Big Brother Canada 2 – Power Of Veto Ceremony Results!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

BBCAN2-2014-03-31 09-21-50-784

10:10am – 12:25pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power Of Veto Ceremony. When the live feeds return we learn that Jon as the power of veto holder chose not to use the veto on either of the nominees. As a result Andrew and Sabrina are still up for eviction and one of them will be going home on Thursday night during the live eviction.

Out in the backyard by the pool Sarah is talking to Arlie. She says that she’s worried about being outed as a traitor to the first five. Big Brother switches the cams to the kitchen where Andrew is cooking. Andrew says to Allison – Well he (Jon) doesn’t need to pretend to be my buddy any more. Meanwhile in the bathroom Neda and Sabrina – Neda talks about how she knows Jon would keep her safe over a lot of people but says she isn’t sure he would keep her safe over everyone. Sabrina says that she feels really alone. Neda says that she shouldn’t. Sabrina starts telling Neda about her conversation with Adel last night.

BBCAN2-2014-03-31 09-21-48-613

12:30pm In the bedroom – Jon talks to Sabrina and tells her that he guarantees her that she is not going home. Sabrina says that after talking to him last night she feels so much better about him. They hug and he leaves the room. Jon joins Sarah out by the pool. Jon talks to Sarah about how hard it was to make the decision to not use the veto. Sarah says your reasons were the truth and they were valid. It’s not worth having people come after you for it. Jon leaves. Sarah comments how the love word is being thrown around too much and making it hard. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Sabrina hugs Andrew and starts to cry. Andrew says that he is fine with it. Sabrina heads out to the hot tub room. Allison hugs Andrew and starts to cry. Andrew asks if his speech was okay. Allison says yeah. She says she probably had a close up of her face crying.

BBCAN2-2014-03-31 09-31-41-299

BBCAN2-2014-03-31 09-37-48-438

12:55pm – 1:10pm In the kitchen – Andrew continues making his burgers. Sarah says that’s all they eat at home. Andrew says your kids must be FAT! He then says just kidding. Sabrina joins them and talks about how when Adel gets on a rant he starts spilling all types of stuff. Sabrina says Heather is Adel’s new IKA. Sarah says that’s a MASSIVE DOWNGRADE!

1:30pm Out in the hot tub room – The house guests are sitting around soaking up the sun talking about random things. They talk about the bachelor and wonder who won it. They comment on how weird and ugly juan pablo is when he opens his mouth. Sarah comments on how her husband is crude and jokes that he treats her badly. She says he always says get’em young and treat’em badly. Jon asks how old Jason is and she says 41. Jon says holy so he’s 9 years older than you.

BBCAN2-2014-03-31 10-48-16-197

1:50pm Kenny and Jon are out in the hot tub room. They’re talking about how Adel keeps changing his story about his power. Kenny says hopefully we can get rid of him this next week. Jon asks how Andrew is doing? Kenny says that he is resigned to the fact he is going home. Jon says that he and Andrew have butted heads since the beginning and that not using the veto was a hard decision to make. Sarah joins them. Meanwhile – Sabrina tells Allison and Rachelle are her girls that she trusts. She tells to keep her in check because she’s Italian and its going to come out.

2pm In the bedroom – Arlie tells Heather that he needs to avoid her like the plague because Kenny is on to him and was questioning him the other day. Arlie says we have Adel’s power and he’s going to use it next week to take out a big player – We’re going to take out either Kenny or Sabrina.
BBCAN2-2014-03-31 10-58-49-304

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I kind of wish that Sabrina would be going home this week, but I can understand why they’re keeping her. Everyone pretty much knows that she’s a lying drama queen by now, so I doubt she’ll have “full control” from this point on and Andrew is more of an immediate threat.


I agree, even though I know Andrew is the bigger threat, I hate hate watching Sabrina. I want her gone over Andrew infinite times more.


Im getting a little annoyed at Arlie, his game is going to blow soon. I can’t believe that Arlie is relying on Adel’s “power”. Seriously Arlie do you have any scenarios that don’t involve Adel’s power? Also Adel should have kept his original lie about how his power is up after this week. Canada’s HOH basically gave him an out with his lie.
Sabrina seems to be losing it more and more……I’m getting sick of watching her its literally draining all my energy to listen to her speak. Hmm i wonder how these HGs do it.
On a side note does anyone think that Andrew looks like he’s going to kill someone in DR. He has a death glare/crazy eyes. And also Andrew and Kenny goodbye messages to Ika were pathetic and cruel.


Why is everyone ( including HG) talking like its a forgone conclusion that Andrew is the one that is leaving? There is still a vote by HG as to who should go to come isnt there? Or are they backdooring Sabby? NOW THAT WOULD BE WORTH WATCHING i too cant take much more of her crap but she seems to get away with an awful lot. Did something happen that means andrew is going? I hate this the game is not about what production decides ( Can) its about the relationships and dynamics in house…this goes against the whole.premise of the game BUT not like we havent seen it happen before. Someonemplease tell me why everyone is saying Andrew is goin like its already done?


Sad day here IMO. We apparently already have the votes for the secret VETO locked. This ones going to come back to bite us in the behind I think. We don’t have a “Jeff” in the house unless you think maybe Adel I guess. Put this in the hands of Kenny and see what happens.
By the way we need a couple double evictions! It’s April 1 tomorrow and I’m not fooling. 11 becomes 10 Thursday they gotta have a double Thursday don’t they? With alliances unsettled it could be messy on a double with so little time to make decisions. Deli and Sab would know what they’d do. Others is much less a given. Outsiders win HOH Joneda likely call the shots. 1/5 leftovers win likely Sab calls the shots. Arlie will have his snoot in it either way 😛


So Allison is crying because she realized how horrible of a game she is playing?


and because she realized that she has really horrible eyebrows.


So many horrible eyebrows this season. It’s like people are stuck in Middle School circa 2002.


just want to know…who is everybody rooting for? for now i think im rooting for adel.


Team Jon+Neda all the way! Adel has definitely risen up my ranking as well.

Once Andrew is gone, I’m hoping Sarah and Arlie stick with Jon. If they do and cut off Sabrina, those two will be up there as well.


Rooting for Arlie and Jon but if Heather Neda, or Adel won I wouldn’t be disappointed. Kenny I’m unsure and neutral about and the rest of them have to go


I am all for Sarah or Jon winning mostly because they have really been only two that have played hard BUT had fun in the house and thats what its supposed to be about! As long as Sabby is in the house I dont see Sarah being win or Jon. I really want it to be Sabby that goes and wish I knew why everyome keeps talkin about Andrew goin when there is still the eviction vote to go. Or is like last yr when people were told to evict certain people or BB would? It would be nice if someone like Sara or John won they have been hilarious and no one else has been!

Delilah Jones

At the moment, I want to see a final two with Arlie and Jon. I have been pretty consistent with this, but this could of course change at any time.


“Adel, I’m not going to ever talk bad about you again after this convo, I give you my word”. ……*Proceeds to rant about Adel to Jon 20 mins later……Proceeds to bitch to Rachelle about Adel immediately after for 30 mins* …..*Proceeds to rant to Neda about Adel the next day…*
LEAVE already!! ahhh!! Cannot deal with Sabrina! Whoever thinks she is not like this in her “real” friendships outside the house is bent.

And Rachelle, I have no time for that stump. Someone remind me when she’s in the house because if not, I will miscount the HG’s and all my estimates of when things will happen will be off.


1. BB gives power to Canada and denies them the privilege to see the aftermath. That’s seriously wrong.

2. Kenny is a massive hypocrite. He whines about and berates other people for going after him when a) that’s the game and b) he’s doing it and doing it more deceptively and hardcore. He talks the most about HATING people. He talks about other people not talking game to him but he doesn’t talk game to them. He talks about their lies and that they’re hiding things but he’s doing the same thing. Kenny in the Diary Room after the Nomination Ceremony showed just how loyal he ISN’T. He said if Canada doesn’t like Andrew, then he doesn’t want to hang around him. Really? Nice, Kenny! Way to stand up for friends! And you called Ika a selfish b!tch? I guess you learned NOTHING from Adel and how Canada likes him BECAUSE he’s loyal all the way. Kenny also has serious rage issues and is disgusting to hide and use his sexuality the way he is. I seriously hate Kenny the most. Sabrina is pathetic but not nearly in Kenny’s league of disgust.

3. All the same can be said about Sabrina, but ten-fold! I wonder if she even knows that she IS a liar and a hypocrite? It sounds like she’s psychotic enough to not believe it. Sabrina is NOT playing this game. She’s just targeting people SHE doesn’t like. Sabrina has more issues than Life Magazine.




Great comment !!


I was thinking about the 1st point you made myself last night in the context of the show that aired. That was simply basic editing to a nom ceremony in the last 6 minutes of the episode. Why the heck cut the feeds for 2 days for that? If they got a small bump in ratings so freaking what. They p*ssed off a lot of feeders in the process for virtually nothing. We get the feeds back we know Veto results and the week goes norm for feeders except we missed 2 days that were likely very entertaining.


I agree with everything except about Kenny being gay…if he thinks that it’ll get him further in the game and it using it as strategy let him; however if it ends up being used against him he shouldn’t be pissed because it’s strategy and you can exploit people’s strategy and use it against them in this game.

But from what I’ve seen he’ll throw a hissy fit if someone does that to him.


I think the really angry commenters have almost as little self awareness as Sabrina. Maybe Kenny does have some control issues, but if he was the underdog to this point you would all forgive him his shortcomings, just like Ika went from horrible mean girl to the people champion beside Adel, simply because she lost power. Someone else commented that Ika was only mean while she was HOH and she apologized after. That’s right, and if Ika’s girl alliance was running the house still, you would all talk about how what a horrible person she is and she’s so disgusting, whether she apologized or not. People that watch this show, myself included, generally don’t root for those in power, and it’s true being in power doesn’t look great on most people. Especially the kind of ego’s that try out for these shows. But pay attention to what you’re doing here, what you’ll forgive in the underdog, you won’t tolerate in controlling side. You exaggerate the behaviours of the people who are in control of the game, while minimizing the same behaviour in the underdog. Maybe you should cut everyone a little more slack. I wonder which of the underdogs you’ll turn on next once they’ve been in power for a week or two (my first guess is Arlie). I have to say, I find the repetition of Sabrina’s conversations tiring (poor simon and dawg), but she really doesn’t seem aware of what she’s doing, has actually done some good work for her alliance, if damaging to herself, and in the end is mostly harmless (sticks and stones kids). I find her reversals and contradictions pretty funny! I would be really disappointed in BBC if this twist cost her what was left of her crazy game. I mean can you imagine if she could dig a hole like this. and somehow turn it around, just the possibility of that happening is worth keeping her in there. Oh well, thank goodness there are still people silly enough to go these on reality shows!

Real Deal

Amen to that. People are so quick to attack the heavy weights


Hopefully Andrew goes. Sabrina would be such a waste.
Next week Kenny.
Then Allison.

Allison is the most frustrating part of this season so far. So pathetic.


Sarah keeps talking about how much she hates bullying in ANY form and finds it disgusting. Yet, she’s never stood up and told people not to do it when they were in the middle of it. Not to mention that she does plenty of it herself — just the cowardly way, behind people’s backs, especially Heather’s.

I really thought I’d love Sarah in this game but she’s proven to be a loud, obnoxious, sloppy drunk and a major hypocrite and bully. No wonder she loves Kenny so much.


Exactly. Sarah harps on and on about how she doesn’t condone bullying but in the next breath she is imitating Heather.

This woman is 32 years old????

On another note, super excited for the weak cheers Andrew is going to hear walking out of the house this Thursday 🙂


Who is this Rachelle you keep mentioning Simon? Is she part of the furniture and decor?


No the wiener ! 🙂


The Svetlana bit was.funny for.awhile…


I love neda…but the girl has really bad posture..


Taylor Swift posture.


Excellent example…thumb up


Allison you’ve been the biggest disappointment ever. EVER.

How did she make it past casting?

Curse you all who voted her in! So much regret.


I know eh.. What the hell/

The silly thing are the Allison “superfan” Defenders. They continue to think she’s playing some super game when she’s really playing one of the worst games in the house.

So to defend Allison
A) Allison had a VERY tough job coming into the house 2 weeks late.
B) Allison was privy to Silent feeds so she had a Rough idea of things but the knowledge was very incomplete.

With that in mind we can see what Allison has done in the game.

A) Sucked onto Andrew
B) Sucked onto Sabrina
C) talked a TINY bit of game with a handful of people.. People like Sabrina, Rachelle and Andrew. When I say TINY I mean molecular.
D) Hasn’t really tried to create any relationships in the house outside Sabrina and Andrew

Give Allison props for surviving other than that Allison = UGH


I agree Simon, Allison is a waste of BB space.


Yes, it was a silent feed but she must have seen the F5 during that week talking alone at some point.

You think she’d use the information to her advantage.

But I dunno, alls I know is she sucks.


But is this about game?

It’s a popularity contest, the theory of liking ones game isn’t even an issue when obviously people call game based on who they like or think is an underdog.


No game and BORING. Heather has more personality on the feeds and show than Allison. UUGGHHH.


I agree! I’m not Canadian so I couldn’t vote but I was totally rooting for the gay cross dresser to make it into the house. I know that people didn’t want another stereotypical gay guy but I was hoping that he would be able to sniff out Kenny’s gaydar lol.

Jon and Neda to the Final 2

“Sabrina says Heather is Adel’s new IKA. Sarah says that’s a MASSIVE DOWNGRADE!”

That’s very awkward, borderline racist a comment. She’s a mother. She should know better…



how is that racist?

Jon and Neda to the Final 2

Read and think!
Was it spontaneous that Paul was evicted as soon as it was possible? Then Ika!? What was her fault?
Was it surprising that Adel and Ika were outcast or it’s just random?
If there wasn’t for the twist this week, Adel would be counting his last days in the house right now…

Only when “the others” are gone the true game will begin… Sigh!


You are an idiot. Feel free to show your self out

Random Object

Tinfoil hat race baiting. A fine hobby.


hmmmm so u think its racist that the first 5 just happen to be of a certain race and decided instantly to for an alliance the second they walked in the house, without knowing who or what race they are was coming in behind them,, so them picking off the other ppl not in their alliance is them being racist ????


whoaaa few typos there LOL

* form an alliance*
* who or of what race*

Jon and Neda to the Final 2

Let’s not exaggerate! It is what it is and the facts speak for themselves. To us is to interpret them in a way we see fit.

If you neglect the racial element in “Sabrina says Heather is Adel’s new IKA. Sarah says that’s a MASSIVE DOWNGRADE!”, how would you interpret the Heather’s downgrade? Because she’s a pal with Adel? Or because she took Ika’s place? Which one it is?


I would take it to mean that Ika was a better player than Heather and for Heather to be Adel’s new Ika is a downgrade.

How else could you possibly take this? I don’t even know what you are trying to imply could be racist about this?


I’m pretty sure she meant that Heather was a downgrade from Ika (as Ika was a fierce competitor and strong woman). Still mean, but not racist AT ALL.

Jon and Neda to the Final 2

I wouldn’t bet on it unless I was very naive, but hey…

Iron Skillet

Reading comprehension is difficult, but you gave it a valiant effort.

Jon and Neda to the Final 2

Thank you for your worries but I still prefer to live without pick goggles on. You, on the other hand…


I also took it to mean sarah is saying IKA is a better player then heather, nothing racist about it!


I think calling that a racist comment was a stretch…sorry


When are the Sister wives going to mourn for their man. LOL


Lol .they already are 🙂


“Sarah comments on how her husband is crude and jokes that he treats her badly. She says he always says get’em young and treat’em badly”
This is the best comment from the house guests all year.

Wonder how her husband will treat her when she gets home?


Sarah doesn’t have a secure marriage, I hope that when she leaves the big brother house that her and her husband have a serious talk…Because no matter what people say about it being a game, I honestly believe this is their true personalities. However them being locked up in this closed off environment kind of amplifies it.


I don’t think the environment amplifies it. As Rasheed Wallace would say ‘The live camera don’t lie’

If you do not have the personality to bash someone then you won’t just because others around you are doing it. It has to be in you to do the actions you do.

It’s like picking your nose and eating it. Most of us we have that switch in our head that wouldn’t allow us to even contemplate sticking our finger in our nose and eating whatever you find. Because if you can do that, what’s to stop you from doing that with any other of your orifices.

What we see is how they truly are.


I dont think we can or should comment on anyones marital security based on a few comments said in this situation and we should bear in mind while we all have the freedom to comment , that their children could be reading ….and stay focused on gameplay not supposing we know what is goin on in HG personal lives…just tryin to keep it on the game : )

Real Deal

Sorry do you know Sarah personally?? How can you or anyone make a determination on the quality and strength of her marriage if you don’t know them???!!!
Most of the time she is just goofing around, maybe a bit of flirting but flirting is harmless to a secure marriage.
If you are too jealous if your other half flirts maybe it is because you don’t trust them or yourself because you would probably cheat if you had the chance.

Real Deal

Does anyone know what the deal was with Sarah and the police outfit and the cards she handed out. It was on big brother after dark on March 30th. It was footage from after the nominations because Andrew knew he was going home.


Allison crying over Andrew leaving? WTH is wrong with this twit?
Right. She now has to play her own game instead of leeching on to the head douche bag who is leaving.

100 Thumbs up for Jon who choose to evict Andrew this week instead of saving him or that Chihuahua with all bark and not bite.


The fanmeter just hit 6 million. Wonder when we will see it in the feeds.


Sabrina, SHUT THE EFF UP about being Italian.

That is no excuse for your bi-polar disorder or compulsive lying.

You’re embarrassing the Italian community. STFU.

It’s like Aayan saying she says racist things cuz she’s from Texas.


Marissa what does she mean by saying that? I really didnt get it.


Italians are hot tempered is what she means and she can’t control her mouth or anger because she is Italian. Which is total BS.

There are hot tempered and mild tempered people all over regardless of their heritage OF ALL THINGS.


Thanks very much for your time &effort Marissa !
I see .. now she’s trying to find away to get physical probably with Adel lol.
Thanks again


I like Adel, dude is the only one trying so hard to keep his integrity in this game. And we all know it’s not easy to do so in a game like this (and a cast like that) but he tries. He’s got props from me for that.

Shoulda traded Paul for Sabrina. Paul’s antics were funny. Sabrina is just mind-blowing hard not to completely despise her.

What I like this season is that it took no time to bring those big egos back down to earth. Andrew has finally gotten off his High Nose and understands he’s going home for being a total selfish tool.

Sabrina, is just a…Mess. I honestly believe she’ll need therapy after this because of what BB did to her and she to herself.

I’m rooting for my boy Jon and Adel. May not have did much as far as HOHs and POVs but the game is still young and there’s much left to play. I’d really like to see Adel make it further than most. The guy was loyal to the point where his 3 buddies went home and he still wouldn’t distance himself.


I find it really odd that Kenny appears to feel so secure in the game. 2 of his alliance members are on the block, he knows that he can’t trust Sabrina, his closest ally is on his way out the door and he sees Arlie sniffing around the other side of the house. How is he not more concerned, does he not feel like a target? Is it just arrogance or is he just trying to remain calm?


The strength of 1/5 lies in the hands of Sab controlling HOHes if you think about it to this point. The Power couple Kendrew has not performed brilliantly in challenges though Kenny turns it on in POV comps. Pragmatically I think he’s happier with Sab staying. Also Canada just showed everyone big targets this week. As long as Sab is in the house in his mind she is a bigger target.

Kenny has to realign his game. I don’t think it’s clear to him yet the extent of the outsiders. Sees Arlie chatting folks up but that’s the tip of the iceberg potentially. Fact is we don’t know ourselves. I thought Adel, Jon, Neda and potentially heather pretty tight and Arlie 5. This Arlie/Sarah thing I do not get. Surely he knows Sarah/Kenny are tight? I don’t get pulling her in when she will be far from reliable.

Kenny’s Plan:

To be honest I’m not sure myself. He can ride 1/5(4)(3) plus Ratchet and maybe Allison. I’ll get back to her shortly. Could he try a long shot and approach Joneda(shakes head). Adel no, Heather no, where does he go? I think his game has been win no HOH, blood on your hands BS, play POV hard, and stay more in the background with the HG’s. I thought his social game was pretty decent early but has spent way to much time with Andrew and Sarah. He’s got a hot mess going forward.
Which brings me to Allison. She has few options herself. She needs the next HOH and hope someone offers her an alliance option that can take her far enough in the game to F4. To me Kenny needs a comp beast. Not looking like there is one but Allison might be the closest he can muster.
Just removing 1 piece of 1/5 shows how they have basically isolated themselves except Arlie. And Arlie is either doing way to much talking at the camera at productions request or he better pull the trigger soon. This backup alliance may be his idea but he has yet to commit fully. The outsiders train is leaving the station with Joneda as the conductors. All aboard or get run over….maybe!


Even though I really don’t want this to happen….but I think Sarah may win this game.

Also, it sucks that Rachelle gets to compete in next week’s HOH…so technically she could possible have 2 weeks of being HOH.

The upcoming HOH is going to be an important one.

Shut up max

I dont EVER want to hear someone say that sarah could win this game that would be HORRIBLE im ashamed to say that she is from canada! She his such a f%ckin hippo-crit!!! She is everything that she says she hates!


sarah is not winning sh1t

actually should would win a bad eyebrows or most annoying voice contest but thats it


Adel will find the special POV!


I have Adel and Arlie singled out as productions favorite.


I think Sabby is productions biggest pet


This weekend I watched a bit of BB from Canada, America, England and Australia to really compare the differences. Even though so much is similar, there are enough differences to set each one apart.


– England has in-studio audiences that are brutal and they relish in it. They don’t let anyone get away with anything. They role around in naked heat when they expose, humiliate and destroy people they don’t like.
– Australia has in-studio audiences, too and they are very kind.
– America’s audiences are nice but like to expose people and revel in their humiliation and dirty laundry. But they do forgive, unlike the UK.
– Canada’s audience, although barely seen, are nice at the core and tend to support the “good people.”


– UK Host Emma Willis is the best because she is NOT afraid to ask the hard, personal questions that everyone is dying to ask. She confronts everyone about their behavior. In this respect I like BBUK a lot because there’s more time spent interviewing evicted housemates. Everyone else talks to them for a minute and sends them on their way. No closure for the audience in holding the contestants accountable for their actions.

– In the US, Julie Chen is too professional and robotic and needs to loosen up. But, she asks some of those good questions from time to time. Still, if you want to hear more from the evicted house guests you have to tune in to her talk show? Get over yourself, Julie! – In Canada, Arissa Cox is nice but very plain and dull. She avoids the difficult questions and passes them off on Peter and Gary in The Side Show. She’s just a generic host, albeit a sweet one.

– In Australia, Sonia Kruger is much the same as Arissa but at least she does interview the housemates for awhile after eviction. She’s a little less bland than Arissa though because she’s a little more lovely and personable with her personality.


– U.S. and Canada are very similar. Very nice and creative. They both give houseguests very little air and sunshine though.
– Australia has the biggest and best house, hands down. Full pool, giant back yard with lots of fresh air and sunshine, big rooms!
– The U.K. Creative house but the smallest and most confined with the least/worst amenities.

Tasks and Challenges:

– The U.S. has the best ones, hands down, no comparison. Best props and sets and excitement.
– The U.K. has very boring tasks with very cheap, childish props and sets. Although the Freeze or Rewind tasks are always a blast!
– Australia’s are much the same as the U.K’s in every way.
– Canada’s are closest to the U.S. Nothing wrong with the tasks in Canada. Just not as elaborate as the ones in the U.S.

Prize money:

– Everyone is cheap compared to the U.S. who offers $500,000.


– The U.K. is full of childish kids who only think about sex, partying, drinking, and smoking more than I thought any human ever could.
– Australia is much the same as the U.K., with less smoking and more swearing. Not nearly as juvenile as the U.K. though. No one is!
– The U.S. is full of back-stabbers, liars, manipulators and people prepared to mow down their mothers to win. The most disturbing part is that they don’t think there’s anything wrong with it because they live in a culture of instant-gratification and self-entitlement.
– Canada is a mix of America and the U.K. Full of juvenile party kids obsessed with sex, partying, being LOUD and obnoxious drunks. They swear and drink more than any sailor whose ever sailed the seas. They lie and manipulate without blinking an eye. At the core, they’re kind and hate mean people but they lose that in this game and BECOME the people they despise.

Morally, none of the contestants in any country know the meaning of the word. Most of them have no issues with all the kissing, cuddling, sleeping with other housemates, regardless of having boyfriends or girlfriends in the outside world. There’s no such thing as “It’s just flirting, kissing, cuddling, etc.,” It’s not harmless. If you think it is then would YOU allow YOUR boyfriend or girlfriend to do it in the house, for everyone to see? No, you wouldn’t like it at all. If it’s okay, then why do the boyfriends and girlfriends of the people in the house who do all this break up with them? The reason is because people want to do it THEMSELVES but don’t want it done TO them by someone they’re dating.


Fantastic! thanks for adding this.

I’ve only really seen BBUK, BBUS, BBCAN and I only like BBUS/BBCAN with BBUS being my favourite. BBCAN is great and I have TONS of fun watching it but the “audience” involvement means I can’t take the game/competition aspect too seriously.


Something to think about regaurding the money and prizes. True the US gives 500K but I think that’s cheap. The US population is roughly 10 times Canada’s. I think the Canadian prize of 100K, plus 25K from the Brick plus extras is very good relatively speaking!

I haven’t given up totally on BB Can eventually surpassing BB USA in the future but for now I’m BB USA as my favorite. Few hate AG as much as I but her production is just fantastic for drama and as you stated great comps. I was really ticked at Grodner when it was alleged online the fix was in for Amanda to win. Loathe that douchebag hard! After Amanda’s exit the season got a lot better. Though the bigotry really took a lot out of my enjoyment. If only BB Can production hadn’t rigged Gary coming back I might have given them the nod over BB USA 15. The casting on BB Can 2 is pretty dreadful. Can’t see the US being worse. We’ll see how F9 down works out. Perhaps as early as Friday if we get a double on Thursday.

Lastly you can’t deny the mean spirited nature of OBB feeders during BB USA season. Plain nasty and 5 times the comments too! I do love it personally.


I LOVED this past season of BBAU. Great house, great cast.
It’s SO different though cause they aren’t even allowed to talk about strategy + viewers evict one of usually 6 who have been nominated by the houseguests, but NO ONE ever knows who is voting for who.


Who gives a sht about ppls eye brows! Omfg 1/2 the ppl that watch big brother are idiots


Hey Simon & Dawg, who are POV players on week 5 beside Andrew, Sabrina & Jon? I need to record on the stats!!!!


Can you let me know by Wednesday?