Final 2’s, Final 3’s, Grinding for votes and forgetting to buy new underwear

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 19-38-00-151

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 19-36-20-150

10:30pm Hot Tub Jon Andrew
Both are drunk slurring their words. Jon going over the top saying he would not turn on Andrew at all. Andrew mentions how Jon was saying he didn’t like him. Jon says that was day one but since then he’s gotten to really like Andrew. Jon says Final 3 and they hug it out..

JOn adds when they get to Final 4 they’ll f** Arlie big time and go Final three with Kenny. They both “bro . out”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 19-41-25-831

10:30pm Rachelle Kenny and Sabrina

Rachelle tells him that Jon and IKA came up to her and told her that everyone wants Andrew out.
Sabrina says 100% Jon said that , “I am sober right now”
Rachelle – “I’m not putting him up.. JOn told us he’s (Andrew) is working with IKA and Adel”

They tell him next week they are going to take out Heather.

Kenny – “Jon what teh f***”
Sabrina says that Jon said even Kenny wanted Andrew up.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 20-00-06-204

10:46pm IKA, Sarah and Allison
Truth hour IKA and Sarah asking Allison about her showmance with Andrew

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 19-55-41-303

10:50pm HOH Kenny and Racehlle dancing up a storm

11:20 bathroom Andrew and Allison

Allison say how nauseous her stomach is feeling. Andrew moves over the toilet loks like he’s almost pukling.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 20-09-55-325


Arlie and Jon and Final 2 kiss

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 20-29-13-716

11:25pm Hot tub Jon and Neda

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 20-45-24-233

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 20-45-27-233

11:36pm Kenny Fingering

Says “I F**** hate her” He was fingering IKA

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 20-44-27-189

11:40pm Storage room Adel and Arlie
Adel says he’s going to “F***” with IKA, Big Jon is going to “f***” with Neda.
Arlie – “I’ll f*** with Heather bro”
Adel says it’s best to get Allison out this week.

11:50pm Have nots Arlie and Heather

12:00AM Neda, Jon and Racehlle
Have one last “Party Dart” before bed. Notice Jon is wearing his underwear.. lol

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 21-04-49-826

12:14AM Allison crying.

Allison says she’s drunk..

(not sure but I think Allison, Jon, Kenny and Sarah had to compete in a challenge if they won they got the alcohol and the food for a party)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 21-25-56-728

12:38AM crammed in the HOH room

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 21-59-21-516

1:00AM Bedtime

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 22-09-46-109

1:11am one last party dart

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 22-22-15-131

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-21 22-38-08-112

2:00AM Sabrina and IKA
IKA is thinking that Jon stole the cigarettes.

Sabrina says heather is going home this week there is no game for them to talk.

IKA thinks that the boys knew about Sarah’s vote the day before. Ika says the “New Girl” and Andrew are really close.

Sabrina asks if Jon wants Andrew gone so he can be with Kenny. IKA doesn’t know. IKA adds that Jon, Sarah and Arlie are with Kenny and Andrew. Sabrina asks who Jon would put up. Ika says he’s coming after the girls probably IKA and Sabrina.
Sabrina – “Wouldn’t he want the guys gone”
IKA doesn’t think so.

Sabrina asks who IKA would take out.
IKA – “Kenny”
IKA thinks Rachelle is in love with Kenny.
IKA says she’s embarrassed about their Alliance calls it the dumbest alliance in big brother history. IKA goes back to trying to rally the girls alliance saying the boys are coming after them they have to get rid of them, “We have to attack them first”.

IKA says her 7 year old could beat Heather in a competition that is why she wanted Paul in the house. IKA points out Heather is coming after them, “She hates you, she hates Rachelle and she hates me”
IKA says Rachelle is being selfish by not going after the boys.
IKA says Heather can’t “Walk or talk” asks why does Rachelle want to evict her.

IKA thinks if the boys won HOH it would be Sabrina and IKA “Shitting” their pants because they would be nominated.

IKA thinks the only girls left in the game are Sabrina, Heather, her and Rachelle. She says Allison and Sarah are best to be thought of as boys.

IKA thinks that after this week they should disband the girls alliance, “There’s no girls alliance.. Sabrina you think there is a girls alliance.. we’re pretty much the floaters to like Sarah and Heather.. ”

IKA thinks the girls alliance is over “The moment Sarah f** us it shattered”
IKA says NEDA is closer to JOn than them. IKA says the only way they will survive is if they get rid of Jon, Andrew and Kenny. That way all the girls will stick together.

IKA really wants Kenny out of the game, she lists off a bunch of reasons. Sabrina says IKA should go tell Racehlle her before she starts nominating people. Ika isn’t going to do it, “I want her to do want she wants to do.. it’s her HOH”

Sabrina wants Ika to say what she is saying to Rachelle because , “It’s starting to make sense”

Sabrina asks if Jon wants Andrew out of the game. IKA doesn’t think so she thinks JON and Andrew and very close.

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Nothing better than drunk Canadians having a good time!


Rachelle girl.. i’ve officially lost all hope in you!! “i thought i should let you know” yess report back to your master Kenny and let him know that kendrew isn’t as loved and safe as they thought. When they literally have the numbers to evict Andrew! Why is she so spineless and whipped by Sabrina?? She’s sucha waste of an HOH i’m so disappointed in her!
Sabrina has had 2 hoh’s back to back, good for her.

Sabrina (F5) 2-0 (rest of the house)


Doesn’t Jon have girlfriend?….him and Neda are getting awfully close, and not just in a “friend way” :/


isnt sarah married?

ps im thinking kenny used the gay card to get in the house but is really straight, and experimenting.


even if neda and jon’s friendship does turn into a showmance, that is all it will amount to, she’s from bc he is from newfoundland lol. Honestly i am probably gonna get the Paul treatment but when i look at this seasons show, there really is not that much diversity. The majority of the contestants are from the same backgrounds, e.g. they are all white, middle class Canadians with simiilar values, beliefs etc..Just look at the demographics and the “cliques” that have formed, its no coincedence that adel and paul were close (i know i am generalizing since Kyle was with them too but still…). Another example, Allison comes in and who does she connect with..guess what i am trying to say is that watching it as a fan it irritates me because i am seeing all these people who are essentially the same, white people from the maritimes or alberta, there is no one aside from 1 or 2 people who are different and they get villainized and to some degree alienated from the other houseguests…thats being racist without even realizing it. Now, even though Andrew is not racist, he was making alot of ignorant comments which is why Paul called him what he did. If doofus Paul called him ignorant and insensitive he would not have been alienated by the hg’s…but just the fact that they ganged up on him and made him an outcast was in and of itself kinda wrong. To me it looked like all the white people treating the ethnic guy like crap, if he really meant what he said then it would be a different story.

I also know that people are going to say well Neda is persian/middle eastern(same as me) but even she is white washed and that kinda pisses me off. Jon asks her to say something in Persian and she basically says she understands but always replies in english, wtf is that all about? This girl used the whole persian/immigrant story to get on the show yet is totally white washed, she moved here when she was 7, we came here when i was 4 and I am more persian than she is lol! It was our new year on the 20th and even in casual conversation she doesnt say anything(u would think she would say “oh i miss my family around this time etc..)…2 years in a row they cast a token persian like talla or neda and in both cases they are either a slutty air head or white washed. It makes me angry to know that bb canada displays somewhat of a bias when casting hg’s who reflect the same backgrounds as they do,given the choice between 2 people from the same ethnic background they would probably select the person who fits in with the rest of the group instead of someone who is not like the others, thus the more “Canadian” person. Sorry for the long rant but i had to get it off my chest!!


Why don’t you call yourself Iranian – too much judgment? Is Persian better sounding to you. There is no such thing as Persian anymore honey.


i just said persian because its become a habit, i actually hate the word. But fyi, once u say Iranian people assume its iraq and then i have to go into this long ass explanation as to why we are not arab,..we dont speak the same language, different culture etc..i think thats why Iranians refer to themselves as Persian because it saves from having to explaining we are not arab etc..


So it saves you being discriminated against but it is a non-existent place (anymore) and if someone is judgmental, the ‘Persian’ sounds like you’re somehow trying to ‘elevate’ the stigma. I, personally am tired of hearing it. I have friends from Iran and if they were pretentious enough to say Persian (their business/your business), but it is fake and doesn’t show that you have pride in where you are from – Iran. Just sayin’…..


The region is Persia. Which extends beyond the borders of Iran. The Persian people. And the language they speak is Persian.


no it’s farsi. nice try


Canada is 76% European

There are 15 HGs in BB Canada 2, 5 of whom could be classified as visible minority/non-European: Anick (Metis), Adel, Paul, Ika, and Neda (whether you feel she is “whitewashed” or not). 2/3 of the house is white, making it more diverse than Canada. BB always has a majority young cast too, which you may perceive as a similar background. It’s just the way TV works, people want to see the young, attractive energetic folks on television. I’m not sure why
you feel that house diversity is so important, but I think this cast is a good one regardless of their individual backgrounds.


I was just about to do this


Honestly, it just sounds like you are offended that Neda IS Persian and represents Persians on Big Brother Canada.

You can’t measure someone’s ‘Persian-ness’ on how much they speak the language or whether they are ‘white-washed’ (which is rude, btw. What does that even mean?).

This is Canada, you can be as much or less Persian as you want and still call yourself Persian. You’re being ridiculous.

Fact of the matter is, we all frickin came from SOMEWHERE else (except Native Canadians) “Who are you” (Ika voice)? to judge whether or not she’s good enough to use the label Persian.

Honestly, I think everyone is the house is an excellent representation of their heritage and Canada (minus the catty bitching).


How can i have a problem with her representing Persians, when I myself am Persian!! I have a problem with people from my country who try and downplay or deny their heritage. I don’t know about other cultures but i have seen with my own eyes Persian/Iranians(whatever you guys want to call us), come here less than 1 year and all of a sudden they try and hide their accent, or altogether deny they are Iranian at all…its much cooler to pretend to be Italian i guess. Its like they try their hardest to distance themselves from their culture like its the plague.

Oh and i love how you guys turned the tables on me, i was speaking about how basically the cast is generic and you guys turned it into some kind of weird guilt fest about Persian Identity(also if i really want to get into it, there is nothing wrong with calling ourselves Persian since that is who we are ethnically, we have Persians, Azeri’s, Kurds,etc..all in Iran). I wish i could call myself Iranian and not have everyone assume that I am Arab, Iraqi, terrorist, and that I love to smoke Shisha, and eat Hummus and falafel lol…..The Iranian culture is very different than any in the middle east. Anyway, this discussion was not meant to be amount my culture.

Oh and for the person wondering what the term “whitewashed” means its when you have people from ethnic backgrounds, who basically replace their culture with Canadian values, way of thinking and lifestyle…..they basically replace one culture with another. Let the bashing commence…


I totally understand where you coming from .but honestly last night when neda was drunk & hilarious and cute:) she kept talking about her family and how she misses them. And about not mention ing persian new year just maybe she does not want to get all the attentions and after that to become a quick target.
One more thing to add is iranian s/ persians are not pushy ppl about their culture and food etc… such as indians. Well I really like that about them


That is called being a Canadian, if you don’t want to become one then go back to Iran and get their healthcare, why are you here if You don’t want to be a Canadian. Whitewash, nice term. You are actually criticizing people who come to Canada and want to be Canadian? Whitewash, why did your parents bring you here? I am thinking coming from Iran it was because they wanted you to have a life in a less violent world, and …….ahhh so sorry I am on a rant, this is a BB forum not a social ideology site chat.

If you don’t like the diversity which is well above Canada’s % then watch Big Brother Iran…..


Why would people from iran, choose to say they are Italian, rather than German, Spanish or what ever? I have never met an Iranian I would mistake for an Italian!


of course i am generalizing but it is something that does happen. Not necessarily saying they are Italian but they will change their name to Antonio or something like that lol. It also has alot to do with the fact that there are a high percentage of Persian and Italians who live in the same communities here in Toronto.


BOOM! And that’s the truth… Nicely said bro.

little mouse

Three newfs and one bluenoser were cast…and being an east coaster that immigrated into central canada l can honestly say i was never asked what i was. ie..persian east indian west indian greek italian etc..until i came here.. I am Canadian ..with irish and scottish roots that go so far back that i am labelled with a new culture. within Canada i east coaster ..not scottish or irsh. ..just an east coaster we have to get off this labelling on heirtage if someone asks me now what i am i know what they mean and i am very proud to say an east coast Canadian


Yes, I am from Ontario, my roots go back to Ireland and England, but I am CANADIAN through and thorugh. People ask me where I am from before Ontario and I say the East Coast as that is where my parents are from,


To Name (long post @ 11:03)
They don’t pick a less homogenised/less “Canadianised”/less acculturated cast precisely to avoid having potential problems erupt due to prejudices.

I live in a town that ranks pretty high in per capita income (excluding me, darn it) and I don’t see the diversity around me reflected in the show.

I see who gets out of the Mercedes, BMW’s etc at the Malls & I see who shops Valu Village & No Frills and I see who lives in my Apt Bldg and that incredible diversity is NOT on BB.

I see the 1st Gen immigrants with accents AND the 2nd & 3rd Gen 20-somethings of virtually any country you can name who are as Canadian as anybody and they’re not on BB because the producers are scared of potential controversy.

Just my opinion.


yes cause Canada has become a “melting pot” and people don’t leave their problems and ethnic issues when they come here, So you have group A and group B that lived in to Waring countries coming here and living side by side but still hold the hatred,


You’re clearly racist against white people. What you’re doing is just as bad as what you’re accusing BBCan of doing.


Too harsh ans stop using that racist crap He / She has an opinion, one which I don’t agre with but you can’t just accuse them of being a racist for that. Don’t fall into the name calling trap


wonder who is gonna win??

Sabrina is really workin, but she will get exposed and not athletic enough to win any challenges(maybe memory, idk)
Andrew, Allison, Kenny-too big a target
Ika, Adel- numbers against them
Jon- reminds me of Andrew, will go far but if he cant win challenges down the stretch he’s a done
Heather- the new Talla, they will keep her around because anyone against her will def. win if its final 2
Neda- she is smarter than she lets on, will get exposed

As of right now my top three picks in this order are:



Thumbs up just because you’re bold enough to predict !!!


allison is not crying over andrew. over something kenny said.


Hey so I might be wrong about this, but Allison wasn’t crying because of Andrew, she was crying because when she was telling Kenny that she won the challenge for the girls, he said “don’t even”, implying that he didn’t believe her. Kenny thinks that Allison is a fake and is lying about everything since earlier Sabrina told him and Sarah that the new girl is working with Jon and wants to take him out. Sabrina said that Jon and Allison have to be working together because production put them together in the challenge.

Unfortunately, because of Sabrina’s lie, Kenny will definitely want Allison out now, maybe even more than Heather and Ika.


Sabrina is pretty good at setting people up.


Andrew is so sloppy drunk, It’s embarrassing.

What did Kenny said to alisson?


im going to laugh my ass off so hard if heather gets to the end….


Have you seen the latest blog on the official site about Sabrina.
She is Big hearted, big mouthed and fun.


FUN – I’d rather have root canal than spend 0.004 seconds with her.


too funny, I agree


Am i the only one who doesnt think Neda and Jon are really flirting?
Like cmon, Neda knows his gf is watching and how much she means to him.. so i dont think she means to take it there. And Jon? lool hes hella drunk.
I think they make a solid team, super entertaining to watch em together!


So it’s shifting from Heather going to Allison imagine that and noms haven’t happened yet. I feel kinda bad for Allison. Another super fan not prepared for BB. True she got dropped in late. But a week to watch, 3 days of sound and the best she comes up with is “showmance”! J C it’s hard to be us all season so far.

I think what disgusts me more is how Andrews using her like a toilet seat. He’s said multiple times to select people basically you want her gone vote her out I don’t care. Andrew really is a nose picking douche IMHO.

Speaking of dropping your BB pants…. 🙂 not Rachelle :P! Jon appears to be having a bad day. A little booze and he’s spilling his guts. Brina will get her wish and Rach will be here longer than Jon. He’s playing himself right out of the house.

Well tomorrow should be POV and with Allison newbie on the house history likely to see some type of timed/skill comp perhaps. Allison better shake her tail feathers or she’s going bye bye I think.


No Sabrina wants Ika gone more than Allison at this point. Alison is a later meal.


I understand your point about Ika but if noms are as predicted Brina needs POV used to backdoor on Monday. I believe Rach will do whatever Brina wants. But and this is a big but,the girls are coming around to new girl got to go. Kenny definitely wants this.

Lets say Allison and Ika are both pre jury targets. It’s a “work in progress”. That gets us to 10 left. Jury is F9. Just one more and it’s on. Still available from our perjury list a week ago Heather and Adel. We could actually get 3 girls in a row! The girls alliance what’s going to be left of it is in shambles. Brina is running it into the ground. She simply decided not to chip off of both sides. I don’t understand it myself. She owns the house and the strategy is soooooooooooo obvious.

She has little influence with Joneda, Adel, Arlie and wild card in waiting Sarah. She is very close with Kenny but might Jump a vote to get out Andrew. Brina has robot Rach for a vote any time she needs it. Still she has played the best early BB game this season IMO. I just don’t like her potential end game options as they are being narrowed by Brina herself. What does she do when Andrew becomes the target and is on the block? No Andrew and Brina is severely weakened!

Lastly I want to mention the importance of making the jury if your an HG. I believe we’ll see another season of Canada voting a HG back into the game as Gary was last season. They use jury house as sequester so getting evicted F9 or F8 might not be terrible if you get voted back in. This is a potential way Kenny could get back in if he gets backdoored F9 down. No idea on folks true popularity but an interesting Adel landing spot if he makes jury. Best news for Adel/Kenny is the other HG is still in the house at that point. Might be a slam dunk vote for the other.


are you sure kenny gave the finger to andrew? he doesn’t like him? or was it to jon (after he heard about the backdoor suggestion)?


If my memory serves me correctly, Kenny was sticking up the middle finger at Ika


neda was hilarious tonight. she’s so cute.


laughed the entired night everytime Jon and Neda talked. Most entertaining houseguests for me this season. Hope their alliance actually works out.


I love them to death. They make the show.

But they maaayy be getting a little too close though. I don’t think they’ll ever do anything but the feelings are there. He definitely tried to kiss her tonight. Could be a friend kiss though.

Stooge Banter

yes Neda and Jon are quite entertaining, I like them both very much, and appreciate their antics and joking around

they were hilarious on the couch interview during the hashtag challenge, if you missed it check it out


So confused. Who is drunk? and who is just faking it?


So at this point i’m really hoping that the Arlie and Heather thing comes together and lasts. Other than that i’ll root for John, Neda, or Adel. I hate everyone else!




Watching Kenny and Andrew drunk makes me dislike them even more. Whoever said People want to watch younger and more attractive people on TV ( casting) Give your head a shake. I would rather watch people in their late 30’s or early 40’s who can actually think for themselves and play the actual game of BB. That makes for good TV. Seriously whoever is the casting person of this show should be fired. They still need to tweek it. I love BB Canada but the people on here are nothing compared to BB U.S. their casting is far more superior. If Kenny or Andrew are not taken out in the next 2 weeks I fear we are stuck with them for the entire Season. Blasphemy.


ya, they should totes just toss a half-dozen racists/homophobes in there next time, like the US one. It would be waaayyy better *eyeroll*

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

Robin Kass does the casting for US and Canada.


the same person casts for both U.S. and Canadian version, her name is Robyn Cass. She is responsible for all casting except for the 1st U.S. season.


What the hell is Ika looking for in that video?


did arlie and jon kiss on the lips when they sealed their final two. I couldn’t tell in the picture. don


No, they didn’t.


Yes they kissed on the lips.


Andrew thumbs down