where does it show the results


I think with Sabrina and ‘anyone’ on the block against her will cause the whole house to leave her on the block and vote her out. They should be smart enough to figure out that she is hated in and out of the house so let her go. If that happens the 1st 5 can replace Scab with Allison and continue on with the game. Anyone who wins veto must think long and hard about screwing with HOHCan’s noms in case another twist is headed their way (especially if they know Ali was voted in by the public, they should realize the viewers are being given a heavy hand to shake things up this year). Am I correct in guessing that there are 10 HGs left so in case of a tie, the public has a vote for eviction. All of that along with knowing the public will vote for someone to play POV as well as replace a nom in the event that the veto is used (all standard HOH moves), gives Canada a lot of influence within the game this week. How exciting!


I accidentally voted for Adel on the survey here because I wasn’t thinking what “Canada being HOH” really meant. I quickly interpreted it as Canada gets to vote for who BECOMES HOH! So I voted for Adel to become HOH. I hope people voting don’t mistake that like I did!


You should vote in here :


Hopefully all those that make a mistake like yours do it on this site.

The West is Best

I’m having difficulty being able to vote online via the Slice website, anybody else? I’ve tried on my computer and phone, the site won’t load properly on either and I’m not sure my nominations are going through. What if my votes make the difference between who goes home?! I’m very stressed about this and having a hard time concentrating at work this morning.


Did you see Andrew and Kenny’s goodbye messages to Ika?

They were personal; not game.

I hope they both end up gone, and quickly.

I’ve voted repeatedly for them to be gone – though i’ve also voted for Sabrina to be gone too.

Numerous combinations of those three.


Kev, include sarah a couple of times 😉


Dawg or Simon is there any way to find and post the conversation with Allison and the girls where we can find out exactly what Allison said regarding Canada voting her in?


Neither Simon or I specifically remember the conversation of them talking about it.

Real deal

Why do people not realize that BB portrays people how they want with editing.
And why are so many people voting to put Sarah up?
I am going to voting for Adel repeatedly all day to put him into third place.


If you show the French clip I’ll translate it for everyone,….:)


That would be great! My fiancé could too but she’s extremely busy right now and isn’t able to ..