Jillian wonders if Alec threw the POV because he has a DIAMOND POWER Of VETO..

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 530pm

5:20pm – 5:50pm Alec continues to workout in the backyard while Topaz lays out on a pool lounger. Alec finishes up his workout and heads into the kitchen to make something to eat. Talla is sleeping on the kitchen couch. Meanwhile Jillian is up in the HOH room listening to her music and doing her make-up. Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush, hush screen.
Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 612pm

6pm – 6:20pm Jillian goes to talk to Emmett in the bedroom. She asks if he thinks Alec threw the competition because he has a Diamond Power Of Veto? Emmett says no. Jillian tells Emmett that after she talked to Peter in the HOH room she knows he went down and told Topaz everything because 10 minutes after he left I came down and it was obvious Topaz was crying and she hasn’t talked to me since then. Emmett says see I told you all three of them are still working together. Jillian says if he just got information to go down and tell them he has got to be the stupidest person in the world right now. Jillian starts talking and joking around with Emmett and Andrew she says if one of you doesn’t win this week I am done.. I am going to go work with Talla and Topaz. Jillian tells Andrew that she thinks Peter told Topaz she has no shot, that she is going up. Andrew says say la vie.

6:20pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen..

7:06pm HUSH HUSH Sponsored by Ramada


(Simon here)
7:17pm HOh Alec, Peter and Jillian

Alec tells her that he was distancing himself from Topaz when on the block but now they are back together like before.

Alec: “Honestly Jillian.. I had this deal with Emmett and I made him feel like I would have cut Topaz in a heartbeat” Alec goes on to explain that it would have been a really hard thing for him to do cutting Topaz because he really likes her.

Jillian apologizes for the awkward position she’s put him in by nominating him she says the conversation they had earlier yesterday was really strange. .

Alec understands says that he thinks he came on too confident because he was so sure about the Emmett, Jillian, Peter Alec final 4. Alec now realizes that they never really talked to Jillian about Game so that is harming things with them.

Alec says he doesn’t want Topaz to go up but Jillian can do whatever she wants.

Alec adds that he’s pretty sure he’s on the outs so he’s not going to hide his affection with Topaz

Alec: “I would like to have a conversation with Emmett.. I have not talked to him until that night we talked”
Jillian: “What about the four of talking tonight.. or maybe after the POV Ceremony tomorrow”



7:30pm Andrew and Emmett working out

Emmett telling Andrew “We’re going to the end”
Talla joins them..


7:38pm Bedroom Alec and Topaz
Topaz calls Jillian a “lying B1tch” says there might be a twist and because she’s on the block Topaz could go home.
Topaz: “people say I complain to Big Brother.. I said FU Big Brother like 4 times… BUT Jillian complains and yells at Big BRother every single day about everything. “

Alec says it’s the same thing that happened with Liza people just start looking for reasons to nominate someone or evict them.

Alec: “Oh well if I die I die.. “
Topaz: “I’m so glad to be here and I want to make it to the end.. BUT.. I just wish it would speed up.. There’s really not a lot of people left here that I like.

Alec: “It’s always going to be awkward at this stage.. there is no Gary’s to talk to” Alec adds that there is no easy evictions now like when he was HOH he nominated Suzette and she knew she was going home.

Topaz says she feels stressed and board, “All there is to do is the pool and hottub.. I get along with Talla but I can only handle so much of that.. I’m annoyed by JIllian and Emmett”
Topaz mentions how Gary trusted Emmett to the fullest, she thinks Emmett is really good at lying. ALec: “I’m not very good at lying to people that are being sent out of the house”
Topaz: “I’m not good at faking being in a friendship.. LIke I’m annoyed with Jillian right now”
Alec: “I understand why JIllian is upset with me and I get why she is mad ..”

Alec: “Worst case scenario we can hang out with Gary and AJ”
Topaz: “Two people I love”
Alec: “I wonder if AJ is mad at me..”
Topaz: “Maybe a little”

Topaz: “You know how I was

Alec says his early diary room sessions were not the nicest to Topaz “I knew you were playing me and I was playing you.. “ Topaz: “I at least thought I was your number two.. Gary was my number one”
Alec: “To be honest If it came down to Me, Peter, Emmett and you I would take Peter and you over Emmett”



8:00PM Dinner..


Camera zooms into Tom picture and it’s not grayed out anymore.. This was the Memory wall last night Did something happen earlier today on the feeds?

FYI Feeds have been blocked for awhile..

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I am with emmitt the chances of alec having diamond power of veto would be no. We know he doesn’t other wise he wouldn’t be so concerned and in the 14 seasons of bb the diamond power of veto has only been seen twice. It was first introduced in season bb4 and then it wasn’t seen again untill bb12 when matt opened pandor’s box. If they were going to introduce it i think it would have shown up either when gary was on the block or tom because those to noms if they stayed would have cause masive drama.


Giving Alec the DPOV right now would be ridiculous… So there’s a good chance Big Brother Canada production will do it.


You crack me up Simon 🙂


A couple things to remember about DPOV. The 1st and most important is the HG can tell NOBODY! We won’t see it on the feeds. If it exists it would be on tonights slice or Wednesday. Alec could be playing it up for drama purposes. What if they actually convice Jillian to nom Lala. Alec then uses DPOV and Topaz renom and out the door. That will get a girl crying alot more than Alec getting evicted. She was pushing hard not to be the renom earlier today inspite of knowing she was a safe pawn………unless?
I would have thought a Pandoras box if it was to show up. Was Alec 1st into the POV comp? That could explain production setting it up for him. Frankly I don’t see it happening but I could be dead wrong.


So far, my mortal fear that BBCA Production would both return Gary to the house (and, no, he was not a favorite HG of mine, as someone had replied.) (And many thanks also, Simon/Dawg, for the “Still No Gary” line in the update last night!), and “We Must Save The Shield” have not come true yet. As a BB purist, I’m very pleasantly surprised so far, and I have *never* been so happy to be wrong, in my *entire* life!!! (But the “BB Week” is still young. And Alec, while quite mellow, doesn’t seem to exactly be “beating himself up 24/7”, over his horrific gameplay of late. Equally puzzling: Who has *ever* thrown the POV comp, when they’re on the block, like Alec just did? Hmmm….)

I truly hope, as always, that BBCA plays out 100% as the HG determine it to be, no matter who wins. But I can certainly see why Jillian just asked Emmett if he thinks Alec has a DPOV. Because Alec’s sure *acting* like he does! All I know is that 90%+ of BB twists ever done by Production have been inspired by either a desire to make themselves $, through event promotion (like that recent new horror movie), or, much more frequently, to change the direction the BB game is going on its own, in the name of more excitement and more ratings. So, if Production desires that this week, they *will* come up with something – they always do. (Hey, I get it. I still respect those that love “More Twists Than Chubby Checker!”, like someone wrote recently.) But I continue to hope for a pure BB game, for Production to keep staying out of it (big kudos, from me to them, of late!), and allow it be a normal, *crazy* DE night on Thursday! I love DE’s!

Some posters say that BBCA has been boring. (When don’t they?) But I have not been bored at all. I think it has been a great cast, full of different personalities. Even Talla, who I’m convinced grew up on Mars, not in Persia, brings a lot of entertainment to the house, in my opinion. She’s emotional, fun, and just plain wacky. That benefits BB. And although she appears to be close to Jillian right now, Talla’s still a bit of a question mark. And that also benefits BB. Give Talla some credit. She hasn’t even been on the block *once* yet. It’s not all “dumb luck.” (Although a *lot* of it surely is!) Remember, Talla has finished second, in several key comps do far. So, if she’s the “big BB floater” this season, I’ll take it, because she’s added 1000 times more “pizzaz” to the BB house than Jenn City did last summer! (Hey, was Jenn ever even in the house, or was she just a rumor?)


Technically, the DPOV has been seen 3 times. Alison from BB4 won a DPOV remember? i know.. i know… i dodn’t have any special power attached to it then 😀


Who was the 3rd time alison got it in bb4 (which was when it was introduced) and matt got it on bb12 during pandor’s box?


why, Ian of course! in BB14. Remember when Dan threatened to “out” His game play?


I doubt they’ll give anyone a DPOV, but if they did it’d be Peter or Alec. Production has their biases. Suzette starts a fight with Tom and says “I don’t care if I have to leave as long as Tom goes first.” Tom wins the war has has her gone…nope…after the POV is played…they announce Canada has a POV. Suzette gets her wish of seeing Tom leave first. Emmet is getting Alec out…that may happen, but first we’re gonna have your girl lick his chest for 10 minutes.
Production really is disgusting.


If Alec had a diamond power of veto:
Peter would take himself off, Topaz would go up.
Alec would use the DPoV and save himself… now I’m wondering if he put up Andrew, would Andrew go home? There are 4 people voting (Jillian is the tiebreaker). Alec and Peter could evict Andrew, and perhaps Emmett would too when it’s announced that it’s a double eviction… I don’t know! Thoughts? I mean they need to get Andrew out sometime, so maybe it would be best during the double eviction.

Shakira Stan

I hope the plan’s still to send Alec to jury house, we never know with these people… Jillian should put Talla up on the block to be sure that Alec is out of here.


How would talla on the block insure alec goes? If topez is on the block it would insure it because topez would be a vote for alec


This is why we need someone from Quebec in the house.. It’s ‘c’est la vie’ Andrew.. :p

Shakira Stan

I knew someone would say that but, at the same time, it’s not like Andrew even speaks French… C’est la vie!


the way andrew is scrambling i don’t thnk there is a pdov. bb would be awesome next week if topaz won or else we are are back to the obvious — topez, talla than interesting again iif e/j decide to get rid of andrew before peter? thinking peter will somehow make it to the final 2. at this point i am thinking emettee and peter in the final two.


People like you are the reason production screws with the game so much. If Topaz doesn’t win next week, then that’s how it’s supposed to be. This is a game, and if you don’t enjoy it because someone you don’t like fairly wins HOH, then can you really call yourself a fan of the game?


It must really suck going into BB with the only game strategy being to be known as a cuddlemance (with a brick wall, no less)and not even attempt or have the ability do anything else. No victims in this game as far as I’m concerned; turning on the tears waaaaaaay after you have f***ked people over, and not even attempted to talk to them up until that ….. hard to handle the fact that some people had less ‘skills’ than they thought. Again, there are no victims in Big Brother. They know the score when they sign up and admittedly, most are avid viewers or students or ‘experts’ or even imitators. Voila.


Would be awesome for Topaz to stay and win next HOH all this game talk is getting a little boring since you know it will be Alec, Peter or Topaz leaving… I like it when you don’t know and the alliances have to turn on each other… would be nice to see what would happen if Emmet and Andrew were on the block… that is what Topaz should have done instead of Andrew and AJ ….


The truth is there was nothing wrong with topez nom’s just her allience if alec and peter did what they were suppose to the game would have been different but i have to say topez is the last person i want to win this game. She slept through most of it and just rid alec and gary’s coat talils i am suprised she even noticed anyone left the house lol at this point we have two people leaving on thursday so we are coming to the end so it really isn’t about excitement anymore. I think it will change again when alec and topez leave because they will at some point have to turn on each other.


Alec is a hypocrite he was pushing to get liza out from the begining and if what alec say’s is true he wanted to get emmitt out and take her then he has no reason to be mad at him he just did to him what he was going to do to him and it was a good thing he didn’t trust him.


Yay this is Alec I love.

Hopefully this creates an interesting opportunity.


Ummm why isnt Tom’s picture faded? That’s creepy… could he come back in the house instead of Gary (if either a HG was to come back)?

Good observation Dawg!


Tom can’t come back as he hasn’t been sequestered. My guess is its for an HOH comp about spotting differences in the house (new moose, Tom’s pic not grey anymore, etc)


Jillian better put Topaz up and have it so Alec goes home or all respect I had for Jill would be lost.



At this point it isn’t even about respect there isn’t anyone else she can put up


OK … What if first Alex is voted out. This followed by the HG having to decide to keep the remaining HG on the block or replace her/him with a former unnamed HG (Tom)… Instead of the normal quickie HOH and/or veto elimination/eviction…. ???


They might be able to do that with AJ or Gary if they’ve been sequestered the entire time with no jury house interaction, but Tom is out of the picture since he got to go home, watch the feeds, and figure everyone’s game. It’s unfair to the houseguests.


That is weird hmm that actually would be weird because i don’t know what would happen i think if he came back emmitt might try to work with him because even when tom was on his way out emmitt was still trying to find a way to keep him. On another topic topez seemed suprised that talla,andrew,jillian and emmitt were working together but before gary left emmitt told gary and he told topez. When topez told alec she never mentioned it to alec so did she forget or is some strange game play but i don’t get it


Last night/this morning at 310AM Talla was staring at the memory wall…Tom’s picture IS grayed out, I just saw 10 mins ago on the feeds that it is NOT grayed out. Interesting. Maybe?


I feel bad for Topaz. She made some good moves in this game and she made some bad moves. Either way, she definitely brought the viewers entertainment, whether you like her or hate her! I think Topaz was really smart, unfortunately, Alec got too controlling, he couldn’t envision an alliance with Topaz where they were equal or where Topaz could be considered as running things. Ultimately, Topaz’s downfall was relying too much on Alec. As much as she got screwed over by production with the instant eviction and her game play being shown to all the houseguests, it was really Alec who ended up killing Gary, Topaz and his own game by voting to keep in Andrew. If Alec had voted Andrew out, then he wouldn’t have won HOH, AJ would never have been able to win HOH and the story changes from there. Alec wouldn’t necessarily have been in a better position, since Gary was still out to get him, but for sure Topaz would have been in a much better spot that he is now. I just wish that Topaz would wake up and realize that Alec is out to himself only and so Topaz needs to align with Jillian and Talla, even if Jillian puts her up. Its too bad its a double eviction, because I think Topaz is really vulnerable to be leaving on Thursday, right after Alec. If not, I think she could have had a chance to re-align, post Alec getting booted.


I agree, she did make some good moves and some bad moves.
Her worst move was to make no move at all for most of the day: i.e. SLEEPING!

But what f’ed up her game was to constantly be HOSTILE towards BB. all her “f’ you, BB!” got BB to show the other Houseguests what she was saying in the HOH room, that’s an unprecedented screwover from BB. They really had to DESPISE her to do that, knowing that every fan of the show would say that’s a travesty for BB to do that.


Extra dining chair! There were only 7 this afternoon!!


This looks like a future HOH or POV comp…..An observation challenge. Maybe True or False? or they all have to search the house one at a time to see how many mistakes/changes there are…


I am so sick of the BBCA production. Why can’t they just allow the houseguests play the game without any twist.


Don’t count Alec out just yet. If you think about it, Topaz is the only on who would put E/J on the block if she wins HOH, Alec and Pete wouldn’t.
Alec throwing Topaz under the bus AGAIN would not look pretty. He should let Pete points out to E/J that their only enemy is on the block and they should take her out befor it’s too late.
For me, I hope Topaz stays and win HOH and put E/J on the block. I’m so sick of them controlling everything


You’re saying that Peter and Alec would NOT put Emmett and Jillian on the block next week if they could?!?
You’re really funny!


I suspect Tom’s pic is for a hoh or pov challenge. Sounds like there have been a few subtle changes going on…


Simon do you have a link to tonights episode streaming?


doesn’t work 🙁


hmm.. looks like they are all not working. It’ll be up on youtube in the next 90 minutes .


I can’t believe Jillian straigh liedt to Topaz during that challenge .Seeing her make that promise shows her word is crap.


It is called having your cake and eating it too. Topez thought she could be safe thos week and still play hoh next week and possible win. There are very few people in the house topez should have stayed up if she wanted to be safe. Jillian isn’t in an alliance with topez so believing her was dumb. Jen did the same thing with kieser and i don’t get why listen to someone you r not in an allience.

Shakira Stan

I’m watching the show right now and I find it funny how Emmett says, “the only two people I wanna put up on the damn block this week have been saved by a deal Jil made” as if he was the HoH. Aneal was right, Jilian will do anything Emmett orders her to do but I can’t complain because Alec is on his way to jury house.


Forgive the typos please.


There must be something hidden under the pool skimmer cover in the photo above.


ya… something is up, the camera has been zooming in on random things today.


When Jillian made that deal with Topaz, she meant it at the time. She changed her mind after talking to other people. So, she didn’t lie when she made that deal.


Oh come on! So it’s ok not to hold on to a deal you made if you CHANGE YOUR MIND after making the deal?
I know that it has become a BB custom to say that it’s ok not to honor a deal, but please!
Let’s not forget what it means to make a deal. You commit to it. Otherwise you shouldn’t agree to the deal.
If I tell you “I’m not putting you on the block”, then I can’t find a BS excuse afterwards to say it’s ok that I still went on and did it.
What does Topaz not winning the POV have to do with it being OK for Jillian to break her word?
Sorry, but after seeing how Jillian handled this whole Promise-gate, I’d say she has screwed herself out of the 100.000$, car and shopping spree.

I promise I will do that! *

(* unless I change my mind later on)


Maybe there’s a competition where they need to notice what has hanged in the house re. pool skimmer, Tom’s photo etc. Maybe DPOV?


I think every needs to get over the dpov it is way to late in the game for that. If the dpov was going to come into play it would have been when there were more people in the house. This way it just looks like production is trying to control the out come instead of letting the game play out since we know come thursday there will only be 5 players left. As for tom it could be pandor’s box where tom enters the house for 24hrs and jill gets some sort of prize.


LOL – there’s only so many times that Jillian can use the excuse of “meaning it at the time”. She did that before with Danielle and other contexts. This unwillingness to own her gameplay is what is going to be Jillian’s downfall if she makes final two and jury. If she get to jury, she has to be able to own her gameplay and own that she lied because lying was a part of her game, as it is with every player. Of course, she can say that she has certain boundaries to her lying and backstabbing, and so she didn’t go as far as others. But if she just says that she tried to play the game with “integrity”, she will lose. I like Jillian and I like Emmett, if they make final two, it would be fine by me, but its just too bad that Jillian didn’t play her own game, ya know? I’d rather she be an equal to Emmett in her game play and own “evil jill” (as Talla said), than just let Emmett play his game through her. If she were playing her own game, then she knows that she needs to get out Alec AND Peter and re-align with the girls so that she can get out challenge threat Andrew. Jillian has a closer relationship to Talla and Topaz than Emmett does, so it would be in her best interest to try her best to make sure they advance in the game further than Andrew and Peter. This is exactly what Emmett is doing, which is why he is trying to be subtle and push Talla of the inner circle, in favour of Peter. Honestly, the only woman really playing the game on par with the boys is Topaz. But her gameplay is just too clouded by Alec! All I can do is shake my head. And I actually think Talla is playing a good game, but its definitely an under-the-radar game, where she is just avoiding being the target and “power jumping” as they say… I think that’s a viable strategy, I’m actually not putting it down, the only problem with that is that it can get you to the final 2, but only because other people know they will win against you, because no one wants to vote the winner if they didn’t make any big moves. But Talla could potentially win if she makes it to the finals if the person she is up against is really hated by the jury.


I agree with all you said, except for one thing: After Promise-gate, I don’t think there’s a chance for Jillian to consider really working with Topaz. She knows Topaz won’t trust her – how could she?!?
I wonder how Emmett could just get Jillian to do everything he wanted, and she took all the blame. Interesting to see the episode, and that it was him who told her to make a deal with Topaz! Sorry, but Jillian seems far less smart than I gave her credit for. Emmett deserves the win, his game is – by far! – the best in this house.


I would say they are going to have a reward challenge. almost time for a bit of booze for the house


The house noticed Tom’s pic, and they are getting super PARO about him showing up during the night


Alec was a piece of work yet again on the show tonight. He thinks he is running the HOH and his comment in the DR after Jillian had to lick the peanut butter of his chest was sicking just like him. He need to go to the jury house and Topaz right behind him.


BBCan I’m not impressed having Emmet drink milk till he was sick. Then forcing Peter to eat food that made him ill. Sure they could have refused. But that would have meant slop. Concerns me that some of BBCan ideas and pranks are so mean spirited.


If production keeps moving this game the way they deem popular I will no longer be watching. I am not the only one who feels this way!,,


I agree it is so obvious that the production is doing things for results they want instead of leaving it
Up to the HG. So over the show if Alec gets some mystery power!