Andrew says I don’t expect you to use it on me as it’s been your goal since week 1 to get me out!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

BBCAn2-2014-03-31 05-27-29-871

8:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. First thing Sabrina does is picker her nose till it bleeds (gross). She then asks if anyone has any Kleenex because her nose is bleeding. She then gets up and heads to the bathroom. The house guests comment how they have the power of veto ceremony and diary room sessions early this morning. Andrew comes into the bathroom to get ready and starts picking his nose in front of the mirror. (It beyond me how both of these people have been shown and told that Canada doesn’t want to watch them pick their nose and they still do it.)

In the kitchen: Andrew, Arlie and Kenny are waking up in the kitchen and eating their breakfast / drinking coffee. Andrew says to Kenny – I need to think of a straight forward speech to say during the POV. Kenny asks like what do you mean? Andrew says like I don’t expect you to use it on me as it’s been your goal since week 1 to get me out. Kenny asks how do you know that? Andrew says I just do. Kenny tells him its not a good idea to say that. Andrew asks if it will f**K him over if he does. Kenny says yeah it will. Andrew says he accepts his fate. Jon joins them and they talk about how long they’ve been away from home.

BBCAn2-2014-03-31 05-40-20-107

9:10am – 9:20am Andrew says so saying anything won’t make a difference will it? Kenny says no, just say the standard speech. They talk about how it will just hurt the rest of the first five members. Kenny says but I won’t think any differently of you no matter what you say. Kenny gets called to the diary room. Jon joins them. Jon says he is going to go look for butts to smoke. Andrew says son of a bitch! Andrew tells Arlie to push for Jon out next week. Don’t let any of the girls sway you, it should be pretty clear any ways. Arlie agrees. Andrew says I wish I would have made it past this week, it would have been smooth sailing. Kenny joins them and Andrew pushes for Jon out next week. Kenny says yeah maybe Adel first. Andrew says it would be better to get out Jon. Kenny says we’ll see, there may be another twist. Kenny says it may be Canada’s HOH again. It like a popularity contest. Andrew is annoyed and leaves the hot tub room. Adel joins Kenny and Arlie. Kenny asks are you sticking to it? Jon says he’s not going to use it. Arlie and Kenny tell him he can do whatever he wants. Jon says he just thinks its better for his game to not use it and just so that no one else goes up. Kenny agrees. Adel says that he was given incentive to not use his power. If I don’t use it I am supposed to get a prize. I am just glad I wasn’t pressured to use it. They asks Adel about what his conversation was with Sabrina last night. Adel reiterates his conversation with her.
BBCAn2-2014-03-31 06-13-44-677

9:30am Sabrina, Heather and Neda are in the bedroom getting ready. Jon joins them and tells Heather that she is what they call in Newfoundland the bomb. Meanwhile out in the hot tub room – Sarah talks to Kenny about how she can’t stand Sabrina. She knows she’s lying about things. Kenny says that Jon already said he isn’t going to use it. Sarah wonders why Sabrina would think that he would use it on her. Sarah says I honestly wish Andrew was a better game player because I am ready to cut her off. Andrew joins them and says he just had his diary room session where they asked him how it feels like to be nominated by Canada. Andrew says it feels like sh*t, its not good! Kenny, Sarah, Rachelle and Andrew talk about how composed Jon’s speech was yesterday. Sarah says he is not dumb. He is the only one who got that riddle before all of you. Kenny says its training he’s had being on the ice and having to do interviews and stuff. Meanwhile in the storage room – Arlie tells Adel that he can’t talk to them for awhile. Arlie says that he’s getting a lot of heat and being questioned. Arlie says I will come into your room at 3am and talk to you for hours. Arlie tells Adel not to worry. Adel says yesterday he was just not in a good mood being on slop and is trying not to worry.

10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds..

10:10am The live feeds come back on .. Sarah is talking to Kenny. She asks him if she really believes that Jon won’t use the veto? Kenny says Jon won’t use it. Kenny says that he wants Adel out next and then Jon. Sarah says we have 5 minutes till we have to go into the bedroom. Kenny asks do you think all the Twistos around the house are because of a twist coming. Sarah says she wants to get up first thing every morning just in case they need to memorize where all the twistos bags are places. Kenny tells Sarah about how Adel stated outside that his power is for 3 weeks now and that he gets a prize if he doesn’t use it. Sarah says he is so full of it. Kenny says he is the next to go!

10:10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds again.. The Power of Veto ceremony is likely happening now..

12:10pm The live feeds are still being blocked..

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bye bye andrew?


Little does he know its been CANADA’S goal to get him out since week 1.
Can we get a double eviction and get rid of the NEW GIRL as well?


If Andrew goes I will be happy. He keeps saying all these floaters are in the game well even though he is in an alliance he is floating to. The other 4 are pulling him along while he picks his nose and sucks face. I just watched the last 2 shows on TV and am disgusted when Kenny and Andrew went off on Ika for shredding the letters. The only reason they were upset at her is because she exposed them. Andrew had a letter already. You came in this game now suck up being away from home. If kenny wants a letter then win HoH you twat! If people don’t give kenny and Andrew what they want on a silver platter they bully them with harsh words and walk away ’cause they can’t handle confrontation. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander guys! As much as I hate Sabrina and the lies she will be gone soon enough after Kenny everyone sees through her now and isn’t buying her bullsh*t.


The way both Kenny and Andrew spoke to ika left a terrible taste in my mouth. I usually don’t like this type of interference but since these houseguests are spineless, I’m glad at least one was nominated. If they were both on the block that would have been glorious.

Bye Bye Bitches!

I would have loved if these two would have had their asses on the block. Kenny needs to be taken down a peg too. Was absolutely unnecessary for them to speak in the manner in which they did to Ika in their goodbye messages to her. Andrew’s was more repulsive and I’m glad his ass is following hers out and buddy you might have lasted a few weeks longer than Kyle but at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean fuck all.


Kenny and Andrew are so mean-spirited. It goes beyond gameplay with them. You can see it in their exit messages to the houseguests. They are just awful human beings.

The messages to Kyle and Ika were just beyond. It was really disgusting.

There is no reason to treat people like that on the way out of the house.


I intentionally didn’t watch their goodbye messages. If they could say that nasty stuff to her face I can only imagine what they’d say to her when she’s not able to defend herself.

I wanted to like Kenny so badly.

No Nose Pickers

I can’t believe Andrew is a restaurant manager with all that nose picking. If he doesn’t give a crap about his own hygiene how is he supposed to manage the hygiene of his staff. I would never eat there, Pewk


Just so everybody knows he works at CRAFT in Calgary so beware off that place


Whoa that’s a bit much…if you see him you just leave. I’m sure he’s a fine manager. Posting his place of work is a bit scandalous no?

Maybe I’m just old fashioned.

No Nose Pickers

I’m sure the owner has been watching and he/she ‘nose’ what’s going on.


Sabrina trying to stay under the radar. LOL! She is still flapping her mouth and making up lies about everyone. She promised Adel she wouldn’t even mention his name and less than an hour later she is telling Jon (does she really believe Jon and Adel don’t talk to each other?) about what Adel said, of course she isn’t telling him that Adel called her out on all of her lies, she retells the story so that Adel is the asshole and she is the innocent victim. The look on Jons face during her conversation was priceless. I don’t understand what she gains by doing that. She should just shut up and blend with the furniture until evictions if she wants a chance at staying another week. And then after promising both Adel and Jon that she wouldn’t tell anyone about their conversations, she goes and modifies the story again and tells Rachelle another version of lies, which Rachelle doesn’t even question. I am so glad Jon won the veto, because he has no reason to use it and a million reasons not to use it. Once Andrew is gone, there may be some game played. I really didn’t like the way Kenny talked to Arlie as if Arlie’s only purpose in the house is to do Kenny’s bidding. I’m sure it only convinced Arlie that he can’t trust an alliance with Kenny. I think Sarah is also getting close to abandoning the 5. She cares about what Canada thinks, she cares about being shown hanging with the bullies. After this week is over, Kenny will be weakened. The only people that will work with him are Sabrina, Rachelle and possibly Allison. Kenny needs to win a competition soon or his game will be ending. He coasted since the start letting Flabrina and Sarah do the dirty work, now he will have to play for himself. At this point an alliance with Sabrina is more a liability than an asset because nobody except Rachelle believes anything she says.


Sabrina’s lies and manipulation are pathological. It’s not game play, it’s her real life. My guess is she’s not capable of shutting up.


Both Sarah and Arlie showed Canada that they were no longer loyal to First Five during their vote casting on Thursday when neither of them gave their finger signs after voting.

Alison is just a waste of space in the house, I can’t believe that she is still not making a move even though she knows she could be alone after Thursday night. She has so many options, is she even in the house anymore?

And what’s with all the nose picking this season??? Arlie, Kenny, Andrew & Sabrina could have a booger picking spin off show after this! That’s ridiculous, everybody does do it but they do it in PRIVATE because it’s socially unacceptable and nobody wants to see that anymore. Other seasons have been able to control themselves so what is up with these people?!?!?!?!


Kenny is totally Regina George.

Soon Sabrina will be screaming “YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!” at Arlie.

Bye Bye Bitches!

OMG how gross and obnoxious can Andrew get? You can tell he is seething that he was put up by Canada.
Of course the only thing he wants to do is party and drink when he gets out. How about you get some rehab for a nose picking addiction?
Feel bad for all those who have to work with this douche.

LOL how Rachelle thinks she’s such a power player and actually thought she was going up on the block last night. YOU ARE INVISIBLE DUMMY.


I just can’t with Rachelle. She is the worst. I can’t figure out what she’s even doing here. She isn’t playing the game at all and the only time she opens her mouth is to talk to Sabrina about how famous they’ll be or some other vapid garbage.

She’s not even good enough to be called a floater, she’s a freaking sinker, dumb as a rock, sitting at the bottom, waiting for the tide to pull her somewhere, totally oblivious to everything around her. She doesn’t even realize there are places to float to, she’s just anchored herself to Sabrina.


OMG… and LOL… love it .. you made my morning with that comment . calling her a sinker is priceless… thanks for the laugh … and such a great description of her ..


I dont understand why its already been decided that andrew is going home??? WHy??? This mustve happened when the feeds are off i guess?


Andrew is so bad at this game. He hasn’t really played at all. He got into an alliance and sat back and would get all huffy when someone hurt his feelings. The First5 didn’t have any *real* targets, they just “went after” (lol) the easy, obvious people that they didn’t personally like. The First5 is such a joke.

Andrew’s bad gaming is also shown by the fact that he isn’t doing anything to fight. If he was so good at the game he would actually be trying. What a casting waste. He wasn’t even dramatic, just mean.


Well Jon was suppose to be his buddy and isn’t using the veto on him. Adel has wanted him out for some time now. Sarah is closer to Sabrina but has said she can’t keep andrew because he is a bad game player (o she only knows the half of it, when sabs bullshit blows up she is going down with her—which is why i nominated sab and sarah for eviction– andrew is a horrible player, I knew he was going to go anyways—ifear sarah will win)
Rachelle follows sabrina around all day. And neda is closer to sabs as well and wanted andrew gone for a long time.

So it will really depends. Also everyone but allison and sarah have been really annoyed by andrew in the last few weeks as he is kind of a know it all. I’m not honestly sure why it was decided so quickly Andrew will go.

Andrew would need
votes and I doubt sarah or arlie will pick him


Glad Andrew is leaving and I hope his family and friends talk some sense into him about his arrogance. Also, I agree with everybody about Kenny. His ass does not know that he was on the running to be the 3rd nominee, he should be kissing Jon’s ass for not using the veto because his ass would go up and he would go home. I kind of wished Jon did use but no worries. Canada can’t do all the work for these players. Arlie needs to stop talking to himself and win an HOH and take out Kenny himself otherwise he has done nothing in this game. Sabrina is a mess so screw her. But Allison is so annoying. What has she done in the game besides suck Andrew’s fave?! She needs to go because I think she would try and take out Neda, Adel and Jon based on the garbage that Andrew must have fed her.


Why do you suppose Sabrina didn’t get a t-shirt to wear with a message? Maybe it would have been too harsh a criticism? Like I am a mean bitch who will twistos twist the truth to get sympathy or something like that? She is the most embarrassing to Canada (more than Jon), and he got the t-shirt.


I bet everyone who has eaten at the restaurant Andrew manages are grossed out by all the nose picking they see him doing. Little did they know he was adding a little extra into their meals!!!


Special of the day – “BOOGER BURGERS”


Wash it down with his personal craft beer, Booger Brew!


What the hell is the appeal of Heather – I think she is sneakier than Arlie. She tells absolutely everybody she loves them. She is a snake in the grass.


How does everyone know that Andrew is going home??? Doesn’t the house vote?? Maybe Sabrina could go. Nobody knows yet…or do we?


Andrew, after you leave on Thursday……buy some bigger pants. You’re a dude. Why are you constantly wearing tights?


I have not liked Andrew since day one. Kenny however I did till he started to act more and more like Andrew. Now they are the same way and same manners which both are mean people! I don’t care who goes, Sabrina or Andrew could go….either one is good for me. However Kenny should go soon as well. His goodbye message to Ika just like Andrew was bullying and mean spirited! Ika HAD nothing to lose by taking the money they would boot her out either way because Kenny, Andrew and Sabrina are all the same back stabbers, jerks and full of themselves.

Nerd herder

All you people making Ika to be some saint makes me sick. She was just as mean spirited as any of the others . She said disgusting things but you all seem to let that pass. So glad she is gone. Hope Jon goes far he deserves it.


NOBODY is making IKA to be a saint….none of the players are! However the goodbye messages such as…..TOO bad your family can’t vote you out of their life….OR ….I like you as a player but don’t like you as a person…isn’t it suppose to be the other way around when saying that comment? Ika wasn’t nice when she was HOH but Andrew and Kenny have been mean the whole game thus far!! Andrew was HOH once and Kenny NONE….I think they feel they were untouchable and they had all control of the house. This only brings the first five back to reality!


Didn’t she apologize to heather? I thought she did. She also knew what she was doing was wrong and said so.

so annoyed

jon you really need to WAKE-UP and use the veto on sabrina so kenny gets put up!! you are his target argggg this season is so hard to watch(and not in a good way) why would you ever believe a thing that sarah tells you she is kennys right hand slut….f%ck these people are soo annoying!!!!


Ahhhhh just cuz you dont like kenny does NOT mean he is next in line to go up if veto is used!!!


Why would Jon need to “wake up”? The target has been Andrew, not Kenny and they have no real way of knowing (and neither do we) that Kenny is next in line. It would draw unnecessary attention to Jon’s game.

I also don’t think Jon is buying into all of Sarah’s talk. Jon strikes me as a very cautious and collected player. Watch out for him, if he can stay off the radar for the next couple of weeks and softly steer the house toward Kenny and Sabrina, he’ll be in a great place. I think he’s been totally underestimated.


Listen i’m not a Sabrina/Andrew/Rachelle ect… fan by any means, but some of you are vicious. A lot of you go on about how terrible these people are yet your comments are far worse. Reading the comments on this site would make anyone apprehensive to try-out for this show lol. With that said, TEAM ADEL.


Hey guys..the live stream just came back


12:43pm Did Andrew wash his hands before starting on the burgers ? gag.. hurl …retch ….spew


Andrew is a whiney girl. He wants to crush everyone else, but when he is up on the block for elimination he whines like a baby. Hope he gets evicted.


Does Jon own any other clothes? Lol



say no to Craft Beer Market

What an assclown Andrew is he is saying that at least people are sad to see me go..HE IS SOOOO FULL OF HIMSELF.. Most of the HGs are feeding into his ego by saying he is going to be so busy for a couple of weeks (everyone wil want to interview you, ET canada etc.) WTF…he seems to think he will have a shit load of fans. He says he’ll be in the bar every night fielding quesions….Please Calgarians stay away from that assclown.

yuck did you see him making soup and then testing it and double dipping it? and he makes sandwiches for his HGs and picks his nose.. Why did he not get a ticket from policewomen Sarah when he asked to see her breasts?

He says he is going to have a B’Day party and invite 60 friends. if he has 6 friends I’ll eat my hat

say no to Craft Beer Market

ok the only reason Keny revealed he was Gay is because he is Afraid Canada will view him badly that he is hiding it….total game play Kenny, its not because you are sincere, we have already seen your true colors by the way you treat women and your vile comments