Big Brother Canada: Gary tells Emmett we need to come out of the closet soon..

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 940pm

9:40pm Emmett is in the bathroom shaving a BBC into Gary’s head. Gary tells Emmett that he doesn’t think he can trust Alec. Emmett says well then you can’t trust Peter because they are on in the same.
Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 942pm

Topaz comes in and looks and asks 88? Gary and Emmett laugh. Emmett says BB. She says oh I can see it now. Gary goes out and shows everyone. He then comes back and tells Topaz that he is trying to get Emmett to get out Alec. He says that he can’t trust Alec after what he did to Topaz. Topaz tells him to ask Emmett what Alec is saying about me, like is he saying fu*k Topaz, or what? Gary says that he doesn’t know what to think because you know what he is in school for he is playing us. Topaz leaves so Gary can talk to Emmett again. Emmett comes back. Gary tells Emmett that he is thinking Alec and Peter on the block. Gary asks if Alec even cares about Topaz. Emmett says he doesn’t know ..he doesn’t really talk to him about it. Emmett asks who would be the target. Gary says Alec and I would tell the whole house it is to avenge Topaz. Gary tells Emmett that we need to come out of the closet soon.. not too soon but soon. Gary says that he really thinks Peter is throwing sh!t, Talla had three, why is he throwing sh!t. What is he thinking if I don’t win anything I don’t have any blood on my hands. He will be known as the nice guy that folded towels.

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 945pm

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 1030pm

10:15pm – 10:35pm Andrew talks to Peter on the couch. Andrew asks if Peter thinks Topaz knows? Peter says that he isn’t sure but that her attitude has changed. Andrew asks do you think Alec told her? Peter says he doesn’t think so. I think maybe she is has just resigned to that fact that she is going. They comment on how if Gary knew he was going he would be sulking around the house. Alec joins them and the conversation turns to talking about what the HOH competition will be. Topaz comes in and tells them about how Jillian is waxing Gary’s chest and its bleeding. In the bathroom Gary is screaming and yelling as Jillian rips wax strips off. Emmett starts waxing Andrews back. Emmett tells Gary look he’s taking it! Gary says my hairs are different? Gary asks what’s with the blood? Jillian says that’s a good sign. Talla keeps telling him this is gonna hurt really bad. Gary tells her b!tch shut the f*ck up!

Video of Andrew talking to Peter / Gary getting waxed and Part of the the HOH Game talk will be uploaded here:

10:35pm – 11:40pm Emmett talks to Peter and Alec out in the backyard about what Gary told him. He tells them that Gary thinks he is staying and wants to nominate both Alec and Peter. Alec says that we just have to make sure Topaz is out next week too. Emmett says that he is worried about this week. They talk about how Gary thinks he is safe because he has deals with everyone. Alec asks Emmett if they get down to the final five they could just tell Andrew that the target is Emmett and Jillian to get him to take out Jillian for us. They decide to go up and talk to Andrew. Alec asks Andrew so what do you think if we put up Talla next week. Andrew asks ya I thought that was the plan. Peter explains that he already told Talla that she would be the pawn and why. Andrew says like everyone calls me captain paranoia ..lets just wait and see who wins first. Andrew asks Alec what’s up with him and Topaz, because she feels pretty happy. Alec says that its just weird between us, I haven’t really talked to her much today. I don’t know who would have told her that she is safe. Talla said she didn’t, I don’t think Jillian would have and none of us would have either. Andrew says can you imagine this place without Gary? Peter says it will be clean and quiet. The conversation turns to talking about past competitions, other seasons of big brother and other random things. Alec and Peter talk about being poor students. Alec says that he kept a McDonald cup and would go in all the time for free refills. He says that he also went in with an empty ketchup bottle and filled it up with the ketchup pump. Peter talks about picking up girls while being broke but not being able to take them out because he had no money. Andrew and Emmett head down stairs. Alec tells Peter not to tell stories about picking up girls around Andrew because he will remember you saying you weren’t used to girls hitting on you when Liza was here.

Big Brother Canada April 2 2013 1115pm
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I am really confused as to who’s side emmitt is on he has been inlined with the boys from the begining but i am not sure if his loyalties is with them or andrew so confused!


From conversations he’s been having the last couple of days i think he’s with Andrew. Even if hes not he’s in a perfect position, covered from both sides.


Emmett is pretty well covered from every side here. Of course, things could always change, but right now he’s in a very strong position.


yes Simon or Dawg, can you answer this? what do you think Emmett’s loyalties are besides Jillian?


It is my hunch that Gary approached Emmett with the proposal that he`ll take out Alex for him assuming he stays. This hoping Emmett would think he switched sides and be valuable to keep around. Armed with that information Emmett immediately goes to Alex and Peter telling them what Gary said. Emmett`s target this week is Gary. Why, because he is good at competitions. Peter and Alex take the bait and agree to vote out Gary with the understanding Topaz will go the following week. This means Alex may not know that Andrew has switched sides. Next HOH may be an endurance. Topaz, Jillian or Talla may win and take out Alex for Emmett..Then Peter will be on his own and have to win something to stay in the game.. I don t know. I m just guessing.. I have no clue what diabolical twist and power shift production have planned which can change everything in a heartbeat…Frankly I rather have Gary beside me in the final two than early in the jury house working against me… Just saying…


So they have it all figured out who’s going home next week, I see. Well I hope Talla wins HOH she seems close to Topaz would she put her up I don’t know. I also want Topaz to win again because she will do some damage and make the boys scramble a bit.

I also would love to see Peter on the block he’s had it easy so far it would be nice to see how he is when he’s on the block.


Ok why can i never leave a comment?


are you getting a error message or something.. what happens after you hit submit?


My huge post!
Take a good look at how long this post is before you commit to reading it! Seriously!

– Emmett’s gameplay vs Peter’s: I think you got from my prior comments which one of the 2 I prefer: The one who plays a good game, rather than the one who only talks with his ally and SCREAMS to the DR about what a great game he plays. Objectively, even if it’s only to Alec, his closest ally, talking about himself in such a self-absorbed and superior way is actually bad gameplay, since even his ally might one day betray him. Telling him you’re great and you can easily manipulate everybody around you might lead him to betray you faster rather than sooner.

They each committed a big mistake IMO, but Emmett survived his, whereas Peter will probably suffer from his more than he realizes:
Emmet’s mistake was to tell Tom that he was going home. Emmett told Tom that “it looks like he doesn’t have the votes, and that he needs to lay low and not talk game”. Tom immediately went to talk to Alec and co. and said: “Emmett said that I don’t have the votes! What the f*?” When Gary heard of Emmet telling Tom, he was pissed. I thought this might cause Emmett dearly in the game, but he got over it by being a likeable guy and just showing everyone that he put too much trust in Tom and was just genuinely disappointed how Tom changed. Noone holded a grudge fore Emmett voting to keep Tom, in the contrary.

Peter’s mistake was recent: to tell Talla that he would put her up as a pawn if he won HOH makes absolutely no sense at this point. OK, this means that he’s going to try and win it this time, but that’s not a guarantee he will. He just told Talla, THE wildcard in this game, that he would put her in jeopardy if he was HOH. THAT statement IMO lost her to him and his side.

– Random banter about what I consider being a good player: I’d say taking the sad reality of how BB works today into account is the new factor: If in the early days, acting like a self-absorbed, spoiled brat, being rude to your fellow houseguests and acting out might be poor gameplay and would get you evicted soon, today, those very things might let you be a people’s favorite. Or a BB favorite who brings drama to the game. This might result in BB changing the game in order to keep you in the game. It worked for Frank last season, for Suzette this season, and Gary seems to me as if he’s still expecting something similar happen to him.

You might be opposed to the “new (corrupt) way” BB works, but it’s good gameplay to take into account every angle, even the one you don’t like or approve of.

I’d say this goes very far: when the players realize BB wants to keep 1 person in the game, they might be tempted to (for now) give up trying to get this person out, since BB won’t let it happen anyway, and fighting that person might make BB target them. (roll with the punches)

– “the original BB” vs “BB today”: What got me hooked to BB originally was that it wass all about people interacting with each other, building connections, alliances, etc. in this isolated setting. I’m from Europe, and I watched some of the first BB ever – that was 13 years ago! The rules were very simple: every houseguest gets 2 votes to nominate; the 2 (or more in case of a tie) with the most votes are nominated, and then the audience gets a week to vote for who shall be evicted. No HOH, no POV, no Diamond power of veto, no Pandora’s Box, no Chevrolet (!).

This means that it was really important NOT to get on the block. The players would really try to build strong connections to each other. Today, with all the possibilities to get off the block, the incentive just isn’t the same. Back then, there was no “one King (HOH)” everyone would blow sugar up the ass for a week, everyone got the same opportunity to vote.

Since the final decision would be made by the audience, the backstabbing, deceiving players didn’t get saved. So the whole game was just played with more real emotions, real people.

Back then, the players got to experience that what they think of a person inside the house might be very different than what the audience thinks. There was no feedback AT ALL from the outside world, just the result every 2 weeks of “the audience prefers X to Y, so Y is gone!” Today, they talk about how “the DR said I’m really popular” or “production tried to convince me this entire time not to put up Boogie and Frank (Shane, last season).

Suzette and Gary’s gameplay once nominated were basically to tell the camera that they’re popular and that BB cannot afford to let them go.

All the twists and new rules gradually got introduced over the years to make the show more sensational for the casual viewer, but the “basic understanding” of BB remained, at least for many years… BB USA is very different to that, since there, being the biggest backstabber and deceiver is considered great gameplay, and something to gloat about in the DR.

The BB fan got to see a 1 hour recap of what happened the day before every day, and there would be 1 big show a week, where there would be the nomination, or every other week the eviction. The live feeds were used as a proof that there is no intervening from BB. NO long cuts. To me, those cuts I see in BB US just scream “something fishy is going on”.

Oh, and the biggest shocker at last: back then, there would be a notary presented to the audience, who would vouch for the show and the voting to be “clean”. This trust in the game and production has been largely lost by players and audience today.

I wonder if Endemol, the Dutch creators of BB, would ever consider suing BB USA since they have tarnished the reputation of BB as a brand. If I was Mr. Mc Donald’s, and some Mc Donald’s restaurant would decide to put rat meat in its Big Mac, I’d be quite unpleased!

Last random thought of the day: I’ve never seen milk packaged like it is in the BB CA house: just in a plastic bag. They (Emmett!) put the bag as it is into a decanter and just cuts a hole in the bag. Brilliant! Here, we mainlyly have Tetra Pak, basically carton boxes with a foil of aluminum inside. Is the BBCA milk normal in Canada?

Rant over. Move on! Nothing to see! 😉


LOL yes, we have milk here either in bags, or cardboard cartons, or in plastic cartons. there is a lot of variety


When I saw the title ‘My Huge Post’ I got kind of excited thinking I might be getting set to read something sexy. Seriously though-really sweet.


LOL! 😉


Nice post. I admit I didn’t read all of it, but I totally agree about Emmett v. Peter, as well as on how you have to play BB in the social media age. Being a villain is a surefire way to make sure you stick around for a while. (We’ll just call Tom and Liza the exceptions that prove the rule!).


I’m not gonna lie, I skimmed that, but your comments are very insightful!

I couldn’t believe it when Peter had that discussion w/ Talla about putting her up on the block. He always seems so cocky when talking to Alec, Emmet (ie: “don’t worry, I can get Talla”, etc). His social game seems to be much weaker than he lets on, maybe it’s good for his game that he is a ghost 80% of the time.

Yes, that’s how we get our 4L milk here in Canada though we do have cartons for a less economical price. The bags are actually a huge pain in the ass though!


The bag milk is 1 litre each. 4 bags come in each larger plastic bag. The 4 litre package is the most economical way to purchase milk in Canada. This packaging was atleast around starting in the 70’s as glass milk bottles were being fazed out.


I just thought I’d make this random rather than directed at anyone posting here.

The Emmit/Jillian style of play based in part on empathy and a quality social game has been very effective in certain BBusa season. Jordan comes to mind imediately. The nasty approach is only effective if you can back it up by a strong alliance and or strong comp play. Dan’s misting of the BB14 house is very uncommon. By that being a total rat usually won’t get you to the end in BB. His original season he was a much better player. In the end he got exactly 1 vote for 500K! If you cannot count jury votes you cannot win. I was 1 of a handful of folks on the US BB forums last year that ranted about how Dan was playing a terrible game. I sure got blasted til Wee Ian won 6-1 in the final. It was easy to predict he would throw 7 questions. Pimple popper was his only vote.

There isn’t a true villian in the house. That is why Emmits game is even more effective. They either go after Emmit at 7 or he may get F3. I don’t think at this point, things can change, anyone wants to sit by Emmit at the finally. Jillians just as tough IMO.
The question is this. Will E/J go after Alec/Peter if they win HOH or stick with Topaz at 7.

I will mention again this is the best BBcan site on the net. Simon and Dawg do a terrific job. We gotta fix one vote so Dawg wins once this season! 😛


Thanks Stan


Johnny, didn’t mean to “steal your all-time OBB post” away. I could never even come close to its excellence. But I had done some similar posts last summer, like “The BB Translator”, as Simon can attest, so I can at least claim some “seniority” on the general concept of that type of post, buddy!

I think Emmett got away with telling Tom his fate in the house because he is viewed by the HGs as being both “pathologically honest” and loyal. Knowing where a HG stands is a rare commodity in BB, whether you share his opinions/alliances or not. Surprises are what always come back to bite you in BB!

Funny comment about Endemol. I get your point. But I have a feeling that as long as the royalty checks keep rolling into The Hague, they’re cool with a bit of “BB Concept Evolution”, from their worldwide “franchisees.” To use your McD’s analogy, that company has long allowed for some “regional item flexibility” on their menus – as long as these items are profitable.

The modern BB game, and any viewer participation in it (except for stuff like “choose what the have nots will be eating this week”, in the US,) is like oil and vinegar, as to BB HG success. US Production has long realized this (after Season 1.) They already know that the most popular and/or divisive HGs usually rise to that level of viewer popularity by either displaying an obsessive, passionate personality, and/or drive to win (aka “Frank’s Dream”), or by being willing to sink to any level of “down and dirty”, just to come out on top in the end (aka Dan Gheesling.)
To me, viewer participation does nothing except sabotage an already fairly complex “how to win BB strategy.” But the surge of “go interactive” is *such* a business media tidal wave right now, that *any* new enterprise being viewed as not *fully* embracing/utilizing is perceived as being “totally out of step.” (And perception is reality.) It’s everywhere. That’s why the “interactive” angle keeps popping up in these shows, again and again. But the “all viewer voting format” quickly and singlehandedly sunk the BB copycat US show “The Glass House”, forevermore. (I knew who the US would vote out every time. It’s *far* easier to switch a few HGs votes, than it is to switch an entire country’s vote. And *that’s* BB’s “secret sauce.” And that’s why the HGs must *always* be the *only* voters to evict in BB.) Interactive always looks great, in network development meetings, But the 2013 plain truth is that these tools *cannot* be incorporated into BB, without destroying the very essence of the game. So, in a very smart move, BBUS boss Allison Grodner only uses “interactive” for the real minor BB stuff. And that’s just to keep the “network suits” off her back about it, basically. She deserves a ton of credit for that, in my view.
I compare BB to the sport of soccer. “Purists” can still find a scoreless draw to be full of excitement, and want the game to stay exactly the way it is played now forever. And it likely will. But, to this day, many Americans, with only a casual interest in soccer at best, wish that far more “action” (aka goal scoring) was present.

Same thing in BB. Like Simon says, there are BB “purists”, like me, and then there are those that like “action-filled BB drama”, no matter what steps Production has to do, to deliver it to their TV set. I think that is the BBCA Production quandary, in this, their initial season. Do they honor “The BB Brand” (forgive me, Gary), and allow the “pure” game, that us longtime BB fans love to watch, play out? Or do they acknowledge that probably 1/2 to 2/3 of Canadian viewers are getting their *very* first look at the BB game, and they need to “soup it up”, to entertain these many “novice” BBCA viewers. I get it. I understand it’s not easy to decide how to allow the game in Canada to play out, in its “maiden voyage.” Although I have my own preference, I am also sympathetic of the situation they are up against.

My “TV 101 take” is that, when any new Production team is in place, and they are in doubt as to how “hands on” they should be, like with BBCA, they will *always* opt for more controversy. It’s human nature. Like, “Do we do nothing in BB, and just trust that the gameplay itself is gonna be a captivating enough watch for the masses, or do we “insinuate ourselves” into BB, to stir up the “drama pot?” BBCA Production wants to avoid viewers *ever* using the word “boring” to describe BB, at *all* costs!!!!! (But little do these Production folks know, that for 15 years now, whenever a viewer’s favorite HG is evicted, they *always* then say, “BB is boring now!!!!!” It’s rarely true, though. ) As a rule, TV executives are the “Generate more drama, go ahead and use the BB Production ‘Microwave'” types, not the “Let’s just allow the HG drama to simmer, in the BB/Slice slow cooker.” These execs are the active type, not the passive type. We’re seeing that here – *big* time, Slice cares about Slice. They want BBCA, on SLICE, to be a hit. Things like BBAD, Live Feeds and OBB-commenter happiness? Way down on their list of concerns. And Slice has shown that they will go to unprecedented lengths, to force viewers to watch Slice for their BBCA fix. We long-timers don’t like it? Too bad. We want ratings.

Another fine post by you, Johnny. Good food for thought. Thanks for making it. (Sadly, I think my post was just as lengthy. Sorry for that, my friends.)


Great post.. Thanks for adding !


– Great post again 🙂
– I agree with you 100%.
– Just to make sure: I was trying to be funny when I joked about rivalling for a trophy 😉
– I’d love to read “The BB Translator”, could you tell me where to find it?
– I can’t think of a fifth point, so I’ll just move on to number 6!
– Since Jim and I both complimented each other, just to prove to everyone that we are not the same person talking to themself, I’d like to point out that while I agree with your reference to football, I’d never get caught calling it soccer! 😉 LOL
– Rock on!


Simon did u happen to catch anything when emette opened the shower door to show Jill the doors swing? ::))))


just love this site and i read the long post …. interesting. i surf all over the place for anything BB but this is site is my fav. hate the fb page on bb … too many complaints and nasty people, glad that isn’t allowed here.

i was a gary fan but am changing my mind, don’t like his play this week. have to admit he can tell alot about people. the week suzette got eliminated was a boring week, sure wish they didn’t do the “twist” last week. like peter said to tom for exposing alec “not cool”, i thought the same could be said to bb for exposing topez. i never was a topez fan, didn’t like all the bad talking durning suzette’s week she left. couldn’t wait for others to experience being on the block and was happy to see topez get the experience. i really, really, really, want alec and peter on the block think everyone should have a turn. leaning toward emmitt winning this game, ever notice he doesn’t say anything bad to anyone. he and jillian came far in the games because of the way they treat people. they were the first to console gary when he had the slop tantrum … lol i’d love for them to be my neighbour.


Someone wanted to know about Jillian’s socks. Well I just heard they are called footlets.


Emmett is in the perfect position, but it’s safe to say that if Jillian wins another HOH, who is the real floater….jillian or emmett….If it were me, it looks like Talla and Emmett have been the floaters in this game from a competition standpoint.


Peter was a genteman in the true sense. Watching over Talla as a human being. Not for gameplay, but as one human to another.
He should be commended for this. In a world that is a me-me -me, this is not the norm, contrary to what is being preached by our
society these days. I find that his conduct was most nobel and should be acknowledged. Talla could have had alcohol poisoning or
suffocate on her own vomit. (Remember Jimmie Hendricks,John-Paul Jones!) In my opinion, Peter and Topaz probably saved
her life! These qualities are rarely found in to-days peoples, Therefore the people that have this attribute out to be recognized.



HaHa Thanks Simon, Yes was getting an error not sure why. Anyways seems like I can finally leave a message.