“You pissed me off and hurt my feelings. You may have called me a cow, you may not have, I don’t care!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-30 20-44-46-624

11:41pm Jon and Heather

one of us needs to win HOH Deli, NEda Arlie.. then we can talk about what to do with it. Jon leaves to join

Jon – “Ahh f** me.. My Core is F** Mangled right now”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-30 20-53-51-071

11:30pm – 12:05am Andrew, Kenny, and Arlie continue to talk by the pool. Andrew says that he feels like he had a good run. Kenny says that it definitely sucks. Arlie says it feels like I am losing my big brother. Andrew says thanks. Andrew says I feel like I am losing a friend. Kenny says you’re not losing a friend, you’re just being separated a bit. They talk about the montage of Andrew picking his nose. Kenny says that he didn’t really notice he does it a lot. I noticed you go at it once or twice though. Andrew says I do it when I drive, it’s the number one thing to do is pick your nose when you’re driving your car. The cams switch to Adel and Sabrina out in the hot tub room. Sabrina is talking to him about how he says that she is dumb and annoying. Adel stops her and tells her that he has never for a fact said that she is dumb. You’re not dumb and I would never say that so I know right there that’s a lie. I have said that you’re annoying. Adel tells her that me telling you about my power is all I had to do to get it spread it around the house. Sabrina says that she doesn’t believe his power is for two weeks. She says it’s either for 3 weeks or just 1 week. Adel says I swore on the Quran that I would never put you on the block until after jury but when I hear you bashing me and bashing me. Sabrina says you’re not my target. Adel says that his power isn’t expired.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-30 21-09-59-865

Sabrina says you made a promise and I made a promise not to put you up before jury .. .and I will not do that. If you break that, then okay but I won’t. Adel says I am not coming after you. Sabrina says I wish you would think some times that everything you’re told isn’t true. Sabrina talks about the options that Rachelle had to nominate when she was HOH. Adel talks about how in deep he was with Ika.. when you go home you’ll see how deep I was with Ika. If she had put me up or Ika up I would have taken her or me off and put you up. The conversation turns to talking about the Ika / Sabrina fight. Sabrina says say what you want to about me, I don’t care. I want you to go home. I will stay true to my word and not put you up until jury. Sabrina walks away and starts talking to Andrew about Adel. Adel says that he has never talked to someone so full of it in his life before. Sabrina comes back and asks what he said. They both start raising their voices. Adel says you just wanted to put on a show just because Andrew is here. Sabrina says no I did not. Sabrina says I am literally not going to talk about you anymore. Sabrina says I want to squash this resentment between us. I am not going to pretend I am innocent because I did talk bad about you. You pissed me off and you hurt my feelings. You may have called me a cow, you may not have.. I don’t care. Sabrina gets pissed off when she feels she can’t talk to him because he’s not listening to her. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-30 21-24-13-903

12:22am Sarah, Kenny, Arlie and Andrew
Briefly talking about who to put up if it’s a double eviction on Thursday. Kenny suggests Neda and Adel. Andrew – “Biggest player the one that is causing the most damage to ya”
Heather walks in say goodnight to them all and leaves, “Goodnight Big Brother Family”
Andrew – “God I wont’ miss that though”
Sarah – “You wanted to bone her first 2 weeks”
Andrew – “Yes I would still do it now.. would you Kenny ”
Kenny – “Maybe”
Sarah – “Oh my god you are seriously deprived”
Andrew – “Arlie “
Arlie – “Like well.. I’ll jsut say she is a pretty looking girl and I like pretty looking girl”
Andrew – “Yes or no I’m leaving this house”
Sarah impersonate heather calls her a doll. (See image)
Andrew Sarah says if it’s a double eviction Adel has to go up to Flush his power.

Allison comes in and lays beside Andrew, “Oh my god my finger fits all the way up your nose”
Andrew – “Ya I dig a lot in there.. it’s pretty much bored right out”
Allison says Heather seem pissed , She points out that Neda and Jon are talking off in the corner, “Intense”
Andrew impersonates Jon “Hey Neda I think we should secretly undercut everyone else”

Impersonates NEDA – “Cool Jon I’ll just keep not doing anything”

12:40am have nots JOn and Adel

Adel tells him about his conversation with Sabrina when he told her she didn’t believe a word she said.

Jon – She tried to trick people into saying stuff.. I can’t believe she’s not the target
They both agree something is up with Arlie,
DAdel – I have Heather 1 billion percent you ahve Neda 1 billion percent.

JOn says Sarah and Arlie are back and forth back and forth
Adel points out that Arlie says it’s too much heat toi hang out with them but he can sit and talk to Kenny for hours.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-30 21-53-35-339

12:53am NEda and Jon

Neda says she didn’t trust him 100% until a week ago. They agree to share information wherever they can.

12:59am have Nots Adel and Jon

They are both having second thoughts about Arlie. Adel is certain Sarah, Sabrina, Kenny and Arlie have something going. Adel and Jon are going to talk to Arlie together and find out where his loyalties are

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-30 22-30-27-575

1:06AM Kitchen

Sabrina says she doesn’t like it when the fans get to influence the game, “The essence is for US to play it”

Jon tells them that Canada see everything
Sabrina – “Exactly that is why I cannot understand I’m nominated”
Sabrina says she’s not playing a crazy hard game like everyoine thinks and she’s nothign bnut nice ion the Diary room.

Jon – “Crazy”

1:10Am Poolside Sabrina and Jon

Sabrina – “I don’t repeat thing.. do you hate me like crazy do you despise me”

Jon tells her the only reason she is staying on the block is because he knows she is staying if he hated her he would use the POV to save Andrew.

Sabrina claims she doesn’t scheme with people and the entire thing that happened with IKA f***ed her. Sabrina doesn’t know how it’s being edited. (She thinks the edit of the IKA fight is why she is nominated”

Sabrina says she

Sabrina – “Do you guys think i’m on the block because I’m a conniving backstabbing b!tch”
Jon doesn’t think so he thinks they want “Gordo” gone.

Sabrina says she gets the feeling the “Guys” want her in this house because she is not competition.
Sabrina says she’s heard from two people it’s being said she backstabbed someone.
Sabrian – ‘Who the f** did I backstab”

After some talking Sabrina says “I backstabbed IKA but she talked bad about me.. “

(This entire conversation is hilarious.. Jon just wants her to leave everything she says he replies yup yup.. 100% yup yup I believe you 100%

Sabrina is upset that nobody believes her in the house. She was really sad today. Sabrina starts to cry says she have no one in the house. JOn tells her she has rachelle and Kenny both of them would not put Sabrian up. Jon says he’s probably going to put Adel up if he wins HOH this coming week.

Jon says He trusts Deli as much as he can throw the pool.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-30 22-40-57-217

1:40AM Sabrina and Rachelle
Sabrina going off about Adel..

Sabrina claims she isn’t lying to anyone and blames Adel for spreading lies.

Rachelle and Sabrina agree Neda is not to be trusted. Rachelle says he sees Neda and Jon whispering in the corner all the time. Rachelle laughs mentions how Jon was trying to tell her that he didn’t talk game to Neda, “How stupid do you think I am”

Sabrina doesn’t want Jon, Adel, Neda, And Heather to win the Head of Household. Sabrina tell her the plan if they win HOH is to put Adel and Heather up. Adel will use his power to put up Sabrina and Heather will go home.
Sabrina sighs says he’s going to be on the block for another week.

Sabrina tells her KEnny and Sarah are the last people that will put them up. Rachelle says it sucks Andrew is going home. Sabrina calls Andrew her best guy friend in the house. Rachelle wonders if there is any way they could get Jon to use the Veto. Sabrina says there’s absolutely no way.

(Video coming it’s long )


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Wish Jon would use it so Kenny would go up. **sigh** What I would do to see that cocky SOB’s ass up on that block…. what Kenny pulled on Arlie tonight was his sucky baby cocky bully coming out…. such a dick.

Slobrina is hilarious watching her have meltdowns everywhere is priceless


Unfortunately it’s not guaranteed that Kenny would be the replacement. It’s too big of a risk. Rachelle might go up and then the F5 is too strong off the block.

sorry 4 the comment but grrr

K wtf soz I read (woot woot Simon and dawg) but I am so grr I’m actually posting I haven’t seen the Canada noms yet but really adel and Jon on a team for dance jivs that’s just harsh bullocks!


So we punish people for playing the game? Like why in the hell do you like Big Brother people? Is it really to like everyone in the house & have production give advantages to your favs?

I thought we want villains, gamers & not floaters. BBCAN2 is sucking right now if this continues. Idiot fans must want an Adel, Heather, Neda F3.


We don’t punish people for playing the game. We switch up the power in the house so that the game isn’t boring. The First Five alliance has essentially been in power since the second week. It’s time for a power shift.


Switching up the power? So punishing people for playing the game, just like I said.

Boring is predictable production manipulation to aid the lovable losers who get favorable edits.


Agree with BBGamerFan. All valid points. The game is going to be more boring with the “villains” gone. I would have liked to see the house take them out on their own. If they can’t accomplish that, well then the so called “villains” deserve to win. BTW…I am not a fan of either Sabrina or Andrew.


So everyone basically just forgot about how Alison came into the game a week later? Even though we know that nothing’s going on, they don’t know that! If this was BB USA, the whole house would still be going crazy with paranoia about conspiracy theories, America’s Player and secret powers.


oops wrong thread


Well you sound like a Sabrina fan so I will explain why her kind of gameplay goes to far. Lying and manipulating are parts of the game that cannot be avoided. However someone who lies about physical altercations in the house (Adel ripping sugar out of her hands, Ika’s manhandling of her on the stairs, Ika’s threats to ‘end her’) is taking the game to the next level. A level it should not be taken to unless physical altercations were allowed.

That goes pushes things from being a villain to being a sociopath.


There are other ways to play this game besides being a nasty lying A-hole, like the F5 are playing,,, im sick of ppl saying just cuz ur not a nasty a-hole that your a foater, as for saying neda and heather and the rest of the girls are floaters is total BS, they thought from the beginning they had a girls aliance,, eccept slobrina effed that for them, so yes, i am on team neda/ heather!


oops this should be in reply to bbgamerfan.


I am so sad Andrew is going home. I want Sabrina gone before Andrew. I regret putting him up with Sabrina, should have done Sarah or someone with Sabrina so Sabrina goes home :/


So Sabrina made up the story that Adel called her a cow? Sure sounds that way. YOU’RE A DISGUSTING POS SABRINA.


If you go back to 2nd week when Andrew was HoH they had a house task of sticking rope through their shirts and pants connecting all the houseguests together. While going down the stairs Adel did say Kyle he was going to Moo at her – assuming he meant Sabrina


Actually Adel did call her a cow – many times.
When Kyle was still in the house and the 2 of them were in the main bedroom. Adel called Sabrina a cow many times and moo-ed many times. It was actually Kyle who told him to stop. So Adel isn’t the Mr. Moral he is trying to portray. 🙂


What’s up with the HOH room? Why were they allowed in there? Who gets that room this week?


The houseguests get to use it for an hour a day, after singing ‘O Canada’ as a group


I hope he’s going home.he is still a egomaniac


i glad that adel and jon onto arlie . pick a side let the chips fall where they may arlie…


I love Arlie but I think he feels a little too safe and is starting to get a bit sloppy with his game.

(Sorry for the double post, I initially replied to the wrong comment)


I love the last picture!


I sooooooooo wish that Jon would use the POV on Sabrina and Kenny would be out up! (I guess there is no guarantee that Kenny is third – but here’s hoping)… I feel that Kenny is way more dangerous than Andrew is… Andrew will constantly be a target! Hope Kenny doesn’t fly under the radar… He needs to GO!!!


We were cheated. It was a low blow to lead us to this and then … nothing! We watch the boring feeds waiting for something and then when we are sure to see fireworks the feeds are cut. If I wasn’t so invested at this point I’d “screw it”.


I feel we were sooo cheated this week with not being able to see the fallout of the nominations… I don’t get the rationale AT ALL!!! I thought initially some twist was going to happen…but it didn’t… The time after the nominations would have been amazing to watch! Sooo disappointed! :(((


In order for BBCAN to have high ratings they need people to watch their show. If we’re watching all the good stuff on the feeds then we’re not going to bother watching the show when it airs. I didn’t like the feeds being down for so long, but I don’t fault them for it either. If you want a BB 3, then we have to give them ratings.


If we had seen this footage of Arlie or his scary schizoid talk with himself in the storage room before we voted, I wonder if it would change things? Arlie is as crazy as Sabrina. Who knew??


I don’t see it as him talking to himself, but rather to the cameras, to us. He was using the storage room as his personal Diary Room. He’s not crazy at all.


Its great to see Adel and Jon onto Arlie and Sarah. I hope they use this information wisely. Looks like Andre is going to leave this week and I hope Kenny and Sabrina go up next week. Seriously though I barely saw Allison and Andre hanging put tonight. NOW she realises that she has to play the game lol. They need to get Kenny and Sabrina or Sarah out in the next 2 weeks because those guys in jury would be horrible.


It is hard to figure which one would be best to get the boot .. Andrew…or put up Kenny. Sabrina`s number is written on the walls now so she is pretty much toast …lol.. I have not read all the comments since the feed came back up BUT. .. this veto that the meter is releasing is a surprise veto.. and not a hidden on .. have I read this right Simon or Dawg .. I sure hope its a surprise one .. ie; diamond powered veto… and that Adel is lucky enough to win it ..


Do we know if Sarah is with Kenny or Jon? I wonder if she is playing Jon. Adel has the alliance figured out, I hope Jon listens to him. Adel deserves an award for not drowning Sabrina in the hot tub,

sarahs rotten gash

the hoes with whoevers dong is pointed towards her. im sure if gordo wiped the snot off his junk shed wanna keep him around too.


and if Adel doesn’t then figures are crossed for Jon or Neda .. that would be so sweet .. the other side of the house needs to squirm for a week or two ..

sarahs eyebrows

god i cant deal with sarahs voice


is that kenny in the frank and oak? lol curiosity


I hope Arlie wins the next hoh so he has to get his hands dirty. With Andrew gone and Sabrina being a ticking time bomb the remaining 4 of the first five will have the hardest time staying together if Arlie wins because he won’t want to create enemies with the rest of the house this early. In fact he may keep throwing hoh until another ff member is evicted.

Alison is going to to be the ultimate floater now. She better change her gameplan and make some new friends FAST or she won’t last another 2 weeks.


I don’t think Arlie would put himself in a place to win HoH at this point. He feels very safe. He will totally (and obviously) throw the next comp.


i dunno about allison. im pretty sure she’s picked her side with kenny, sarah, sabrina and rachelle now. and will stick with it without andrew. as you can read above, she was making fun of jon/neda with andrew and them. i cant believe sarah is STILL making fun of heather. in DR, she says she’s worried about how she’s being perceived with the boys, and then you keep hanging with them and putting others down… sarah does have a pretty good game right now tho, with bost sides.


One thing I liked about Andrew is that he immediately knew he was a douche which is why he went on the block. Sabrina however is still self righteous and Kenny as well. Ugh so frustrating.


Hysterical watching Sabrina scramble and Adel calling her out lie by lie in the hot tub. She is coming unraveled. I love it!


Sabrina reminds me so much of an old character on SNL, Roseann Roseann Adana. Now I am dating myself…lol


The first five felt safe, believing that they figured out everything and outwitted everyone. It’s nice to see a big change. Andrew, does seem to be at ease knowing he is leaving. In the end, it was his bad showmance and his cocky relationship with Sabrina that ruined him. I admire his competitiveness but wish he was more humble in the house. At least, his head has shrunk down, and I’m liking him all over again. Too late for his game tho, take care Andrew. I miss Ika and funny duo Paul and Kyle, they were so funny.


arlie is super weird… his monologue in the pantry was down right entertaining to watch…. but it showed how messed in the head he is.


I don’t think he’s messed in the head, he is obviously very aware of the cameras. He’s making it entertaining for us and trying to get more air time. Arlie’s a smart guy, I hope he can keep it cool though. He seems to be getting a bit ahead of himself right now and people are catching on to him.


Sabrina ” I will never talk about you again Adel”. 30 mins later Sabrina starts talking about Adel to Jon and Rachelle…..

LOL the Sabrina and Rachelle convo is hilarious because Rachelle is an idiot and just agrees to everything and has no mind of her own.


Oops…just posted about the Sobs promise to Adel as well…didn’t see yours. In response to the usefulness of Rachelle, don’t forget her sole purpose in the house is to stroke Sobrina’s ego with daily mentionings of her “weight loss” and other compliments. And also, to agree with Sobs that anything or anyone they don’t like is weird and doesn’t make sense.


Arlie, is playing a really good strategic game


He was until that long conversation with Kenny. It set off too many warning signals with Adel and Jon. Adel and Jon have realized that he’s set up with the whole house. We’ll see if they do anything with the info. Jon is doing well, but he needs to be a little more “cut-throat”.


the only sad thing about snotboy andrew leaving is, he was never on slop! i’m sure he would have been crying all week if he was a HN.


He would never go hungry on slop though, he has that huge nose filled with boogers to snack on.


kind of messed up how bb blatantly interfered, if i was Andrew i would feel ripped off. At the end of the day it is just a game, being put in that house amplifies a persons negative qualities and in some respects doesnt reflect who they are. They are like caged rats with nothing to do all day and they hear gossip left right and centre…fighting and arguments, stress are bound to happen. Case in point, i don’t think anyone in that house is a bad person(even Sabrina), even if they are backstabbers and shit starters in the game doesn’t necessarily mean they are like that in real life(at least not to that extent)


Wow, you are just as nieve and delusional as Sabrina is, and a horrible judge of character. If there was no twist, the first 5s highschool bullsh*t would have coasted through to the end, not do to their fantastic gameplay, but due to their constant bullying, threats and lies. This season would have been the worst in BBs history. The twist was the only option to save it, and twists are part of the game. There also is no way Sabrina is not exactly like this at home. She is beyond playing the game now with her blatant narcissism character, going around defaming everyone’s character that she feels threatened by and is jealous of. Constant lies and swearing on her Nonas life.( her poor Nona) She is in desperate need of serious therapy. The only sad thing is that productions psychologists screwed the pooch with not recognizing this and immediately sending her to go get help. And if the house does all these crazy things to these people why does it seem that only a select few have this childish behaviour in them. Jon, Neda, Heather, Arlie, Adel, and Allison seem to be able to play the game without doing these despicable things, or at least not as constant. Sabrina doesn’t deserve to go to the jury, she’s a horrible person and I hope she gets voted out and gets some help as soon as possible!!!


Totally agree “Name.” But it seems a lot of people on here just want an excuse to be ugly and call people names. Just look at the handle of the person who first replied to you. Complete hypocrisy. And the only justification given for this behaviour is: “Well, they put themselves on TV”–as though that gives us all a free pass to call them ugly, fat, psychopathic whores without considering how that makes us look. What a joke. Wish people could just talk game, instead of using this forum as an excuse to bash people for their appearances or assume they know the entire content of their characters based on what they see on a TV show.


I sometimes forget that Rachelle iis even in the house. When she goes a while without Sabrina trying to convince her of something, it’s like she’s not even there.


Haha…Sobrina promised Adel how long ago in the hot tub that she wouldn’t repeat their convo? (not that he asked her not to…or cares) She has already told Jon and then Rachelle about it. I hope that wasn’t a trap for Jon to see if he’ll go back to Adel with it…cause he probably will.


I just got done watching tonights episode and catching up on live feeds and whats been going on in the house since feeds have been down and i must admit i am so so livid and i know im gonna get alot of slack from the Sabrina and Andrew haters but this Canadas hoh AKA evict Sabrina from the house thing is bullshit and so unfair. Sabrina is playing the game and shes playing hard she deserves so much credit for what she has pulled off and its not her fault if people fall for her lies its peoples fault for falling for it they should blame themselves and not her just like Will heuser said at the season 14 finale show. I AM A DEDICATED big brother fan since season 1 watched every episode of every season and i truly appreciate all Sabrinas game moves she is a true gamer and fun to watch and how she plays is no different from boogie yet he gets so much credit she gets none. I TRULY feel so bad for Sabrina and and Andrew this is so unfair i feel like they are geting punished for playing the game they were just doing whats right for them and their alliance and it was working till production i mean Canadas hoh stepped in cause they wanna hand the game over to boring floaters who do nothing all day but paint nails like neda she is the worst all she does is talk all this game yet does nothing except flirt with Jon i have no respect for players like that how she got cast i have no idea. YET AGAIN BBC2 proves to be another dissapointment just like season 1 this whole Canadas hoh thing was my last draw i give up im done dont think ill invest in next year probly get disapointd agen but i wil continue to watch with much dismay how the rest of this season turns out hopefully one of the first 5 win cause their the only ones playing the game so far.


Although I do think Sabrina and Andrew are truly horrible people I have to agree that this is obviously unfair and it was only done to please the people that hate the first 5. Honestly that team has been playing a great game even if two fifths of them are very dislikable. And I have to say that Neda has been all talk and no action but I think that just is because she is waiting till she is HOH.


Do you believe that BBC decided recently that this twist was going in the game because of the first 5 and how some players conduct themselves? Seems to me that the twist was planned from the beginning. I do agree it’s unfair. Let’s just hope they don’t allow Canada to vote out players during the next twist!


i am sorry akk. i would rather have Andrew in the house than Sabs. Her conversation with Adel at the hottub was too much. Noone , including us , needs to expeerience this woman. Boot her ass.


Is Jon playing Sara??? If so…………I’m so proud of him! He is taking his game up a notch.

I love that Arlie is about to have both sides telling him to pick sides. Kenny just did it and now the other side will hit him up tomorrow. Sara may be in the same boat.


I hope that Neda, Jon, Adel or Heather get the secret veto. Arlie is all talk, I don’t think he would do anything. I really hope Andrew goes home and then Sabrina and Kenny go up next week.
P.s tonight’s episode was rip off. It was a repeat of the feeds we watched and a stupid have not competition. Ugh. Wednesdays episode better be worth it. Also is any one else sick of Kenny?


It sucks that Allison might make it to jury, ugh. What has she done in this game?!


I really believe Sabrina is bipolar.
There has to be a medical reason for her behaviour. I want to study her brain and how it works and I would love to interview her parents because I want to know how they raised such a psycho.

Persian Princess

Im starting to think there is something off with her as well. She basically lied to herself… When she was by the pool with Jon, and was asking him if he hated her etc. He never swore on his family that he didnt hate her or that her didnt talk crap about her, he just said I promise. Then right at the end of the convo he said I swear on my family i swear on my dog that this conversation will go no further than here… Then she goes to the hot tub area and tells Rachelle she doesnt know what to think bc he swore up and down on his family that he never said he didnt like her, and that he cares about etc. She really made the conversation that they had sound soooo much more genuine than it was… It’s like she is hearing what she wants to hear.. While Jon was talking I was even thinking to myself “Omg Jon you are going to have to be more convincing than that” lol, guess not


That twist was so stupid, the first five was owning this season and production just fucks them because of a bunch of whiny bitches!

Russ from Van

Loved the Arlie rant so much! Go to 20:00 to enjoy:

Russ from Van

For those of you who think Arlie is crazy, he’s probably not. He’s playing the game in a way to give fans and viewers some insight and entertainment.

Think of how he was doing jumping jacks to prove he had energy and was faking fatigue when he threw the potato competition. Not like other houseguests, who suck at a competition, and then say afterwards they were throwing it.


Flygirl, maybe that is another reason why Sab is on the block because she IS playing the game. she has blood on her hands and she’s manipulative and knows how to push people into opening up to her.


Maybe this secret POV veto has to do something with the one Adel’s already got it! I mean maybe if unlocked he will have Dimond pov veto. Lol sorry but im not very experienced at this bb games

So stupid

Im so tired of sarah trying to scare people its so played out…almost as much as her red streaks,pug nose,trailer park eye brows and her nails on a chalk board voice……OH and her fake ass crying….WAHHHHHH!!


Is it me, or is Sarah’s face looking very distorted/swollen lately????

Shut up assdrew

Someone needs to tell assdrew that no one is gonna visit him outside the show..dumb shit..


Hey Simon & Dawg, who are POV players in week 5?




They all have annoying voices. 1. Andrew 2. Sabrina 3. Sarah 4. Heather 5. Adel


I usually don’t like twist but i loved this one….Sabrina was playing the game at the beginning of the season, and then the vile hideous monster reared its ugly head( Slobina).She had a good hand, n loyalty from both sides, but when she got rid of ika that was the beginning of the end of her. Come to think of we gave her wayyyyyyyy to much credit. I don’t like Sarah I think for her to get along so well with crazy Sabrina, that tell you what kind of person she truly is. Brief summary of the rest of the houseguest : Adel, I feel bad for him b/c he has no one he can trust n that sucks, I like Neda n Jon but this too soon attitude will get them evicted soon rather than later. Kenny confuses me!!, Alison u are not in the bachelor, heather u are not in bake off , rachelle u are not in teletubies and finally Arlie, don’t get me wrong he is playing the game the best game, unfortunately it all happening inside mind. Ladies n gentlemen the casting for bbcan should be fired.


The best thing about Andrew leaving is we won’t have to watch him and Allison making out all the time.


Adel schooling Sabrina was frickin glorious.


Hopefully with nosepicker… i mean, andrew, gone, Allison will FINALLY show us why we voted her in the house


Don’t care.


I just finished watching the After Dark show and Allison is a snake. She and Sabrina were in the bedroom talking about Andrew leaving – Sabrina saying how much she loves him and Allison is crying because she doesn’t know how she’ll be able to cope in the house without him. Sabrina is comforting her and saying they should stick together and have each other’s back. Allison then warns Sabrina about Jon, Neda, Adel and Heather as she has been watching them and notice that they are spending time together and they look too “chummy”. Of course, Sabrina had to run to Kenny and Andrew with the news. Allison also said she’s going to use her influence and have a serious chat with Jon to see if he would use the POV (she and Jon being from Newfoundland); she’ll also get close to Heather (knowing that Heather likes Allison) and try to find out if she is in an alliance with Adel, John & Neda. She also mentioned that she (Allison) has done more in the game than Neda, so Sabrina is now strategizing that if their side wins the next HOH, Neda and Heather are definitely going up.


Can someone narrarate or summarize for me, why it appeared unanimous that Andrew was going home so early? I mean I know he is widely disliked but so is slobina. I’d imagine that between Kenny, Allison, Heather he would at least make an attempt to campaign or stay. I would have hypothetically guessed that he would try to get the following votes
-kenny, aliison, heather, sarah, arlie, jon, neda, rachelle
Now I know some of these are less likely, in light of new circumstances, but does Andrew know jon wants him gone (I know we the viewers know but all he does is pick his nose so does he?) Does he know neda hate sabrina? Some of these other players like rachelle or sarah would prefer to stick with a player who can win comps and protect them or make them feel protected. So I would have guessed they keep andrew and vote out the human mash potatoe sabrina

I just don’t understand how it became unanimous that andrew was going, can someone clarify?

Family member

Do you happen to have the video of Adel and Jon giving shout outs to people back home? Would truly love to see it. Love the site, by the way! Really appreciate the hard work you all do!